Saturday, January 01, 2005

Conversations with Erik: December 16 to 31, 2004

December 15 overage

flamsterette_x (6:15:13 PM): Which is absolutely stupid.
aryk29 (6:15:27 PM): Agreed!
aryk29 (6:16:29 PM): Shall I retry sending the deranged sample?
flamsterette_x (6:17:27 PM): I can send files to people on AIM / ICQ / MSN... just not YM.
flamsterette_x (6:17:33 PM): Sure.
flamsterette_x (6:17:41 PM): As long as you don't mind Merzbow.
aryk29 (6:17:57 PM): :D
flamsterette_x (6:19:00 PM): Sending you the long one first.
aryk29 (6:19:08 PM): This is a clip of Rodeo by Aaron Copland... first the original, and then the deranged.
aryk29 (6:19:08 PM): ok
flamsterette_x (6:19:32 PM): Haha, "deranged" makes it sound like he did really strange things to the music.
aryk29 (6:19:50 PM): De-ranged.
flamsterette_x (6:20:06 PM): All right.
aryk29 (6:20:15 PM): Hear the difference?
flamsterette_x (6:20:27 PM): I got the first one already?! Wow..
aryk29 (6:20:36 PM): Think so.
flamsterette_x (6:20:49 PM): Must not be very big.
aryk29 (6:21:02 PM): 446 KB
aryk29 (6:21:16 PM): It's just a clip, not the whole song.
flamsterette_x (6:22:22 PM): Haha, makes sense. Mine will likely take an hour. :|
aryk29 (6:22:45 PM): Yup.
aryk29 (6:22:49 PM): Beef - it's what's for dinner. :D
aryk29 (6:23:23 PM): If my DSL doesn't go caput again
flamsterette_x (6:24:02 PM): Well, yeah.. always that possibility.
aryk29 (6:24:52 PM): So anyway, I have not only that song but also 1812 Overture and William Tell Overture (Lone Ranger theme) compressed / deranged if you're interested.
flamsterette_x (6:26:29 PM): Hahaha! Go, you! (memories!)
aryk29 (6:26:41 PM): ?
flamsterette_x (6:31:31 PM): I used to know someone who was OBSESSED with Tchaikovsky.
aryk29 (6:31:39 PM): Oh yeah?
aryk29 (6:32:03 PM): g2g be back in a little while. I'll leave Y! msgr run.
flamsterette_x (6:32:40 PM): Well, sort of. He used to collect all these scores, and hum the 1812 Overture a lot.
aryk29 (6:47:46 PM): da-dut-dut-dut-dut-dut-dut-daaaat-dut-duuuuuuh, da-dut-dut-dut-dut-dut-dut-daaaat-dut-duuuuuuh... :D
aryk29 (6:48:25 PM): haha, I gotta listen to that now... compressed, of course. :D
aryk29 (6:48:52 PM): brb
flamsterette_x (6:49:22 PM): haha, just remember the CANNONS! :P
aryk29 (6:49:39 PM): At the end of 1812 Overture?
flamsterette_x (6:53:16 PM): Or wherever they are, yeah.
aryk29 (6:53:30 PM): ic
aryk29 (6:54:23 PM): All the best classical has cannons or drums or percussion or something... no wandering aimlessly over a piano for me! Except Für Elise, of course.
flamsterette_x (6:55:29 PM): Hahaha, I used to play that one a lot.
aryk29 (6:56:12 PM): Do you like Jazz Suite Waltz #2 by Shostakovich? Or Bach's Brandenberg Concerto #3?
flamsterette_x (6:56:26 PM): Uh....... never heard of them.
flamsterette_x (6:56:30 PM): Ask Jon. :D
aryk29 (6:56:46 PM): Jazz Suite Waltz #2 is the theme song to Eyes Wide Shut.
aryk29 (6:57:29 PM): I know Star Trek isn't your thing, so you might not have ever heard Brandenberg Concerto #3.
aryk29 (6:57:49 PM): Vivaldi's Spring is nice too.
flamsterette_x (6:57:56 PM): Never seen EYES WIDE SHUT.
aryk29 (6:58:18 PM): Great movie.
flamsterette_x (6:58:42 PM): I bet my sister would agree with you.
aryk29 (6:58:57 PM): She a Tom Cruise or Nicole Kidman fan?
flamsterette_x (6:59:37 PM): Kinda both.
aryk29 (7:00:03 PM): I really liked how Nicole played her role in that movie.
flamsterette_x (7:07:07 PM): Really?
aryk29 (7:07:24 PM): Yup. :D
flamsterette_x (7:07:39 PM): Okay.
aryk29 (7:08:24 PM): Do you know the song Adiemus, by the group of the same name?
flamsterette_x (7:08:38 PM): No.
aryk29 (7:09:19 PM): It's a great song! It was used in a commercial for some ferry or something (or maybe an airline) back in '94 or '95. It was new then.
aryk29 (7:10:26 PM): Alaska Cruise Lines? I'm thinking back a long time here and drawing a blank. Anyway, superb song.
flamsterette_x (7:10:53 PM): Right.
aryk29 (7:11:56 PM): I'm going to make a 1993-4 memory triggers playlist. I'll put Adiemus on there, Cranberries - Dreams, Enya - Orinoco Flow (Sail Away), Proclaimers - 500 Miles, Lisa Loeb - Stay...
flamsterette_x (7:20:28 PM): Haha, sounds good to me.
aryk29 (7:21:10 PM): I'm trying to get at AMG's site... it's completely messed up. Think I'll Pit them.
flamsterette_x (7:23:27 PM): Looks fine to me.
aryk29 (7:23:58 PM): Maybe I'll download Firefox then! :P
flamsterette_x (7:24:18 PM): Haha, I thought it might be the difference between browsers.
aryk29 (7:25:02 PM): It doesn't work with IE4 or IE5, and unless they fixed it since a couple months ago, it doesn't work with Opera 7 either. It does, however, work with IE6.
flamsterette_x (7:26:14 PM): k
aryk29 (7:26:24 PM): Is Firefox free?
flamsterette_x (7:27:08 PM): Vernon installed it on this computer, so perhaps. Go look 'round. :D
aryk29 (7:27:33 PM): k I will. The site just froze up Opera.
flamsterette_x (7:29:08 PM): Whoops.
aryk29 (7:29:38 PM): I found Firefox 1.0 for free download, 4.7MB shouldn't take long.
aryk29 (7:29:54 PM): 13% already. :D
flamsterette_x (7:30:02 PM): Okay then.
aryk29 (7:31:07 PM): Catapillar just finished...
aryk29 (7:31:45 PM): It's freaking out the cat. :D
flamsterette_x (7:32:13 PM): Hahaha.. maybe I'll send you the less-freaky one now.
aryk29 (7:32:21 PM): OK, go ahead.
flamsterette_x (7:41:41 PM): This should take less time.
aryk29 (7:42:10 PM): HAH! Looks like it worked! (allmusic on Firefox)
flamsterette_x (7:42:22 PM): :P
aryk29 (7:42:36 PM): :D
flamsterette_x (7:44:23 PM): See?
aryk29 (7:44:41 PM): Still finding my way around...
flamsterette_x (7:44:59 PM): k
aryk29 (7:47:24 PM): OK yeah, you're right... it is a good browser! Not as good as Opera's MDI format, tho. :D
aryk29 (7:49:58 PM): Removing scripts from saved copies of AMG's pages is a major pain, too.
aryk29 (7:51:46 PM): Oh, it is tabbed! w00t
flamsterette_x (7:59:34 PM): Tabbed?!
aryk29 (8:00:06 PM): Yeah, if ya right-click on a link, one of the options is open in new tab. Try it. :D
flamsterette_x (8:02:53 PM): Oh yeah, I got that by accident more than a few times.
aryk29 (8:03:08 PM): You never used that on purpose?
flamsterette_x (8:05:40 PM): Nah.
flamsterette_x (8:05:52 PM): Not to say it isn't a good thing, of course.
aryk29 (8:06:55 PM): Opera's browsing gives you the choice between Open In New Page and Open In Background Page. Very similar to the tabbed browsing, but with options. I'm spoiled. :D
flamsterette_x (8:07:13 PM): Haha, you are.
aryk29 (8:08:18 PM): Reebs is back!
flamsterette_x (8:10:29 PM): Song is finished! Whee!
flamsterette_x (8:10:37 PM): Me go back to Trillian.
aryk29 (8:10:46 PM): k

Session Start (Yahoo! - flamsterette_x:aryk29): Wed Dec 15 20:11:18 2004
aryk29: You're going to hate me.
flamsterette_x: What did you do, flame me all over Our Place / SDMB?
aryk29: No, I was going to send you another song just now.
aryk29: Ever hear of Suzanne Ciani?
flamsterette_x: Why would I hate you for that?
aryk29: 'Cuz you just switched back to Trillian.
flamsterette_x: (I actually thought you accidentally closed the download window)
flamsterette_x: So?
aryk29: So now I can't send it. Unless, what's the attachment size limit on your email service?
flamsterette_x: You can try sending it. See what happens.
aryk29: That Merzbow kinda reminded me of this.
aryk29: (Message is sending... slowly... it's 3.37 MB)
flamsterette_x: Oh, I meant through IM. But email is good too. :D
aryk29: I've tried sending files IM before while you're in Trillian. They never go through. I guess you never see 'em.
aryk29: It's almost sent anyway. :)
flamsterette_x: Yeah... JD tried sending me a RQ chat re-invite once a few days ago when he was in Trillian too. Didn't work.
flamsterette_x: (JD = someone else I know)
aryk29: Julian Date? :D
aryk29: JD2453355.6419?
flamsterette_x: no
flamsterette_x: JD = JohnnyDeeper
aryk29: ic. :D
aryk29: So, 'dja get the song yet? :D
flamsterette_x: Dunno.. I'll have to see if Graffiti is up yet. :P
flamsterette_x: Got it.
aryk29: And....? :D
flamsterette_x: Downloading it.
flamsterette_x: It's done. (well, it was done a while ago.. but I've been busy sorting things out with Jon / reading stuff on LJ / discussing GWAR with Corey... )
aryk29: ic
flamsterette_x: Sorry, I wasn't ignoring you!
aryk29: I know. :D
flamsterette_x: Good.
aryk29: You like it?
aryk29: (Lemme go stealth quicklike)
*** "aryk29" signed off at Wed Dec 15 21:16:00 2004.
*** "aryk29" signed on at Wed Dec 15 21:16:05 2004.
aryk29: Friend of mine just came online and I have like 10 minutes before I have to zip, so can't have my ear bent for long periods of time. :D
flamsterette_x: Ah yes. I know how that is.
flamsterette_x: In order for me to determine if I like it, I have to listen to it first, yes? :)
flamsterette_x: Very interesting. Sounds a bit like classical music, and soothing.
*** "aryk29" signed off at Wed Dec 15 21:25:55 2004.
*** "aryk29" signed on at Wed Dec 15 21:26:26 2004.
aryk29: g2g cu l8r
*** "aryk29" signed off at Wed Dec 15 21:27:56 2004.
flamsterette_x: seeya
Session Close (aryk29): Wed Dec 15 21:28:30 2004

Session Start (Yahoo! - flamsterette_x:aryk29): Fri Dec 17 17:42:16 2004
flamsterette_x: Broken.
Session Close (aryk29): Fri Dec 17 17:42:31 2004

Session Start (Yahoo! - flamsterette_x:aryk29): Fri Dec 17 17:42:41 2004
aryk29: What's broken?
aryk29: (sheesh... Yahoo undid my status text. I really am reaching over a plate of food here)
flamsterette_x: Go eat, then!
aryk29: k thx :)
Session Close (aryk29): Fri Dec 17 17:46:20 2004

Session Start (Yahoo! - flamsterette_x:aryk29): Fri Dec 17 17:59:16 2004
aryk29: k I'm done eating.
*** You have been disconnected. Fri Dec 17 18:00:08 2004.
*** "aryk29" signed on at Fri Dec 17 18:04:06 2004.
flamsterette_x: and I had to call Diven :)
aryk29: ic. :)
flamsterette_x: so that's why I signed off.
aryk29: So didja like that Suzanne Ciani song? :D
flamsterette_x: it was interesting
aryk29: It's my favorite from that album. Her next album has a track that is just the most beautiful piano number, and I'm really not that familiar with her later stuff.
flamsterette_x: Sounds good.
*** "aryk29" signed off at Fri Dec 17 18:20:13 2004.
Session Close (aryk29): Fri Dec 17 18:23:48 2004

Session Start (Yahoo! - flamsterette_x:aryk29): Sat Dec 18 11:38:56 2004
aryk29: Hey, hi... sorry we got cut off again, but my DSL was out all night. Guess you're offline right now, but I'll try to be reachable off and on today. :) [Offline Message (Sat Dec 18 11:06:03 2004)]
flamsterette_x: Eh, I had to go eat and take a shower before going out, so it's all good.
Session Close (aryk29): Sat Dec 18 11:42:25 2004

Session Start (Yahoo! - flamsterette_x:aryk29): Sat Dec 18 11:42:41 2004
aryk29: :)
Session Close (aryk29): Sat Dec 18 11:42:45 2004

Session Start (Yahoo! - flamsterette_x:aryk29): Sat Dec 18 11:45:18 2004
aryk29: So what's broken?
flamsterette_x: Broken?!
aryk29: Yesterday, you said something was broken?
flamsterette_x: I did?
aryk29: That's what I thought.
flamsterette_x: I know my MSN seems to be borked on Trillian, but other than that.....
aryk29: Maybe that's what it was then.
flamsterette_x: Yeah, probably.
aryk29: Did you see this thread?
flamsterette_x: Never.
aryk29: cuz it's that easy to tell 'em apart? :D
flamsterette_x: That was in response to your question about whether I'd seen the thread.
flamsterette_x: And now that I look at the thread, it still stands.
aryk29: ic :D
aryk29: The SDMB used to be in a UBB format way back when... I know this 'cuz I was looking through GQ and there was this thread...
aryk29: Scared me at first cuz it was saying there was a problem with the board, and all the users were listed as Guest :O
aryk29: Then I noticed the OP was from 1999 and some newbie had bumped it so I reported the post
aryk29: and this morning I discovered the newbie's account had been deleted.
flamsterette_x: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
flamsterette_x: Oh, THOSE threads! HAHAHAHAHAHA!
aryk29: :D
aryk29: Anyway I think it was Tubadiva who said it was the UBB software acting up.
flamsterette_x: Sounds good.
flamsterette_x: That's always the explanation over there anyhow.. wouldn't expect anything less.
Session Close (aryk29): Sat Dec 18 12:11:47 2004

Session Start (Yahoo! - flamsterette_x:aryk29): Sat Dec 18 12:12:01 2004
aryk29: yep
aryk29: Although, since the link to the account was member.php?something about last post of thread such-and-such, I wonder if it was really just the post that was deleted and therefore it didn't know who Guest was to view profile.
flamsterette_x: Maybe.. you never know..
aryk29: I know how to find out...
flamsterette_x: What are you, a hacker?!
aryk29: Tried searching for the user's posts by name... I might be misremembering the name, though.
aryk29: (Funny, cuz I just used the term "h4xx0r slang" in another IM window. Synchronicity, I tells ya! :D )
aryk29: brb
flamsterette_x: k
aryk29: Had to test my free screensaver on an XP comp. :D
flamsterette_x: It's all good... I was trying to offer words of wisdom to some gay kid who's very annoyed at his SO's parents.
aryk29: @ the SDMB?
flamsterette_x: No, of course not at the SDMB. Remember what happened the LAST time I got involved in such stuff? (even though I am trying to change for myself, and not for my detractors)
aryk29: No, I must have missed that post.
aryk29: Just as well. :)
flamsterette_x: That was last September. But yes, just as well.
aryk29: LJ?
aryk29: Oh, last September. I'm thinking it's 2005 already. Then that was when I was a newbie there.
flamsterette_x: HAHAHA, not quite. But it's good you're thinking about that..
aryk29: :D
flamsterette_x: Yeah, LJ.
aryk29: ic
flamsterette_x: Found this "LoversFarAway" comm.
aryk29: I think you linked me to it not too long ago. Anyway, neat! :)
flamsterette_x: Yeah, I think so. But it's good. :)
aryk29: A year or two ago, I thought I was having an LDR with someone in the south.
flamsterette_x: And?
aryk29: She said she doesn't want an LDR. And she's also a Bush supporter. :p
aryk29: Oh, I didn't tell ya, I had a rite of passage recently at the SDMB! :D Somebody said something I posted caused them to spray their monitor with a beverage.
flamsterette_x: Ah, yes. Those things can be hard.
flamsterette_x: Is it true, though?
aryk29: It was Canadiangirl's comment, third from last in the thread. :D
flamsterette_x: I wasn't doubting your veracity. :P
aryk29: :D Is what true, then? :)
flamsterette_x: Whether she really did or not.
aryk29: Well, we flirted a lot at first and kept saying we'd go visit each other, but neither of us could ever afford to. So I guess she's telling the truth.
flamsterette_x: I was talking about CanadianGirl's assertion. But yeah.. I have a sneaking suspicion that's how mine will go too.
aryk29: Oh, about Canadiangirl... okay, yeah... I would imagine cuz it's just one of those type of things. :D Sorry to hear about your suspicions though. :(
aryk29: (I just reread the last several lines of dialog. )
flamsterette_x: Haha, that'll do it. Maybe I'm too suspicious / cynical, but.... yeah. Oh well. :P
aryk29: Win the lottery. :D Or come to Vegas and win big. Although, if you can make it this far, you'd be halfway there... :p
flamsterette_x: Hahaha, true.
aryk29: So I'm halfway to where my friend is too.
flamsterette_x: I guess that's good..
aryk29: But what she's seen of me (photos) is of course just an image, and I haven't told her yet... not sure how or if it's a good idea.
flamsterette_x: Yeah, that's true. I wouldn't blame if you haven't told her about THAT yet.
flamsterette_x: ...... unless you weren't talking about THAT.
aryk29: No, I was. :)
flamsterette_x: Okay.
aryk29: Thought of sending her a pic of me in my other "mode" and asking, "Do you recognize this woman?" :D But no, not gonna do that.
flamsterette_x: Hahaha. That would probably be a bad idea. :P
aryk29: Although it'll be nice when I do have such a pic, to post it sometime when an SDMB picture thread is going on.
flamsterette_x: If you ever do, let me know.
aryk29: Sure. :)
*** "aryk29" signed off at Sat Dec 18 13:37:22 2004.
flamsterette_x: Sorry, doing up an entry on death. Talk to you later.
Session Close (aryk29): Sat Dec 18 13:37:35 2004

Session Start (Yahoo! - flamsterette_x:aryk29): Sun Dec 19 20:50:24 2004
aryk29: Boo! :D
*** Auto-response sent to aryk29: I am not here... I am elsewhere...
flamsterette_x: And Merry Christmas to you too.
aryk29: Have you been able to get to OurPlace lately?
flamsterette_x: I'm on it now.
aryk29: It's giving me a network problem (same as "cannot find server").
flamsterette_x: Weird.
flamsterette_x: Okay, what weird stuff have you done to your computer lately?
aryk29: Installed Firefox. :D
aryk29: Site comes up okay on your computer?
flamsterette_x: Yes, of course.
aryk29: Can't find it on Firefox either, so it isn't the browser. It's Our Place, right?
aryk29: Must be a glitch in the communications somewhere.
flamsterette_x: Yes, it is.
aryk29: Well, just wanted to check with ya to see if it was the site itself or what. :)
flamsterette_x: Site is fine in Mozilla.. for me.
aryk29: Well, hopefully I'll be able to get back to it before my DSL goes out again. :p
flamsterette_x: Been sketchy?
aryk29: Been off more often than on today and yesterday. We found out why, too.
flamsterette_x: Oh?
aryk29: We've been getting a 49% signal strength. Seems 49% is very low for wireless reception.
flamsterette_x: Fair enough.
aryk29: So what we need to do now is go get one of those amplified antennas for the receiver, and we were going to do that today, but decided to procrastinate instead. :p
flamsterette_x: Ah, procrastination.... necessary.
aryk29: I'll procrastinate later. :D
flamsterette_x: Yeah, right after I finish looking at sucky pictures.
aryk29: What sucky pictures?
flamsterette_x: Richie Rich porn!
flamsterette_x: Don't blame me, it's Corey's link. :P
aryk29: rotflmao!
aryk29: Teehee, slime. :D
flamsterette_x: SLIME?!
flamsterette_x: What are you doing, watching You Can't Do That On Television?
aryk29: No, but I used to watch that way back in the day. :D No, I was reading the comics.
flamsterette_x: Ah. I see.
aryk29: Corey is a guy?
flamsterette_x: Of course. You ever hear of any GIRLS named Corey?
aryk29: I have a niece named Cory. :P
aryk29: So, yes.
flamsterette_x: Ah, parents and naming their kids. :P
aryk29: Hey, that's my sis you're talking about. :P But yeah, you're right. :D
flamsterette_x: Well.... EXCUSE ME. :P
aryk29: :)
aryk29: So I just consider it yet another name that can be either.
flamsterette_x: Kori, perhaps.. my friend Lauren's sister is named that.
flamsterette_x: But eh.. even Corey / Cory for a girl is much better than certain names I've seen.
aryk29: I used to know a guy named Laury. Why, what else have you seen?
flamsterette_x: a sampling
aryk29: Still not going through. Is it the thread where you switched the boys' and girls' names?
aryk29: brb
*** You have been disconnected. Sun Dec 19 21:46:51 2004.
*** "aryk29" signed on at Sun Dec 19 21:49:06 2004.
aryk29: Had to do up an Xmas list.
*** Auto-response sent to aryk29: I am not here... I am elsewhere...
flamsterette_x: Good luck with that. :P
aryk29: thanks, I'll need it.
flamsterette_x: I'm pretty much done, except for Rosanna... she gave me something today, which I wasn't expecting. Oh well, her birthday's on Saturday.
*** "aryk29" signed off at Sun Dec 19 22:04:15 2004.
flamsterette_x: FINE THEN.
Session Close (aryk29): Sun Dec 19 22:11:22 2004

Session Start (Yahoo! - flamsterette_x:aryk29): Sun Dec 19 23:03:03 2004
aryk29: Now, you know it's just my sucky DSL. :p
*** Auto-response sent to aryk29: I am not here... I am elsewhere...
flamsterette_x: Right.
flamsterette_x: Haha, I know.
aryk29: So where were we... oh yeah, Xmas lists.
flamsterette_x: Yeah.
aryk29: Sorry, I was posting to my hangman thread.
flamsterette_x: your hangman thread?!
aryk29: Yeah, I started a hangman thread on another MB. :)
flamsterette_x: Ah.
aryk29: That's the one where I solved when someone else was trying to solve, and then when he left out a letter in his puzzle, he got apologetic and vowed never to return. Hasn't returned, either. :(
flamsterette_x: Oh, that one. :P
flamsterette_x: Some people may be really sensitive?
aryk29: I guess. I'm just letting bygones be bygones, and one of these days I'll have the opportunity to show that there's no hard feelings on my end. :)
aryk29: And OP still won't come up over here!
flamsterette_x: Works here.
aryk29: SDMB and BABB, no problems though.
flamsterette_x: BABB?
aryk29: You haven't seen my new avatar yet.
flamsterette_x: You mentioned you were going to link.. ah yes. Here we go.
aryk29: A bunch of us did Santa hats on our avatars. :D
flamsterette_x: Only now? Hahaha!
aryk29: rolandgunslinger, Horseflesh, sperfur...
aryk29: Flutterby
aryk29: paperkingdoms (Erika on the SDMB)
flamsterette_x: Erika? Hahaha.
aryk29: Yup. I pointed her to Shirley Ujest's username suggestions thread at the SDMB but she said no need.
flamsterette_x: Are you sure it's not you under another identity? ;)
aryk29: I would never use that name! :D Can't stand the sound of it, remember? ;)
aryk29: You have seen Shirley's thread, right? (Did I link you to it already?)
flamsterette_x: Hm. Let's see.
aryk29: BTW, can you see this image okay?
flamsterette_x: Saw the thread.
flamsterette_x: Dead horse?! Ack.
aryk29: k thanks
aryk29: Something very wrong with my connection because that link also gives me a cannot find server.
flamsterette_x: Hm. Weird.
aryk29: Yup.
aryk29: I'm going to call it a night soon... it's very uncomfortable sitting here, but the reason is maybe just a little TMI.
flamsterette_x: Uh..... what did you do, burn yourself? :P
aryk29: hehe close.... razorburn.
flamsterette_x: Okay then.
aryk29: I should have been more careful with that thing. Eeyouch.
flamsterette_x: Yeah, probably.
flamsterette_x: I did NOT need to see that. Ugh.
aryk29: See what?
flamsterette_x: This.
aryk29: *gulp* clicks link reluctantly
aryk29: Merry Goatse-mas to you too. :p
aryk29: Well, at least it doesn't have razorburn. :D
flamsterette_x: EW
aryk29: So, ummm.... you ever seen those green laser pointers? I put one on my Xmas wish list this year. :D
flamsterette_x: No. If I had enough money for one and knew your address (no, I am not a stalker :P), I might have been inclined to get one for you.
aryk29: I think that'd be an awful big purchase anyway for someone you only know online. :)
aryk29: (The prices of those things have finally dipped below $100 US.)
flamsterette_x: Haha, that's true. The largest purchase I've ever done for someone I only know online is about $30 with tax, so far. That seems reasonable.
aryk29: That'd just about buy a cheapie red laser.
aryk29: But they make more than one wavelength of those, and you can tell the difference. :D
flamsterette_x: Okay then.
flamsterette_x: Going to bed now.. night. Talk to you tomorrow maybe.
Session Close (aryk29): Mon Dec 20 00:45:39 2004

Session Start (Yahoo! - flamsterette_x:aryk29): Wed Dec 22 15:11:23 2004
aryk29: Still can't get at the MB. :(
flamsterette_x: Which?
aryk29: OP
aryk29: brb
aryk29: I tried sendin' 'em an email but I guess they don't check that inbox often.
aryk29: I'd like to be able to post a thread at Help Desk asking 'em to email me the IP address.
flamsterette_x: Hm.
aryk29: 'Cuz I think it might be a DNS server acting up; the URL doesn't resolve to an IP address.
flamsterette_x: Um...... I don't know anything about that.
aryk29: There's a way to find out from a command prompt.
aryk29: ping
aryk29: It should give the 4 numbers of the IP address.
aryk29: brb gotta tend to the cats for a miute...
flamsterette_x: And I'm supposed to know how to ping it? Hmmm.
aryk29: In your start menu, I dunno what OS you're using but in there somewhere is the Command Prompt.
flamsterette_x: XP
flamsterette_x: Found it.
aryk29: Then it's under Start->All Programs->Accessories->Command Prompt.
aryk29: :)
flamsterette_x: So what do you want me to do?
aryk29: type ping
aryk29: & lemme know what the numbers are it sends back
flamsterette_x: All right.. let's see..
flamsterette_x: You don't need to know all the "ping statistics," do you:?
Session Close (aryk29): Wed Dec 22 15:50:57 2004

Session Start (Yahoo! - flamsterette_x:aryk29): Wed Dec 22 15:51:09 2004
aryk29: No, just the IP. TYVM! :)
aryk29: It isn't giving me the board yet, but I'll try a few things...
flamsterette_x: You're welcome. If there's anything else I can do, let me know.
aryk29: k
aryk29: Ooooh... I put the IP in my HOSTS file and it worked! w00000000t! Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!
aryk29: is screwy too... I'm going to try Photobucket while I'm at it.
aryk29: Photobucket works but isn't resolving.
flamsterette_x: Agh.. all these messages. Let's see.
flamsterette_x: Your HOSTS FILE?!
aryk29: yup
flamsterette_x: Well, whatever that is....
flamsterette_x: I'm GLAD it worked!
aryk29: It's a list of IP addresses and domains.
aryk29: Thank you! :)
aryk29: So far I have:
flamsterette_x: (typing up list of Christmas displays around the area for someone)
aryk29: k
flamsterette_x: Heh heh. The major props of gratitude aren't THAT necessary. ;) But glad to know I was able to help. :D
flamsterette_x: Resolving?
aryk29: Some knot head tampering with our electricity. Now, where was I...
aryk29: WHen you go to a website, your browser sends out the URL to the DNS server.
aryk29: The DNS server looks at the domain name and finds out what its IP address is.
aryk29: Then the IP address is used to contact the site's server.
*** "aryk29" signed off at Wed Dec 22 16:23:57 2004.
*** "aryk29" signed on at Wed Dec 22 16:24:01 2004.
aryk29: Here you go.
flamsterette_x: Ah, all right. Hang on.
*** You have been disconnected. Wed Dec 22 16:55:04 2004.
*** "aryk29" signed on at Wed Dec 22 17:00:48 2004.
flamsterette_x: In the time it took me to type up that email (2 hours?!), I should have been planning to go to my parents' place. :|
flamsterette_x: Should actually have been there by now, because my sister gets home fairly soon. Oh well. My brother said things will happen later. Haha.
aryk29: Hey, you workin' yourself too hard for everyone else? ;)
flamsterette_x: Haha, well... you know us Virgos. ;)
aryk29: :D
flamsterette_x: Knocking ourselves out to help people, haha. Overall a positive trait, but not if it interferes with our personal lives. :D
aryk29: Very true!
flamsterette_x: Heh.. "a friend." Cool, thanks. :D
aryk29: Didn't know if you wanted me to name you specifically. ;)
flamsterette_x: Haha, it matters not... but considering I just replied to the thread.....
aryk29: Thank ya much! :)
flamsterette_x: No problem!
flamsterette_x: What would you do if I said I wanted credit in the thread? (not that I necessarily do, of course)
aryk29: I'd happily oblige. :) Maybe edit my first post.
flamsterette_x: Your first post? You only have one in there, as far as I know.
aryk29: Two, now. ;)
flamsterette_x: And I can't spell. :P
flamsterette_x: Heh.. all right, will have to check that out then.
aryk29: meh, 'sok.
aryk29: k
flamsterette_x: Hmm.
aryk29: your postcount is 9666
flamsterette_x: I'll get away from the devil eventually. ;)
flamsterette_x: What's wrong with your connection?
aryk29: Wireless reception too intermittent, and DSL servers are without listings for some domains.
aryk29: (IOW, FUBAR)
flamsterette_x: Ah, that doesn't sound too good.
aryk29: Nope.
flamsterette_x: So how long has this been happening?
aryk29: Since the 18th, apparently... that was my last post until tonight.
flamsterette_x: Any idea why?
aryk29: No, but this connection has been nothing but trouble all along. Can't expect too much from life in an RV park, I guess. :p
flamsterette_x: I guess not. :P
Session Close (aryk29): Wed Dec 22 17:39:31 2004

Session Start (Yahoo! - flamsterette_x:aryk29): Thu Dec 23 20:44:57 2004
*** NOTE: This user is offline. Your messages will be received when he/she logs into Yahoo! Messenger.
flamsterette_x: Ugly underwear, old socks, and toilet paper... I don't know about you, dude, but that's funny as all get out! :D
Session Close (aryk29): Thu Dec 23 20:45:26 2004

Session Start (Yahoo! - flamsterette_x:aryk29): Thu Dec 23 23:06:27 2004
aryk29: It was just one of those moments when something humorous happens to pop into my head. ;) Thank you! :)
flamsterette_x: Uh..... what are you talking about?
aryk29: The offline message you sent me.
flamsterette_x: Oh, that.
aryk29: :)
flamsterette_x: Hey, I was meaning to ask you: how did Nutty take your message?
aryk29: Supportive and very friendly. :)
aryk29: (I assume you mean *that* message)
flamsterette_x: Yes, THAT message.
flamsterette_x: What did she say?
aryk29: That if I should ever post about it, people will either be positive or say nothing, that the board is about accepting diversity, and that all of our longtime posters would be supportive.
flamsterette_x: That sounds about right.
aryk29: I'm just concerned that if someone (we'll say a new poster) was not supportive they might leave and I wouldn't want to be the one who "chased" them away.
aryk29: BTW, did you see this thread?
flamsterette_x: True.
flamsterette_x: Hm.
flamsterette_x: Saw it, and replied to it.
aryk29: :D
flamsterette_x: Oh, and what IS that thing in the last line of your siggie?
aryk29: What, the Greek?
flamsterette_x: whatever that is
aryk29: It's a blatant admission of what I really am.
flamsterette_x: Yeah, but no one can read Greek. :P
aryk29: Except me. And most Greek people. And many scientists. ;)
flamsterette_x: I meant, at that board, silly goose. :P
aryk29: :D
aryk29: "anér" means a man; "gyné" means a woman; "ou... alla..." means not this but that, and "eimi" means I am.
flamsterette_x: (note: I would not actually do that :P)
aryk29: Well, I know you wouldn't... but if you did, I wouldn't exactly deny it or hide it. :p
aryk29: refuses to translate it from Greek, but translating from English gives a slightly different wording.
flamsterette_x: Haha, fair enough then.
flamsterette_x: Oh, and nice "hintage" in that thread. ;)
aryk29: :D
aryk29: Well, gee... I mean, c'mon... hates beer, knows nothing of cars, likes cats... :D
flamsterette_x: No, I mean the one that you linked me to.
aryk29: Yeah, I know. :)
aryk29: Guess I was just in the mood to summarize. :p
flamsterette_x: Haha.
aryk29: I don't even remember if I posted about my musical preferences... I know I said they resemble those of a 45-year-old, but not what kind of 45-year-old. :D
flamsterette_x: Go search.
aryk29: Too lazy. :p
flamsterette_x: Cheh.
aryk29: Besides, what would I search for... Journey? ABBA? Artists like Michael Bolton, Roberta Flack, Paul Davis, Firefall, and England Dan / John Ford Coley that have only one or a couple songs that I am familiar with... pretty sure I haven't posted about most of them anyway. :D
aryk29: Although if I go to the song lyrics thread and start posting Killing Me Softly and I Go Crazy, then... :p
flamsterette_x: I am disgusted!
flamsterette_x: Not at your music preferences.
flamsterette_x: At what I just read.
aryk29: What did you just read?
aryk29: :D
flamsterette_x: This.
aryk29: And the kid is only 13!? Sad, just unbelievably sad. :( :(
flamsterette_x: I know!
aryk29: I may never understand what motivates these people.
flamsterette_x: Just because the mom's a porn queen or whatever, doesn't mean she has the right to do that to her daughter... as if the drugs weren't bad enough.
aryk29: true.
aryk29: There's a thread at the SDMB somewhere about a poster's 12-year-old daughter going over by herself to another part of the store they were in, and some creep touched her on the butt.
*** You have been disconnected. Fri Dec 24 00:18:46 2004.
*** "aryk29" signed on at Fri Dec 24 00:21:19 2004.
Session Close (aryk29): Fri Dec 24 00:22:05 2004

Session Start (Yahoo! - flamsterette_x:aryk29): Fri Dec 24 00:22:42 2004
aryk29: wb :)
flamsterette_x: thanks, got randomly dc'ed
aryk29: dc'ed?
flamsterette_x: yeah..
aryk29: disconnected
flamsterette_x: yup
aryk29: ah, ic
aryk29: Making Our Dreams Come True by Cyndi Grecco.
flamsterette_x: ?
aryk29: I *love* that song
aryk29: (It's the theme song to Laverne and Shirley. :D )
aryk29: I'm going to bed. bcnu l8r. :)
flamsterette_x: Haha, okay then.
flamsterette_x: Later.
Session Close (aryk29): Fri Dec 24 00:46:08 2004

Session Start (Yahoo! - flamsterette_x:aryk29): Fri Dec 24 12:58:50 2004
*** NOTE: This user is offline. Your messages will be received when he/she logs into Yahoo! Messenger.
flamsterette_x: I hope Photobucket works for you. Here's the picture from the "Happy Holidays" thread.
Session Close (aryk29): Fri Dec 24 12:59:24 2004

Session Start (Yahoo! - flamsterette_x:aryk29): Sun Dec 26 17:25:00 2004
aryk29: Yup, Photobucket works. Thank you for linking the holidays pic! That's a sweet sentiment. :)
flamsterette_x: haha, that's true, Eric.. very true
aryk29: brb
flamsterette_x: Oops. Wrong window. Talking to Eric about gastroenteritis. ;)
Session Close (aryk29): Sun Dec 26 17:26:11 2004

Session Start (Yahoo! - flamsterette_x:aryk29): Sun Dec 26 17:28:34 2004
aryk29: Thought maybe you misspelled... gastroenteritis? Eww.
aryk29: (misspelled the name, I mean)
flamsterette_x: No, we were discussing my brother.
aryk29: ok
aryk29: BTW, I saw the hint you left in my 1000th post party thread. ;)
flamsterette_x: What hint?
aryk29: About getting to know me even better? :D
flamsterette_x: That was a hint?!
aryk29: I thought so, maybe not.
aryk29: Shows where my mind is. :p
Session Close (aryk29): Sun Dec 26 17:39:40 2004

Session Start (Yahoo! - flamsterette_x:aryk29): Sun Dec 26 18:03:45 2004
flamsterette_x: Not everything I say is a hint, y'know. ;)
Session Close (aryk29): Sun Dec 26 18:04:12 2004

Session Start (Yahoo! - flamsterette_x:aryk29): Sun Dec 26 18:04:51 2004
aryk29: True enough.
aryk29: Your status text said you were away from the computer, so I had gone and sat down in front of the TV.
flamsterette_x: Yeah.. trying for sleep is NOT working.
flamsterette_x: I told my brother I was catching up on my sleep, and he said I shouldn't be short on it. Well, when your sleeping schedule is interrupted....
aryk29: Do I ever know what that's like! Long story short, last night we all went to bed at about 9:30 or so. The online connection was down. I woke up at 1:30 in the morning and couldn't sleep, so I tried to get online again. Nothing. Went back to bed, woke up at 4:00. Still nothing. Went back to bed, woke up at 7:30. Zilch. Back to bed again, got up at a more reasonable hour, and later in the day, the online came back. Now it's nighttime again, all the boards are practically deserted, and I just want to curl up and go back to sleep.
flamsterette_x: Yeah, that does suck...
aryk29: OTOH, I took photos of my new green laser pointer :D and that starburst thingy I posted about in the Xmas gifts thread. Have to upload & post them sometime.
flamsterette_x: Okay.
aryk29: Well, looks like another friend has just come online and probably wants to bend my ear for a while. :D You have another chat going on? I'll stop tying up your monitor's real estate. :p
flamsterette_x: Haha.
flamsterette_x: No, surprisingly.
aryk29: Oh, okay. :D
flamsterette_x: I'm probably just a little spacey. And no, I don't mean I've changed my name to Kevin. :P
Session Close (aryk29): Sun Dec 26 18:31:07 2004

Session Start (Yahoo! - flamsterette_x:aryk29): Sun Dec 26 18:35:21 2004
aryk29: Sorry, I was just in the middle of fighting ignorance. Change your name to Kevin?!?!?
flamsterette_x: Read the message again.
flamsterette_x: Then tell me that you understand.
aryk29: Oh, duh
flamsterette_x: I was setting it up to be kinda funny.
aryk29: that it is. I was just in a serious mood from replying to an ignorant person, doing my best to word my post so as not to come off sounding snarky or offended. Whew!
flamsterette_x: Well, don't let me wreck your serious mood then! ;)
aryk29: :D
aryk29: I'd link to the post, but it is about ahem... *that*
flamsterette_x: Ah.
aryk29: Somebody posted an uneducated opinion, and I can see the pile-on already.
aryk29: (foresee)
flamsterette_x: Not everyone can be educated about everything / THAT in particular, but I do know certain people at that board LOVE to do the Colorado Avalanche-Todd Bertuzzi thing.
aryk29: ???
aryk29: (Besides, this is the Straight Dope. :D )
flamsterette_x: Let me guess.. that went right over your head.
aryk29: Like an airplane.
flamsterette_x: After Todd Bertuzzi sucker-punched Steve Moore, the Avalanche players PILED ON both of them.
aryk29: Oh, duh. (twice in one night!)
flamsterette_x: Not only in one night, but in the space of 10 minutes. ;)
aryk29: :D
aryk29: It's 84° in here. Lousy heater that has to run making it swelter, and we're not allowed to open our windows. *grumble*
aryk29: There was a pile-on at another board recently.
flamsterette_x: Why can't you open your windows?
aryk29: Cuz it'd let the heat out.
flamsterette_x: Ah.
aryk29: You know how mothers are. ;)
flamsterette_x: So which board was it?
aryk29: SkipMagic's.
flamsterette_x: Haha, oh yes. All TOO well. ;)
flamsterette_x: Ah. Well, what happened?
aryk29: I naively posted about an incident with a bell ringer where in the spur of the moment, I muttered a comment about her needing to learn how to sing on key. Pretty lame, and a poor judgement call. Then TeaElle gets on and starts confronting me about how insensitive and socially unacceptable that was, and the little b@#$% practically turned my thread in poor Skip's MPSIMS type forum into a mini Pit.
flamsterette_x: Oops.
aryk29: Yup.
aryk29: Yeah, but live and learn, right? :)
flamsterette_x: Very true. :)
*** You have been disconnected. Sun Dec 26 18:57:33 2004.
*** "aryk29" signed on at Sun Dec 26 19:05:29 2004.
flamsterette_x: I had to call my brother and give him some medical advice. ;)
aryk29: ah, ic
aryk29: Cat Laser. Christmas Star.
flamsterette_x: EWWWWW
aryk29: ???
flamsterette_x: The second picture's not so bad, but what are those red streaks in the first?
aryk29: I don't see any red streaks.
aryk29: There's an orange toy mouse, and a red-and-white sock.
flamsterette_x: That thing on the carpet is a toy mouse?!
aryk29: Yup. :D
flamsterette_x: I thought it was blood!
aryk29: Haha, no.
flamsterette_x: Shows you what I've been reading these days. :P
aryk29: :D
flamsterette_x: Specifically, I almost finished a book called Kiss Me, Kill Me yesterday at the hospital.
aryk29: Novel equivalent of a horror movie?
flamsterette_x: No, a book by Ann Rule.
aryk29: Ah, nonfiction.
flamsterette_x: Yes.
aryk29: Sad stuff, from the sounds of the review. :(
flamsterette_x: Oh yes.
aryk29: (I'm playing around with doctoring the photo.)
flamsterette_x: Whatever you do, don't Goatse it up. ;)
aryk29: La cul la chatte is intact, as is the rest of the critter... however, that carpet is beyond repair. :D
flamsterette_x: Oh well.
flamsterette_x: Looks like it....
Session Close (aryk29): Sun Dec 26 19:34:09 2004

Session Start (Yahoo! - flamsterette_x:aryk29): Sun Dec 26 19:34:19 2004
aryk29: ?
flamsterette_x: Your carpet.
aryk29: Want I should send you the doctored pic? :D
flamsterette_x: Uh...... what have you done to it?
aryk29: A little dark humor.
aryk29: I put a great big stain with a ghost rising up out of it, and turned the laser blue.
flamsterette_x: Hm.
aryk29: A great big red stain. ;)
aryk29: (It was your message that gave me the idea. :D )
flamsterette_x: What?!
aryk29: You thought the mouse was blood.
flamsterette_x: Well, it LOOKED like blood....
aryk29: Yeah, if you split the original photo to RGB, in the G and B channels, it looks really dark... but in the R, it kinda blends in with the carpet. :D
aryk29: The pile-on has started. :(
flamsterette_x: Eek. Link?
aryk29: scroll down about halfway, to Martin Hyde's post, then read on...
flamsterette_x: BST?
aryk29: Basal stria terminalis or something like that.
aryk29: (I hope my reply to Martin wasn't too harsh)
flamsterette_x: Haven't got there yet. Just reading the page.
aryk29: ah, ic
aryk29: g2g Simpsons bcnu l8r
*** "aryk29" signed off at Sun Dec 26 19:55:52 2004.
flamsterette_x: k
Session Close (aryk29): Sun Dec 26 19:55:57 2004

Session Start (Yahoo! - flamsterette_x:aryk29): Fri Dec 31 19:58:50 2004
aryk29: Hi. :) It's 7:58 PM New Year's Eve, and everyone at Our Place chat is asking about ya. :)
flamsterette_x: Not you, too.
Session Close (aryk29): Fri Dec 31 19:59:11 2004

Session Start (Yahoo! - flamsterette_x:aryk29): Fri Dec 31 19:59:26 2004
aryk29: You want me to tell them to buzz off? :D
Session Close (aryk29): Fri Dec 31 19:59:37 2004

Session Start (Yahoo! - flamsterette_x:aryk29): Fri Dec 31 20:01:00 2004
aryk29: Or I can tell them you're busy. Phoe is about to call ya.
flamsterette_x: what?!
flamsterette_x: You aren't serious?!
aryk29: that's what she said
flamsterette_x: Hahahaha! That is too funny!
flamsterette_x: (Alyssa was trying to get me in there too.)
aryk29: I wasn't trying to get ya in... just lettin ya know they're talking about ya
aryk29: they said someone call ya... so I said here, let me
flamsterette_x: Haha, yeah... I know they're talking about me. Thanks, though.. you're too sweet. :)
aryk29: :)
flamsterette_x: You are. :D (and no, I am not drunk)
aryk29: me neither. :D
flamsterette_x: Um.. please tell them I'm doing a RECAP OF 2004 that is IMPORTANT, and I'll get back to them later.
aryk29: brb
aryk29: okay, I will
flamsterette_x: thanks
aryk29: ur welcome. bcnu l8r :)
flamsterette_x: k
flamsterette_x: By the way, I know you like quizzes. Why don't you post some? I can give you the links. ;)
aryk29: send 'em by email maybe. :)
flamsterette_x: You can even start the threads at OP if you want. How's that? I'm sure people are sick of seeing my name as the thread-starter there. :P
aryk29: lo well id id stqart one not too long ago :p
flamsterette_x: Are you hitting the sauce?
aryk29: not yet
aryk29: trying to multitask y msgr and op chat
flamsterette_x: Never mind. I'll start them all.
aryk29: okay :)
flamsterette_x: I have 'em all saved in Notepad. :P
aryk29: :D
flamsterette_x: If you really want to keep THAT a secret, do NOT take the one I just posted.
aryk29: what did you post, the moir-jessel brain sex test? :p
flamsterette_x: haha, no
flamsterette_x: go and see
aryk29: okay
aryk29: who are you inside, for girls only?
flamsterette_x: (as the shepherds were told)
aryk29: maybe I'll get up the nerve to come out first, then go take the test :p
flamsterette_x: Hahaha, yeah.
aryk29: but if Viper takes it just to be spiteful, I ain't waitin' :D
flamsterette_x: Well, he probably will.
aryk29: maybe if they tease me about it, I'll put up my other avatar. :D
flamsterette_x: AIYA
aryk29: you haven't seen my new years avatar yet, have ya?
flamsterette_x: I've seen the one of you as a girl.
aryk29: the blood red sky is a U2 reference :D
flamsterette_x: Yes, I caught that.
aryk29: you saw the one with the city background? how about the evergreens and Santa hat? oh, okay
flamsterette_x: Oh, and don't take the last quiz I posted.
aryk29: :D
flamsterette_x: Well, you COULD.... if only to see what dresses you'd look good in. :P
aryk29: and maybe someday that will be a helpful piece of info
flamsterette_x: hahaha, maybe
aryk29: I'll betcha it'll tell me the same thing as that where's your beauty quiz
aryk29: (and I thought that cartoon gal was hot)
flamsterette_x: Haha, it might.
flamsterette_x: There isn't anyone left, right?
aryk29: just me and angelize
flamsterette_x: Oh, oops.
aryk29: oops, what?
flamsterette_x: Never mind, I missed almost everyone.
aryk29: oh well, it's not too late to catch me and her! :D
flamsterette_x: Haha.
flamsterette_x: I've been missing people right, left, and centre nowadays. Methinks I should have better aim. ;)
flamsterette_x: Heh.
Session Close (aryk29): Fri Dec 31 23:21:20 2004

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Happy New Year! / Quizzes


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Will you marry me?

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Friday, December 31, 2004

2004 Recap, various quizzes, strange thirstiness, cold showers as a shock

This is the last post for 2004.. the year was made easier by all my true friends! :D

2004 RECAP


* Had my last communication with an ex-friend.
* Saw Steph and Melissa off at the airport.
* Got my last email from Arthur. (I miss that guy SO much!)
* Saw LOTR:ROTK with Jon, Nathan, and Eric H.
* Started my LJ, which isn't a secret anymore.
* Had my last Fellowship Committee meeting, ever.
* Had that disastrous meeting on 11 January, which resulted in Pastor Glen's resignation.
* Had "yer" compared to Ebola, broken noses, attention to detail, beans, life, graveyards, spooky songs, and paradise by a certain someone.
* Had my last massage therapy appointment.


* Had a rather expensive meal at Romano's Macaroni Grill, and Dave thought we should have been eating panda meat for the price we paid.
* Scored the Beatles Anthology book for only $20 at the Bay.
* Had a fun Girls' Night Out at Sophia's.
* Went for the second Memphis Blues Singles Night Out with Dave, Jen, Dawn, Jon, and Nathan.. good times had by all, especially at Capers!
* Left a simple comment on Steve's LJ, and didn't think much of it at the time.
* Figured out how to host my own pics on Photobucket.
* Went to Eunice's grandma's funeral.
* Had my first phone call from Candy.
* Had monitor problems again.
* Finished the LOTR book trilogy.


* Got a new monitor.
* THE Todd Bertuzzi-Steve Moore hockey sucker-punch incident.
* Found my lost glasses in my closet, for some weird reason.
* Saw The Passion of the Christ with Nate, Eric H., and Des.
* Had dinner at the Mongolie Grill with Bob, Julie, Laura, and Ann.
* Took Andrew's offer of a paid subscription at the SDMB.
* My parents moved into their townhouse, and were disappointed when I didn't help.


* My dad got into a car accident.. what's with this family and MVA's?
* Had Fimo night at Helen's.. the first batch came out burned!
* Went to Jon's CRU coffeehouse with Eric H. and had a good time.
* Had a settlement of $1000 from ICBC, most of which promptly got earmarked by my parents for the trip.
* Finally got Candy's package of CD's and stuff!
* Finally saw Eric M. in town over Easter weekend.. yay!
* Saw Violet and Nadia Moutal at the mall.
* Spent time with Uncle Michael and my cousins.
* Went to Jon and Christine Magee's recital, then finally ate with the Durian Dude.
* Hockey season was over for the Canucks.
* Benefitted from Nathan's spiritual gift of chauffeuring when my sibs left me stranded at the church.


* Went to the airport to pick my sister (Toronto) and brother (Ireland) up on different days.
* Had a phone call from Chris in Virginia.
* Had Eric H. burn me some ApologetiX CDs.
* Saw the Terracotta Warriors with my family, and got Sitting Pretty: The Uninhibited History of the Toilet as an Ireland gift from my brother.
* Saw Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind with Nathan, Dave, Tally, Alan, Brian, Jon's friend Jessica, Sean, and Jen. Went to Raku to eat afterwards.. it's one of those authentic noisy screaming Japanese places. We loved the whole atmosphere, even the slightly out-of-place Beatles music that they played! (Jon joked that he should have brought his Boredoms CD for them to play)
* Read about the pitch that killed, and finally checked out Dave's blog.
* Went to Jon's convocation, and then we hung out with Nathan and Eric M. afterwards. (took over an hour at Blockbuster to choose Waiting for Guffman and Dr. Strangelove)


* Saw Corey on webcam soon after he got home from a GWAR concert... those things are BLOODY!
* Got a GJ, primarily to keep up with Stephen.
* Got my LJ mindmap.
* Tampa Bay won the Stanley Cup.. AIYA!
* Met my sister's friend Terrence, and spent a lot of time with him.
* Spent a LOT of time at the townhouse since my parents were away on a cruise.
* Played a LOT of online games.
* Andy thought I was a "Corona Girl," hahaha! (I didn't mind)
* Had the Awana awards ceremony, then went to Citrus' for a movie night with a bunch of people.. we saw Mystic River and This Is Spinal Tap.
* Had dinner with Linda, Steph, Cindy, and Dawn... one of the most memorable parts was my dad blocking the bus as it was going to pull out of the Nanaimo Skytrain Station. (Dawn HAD to get on that bus to go home, because we didn't want her waiting for a long time to get on the next one!)


* Corey emailed me a bunch of ghost stories, which I appreciated.
* Daniel and Michelle's wedding.. it was terrific!
* Had the annual Awana BBQ.. Jeffita, Ichabod, and Beatrice would not be good names for Jeff and Anita's future kids! (as suggested by Sarah, Emily, Julie, and the rest of the teen girls)
* A certain someone called me for the first time, and it was lovely.
* Had computer problems, again.
* Tried organic microbrewed green tea root beer.
* Re-learned that I should LOOK at expiry dates first before buying things.
* Church Grad Banquet 2004... Sean's roast was hilarious, and Nathan did a good Strong Bad impression!
* Farewell BBQ for Fidela, who went to Wheaton College for school not long afterwards.
* Went to Original Joe's to celebrate my best friend Yazmine's birthday.
* Sarah and Vernon's wedding.. kinda tense, but it was cool nonetheless.


* Began to doubt my phone lines, which I shouldn't have done in the first place.
* Thought I was a perfidious blackguard.
* Bled from my forehead while at Nathan's, but felt peaceful.. weird.
* Spent lots of time with Eric M. (that was GOOD!)
* Went to Jon and Dave's co-farewell dinner at the Afghan Flying Horseman, then borrowed Nathan's Classical Chinese Literature book. (which I still have because I've not finished it!)
* Went to Dave's farewell dinner at Steamworks, and got offered crank / weed / hash when I mistakenly wandered into the Downtown Eastside. (picked up a book from Virgin Megastore, too)
* Decided not to post as much in LJ temporarily because of commentage issues.
* Started the epic family vacation and Chinese bus tour to Ontario / New Brunswick / Nova Scotia / Newfoundland / P.E.I. (it was very interesting in that I learned a bunch of new things)


* Spent time with my distant relatives.. I keep thinking I should email Wilson / add him to my MSN, but not for the reason my mother hopes! ("you should encourage him to go out with you!")
* Went to my sister's Fellowship, and had a reasonably good time.
* My parents put the kibosh on my meeting Candy when I was in the area.
* Saw the Ripley's Museum at Niagara Falls.. we could spend a very expensive week there!
* Finally went home after 18 days... I *needed* the phone contact with Yazmine and someone else afterwards, since it reminded me of the comforts of home / helped me regain some lost sanity!
* First day of the Awana Club year.
* My old 486 computer finally decided to give up the ghost, temperamental beast that it was.
* Did nothing really for my birthday this year, except hang out with Yazmine at the mall.
* Went to Netaholics Café for my Internet fix.. Eric M. thought I was insane to pay for it!
* Vernon finally came through on his 16-month-old offer to fix the P2 computer... only I think he built me a new one, since those innards wouldn't fly with today's technology!
* I returned to my LJ comment fiend ways... woohoo!
* Spent time with my grandma.. it had been months since I'd done that for the day.


* Had Brother Appreciation Night as a Fellowship program... mmm, chocolate fondue.
* Got sick, and needed some Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa cough medicine.
* Figured out Trillian, since I could use it for once.
* Eric H. messaged me once, thinking I was Eric M. (hahahaha!)
* Remember that comment I left on Steve's LJ back in February? He made a comment on my public friends-only LJ entry, and I was definitely surprised! Now he's a friend of mine!
* Rediscovered the joys of the Crime Library.
* Dictionary Day happened on 16 October... I did nothing to mark the day, unless you count going to the 2004 Awana Leadership Conference. (Spoz didn't need to block em, as he'd made a mental note of doing!)
* Nathan paid me, Jen, Dawn, and Danielle a compliment I'll always remember: "You ladies are a beauty in this dark world!" (he's a very sweet friend of mine!)
* Played more online games.
* Got a free book on rankism in the mail.
* Got a major soup bowl discount, and a zloty in my change.
* Had a fun Girls' Night Out at my place.
* Had the fire alarm go off in my apartment building
* Eric M. linked me to the Homestar Runner Halloween 2004 special.
* Discovered that the new Pho restaurant next door to the church had little in the way of ambience: smelly incense and repetitive 30-second loops of music?!


* Corey and I discussed the 2004 election results a LOT.
* Began to crave beef stroganoff.
* Decided to send Christmas cards and stuff to whoever wanted it.
* Discovered that talking to Shannon made me lose brain cells.
* Finally got a power bar for my computer, on Eric M.'s recommendation.
* Got another free book in the mail, The Road to Reality.
* Learned that Hunter was going to Hong Kong / Japan to work and be with his girlfriend Yukiko. I was just starting to get to know him, too!
* Got an Audioscrobbler account, and quickly learned that it never works.
* Corey joined my LJ friends, hahaha!
* Dispelled people's notions that Eric M. and I were going out, on two separate occasions. (yes, he drives me to lots of places.. but we are NOT going out!)
* Learned about that 16-year-old girl who had her mom set on fire.


* Had that HILARIOUS poop chat with a bunch of people!
* Spent WAY TOO MUCH money at the mall and Shoppers Drug Mart on gifts and such for myself and other people.
* Corey promised me a prank call CD and a music DVD in the mail.. it hasn't arrived yet, unfortunately. (but at least I believe HIM when he's said that he mailed it last week!)
* Learned that "perfervid" was a word.. new words are cool.
* Got plenty of goodies in the mail, thanks to the LJ community Holiday_Wishes.
* Had the ESC Christmas Celebration, and saw Dave back in town.. singing carols by candlelight was a new experience.
* Saw my brother back in town.. Jon, Nate, both Erics, and I went to the Rose Garden Café for bubble tea later... Cana Booze Night at the Broadway Church, anyone?
* Bonded over ROTK:EE with a bunch of people, and slipped on Nathan's floor.. that resulted in a sore back for a few days afterwards! (but things are fine now, thank goodness)
* Saw my sister on Christmas Day, who told me that our brother had been admitted to hospital at 4 AM with massive stomach pains resulting from a family dinner at Benedict's.
* Spent most of my Christmas Day at church taking care of the kids, and in hospital seeing my brother. (watched Fromage 2004, which the other people in the hospital lounge thought was no good!)
* My brother got discharged on Boxing Day afternoon with a diagnosis of gastroenteritis.. he's okay now, even if he did have to take blood tests.
* Had hot pot at Joshua and Caleb's.. very good and unexpected!
* Got a new microwave from my mom... whee!
* Went to Vernon's old house for dinner, and slipped on the floor AGAIN, this time in front of a whole bunch of people. Spent time with my brother's friends afterwards.
* Fell sick again, because of my sister.


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In the year 2005, I resolve to:

Watch more TV.

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I've been oddly thirsty tonight for some reason, even though I've been drinking regularly. No, I don't think I have diabetes... maybe I just need more liquid consumption? Corey told me some time ago to take a cold shower, since it acts like a shock to the system. I think I'll go do that and THEN drink a crapload of water or juice, actually. Bye for now.. I'm sure I'll be around later!

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2003-2004 Guestbook Entries

Guestbook entries for 2003-2004:

February 24, 2003 (Monday)

Jeff: "Cool!! First entry for 2003!! I feel so honored... haha! Thanks for having prayer meeting at your place!"
Tim and Maxine: "Hi Leslie. Thanks for always remembering those special occasions like birthdays. Hope that you continue to bring joy to those around you. God Bless, Tim and Max."
Frances: "Hi Leslie. Thanks for letting us come over to your place for prayer meeting. May God continue to bless you and your family!!! :)" (she drew a flower, a shiny cross, and a happy face with eyelashes)
Anita: "Thanks for having us over! Thanks for all your help in Awana as well!"

May 10, 2003 (Saturday)

Andrea: "Hey, Les! It's so nice and cool in your place in comparison to outside. I look forward to hanging out this afternoon! :)"
Elaine: "Hi Leslie! It was really nice to see your place again! I hope your summer is filled with lots of fun and some good books! I'm looking forward to reading this summer, too!"

May 21, 2003 (Wednesday)

Maisie: "Thanks for meeting up with me and having an early bite to eat. Thanks for having me over and letting me look at your CDs."

May 26, 2003 (Monday)

Joe: "Here we are again for prayer meeting."
Daniel: "I'm here with Joe for prayer meeting."
Anita: "Thanks, Leslie, for opening your home for prayer meeting!"

June 7, 2003 (Saturday)

Steph: "Your computer is so slow. We're here waiting to go to Frances and Mel's wedding, and still waiting for the computer to LOAD!" (as I recall, we were waiting to load Mapquest on the 486... that took SO BLOODY LONG!!!)

June 9, 2003 (Monday)

Nathan: " 'Alas, 'tis true, I have gone here and there!' (Shakespeare, Sonnet 110) After all these years, I still have a camel! Ah... here once again... Too bad it's just me and Jon, but hey! We're always the heart of your parties! Haha, just kidding. Your wacky books and cool. Your gummi bears are yummy. Here's a new word I learned... 'quiescence' ... don't remember how to spell it, but either one or two S's. Check it out! YAY for parties! HAPPY DAY!" (he drew three Chinese characters [his Chinese name?] with a "whoops" after he flubbed one of them up, a camel, grass, people, the sun, a shiny cross, and another camel on top of a fruit tree)
Jon: "Sarne, Sarne, Sarne. Where are the two kegs that you promised to have here? That would have made been one each for me and Nathan. Well, you'll have to really pony up for next time. Wow, it's freezing! Brrrrr. Yaz iz lard and need to vacuum one day. Something for you to do when you wait for your computer to load." (he drew a keg of alcohol, haha... in-joke!)

July 1, 2003 (Tuesday)

Steph: "Ew. Your apartment is gross. I have come to give it a well-deserved vacuuming. Yaz better pay me back soon! Do your laundry. Clean your bathtub, clean the kitchen!"

July 21, 2003 (Monday)

Josh (Spocko!): "Cleaner than my apartment, it is."

August 26, 2003

Adela ("Hello Kitty"): "Nice and cozy place. My first time here. Looking forward to the great food and socializing. Thanks for inviting me to your get-together! :) (Nathan makes a good chicken cutter! So useful!)"
Eddie: "Woo, another year. Good thing I made it back to Vancouver for this party! Thanks for having us over. Yay! I love Vancouver!!" (he was traveling in Europe beforehand)
Jon: "Hmmmm... well, I can safely set foot in your place without dying of dandruff inhalation. Phew!"
Nathan: "Yummy... Yay! Eat! Food! To eat or not to eat!? Mmm... cheese poo... Poo is good! Chicken pizza with poo! Mmm... Lalalalalalala. Meow! Meow! Moo! Moo! Thanks for the party, Leslie!" (he drew a camel, and a stick figure with a sword)
Eunice: "Dude...!" (she made it look really nice, heh)

November 11, 2003 (Tuesday)

Eric H.: "Nice place.... I wish I had my own place like you! Lucky you! :)"

November 26, 2003 (Wednesday)

Irene: "Very spacious living room! Nice! Warm here..."

September 17, 2004 (Friday)

Yazmine: "Happy Birthday To You! Happy Birthday To You! Happy Birthday, Dear Leslie! Happy Birthday To You! And Many More! You've been such a great friend. Don't ever change, okay?! God Bless!" (considering SHE ended the friendship over 50¢ the next May, I'd say I was the better friend! :P)

September 22, 2004 (Wednesday)

Eric M.: "Um yeah, your monitor is broken. Use it again, and it will explode." (he drew Strong Bad saying "Seriously..." to Homestar Runner, haha!)

October 27, 2004 (Wednesday)

Sophia: "Thanks for inviting me over, Leslie. I had a wonderful dinner and a great time hanging. :)"
Helen: "Great organizing job... you're hired! Thanks for having us over. I had a great laugh from looking at the small leak in your ceiling."
Linda: "It was kind of you to have us over. You made nice soothing soup."
Irene: "Thank you so much, Leslie, for organizing this get-together. It was so good seeing everyone again!"
Frances: "Thanks for letting us come over to hang out with the girls! Hope we'll be able to do this again! Time to go home now. Good night. Bye. :)"

November 5, 2004 (Saturday)

Andrea: "Hey, Les! It's been so long - I can't wait to catch up with you this morning over a nice hot breakfast. It's a wet, rainy, and grey day - but your cheerfulness, like sunshine, counters it all."

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Cards Received, 2003-2004

Cards Received, 2003-2004

Special 2003

CSCC: "Thank you for your faithful commitment to AWANA." (the card has Isaiah 63:7 and 1 Thessalonians 3:9 on it)

Sophia and John: "Dear Leslie, Jonathan, and Stephanie: Thanks for coming and sharing our special day with us. We'd also like to say thanks for the Japanese bowls. They are very pretty and cute. And also for the picture frame. Very appropriate! :) Love, Sophia and John."

Larry and Sandra: "With hearts full of praise and thanksgiving, we joyfully announce God's gift to us: Joshua! Thanks so much for the cute rattle and frame! We've already put a picture of Joshua in the frame! Thanks too for all your good wishes and always asking how we're doing. We appreciate it!"

Natalie: "Dear Leslie, I wanted to take a moment, and appreciate your kindness and generosity. Over the years, we have always been on friendly terms, and you have expressed your thoughtfulness many times. Your birthday card amidst the wedding hustle and bustle has prompted me to sit down and reflect on your kindness. Thank you for remembering my birthday and for getting me a card. I appreciate your small, yet immense, gesture of friendship. Love, Natalie."

Lee and Lily: "Dear Leslie, Stephanie, and Jonathan: Thank you so much for the mini speaker / stereo set - trés cool! Lee and I feel very blessed for having such a wonderful and supportive church family! Thank you! May we continue to walk in Christian fellowship, love, and friendship! In Him, we give our thanks! Love, Lily and Lee." (the card has Joshua 24:15 on it, plus their contact info)

Lauren and Warren: "Dear Leslie, Thank you so much for sharing in our special day and celebrating with us. We hope you had a good time... we sure did! Thanks also for the cookbook, and colorful cutting mats. Can't wait to try one of those recipes. Leslie, thanks for pitching in for the awesome sewing machine as well... I love it! Love, Lauren and Warren."

Birthday 2003

Erin: "Dear Leslie, I hope you have a wonderful birthday filled with lots of smiles! Here's to fun memories. :) Love always, Erin."

card from Shannon

Nathan: "Leslie! Yes... it's actually a serious card from Nathan! Haha, only cuz the gift isn't so serious... I gotta balance it out somehow! Haha. Well, have an awesome Birthday Week (shouldn't it be "BirthWeek"?), and rock on! God Bless, Nathan." (the card has 1 Chronicles 4:10 on it) (of course he drew a camel)

Dianne: "Hi Leslie, Happy Birthday! Hope you have a good one. Thanks for always remembering my birthday! Anyways, keep sending out those "All About Me" email surveys - I love reading them - always interesting, and anything to get out of doing work. :) (hee hee) Well... enjoy your year, and come visit us at Daniel Fellowship! In Christ, Dianne."

Cindy: "Dear Leslie, Happy Birthday! Are you happy now that AWANA has begun? The kids have grown up so fast. I hope as you enter another birthday, you will continue to seek the Lord. Thanks again for always remembering our birthdays. Have a wonderful birthday, Leslie. You totally deserve it! Take care and God Bless, Cindy."

card from parents

Connie Lucas: "Hope your day is happy, and the coming year be good to you."

Yazmine: "Happy Birthday, and may you have many more to come. Sorry I can't make it for dinner. Still, I know you'll enjoy the time. Take advantage of the good food. Oh! And the fancy washroom."

Danielle and Citrus: "Dear Leslie (aka Birthday Card Gal :) ), May God Bless this year for you! Thank you for always being so thoughtful on EVERYONE's birthday! At least *someone* at church has a great memory!! Thought you might find this carefully handmade paper with pressed-in leaves useful for future card-giving. (or letter-writing :) ) You can decide for yourself if Citrus and I made the paper ourselves... or not. :P"

Phil: "Dear Leslie, Happy Birthday!! :) Have a great birthday and a blessed year! Enjoy the Cactus."

Melia: "Happy Birthday, Leslie! I hope all your wishes come true. :) May God continue to bless you as you add another year to your life. Take care! Lots of love, Melia."

Chrystal: "Leslie, hope your birthday is filled with lots of fun! Have a great and blessed year. Love, Chrystal."

Emily: "Leslie, I want to wish you a very happy birthday! I look forward to serving in Awana with you. :) Love, Emily." (she drew a little cloud-sheep thing, haha!)

card from Uncle Y.C., Auntie Catherine, Chung Yan, and Chung Ming

Jessica Lai: "God Bless you in everything you do this year! It has been good to know you. I enjoy coming on Fridays to chitchat with you. I just want to wish you a great Happy Birthday! Love from: JESSICA." (the card has Zephaniah 3:17 on it)

Christmas 2003

Lisa T.: "Hi Leslie, I bought this card from a genealogy society gathering out in West Auckland. It was the only one of its kind there - and I think I should have bought more while I was at it! Still - hope you like it. As it says on the back, it's handmade - a touch unreal in this day and age. Hope this finds you well, happy, surrounded by love and with good dreams for the future. Have a wonderful 2004! Much love, Lisa. (Wolfie.)"

Vania: "Hey! Don't see much of you anymore - come back to choir! You've got a nice singing voice. Are you still in AWANA? I'd promised Rebecca that I'd rejoin next year, so I'll see you then. Until then, I'll see you around! :) God bless!"

card from Shannon with Matthew 2:2 on it

Emily (romanticanarchy): "Happy Holidays!"

Cindy and Dianne: "Dear Leslie, Warmest greetings from the good ol' F. sisters!! Thank you for always sharing your wonderful kindred spirit with us! It has been wonderful and pleasant knowing you and serving with you at the church. We are both finished exams, so the next time you see us, we'll be extremely cheerful! We wish you a wonderful Christmas too! God Bless, Cindy and Dianne." (the card has Matthew 2:1 on it)

Dan (dantheman70): "Happy Holidays!"

Karen Lew: "Hiya Leslie! Thanks for the awesome VeggieTales card! Silly Bob... hehe. Anywayz, memories... :) Haha, we should definitely go on another trip. I'll never look at almonds the same way again, hehe. Well, have a great Xmas! 'Tis the season for chocolate and sweets!"

Vivian: "Hey Leslie. :) Larry the Cucumber Christmas card!! That card is classic Veggie holiday cheer. :) May you enjoy a very peachy Christmas, and holidays filled with love and laughs! (although I must agree with Karen: chocolates are ALWAYS in season, HAHAHA.) Merry Christmas! Love, Vivian."

Karen and Vivian: "Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year! Love, Vivian and Karen."

Special 2004

Billy and Stella: "Leslie and Jonathan: Thank you for sharing in our wedding and for your wedding gifts... I know Billy especially thanks you for the cookbook! Sorry for the late thank-you card, but we still wanted to let people know that we appreciated their presence at one of the most important events in our lives. Lotsa love, Stella and Billy." (everyone thought it was hilarious that their thank-yous were THREE YEARS LATE!)

Birthday 2004

Candy: "Have a very good birthday! Hugs, Candy."

Cindy: "Dear Leslie, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! It's this exciting time of the year again!! I hope you had a wonderful birthday, Leslie! And what better way to celebrate than kicking AWANA off on a whole new year! The kids are really cute, aren't they? And there are many new faces, too! Stephie would really enjoy playing with them too. Well, I'll see you around! God bless you on this special day! Love, your sister in Christ, Cindy. Happy Birthday, Leslie! Even the fishies celebrate! Dianne says Happy Birthday, too!" (the card has 1 Corinthians 1:4 on it)

Alyssa: "Dear Leslie, I am sure your day is over by the time you get this. But I just wanted you to know I was thinking of you on your special day! Love, Alyssa." (it was nice and handmade!)

Auntie Catherine: "Dear Leslie, A belated happy birthday card for you. Uncle Y.C. and I wish you joy and peace in the year to come. You may miss Jonathan and Stephanie a lot as they are away from home. Hope you like this bicycle picture frame. Maybe you can put their pictures in the frame and place the bicycle on your desk. God bless you always for your care for others. May you always be showers of blessings to people around you, Sincerely, Auntie Catherine."

Connie Lucas: "Trust you are keeping well, and working hard. Enjoy your day. Much love, Connie."

Steve and Carol: "Wishing you the best birthday ever!! Love, Steve and Carol."

COMPUTER GEEK card from parents

Special 2004

Joe Y.: "Leslie, God sent you to us to make our lives seem brighter. You share in our joys and sorrow, and make our burdens lighter. It seems that warmth and caring come naturally to you. There's a kindness that is genuine in everything you do. Thanks for everything. Thanks for being you." (the card has Philippians 1:7 on it) (November 2004... Sisters Appreciation)

Andrea: "Dear Leslie, I just wanted to write you a little note to thank you for always being such a consistent friend and a gracious sister in Christ. Sherman and I are always in awe and thankful for your thoughtfulness and care when we receive your birthday cards. I thank God when I remember, and pray that he'll continue to do this good work in you. Look forward to breakfast! Love, Andrea." (Nov. 6, 2004)

Christmas 2004

card from Shannon

card from Dan (dantheman70)

card from Morgaine (youarethemusic)

Amber (randomlancila): "Leslie: Hey there! Isn't the holiday_wishes community the most wonderful idea? I'm certainly in a more holidayish spirit than I can ever remember! Anyways, hope your holiday is wonderful, and that you get all of your wishes fulfilled! (corny, I know!) Maybe I'll see you in RQv3926! *giggles* Amber."

Marie (cheerygemini): "Leslie, greetings from your neighbor. I love BC, and can't wait to go back. Merry Christmas! Hope it is filled with happiness."

Carmina (on_the_ground): "¡Feliz Navidad! ¡Feliz año nuevo 2005! Hey Leslie! I hope you'll have a great time this holiday with all your family and friends!" (she drew wreaths on the card)

Amy (amy_star_): "Happy Holidays to a new LJ friend! Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!"

Aaron (declared_insane): "Merry Christmas."

Andrea: "Leslie, may you find time this Christmas to reflect on the gift of Christ. Thank you for your friendship! Love, Andrea." (the card has Matthew 17:5 on it)

Darren (dfrancis): "Lookie... you got a card from me, huzzah! Merry Christmas... Ho ho ho!"

Mary (beautyispain): "Well, you've been a good GJ buddy. Thank you so much! I hope that you have a wonderful Christmas. Have a great holiday!"

card from Kathy (sadsong)

Candy: "Hope you have a wonderful holiday season! :) Thank you for the stickers!"

Misty (mistyf2003): "Thanks for the postcard. I just got it. Vancouver looks very pretty! I hope you have a very happy holiday season!"

John (snooooopy): "The snowman with the missing chunk kind of reminds me of your journal icon! You know, the one where the one guy is smacking the other guy with his own body part."

Sara (adrianaslyth): "Hope your holidays are filled with joy! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!"

Heather (gypsydove): "May all your dreams and wishes come true with this holiday season. If you share your light with others... it will return to you threefold! Let your light shine through! Happy Yule!"

Carolee (theonewhospeaks): "Hi, Leslie! I hope this actually gets to you before Christmas - I don't know how long mail takes to get to Canada, and work has just been a zoo, with it being finals week. School isn't in session now, though, and it is DEAD. The boss is on vacation until the first of the year, though, so it's like my own vacation has started early. I don't update as often as I used to myself, and I've never been much for commenting in other people's journals, but I do enjoy reading yours... it's been great having you on my friends list. Amazing that it all started with a 5000-comment thread! Here's to lots more LJ-ing!"

Lizzie (lizzie9208): "Leslie, I hope you have a wonderful holiday season! May 2005 bring you geographically closer to Stephen - or at least lots of visits!" (yeah right... that never would have happened anyhow!)

Andie (mangoes): "Merry Christmas! I hope your holidays are wonderful!"

Farrah (lilaznffairy421): "Hello there! :O I'm actually not done with all my crap yet, but this is far more interesting than catching up on math homework and studying for statistics / biology. :) I couldn't find any cool Christmas cards that would fit into this envelope, so I suppose this rather festive piece of paper shall have to suffice. 'Twas rather hard to find flat things to send to you. :| Well, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! :O I bid thee farewell." (she drew a little thing too!)

Maryann: "All the best to you, Leslie!"

Steve and Carol: "Leslie, have a very Merry Christmas! Don't let your Mom make you crazy. ;) Love, Steve and Carol."

Yazmine: "All the years we've known each other, this is the year we probably least spent together. Your patience and understanding have meant a lot, and are greatly appreciated. Thanks for your friendship. Don't ever change. Have a Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year. God Bless!" (I didn't change, but SHE did... fifty cents, indeed! :P)

Eric's family: "Merry Christmas, Leslie. Thanks for your card and unbelievable memory to send out all your cards for every occasion. May God Bless you this holiday season."

Christine (occipitaldruid): "Happy holidays to you and yours! I hope the new year brings you wonder and joy!"

David S. (omni_sinrilus): "Thank you for being such a wonderful person. You have brightened my days and made it a joy to come online. I hope this new year brings us closer as friends, and I hope also that this new year brings you joy and happiness. I hope you enjoyed the CD player. It should be a pretty decent unit there. I hope everything works out with you and Stephen. Just know that you can always talk to me if you need to. I will be online a lot more, so I will definitely hope I will talk to you a lot more. Ohh yeah. I have a girlfriend now. Yeah for me! Haha. Well, I don't know how long it will last... but hope for me, please. Remember that you are a great person and you only deserve the best, so don't let people give you the worst, or else I will beat them up severely! I hope you enjoyed your Christmas, had a great New Year's Eve and Day, and am praying that you avoided any major Chapters Dumps! Haha!!! Well, my dear, I shall leave it at this since I am running out of space. Enjoy yourself, my dear. LOVES YA! Love ya, sweetie. David."

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