Saturday, June 14, 2003

Spate of spam

and what is with all this spam I've gotten lately?
okay.. so spam is nothing new, certainly..
but there's been a spate of it from nobody in particular..
that's right.. the "sender" field is blank..
those will go straight into my trash bin..

(along with all the other spam I get..
like this one seemingly originating from France..
"get your free pizza delivered to your door right now!"
I automatically distrust that one.. coz Italy's known for pizza :P)

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Dreaming of winter... when it's summer!

had another of those weird dreams last night..
most notably because of its setting..
there was a whole group of people on a tour bus..
which was wending its way through the mountains..
in the DEAD of WINTER..
ice, snow-covered peaks, footprints in the snow..
heck, there was even the cold temp to go with it..

(it's almost summer.. nice and sunny..
why am I dreaming about winter?
particularly when I don't like it much anyhow..)

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Friday, June 13, 2003

Strategic naps

managed to avoid the whole thing altogether..
by way of a very strategic nap ;)
(yup, I was slightly tired anyways)
too passive-aggressive, maybe.. but I was never happy..
at least, not with these plans out of my control..
or the assumption that I'd go along happily with them..
without a peep of protest about any plans..
(and my siblings did know this.. made damn sure of that..)
maybe if the movie had been a little later or something..
too lazy to take the bus out anywhere now..
I'll stay in and listen to MG / MGB :)

some of you may say that I missed out on fun..
all for the sake of an extra 90 minutes at church afterwards..
that may be true, but I still don't like the idea..
if that makes me somehow inflexible, too bad ;)
yes, I can do a "sacrifice for the greater good" kind of thing..
(if they needed to be there 1.5 hours earlier for a meeting, I could deal with it most times..)
but just not this time.. perhaps next time, who knows?

and YES.. I did leave a message on Jon's cell..
not going with them to the movies, or busing out later..
that way, he'll at least know about where I was..
(not that they'll get too worried if there was no answer..)

but hey.. at least I saved myself some money :)

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Killing bugs is accomplishment city

and my one accomplishment so far today?
killing some bug with probably more Raid than necessary..
yup.. that's accomplishment city, all right.. ;)

(like I manage to accomplish much during the course of a day normally.. not quite sure whether I do or not.. weigh in with your opinions if you like.. doesn't matter much to me..)


The bus pass is not affecting my reason!

just because I have this yearly bus pass.. does NOT mean it's still inconvenient to take the bus sometimes!
(NOT free.. it cost me $55 for the year.. cheap, yes.. but NOT FREE.. get that into ya skulls, peeps)

no, I'm not being unreasonable (as Jon and Steph say I am)..
if I were only 30 minutes early for church, I could stand that..
(generally, enough people are around to talk to by then..)
but 90 minutes early? um, no.. not my idea of fun..
it's not a question of, "if you don't like it, take the bus!"
maybe.. but what if I DON'T want to take the bus?
man.. somehow, I don't think I'm going anywhere tonight..

(unless, of course.. it's out by myself..
better not almost get killed again crossing the street)

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Spending money like crazy

Friday the 13th today, kiddies.. (cue spooky music here) you'd best be very careful if you go out today.. oh heck, even if you stay in.. I know that's what I'm planning to do!

I'm about to (figuratively) defenestrate some of my money..
(yes.. I know you love it when I use big, fluffy words.. :P)
Steph sent us all an email a couple days ago..
"who wants to see Finding Nemo on Friday before Fellowship?"
I didn't reply to it, but she buzzed me on MSN half an hour ago..
matinée movies are expensive too, y'know!

so.. movie, Pho dinner afterwards (inexpensive)..
maybe going out to eat after Fellowship too..
I think it's good that I only spent a couple dollars so far this week..
Fridays tend to be the big spending days, anyhow..
(unless you're talking grocery shopping or something..)

oh, and now I find out that if I go..
I'll be at the church an hour and a half early..
(as was the case two weeks ago..)
I am NOT a big fan of being places extremely early..
"bring a book," indeed.. maybe, but aiyoh!
do I even want to go anywhere tomorrow?
I don't really know anymore.. guess we'll see..

yes.. I could take the bus to the church..
but somehow, I don't think I'll feel like it..
some of you might tell me to "suck it up"..
or that I'm being whiny / immature about this..
hey, this is MY site.. and MY opinions are the most valid.. :P
just that it smacks of bloody inconvenience.. FAAAARRRRRRK..
(and are they even thinking of me? eh, who knows..
no.. I'm not being a selfish self-absorbed person, either..)

besides, if I can't vent / blow off steam..
my mental state will be even more annoying ;)
I can't take this anymore.. I'm going to sleep now..
hopefully things will be better upon waking..
(though most probably they won't be..)

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Thursday, June 12, 2003


and this news just in from LeeJam..
"Aroha" is not an Aboriginal name..
it's a Maori name, meaning "love"..

so there ya go with the correct information..
like anyone really cares, aye? ;)
just had to post it, though..
coz it's what I do best.. MWAHAHAHAHA.. :P

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Don't message me as soon as I get online!

and I see it's time to issue another reminder..
if you message me directly I (or you) get online..
depending on my mood and / or who you are..
I may not answer for some time.. I'M BUSY! ;)

if I really like you / want to talk to you..
I'll likely answer you more immediately..
but if I decide that it can wait coz it's not urgent..
(or indeed if I'm going online, then doing other things..)
then I won't answer you.. even though I may like you..

(yes, I do this to a couple of select people..
I'm not being a hypocrite, though..
as I don't do this EVERY SINGLE TIME they get on..
buzzing people as soon as YOU get online ain't the same..
just so we're clear about these things, hehehe)

might as well take this opportunity to say this:
I know that I have horribly long lag times..
that might best be explained by a bad habit of mine..
leaving the Internet connected whilst I'm sleeping!
(I shouldn't do that, I know.. security and Net hours..)
other times, I'm just busy.. (most likely NOT ignoring you)
but if that's happened to you when trying to buzz me..
I'll apologize right here and now..
that is, if I like ya enough ;)

(I hope people who dislike me aren't reading this..
but you can never be too sure sometimes.. aye?)

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Target audience

sometimes I wonder why I write these things..
I'm sure I have at least a few regular readers..
and I know that I'm writing especially for one of you..
(not so quiet as you've been, ever :P)

I do write to get some things outta me head..
from my brain to the computer screen..
and I write to chronicle interesting happenings..
(interesting to ME, at any rate..)

I admit to wondering what you think of my writing..
but I will NOT tailor it to fit any target audience..
(this isn't a big media conglomerate with a bottom line..)
I'm sure if I keep it sufficiently nutty..
you'll still think I'm the bomb ;)

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Big rush project

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SHERMAN.. I hope you have a really great one today! :) Very interesting seeing you at Bubble World that time.. lots of church memories of you, for sure.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JOHNNY L.A. .. I hope you have a good one today! :) Maybe you'll move to Washington soon.. and be where you've always wanted to be.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TLD.. I hope you have a really awesome one today! :) It's been great getting to know you.. thanks for inviting this lone Canadian onto your board.

well, Vernon did NOT come by yesterday..
maybe he forgot or something.. who knows?
guess I'll see what was up on Sunday..
it's not like this is a big rush project or anything!

although, now that the P2 hard drive is two inches away from me.. I sure wish this could get done sooner rather than later.. y'know? hopefully it WILL, though you can never tell with these things..

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Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Little babies

Congratulations to LeeJam and Erin! Erin's little girl was born yesterday (I think.. hard to tell with the time difference between here and Western Australia).. her name is Ashley Ruth Aroha Jamieson. (Aroha is some Aboriginal name, methinks) He tells me she's beautiful, but aren't all newborn babies? I mean, after you get all the afterbirth and stuff off the wee ones.. ;) Best wishes go out to you all (Lee, Erin, Sky, Murry, and little Ashley) from Canada! :)

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Peaceful night of sleep

I spent another peaceful night of sleep..
it's like warmth and love was blanketed over me..
definitely that's what I want for sure..
isn't that what everyone wants, though?
well.. I'm here telling you that I want it to be mine..
even more so than you probably do :P

oh, and here's fair warning to you all..
if we happen to be talking later on tonight..
I will probably get cut off by Vernon..
he says he'll call me after work..
and possibly come over to transfer computer files..
from this old 486 to the slightly newer P2..
(which I now have, thanks to my sister)

since I really don't know what's involved in all that..
like.. how long will it take? what will he need to do?
if I disappear and am not online for some days..
that'll be explained by the file transfer.
so don't worry ya heads over little ol' me..

so there ya go.. that's your warning!
(several hours in advance, too.. damn, I'm GOOD..)

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Tuesday, June 10, 2003

May-June Bubble Tea Tally

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BYRON.. I hope you have a good one today! :) All those church memories of you.. bugging Belinda when you were kids, turning your arm a full 360°, choir stuff, wasabi.. I'll remember you fondly.

okay, it's time to let this sucker out of the bag..
the roughly once-a-month BBT tally..
it's a bit indeterminate this time round..
not as much as it may seem at first glance down the list..

BUBBLE TEA TALLY (a little more than 5.25, but not 5.5)

passion fruit (Fair Bee Bubble Tea) [Tuesday, May 20]
coffee {one litre} (Fair Bee Bubble Tea) [Saturday, May 24]
honeydew {0.25 litre} (Fair Bee Bubble Tea) [Saturday, May 24]
mint chocolate (Dessert Dynasty) [Friday, May 30]
cherry (Super Lucky Florist) [Friday, June 6]
taro {one sip} (Fair Bee Bubble Tea) [Saturday, June 7]
green tea {maybe 100 mL or so} (Fair Bee Bubble Tea) [Saturday, June 7]
strawberry (Bubble World) [Monday, June 9]

if all that qualifies me as a rabid bubble tea drinker, so be it.. I don't really care ;P

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Monday, June 09, 2003

Jon and Nathan being the heart of any party!

Jon and Nathan just stopped by for a bit (very good of them to do so).. they care, and are definitely the heart of any party. ;) We discussed a bunch of stuff:

my ever-changing MSN names, and the story behind the latest one (variety is good.. never boring)
my slow computer (teaches you patience, though.. and I do have Memory Cleaner.. Jon found that loading those AllMusicGuide pages is one huge pain, though)
blowing bubbles (sure, I'd let Nate do it in the apartment.. why ever not? yup, even though he makes a mess..)
some of my wacky books (Ripley's Believe It Or Not!: Encyclopedia of the Bizarre, The A to Z of Almost Everything, various Uncle John's Bathroom Readers)
a few of my other books (Lord of the Rings trilogy, Fargo Rock City, April Fool's Day)
our friends (Daniel needing five bottles of Powerade for his food issues, Jen not being able to make it tonight [even though she wanted to] due to stomach cramps, etc.)
funny past entries in the guestbook (Vernon having a good time praying and napping on the floor during one prayer meeting last year, for instance.. or Andrea's "hairy guy" drawing, partially in response to Nathan's "camel" drawing)
our interesting family, according to Nate (sitting on each other, lifting Mom up off the floor, etc.)
how Yazmine should learn to enjoy bubble tea pearls, and drink bubble tea like we do (definitely she should.. we don't drink the stuff too fast at all)
the rubber band ball that David made for my birthday in 2001, from a bunch of rubber bands I gave Elaine once (definitely hard when you bounce it off the walls or anything else)
Tostitos chips, gummi bears, and Teddy Grahams being Jon's dinner (in Nate's words: "that's sick, man!")

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Emotional stramash and Anita

damn.. it seems the emotional stramash of yesterday..
has even affected my subconscious and colored my dreams..
but yes.. I have a perfect right to be upset still..

trusted Anita with my prayer request for the group..
nothing else they can do right now, but be there..
if I think of something, I'll let them know..

told her what had happened yesterday..
"ow.." is most certainly the right description!
she said that they all loved me..
I certainly believe that.. a good thing, she confirmed..
so at least I know my friends love me! :)

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Thoughtful and silly

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KEVIN.. I hope you have a really awesome one today! :) All those Band / school memories of you (constant Coke-drinking, for one thing).. plus the phone calls and Led Zep. No, I didn't really have a crush on any of you.. definitely not on Bill, and not that much of one on Jesse! ;)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LUC.. I hope you have a good one today! :) It's been great getting to know you.. you are indeed one of my "vents." Get on MSN soon.. I miss ya!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, NICK.. I hope you have a good one today! :) Sorry I haven't talked to you much lately.. just haven't felt that talkative, I suppose. ;)

I got an email from Helen K. just now..
"thoughtful and silly," she called me..
she got the $5 I gave Lauren earlier..
hey, I had to chip in for parking and gas..
I didn't expect her and Danny to just absorb the cost..
though she does insist I take it back on Friday..
(and not to argue with her about it..)
guess I will after some pro forma email protest..

(glad to know the gesture was appreciated, though)

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Sunday, June 08, 2003

Squishing my brother and Eric in the car


"well, even if you don't know why.. you can still tell me! :) " -- Corey, when I was telling him of my feelings earlier in the week. (Saturday, June 7) [dude, if I knew why.. it would make it easier.. made a game try of it anyhow]

"Don't you live, like, very close to Steph?" -- Jackie to Citrus, causing us all to break into instant laughter. (Sunday, June 8) [no.. we're in Richmond, which is at least 45 minutes away from where Citrus is in Port Coquitlam]

Right now, I'm slightly bruised from squishing my brother and Eric in the van on the way home. (no, nothing like that :P) It's all good, though.. :) Church wasn't too bad today at all.. talked to some of the kids and my friends. Hugs are good, and "joking" emotional digs are not.. that's all I've gotta say right now.

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Frances and Mel's wedding banquet

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAVE.. I hope you have a great one today! :) It was fun with you in school, all right.

The banquet was lots of fun.. didn't have Chinese banquet-style stuff. Lots of cold food, and some hot.. cocktail shrimp, smoked salmon, fruit, cake, roast beef, scalloped potatoes, fish, scallops, salads, bowtie pasta, cold veggies, oysters, buns, etc. Definitely good food, and great conversation to go along with it. Talked about Sarah's burns (she goes to pastry school), the wedding, our lives, and lots of other things.

There was a money dance.. no, it did NOT involve what you might be thinking of. :P In this Philippines tradition, you can dance with the bride or groom if you pin a bill on her gown or his suit. (the money then goes to the newlyweds) The guys were urging Billy to go dance with Mel.. eventually, he did for a short time. That was pretty funny. It was also great to see Frances' grandpa on the dance floor with everyone else.. looked like he was having fun. (Mel's uncle made a pretty neat-looking ice sculpture, too)

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