Saturday, January 14, 2012

GOLDEN SUN / Farting Dalaam guy / Onett jail NOT a washroom!

Vickie N. unfriended me from Facebook, which is pretty good - I had long since stopped paying attention to her status updates anyway! I was going to play some GBA title called GOLDEN SUN, but looked it up on Wikipedia (as per Chris W.'s advice), and found that it involves puzzles. Since I do remember the first LUFIA game with a lot of those (I failed), I won't play it... maybe MOTHER 3 on HARD MODE for the challenge! Or maybe STAR OCEAN, if Chris C. keeps going on about it!

This is a jail in the Onett police station, not a washroom!

Here's a farting guy in Dalaam!

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Snow / Grandchildren / True form Giygas' attack

A bunch of people said it was snowing last night - NO! STUPID FUCKING LJ OUTAGE!

This old lady in the Fourside Hospital asks your party whether you have any grandchildren. You can answer YES:

("Oh... the youth of today shock me... My lands...")

Or you can answer NO:

You cannot grasp the true form of Giygas' attack!

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Friday, January 13, 2012

Echo Terra / Page 45 / My 2012 sex life!

Pick up the nearest book to you. Turn to page 45. The first sentence describes your sex life in 2012: "On the way home, we made sure our lanterns were brightly lit, so our ancestors' spirits could see clearly the road ahead." Okay, then...

Brandi stole the above meme from me, and her friend Echo Terra thought it was so funny that she added me - yeah, she's also a Canucks fan from Burnaby, so that helps!

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Friday the 13th, blue screens of death, "true love" quote

Today is one of three Friday the 13ths this year! Oh boy...

I got the dreaded BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH for the FIRST time on this laptop last night! Hope it's not dying already... o_O

Here's a quote I want to remember: "When someone really loves you, they will accept you for who you are with your flaws and all, and will still want you in their life. This is not to say that they won't push you to be a better person, and to think bigger, and dream bigger than you already do, but they will never disrespect you or want to change the person that you are at heart as well."

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Thursday, January 12, 2012

PEACEFUL dinners, trades in the MIDDLE of games, SLB, Pho, and passports

Took transit to meet Steph and Lisa for dinner at Peaceful Restaurant, right off the Canada Line... I had to laugh at James' bad timing when he thought he could catch me before I went out, hahaha! Of course I brought Grandma's Chinese New Year / birthday cards, too! We had siu long bao, Shanghai noodles, hot and sour soup, culture, beef rolls, and Beijing Zhang noodles.... YUM! Talked about surprise that I'd come out tonight, Chinese New Year dinner, Michael Cammalleri being traded to the Flames in the MIDDLE of tonight's Habs / Bruins game, his "We prepare for our games like losers. We play like losers. So it's no wonder why we lose" remarks, Dad lecturing Steph about Eric having no cash for Pho on Sunday ("he's one of the family so we'll treat him!"), and my intentions regarding Eric Ho.

We also conversed about telling the cute boys at the next table to order beef rolls and SLB themselves, Jon and Harmony changing their phone number (?!), work, Steph unsuccessfully avoiding the hardcore religious Uncle Hansel and Auntie Cathy at church ("where have you BEEN worshipping?!"), Blackberry phones, passports, Eddie / Eunice, and more. Got good bus timing on the way home, so it totally worked for me... also heard that the Canucks had a 3-2 overtime victory over the Blues! Good times!

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Lumine Hall, Lost Underworld Tiny, Paula magic glitch, Magicant

Lumine Hall, which is after the Tenda Village:

Look! We're so tiny in the Lost Underworld! The Wetnosaur is so much bigger than us!

Hey, what's the matter with Paula's magic points?! (this glitch corrected itself as soon as she used PSI Freeze on a Soul-Consuming Flame in the Fire Spring, though...)

Magicant in EARTHBOUND... so cute!

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Hot pot and Chinese Eric (dream) / MICE IN BATHROOM / Sword of Kings

I had a dream which involved Chinese Eric and me shopping for groceries, looking at some computer parts in a store behind the supermarket, and then having hot pot. Interesting - too bad hot pot is so expensive (and I'm so clumsy), otherwise I'd have it! Replied to Mandy's email, too.

FUCK. I just saw a tiny mouse make its way from the bathroom to under my heater in here - WHY?!!! Too chicken to attempt anything like luring it into a bucket and then flushing it down the toilet, though. UGH. Called Hester while it was still in the bathroom; she said stuff about mousetraps again, and that the professional guy would be here around the 20th. *sigh*

Got the very rare Sword of Kings again!

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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Brain stone / Rabbit statues / Dungeon washrooms / Present stuck in wall

WHOA, BABY! There's a BRAIN STONE in that chest for Crown Prince Poo!

Rabbit statues blocking your way in Dalaam:

There's a washroom in the Brick Road Dungeon in the Scaraba Desert:

Why is there a present stuck in the wall?!

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Mushrooms on head / Eraser statue in Stonehenge

Hey, here's a guy with a mushroom on his head in the Twoson Hotel!

Here's an eraser-shaped statue at the Stonehenge Base in Winters:

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Subena, pencil statues, 5-4 shootout win in Tampa Bay

Subena is apparently back on Facebook, which is fine by me! Listened to the Tampa Bay game, while finding myself having to log off YM so I could get some damn peace and quiet! ALMOST NOBODY IS ALLOWED TO BUG ME DURING GAMES! Ryan Kesler scored with 1.4 seconds left in the second, but Tampa Bay (Ryan Malone) scored with a minute left in the third (THE PUCK WAS KICKED IN!) to force overtime and then a shootout. UGH, I COULDN'T HANDLE IT WITH THE BAD DAY I HAD! Thankfully, Mason Raymond scored and then Schneider made a GREAT save on Steve Stamkos for a 5-4 Canucks win!

Pencil-shaped iron statue in the Dusty Dunes Desert:

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Waking at 7 AM, emotional stuff, late Xmas mail

For some reason, I got up at 7 AM... I noticed that James and Sanne had both unfriended me on Facebook, oddly. They ARE highly religious, though! Then I tried clarifying things, which didn't work so well. SPACE IS WHAT IS NEEDED! Matt cheered me up without knowing it, so that's a good thing! Got money in the mail, which will help with Vegas if I still want to go. Then I found a Christmas card from someone with BAD handwriting; I had to check the return address to discover that it was from Sarah G. (Tonks), haha. Karine (karineinthepool) also sent me a postcard, so YAY!

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Monday, January 09, 2012

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab perfumes, AWESOME friend time, 2-1 loss

I got a package from an unfamiliar address, which apparently contained bubble wrap. When I opened it, I found that it was for a GOOD REASON: there were some BPAL (Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs) perfume vials inside, along with a card from Chase AKA chasethecat! (Amber Chocolate, Florence, Undertow, Hellcat, and Intrigue) Chase also included happy face / snowman / animal / lion / monkey / Christmas / heart / dog / ornament / rose / fairy / reindeer stickers, and a long string with map triangles stuck on it. Good thing that Teunis isn't living here anymore, otherwise he'd probably complain endlessly about the perfume! (you should have heard him bitch about my scented FABRIC SHEETS for MY laundry, saying he had trouble breathing!)

Someone named Paul Iverson wanted to add me to Facebook; I only vaguely remember the name from school, but not the actual person, so DENIED! Called Steph after the 2-1 loss to the Panthers to make our dinner plans for Thursday (since they don't have to work the next day) at 6:30 at the PEACEFUL restaurant just off the Canada Line... I guess I can catch a bit of the game before I gotta leave. Seems only fair to meet her and Lisa in Vancouver! Also called Chinese Eric to update him on EVERYTHING, so YAY!

We talked about that funny email, Fay, reassurances that I wasn't mean (understandable considering the past treatment!), Nathan and Ciel, how some people are lucky during dating (like Jon and Harmony), MissionsFest, hanging out, and getting online. Also discussed our health issues (he wished me good luck with mine), medical journals, common symptoms not being just a cold or flu, early treatment, people looking for sympathy, Chinese New Year plans, Hotmail, spam (like Rolex watches), grandmothers, wheelchairs / accessibility, family time, and more stuff. That was what my heart needed - BEST AWESOME FRIENDS. :D

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Eric Ho in dream / CNY dinner / Chrystal / Almond milk

The only part I really remember of my dream last night is that Eric Ho showed up in it, trying to use transit in a group. I know that makes no sense... but I should probably call him (AFTER the hockey game?) if even my subconscious is craving some "MOST AWESOME FRIEND TIME," haha! I checked my email trash folder to see that Mom says Chinese New Year dinner will be on Wednesday the 25th at Lin's on Broadway, and wants Steph to see if her friend Ross and his wife can come. Hey, it DOESN'T conflict with a hockey game, since it's during a rare week's break! YAY, I AM SO HAPPY! Congrats, Mom! *half-sarcastic* After last year's gong show at Shiang Garden Restaurant where it took an hour to order and THREE HOURS TO FINISH, Lin's is probably the better choice!

I called Chrystal at work to set up a dinner time; good thing her week is busy, because there are all these hockey games this week! Next Thursday the 19th sounds good to me: usual time and usual place will all work out! Briefly went out to London Drugs before the hockey game to get two cartons of almond milk (for mushroom soup / Sidekicks pasta purposes), a chicken / broccoli / cheddar Bistro Crustini (for old time's sake), and a birthday card for Grandma. Big G is at that awkward age between 90 and 95 where she'll have to make do with a simple "grandmother" birthday card, even if she won't be able to understand the English that's on it! Hahaha!

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Moonside, Pencil Erasers, Mani Mani Statues

I had a nap, then some hot and sour soup noodles - BLISS! Finally got to talk to James again, which actually went pretty well. Got some more reading done, too!

The elevator at the Geldegarde Monotoli Building in Fourside:

Welcome to Moonside!

Trying to use Apple Kid's Pencil Eraser on the evil Mani Mani Statue in Moonside:

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Sunday, January 08, 2012

Wishful thinking, horrifying screennames, and being BACK ONLINE!

While I was at the library yesterday, I responded to Mandy's email - then I played a lot of gaming at home! (which I *just* lost!) Woke up at 6 AM today, craving vegetables for some reason. Luckily, I had some in the freezer! I remembered the candy for the children, which I ended up giving to Nina and Emily - Auntie Bessy asked if I were sure about this, but I totally was! Julie C. missed out, though! Eric called to say that he had to pick up Dylan as well, which was okay by me. We talked about the front seat being jammed forward, Deb, the holidays, baby Declan, sleep issues, sleep schedules for the baby, our weeks, forgetfulness, and more on our way to church. I saw Julie M. and Denise at the crosswalk (Dylan and Eric opted to jaywalk), and we complained about the non-automatic crosswalk signals in Vancouver; they're SO UNLIKE Richmond!

Sat next to Jeremy and Mark, who greeted me. We proceeded to talk about a bunch of stuff like office hours and such. The new pastor was all right, I suppose; being a word fiend, I liked his analysis of the word "time," although it sounded like what I read on a webpage long ago! Jeremy and I laughed (well, I snorted) at the "do not get drunk on wine" Bible verse in the reading, haha! After service, I gave Dad my tax envelope while he wondered where Jon was. I talked to Enoch and Wes about Twisted Sister and other things while stupid Paul was lurking in the background - GO AWAY! Said hi to Grandma, Mrs. Ho, Jordan, Ian, Olivia, Phil, Sophia, Helen C., Mike K., and others before I simply decided to go upstairs. Saw Ada, Ashley, James ("FIRE!"), Ramen, Shira, Jessie, Rachel's grandma, Danny, Anastasia, Lanie, David, Evelyn, Mattias, Marcus, Karen I., and others in Toddler Sunday School; we discussed Mandarin, drawings, toys, slides, and more.

When I finally got out of there, Eric was looking for me, saying that my sister was doing the same thing. I initially called him a liar, until I did see her with Mom; she invited me to Pho, but I had to decline on account of Eric fixing my Internet issues AND his having no cash anyway! Got her and Lisa's work schedules, so will call them tomorrow night after the hockey game; I'll call Chrystal, too! Eric and I discussed Randal and long emails, Paul, the non-support I'm getting from my brother about that situation (DO NOT FORCE ME!), Teunis, Bible Study, LEFT FOR DEAD, the longest winter ever (which has yet to happen over here), no 12 Days of Christmas, DARKWING DUCK, video game music, and more. Yes, I included my feelings in the email I sent Randal, but that doesn't mean I'm falling in love with him again! I can always get his phone number through other means than asking him since I "lost" it four years ago, haha.

We later talked about keyboards, messy wires, routers, resetting stuff, AVG, my snowglobe, STARCRAFT and the DAY 9 DAILY guy, browsers, bottled water, what he could eat (I felt bad for delaying his lunch!), Elections Canada hand sanitizer (I'm not wasting our tax dollars by not using it!), and my fan / speakers. Then we talked about dust, my computer case, books, my not believing that email, his teasing me via character names, the lava lamp, the desktop computer, D-LINK sites, emulators, "romantic time with Chinese Eric" (WISHFUL THINKING THAT IS NOT HAPPENING SINCE HE DOESN'T SEEM TO BE READY FOR A RELATIONSHIP, AND UNDERSTANDABLY SO!), and more.

I think he was understandably horrified when James (thinking I was back online and actually at the computer - HAHAHA!) popped up on Trillian (I forgot it was on) to say hi via YM! He called me over and wondered about the screen name (it references "69"), so I told him that my friend had said it was his female friend's old one, and he had apparently never bothered to change it afterwards! Trust me, the dubious look he gave me perfectly matched the one I gave the computer screen while reading this explanation years ago! I definitely thanked him later! While catching up later, I saw that Grace H. has unfriended me / deleted her FB profile.

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