Saturday, October 04, 2008

Yes, we can make fun of Sarah Palin!

Decided to go to my sister's after all, and exercised my "uncanny sense of timing" by getting there just when they'd started eating. Melia and Angus were on their way out, to the Boyz II Men concert - they did contribute Timbits, however! Had a bunch of my sister's favorite foods while Citrus tried working the remote so that the actual TV would be on - the ug wanted to see the baseball score, but the recent ROCK BAND stats were on screen instead. Danielle, Cindy, Vivian, Vanessa, and Christon were also there. Later, they all played ROCK BAND while discussing things like "inside jokes" (Eric's birthday present) / "GET A ROOM!" / "DO IT NOW!" / making fun of Sarah Palin / Harmony's POO LOG gift / work / Regina / frozen yogurt / 99% chocolate (SO BITTER!) / word choice in songs (some are NOT parent-friendly! :P) / the LAST SERVICE EVER at the church building!

They had to do LIVIN' ON A PRAYER with the key changes, GIVE IT AWAY with Citrus' story about his sister from last week, WHITE WEDDING, some seven-song marathon without vocals, Journey, the Offspring, Elvis Costello, and many others. Dad made a comment about the poor neighbors, haha. He reminded us (while Christon was doing preliminary Powerpoint) that it would be the last service ever... we know! Got to talk to Harmony while Jon was doing vocals, so that was nice - Germany should be okay, even for work. Danielle kept dating herself by saying that certain songs were from high school / Alberta days, so she tried telling everyone that I was older than she was. I had an instant excellent comeback: "Yeah, but I'm not the one dating myself!" (Christon said it was a good one, and everyone laughed) Dad thought she was older than Daniel - um, no. Generally, she gets "senior" or "baby." Viv drove me home on her way to BBT with Steph, and I found that Eric had called. I'll see what he wanted tomorrow, I guess!

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First fold-away bathroom?! SWEET!

Bingo of the day so far:

INCHOATE (73 points) - against Larry G.

High-scoring words of the day so far:

GOURDS (200 points) - against Beverly D. [two 5W]
JATOS (165 points) - against Linda B. [two 3W; hook off WELTER for a plural]
QUINT (142 points) - against Amy K. [5W, 2W; EN]

I'm going to delete a KIDNAP! request from Amanda B. because of a Rihanna reference contained within. I've had enough of that stupid UMBRELLA song! *rage* Helped Michelle with Phil's number, too. Gonna go to my sister's - Jon says someone brought ROCK BAND over, haha.

This is from my ArcaMax Weird News email:

----------- First fold-away bathroom invented -------------

BRADFORD, England - A British designer said he was inspired to create the first fold-away bathroom by the limited space in many apartments throughout Britain. Designer Paul Hernon said after his research indicated bathroom space in homes and rentals was limited, he went about creating the world's first bathroom that can simply be folded up to save space, the Daily Telegraph said Friday. "I did lots of research and it became obvious to me that bathroom space was decreasing, particularly in apartments," he told the newspaper. The 38-year-old inventor's creation is an 8-foot-tall metal column whose shower attachments, storage units, and toilet all rotate out for use. Once an individual's bathroom activities are concluded, the items swivel back into place and form a unit that takes up less space than conventional bathroom units. Hernon told the Telegraph that the most alarming consumer aspect of his creation is its weight, as the Vertebrae weighs in at 330 pounds, meaning the floor beneath it may need to be reinforced to support its weight.

On a similar note:

* Tech Support: "Thank you for calling tech support, how may I help you?"
* Customer: "Yes, is this the help desk?"
* Tech Support: "Yes sir, it is; how may I help you?"
* Customer: (in a very strained and excited voice) "I can't go to the bathroom!"

Understandably, I was shocked.

* Tech Support: "Sir... I am not sure what your definition of a help desk is, but I don't believe I am qualified to help you with that problem."
* Customer: "You have to. The nearest bathroom is broken, and the toilet is overflowing. I don't know what to do. Send someone up to repair it."
* Tech Support: "Sir, we only do troubleshooting on computers, not bathrooms and toilets."
* Customer: "But it's the same thing!"
* Tech Support: "Um, no... it's not."
* Customer: "It is too! It's repairing things! Now I want someone up here right now."
* Tech Support: "It's two entirely different things. Computers run on electricity and have hundreds of parts. Toilets run on water."
* Customer: "It's an emergency! Can you send someone up to fix it?"
* Tech Support: "Sir, might I suggest that you use another bathroom?"

I put him on hold. For about three minutes. I hate to be screamed at.

* Tech Support: "Sir, I cannot. I have no way to do that. I fix computers. Not toilets."
* Customer: (rant, rant, rave, rave)
* Tech Support: "I'm sorry, I really can't help you."
* Customer: "Oh gosh... oh, my pants!" (click)


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Friday, October 03, 2008

Nice poof - let's grip it over pullups!

Bingo of the night so far:

OOGENIES (60 points) - against Mary P.-G.

High-scoring words of the night so far:

NICE (155 points) - against Bob H. [two 5W]
POOFY (130 points) - against Nathalie L. [two 5W]
GRIP (175 points) - against Jeff W. [two 5W]
OVERED (280 points) - against Mary P.-G. [two 5W]

While Corey was talking to me about scammers and pullups, Eric called to see if I needed a ride tonight. His group is meeting somewhere that really isn't close to my group's place [as I told Dylan], and then he'd have to pick me up at an indeterminate time. Ah well. Michelle also asked me for math help; she figured out what to do, although I could have helped too.

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Dream: Necklaces, and Jonathan speaking in Yugoslavian?!

Bingos of the day so far:

FIGEATER (62 points) - against George M.
TIPSIER (95 points) - against Lee-Anne W.

High-scoring words of the day so far:

MUGWORTS (106 points) - against Shelley B. [4W] {Haha, this sounds like it should be in HARRY POTTER or something! Yes, even I know it's HOGWARTS, but work with me here.}
UPBORE (160 points) - against Shelley R.-B. [two 4W]
HOST (112 points) - against Angela V. [two 4W]

Interesting racks of the last couple of days: FARTGAS, against Angela V. / ROEWADE, against Danielle L.

SISTER GETS HOME TONIGHT - YAY! If I don't go anywhere tonight, I'll probably see her! Also, the itinerary's been changed for December - it's 4 PM on the Saturday. I guess Jon will have to rearrange his schedule! Ray also sent us an email about dishes: yup, we'll need to have a plan for washing them before we actually leave their place! I also hate when Facebook logs me out, or gives me Page Not Found errors! Corey says it might be spyware - I hope not. (Spybot it is, if it ever runs on this temperamental beast of a machine...)

Had a weird dream: Jeremy, some of my other friends, and I were at a shop which sold magic accessories. Suddenly, my dad showed up and announced that we'd have to get out of there NOW because there would be some controlled explosions nearby. We all looked at each other, and wondered how we'd do that... Jeremy had gotten to the shop on his bike, and the rest of us had no vehicles! Dad produced a huge van out of nowhere - after stashing the bike into the back, we all piled in for a wild ride up the underground passages onto Broadway. Dad got a call from someone, and announced that we'd have to take the bus to wherever we wanted to go since this mysterious person needed the car.

We wanted to see what was going on near a jewelry building, so he took us there. When we got there, two ladies told us that we weren't technically supposed to fish under the seats for necklaces, but they'd let us do it since we'd gotten there early. Not being ones to pass up free bling, we accordingly did. The necklaces were submerged in tiny pools of water, and we also got teddy bears with crystals when we left. Dad kept on telling us to hurry up, since we had to be somewhere by 10:15 AM. At a crowded bus stop (407, 496, 98 B-Line, etc.), we saw Jonathan Chan. He was talking in Yugoslavian, and we somehow could understand. (my dad told me to sit properly, but I ignored him in favor of sitting with my friends) The dream ended when a sea of people was getting on the bus headed across the street - I thought I could do that too, since it would save time instead of Dad going home and then driving me out all the way there again!

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Thursday, October 02, 2008

I'll decline Bible Study because of my money issues!

Bingos of the day so far:

ENZOOTIC (120 points) - against Pat K.
RESTAGED (60 points) - against Angela V.

High-scoring words of the day so far:

CHUG (150 points) - against Sara H. [5W, 3W]
IDIOT (150 points) - against George M. [two 5W]
ENZOOTIC (120 points) - against Pat K. [bingo; 2W, 2L on Z]
QUEY (204 points) - against Flora G. [3W, 4W]
FEARER (180 points; 4W, 5W), MIND [146 points; hook off IN to make INN and OD; 4W, 5W] - against Lee-Anne W.
CRINGE (230 points) - against Sean E. [two 5W]
AGED (150 points) - against Kate E. [two 5W]
VIBRIO (117 points) - against Shelley B. [two 3W]
NIHIL (128 points) - against Alice P. [two 4W]
ADVENT (120 points) - against Marg O. [3W, 4W]
CROWN (250 points) - against Karen B. [two 5W]
AXE (95 points) - against Jennifer F. [5W, 3L on X]
MERINO (600 points) - against Shelley R.-B. [3W, two 5W]

I had a dream last night which involved my looking after a bunch of little kids in a religious environment. Didn't recognize any of 'em from real life, but we seemed to get along pretty well. There was a quiet guy with long hair there who caught my eye. Since the kids were taking up my attention, I didn't really get a chance to talk to him much. While the kids were distracted watching a pageant going on in the same complex, the guy wanted to talk to me. I followed him to a place slightly removed from the group, and he told me that he liked me. I didn't find anything strange about that!

We just sat there for a bit holding hands, till he let out a shuddering sigh. Concerned, I moved closer to him and asked what was up. He then told me a story about how he'd endured hardship - his grandfather had had his eyes taken out by stoning, and the poor guy had had to watch it! The dream ended when we were just holding each other against the world. NO IDEA why I had the dream, heh... although I *did* see a guy with long hair yesterday!

Also have decided NOT to meet anyone today. I may not be as sensitive to certain things as my friends are, but even I recognize the need for downtime. Spoz has a new design at his blog - interesting! Dylan's also answered my question of yesterday; Bible Study is at JJ Bean's, and there might be dinner earlier at some place called Belgium Fries. I'll have to decline because of my money issues - bills and saving up do NOT make for my being made of money! Darn the church building construction not being fully completed yet! :P

HAHAHA. Just came across this image in RandomThought!

Reminds me of this one that Henrik sent me years ago:

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"Peeling carrots" is NOT "peeling toilets"

Jon picked me up yesterday afternoon, and we spent a few minutes bantering. Then we got into our trip to Regina - some aspects of it are fair, and some aren't, I'm such a wuss when it comes to the potential weather conditions there - it's almost like I'm turning into Grandma! Sure, I guess I have a reason, but we'll see. Talked about how to relate to certain people, moodiness, sensitivity to being out all day, and reconciliation / readiness.

Went to the Riley Park Farmer's Market - I saw a sign advertising "Bad Girl Chocolates," and Jon joked that it would be perfect for me! A guitarist tried to say "NI HAO" as we walked by looking for squash and jalapenos, haha. Saw a bunch of little kids there... yes, the farm market IS family-friendly! Speaking of squash [Christon's NEMESIS - one which Steph heard ENTIRELY too much about last year in her email], I posed with a turban squash - supposedly it's good with butter and sour cream. (and a lady almost dropped a curry squash on my head!) Then we stopped by a cheese store - Swiss raw milk cheese was interesting, and apparently there was something which smelled like old socks - Jon says our crowd would eat it, when I said it wasn't generally accessible. Then we went to Buy-Low "for the GWEI-LO" - it's UPSTAIRS at Kingsgate Mall! I misread a sign for Cool Whip AEROSOL spray, instead thinking it was ALCOHOL spray. No, I haven't a clue where my brain was! o_O

Ray amused me by letting us in before verifying who it was by voice... later, they talked about Peggy / Janette / Dragon Boat / things [like hot girls] being worth a slap. I helped peel a bunch of carrots, and this was the source of a mishearing on all the guys' parts! (except Ray in his room) I told Jeremy that I'd discovered a new joy in peeling carrots - it's actually FUN! He and Jon heard "human carrots," while Christon heard "peeling toilets" - is my enunciation THAT bad these days?! I know sometimes I tend to talk too fast, but seriously! (Human carrots - with REAL BLOOD! But peeling toilets... just peel a layer off when you're done using it!) Talked to Jeremy for a while about work, icing muscles, management, a "chip explosion," moss, computer things, better mice [the computer kind], his new Bible Study group, his parents calling him at 6:20 AM to sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY to him (and he was already at work!), the CULTURE OF POO, and more. (in Germany, some people look at their poo to determine the state of their health - and Ray's heard of overhanging shelves for it!)

I was amazed at the PILE of wild mushrooms reducing to what was in the pot - yes, we made joking references to magic mushrooms and pot! Nathan came by with his laptop and a bunch of physical pictures for the slideshow this Sunday: SO MANY MEMORIES from the mid-90s! We're SURE that Lesley has thousands of pictures, so 300 could really be "a handful" to her! (Nate had asked for just a handful... he got a bunch from Winnie: weddings, camp, Awana, groups, etc.) Everyone looked so different in 1995 and onwards! (Josh and Felicia [something happened with THEM!], Alex, Lauren, both Helens, Cindy, Dianne, Sam, Connie, Larry, Sandra, FM, Kenny, James, Sanne, Lillian, Glen, Natalie, David, Elaine, Frances, Sophia, Eddie...) Nathan decided to set part of the show to the GROWING PAINS theme song, hahaha! There was a story about a really redneck way to deal with roadkill - just pick the dead grouse up off the road, and cook it at home! Apparently, it tasted like a slightly bigger / better version of chicken... and Jeremy saw one on the Grouse Grind once, too.

The vegetarian chili was pretty good - squash, eggplant, carrot, and more! We didn't really notice that most of the meal had no meat... Christon's soup had chicken stock in it, heh. He just wants to get away from home, so the road trip comes at a good time for him! Discussed Citrus' last weekend, Tasers, pepper spray, Steph back this weekend, cilantro, water, sea salt vs. iodized salt, Dylan and curtains, David, fans, Tony / WARHAMMER, Warren Buffett, the $700 billion bailout, politics, most people's perception of beer, trifle, streaming the hockey game, and the wind-up radio. Ray wondered what the heck was going on from his room when he heard Nathan winding it up - sixty turns gets you half an hour! Probably a good thing for Y2K preparedness years ago, haha... long-ago birthday presents are cool. Checked Facebook briefly, and I am now married to Chantelle. :) [getting seeds doesn't work on Jer's computer, so I didn't do that!] It was certainly a pretty good time out, especially because the Canucks won 6-1 over the Flames!

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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Rinkworks Stupidity / Dream of Citrus and baby brother

Bingo of the day so far:

DOTTIEST (131 points) - against Betty L.
ENTREATS (68 points) - against Angela V.

High-scoring words of the day so far:

SIZE (145 points) - against Mark H. [5S, 2W, hook off QUIRE for a plural]
DAMNER (900 points) - against Gerald C. [4W, two 5W]
FACIA (150 points) - against Pat K. [3S, 5W]
JO (80 points) - against Amy K. [2W, 4W; hook to make SO]
HEAP (144 points) - against Flora G. [two 4W]
RAINOUT (176 points) - against Flora G. [two 4W] {different game}
DOTTIEST (131 points) - against Betty L. [bingo; 3W]
REWAKES (210 points) - against Cindy B. [3W, 5W]
QUERN (224 points) - against Sean E. [two 4W]
FRAME (130 points) - against Christie M. [5L on F; 5W]

The words in my game with George can be reconstructed into a sentence: "we hive tempted, sexy mono."

Have rediscovered Rinkworks Computer Stupidities, Stupid Things People Say, and TechTales. Ah, nostalgia of YEARS ago!

I had a weird dream which involved Citrus getting a new baby brother named Citosha, almost in time for his eighteenth birthday. No, Cordia wasn't even in the dream. This baby could tell the future, and time-travel too. Danielle was at the controls of an air traffic control dashboard, and Citrus' mom wanted the news of the baby to make the radio and newspapers. I remember thinking in the dream that we couldn't call Citrus "Sit" anymore because of the confusion factor; Grandma (of all the people) seemed taken by the new baby, and constantly offered to babysit. NO IDEA WHY I HAD THE DREAM!

Eric isn't going to Jeremy's tonight, as I gathered by phone. Not sure how he can do that to one of my favorite people on HIS BIRTHDAY, of all days! Jon's going early, so I'll make sure to check in with him later. The flan and transit (if needed) will be worth it, for sure!

Hey, this post is written on 10/01 at 10:01 - YAY FOR NUMBER QUIRKINESS! :D

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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Got my first draw in Wordscraper!

Bingos of the night so far:

TERMITIC (62 points) - against Pat K.
ADORNED (106 points) - against Pat K. [different game]
DIALECT (66 points) - against Joseph D.

High-scoring words of the night so far:

ABLED (136 points) - against Heidi D. [5W, 3W, hook off QUIRE to make QUIRED]
ACYL (180 points) - against Kathy T. [5W, 4W]
WIRED (225 points; two 5W), SICES (118 points; two 4W, hook off BEE for a plural) - against John U.
SAX (112 points) - against Amy K. [2W, 5W, hook off SPA for a plural]
LOWLY (110 points) - against Steve L. [2W, 5W]
DECALOG (132 points) - against Shelley R.-B. [4W, 3W]
LOMEIN (192 points) - against Charlene A. [two 4W]
HUT (150 points) - against Pat K. [two 5W]
ADORNED (106 points; bingo, 4W), VERGER (160 points; two 4W) - against Pat K. [different game]
DORSER (210 points) - against Sarah E. [5W, 2W, 3W]
NEEDLE (112 points) - against Lori J. [two 4W]
ONS (100 points) - against Susan D. [two 5W; hooks on JILTER and ER]
EIGHTH (104 points) - against Anne S. [2W, 4W]
FRAMES (176 points) - against Karla M. [two 4W]

Hey, Roberto Luongo is the new captain - sweet! He can't wear the C, but it's the first time since 1947 that an NHL goalie is a team captain! Also got my first draw: Sandra H. and I scored the same number of points. Blank boards are REALLY boring to play, just for your information! Also found that the last two random Russians to add me have been SUSPENDED! Woohoo!

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Monday, September 29, 2008

I'm decreasing my personal junk!

Bingos of the day so far:

BEADROLL (61 points), STEADING (60 points) - against Pat K.
RUMINATE (62 points) - against Larry G.
OUTLINED (72 points) - against Gerald C.

High-scoring words of the day so far:

SNOB (750 points; three 5W), GENT (625 points; three 5W), QUA (300 points; two 5W) - against Pat K.
GIRDER (128 points) - against Helen P. [two 4W]
ECHOED (300 points) - against Nicole C. [two 5W]
ULTRA (125 points) - against Shannon E. [two 5W]

Had a good chat yesterday, so that is POSITIVE! Went food shopping today, and couldn't resist getting a Melon Trio yogurt: honeydew, watermelon, and cantaloupe! [also had pineapple-coconut-banana in the EXOTIC collection] Decided to try some Beatrice non-lactose milk, since I've seen D buy it a few times. I debated about buying mushrooms OR a dessert for Wednesday at Jeremy's: after five minutes, the fruit flan won out. Have emailed everyone on the list to tell them NOT to get anything like cake! Also got SunRype FRUIT AND VEGGIES juice, cereal, soap (must get more - maybe if D goes on a run: MUST ASK ABOUT KETCHUP), personal stuff, and other items... I managed to avoid the frozen foods aisle completely, and only spent a little over $100! *cheer*

Got home and tidied for over an hour: I found hats and winter items (in all sorts of colors) that I didn't realize I had, and threw away a lot of junk that was lying around! (plus stuff which was just taking up fridge space) Hats, toques, mittens, scarves, and more will definitely be useful to me! Right now, it's a mini-blast of summer: the high is 28 degrees! I'm sure people (Eric / K) would still pronounce my room a mess, though. At least I cleaned up from my frantic search for my debit card, too.

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Sunday, September 28, 2008

I'm feeling better since Dylan can listen!

Bingo of the night so far:

MISDROVE (78 points) - against James H.

High-scoring words of the night so far:

VERBENA (192 points) - against Jill M. [two 4W]
DRYAD (350 points) - against Jamshed A. [two 5W]
OVOID (144 points) - against Billie E. [two 4W]
AMBER (28,125 points) - against Billie E. [five 5W] {different game}

Discussed star power and technique / metal / ROCK BAND / Bon Jovi / crack with Corey... also missed a phone call from Dylan. That I shall return, because it's IMPORTANT! Talked about Committee stuff, Kevin, Johnny, personal issues, being perceptive of the BIG picture, small groups, and programs. You bet I'm in for next year with more people! (interesting mix, hehe) I feel better now that I've talked it out, even in an oblique way. I will NOT let it ruin things! He's easy to talk to, and he does listen!

These radio shows are freaking me out, man. Dead people calling from the cemetery, and listening in to people plotting your own murder from a wrong number?! I know these are suspense shows and all, and it'll get worse in OCTOBER... but I guess maybe I'm easily scared! :P [the TWILIGHT ZONE!]

Jon also just sent us an email: sure, I'm in for helping poor Jeremy with his injury! I'll even help cook on Birthday Wednesday! Curry, cheese, chili, mushroom soup, stew, things that freeze easily, and other things that translate into a lot of leftovers will all be good ideas! (good times too!)

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Yup, it's the penultimate time we'll meet at THIS building!

High-scoring words of the day so far:

QIS (300 points; two 5W) - against Pat K.
JOB (315 points) - against Raymond C. [two 5W, hook to make OD]
GENTOO (21,875 points; five 5W), WORD (1000 points; three 5W), AMP (920 points; three 5S, hook off ROW to make PROW), BIG (150 points; two 5W), REV (150 points; two 5W), VOLT (875 points; three 5W) - against Alice P.
CAKED (112 points) - against George M. [2W, 4W]
OWING (100 points) - against Hitomi S. [5W, 2W]
WILD (111 points) - against Rory O. [two 3W; hook off ETHERS to make WETHERS]

Interestingly enough, Pat started a TOTALLY BLANK board with me - should be a neat change of pace! [yes, that means NO MULTIPLIERS!]

My mom came up with an interesting way for me to inject more travel into my life: why not go to Regina? Sounds like something important, so I may just do that! If Jon goes in the evening, I might do that - traveling with my parents might be too stressful, heh. Not sure about Grandma, since her health isn't too great at present. She referred to Angus by his last name; good thing I know who she means! Later, she asked me about the extra bag I had: I didn't bother telling her that it wasn't for me, although it was from Auntie Catherine. I'm sure she would have lectured me about "asking her to drive all the way to Richmond," so left it out of the equation! (it was HER idea, but I'm sure my not demurring would count against me somehow) People know Steph's back for this weekend - YAY FOR HOUSE GATHERINGS! (Mom kept referring to 2010 as "210" - that was literally AGES ago!)

Went to church, and waved hi to Raymond while discussing last night with Jon and Jeremy. Joey and Emily had to go early last night because of a dinner, but at least they got SOME time in! Raymond said he wasn't sure which free gift to give Tony on Facebook - I wouldn't know about that myself! Discussed hell, work, not knowing answers to questions, the popular depiction of hell as the Devil with a pitchfork, healing, the corn maze, Wordscraper / no vowels / swapping tiles and getting back consonants for consonants (NOT GOOD), and other things while saying hi to Auntie Esther and Uncle Patrick. (YAY for talking to Raymond and Jeremy!) We were amused by the mistakes of the audio-visual people, and I said hi to Jenica while talking to Michelle about nocturnal shifts. Talked about debt, mortgages, the financial crisis in the States, and more in service. Shared my bulletin with Jeremy, who was actually sitting on his the entire time!

As I went down the ramp after Tim and his sons, I wished Tony a happy birthday: he's not doing much for it except helping the church with packing and moving. Saw Denise, who's back for TWO MONTHS - said hi to her brother Brian too! Christon eventually paid me back my $2, while Tony told me that he didn't have any money for the banquet ticket since all his available cash usually goes to grocery shopping! Grace and I spent some time with Hannah - she already wants her mom to take the new baby back to the hospital, and it's not even BORN yet! (due at the end of October) Connor had a good grip on my finger for a bit - yay, healthy baby!

While a bunch of us were blocking eight-month-pregnant Karen's way down the ramp, we all sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Tony... reminded me of a bunch of people singing the same to me a few years ago, prominently Jeremy and my sister, haha! Saw Annie and her two kids as well: so many babies and kids! Tony decided to go bowling with some of the CSC guys: Jon and I were amused by his response to my question about whether his brother knew. "He will!" Hahaha, oh dear. We wondered where Eric was - Jon thought he'd be sleeping OR sick, so had to get Martin to help with the offering count! (checked in with him when I got home - he's still alive, which is GOOD!) He did joke around yesterday that Cordia should be the church's new bass player since she got a 249-note streak on some song: I'm SURE Pastor John would LOVE to let her borrow his bass, haha!

Sunday School was fine as usual, only little Arthur actually held my hand all by himself! I found that cute, since he evidently likes me despite my speaking to him in English! (he doesn't understand it) He actually talked a bit after he had half a Chinese dessert - maybe it was the sugar. Since he wanted me to sit with him, I did - I experienced a good feeling, like I did when Aidan sat in my lap over a year ago now, AND when Ian held my hand when HE was about two or three himself! (memories...) Watson suddenly said something about how the Vancouver police would get you - maybe he's scared about that! Arthur also appeared to love my blue shiny shirt with sequins, and my flowered Sunday hat: just wait till Christmas when I can mesmerize you with my jeweled shirt and Santa hat!

After talking to Cindy about the church moving / sentimental feelings, I talked to Sonny about school while he and Jeremy were discussing George Orwell books. He wondered where his brother was, so I told him while Jeremy went into the church. I like how we take new people under our wing! Nathan, Jon, Jeremy, and I were amused by Christon's way of keeping his money organized - sure, just get the tiniest Ziploc bag you can find for your dollar bills and change! When they discussed curry, I wished Jeremy and Christon a happy early birthday - Jeremy then mentioned to Jon that I was the only one who apparently remembered. Jon protested that he'd said something earlier.

Dylan asked me about packing stuff up - ask my dad about it in the next two days! Jeremy then grinned and said that he should NEVER have told me about his birthday - TOO LATE! (it's like when Dylan told me to forget he ever told me about his birthdate when we first met in 2001 or so... you're asking the WRONG PERSON, new friend of mine!) A bunch of them went to Pho, but Sonny elected to wait for Jon - he got stranded for his trouble (no money?), so I took him to the restaurant before leaving with my family. (I need to tell Chuck something later on, too...) Talked about Regina and stuff with my mom at lunch: I've been tasked with finding out about Regina weather in mid-December by my dad, heh. GRANDMA ACTUALLY ATE RICE WITHOUT COMMENT, AND WAS SUPPORTIVE OF MY WONTON MEIN! (AWESOME!) Now I'm telling Corey that I'm thankful for the angst to fuel my Alanis performance, hehe.

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ROCK BAND 2 is way fun!

Hey, Gabrielle H. added me to Facebook - sweet!

Auntie Catherine picked me up: I had strawberry-blueberry juice, satay beef noodles, lemon tea, and some of her rice for lunch. Then we went to see what snacks we could get - dried plums, dried hibiscus flower, and more weird dried stuff were NOT the order of the day for me! Was interesting, though! Right when I got home, Eric knocked on the window - off to Citrus' it was, with the requisite Riverview jokes! It didn't help that I was joking around about cannibalism and K, haha. Talked about the hockey pool, avoidance, recognizing Skytrain stations, Christmas (Way), and other stuff. First pick overall and NOT sleeping in are bonuses, I agree!

Went upstairs to see the girls playing some Therapy board game that Danielle got for Christmas last year. It could take FOREVER, with Group Therapy / Birth Trauma / Therapy Offices / Psychosis / Thinkblots / other things. After about an hour spent discussing the game and girly stuff, I went downstairs to check out the current incarnation of ROCK BAND 2. (they were doing Bikini Kill's REBEL GIRL, Linkin Park's ONE STEP CLOSER, EYE OF THE TIGER, Duran Duran's HUNGRY LIKE THE WOLF, Elvis Costello's PSYCHO KILLER [Mike MANGLED the French part!], etc.) Later on, I even sang! Not that I did a great job on Nirvana's DRAIN YOU, but I could have done a passable one on Alanis Morissette's YOU OUGHTA KNOW. Heck, I had the angst necessary for that - and possibly for the Guess Who's AMERICAN WOMAN! ("get away from me!") There was some Rush song about oaks and maples that NOBODY got, and Rich was the first to be confused! (then everyone had to do Bon Jovi's LIVIN' ON A PRAYER on Expert mode - TOO INSANE, said Citrus!)

Eventually, we all crowded into the kitchen for dinner: shepherd's pie, pizza, and veggies it was! Paid Christon the money I owe him, and I'll chase him down for change tomorrow at church since he didn't have any right then. Re-discovered that Cordia and I loved morbid stuff: hey, it's not ALL bad! We were all amused at Cordia circumventing the system by just talking into the mike / amplifying the drums during the Red Hot Chili Peppers' GIVE IT AWAY. If she can just be random and not really have to sing, all the better! Then we watched Cordia play NINJA GAIDEN - it was violent, with blood spatters all over the place! Talked about Pokemon, online forums, CHRONO TRIGGER, DRAGON WARRIOR, MARIO games, Cheechoo being a Pokemon, Winter Conference, live streaming of the Canucks game, and more. It was an interesting night, and perhaps reminiscent of the ones at Anthony's and Fred's last year! (the former was most memorable because of HAIRSPRAY and GUITAR HERO, and the latter was most memorable because of ROCK BAND and Jeremy's analysis of stuff, haha - there were other things, too!)

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