Saturday, April 24, 2004

Why the hell are my parents at the library?! / Pointless Quiz

while I was at the library earlier, I saw my parents.. holy crap!
borrowed books on old Peanuts comics, and crimes of passion..
went to Awana, where Hannah and Julie seemed very interested in my keys / keychain..
Dave wanted me to let Jon know that he wished him a safe trip to Ireland if he couldn't talk to him later on..
thanks to Carson and Chrystal, I got rid of my old keychain..
the new one has a mini-dragon with some Chinese characters..
(kids have smaller fingers, and it wasn't killing him.. I let him keep the old one with my name all smudged out, even..)
I called Jon, who said that we wouldn't see him tomorrow..
now we all have to wait two weeks for that to happen again..
all in all, it wasn't TOO bad an afternoon for my headspace..
any Saturday night hijinks will begin right now, if I let them ;)

You are a tiny purple fishy. You like to run and laugh on people's fingers. Run, laugh, run, laugh.

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Friday, April 23, 2004

Thank goodness for Nathan's spiritual gift of chauffeuring!

all I have to say is thank goodness for Nathan's spiritual gift..
my friend can chauffeur like nobody else around, hahaha..
got bored of Bible Study at the right time, I'm guessing..
quickly realized I was stranded.. Eunice had gone earlier..
Jon was not there tonight, because of a concert he went to..
saw Kristy, Norman, Adela, Becky, Danielle, Citrus, Erin, Michelle, Dawn, Brian, Nathan, Sean, Dave, Alan, Tracy, and Cindy..
Danielle had issues with Jon writing about bladder control..
discussed earthquakes, and not wanting to go due to no ride..
Alan having a "new" place, Ireland, and closing up the church..
thank goodness I'm home now instead of way later.. yay!

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Taking the bus to church two days in a row

found out that Eunice has already gone to church..
I seriously don't want to do this tonight, but I might have to..
taking the bus to church two days in a row isn't that bad..
scrambling like mad to find the important things I need..
cash, wallet, keys, watch.. all the easily-misplaced items..
can't leave home without all those things, no sirree Bob..
it's not like I'll be on time to the program anyhow..
also just got buzzed by Jim K., even if we did only talk briefly..
yup, circumstances are plotting against me currently..
yet here I am at home, still glued to the computer screen?!
ah well, I'll catch up to everyone later if I find my stuff..
if not, well... I hate for the group to be mad at me, but nothing's to be done about it..
should get out of here sometime soon, like right now! (haha)

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Messages from Geo and Matt

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TRACY.. I hope you have a good one today! :) It's been way cool knowing you.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MELISSA.. I hope you have a really super one today! :) It was neat when you were over at New Year's.

I got a message from Geo sent at about 1 AM..
sorry, dude.. you were foiled by the idle state / no "away"..
said that now he looked like an idiot.. that's not so!
last night, Matt claimed that I was never on AIM.. yeah right..
turns out he misspelled my screen name.. that explains it..
talked very briefly to him before he had to go to bed..
I'll be happy to talk to both of them later on when I have time!

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Thursday, April 22, 2004

Endlessly chattering away on IM

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KAREN.. I hope you have a good one today! :) Church memories rule forever, hahaha.

I've been wondering what it is lately with certain people..
they can't be bothered to talk when you buzz them..
then there are the other people, who endlessly chatter..
guess it's like what Spoz was saying quite some time ago..
when you're all kinds of busy, everyone wants a piece of you..
but when you're aching for some relief to the boredom, there is nobody to distract ya!
life is definitely a very funny thing, and we need to roll with it..

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Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Car bombs in the hood, comments box in blog

had the requisite humor dose to start my day off right..
although hearing about car bombs in the hood ain't funny..
Spoz manages to cheer me up with whatever he writes ;)
next time I actually talk to him, I should say: "the comments box on your blog no longer exists, dude!"

also had a nice time talking with one other certain person..
funny how he can currently tell when he gets signed off; I can't..
before, it was the opposite construct going on.. I could tell, but he could not..
dunno what's up with that, but we get along just fine ;)

went out to get something to eat, but did tell him before..
y'know, just in case he thought I was fashed at him..
sure, I was maybe a bit abrupt.. but that's just a bad habit..
got some roast beef at Ricky's, and a KFC meal for later..
on the way home, I was thinking about going to Memphis..
it's only really fun with a group of people.. should bug Jon..
gotta go there at least once a year, although I already did..
the Memphis Blues experience is definitely a good one!

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Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Dragon Lady, friends for life

well, he did message me.. so we talked for a little bit..
I never start conversations unless they're certain people..
Jim said that he got my birthday card: says I'm amazing..
called me "Dragon Lady," and says we'll be friends for life..
that alone made my mood lighten, and he made me grin..
reading Spozblog made me laugh: today's start is terrific!


Horlicks @ Tazza (Friday, Mar. 19)
honeydew @ Tazza (Wednesday, Mar. 24)
coffee @ Tazza (Tuesday, Apr. 13)

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Venting to Corey

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MICHELLE.. I hope you have a really super one today! :) It's been awesome knowing you.

just got up at 1:15.. three consecutive post-2 AM nights..
I won't be talking much to certain people for the next few..
although I admit it would be nice if I somehow managed to..
but it was totally worth it to talk to Corey about stuff..
hockey, sports fan mentality, voting, politics, lawsuits..
conspiracy, what we'd do if he ever came here, strip clubs..
good news, annoying on-and-off connection, Tetris, etc.
messaging me with "stop that," indeed... gotta love him! ;)

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Monday, April 19, 2004

Losing Game 7 to Calgary

we lost Game 7 tonight by a score of 3-2 to Calgary..
Cooke's goal with 6 seconds remaining was damn good..
but it wasn't good enough as Gelinas got rebounds off Auld..
goaltending, the Todd Bertuzzi suspension, distractions..
guess we'll see if there is a next year, with the CBA / lockout..
definitely disappointed.. they were the better team all series..
it'll be one long offseason, with questions needing answers..
earlier today, Sam made me laugh with a joke he posted..
I definitely love that dude's humor.. very much appreciated..
Corey's just messaged me, as well.. thanks for HIS humor!

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Brainspace needs humor now!

my brainspace is desperately craving humor now..
went to Spozblog, and reading it helped a little..
definitely remember all the things Corey joked about..
sure, I love him for saying "potato".. took away boredom!
he didn't know it was THAT impressive, but surprising..
totally worth it to stay up late and talk to him, of all people..
gotta love the humor breaks in this conspiracy-filled world ;)

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Sunday, April 18, 2004

Chrystal, Dave, Eric, Nathan, Dianne, Danielle, Justin, and Jen

spent most of my time with eight of my friends at church..
Chrystal, Dave, Eric, Nathan, Dianne, Danielle, Justin, Jen..
talked to each other outside the church and at the 7-11..
we definitely had hilarious times with each other.. yay!
Eric gave me two burned CDs, and complained about the current standardized movie ticket prices..
Justin asked Nathan about the Shanghaiese prostitutes..
"are they dirty-looking?!".. much laughter ensued afterwards..
(I told Danielle about his questions to Hon about Eva..
"Hon, did you kiss Eva yet? Does she taste good?"
his classic defense: "Well, if you don't ask.. you don't know!")

Chrystal asked if I'd given out all the birthday cards yet..
she saw me with a bunch of them recently.. I hadn't..
I mentioned that I'd have to mail two of them out..
yes, I'm quite sure the "certain friend" will be happy if I jumped on a plane just to deliver his personally! ;)
Dave and Jen both asked where Jon was.. not his week to be with us, don't you remember?
Jen told me that she hadn't decided on an Irish gift..
possibly whiskey in lieu of any Irish lads that she wants..

Nathan's "prostitute story" was indeed the hook of the trip..
everyone asked how Jon's recital was yesterday.. good stuff..
definitely discussed last night's and tomorrow's hockey games!
good times, good times.. it's all about the relationships :D

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Jon's recital with Christine Magee

Dave said he loved Jon like a brother, but it was too far..
Brian and Nathan picked me up instead: had to win the game!
we criticized Jann Arden's singing of the national anthem..
met Alan and Tracy at the arts centre.. it went all right..
saw Jeremy a little later, and we all talked about the game..
it was 4-0 for us, then the Flames clawed back to tie it..
discussed life / updates, plans, weird food combos, exams..
music, Christine's very first experience with bubble tea..
(involved Jon stuffing a bunch of pearls in his mouth)
language / pronunciation, ID cards, bugging Ty, etc.

Jon, Jeremy, and I were going to go for some bubble tea..
but we went to Pho 99 and got something more filling..
we were scared to turn on the radio, but it was overtime..
turned out to be triple overtime before we finally won..
heard cars honking, so we verified it with Ty via cell phone..
definitely had fun after that news.. Game 7 goes Monday!

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