Saturday, February 01, 2003

Dubious food combinations, and Pho

well, I learned of yet more strange / dubious things my brother combines at lunchtime:

sushi with black cherry yogurt
sushi with applesauce
sushi with Vanilla Coke

that's certainly.. odd..

we also spent 45 minutes driving around after MissionsFest looking for a Vietnamese Pho noodle restaurant that was actually open at 11 PM.. finally, we found a 24-hour place. Good thing too.. we were all getting quite hungry!

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Friday, January 31, 2003

Phone idiots

For those of you who want to know what really went down when I was wishing fiery death upon callers to my apartment, here it is.. and I don't give a flaming bloody crap if it's (mostly) reposted from somewhere else:

I don't (really) mind when people call and disconnect me from the Internet, as long as it's for something relatively important. But this week, apparently most of the people that call me have been given their directives to bug me over nothing in particular at all.

For instance, one of my acquaintances must have called me at least ten times this week!!! She wanted to know if I would be free on Valentine's Day to attend some dinner / dance kind of thing for a network set up for disabled people. Late last week, I got mail about this very thing, and the deadline for letting them know about this is (or was) tomorrow. I can live with that.

Fine, so I come from the "I'll let you know when you need to know and / or at the last possible moment" school of thought sometimes. (bad, I know) So I figure I'd let her know by Friday; no big deal, right? I certainly wasn't expecting to hear from her on Monday (of all days) wanting to know if I'd made up my mind yet! I coolly told her that I had four or five days to make up my mind, so I'd let her know then. (then, I hung up after saying goodbye)

Tuesday rolls around, and she called me at least twice more. Yesterday, she called me about six or seven times wanting to know why I just hung up on her when I heard her voice! (NOT true, by the way) So finally I told her that I wouldn't be going to the thing.. why she wanted to know so early, I don't know. Something about booking tickets. (which I can certainly understand) But right now, I'm on the outs with her since she thought I was being rude.. and I don't have the energy to explain it to her.

But it was rather like: "Have you decided yet? How about now? What about NOW? Come on, hurry up and give me an answer! How about right now? Okay, how about now? Are you going to give me an answer yet, or what???" Just don't give me that kind of crap, and I'll do my best not to give you any of it, either!

Then today, there was some idiotic person (evidently with air for brains) who called my place and wanted to speak to me. Fine, no big deal. I believe the approximate conversation went like this:

Him: Hello, may I speak to [Flami]?
Me: Speaking.. who is this?
Him: Well, who are you?
Me: What the heck do you mean?
Him: Well, I was wondering what your phone number was.
Me: (getting more than a little testy) Well, who are you?
Him: I asked you who you were first..
Me: Well, YOU called ME.. I'd imagine you'd know what my number was. Now, who are you?
Him: This is Greg.. and isn't your number [some number that sounds similar to my number]?
Me: Well.. if you dialed it, you should know!
Him: So is this Coast Mountain Sports?
Me: Hell, NO!
*click* as I hang up quite emphatically

Coast Mountain Sports is this local sports store we have, and I can understand if someone simply dialed a wrong number. (in which case the conversation would ideally have gone like this: "Hello, is this Coast Mountain Sports?" "No, you have the wrong number.." "Oh, Sorry about that.. bye!") But for the conversation to go like THAT is pretty bad.. besides, this is a regular-sized apartment! Though it's roomy, it's not *quite* big enough for a major sports store with LOTS of bulky equipment and such..

Aiya.. it's been one of THOSE weeks on the phone. I hope next week goes much better. Just had to rant here. Now, it's off to the mall and meeting Yazmine at MissionsFest! Hope that'll be a welcoming respite from phone idiots.. :)

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Thursday, January 30, 2003

Wishing fiery death on callers!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PG! You do a LOT for the church, and I hope you have a good one! :)

What is it with people who insist that your apartment must be Coast Mountain Sports? And then further insist that you tell them your name and number? Sheeeeeeeeeeeesh...... it's been another one of THOSE days on the phone... I definitely hope next week is better. Or I'll have to go around wishing fiery death on whoever calls me, even if I like you.. ;)

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Will he show up or not? / Quiz Heaven stuff

well, I certainly hope that the person I was supposed to meet THREE WEEKS AGO shows up at my apartment to go out for lunch! I'll be very pissed off if that doesn't happen...

I don't think so
No way dude
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Somehow, I don't think the "divorced" and "6 kids" parts are correct! o_O

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Cool guitar! :D

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I hate stupid patronizing quiz results like this one! :P

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Wednesday, January 29, 2003

Changing blog addresses

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LUCAS! I'm glad to see you drumming in worship services.. I remember when you were a little kid, too. Hope you have a good one today! :)

I'm very happy now. Someone who wasn't able to read these musings for the last few days can now read them.. all hail a new month for Spoz! :D Though I'm wondering if I shouldn't change my domain name so he can always read this site.. perhaps I shall. So all of you people looking for this blog at the old address will have to go to the new address. Hahahaha.. now you have to go change your bookmarks if they exist on your computer. ;)

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Erika, Paulina, Nick, and Renit... Math and Spanish!

I'm going to type out all the notes that I've received from various people. Yes, I am that bored... this will probably be split up into at least a few entries since I have to keep character limits and such for a post in mind. This starts when I'm in Grade 9 or so. Wish I had the 500+ pages of notes I wrote Nick Krusek, haha.

Ah, Erika Fast... I lost touch with her and her sisters a long time ago. She was a grade below me, making her in Grade 8 at the time of this note. Found her sister Angela (we were in the same grade) on Facebook, though I haven't added her. That seems stalkerish! (she has a kid named Cheyenne who'd be about 15 now!)

Mar. 11, 1991 (Monday)

HI LESLIE! How's it hanging? Fine, I hope. You wanted me to write about my school life, so here goes.

Block A - Math (Mr. White)
Block B - Art (Mr. Cox)
Block C - Social Studies (Mr. Knapp)
Block D - French (Mrs. Spearman)
Block E - English (Mrs. Pankratz)
Block F - Home Economics (Mrs. Hirayama) - Sewing {she was a white woman married to a Japanese man... I thought that odd / weird at the time, but also cool}
Block G - P.E. (Mr. Lapa) - Football
Block H - Science (Mr. Linke)

My homeroom teacher is Mr. Wilson - he teaches Japanese, Learning, and E.S.L.

In Math, I am studying algebra. I really hate it. I don't really understand it. In Art right now, we are drawing flowers - it's not that fun, either. In Socials, we are working on our bonus project. We don't have to do it, but if we want to bring up our grades, then we can. It is on 43 great people - we have to do 200 words for each. I've handed in seven, and I got perfect on all of them, so I have a total of 35 marks. In French, we are learning the words to get up, etc. - all what we do in a day. In English, we are working on a Myth project, which is fun. In Sewing, we are making a bag - it is really nice and almost finished. In P.E., we are doing football (it is so cool out), and finally, we are studying light in Science.

My grades on my report card are:

Block A: Math (C-)
Block B: Art (C+ B)
Block C: Social Studies (C-)
Block D: French (E)
Block E: English (C+)
Block F: Home Economics (B)
Block G: P.E. (C+)
Block H: Science (C-)

I made a mistake on Art, sorry... I got a B, which is not that bad, right? Know that I don't like Jeni, the loopy one... the one that lied and said her name was Susan. She is so stupid; I hate her. Don't show her this. It is now 11:19 PM on March 11. Late, huh. I am lying in bed. I should go to bed soon, but I will finish the letter.

I was meaning to ask you why (at the start of the letter) did you write "I am sorry for everything that has passed between us" and then you crossed it out. I don't want to make you mad, but you started us fighting. Anyway, I hope we don't fight anymore. Another thing I have been meaning to tell you is that I can't read your writing. It is too bunched together - please, can you write neater? My animals are a cat (Stu), two newts (lizards), three gerbils, and a dog (Brutus), but he doesn't live with us. My cat is so different - he likes to hug you and then he purrs really loud.

Anyway, it is 11:26 and I am getting tired, so I should go to bed. I am really glad we're friends. Also, I am listening to music. The song Peppiest Shade of Soul is on. My sister Amber would like you to write her a note - and write me back!

Your friend forever (hopefully),

Erika Fast

This was written as part of an exchange in Spanish 9 class:

(drawings everywhere - food on a table [ham and chocolate?], dog, house, a heart)

Wednesday, April 3, 1991.

Dear Leslie,

Hello. How are you, my friend? My name is Paulina. I am 12 years old. Thank you for the letter. I like dancing. I like Casa Guatemala because there is a river, there are many kids, and Abi's boat comes to visit. I hope that you can visit me soon. Do you like Canada? I would like to visit one day. Do you like to study Spanish? I like to study English and speak it too. Love, Paulina.

Ah, the infamous "Renit Bains, Nick Turner, and Math 9 class" notes! My notes / responses are in regular type, Renit's are in italics, and Nick's are in bold. This is with the obvious exception of foreign words and such.

Wednesday, April 10, 1991.

Hi Renit,

I missed you on Monday. Where were you? I heard you were sick or something. Hope you're feeling better because on Monday, I had to put up with Nick all period, not to mention a few other people. But secretly, I think Nick was glad because he didn't have to talk to you! (just kidding) Another reason I think Nick was glad is that he could talk to me all period long, and not get interrupted by you! (not that he DID do that, mind you) Oh well, I'll let you read this and let me know what you think about it, okay? Fine.

I was on vacation in California.

Oh, sorry. And don't listen to Nick too long or else your mind will become warped, just like his! (only kidding) Hope you had a good time in California, because I had a good time in Victoria.

I'm talking to Nick right now. I'll write later, okay?


Same day, another note.


Since you keep on reading my notes to Renit, I thought it would only be fair to write you a note if you want one that badly. You WOULD get a better mark than I did on that French project. You WOULD beat me by 19 marks, wouldn't you? Well, James Lockhart beat YOU by nine marks, so there! HA HA HA!

Well, Good!!! I'm still better than YOU!

Yeah well, you don't have to write so big. I can read, you know. What mark do you have in French?


Oh, my God! So many cryptic symbols!

Thursday, March 11, 1991.


You got a C+ in French?! Ha ha! I got a B! (74.6%)

Well. Sorry, Nerdé! (It's in French)

Yeah... well, top this!

Tu es un poco tonto!
It's in Spanish!


It's in Spanish.

I don't think so. I don't believe you.


Je pense que tu es un stupide imbecile!


Nice answer, Nick, but I still don't think that Chi-chi de maldre is Spanish. Anyhow, I was only kidding. Okay? Anyhow, I've got English next... how about you? And please write smaller, okay?

[squiggle] wrote, so Bye!

And I don't mean THAT small!!! Sheesh!

[squiggles and random lines]

What is this?! Another one of your cryptic symbols, I suppose. I mean for you to write so I can understand what you are saying! You are hopeless, but that doesn't mean I give up!!!

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Tuesday, January 28, 2003

Frantic IM activity / Quiz Universe

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, NATHAN.. I'm glad that you're talking to me now; you're so cute! Have a fun day! :)

It's amazing how bored I feel right about now.. no frantic IM activity, which perhaps is a good thing. (heck, anything that allows me to recharge is good, right?) But still.. I know I should be careful what I wish for because I just might get it. So no.. I'm NOT wishing for frantic IM activity and such. No way at all. :P

The Sex Life Motto of
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Sexually, you favor the strong, silent type - someone as comfortable in the rugged outdoors as you are.
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Your home and surroundings are very imporant to you - it's always your place, not their's.
While you'd never do a hotel fling, you'll have sex outdoors (beach, grass, whatever) - as long as there is some privacy.

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'What is your Sex Sign?'

~ An Adult Feature Starring Leslie ~

'What Porn will you Star in?'


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Monday, January 27, 2003

Annoyance at trivial calls

This post is brought to you by the annoyance I feel whenever someone calls me for an inconsequential reason and disconnects me. Shannon wants me to let her know whether I can make it to something or other happening on Valentine's Day. Deadline for letting her know is Friday.. no big deal.. now, I have plenty of time! You see, sometimes I come from the "I'll let you know when you need to know and / or at the last possible moment" school of thought. As it stands, today is Monday.. I have four or five days to let her know. Besides, I have NO idea what my brother is doing that day.. possibly packing for Mexico. I'll let her know in due time, of course.. just not now. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA.. :P

Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CARINA! Hope you have a good one; it's been great knowing you! :)

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Sunday, January 26, 2003

Not meeting quorum / Harry Potter jellybeans

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, YUKI.. I hope you're doing really well in Japan! Have a good one! :)

Well, we were SUPPOSED to have a church meeting, but we didn't have enough people there to meet the quorum.. now we have to do it again next week.. SHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESH!! All meetinged-out already, I am..

Has anyone tried those new Harry Potter jellybeans? Phil and Melia had a few boxes of them for us to try.. I had the grass and the black pepper-flavored ones. They weren't bad at all.. at least I didn't try the earwax / booger / dirt / sardine / vomit ones! Those made Daniel and Chung Yan pretty disgusted..

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