Saturday, January 08, 2011

Ivy League Schools

I got up BEFORE my alarm, which was set to the incredibly generous time of 9:05... I blame the sun! Hope my friend is feeling better, for sure! Gotta leave in an hour or so TOPS!

You Are Brown

Like the majority of Brown's students, you are happy and well-adjusted.

You are confident and self-assured. You wouldn't need to go to one of the bigger-named Ivies to feel good about yourself.

You aren't the biggest fan of authority, and you like being able to carve your own path.

You are attractive, accomplished, and independent. Like Brown students, you thrive when you're able to do your own thing.

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Friday, January 07, 2011

Chinese Eric is legitimately sick, but still hung out as long as he could...

When Chinese Eric came over, I was certainly ready! Discussed pizza, Yummy Web, salty stuff, MissionsFest being our next "date," tandoori pizza, Steph getting me Ripley's / Guinness World Records books, East Indian accents being hard to understand, pasta (we got ravioli and lasagna at 2 for 1), splitting the cost this time (the new car is certainly a gas-guzzler; totally understood!), Nathan, New Year's Eve, Erica, my bookmarks and guestbook, drinks, cranberry juice, soft drinks, Billie and Korean food, Opera, Adela dating / Eunice / Phil and Grace / Sean, Erin, Jon and Booty Burgers, blogging, taking medicine on a full stomach / digestion, the Leafs wasting the Thrashers 9-3, blogging, the Canucks-Oilers game, and more! Of course he could use the couch and pillow to rest / nap... NOT A PROBLEM! After that, he decided he wasn't feeling well - I pretended I didn't hear him in the bathroom, heh. He managed to fit one of my huge bowls into the paper bag from Pizza Express, which impressed me! I was concerned that he wasn't feeling well, so had to express that by putting an arm around him for a bit - "stay with me," I said, meaning "just don't die on me!" I'd feel really bad if it was something he ate, although these were the first signs in Hong Kong with his weakness and such! He apologized for cutting the hangout short, but his health is the main priority here... at least he only lives ten minutes away! Definitely gave him some water, too! The Canucks also won 6-1 over the Oilers, so YAY!

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You Are Curious

You are always investigating something. You love to research and learn.

You are very intellectual, but you have a playful side to you as well. You believe knowledge is fun.

You find yourself drawn toward difficult subjects. You feel like there is nothing too difficult for you to master.

You are precise and detail-oriented. Facts and figures are very important to you.


Word Facts for Jan. 1-7, 2011

Word origin for the weekend of Jan. 1-2, 2011: ibuprofen - The chemical compound called "ibuprofen," used as an anti-inflammatory and painkilling medication, was first brought to market in 1969. Its inventor, a British chemist named Stuart Adams, named it after its ingredients and qualities: i(so) and bu(tyl) and pro(pionic) + fen (that is, phenyl). Depending on last night's celebrations, the medication might be useful today.

Word origin for Jan. 3, 2011: sell like hotcakes - A good that moves out the store door faster than it can be restocked is said to be "selling like hotcakes," an expression with literal roots. At fairs in medieval England, hotcakes - crepes, really, such as can be bought on the street in Paris - were popular snacks, with an audience inclined to let caution fly and spend money freely, stuffing itself with treats otherwise rarely enjoyed.

Word origin for Jan. 4, 2011: pilgarlick - Readers of Charles Dickens and other nineteenth-century English writers may have encountered the word "pilgarlick" before. It does not mean someone who licks pilgars, whatever awful thing a pilgar might be, but instead a bald person, someone whose head figuratively looks like peeled garlic, which is the origin of the word. More figuratively still, it is a rough synonym for "wretch."

Word origin for Jan. 5, 2011: cantankerous - An overly fussy person is called, in some parts of the United States, "cantankerous." The word is an old one, borrowed from the dialects of southern England, in which (in the medieval period) a conflict was called a "contack" or "contank." Thus, a "cantankerous" person is someone quick to engage in conflict... though of a smallish nature, as in "You kids go play someplace else!"

Word origin for Jan. 6, 2011: Epiphany - The Christian holiday "Epiphany" is celebrated on January 6, the last of the twelve days of Christmas. It takes its name from the Greek word meaning "appearance," since (according to traditional belief) it was on that day that the Magi - or Three Wise Men from the East - first saw the baby Jesus.

Word origin for Jan. 7, 2011: lucrative - Something "lucrative" is profitable, as its Latin root lucrari ("to gain") suggests. In England, the word has had a tainted sense since the 1520s, when the religious writer William Tyndale paired the word "lucre" (meaning "money") with the word "filthy": "filthy lucre." This also gave us the expression "filthy rich." Thus, in the United Kingdom, "lucrative" carries the suggestion that the profit is not on the up and up. The word does not carry the pejorative meaning in American English.

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Thursday, January 06, 2011

ORPHAN, 2238, Ash Wednesday, vegan stuff, and drama!

Called Henry to tell him that I wouldn't be able to make it to Awana this week because of a friend's birthday party, haha. Chinese Eric said stuff about watching a movie on the laptop with a USB stick, so I made a few suggestions like PULP FICTION / TIME-TRAVELLER'S WIFE / ORPHAN. Then I called my sister to ask about Lisa (coming home on weekends from school!), tell her about Ash Wednesday occurring way after her birthday (no vegan restaurants needed for this Lent, and not till 2238!), ask about the Federov jersey plans, and generally be crazy and dramatic! Sarah says she can tell her mom that I can't make it this Saturday, too - phew! I've been generally lazy about emailing Auntie Vivian, hahaha.

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Hot and sour soup noodles, pizza with Eric, fitness personality

I had hot and sour soup noodles today, which were pretty good! Eric Ho buzzed me on MSN, asking about tomorrow's program. I told him that it was nothing he should concern himself about, since I wasn't even going - only because I don't like these winter programs. Got a laugh in response, hahahaha. He asked if I wanted to hang out instead; we eventually settled on pizza at my place - just chilling should be good! I suggested sushi, but he says raw stuff is kinda bad - not a problem!

Your Fitness Personality is Minimalist

You're the type of person who just likes to move. You don't need anything fancy to exercise.

You enjoy being outdoors. Your ideal workout is taking a simple hike or dip in the lake.

If you're looking to shake things up, consider rock climbing, snowshoeing, or kayaking.

Or consider taking a long walk in the city. You don't have to be out in nature to be inspired!

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Lance, Chinese Eric, Nathan, and reconnection

High-scoring word of the day:

LANCES (220 points) - against Nancy M. [5W, 4W]

Chinese Eric came on MSN, and we talked about his desire to reconnect with God (which Nathan - gone now - had mentioned) / his interest in church service even though he might not be a regular attendee / MissionsFest. Pretty good, haha. The Canucks also won 3-1 against the Flames, but the World Junior Canada hockey team gave up five goals in 20 minutes! They lost 5-3 to Russia! :(

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Wednesday, January 05, 2011

What I gave for Christmas 2010

What I gave for Christmas 2010

* lots of cards and stuff for my real-life friends! (Nathan T., Jeremy J., Eric M. [plus Delecto chocolate], Eric H. [plus a box of on-sale Pot of Gold and a Life brand chocolate orange], Christon S., Jen C., Jeremy J., Vanessa H., Chrystal [plus New Jersey Milk bar], Lincoln, John / Ada / Ian / Sean L. [plus Kit Kat bars], Dylan / Deb L. [plus Mr. Big bars], Henry L. [plus Aero bars], Cindy / Dianne F., Vivian / Karen Lew, Vania S., Steph N. / Lisa S. [plus RCMP postcard and Coffee Crisp bars], Jon N. / Harmony H. [plus dark Mars bars], Wesley T., Geoffrey C., Kevin L., Auntie Ying Y., Jessie / Ramen / Shira C., Citrus W. [plus RCMP postcard], Cordia [the last "Santa Makes A Tragic Wrong Turn Over Tokyo" card], Auntie Cathy [that kittens calendar which my parents gave me - REGIFT!])
* Corey T. (dwcorey) - Christmas card plus bonus birthday card, which he can't find despite looking all over the place.... but he did find it in his suitcase for some reason!
* Karine G. (karineinthepool) - Christmas card
* Billie E. (sianparis) - Christmas card plus bonus birthday card
* Julie S. (julie709) - Christmas card and two Olympics postcards [Miga, and the North Shore mountains]
* Mandy D. (a_phoenixdragon) - Christmas card and Olympics postcard [the North Shore mountains]
* John A. (snooooopy) - Christmas card, Canucks keychain from London Drugs, and Olympics postcard [the North Shore mountains]
* Janina P. (mrshannibal) - Christmas card and Olympics postcard [the North Shore mountains]
* Farrah F. (lilaznffairy421) - Christmas card and Olympics postcard [Miga]
* Candy and George B. (Phoenix and Heavyfoot) - Christmas card
* Kelli E. (neonrose5) - Christmas card
* Marie S. (Reebee) - Christmas card and Olympics postcard [the North Shore mountains]
* Paul R. (sherbetsaucers) - Christmas card
* Kitty B. (bornwitch / dutch_kitty) - Christmas card and Olympics postcard [Miga]
* Kaitlin O. (deformed_foetus) - Christmas card and two Olympics postcards [Miga, and the North Shore mountains]
* Alexis A. (istalksnape) - Christmas card
* Chrissy S. (argh4itchytasty) - Christmas card and Olympics postcard [the North Shore mountains]
* April W. (abw92) - Christmas card
* Shelley S. (always_bryn) - Christmas card
* Chris Woodrich - ecard
* Amanda B. (regularamanda) - Christmas card and Vancouver postcard
* Alessandra (dru_it) - Christmas card
* Savina (bodha) - Christmas card
* Kadri (bad_habit) - Christmas card and Canada postcard

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What I got for Christmas 2010

What I got for Christmas 2010

* dinner out at Vivacity Restaurant on Dec. 4 after Awana from John and Ada (with Ian and Sean)
* Steph and Lisa: Ripley's Believe It or Not! Enter If You Dare! (Believe It Or Not! Ripley's)
* Mom and Dad: jalapeno cheddar chips, Guinness World Records 2011 (Guinness Publishing), some sweaters / vests, instant coffee, a calendar with kittens on it (REGIFT to Auntie Cathy!), chocolate, turkey dinner, vegetable juice, chocolates, and some seaweed
* Nathan: Malibu rum, since he didn't want to take the risk of packing it back to the UK
* Vanessa H.: some homemade shortbread cookies, plus a pudding bubble tea at Tapioca Express
* Julie S. (julie709) - Christmas card (with two robins in winter), White House bookmark, and Popsicle / Easter bunny / Easter eggs / teacher encouragement / "Starve a Mosquito - Donate Blood" stickers
* Karine G. (karineinthepool) - a new fuzzy red pair of socks, fish stickers, and a postcard featuring the Alberta Northern Lights
* Eric M. (and his family?) - a Vancouver Canucks hockey mug / Apples and Cotlets candies
* Chrissy S. (argh4itchytasty) - Christmas card
* Janina P. (mrshannibal) - Christmas card and Santa / puzzle piece / present / MERRY / stocking / fish / Scooby Doo / crazy frog / a star / princess / pumpkin / cat on skateboard / teacher apple stickers which actually DO smell like apples!
* Paul R. (sherbetsaucers) - Christmas card / Christmas-themed stickers / England soccer stickers (my sister would LOVE these!) / Arms Trade treaty stickers
* Alexis A. (istalksnape) - Christmas card
* Kitty B. (dutch_kitty) - Christmas card
* Kaitlin O. (deformed_foetus) - Christmas card and Canada flag which she colored herself, haha
* Marie S. (Reebee) - Christmas card featuring a gingerbread man which turns into a snowman
* Chris Woodrich - ecard
* April W. (abw92) - Christmas card, two cat stickers, and nine happy face stickers
* Shelley S. (always_bryn) - a Christmas card; a postcard of the State Capitol Grounds (Richmond, Virginia); four bookmarks from a mystery book convention she went to; and some Scooby Doo stickers
* Didu K. (didu) - postcard of a Finnish bridge
* Amanda B. (regularamanda) - Christmas card
* Alessandra P. (dru_it) - Christmas card
* Savina K. (bodha) - Christmas card
* Christy C. (snoopdawg) - Christmas card and Halloween / butterfly / heart / flower / Valentine's Day / rainbow / raindrop / cloud / umbrella / spring / tulip / duck / duckling / firefighter / animal stickers
* Delaney O. (doranwen) - ebooks galore! :D
* Jillian R. (priestessdiary) - Christmas card
* Kelli (neonrose5) - Christmas card

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Chinese mushrooms and eggs / Dosha

Went out just now to eat a quick lunch of Chinese mushrooms with vegetables in noodle soup at the new location of Specialty Chicken and Wonton House - it replaces Bo Kong Vegetarian Restaurant, and a sushi / ramen place is at its old location. Hey, I got rid of some change while there! Then I went to Save-On Foods to get on-sale eggs (two bad ones in the batch!), on-sale garbage bags, Excel gum, lip balm, two birthday cards for Grandma and Lisa, milk, a measuring cup, and butter. I needed the eggs for the hot and sour soup mixes, the milk for the pasta Sidekicks, and the butter / trash bags since I was running out of those items. I *just* missed the bus on the way back, but didn't want to walk in the rain, either.

Your Kapha Dosha Says You Are Kind

You are very affectionate and loving. You are just a touchy-feely kind of person.

You are a true friend. You have a good memory, and you never forget what people have told you.

You are stable and easygoing. It takes a lot to make you angry.

You would be more balanced if you added a little more energy and fire to your life. You could use a little more passion.

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Chicken butts and the ATM

I finally got Corey to look at my cards, and this is what he had to say:

[20:51:09] Flami: so much talk about "I'll open the envelope... oh wait, I'll look at it... wait! I gotta go to the store and get my SHOPPING on!"
[20:51:35] Corey: yeah, and now I need to run to the bank apparently :P
[20:52:15] Flami: tell them that the bank isn't open
[20:53:28] Corey: tell who? I'm the one that needs to cash a check :P
[20:53:36] Corey: well, deposit
[20:54:12] Corey: so I will be back :P
[20:54:15] Corey: and you're right, it's not open
[20:54:20] Flami: and I was going to say... THE BANK STILL ISN'T OPEN! haha.
[20:54:29] Corey: but the ATM is
[20:55:01] Flami: oh yeah, I took advantage of the ATM in November once, haha
[20:58:46] Corey: once?
[20:59:19] Corey: they're kind of convenient... that's how you get money and stuff out of your account...
[20:59:28] Corey: anyway, I will be back soon... it's close
[20:59:32] Corey: then I'll look, I promise :P
[20:59:55] Corey: I'm doing like 90,000 things at the same time to try to get everything ready.. I have to leave early in the morning, so I'm just about out of time here
[21:00:05] Flami: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[21:16:56] Corey: okay, I'm back
[21:42:59] Flami: so have you looked at it yet, despite all the stuff you have to do?
[21:45:29] Corey: let's look right now :P
[21:47:14] Corey: yay, chicken butt, you were right
[21:47:27] Flami: yes, of course I was right
[21:48:34] Corey: it looks really normal and calm other than the message, though :P but that's pretty good
[21:49:15] Flami: normal and calm?! WHAT?!
[21:53:54] Corey: it's not wacky and crazy; it's a calm little picture of a chick eating or something, not a butt :P
[21:56:40] Flami: well, the chicken has a butt.

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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Card in Corey's suitcase! / Compassion

I almost had a figurative heart attack earlier when the dungeons and space adventures wouldn't work properly in Opera - when I picked up an item, that item would change in the inventory, and the adventure would be full of "Nothing" and extraneous script! They seemed to work fine in Google Chrome, but I didn't want that browser to slow me down... finally, I restarted the computer and tried again. Now they seem to work properly! (for now?)

Corey also came on YM to say this: "I FOUND YOUR CARD... my parents said that's been here for like a month. My mom also noticed that they didn't cancel the stamp. It was hidden kind of inside the top part of my suitcase... for some reason. I have to run out and buy something before the stores close, so I will look at it when I get back. It's on my desk and will not go away. :P"

You Have Lots of Compassion

You are a naturally empathetic and caring person. Other people matter to you, and it shows.

You celebrate your friends' successes, and sympathize when they run into trouble.

You have a strong sense of justice, and you want to protect everyone who's been treated unfairly.

It's hard for you to judge someone unless you've walked a mile in his or her shoes. You give people the benefit of the doubt.

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DEPRIVED of "Guess what? Chicken butt!" card... oh, Corey...

I know that Corey is leaving for Taiwan again on Wednesday, and that he still can't find the Christmas / birthday cards ("GUESS WHAT? CHICKEN BUTT!") I sent him a while ago! "I wish I could find that... nobody knows what happened to it. It was on the counter in the family room, and they say I took it. I say I picked it up and looked at it, but set it back down because I still had to go put all my stuff away since I just got back here at that time. Kitchen counter stuff gets moved to a mail pile, which I checked even though it wasn't on the kitchen counter. On that counter in the family room, stuff can sit there for months, usually. I looked all over the place!" This is where *I* wish card shops would have more eye-catching envelope colors! (and NOT glow-in-the-dark, as he suggested... sure, just turn off all the lights! :P)

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Monday, January 03, 2011


Josh came back on AIM last night to bug me to come back to RT - hahaha, I don't know about that!

You Are Easygoing

Your friends would all agree that you have a pleasant personality. You're easy to get along with.

You appreciate people from all walks of life. You especially like colorful, quirky folks.

You are mostly a flexible person, but you can be unpredictably stubborn at times.

You always need to stick to your routine. If you end up deviating from your plan, you aren't as dependable as you'd like to be.

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Sunday, January 02, 2011

Cringing during announcements / JIN AND WAH?! / Fiascos / Candy canes!

When Eric picked me up today in the new car, he bugged me about the frost / ice conditions, and also about being drunk: water is NOT vodka, my friend! He also bugged me about the DARKWING DUCK theme song, the SEINFELD theme song, Mr. Creep / Raymond / Randal, and some other stuff. I said that I eventually would hate a bunch of people (not HIM!), and that my "joke" New Year's Resolution for 2011 was to become even more of a hermit... except when it comes to certain good friends, haha. I'm sure he thought I was serious since I have been championing the cause of the hermit lately, especially during the past two months and change! (I also said I was still full from yesterday's epic dinner - FISH BLADDER SOUP!) When we got to church, we saw Auntie Cathy and Uncle Hansel behind us - later, I insisted that she take the cute kittens calendar (REGIFT DONE!) even if she already had other ones! (she thanked me for it later by the washrooms)

Sat by Jeremy, and laughed at the Chinese Powerpoint slide: he could read the two-stroke character for "man," haha. I could read slightly more than that, but not TOO much more! He said that his brother had left just this morning to go back to school at Queens - sounds about right from what Mark was telling us! Then he noticed that the Communion prayer in the bulletin was actually readable instead of being in a really small font - that's GREAT! I went over to say hi to little Mattias, who actually gave me two high-fives after staring at my black bling sweater for a bit! (Brittney said she liked it yesterday, haha) Said hi to his dad Chung, who had attended Winter Con this week - good for him if he's committed to it, I guess. Jon noticed that Randal was serving Communion - he thinks that was his first time doing it. HA! Of course, I had to cringe when he did the announcements, too - later, Eric said that his term was two years. UGH! (Jon also said that Nate was at Tenth today - COME ON!)

Eric said that he wasn't planning to stay TOO long after service, but we ended up staying till NOON! COME ON, MAN! At least Mr. Creep wasn't there! Hugged Lucas to say "welcome back!" and talked to him about his holidays - also talked to Adam, Andrew, Connie, Auntie Catherine, Hien (wisdom teeth!), Cordia, Quan, and others about the same thing. Offloaded the red licorice on Nina while Carley was poking Hien, too... she's just thanked me for it via FB wall post, actually! Wished Amy a happy early birthday, and discussed the water with Ivan in the kitchen. I said hi to Cindy, who'd noticed that Eric and I weren't at church for a while, so I told her about all the "fiascos," as she later termed it. Gotta love washroom discussions! I saw my old friend Jin with her husband Wah and kids (all grown up now!) Michelle / Matthew / Kristin / Benjamin - I hugged HER hello, and bade Harmony to come over and meet this person, haha! (Jin was wondering about my brother) We talked about Jessica / Geoffrey / Elaine / Johann since they were the only other family with four kids way back when, heh.

While Eric was STILL talking to Raymond (double ugh), I went upstairs to give out candy canes to the Toddler Sunday School class while explaining the "fiascos" to Jessie, who thought I was like Santa Claus with the candy! Since Arthur wasn't there and some new kid named Brandon WAS (he looks like Sam and Connie's kid Jaden did at that age!), I gave that bag to him after first taking the name tag out. I told Ramen and Shira NOT to eat the candy before lunch because I didn't want their mom to kill me, haha! Gave Rachel's bag to her grandma, and Jonathan's bag to his sister Ashley while telling her that she had a bag too. Ada, Mattias, David, and Evelyn just got the bags without any warnings, haha! Went back downstairs and said hi to Keenan while grabbing a MissionsFest info book for me and Chinese Eric, since he's said he wants to go! Haha, we'll see!

Went back into the fellowship hall, where I saw little Micah admiring Stanley's cool guitar. His mom Frances said that he likes the guitar, drums, and piano - maybe he'll grow up to be a rocker, haha! Unexpectedly saw Chuck and Andrea back from Hamilton for a few days only, so of course I said hi to them! No, I haven't found a solution to the mice yet (I can hear them RIGHT NOW, in fact)... UGH! Eric was STILL talking to the guys, so I wondered when he would like to LEAVE - he wondered whether Mr. Creep was there. Not that I knew of (and I was looking during Communion), but you should LEAVE if you say you're going to! I had already done all MY talking to people, so he should have hurried up! He did ask Keenan how fast he could run, but got no answer; the kid just ran away from us! Then I wondered why Dianne had Wes' shirt - apparently, she'd washed it. I assume this is connected to the Polar Bear Swim yesterday, haha.

Eventually, we finally got going after Eric called his dad while getting stuff from the sound room. We talked about a bunch of stuff on the way home (like figure skating / hockey / reasons for disliking people / candle flames), and he bugged me with the DONKEY KONGA theme song - UGH! He said that I could come WATCH them skate - um, no thanks! Gotta reserve my energy for busing over to Billie's birthday party with Korean food and CAKE ATTACKS and nerdiness! (I told him that I wouldn't be here next week when he dropped me off, right after I thanked him for the rides) I might as well tape a BIG sign to my forehead that says "HELLO! I AM A LOSER WHO DOES NOT SKATE!" Besides, my place is probably still warmer than the rink, mice or not. After this, I think I'll take a nap!

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I'm surprised I'm awake after last night, and that I'm still full from dinner - not much breakfast here!

You Seek Satisfaction

You are brainy and deliberate. You believe anything worth doing is worth doing right.

People love that you have a down-to-earth side to you. You're often the reality check for other people's dreams.

You are an innovative person. You like to do things your own way, and you tend to have a lot of "lifehacks."

You work best when you have the right tools. Get the right materials in front of you and genius happens!

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Jon, Harmony, and Brittney picked me up as advertised, and spent the ride over to the HOHOHOs discussing church drama and pastorates. When we got into the house, Holly offered me some soup as I said hi to various relatives of theirs - sure, even if it's FISH BLADDER soup! (Harmony and Brittney didn't care for it - actually, Brittney doesn't really care for seafood AT ALL) Had beer, plenty of curry chicken, BBQ pork, Christmas cookies, Brie and crackers, a homemade strawberry cheesecake (for Harmony's grandpa's 91st / 92nd birthday), salad, and plenty of other stuff. Of course, I said hi to Grandma and tried to help her with things like her medications (CAN'T HELP!) - Mom said that I had something in her car [red licorice - not my thing - and sardines - and Life Saver gummi worms], which I pretty much barely acknowledged before going back to talk to the others. We talked about what we'd done last night, the dim sum lunch where I'd called Jon (more notable for some senior citizens pulling the fire alarm for the heck of it!), Chinese TV shows, the Pittsburgh-Washington hockey game ("PETER AND MYLES! COME BACK AND BE SOCIABLE / SIT WITH US!"), the days going by in a blur lately, trying to train yourself to get up early (which never works), looking up substitutes for whipping cream and such on someone's phone, Myles leaving early for karaoke at a friend's birthday party, and other things. I wanted a banana, but felt I should ask Harmony's mom first - she didn't care, and told me that they were casual over there. Yes, I did get that vibe from the previous times I've been over, but CHILDHOOD CONDITIONING ALWAYS WINS OUT, especially when my mom is around!

After a while of cooking and such, it was time for Harmony's grandpa to open his presents from Sears - a bed set will be useful, I'm sure! Jon and I asked Grandma when her birthday was since it changes all the time in our calendar - she said February 1. When Jon asked how old she'd be, I said she'd be 91 - that's why Steph wants to get the Federov jersey, haha! Peter recognized Edison Chan on the Chinese TV show that the old people were hanging out and watching - yep, he got BUSTED for several sex-related crimes because he left his laptop lying around or something! I'm not sure, but I think he may have gone to my junior high school! At about 10:30 (after a conversation about monkey brains / eating skinned dog / cats / dogs), my parents thought they should get going because Grandma was getting tired. Jon, Harmony, and I reminded her that tomorrow was Sunday and we'd see her at church! Harmony wanted to go to Holly and Peter's to play with Varley the dog, so Brittney and I went with them.

We talked about Jon's friend proposing with a FLASH MOB (it made the front page of the paper!), Brittney not having a great birthday on Dec. 11 (her cat died on the day OF - and she got some criticism / feedback the day before which didn't make her want to be a grownup), Groupons, DESPICABLE ME ("it's so fuzzy, I want to die!"), cute characters, apple cider, and more. I didn't really want to play with Varley only because I didn't want the slobber on his dog chew toy! He was distracted by my pants - apparently, he likes loose pants. No, I wasn't wearing sweatpants or anything... just the Sears casual ones I usually get. We watched a bunch of the movie, then decided we really should go since it was getting late, and we had to be up for church tomorrow. Man, it was pretty frosty outside for sure! (last night, Eric and I sat in the car for about five minutes waiting for the windows to defrost before we went home from Jeremy's!)

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