Saturday, November 05, 2005

Losses in both NHL hockey and football... the Vancouver Giants saved the night in Vancouver sports!

The Vancouver Canucks lost tonight's game 1-0 against the Calgary Flames. It's the first game of a two-game series against them, and we had better effort than the other two-gamers against Minnesota and Colorado. We couldn't solve Miikka Kiprusoff (who looked like he was in 2004 playoffs form), even if Auld did make a few key saves. Cam Neely is in the Hockey Hall of Fame tonight, too. The three stars were the two goaltenders and the goal scorer: Kiprusoff, Marcus Nilson, and Auld. Mick Magoo was the referee again: 6 games out of 15 for the Canucks so far? (the officiating was... interesting....) Bertuzzi isn't playing as well as he could be: people on Sportstalk are saying he should be benched in a "tough love" effort.

On another sports-related note, the BC Lions lost the football game 13-12 against the Saskatchewan Roughriders. BC went 11-0 to start the season, and we ended the season 12-6. I have no more commentary to offer on that, but what a night for Vancouver sports... at least the minor-league Vancouver Giants hockey team saved the day by winning 5-0 against the Calgary Hitmen!

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Taking a dump on the dance floor...

Sam was really late picking me up for Awana: let's just say that when he got to my place, we'd normally be just getting to church. He apologized, and then made it up to me by telling me about his first university dance last night. It was poorly organized, advertising that tickets could be purchased at the door. However, when Sam and his friends got there and tried to do so, they were told that the dance was already over fire safety regulations! They were pissed off since they'd just driven in from Richmond (a 40-minute drive) and paid $3.50 for parking. Luckily, they were able to get tickets and get on the guest list so that one of their other friends could get in later.

The rock music was extremely loud, the windows were shaking, and Sam could feel the vibrations in his organs. No wonder he couldn't hear me when I called him last night! He had JUST gone to the dance floor when I called, and thought I was calling him by a weird name, so told me that I had the wrong number. Then when I called back, he stepped outside and recognized my voice... I thought he was at some wild party, haha. Someone sneaked alcohol in, so people were getting drunk: Sam even saw some girl pass out, which he could deal with.

Near the end of the night when Sam and his friends were at the coat check on another floor, they heard people on the third floor yell: "EWWWWWW, GROSS! Someone just took a crap on the floor!!!" Sam had to see this for himself, so he ran upstairs... he didn't see the guy taking a dump on the floor, but he saw the turd. The AMS (UBC student union) president was there and was REALLY mad: "Some guy just took a dump on MY floor!" (the dance was in one of the student union buildings) They made the guy pick up the piece and throw it out the window, but there were still pieces of it on the floor. After that, Sam and his friends went for bubble tea at Bubble World: when one of his friends ordered a chocolate slush, Sam was understandably grossed out!

Sam was so tired afterwards that he slept through worship practice this morning, and only woke up when Vanessa called him to ask if he was going to be there or not! Awana was the same stuff as usual, and I wonder what will happen with that Saturday Fellowship Christmas get-together at Lesley's next month.. plenty of time to figure things out with Eric, heh. (I forgot my notebook last night, so couldn't note down the date and time.. I'll just check my email instead, haha)

Later, Sam and I went to Michaels so that he could buy seven white T-shirts for the people who just got baptized last month. Apparently, some of our friends are going to print stuff on the shirts and give them out as presents. They'd have done it on baptism day, but didn't have enough time. When I told Sam about the "ground beef panties" article, he laughed and said that it was an interesting invention, but wasn't sure how well it would sell. Indeed!

Someone on LJ is a member of 4679 communities... o_O

Now if you'll excuse me, I have 30 open Firefox tabs / conversations with Darren and Corey / the Calgary-Flames hockey game / my email / dinner to get to...

Take the quiz: "HOW TURKISH R U?"


.... uh no, I'm Asian! :P

Your Birthdate: September 17

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Friday, November 04, 2005

Desserts, weight, romance, and being treated like crap

Tonight, I talked to Sheena and Chalaine about "Getting to Know You" day tomorrow for the Benjamin elementary school kids... my sister's doing stuff for it, heh. Someone suggested that she wear her jerseys, but since she has 15 of them, it would be like: "Hi, kids! I'm just really fat-looking!" Our Bible Study group didn't have enough present / prepared members to make doing a group study worthwhile. So instead Ivan, Karen, Erin, Stella, and I hung out at the back of the sanctuary and talked.. Frances offered us Girl Scout cookies before she went off to her own group. We talked about Halloween costumes: Karen and Ivan dressed up as a nun and priest one year, and were very realistic... up until Karen giggled and they held hands on Robson Street, that is! Apparently Kids Night this year was really good: five of the teen girls dressed up as Tuxedo Mask and various Sailor Moon characters. Karen showed us cell phone camera pictures of Ivan trying on various costumes at Shoppers Drug Mart: he looked very happy and seemed to be taking immense pleasure doing so!

After Ivan left to go play hockey, we girls talked about our ideal men: Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice / the strong, silent type (because we're so crazy already!) / caring / Christian / people who don't let their family get too involved in their personal life... good times! Karen told us the story of how she and Ivan got together after she liked him for ten years and he broke up with someone else: of course, Billy and Stella's experience was different! Then we got to talking about Asian people of a certain generation (our parents' age) and how they think you won't know something if they don't tell you explicitly. (for instance, Karen's mom once told her that she'd lose fat if she exercised... DUH, everyone knows that!) Erin said that one of the older pharmacists at her workplace told her not to eat any chips because he was worried about her FIGURE (everyone at work heard that!), but he refused to say anything to another co-worker eating cookies because SHE was married. Nice logic there!

Then we talked about hurtful things our parents have said to us, and how much garbage we get from them because of our personal lives and such. Afterwards, we got to talking about working out / junk food and (Chinese) desserts: red-bean cake, tiramisu, Dairy Queen ice cream cakes, cheesecake, CHOCOLATE, pastries, cookies, snacks, parental and our eating habits, etc. That definitely made me hungry, but it was too bad we didn't go out to eat later... as the timestamp on this post proves, I was home early! When I went downstairs, Angus was telling Jason that there were too many girls around: probably because Steph and Melia were talking about skirts, jeans, stripping, and other things! (Melia bought a $10 cheap skirt for Vanessa because it was so cheap: it didn't fit her, but it fit my sister who got it by default!) But they did talk about the BC Lions football game tomorrow that some of them are going to: I might have gone, but I have no interest in football, even if the team WAS riding an undefeated streak of I'm not sure how many games!

Eric, Steph, and I went home together and saw a 9.9ยข gas price while we were at it: while listening to Sportstalk, we tried to figure out whether the Canucks had won or lost tonight against the Columbus Blue Jackets. (the last score we heard about was 1-1. and the first-period play by the Canucks was sluggish!) I tried getting Steph to check the score on her cell phone, but that cost money. After a while of listening to Dan Russell treat callers like crap (especially this guy who called from Calgary who tried saying that the Calgary fans are jealous of Bertuzzi, even if he lacks maturity), Eric decided to turn the annoying background noise off. (why call in to the show if you're going to get treated like crap from the host?!) I checked Yahoo Sports, and we won 5-3. Also, I called Sam twice: once, he apparently thought I'd called the wrong number since there was a LOT of background noise! Attempt #2 was perfect: he can give me a ride tomorrow, so I'm happy enough. ;)

I'm still kinda hungry from that conversation, but I can't go out to eat tomorrow... well, I could. But I probably won't feel like it since I'll get up late and we play the Flames at 7. Maybe on Sunday, if Eric H. and I go for Korean BBQ food like we've been planning to do since Valentine's Day. (we had pizza instead that night) No dessert items or chips in the apartment, either: guess I'll have to make do with Oreos / oatmeal raisin cookies / chocolate ice wafers for now. ;)

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Memories, Via Negativa, phone posts, For Better or For Worse, Jon's iPod, King Missile, and quizzes

Stolen from Amy:

If you read this, if your eyes are passing over this right now, even if we don't speak often, please post a comment with a memory of you and me. It can be anything you want, either good or bad. I promise not to come after you with a spatula, either way.

Quick meme taken from Tim:

Aristotle believed that you could discover the nature of the unknown by describing what it is not. This process was called Via Negativa. In an effort to show people a little more about yourself, post this paragraph in your journal and write 7 phrases below it about what you are not.

1) I am not a vegetarian.
2) I am not an RPG person.
3) I am not a dog person.
4) I am not a perfect typist.
5) I am not energetic.
6) I am not totally God-focused.
7) I am not a scientific person.

How To Listen To Phone Posts

If you use Windows Media Player, all you have to do is download Tobias Everwood to play ogg files.

Once you install this, you will need to manually tell Windows to open .ogg files in Windows Media Player. The installer doesn't automatically associate file types for you, though you can tell it to.

That's it.. that's all you have to do to make ogg work.

For Better or For Worse monthly character resolution wrap-ups

Read the first sentence of this article VERY carefully.

I emailed my brother about a birthday / Christmas gift... he says he kinda wants an iPod, but he'd want to shop around for those expensive things first. So I guess I'll see about subsidizing a BIT of the price when he gets back in December... ;)

I want some beer, now. :P

Also, I love King Missile's Detachable Penis. :D


I woke up this morning with a bad hangover, and my penis was missing again. This happens all the time. It's detachable. This comes in handy a lot of the time. I can leave it home when I think it's going to get me in trouble, or I can rent it out when I don't need it. But now and then I go to a party, get drunk, and the next morning I can't for the life of me remember what I did with it. First I looked around my apartment and I couldn't find it, so I called up the place where the party was, they hadn't seen it either. I asked them to check the medicine cabinet coz for some reason, I leave it there sometimes, but not this time.

So I told them if it pops up to let me know. I called a few people who were at the party, but they were no help either. I was starting to get desperate. I really don't like being without my penis for too long. It makes me feel like less of a man and I really hate to have to sit down every time I take a leak. After a few hours of searching the house and calling everyone I could think of, I was starting to get very depressed, so I went to the Kiev and ate breakfast. Then as I walked down Second Avenue toward St. Mark's Place, where all those people sell used books and other junk on the street, I saw my penis lying on a blanket next to a broken toaster oven.

Some guy was selling it. I had to buy it off him. He wanted 22 bucks, but I talked him down to 17. I took it home, washed it off, and put it back on. I was happy again. Complete. People sometimes tell me I should get it permanently attached, but I don't know. Even though sometimes it's a pain in the ass, I like having a detachable penis.

Popular Kid

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In fact, you're still skating by on your looks and charm. Nothing wrong with that!

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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Found the solution to my copy / paste problem!

While catching up on stuff, I finally found the solution to my copy / paste problem!

Here it is!

Yay! I'm so happy! :D (or I will be once the piece of junkware that is New Dot Net has been REMOVED...)

Now, if I could just get rid of that ugly navigation on Firefox that Eric installed that time....

I'll tell Eric later on when I call / MSN him, and I'd tell Corey except he's busy doing some crap homework assignment which is due tomorrow... later, then! :D

Edit: Corey's helped me with the toolbar: Right click and choose customize.. you can tell it to use small / large icons in that customize menu... you can do that though, customize the toolbar and drag the address bar off of it... make a new toolbar... put the address bar there. Someone on the Mozilla Zine Forums has helped me with the other thing: Click on the "View" button in the History Sidebar and choose your preferred setting. YAY FOR THE APPEARANCE NOW! :D

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Hairdresser woes, blog catch-up

Remember that person who wasn't there when I made an appointment with him? I just called the hairdresser and he claims something came up / that there was a big accident. Lovely... now I'll have to RESCHEDULE.... :P

He also claimed he called my parents (they left their number with him), and he wasn't able to reach them. That's what answering machines are for, you idiot! :P

In other news, I'm now caught up with a bunch of blogs on Blogger and Xanga. Spoz is having problems with someone stealing photos, so OF COURSE he put up a bunch of stupid photos for the childish person in question to take... haha! Seems my sister's been on a bit of a jersey-buying spree, and likes how the worship team is gelling despite the age disparity. She's also really stretched in terms of helping for two Fellowships... sometimes I wish I had her energy / motivation. As it is, I'm still a bit burnt out... but as Dave phrased it about something else: it was just an excuse to avoid hard work, to run away, to quit. I really don't want to do that... maybe I need to stretch myself more? (but how / where?) I know I'm kind of a "people person," but I'm also too much an internet addict just like Vivian.

Dave went to the Raptors-Wizards opening game, and Jon wishes the World Series lasted a little longer so he could procrastinate more... with concerts, subbing, church, Fellowship, and other essentials / assignments coming up?! Reminds me, I should ask what he wants for his birthday / Christmas since Dave's mom is going to visit next week!) Dawn is having interesting adventures in Beijing: she's put up pictures of the Great Wall, and wishes (like me) that she could control her mouth sometimes. Real life doesn't get edited a whole lot, so I guess it's hard to edit your personal blogs. ;)

Speaking of Vivian, she's been having some very interesting times in France... it sounds great, except for transportation strikes and such. I love the background on her site because it's so pretty! Oh, and I had to laugh when I read her last post: "Has it really been 5 years (plus a day) since that memorable AGM where me and Steph were sitting in the pews, wondering if we could vote and having Uncle Alan [my dad] tell the entire congregation that voters must be 18 and over and that Vivian will have to wait til the next one in January cause she missed it by a day? Looks from onlookers had everyone around me in stitches! Oh, the memories..." Hahaha, I was right there with them too... but I think that the other people really didn't start to look until our entire section started laughing ourselves! (this was a couple of years before a bunch of people from the ESC took over the balcony for AGM's) Maybe I'll write her one of these days...

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Diagon Alley

Upon seeing someone's "location" at a message board I frequent, I think I finally get this...

"Diagon Alley" (from Harry Potter, I believe) is just another way of saying "diagonally."

... duh...

Oh, and I'm sending a birthday ecard to Adam Remsen because I can. :P

David replied back to my late RSVP, thanking me for coming to the baby banquet: he's looking forward to showing off his little guy Ian to me. :D

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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Two-man advantages in the last two minutes of the game...

Mick Magoo was the referee again for the game tonight: it was the fifth Canucks game so far that he's officiated. Our opponent was also familiar: it was the fourth time this season that we've played the Minnesota Wild. Magoo games are always.. interesting, shall we say. We've played the Wild four times, and Marian Gaborik has had an injury every single time... they were on the losing end of a shutout last night, too!

Since Dan Cloutier was injured with a concussion, Auld had to start the game. This led to some speculation about what would happen if Auld got injured while Cloutier was recovering: let's just say Richard Park would NOT make a good emergency goalie since he's a little small for that position!

There was a power surge at GM Place just before the game was due to start (maybe the same one that caused Surrey to lose a bunch of power tonight), so the game was delayed for fifteen minutes. Ed Jovanovski scored the first goal of the game, and you know what that means: Vancouver's won all their games so far this season where they have the first goal, yay!

Ruutu scored another goal in the second period, and then we dropped our guard. Against the Minnesota Wild, that is a VERY BAD THING... 35 seconds later, they scored a goal to cut our lead in half. Thank goodness it stayed 2-1, but there was a very suspenseful 2:46 at the end of the game when Bertuzzi took a stupid slashing penalty... then Ryan Kesler took a delay of game penalty. Salo got another delay of game penalty, but Kesler was out before Bertuzzi and Salo never came out because of some rule about penalty expiration and whistles. Bertuzzi's penalty came at 17:14, Kesler's came at 17:34, and Salo's came at 18:59... Salo's penalty wouldn't come into effect until after Bertuzzi's expired. It was basically a 6-on-3 situation since the Wild goalie Roloson went to the bench for another attacker... we had some brilliant penalty killing!

The three stars: Ed Jovanovski, Filip Kuba, and Alex Auld. (he's now won four straight starts for us) Next game: Friday night, against the Columbus Blue Jackets. We're done with the five-game stretch of only seeing Minnesota and Colorado! (but we'll see the Avs next week...)

In other news around the league, Daniel Alfredsson and Martin Havlat scored four goals EACH to power the Ottawa Senators to a 10-4 win over Buffalo. I hear that Dany Heatley had four goals in their 8-0 win over Toronto on Saturday, too! Oh, and apparently Pavel Bure is the general manager of the Russian hockey team: he played excellently while he was here, but his #10 sweater will never be retired here because of how he left. (two consecutive 60-goal seasons?)

Now, Corey is bugging me about certain Wikipedia article edits he's made: "In ice hockey, a power play is an award given to a team when a player on the opposing team commits a foul. The offending player is temporarily removed from the game, giving his team a penalty. A power play can last two, four, or five minutes depending on the severity of the foul. The power play ends if the attacking team scores with a good looking member of the opposite sex from the audience." I deleted that, and now he's claiming HE did... maybe we did it at the same time. I dunno about this Wikipedia thing of allowing anyone to edit articles... *is confused* (now I want to edit articles there for spelling, hahaha)

Oh, you've got to be kidding me: there's some idiot caller on Sportstalk who wants Dan Cloutier on the trading block because he suffered a concussion and some people aren't happy with his play ANYHOW. *rolleyes* Maybe we should trade Matt Cooke because he got injured, and Trevor Linden because his offensive production is down and his defensive capabilities need to be highlighted?! Some people are idiots, like that woman caller a few games ago.....

Auld is maybe one of those goalies who over-competes. He was on the bench on Manitoba for the farm team playoffs last year, but maybe he'll improve even more. I'm not sure about Dan Cloutier being accepted in this town in April and May since he can't really win in the playoffs. I guess we'll find out later.

Useful Sites: NHL on Yahoo Sports

Recap of Game

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Wasting my time... / hilarious Mom quotes / quizzes

Earlier today, I had an appointment at 3. Now, you'd think that when you make an appointment (especially for the following day), the person who you made the appointment with would actually BE THERE! But no... when my mom and I got there at 3:15, the place was CLOSED! My mom thought this person was sneaky / sleazy from the get-go and only concerned about money. So she was disappointed... I'm more upset about the fact that I wasted my time! (the concept of the appointment was HER idea, not mine!) What kind of idiot forgets about an appointment?!

At least I got a better pair of scissors, some candy, and some envelopes from the dollar store later! I also found the "one-month baby banquet" card (under a pile of stuff in my room) from David so I can RSVP by email for baby Ian's ceremony thing. While I'm at it, I should remember to tell Nathan that my parents can drive me to that... it's more convenient for him that way. :P (hockey tonight at 7, too!) Mom thinks that I need gifts for Sophia's baby Olivia: nope, I was at the baby shower in August!

Oh, I also got some Coke so I can try rum and Coke LATER. Maybe after the hockey game, if Minnesota totally blitzes us like they did last time... :P

Public Service Announcement: If you live in or around Denver, Colorado: If you are over the age of 21, you are now legally allowed to have an ounce or less of marijuana. (I'm sure Corey will be THRILLED to hear about this, haha!)

Light moments of the day:

1. Mom and I were in the car and waiting at a crosswalk for a bunch of kids to cross. One of them had an instrument case with him: probably big enough for a saxophone.

Mom: What do you think is in that thing? Hopefully it's not a HUMAN!
Me: Mom, it's OBVIOUSLY an instrument case! o_O

If I didn't know better, I'd swear she was reading too many true-crime stories where the murderer stuffs his victim's (dismembered) body into a trunk or suitcase! o_O

2. We were at the dollar store, and I was talking to my mom about the baby banquet.

Mom: I'll give you a gift for Sophia's baby too, even though she didn't invite you to her thing! (note: her definition of "give" is "pay me $5 and I'll give you something worth $25" :P)
Me: But I already gave her something, Mom. I went to her baby shower! (the same day Frances, Helen, and I saw baby Timbit in the hospital after he was born)
Mom: Ha?! Wasn't that... before?!
Me: Yes, Mom. Baby showers usually happen BEFORE the baby is born. o_O

(this would have been funnier if she'd asked me whether I was sure about that... but luckily for me, she didn't... too bad about the comic potential, though!)

3. Mom looked around for a pepper shaker in a particular style at the dollar store, but was disappointed when she couldn't find it.

Mom: Aren't you disappointed?
Me: Why?
Mom: Because we couldn't find that thing! (note: she ALWAYS talks cryptically like this!)
Me: Define "that thing."
Mom: The pepper shaker! You KNOW what I'm talking about!
Me: Uh, no... and no, I'm not disappointed about that either. It's YOUR pepper shaker, not mine!

At least she didn't ask me anything about Palmer, nor did she call him Roger like she did a few weeks ago! o_O

You will take over Latvia using only a thorny rose

Take this quiz at

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Tuesday, November 01, 2005


I hate working on layouts...

To me, these are the components of a good S2 layout:

* must have visited links a different color than unvisited links, or have the ability to change this option if they're the same color
* replies must look threaded (A Sturdy Gesture and Tabular Indent aren't good)
* timestamps for replies in collapsed threads would be nice
* must have the ability to put each userpic on each entry in the recent entries view
* must have the previous / edit entry / edit tags / add to memories / next buttons AND the mood / music / media / tags options at the top of entries rather than at the bottom

Can anyone make me a layout like that?

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Monday, October 31, 2005

Metrosexuals, bus passes, Chunky Soup, and the weather / Some Things I Can Do Without

Wow... lots of fireworks and firecrackers going off nearby.

I just got a PM from reebee (Marie) over at Our Place saying that she'd send me a neat gadget she just happened to come across. She wouldn't have thought much of it, but then she remembered my problem with pop-top cans. (detailed below) I didn't expect that... wow! People ARE good in this world! :D

Here's another random fact: in Mandarin / Cantonese, the word for "chicken" can also mean "prostitute." Poor Jessica!

The below was written on October 20, 2003. Bringing the archives to light sometimes is a GOOD thing! ;)


I was reading the archives of Spoz's Rant the other day. He had a list of 25 things he could really do without:

1. the common cold
2. waking up before noon
3. tampon ads
4. Law and Order
5. decaf / diet Coke / light beer / sugar-free / no added salt
6. being billed 100's of $'s for ringing mobiles from a landline
7. militant vegetarians getting in my face
8. sitcom "clip shows"
9. the price of beer increasing far beyond inflation
10. channel 9 celebrities
11. so-called "democratic governments" led by monkeys we hate but can't vote out
12. the 10+ spam mails I receive a day
13. centrelink interviews
14. cartoons at 5 AM when nobody's around to watch 'em
15. "copy controlled" CD's
16. banner ads in the middle of TV shows
17. excess snot
18. celebrity couple gossip
19. NME spawning yet another "saviour" of rock
20. the RIAA
21. yet another paedophile
22. metrosexuals
23. endlessly rehashing the 80's
24. reality TV overload
25. unnecessary sequels

After reading the list, I had only one question: what the heck is a metrosexual? I'd vaguely heard the term before, but was unsure as to what this actually was. So I asked him via ICQ, hoping like heck that his reply wouldn't go missing. (my ICQ is weird like that)

This morning when I got up, I turned on ICQ temporarily.. there was my answer!

"hmmmm.. the term "metrosexual" is a new invented catagory of males, invented by the fashion industry.. to try and sell cosmetics to men.. they're meant to be males who consider facials, manicures n shit like that.. to be really important.. they're the freaks who habitually wax their chest.. etc..

the main blame for this.. is some dude known as David Beckham.. (soccer player..)"

That definitely refreshed my memory. I had to tell him that I knew very well who David Beckham was, since my sister used to be infatuated with him. (partly because he was involved with Posh Spice Victoria Adams, and she LOVED the Spice Girls at that time)

I should do my own list of "25 things I could really do without".. maybe later today or something. Might be more than 25 things, too.. the last time I stole one of his blog ideas, I expanded upon it as is my wont. ;)

Bus Passes

I just checked my snail mail, which is no longer the experience it once was. (thank goodness!) Got my yearly bus pass application for next year. I will NOT fluff it up like I did next year.. in fact, I will check all my incoming mail very carefully for the rest of the year. My determination will be even more intense than it was in July, when I was escaping from someone's bad temper. (never mind that I don't talk to that person anymore) Indeed, it shall be set like fire and ice.. a bloody good combination, that.

For those of you unfamiliar with last year's travails: last year, I filled out the bus pass application and sent it in to Victoria with my fees for the pass. I expected my bus pass to arrive sometime within the next few weeks or so. When a certain tan-colored envelope came in the mail from the government, I disregarded it because I thought that was a "notice of cheque deposit" slip that I could throw away unopened.

It wasn't until a couple weeks later (Dec. 19) that I realized what I had done. (on a 98 B-Line bus ride home from Crankpots in City Square mall, between Aberdeen and Capstan Way) That was truly a dreadful realization.. I had to write a note saying I needed a replacement pass, and pay $10 as a replacement fee. Thank goodness I got the replacement pass a few weeks after that.. I only had to pay my way to Awana once. (and I never was much for going out during the week at certain times, anyhow)

One more thing: my mom thinks the bus pass is free. It is most definitely NOT free, which concept I've tried drilling in her head for years now. All right, so it costs $45 for the year.. that's CHEAP, but still not free. You'd think she would get it by now.. cheh.

My family also seems to think that taking the bus is more convenient because I have this yearly bus pass. I admit it is, but that still doesn't mean that I want to take the bus anytime / anywhere. It can still be inconvenient to take the bus somewhere because of a variety of factors.. this isn't magically erased because I have the pass. Sheesh.

Chunky Soup

I don't think I should buy Chunky Soup anymore. Sure, it's good stuff and everything.. but I just cannot open the new style of cans they have out now. (the ones with a tab at the top.. they kind of look like Hormel cans, to be honest!) Ah well, not much I can do about that. I think it's supposed to help you avoid using your can opener on these cans.. but the new style is hard for me. (yes, I tried it the other day.. I wasn't able to get a can open, and I suspect the soup in the can would fly all over if I *did* manage to get one open)

The Weather

I'm glad I'm staying in today.. there's heavy rainfall, wind, and flooding outside. (50 more millimetres of rain this afternoon?) In light of this, I'm seriously rethinking going to Boston Pizza tomorrow. Maybe I'll do it when the weather clears up.. though I haven't gone there since everything went down. Gotta take advantage of the "Pasta Tuesday" special at least once a month, after all. ;)

Some Things That I Can Do Without..

1. people telling me how I should feel or what I should do, regardless of my own feelings
2. simple misunderstandings that blow up
3. repeating myself endlessly.. people should LISTEN to what you have to say!
4. people bugging me over my disability
5. hate and injustice in general
6. stupid repeating commercials on TV
7. endless spam mail in my inbox.. no explanation needed
8. people who insist on eternal gratefulness when it's not called for (like my parents: "remember how they gave that up for you ten years ago?")
9. lectures from my parents.. sometimes, they DON'T know better than I do!
10. news of crimes against children (esp. sexual ones)
11. dodgy TV show / movie premises (yeah, like we're REALLY supposed to believe that the hero will make it through the war unscathed when there are zillions of enemy forces just waiting to blitz him)
12. things that don't live up to their hype (books, TV shows, movies, music, etc.)
13. viruses that hit you at the WORST time (both medical and computer ones)
14. sudden inconvenient changes of plans
15. dodgy baby names like Unique, Veal, Truth, Wisdom, Cappuccino, etc. (what is UP with that trend of naming your kid after food products and words in the dictionary?)
16. people who don't like me for no reason at all
17. violence against women and children
18. not being told things till the last minute (or not being told at all, because "you don't have to know about it".. well, I like being informed.. isn't that good enough?)
19. ads for certain dysfunctions while I'm watching TV
20. infant fatalities that could've been prevented
21. dodgy "easy-listening" artists, like Celine Dion
22. being continually reminded of past mistakes forevermore
23. not being able to talk freely with my friends
24. maddeningly SLOW people when I'm in a hurry
25. people who dash my expectations

So what are the things that bug YOU? (sometimes out of all proportion) Post them here, if you want.. or comment on my list.. doesn't matter to me!

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Happy Halloween! / catching up / quizzes


Jon, Vivian, and me at Viv's a few years back: 40 of us carved pumpkins and celebrated Vivian's Oct. 30 birthday! (Happy Belated Birthday, Vivian... if you're reading this, heh)

Image hosted by

Corey as a zombie a few years back:

Image hosted by

Sean as a girl and Adela as a guy in 2003 for Halloween:

Image hosted by

A closer-up look at Sean's aforementioned girl costume:

Image hosted by

Two random pics I yanked off a Google Image Search:

It's taken me from 5:45 PM till now to get completely caught up on the important stuff around here after being gone from 2 AM Saturday morning till 5:40 PM Sunday. I could swear it only took me half the time when I was away from the computer for two days recently... maybe I skimmed a lot then. o_O

Then again, my body thinks it's 2:33 AM instead of 3:33 AM... this DST ending isn't doing me any favors. :P

This morning, my sister was singing in a rather high-pitched voice, so I told her (through her bedroom door) that it wasn't the best aural stimulation. Of course, she thought I meant "ORAL" stimulation... and when I used that construct again with my mom upstairs and my sister downstairs, my mom immediately thought I was being a sexual deviant. =/

(my sister said that I *knew* Mom would think of that kind of stimulation since she only knows that one of the two... so I guess I verbally trolled my mom, heh...)

I tried Googling "sexual deviant" on her computer to let her know I wasn't one, but her Parental Controls wouldn't let me see even the RESULTS of the Google search. Then she thought I was looking up porn... even if I *wanted* to look that up on her computer (which I don't, thankyouverymuch!), I couldn't because of the Parental Controls!

Note: LJ Halloween Adventure Memegen, by America_Mamushi.

Harry Potter Meme of All Memes by Osaku
Name / Username
WandBirch, 10", Phoenix Feather
Best CourseHerbology
Worst CourseCharms
PetNorthern Saw-Whet Owl
Quidditch JobSecurity Wizard
Wizard CandyBertie Botts every Flavour Beans (Mmm! Vomit!)
Profession After SchoolGringotts Banker
Quiz created with MemeGen!

No clue whether this is good or bad... o_O

Halloween Horoscope for Virgo

Eh, Halloween is not exactly your favorite holiday.
Your costume is usually pretty simple - if it exists at all.

Costume suggestions: A scary mask or whatever you wore last year.

Signature Halloween candy: Tootsie Pops

You Are

An Evil Pumpkin Face

You would make a good pumpkin bomb.

What does your future hold?

You will become a hermit in the woods and make friends with all of the forest creatures

eerie crystal ball!
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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Suudsu, Missions Conference, long church meetings

So what have I been doing for the past 30 hours? Sit back, and I'll tell you. On the way home from Nathan's on Friday, Eric tried convincing me to get gummi bears so I could make suudsu: "I can take pictures of it, and then show Danielle! She thinks it's gross to mix gummi bears and milk!" Somehow, I don't think that will work to convince her it's NOT gross... although it sounds better than Mountain Milk (Mountain Dew and milk) or lemon pie dipped in milk! I also told him that I'd link him to Rejected, but he thinks it's gross... maybe the next time we're at Nathan's, haha. (he has the Microsoft anti-spyware thing, which I should probably get too... except my computer failed validation, so perhaps not...)

Here's a picture of suudsu... I took a screenshot from the Strong Bad email, and cropped it all by myself. I'm so proud, haha. :D

Image hosted by

On Saturday, I had Awana as per the usual... I may be getting too old or burnt out for this gig, heh. :P Then there was the Missions Conference, with dinner beforehand: I talked to Sheena, Shally, Phil, Chalaine, Randal, Chris, and a few others about life / food / books / memory for names / mentoring / chips / music. Lesley's presentation was so-so, Carl McLeod's was okay (he's in Uzbekistan), and my friends Kelvin and Evelyn's presentation about China and Thailand ROCKED since it had Powerpoint! Afterwards, I checked the hockey score on the TV in the nursery: Colorado beat Vancouver 4-3 in overtime! :(

I went to my parents' after that, and watched MAD TV before going to bed: that stuff is hilarious sometimes! (they had a parody of 24 and an R. Kelly send-up which involved guns and cupboards) As usual, I couldn't sleep until 3 (which includes the time change!)... maybe I *am* a night person, heh. This morning at church, I talked to John and Sophia briefly about their new baby Olivia (she looks so cute when she's sleeping, although you can't tell anything much about the kid)... I also talked to Mike and Emily since they hadn't seen me in some time (they've been sick). For lunch, Dave's mom invited the family over to have dumplings and noodles: very good stuff.. I know I ate a lot! (but I still went to 7-11 afterwards to get candy and Trident Splash gum to munch on / share during the meeting!)

Cindy, Erin, Joe, and others shared my candy with me while the balcony people studied / did papers / went on MSN / talked about Kids' Night in lieu of Halloween trick-or-treating for the kiddies tomorrow. Joe and Phil took advantage of the church's wireless by doing the same paper on their laptops the day before it was due, while Danielle got on MSN and chatted to Phil using her laptop. (yes, he was across the room) I also got Joe's MSN info since Steph added herself to Phil's MSN list.. and added him when I got home. Michelle decided she couldn't trust Melia or Joey to tell her whether she had any sticky fuzzy green dots on her, so she turned to me: I took a couple off for her, even! Erin gave me a couple of Canadian stamps for free once she saw my birthday card for my Calgary friend Darren... so thoughtful of her! :D

Steph and Eric decided to scrutinize people counting ballots: their names might be in the minutes next time, so that's church fame for you, haha! Later on, Eric asked good questions: we congratulated him when he came back upstairs. We all had to laugh as the meeting wore on and Katherine (without fail) rendered the word "congregation" as "conjugation." (at first, we weren't sure whether we were hearing things...) Since I was signing a pile of November birthday cards (Margaret / Vanessa / David / Brenda / Tim / Karen Kwan / Melia / Winnie / Joanna / Jon / Emily / my Calgary friend Darren), a few people asked me about those. Joey denied feeling left out, while Erin's brother Darren wondered where I got all my random stickers... from the card shop, to be sure! (although I may have to stop buying them from Hallmark since they decided to offer less for the same price :P)

After the meeting finally let out at almost 5, Steph told Clement that we had to have another "support group" meeting for old times' sake, especially since none of us are studying anymore. It'll be great if his girlfriend Jocelyn can make it out to dinner, and even more awesome if his sister Fidela's in town from Wheaton (near Chicago) for the US Thanksgiving holiday weekend! Clement said Jocelyn could make it anytime, and it would be super if we could pick a Sunday night when a Canucks game is on... since I'm on top of things, I emailed my sister a list of Sunday night games.

Now, I just want to relax and catch up! Corey's bugging me about smoking pot: he says that since I live near a big pothead town, I should be able to find some! (he advised me to buy Visine to get the red out of my eyes if I ever did) That might be the case, but I dunno... I wouldn't even know where to start looking IF a desire overcame me to do that stuff, which it hasn't! :P

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