Saturday, November 22, 2003

Jon already has the Neil Young bio!

turns out my brother already has the Neil Young bio..
he bought it for himself a while ago..
guess I'll just keep the copy I have for myself..
even though I've read it already and all..
eh well, I had no clue what he buys these days anyhow..
it's back to the old drawing board, I suppose ;)

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Not wanting to infect people today!

well, I won't be able to go to Awana or the dinner..
I don't want to infect the kids or anybody else..
(not sure I'm contagious at this stage, but safety rules)
at least I'm at my brother's house with high speed ;)

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Friday, November 21, 2003

Quirky flavors!

just went for some sushi with wasabi / hot and sour soup..
that appeared to do SOME good, as well as being good..
bought some more ice cream and tofu while I was out..
(those items were both on sale, after all.. I wanted them!)
got three flavors of ice cream: Chocolate Mousse Madness, Mocha Madness, and Blueberry Crumble..
also bought four flavors of tofu: Italian Herb, Sesame Ginger, Thai Tango, and Lemon Pepper..
yes, I make some very weird purchases.. live with it ;)

I'll see my friends again tonight, which is a good thing..
unload some of the birthday cards in my knapsack..
tell Nathan of the misread "Nathan's pizza for the feet" sign..
talk to Danielle about Steph thinking: "delayed baptism!"..
(just for her? not if D. leaves town before S. gets back :P)
show them my New Zealand card, and tell them where Jon is..
being with Eric in the car will be a blast, as always ;)
fun times ahead, if I can get through the AGM..
the anticipation is the best thing ever! wooyeah!

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Corey's ideas about pee / poop / napalm

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LETICIA.. I hope you have a fun one today! :) It's been good getting to know you and Yazmine.

Helen wants to invite our past small group to her place..
it'll be a fun time with the girls.. dinner and chatting :)
my brother wants to have a B-Day party the same night.
somehow, I don't think both things are going to happen..

right now, Corey's advocating peeing / pooing on the bus..
even doing it on demand so you can get OFF it..
I'm not sure I like that idea, but whatever works..
last night, he wanted to apply napalm to cigarettes..
that would get people to stop smoking once they learned..
(it would also burn off their lips, but that's the paid price)
not that we're advocating harm to anyone, but eh..
you've got to run with your random thoughts, all right ;)

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Thursday, November 20, 2003

Hot and sour soup

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DARCY.. I hope you have a great one today! :) It was always interesting at school with you around.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SARAH.. I hope you have a good one today! :) It was neat when Steph would have you over.

tomorrow, I shall have some hot and sour soup for lunch..
(or at least, before Eric picks me up for Fellowship)
that will probably do something good for my cold..
take THAT, you sinuses in rebellion! ;)
at least I'm feeling much better than I was on Tuesday..
always an excellent thing to get healthier, for sure!

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Wednesday, November 19, 2003

AIM warnings

just for the record, I should note one thing..
if I get any comments on my entries here, I'll get back to them on the Saturday following the comment..
because if I attempt a reply here, it screws up the computer..
the browser will perform an illegal operation and / or the computer will freeze.. that's not very good, now is it?
although there may be the odd time that I can reply here..
those times aren't going to be very frequent, it seems..
so please excuse and forgive any delays that happen!

on another note, I'm being warned like heck using AIM..
seems someone is getting their jollies by playing with me..
could very well be one of those weird "spoof" viruses..
but then how would they get my IM info from an email?
at least the warnings go away within a few hours, if that..
I'm having an extremely damn weird night here..
hopefully, this is just an aberration and won't repeat itself..

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I am not a computer hacker!

Pete's Tofu makes dessert tofu, which I've been trying on a semi-regular basis. Quite the interesting experience, especially as tofu's supposed to be good for you. :) I bought some caramel tofu, and also some key lime tofu. (at Save-On, where else?) Hopefully, they'll be good.

For goodness sakes. I just got accused by an anonymous person on AIM of being a hacker. He messaged me first: "Stop hacking my computer!" Since I had NO idea what he was talking about (I have no technical expertise that way), I politely asked if he was mistaken. He said I was sending his computer a virus, and to please stop it.

So then I asked how he knew I was doing it. His response? "I don't know you.. stop attacking my computer, you hacker." Then I asked WHY. "You messaged me first, and I don't know you." For the record, he messaged me first. (under a slightly modified name, since I blocked his first identity)

When I told him that, he wasn't pleased.. but then he had the temerity to ask for my age / sex / location. I wouldn't give that out to just anyone really.. especially if you just accused me of being a hacker! Sheeeeeeeesh, that just makes me mad.

Trying to accuse me of these things with no real reason behind it (especially of an anonymous attack against someone who I don't know from Adam) is not going to work.

End of story: I blocked both of his identities, and so far he's not come back. Damn good thing, too.

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I'm not dreaming of ninjas and the giver!

last night, Corey told me to dream of ninjas and the giver..
he said, "that should do for tonight, so sweet dreams.."
well, I am here to report that I did NOT dream of those..
I can't really say that I had a cohesive dream at all..
it was more like a series of fragmented images..
(as tends to happen when you're not feeling well)
a huge world map where I could zoom in to tiny places..
Arthur messaging me to ask for a story that he could use..
(which I gladly gave him.. after all, he IS a nice person!)
assorted junk mail coming in through my mailslot..
plus a bunch of other stuff that I can't really recall..
but it didn't involve either ninjas or the giver..
sorry, dude.. better dream-influencing luck next time ;)

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Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Italian Wedding soup and the Weekly World News

oops.. almost forgot about the hilarious quote tally..
that definitely won't do at all, will it? ;)


"Always nice to have someone you can discuss violent horrific death with." -- Steve, reacting to what I said about being able to talk with Corey freely about horror. (Wednesday, Nov. 12) [yeah, we've talked about a LOT of stuff indeed.. very much a terrific state of affairs]

I should have tried the "Italian Wedding" soup at BP..
the stuff might have been good, who knows?
didn't think of it till after I'd left the restaurant..
there's no way I'm going back in there just to order soup!
(especially when I'd just eaten my lunch.. no way!)
ah well, maybe some other time it'll be in there..

I bought the Weekly World News just for laughs at LD..
no, of course I don't believe any of the stories in there..
but I remember my brother and his friends laughing over it..
that time, I bought it because it pertained to an inside joke..
maybe it'll provide us with more amusing hilarity..
that kind of thing usually does.. and it's a double issue, too ;)

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I'm expected to rant!

I am one of the two chief people that Spoz expects to rant in his forums.. (besides the curled stick)
somehow, this amuses me to no end..
of course, I don't think he'd expect any differently..
he KNOWS me and forums extremely well, I believe ;)
but everything's all good for now over there, at least..
so on to more goofiness and cheer, everyone!

Dan just told me that I seem too sweet to rant..
believe me, I can rant if I want to..
I've done it in the past, sometimes to great effect..
but generally, I don't do that too often..
never mind if it's because I'm not good at it ;)
thanks for that assessment, though.. you ROCK!

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First anniversary of a near-accident!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CHANTAL.. I hope you have a really good one today! :) It was fun when Steph knew you.

I'm rethinking the BP Pasta Tuesday special right now..
not only is it raining out, but I'm not 100% well..
maybe Eric's prediction is finally coming true..
I have no real energy or motivation to do much..
in fact, I feel like going right back to bed..
but I do have to get Sabrina and Sheena's cards..
perhaps if I keep my wanderings to BP and LD, I'll be okay..
suppose these things have to be accomplished sometime..
reflecting on inteneration will keep me moderately sane ;)

today is also a first anniversary for me..
almost got run over at No. 3 Rd. / Westminster Hwy.
stupid cars that don't watch the traffic signals..
I'm very grateful for the fact I'm here right now..
wouldn't have had the chance to reconnect with people..
or have had the opportunity to make new friends..
and that in itself is very golden.. never mind regrets! ;)

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Monday, November 17, 2003

Enabled comments?

I might as well get in on this while the getting's good..
Spoz asked why Julie's blog had comments enabled..
G gave him an answer in the Subwoofer forums..
he saw a site which gives people a method for adding comments functionality to Blogger-based sites..
decided to check it out myself just for laughs..
(thank goodness something's all over now, at least :P)
got confused about HTML color coding once there..
if I hadn't asked Cerowyn, I'd still be pondering the mystery..
he linked me to a page on it: ooh, look at all the pretty colors!
thanks and cheers to all four of them.. coz I feel like it ;)
comment ability should soon be evident on this site..
that is, if the computer doesn't freeze yet again.. d'oh!

Edit: it appears to work, which is a good thing indeed..
except for the illegal operations the browser performs..
it does that when I try to access the comments links..
not sure whether I can fix it or not.. probably not..
but at least it all seems copacetic for now.. wooyeah! :)

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Sunday, November 16, 2003

November Bubble Tea Tally / Baptism / Hey, stranger!

here's the monthly bubble tea tally..
and I've had only one this month..
would have been two had I ordered some from Daimasu..
instead, I ordered a wimpy red bean cooler thing..
(even Eric was wondering why I didn't order BBT.. don't ask!)


passionfruit @ Bubble Boy [Sunday, Nov. 16]

church was all right today, but it was SO rainy!
Adela, Danielle, Sabrina, and Sheena are getting baptized..
we're all very excited for them, and will be there next week..
talked to a few of my friends as per the usual..
later on, I got to spend time with Jon and Eric in the car..
that's always an excellent thing, and I like it..
also got a very nice email from Arthur..
it's good to know that I'm never alone, y'know?
bugged my sister for a while on MSN about stuff..
even said hi to G when he was on.. "hey stranger" is right ;)
so things are going to be perfectly fine for now.. woohoo!

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The major test is upstairs!

so far, it's been an okay morning for me..
I haven't been upstairs yet, though..
and that's where the major test lies, indeed..
if I can get through this, it'll definitely be awesome! :)
friends are good.. that's all my poor brain has to say now..
over and out.. and I'll catch up on this thing later..


Laughs and bonding make you content! / Foul and offensive band names

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TERESA.. I hope you have an awesome one today! :) It was cool knowing you all those years.

I should stop missing people.. I don't like that feeling..
those perceived opinions are not really mine at all..
nobody's going to believe me on it, anyhow.. so why try?
oh well, at least Jon's bringing me some bubble tea..
that should cheer me up at least momentarily ;)
definitely looking forward to the Sunday stuff, as well..
should I expect a certain email or not? I don't know..
it'll be great if it shows up in my box.. if not, that's life!
my time with friends will certainly be treasured..
creating new memories, laughs, and bonding..
that's the ticket to a content life, kiddies.. don't forget!

I should stop missing certain people, because there's nothing I can do about the situation now.. I don't really subscribe to the feelings I claimed to have, but no one will believe me.

At least Jon is bringing me bubble tea.. that ought to cheer me up for a while. :)

Speaking of things that cheer me up, I just got cheers for going nuts on the Subwoofer forums. They definitely do need people to "seed" them, and getting the rants going would be a good thing. ;) Hey, Spoz knows it's what I do.. and it's cool forevermore.

Also got credit this morning: "cheers to the hamster for spotting this one.. I got me Subwoofer Forums link wrong.. rant away ;)" That did indeed make me feel better.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow, or later today.. it should definitely be interesting stuff. ;)

A selection of foul and offensive band names, courtesy of Spoz's recent cell phone collection and March 17.2006 blog post. (yes, this is quite an edit, but shut up! :P)


I dare any of you monkeys to try THESE out for your new band!

Note: If you can suggest worse (and I know how fucked up some of YOU readers are), then feel free to leave a comment. (I can't guarantee I won't delete it, though.. they may quite likely offend ME.. HAHAHA!)

(posted in LJ and GJ on Mar. 26, 2006)

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