Saturday, June 05, 2004

Agape Fellowship

just got back from my night out.. I wasn't going to go..
Eric convinced me.. gotta love old friends!
the car ride to church was filled with rock songs..
we had a short conversation about Monopoly..
I enjoy spending time with friends, no matter what..

our Fellowship played games to get to know the Agape group better, especially since we're in different congregations..
we each had to give five clues about ourselves..
ten sheets were picked out of 40 or so afterwards..
mine was picked.. nobody guessed who I was..
at least, until the last one was given.. Daniel guessed it!
old friends are definitely the coolest ever! ;)

Lee and Alan thanked me for their birthday cards..
Andy told me that his birthday was Jan. 25..
I caught up a little with Connie, Helen, and others..
got to know a couple of people from Agape a bit better..
ate some food while doing so, since I was pretty hungry..

Jon was teaching Jackie about guitar chord progressions..
Nathan was reprogramming his cell phone since it was new..
I caught up a little bit with Jason, Janette, Chrystal, Dave, Citrus, and others..
stuck around while Jon made plans with Ty and Nathan..
got the news that we were going to eat out in our city..
Jon wasn't hungry, but we went anyhow since they did that for him as a form of payback..

we had a lot of fun at Richmond Sushi with each other..
discussed American Idol; baseball; hockey..
certain past trips that Norman, Sean, and Brian took..
Adela's thoughts on Sean's road rage; Justin's clean room..
whether honorary degrees meant as much as real ones..
society's fixation on beauty; local karaoke places..
Crocodile Hunter; Amy's grad; William Hung..
The Swan; WB Superstars; work; friends..
updates / life / plans; food and deals; phones; etc.
Jon apparently ate enough to justify the charge..
had a very good time out: thanks, Eric.. you rock! :)

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Friday, June 04, 2004

Fresh victims for the AIM bot

it's been a lo-fi day here so far, and I like it..
talked to Jon.. it's NOT a testament to my laziness that he got up earlier than I did, and he slept later!
got to catch up with Josh for a while.. always good..
the IQ test hurt his brain, but he did manage a 137..
Corey and I had him as a fresh victim for a few minutes..
then he told me about this news story.. man / bulldozer..
now, do I catch a ride with Eric tonight or not?
don't know if I quite feel like playing games with them..
but if we go out later, it might be worth it.. who knows..
perhaps I'll play Text Twist.. haven't done so in a while!

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Friday Five: History and the world

Friday Five: History and the world

1. If the world were to suddenly end right now, what do you wish you would have done?

Besides wishing that I'd found a way to stop the world from ending? ;)

Let's see... wishing that I'd met certain people I know only from the Internet (especially all of you guys, Corey, and Spoz), wishing that I had told certain other people how I felt about certain situations, and wishing that I could have done something else in life.. travel, learn, etc.

2. How many times do you hit the snooze button before getting out of bed?

What snooze button? ;) Although it's too bad I can't count my parents on Sundays or any other day when I'm here at the townhouse.... *evil grin*

3. What cartoon do you enjoy watching from the present (or the past)?

Haven't watched cartoons in a long time.. although I did like Beavis and Butthead for the shock factor it gave my mom! (who thinks everything is horrible, anyhow :P )

4. If you could go to any time and / or place in history, where / when would it be?

I don't know.. too many choices! I'd like to go to England to see either the reign of Queen Elizabeth I or Queen Victoria, though!

5. If your life were a movie, what would it be rated and why?

Probably PG-13. I wouldn't say it would be G-rated, given certain friends of mine and their proclivities.. but neither would it be R / X-rated. Those last two categories are SO not me!

And for those of you wondering: I did have some fun earlier, but never again. :P (don't ask, you don't want to know)

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Thursday, June 03, 2004

Redrum, Sarah, and Eric H.

right now, I'm at the townhouse.. it's going to be cool..
redrum has chosen to affect me today, but I'm prepared!
also talked to Sarah and Eric H. earlier today, woohoo!
maybe this will be relaxing for me.. I like catching up!

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I learned how to kill someone with a penis today...

No, it does not involve childbirth in perilous times / disease / anything else along those lines. :P

Last night, Corey brought up a movie which made a girl stop dating / talking to another person entirely. I had to ask why that was, and he told me about Soul Vengeance. Said he might watch it, which he did as he was falling asleep. He brought it up again today, and of course I was still interested in knowing the murder method. I share it with you all here in the interests of quirkiness. ;)

Basically, Soul Vengeance is a "blaxploitation" movie... lots of pimps (70's style) whores, black people as criminals that hate "the man," etc. Anyway, the evil cops catch this huge drug dealer / pimp (who later complains about being convicted while not committing any crime???), but... the cops try to cut his dick off as they arrest him for some reason.

While in jail, apparently the cops did something to the prisoner; the combination of the penis attack and the experiments made him able to make his penis really, really long. (which isn't explained until the end)

So he murders the people that sent him to jail by looking really mad and breathing hard, which makes his penis go all the way across the room and wrap itself around people's necks. :P He gets into the houses to kill these people by unzipping his pants in front of their wives, then they go into a trance and let him kill their husbands. :P

Overall... a lame movie, but the ending scenes are probably worth watching. :P

Yup, gotta love friends who tell you that kind of thing... you never know when it might come in handy. ;)

I've known him for almost three years now.. he's a riot! :D

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Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Going ballistic on certain people's asses! / Quizzes

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ALAN.. I hope you have a super one today! :) It's been interesting with you around, for sure.

another day, another non-sighting of certain people..
I swear I'm going to go ballistic on their asses if I ever see them again, and demand explanations!
it's probably not the right thing to do, I know..
but we shall see what kind of mood I'm in at the time..
heck, I might even take Corey up for laughs on the "drinking till you can't type" thing.. although it's unlikely..
wonder what kind of fun he's having with the bot..
worried suspicions and a wild imagination = my brainspace!

Note: LJ Stalker Go-Quiz.

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Pervert. That WAS the type of head I was thinking of. :P

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Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Corey's GWAR pictures, live webcam stuff

Corey seemed insistent on sending me his GWAR pictures..
even though I saw it live over webcam after the concert..
I couldn't say no, and didn't want to.. Photobucketed them this morning, even if they are terrible ;)
took Steph out for lunch today at BP.. she can wait for me!
that's the only thing I'll buy for her this summer..
she still owes me the price of a bubble tea, of course..
and of course NOW is when I remember.. maybe the weekend..
parents will be away for a bit, then back for two days..
Citrus thinks we'll have a huge party.. not enough room!
but that would be heaps of fun if it could happen.. ;)

at least I got a lot of sleep after waking up at 6:45..
still a little tired, but I did realize something..
they probably used the extra day to drive back home..
no need yet to ask Adam about accidents involving locals..
although I haven't talked to him in a while, he's busy..
I'd like to catch up on my friends' lives occasionally!

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Corey's GWAR pictures

I was up really early because it's so cold outside! (yet it's really stinking hot in Arizona! :P) Heard on the radio that it's 9°C out there, and I can definitely feel it in my room.. brrr!

Corey told me that he finally has pictures on the computer of him after the GWAR concert a few weeks ago. I saw him live over webcam after he got home from said concert, but he insisted on sending them to me.. so here you go. Yes, the blood is fake.. no need to freak out. :D

Jane from Taiwan wants him as more than a friend, and his look works for the Asian girls.. "very yummy," in KQ's words. (there was a picture he sent me once that was supposedly "too handsome to be real," hahaha)

In other news, I'm slightly concerned about certain people.. I'm sure someone will let me know if something happened, though! ;)

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Monday, May 31, 2004

Corey and the AIM bot!

my brain is working weirdly now.. nothing really new..
the last three nights, I've been doing just fine..
without thoughts of someone, even if they are good..
had a lot of distraction: Corey and the AIM bot! ;)
but now they're coming back again in almost full force..
maybe it's because I think he'll be back on tomorrow..
I'd send him a PM, but I honestly think he won't see it..
I could also leave this thing on all night for laughs..
knowing him, he probably will message me unless busy..
no, I don't think I'd seriously mind if that happened..
of course, I'd better not be disappointed if it doesn't!
at least Corey is still providing me with distraction..
gotta love the people who get suckered into the AIM bots ;)

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Creative RSVP

ah, the joys of a peaceful Monday for once around here..
though I really wouldn't mind Corey's amusing diversion ;)
just opened Sarah and Vernon's wedding invitation..
the response deadline is June 15, so why not now?
I love the way they did up the RSVP portion of it..
"Please Respond to Sarah, Vernon will Probably forget."
HAHAHAHA.. we know them well, and that's so very true!
but I love both of them dearly anyhow, no matter what! ;)

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Sunday, May 30, 2004

It would be so cool to meet Darren! / Girls, weather, kisses, and souls

had a mostly good time last night talking to people..
blocked someone finally, and talked to a friend of his who's skirting that edge pretty soon himself, maybe..
Corey taught me a few things, and I finally talked to Darren.. he might be going to Vancouver in the fall..
if we finally meet, that'll be an excellent prospect..

I talked to Frances, Michelle, Vania, Connie, Sarah, Vernon, Citrus, Jen, and others today..
finding a Christian place to live, plans / updates / life..
looking at crappy cheap basement suites, Toronto trip..
Danielle being away for two weeks, kids, wedding stuff..
Dennis, violin music transcription, food / hunger, etc.
not a bad thing at all that today is a free day..
need mondo amounts of time to catch up on what I missed..

wonder what'll happen during the trip, as I'll miss a lot..
probably won't go back the entire two weeks and attempt one HUGE make-up session.. that would be a BAD idea!
hopefully, I'll have Net access of some sort there..
if not, I do have my farewell planned out already..
write out all the birthday cards and everything else too..
may as well do it while I actually remember.. um, yay?

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Hmm... most of it is probably true, but I wouldn't say I have an "action freak spirit" most of the time! ;)

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Hey, I wanted to be a storm! :( Although I'd say that's mostly accurate, too... perhaps not a good thing. :|

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Hmm.. dunno if that's a good thing or not.. possibly not. :P

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Erm... I guess this could be right, too. So beware my fiery wrath, all you who dare cross my path! BLAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

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