Saturday, September 25, 2010

Jackets on head, Daniel being organized, Gloria Leung, mouth full

Henry picked me up a bit after 3:30 in the sunshine, and we were off. He said they'd done some kind of Bible Discovery thing last night which wasn't quite understandable, and had forgotten his notebook and four colored pens just now. Whoops! I told him that the forgetting would happen much more often - trust me on this, young one! He retorted that it was FAITH IN YOUR OWN BELIEFS AND ABILITY TO REMEMBER! Hahahaha, I used to think like that myself! At church, Phoebe and I were trying to scare little Ray, but he said it wasn't working! I also said hi to Ian M., who said that he'd gotten a haircut, confirmed by his mom Rosenda. His cousin Olivia wanted her aunt to go to the drums / stage area, so I said she could do it herself since Rosenda was busy with her sister Anne. I said hi to Amos and his friend Gordon, greeted Joshua and Keenan, saw the kids gang up on Victor with toy swords (I called to him to brandish his own sword in defense!), and told Annika to take her jacket off her head so she could see people before bumping into them. It doesn't matter if your dad put it on your head, you silly girl!

During Awana, Chrystal and I were quite impressed with Daniel's organization skills... he's a keeper, haha! I started putting red / green / blue jewels from the stock into the usual place - yes, I know we can get them from the cupboard, but I feel better if it's in Ziploc bags! I can always finish it next week, heh. I did a double take when I learned that one of the Sparkies is named Gloria Leung - just like my childhood church friend with siblings named Kent, Roanna, Nina, and Vicson! Talked briefly to Stanley and Daniel about the boring Awana leader training that they had to go through: "It was like a six-hour lecture!" "I hope never to go through that again!" I remember those days, haha. Afterwards, I said hi to Reigan - I also overheard his sister Jinny tell Cynthia, "if your name was Winnie, I'd call you Wiener!" Jinny understands "mouth full" quite well, as I was eating a chocolate wafer when I asked her what she'd call Cynthia.

Andrew called me "scary" again, but couldn't come up with a reason as to WHY! He tried defending himself with his sword whenever I cam near him; to be honest, I just liked seeing him run! I could tell that Ian had been crying, so I asked him what had happened. Turns out Danny had forgotten to put a T&T book section sticker on a placard which attached to his uniform! I guess at least he didn't cry in front of Alan, heh. He also wanted one of my Maynard Swedish Berries Candy - "Only the leaders get that for free?!" Hahaha! In the car, I talked to Ian / Sean / Ada about the dark weather, Sean's schoolwork (his printing is good) / their cousins / Nintendo Wii / dancing / STARCRAFT / candy. Interesting times, for sure! As it happened, Ian had either forgot about or didn't say anything about the candy, so I'll go out to get some now since I see him tomorrow!

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Pastor John, Josiah, old disabled people, whiteboards, Zoe on FB, video game systems

High-scoring word of the afternoon:

WHAM (157 points) - against Valerie J. [2W, 5W, hook off REQUITALS to make AR / ME]

I had a weird dream which involved getting some personal info from Pastor John and his son Josiah, then congregating with a bunch of people on the stairs to the sanctuary in the old church building. Even some people in motorized scooters were able to do so for some reason, WITHOUT fear of falling! One such person had his arm tightly around me so *I* wouldn't fall, but then had to go somewhere. I then quickly went downstairs; a bunch of old people were there, and I found my grandma amongst them. We went to the church library, where we saw a bunch of kids drawing on the whiteboard. No idea why I had that one!

I've now found out that Zoe IS on Facebook, and she's just added me. Guess my weird dream in November 2008 was sorta bound to come true, at least in this respect!

You Are Nintendo DS

You could be described as curious and creative. You like all sorts of things, and are easily inspired.

You are cute and sweet. You like playing video games, but you shy away from anything too intense.

You are a natural introvert. You're more likely to want to concentrate on a game than play with a friend.

You like to be in your own private world. You never know when you'll be up for a game, so you like to take your gaming on the go.

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Away with the bourbon because of unrequited love! / Teunis safe / Ada in Ohio

High-scoring words of the night:

REQUITAL (100 points) - against Valerie J. [3W]
AWAY (180 points) - against Josephine S. [5W, 3W]
BOURBON (256 points) - against Rosy D. [two 4W]
CESTI (135 points) - against Yvonne S. [two 4W, hook off SAY for a plural]

While I was updating Billie on stuff, Teunis came on to say that he was safe and sound at Rhiannon's even if it took him a bit to arrange network access. Always good to hear! I'd have been to bed earlier if it weren't for Wordscraper having issues - ANNOYING!

Trivia fact for Saturday, Sept. 25: Major league baseballs are made in Costa Rica, and pro basketballs are made in China. Where in the world are National Football League footballs manufactured? In the U.S. - in Ada, Ohio, at the Wilson football factory.

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I'm being really somber, so NO SMILE FOR YOU!

When Eric got here to pick me up, I noticed that I was so somber that I couldn't really muster up a smile for him; that's not usually a problem! We talked about Teunis leaving half an hour before (good timing!), videos, the volunteer appreciation dinner, my feelings about Randal, disapproval, Jen, the Sunday Dinner, Billie as "my wife," Raymond, Mr. Creep, preparation for EVERY eventuality, my "not feeling well," Christon, questions about whether I'd been drinking, voices, my overthinking things, my inadvertent month's break from toddler Sunday School, cars, trouble, smoking, driving home on Saturday, smelling smoke, problems not resolving themselves sufficiently by Sunday morning, my mood, NOT screwing with me, opening up cans of whoop-ass on people, and more. We saw Mark, Mary, Sarah, Isaac, and a couple of others in the elevator on the way up. During Bible Study, I was like WTF a few times: "Why is he saying 'let's read the whole chapter of 42?!' and bringing up people of importance?! They're not talking about YOU in that Isaiah passage!" We found it funny when Cindy told us what her dad had said when he'd fallen this week: "Cindy, I'm getting old - I can't fall anymore!" Apparently, he's hit poles and been in any number of accidents with nary a scratch... LUCKY GUY!

I kept myself busy by writing tag prompts and a huge gender list in my journal... Vicky, Cindy, Eric, Dylan, Deb, Teresa, and Randal were there. Sometimes I actually DID pay attention, such as when Teresa would contribute something wildly off-topic. (she confused Vicky for Carmen - another girl with glasses!) But I respectfully listened to her; other people brought up tangents about cancer, parents getting old, the Philippines, and more. When Cindy mentioned me in her closing prayer at the end ("we thank You [God / Jesus Christ / Lord] for Leslie, who just celebrated another birthday"), I rather ineffectually raised my eyebrows at her bowed head! (I had my eyes open, so as to avoid accidentally praying for something which was NONE OF MY BUSINESS!) I was feeling rather anti-social by the end of the LONG study (more than two hours?!), and my mood wasn't improved by Eric saying that we could take the "dinner at Randal's" week by week! Of course, Eric HAD to ask Joey about an email, and then ask Pastor John about the clothing drive drop-off in the parkade! Cindy also chased after us to give me a rather cute and colorful birthday card from her and Dianne, which was nice of her.

On the way home, he tried convincing me that Randal might have moved on from the events of June to December 2007 - maybe, but I won't really know till I ask him, and I'm not sure if I want to know! He thinks I might need to clean my mind of negative thoughts - possibly, but I wasn't feeling like talking to Randal about that issue tonight! Maybe Sunday, haha. We also talked about #4 / Alderbridge ("Morrill Transportation does not care about the ambience or the available light!"), no early obligations on Sunday, my ranting, the brunch at De Dutch Pannekoek House kinda being for my birthday (so I'll note it as such in my relevant entries), gas prices, showers, schedules, Billie, Patrick's green Halloween costume, arrogant people at gas stations who park weirdly so EVERYONE ELSE has to do the same thing, tailgaters, the Michigan Noodle Shop (not Korey OR Teunis!), the opposite sex not making sense, games, shortening, DARKWING DUCK, and more. He brought up the "Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear / Fuzzy Wuzzy had no hair / Fuzzy Wuzzy wasn't fuzzy, was he?" poem, haha. At home, I promptly took a shower!

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Friday, September 24, 2010

Foisting frowns on people! / Eugene? / Kyle asking if Teunis was here - HE'S LEAVING!

High-scoring words of the afternoon:

FOIST (142 points) - against Marian M. [4W, two 2W]
FROWNS (224 points) - against Neil A. [two 4W]

Harmony suggested I add someone to FB named Eugene Cheng; I think I'll ask her about that on Sunday since there used to be a family friend with a similar name. His sister was Yvonne, and his mother was Donna! Of course, Harmony wouldn't know THAT Eugene, unless it's a very small world even if we haven't seen them in 20 years or whatever! Maybe it's the tall guy with glasses and a red shirt whom I met at Ray's "beat-down" party, but barely spoke to, haha. But Harmony wasn't at that party, either... all I know is that he, the ugfart, and I left everyone else in the dust when returning to Jon H.'s place from White Spot, haha. Oh well... Sunday it is! Christon sent us another Sunday Dinner email; this one coincides with his and Jeremy's birthday, and should be a potluck since it'll give him and Jon a break from cooking! ("I know this would be better as an Evite, but for whatever reasons, I had difficulty with the site - so I had to resort to this")

Teunis and I discussed silly knock-knock jokes involving a bunny and various names (Ethan! Anna!), his MAC computer, cigarette smoke, his military bed, making pies / chocolate, using power, stoves and exhaust vents, being a good guest, and "putting the computer to sleep." Also talked about hauling things out to the car, his mom being a wild mage in a Middle Eastern RPG of Jordan's, coconut, coconut milk, friendly food, drones and code, Robin / his mom, money issues, adding Robin to my MSN, accidentally unplugging stuff when he went to get his router, helping people in high school with programming, helping that same person over Skype today with computer stuff, rootkits, the FUN Alexander Keith's beer commercials, and more.

I definitely offered him the rice and miso, which he took! He can also certainly borrow BENEATH AN OPAL MOON (Eric Lustbader), since I've never actually read it! Conversed about stove elements, rent, defragmentation, the Templars, conspiracies, Umberto Eco, Martin Luther, coolness, knives, cost of living out of the car, Kaili, food, some news about planting child porn on an enemy's computer (12 years in jail for YOU!), Blockbuster filing for bankruptcy (not surprised), Prism / and the Police / SYNCHRONICITY on vinyl, his ideal home having a sizable kitchen (he likes to cook) and a good bedroom (for privacy! - I'm only sorry he didn't have any while here), kimchi, the food bank, and more.

Also talked about Swedish write-in votes (SQL Database / Donald Duck / Hard Alcohol), not being a stranger, gas, picking up his bed from storage before going to Rhiannon's in a different part of Surrey (renting a room and using only her cookware - NO WOK OR DOUBLE BOILER FROM GRANVILLE ISLAND!), Scott and Alysha's names, life, speed, caution, spare keys, his getting to help Rhiannon decorate the house for Halloween (KITTY LITTER PIE?!), and more. Facebook privacy policies shouldn't be trusted, so no real name or anything! I found oyster mushrooms, vegetables, and a scraped lemon in the fridge... he'd forgotten about those!

Krista's brother Kyle actually messaged me on FB chat to ask whether Teunis was living with me again - well, since Teunis was in the process of moving things into the car for a move to south Surrey... NO! Hahaha... I just find the timing on this to be particularly amusing! Of course Teunis has been intending to say hi to him and Erik (whom Kyle is seeing tonight at 9), but wasn't sure of Kyle's schedule (8 AM to 8 PM?) or whether he was in Tsawwassen with his dad. At least Teunis will be down here from time to time, which IS good to hear!

Before Teunis left at 6:35, we watched the fan-made ROBIN and POKEMON trailers... those looked pretty good! (the Joker, Ash "catching them all," Superman killing Batman, Pikachu, and more!) He did sign my guestbook, and then said a proper goodbye. Yes, he bowed and such - and of course he was and is and will be welcome here! If he gets the urge, we can definitely go book shopping again - or he can cook since he misses that! Good timing, too - Eric just called to say he's on his way here. I didn't have time to make up excuses because of the whole "Randal as the Bible Study leader?!" thing, so I guess Eric will just have to hear all about it on the way to Fellowship! :D

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Dream of Alysha, Scott, Harrison, WARM HARD JELLO, and dance class / Photos

I had a weird dream where I was responsible for watching over some kids at church during service. Harrison didn't like it when I sat down right next to him, but was curious about the contents of my blue Aldo bag, which I put on the floor. I showed him some stuff ("TRANSFORMERS!") There was one little girl who liked wandering away from the pews during the proceedings, so I had to follow her carefully. She liked looking out the window at the traffic for some reason! After service, a bunch of us went to supervise a gathering of homeless people being given microwaveable meals (in these bright red-orange boxes!) and suchlike. There was a pixie-ish person who wanted to be known as WarmHardJello, so we respectfully called him that instead of a real name.

Later, my friends and I went to Alysha's house, where she had a great quantity of those same red-orange boxes. She gave us some word search / puzzle books, a bunch of leftovers in Styrofoam containers, and more stuff besides. Her future husband Scott was just hanging around and observing... he revealed to us that ALYSHA was the troll named "WarmHardJello" because she used rather clever disguises. After that, we found excuses to leave - I glanced at the clock, which read 6:10 PM, and declared that I was late for dance class. However, I was delayed since I had to make sure all my things were right nearby as I got ready to leave. UGH! Then I woke up - not sure why I had it. Haven't been thinking about warmhardjello (who IS a troll, from what I understand) for quite some time, although Teunis and I did discuss dance class / Alysha / Scott / homeless people / people being made homeless recently! I haven't seen Harrison since last Saturday at Awana, either. HMM!

When I got up, Teunis was awake. He said HIS bizarre dream involving cellphones and such had woken him up - dreams do have that tendency! Says he'll be out of here by 5-ish, which is fine by me; he's not in a huge hurry, but is concerned about the incoming rain because of his computer equipment and such. It IS cool outside, as evidenced by the air through the open balcony door! Discussed fan-made movie trailers (ROBIN after Batman is killed! POKEMON!), his funny New York friend with the unconventional household, coconut scones, guestbooks, some family photos that his mom has on Facebook, and more. The last ten days have been interesting times, for sure!

I've discovered that Semagic now has a drop-down menu for location and tags; however, the tags menu doesn't really work if you have tags which are more than one word long, since it'll give you the tags starting with the first letter of the second word! (and it doesn't have tags which I *know* are in there, like "PUZZLES") Not exactly what you want, but at least they have the option?

You Should Eat

It's likely that you've been going through a hard time, and you need to rest and refuel.

You could do with some nourishment, and not just the caloric kind. It's time to take care of yourself.

You find happiness when you put your own needs first. You deserve the best, and you should be pampered more.

Relax, indulge, and allow yourself to feel totally full. You've earned it.

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Loading crumbling fakers on stars, implementing suggestions, and moving bookshelves

Bingos of the early morning:

CRUMBLING (354 points) - against Patricia Y.
LOADSTAR (194 points) - against George M.

High-scoring words of the early morning:

CRUMBLING (354 points) - against Patricia Y. [two 4W]
ZAX (115 points) - against Gloria W.-W. [5W]
LOADSTAR (194 points) - against George M. [two 4W, hook off CYSTOID for a plural, bingo]
FAKER (116 points) - against Cecily K. [2W, 5L on F, 5L on K]

Teunis said that he'd had an idea while taking a bath, so I said that I hoped he'd at least rinsed off and such BEFORE being like "MUST GO TO COMPUTER AND IMPLEMENT SHINY NEW CODE!" Hahahaha! I reminded him about moving the bookshelves before his time here runs out (FINALLY thinking of Andrea's long-ago suggestion for hopefully getting rid of the mice to a great degree!), and I was quite willing to give him the time he needed to work on the code. It's not like earlier, where Chapters HAS A DEFINITE CLOSING TIME, but he did realize that for himself! After debating raising or removing or lowering individual shelves (stability reasons!), I helped pass him stacks of books, and even the surplus books on the table / my room / other places in the apartment had a place on or near the bookshelves in the new place near the table. (thank goodness there were no dead mice underneath!) I am VERY impressed with the shuffling and stacking skills he demonstrated in that twenty minutes! Mandy would say THAT is why I need to keep him around, haha...

Discussed cyberpunk, steampunk, (named for the author - might feature males soon!), TIMEWARP STORIES, EVIL WOMEN IN HISTORY (Cat was creeped out / scared by those!), coconut scones, spreadsheets for the book locations, Bathroom Readers, Diana Gabaldon, and random CBC programming. Also talked about heavy books being LOW, Bibles and such being HIGH (for honor), reactions to dust and dizziness (open the window and have some coffee or water!), EVE ONLINE black market economics, the US school lunch program (they mentioned UC-Davis in there... Farrah's school!), "solid" shelves, needing another bookshelf soon (Canadian Tire / Ikea / Craigslist?), non-communication, loud music, and more. Sure, let's rip off people while playing a game which is ostensibly about spaceships, but which also apparently can be compared to the New York Stock Exchange! Hahaha!

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You're overstating my help, flu boy! / Queen and Weird Al / Casablanca

I finished THE EXILE, which had great illustrations! Was it worth the price I paid for it? Maybe not, but gift cards are a wonderful invention! Dylan emailed us to say that with my help, he'd emailed a bunch of people to see if they could be our panel for an upcoming program, and they'd agreed. With my help?! Really?! While I like being acknowledged for what I manage to do for the group (which might not be much these days), I only sent him ONE reminder email! Hahaha! I hope he's better from the flu, though - THAT apparently sidelined him for three days in bed!

Teunis and I discussed accidentally putting the Mac computer to sleep (SO ANNOYING TO LOSE DATA!), the Portland Pirate Festival in Oregon, code inspiration, music, jalapeno cheese (he loves cheese), MIRROR MIRROR (Gregory Maguire), reading / characters, Jean M. Auel (CLAN OF THE CAVE BEAR), the OUTLANDER series in general, the homebrew, baths, and more. We talked about and watched some Queen / Weird Al / Arrogant Worms videos: GUMP, UHF, JURASSIC PARK, ME LIKE HOCKEY, CARROT JUICE IS MURDER, JESUS' BROTHER BOB, INNUENDO, RADIO GA-GA (and METROPOLIS the movie), MONEY FOR NOTHING / BEVERLY HILLBILLIES, WAR OF 1812 (and the real historical background), RIPPY THE GATOR, and more.

Trivia fact for Friday, Sept. 24: What was Casablanca, Morocco, called when the Portuguese built the city in 1515? Casa Branca, Portuguese for "white house." After the Portuguese abandoned the city following an earthquake in 1755, the city was rebuilt. The Spaniards who settled there renamed it Casablanca, which means "white house" in Spanish.

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

THE EXILE and ESCAPE from polygamous cults!

Teunis kindly drove me to Chapters, and we discussed beauty in programming code / AKIRA / sounds / gaming / songs / expensive audiobooks vs. just downloading / First Nations stuff / the loud dog at Rhiannon's / reservations near Hundred Mile House / not being able to live alone / Robin's / having his own space / a book on pirates which Kaili would like. After having to ask for help, I finally found The Exile: An Outlander Graphic Novel (Diana Gabaldon and Hoang Nguyen), on the bottom of the POETRY section in the LITERARY Graphic Novel section! (I was looking in the normal Graphic Novel section, and found nothing but STAR TREK / TRANSFORMERS / WATCHMEN / Frank Miller / Marvel stuff)

Thanks to a recommendation from someone in ONTD (that0neguy), I found a book to make my book numbers even: Escape (Carolyn Jessop and Laura Palmer) - good thing I had Eric's gift card, haha. Got home and discussed blackberry jam sandwiches, scones, finding inspiration and patterns for code, Microsoft having bad code / Trojans, "interruption music," the CHEF from SOUTH PARK, Patrick Stewart, emperors getting assassinated, voices in the game he's playing, and more.

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Scorpion front, 5:35 PM, sleep issues, and Chipped Nail Polish (survey)

High-scoring words of the afternoon:

FRONT (320 points) - against Gloria W.-W. [2W, two 4W]
SCORPION (365 points) - against Fran R. [two 5W] {a good deficit-erasing word!}

Well, Teunis kind of woke up - he definitely didn't want to know that it was 5:35 PM, haha! I let him find that out for himself, since he felt sore and exhausted. Doing something a bit more active today would be a good idea for both of us! Says he got to bed around the same time as the previous night, since he couldn't get to sleep AGAIN - sleeping earlier might be tenable if he massively overslept! He thinks my computer made noise last night - I forgot that Trillian provides sound alerts when people sign in and out, OR send messages! Gmail Notifier makes sound alerts to notify you of incoming emails, too.

Also discussed Jewish wedding songs (maybe Steph heard it at Vivian and Gabriel's wedding!), more job leads, programming, oil (not to be stored on its side), polygamy, polyamory, mice, rent costs, historical background, kimchi, very spicy food, coffee, Revenue Canada, and Chapters. Conversed about mice, my bookshelf, THE EXILE, twenty years of anger, Terry Pratchett / Alzheimer's, Neil Gaiman going crazy ("What to do if you get caught in a fairytale"), tools, doing laundry at Rhiannon's, stereotypes of Aboriginals as being drunks, Chinese history and Vancouver, Jordan being related to Europe's royal families / John Hancock / Mormon leaders, the silverfish's diet consisting of wood and paper (they ate his schoolwork once!), and more.

Chipped Nail Polish and other things

Bold what applies to you.
Underline things that might apply to you some of the time, or which you're not sure of / feeling "meh" about.

I am:
happy. sad. a good friend. adventurous. shy. confident. procrastinating. a male. bored. anxious. clumsy. sociable. always punctual. selfish. intelligent. funny. a female. sarcastic. insecure. sick. beautiful. articulate. loud. kind. even-tempered. honest. short. tall. medium height. proud of myself. loving. witty. down to earth. outspoken. determined. high-maintenance. pretty. assertive. organized. selfless. a cuddler. a morning person. an only child. currently in my pyjamas. currently pregnant. currently single. currently suffering from a broken heart. left-handed. married. addicted to 24/7. a little shy around the opposite gender at first. a nail biter. paranoid at times. not a fan of people. tired. wearing socks.

I have (appearance):
brown hair. blue eyes. pale skin. brown eyes. curly hair. long fingernails. curves. braces. chipped nail polish. long legs. straight hair. long hair. a fringe. long eyelashes. sore feet. dark skin. green eyes. blonde hair. dyed hair. red hair. short legs. rosy cheeks. wavy hair. black hair. a small waist. piercings. tattoos. big ears. short hair.

I like / love:
babies. flowers. kisses. summer. coffee. the rain. candles. incense. late-night talk shows. insects. hugs. attention. chocolate. the beach. music. hats. Harry Potter. Twilight. Facebook. black-and-white photos. sleeping in. driving. narrating my pet's thoughts. opening gifts. buying gifts. Halloween. cute texts. apples. compliments. country music. hip-hop. sushi. sports. art. singing. seeing my loved ones happy. surprises. sunsets and sunrises. skinny-dipping. horror movies. Simon Cowell. Family Guy. garlic. hearing somebody talk in their sleep. being right. KFC. abstract photography. concerts and festivals. tanning. oversized T-shirts. reading. writing. the Beatles. True Blood. Demi Lovato. Miley Cyrus. Selena Gomez. Taylor Swift. knitting. crafts. Perez Hilton. tea. cats. Twitter. cold weather. tofu. hummus. Adam Lambert. Muse. The Killers. Jay Leno. Conan O'Brien. Craig Ferguson. PCs. John Lennon. Jennifer Aniston. LOST. marriage equality. Michael Bublé. poetry. yoga. Crocs. peace. my hometown. proper spelling. proper grammar. Disney. Saturday Night Live. stem cell research. the "Green" movement. adopting animals. vegetarianism / veganism. Jimmy Fallon. learning new languages. David Bowie. snow. horror books. fantasy books. Disney channel shows. being pale. Michael Jackson. country music. jazz music. smoothies. talking on the phone. the taste of blood. sleeping. sleeping in. playing computer games. shopping. napping a lot during the day. watching soap operas. my job. drawing / painting / sketching / sculpting.

I would love to be a:
police officer. lawyer. doctor. teacher. fruit picker. mother. Greenpeace volunteer. hippie. groupie. rock star. footballer's wife. therapist. singer. actress. diving instructor. lottery winner. company owner. housewife. nurse. builder. race car driver. website developer. an inspirational talker. music teacher. artist. chef. makeup artist. hairdresser. restaurant owner. homeless shelter volunteer. fitness trainer. vet. radio show host. band manager.

I like to eat:
fruit. vegetables. fast food. sushi. rice. sandwiches. Subway. chicken. cakes. seafood. pasta. rice crackers. cheese. ice cream. lunch. garlic bread. peanut butter out of the jar. eggs. ethnic foods. pancakes. honey. bread crusts. low-calorie foods. soy products. gluten-free products. toast. breakfast. pizza.

I dislike:
cold mornings. baths. people dissing my taste in music. people in front of me walking really slowly. having my personal space invaded. cleaning. going to bed early. wine / beer. religious arguments. coffee. the beach. rain. children. having my photo taken. drama. gossiping. hip-hop. cooking shows. drugs. cats. people singing "Happy Birthday" to me. school. selfish people. social networking sites. swimming. snow. Eminem. seafood. one-word text messages. awkward silences. alarm clocks. math.

I have / had:
a hard time paying attention in school. a hidden talent. a pet. a tendency to fall for the "wrong" guy / girl. all my grandparents. been to another country. been told that I have an unusual sense of humor. a broken bone. have Caller I.D. on my phone. bathed someone. changed a diaper. changed a lot over the past year. done something illegal. friends who have never seen my natural hair color. major / minor surgery. my hair cut within the last week. mood swings. no idea what I want to do for the rest of my life. rejected someone before. seen The Lord of the Rings trilogy. worked at a job that I enjoy. parents who are divorced. graduated from high school. a car. rode every ride at an amusement park. collected something really stupid. been to a rock concert. helped someone. gone fishing. spun turntables. watched four movies in one night. been dumped. failed a class. dealt drugs. taken a college-level course. been in a car accident. been in a tornado. done hard drugs. (i.e. ecstasy, heroin, crack, meth, acid) watched someone / something die. been to a funeral. burned myself. ran a marathon. kept a memory box. cried myself to sleep. spent over 200 dollars in one day. cheated on someone. been cheated on. written a ten-page letter. gone skiing. been sailing. a best friend. lost someone I loved. shoplifted. been to jail. got detention. skipped school. got in trouble for something I didn't do. stolen books from the library. been in a mental hospital. watched the Harry Potter movies. fired a gun. gambled in a casino. put on a yard sale. put on a lemonade stand. actually made money at the lemonade stand. been in a school play. been fired. taken a lie detector test. swam with dolphins. gone to Sea World. attempted suicide. voted for American Idol. written poetry. read more than 20 books a year. gone to Europe. loved someone I couldn't have. wondered about my sexuality. used a coloring book when I was over the age of twelve. gotten stitches. taken a taxi. seen the Washington Monument. talked to more than 5 people over IM at once. overdosed. been in a fistfight. owned a hamster. petted a wild animal. used a debit / credit card. gone surfing in California. did "Spirit Day" at school. dyed my hair. gotten pierced. gotten straight A's. been on the honor roll. been to a "shrink." been handcuffed. known someone with HIV / AIDS. taken pictures with a webcam. started a fire.

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DNS Errors on Facebook / Chopstick and disease dream / Roller skates

Oh sure... I get up, and Facebook has DNS errors all over the place! UGH! I did have a vague dream of Grandma putting chopsticks away in a new drawer, while all the newly-washed dishes were sorted in the drainer! Also, my dad had told me to read the newspaper - besides the comics and horoscopes, I found an article which said that all women developed a rare disease or hypertension at age 30, so I thought I was going to be dead! No idea why I had that one!

Edit an hour later: Auntie Rebecca emailed the Awana leaders an invitation to that appreciation dinner, so I gotta find out if Eric's going like last year! Facebook is also up again - phew!

You Are Roller Skates

You are easygoing and a lot of fun. You are playful and a bit of a tease.

You value stability and security. You want to be able to relax and focus on other things.

You aren't easily impressed by new gadgets. You prefer what's tried and true.

You have an eye to the past. You love anything that's retro, vintage, or classic.

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Ripe floating kitty, Tori in front of a malt, Vikings, Islam, Coppertone

High-scoring words of the night:

RIPER (220 points) - against Sabine C. [5W used twice, 4W]
FLOATERS (157 points) - against Eric G. [two 3W]
KITTY (400 points; two 5W), CHOCKS (125 points; 5W) - against Marian M.
MALT (200 points) - against Carol F. [two 5W]
TORII (373 points) - against Josephine S. [4W, 5W, 3W, hook off QATS to make QI]
FRONTED (130 points; 5W, 2W), STAYED (144 points; 4W, 3W) - against Sara W.

Teunis and I discussed his job leads, a game both adults and kids can play (Teresa's six-year-old designs its own levels!), Terry Pratchett and his homemade sword which he hid from the authorities, trolls, and Alzheimer's. Also talked about a "bothersome" news show on genocide / Rwanda / the Congo / bodysnatching, Vikings, mosques in the US, Christianity, Islam, Denmark, warrior religions, wars, Freya, legends, history, silly songs, gum vs. mints, the Arrogant Worms, details and accuracy, the War of 1812, and more.

Trivia fact for Thursday, Sept. 23: What movie funnyman appeared on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine in a photo parody of the famous Coppertone ad that showed a dog pulling down Little Miss Coppertone's panties? Jim Carrey, in the magazine's 1995 Summer Double Issue, with the headline "Jim Carrey - Bare Facts and Shocking Revelations." Esquire magazine ran a similar parody featuring Carmen Electra in June 2004.

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

No Chapters trip, shower prescience, Edward Stratemeyer, and homebrew

Well, no Chapters trip tonight - sigh. I did figure it might be a possibility, though! Tomorrow works since he has nothing planned, and will move to Rhiannon's on Friday - I don't care if it's going to rain, haha! (now THAT makes me feel better!) Took a shower to clear my head, and it's a good thing I figured Teunis might be home during that time, as I thought I heard a key in the lock a few minutes in! He said that fixing the computer took longer than he thought (I'll say!) since it's a weird configuration, so maybe some other time. I wore my purple "WHATEVER" shirt, haha.

Discussed Edward Stratemeyer, Nancy Drew, the Hardy Boys, female Supreme Court Justices getting inspired, Robin's mom being a professional jazz and blues musician, food / homebrew, retuning computers, RAM, Jeremy, talking to his mom, and more. Also talked about Alysha needing QUIET, her future husband Scott getting along with her partially because of that, her future mother-in-law Laura-Lee and her HUGE collection of fantasy / sci-fi books, Scott and heavy metal, and more. Krista also emailed me some very pretty northern flower photos - YAY! :D

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Onions, oranges, and sporty cars

I had a weird dream about onions and oranges - what the?! Crazy times! When I got up and went to the bathroom, I accidentally knocked over Teunis' container of bathroom stuff (and my soap!) from the counter to the floor... well, it would have gone to the floor if the garbage can weren't there to catch it. *sigh*

He's awakened now, and we've discussed insomnia / not feeling tired - oh joy. :P Also talked about his having a child psychologist for a mother (she REALLY doesn't like Freud!), Freud and Jung's feud, Freud not curing anyone, Jung curing maybe 65% of his patients, how hard the Victorian era was on children (I can see a lot of stuff being labelled child abuse now - like child prostitution and bullying!), showering, a cup for shaving stuff on the floor which I somehow missed earlier, awkward positioning, the guy who wanted to emulate DEXTER, serial killers, identity problems, age restrictions, the news, coffee as a self-defense mechanism, mold, and more. Discussed peanut butter (the stuff comes in jars which are FIVE KILOGRAMS or MORE?!), allergies, loud chewing as a trigger (doesn't do well with people eating behind him), not asking when he adjusted the light bulbs (I don't really care), sourdough bread, Chapters presumably being a go tonight pending stuff, abuse / always asking if it's okay to do certain things, his dreams operating under their own logic, Denmark, my liking to be sarcastic, his going to Robin's, Leslie Fish really not liking a song she did in the 70s, horror songs, Irish insult songs ("PROTESTANT!!!"), looking for opposites in culture (Japan and Zen Buddhism / Shinto stuff), Chapters hours, drums at Rhiannon's, and more.

You Are Odd

You're wonderfully weird, and you refuse to conform to make others comfortable.

You are a true individual. You are proud of your quirks, and at times you even flaunt them.

You don't understand people who are normal and mainstream. There is so much more to the world than what's conventional and popular.

You investigate everything that piques your interest. You think it's a tragedy to leave any stone unturned.

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Eaves and dots / Boobs and OBLIVION / Fog collectors / No Mandy!

High-scoring words of the night:

DOTS (104 points) - against Lisa S. [4W, 5W, hook off SUE for a plural]
EAVE (120 points) - against Josephine S. [3W, 5W]

We discussed more Terry Pratchett quotes on swords, balloon fetishes, Paris Hilton being banned from Japan, his weakness for jellybeans, personal drama, same names, old friends / roommates, games, boob poems, pretending to be crude, funny silliness, "cheerful" demon worshipper characters in OBLIVION, and more. Dylan and Tim sent a reminder of the appreciation dinner on Oct. 10 - I'd forgotten that was coming up, haha. Mandy (a_phoenixdragon) unfriended me tonight after five years of knowing each other; she did let me know it was coming, and I know she still cares about her friends. I think she wants to free up some more time for things since she's overwhelmed, and I think we're both sad. Time to edit my own entries! Still, no more guaranteed comments and love on my stuff... :(

Trivia fact for Wednesday, Sept. 22: What are fog collectors? They're fine mesh nets resembling volleyball nets that are used to harvest fresh water in arid coastal areas. Set up perpendicular to the direction of the prevailing wind, the nets collect tiny drops of water from fog. The water runs down the nets, and is channeled to storage tanks.

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Coffee grinders, Calgary-Vancouver hockey games, Postsecret, and more!

When Teunis got home, I was reading MIRRORMASK, so asked if he was up for going to Chapters tomorrow... I have to get THE EXILE, anyway! He has plans which consist of helping Victoria (Robin's mom) with her computer stuff, but maybe later at night if his headache / diesel reactions go away. Discussed it cooling down in here for some reason unrelated to the change of seasons, eating, gas, perfume, Calgary-Vancouver hockey games, Sonya, Citrus, highway driving, taking the bus, falling asleep / passing out and not knowing it, his coffee grinder (dropping a stone in it doesn't sound good!), Wal-Mart "sales," Douglas Park in the boonies of Surrey (dozen kinds of redwood trees!), Crescent Beach, and "okay" coffee beans.

Also talked about wireless cards for Rhiannon's, Postsecret, instant noodle "grades" and T&T, virus scans, Trojan stuff from FB, already-consumed Moby Dick's leftovers, restarting computers, audio CDs / data CDs, 1984, and sponges. Conversed about duck poutine (Ray's post to Jon H.), Alice Cooper being funny, CAPCOM and the Japanese video game industry being dead (MEGA MAN!), Terry Pratchett (early-onset Alzheimer's!) making his own sword in honor of being knighted, and more. These are good times, which should rightly be treasured! (even if the good times end up being overshadowed by disappearing acts, as happened in ONE case...)

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Qis, lysin, Ryan Temple, chocolates, poufs, loofahs, and sponges

High-scoring words of the evening:

QIS (210 points) - against Amber Q. [3W used twice, 5L on Q, hook off CANE for a plural]
LYSIN (910 points) - against Elyn K. [two 2W, two 5W, hook off CAB to make SCAB]

Noticed that Ryan Temple unfriended me from FB, but that's okay - we didn't interact at all! Besides, I still have his now-wife Jennifer (tehgreenfairy) on there - they just got married last week in New York, for a surprise! I just went to London Drugs to get a good box of Delecto chocolate for Eric's family (I'm surprised I remembered that - we'll see what happens when Christmas comes around!), a light blue pouf, a wooden long-handled loofah, six sponges since I was running out of those, and $60. I'll see what happens with an idea I have, haha.

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Cutting off skin from bare feet / Grandma and bongs / Beans!

Had a dream which involved the Bible as a MUST-READ material... by "must-read," I mean that the evil Russian and Chinese gangs would get me and my friends and conference mates if we didn't! The gangs also threatened to cut off some skin from our bare feet if we didn't do it ourselves, so we ran away. We also had little blonde girls with us - they had the most adorable curly hair, but we knew that would totally give us away. Didn't want to cut the hair, so we shielded it under nondescript brown hats. I woke up when we were in the middle of a tiled hallway in the Greyhound station, attempting to flee from operatives. No idea why I had that one!

Funny quote of the day, courtesy of Nathan: "hahaha. from the thumbnail, I thought grandma was suckin' up a bong. haha" Trust me, that would be even more out of character than her drinking beer!

Teunis says he's going out again today to spend time with Laura-Lee (Alicia's soon-to-be mother-in-law who's going back home in the next couple of days); apparently, they get along well, and Alysha could use the break! Hahaha, definitely a good thing then! I might go out today as well, but more likely tomorrow so I can get everything done in one day. Also discussed the stage of sleep where getting up would be a BAD idea (dizziness is a no-no!), the malware scan (one infection!), burning CDs for the road, bizarre audio CDs, AKIRA, Cirque du Soleil, Robin's copy of MirrorMask: The Illustrated Film Script of the Motion Picture from the Jim Henson Company (Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean) [which I might read later], shaky feelings, scones, sourdough toast, washing dishes, LORD OF THE RINGS, THE HOBBIT, defragmentation, software, and more.

YES! LJ now gives me a drop-down menu when I edit entries! This will help me a LOT!

You Are a Pinto Bean

You are down to earth and reliable. You avoid being too flashy or dramatic.

You never forget where you come from, and you are proud of your roots.

People love you. You bring comfort to friends, family, and strangers.

There is more to you than meets the eye. You are strong and sturdy. You know how to live a sustainable life.

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Tufoli, storytelling, scone recipes, lard, stereotypes in maps, and jukendo

High-scoring words of the night:

TUFOLI (330 points) - against Laura H. [5W, 2W, 3W]
WAGE (151 points) - against Annette S. [two 4W, hook off BI to make BIG]
QUOD (240 points) - against Samantha P.-D. [two 4W] {a good deficit-erasing word!}
HAZED (194 points) - against Betty W. [two 3W, hook off AIS to make DAIS] {a good deficit-erasing word!}
HAY (151 points) - against Anne M. [4W, 5L on H used twice, hook off AS to make ASH]

Teunis got home and related a discovery he'd made about telling stories and memory, then discussed happy stories and research in philosophy... also talked about loans and the past. He wanted to make scones (but he'd had them a lot at Robin's!), so we talked about altering recipes for (Mitchell) family sensitivities / the Mitchells largely ignoring their allergies / (coconut) milk / sugar / butter / eggs / lard / baking powder / white or whole-wheat flour. Apparently, he's really impressed that we do food safety tests on the meat we cook at Sunday Dinners - what can I say, but that Kevin's influenced us, AND we don't want to get food poisoning! (he also said that some food inspectors poured bleach on grandmothers' sandwiches, and destroyed a 150-year-old pease porridge pot)

Discussed cute / funny / philosophical quotes, pickles, kimchi, the apartment still being a bit too warm for him (though not as bad as in July!), stalkers, patents expiring, bedframes, Alicia and her soon-to-be mother-in-law, OBLIVION / assassins / heroes / paladins / vampires / thieves, storage, OpenSource stuff, space at Rhiannon's (moving furniture anytime this week), and more. He says he can even move immediately, but I didn't say that, nor was I even THINKING that! Says he's glad about it, haha. Also discussed this really bad stereotypical map page... Europe according to various countries AND gay men! Reminds me of the map Henrik sent me once, haha!

Phillip also came online and wanted to know whether I could see his FB notes. After a bit of confusion was sorted out, I said I could indeed see the Buddha heads. He thanked me, said I was a good friend, and he owed me one. "The next note I write will be to you only - how's that?" HAHAHAHAHA! Apparently, my "Testing works!" comment was EXTREMELY hilarious, and caused him to laugh a LOT! "Your comment sounds like a radio, haha! Thanks for the best medicine I've had this month! Something about the way you wrote that was funny!"

Trivia fact for Tuesday, Sept. 21: When it comes to Japanese martial arts, what is jukendo? Fighting with bayonets.

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Monday, September 20, 2010

Sweatpants with pockets / Adam and Andrew birthday wishes / Survey on lactose intolerance and stuff

I've discovered that my Sears sweatpants have pockets in them, whereas my Wal-Mart sweatpants don't. Hmm, I don't know what to do, haha. I'm also amused by Adam and Andrew wishing each other a happy birthday via FB wall post when they live in the same house! Hahahaha, these twins crack me up!

Survey time!

I am wearing something yellow today.
I am wearing something that has polka dots.
I am getting my nails done as I do this survey. (home service)
I'm going to travel tomorrow.
I see something green within reach.
I watched a really corny variety show today.
I hate TV in the afternoon.
It is around the middle of the afternoon right now.
I admire my mom.
I see a calendar inside the room.
I am craving for any food with cheese.
I love cheese.
I tend to be lactose intolerant lately.
I know more than two pervy guys.
I like the person who has been doing my nails.
I know one person whose name starts with a Z.
My desktop wallpaper involves the person I like.
I make my desktop wallpapers.
^ And my profiles' backgrounds / layouts.
I wanna dance with somebody.
The number 20 is / used to have significance in my life.
I drank iced tea sometime this week.

I frown even though there's nothing to frown about.
I don't have a car and I couldn't care less, but it'd also be good if I had one.
I know how to edit pictures and make people look flawless.
Photoshop makes my brain bleed dry.
I still have my third grade class picture in good condition.
I have bad luck when it comes to gambling.
Celebrity endorsements are so fake.
I have never eaten a banana split.
I think game studio contestants are awfully gullible.
I am barefoot.
I think the idea of Bigfoot is ridiculously impossible and a little funny.
I'd love to learn how to drive a really cute scooter like the Italians do.
I didn't have a dream last night.
I think I passed out last night.
I'm Asian.
^ Naw, but I wish I was Asian.
I hate exaggerations.
I'm going to the mall when I go offline today.

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Taiwan typhoon! / Icons / SWEET CAROLINE

Corey, on the typhoon: (Saturday)

[22:38:55] Flami: HUNKER DOWN! TYPHOON TIME!
[23:22:28] Corey: explain "hunker down" (not to me :P)
[23:25:25] Flami: BATTEN DOWN THE HATCHES! (oh wait...) "protect yourself"
[23:27:04] Corey: well, so far the typhoon is just a lot of wind that likes to say "woooooooooo," because they left all the windows open today even though there's a ton of wind
[23:27:15] Corey: we went out to 7-11 too, so I guess it's not too dangerous
[23:28:32] Flami: I guess it hasn't directly hit you yet
[23:29:42] Corey: no, it's right on top of Taiwan right now... but it looks like it kind of missed the top edge, a bit, which is basically where I am, so maybe it's worse in other parts
[23:30:04] Corey:
[23:31:14] Flami: wow... I wouldn't be surprised
[23:34:46] Corey: it'll start bugging China pretty soon, except Taiwan slowed it down (I think), so it will be better for them
[23:36:09] Flami: okay
[23:36:54] Corey: it should be the other way around, they can slow it down
[23:40:48] Flami: aiya
[23:41:44] Corey: hi yah what?
[23:42:55] Flami: I dunno
[23:43:54] Flami: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[23:44:21] Corey: no is usually spelled with one o, not 47


[20:13:44] Flami: so... did you guys survive the typhoon yesterday, or what?!
[20:34:57] Corey: sounds like there was some flooding in the south and the east, but it was just windy and rainy here... really not bad.
[20:39:00] Flami: yeah, I guess so... compared to what could have happened

Your icons by emilee11791
First name
Best Friend
Dominant hand
Your love icon...
Your break-up icon...
Your random icon...
Your funny icon...
Your happy icon...
Your mad icon...
Your sexy icon...

Trivia fact for Monday, Sept. 20: Who was the inspiration for Neil Diamond's 1969 hit song Sweet Caroline? Caroline Kennedy. Diamond said he was moved to write the song after seeing an "innocent, wonderful" photo of John F. Kennedy's young daughter dressed in horseback riding gear, standing alongside her pony.

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Coffee, the Mormons, Victoria, ice-cold water, hot soup, trees, and CD trays / Grandma drinking beer

Teunis came home briefly before going to Rhiannon's, when I thought he'd already been there! Seems he can't go there till after 7, which is fine. He made noodles (I had my own) and talked about his headache, which aspirin won't help! Discussed mold, Robin's mom's name NOT being Barbara (but Victoria!), hyper-sensitivity to certain toxins, the Mormon house he lived in up north (couldn't have alcohol in the house - and THAT would have helped his constant headaches - no pubs within walking distance in -40° weather!), limits as to coffee / caffeine / brandy, his not realizing that something is very much fatal to him until it COULD BE, kimchi, and more. Apparently, Joseph Smith saw the yellow walls one day during a meeting, and figured that their constant smoking was doing something like that to their insides, too! As for the ban on excessively hot OR cold beverages, he figured it damaged the stomach! No ice-cold water or piping hot soup for YOU! (living "unwisely," indeed!)

At least I remembered to ask about the CD tray / drive apparently not playing any CDs - although the volume IS excessively low for some reason! He says he'll look into that later once his headache has subsided... I can understand how it's frustrating that his hand-eye co-ordination isn't his to control anymore! Rhiannon works in Richmond (tree bylaws), so of course has to be at work early as well. It doesn't matter what time he gets back, of course. Bottled water does have bacteria, I'm sure... but it'll apparently multiply, too!

Grandma drinking beer... so badass! (courtesy of Steph)

Apparently, she had three or four sips last night since all the people around for Steph's party made her quite excitable!

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Mushrooms, yogurt, blue cereal boxes, Josh, awkward times, code, and autumn

I had a vague dream of going around a supermarket with a cart that I was supposed to fill up with certain things. There were yogurts in various flavors (strawberry / lime), [fresh] mushrooms in a pile of salad, blue cereal boxes, and more. I could also get children to help guard my cart... no idea why I had that dream! Josh (joshua_e / aint_no_nothin) got on AIM to convince me to go back to randomthought - not if I was recently described as a psycho! He has it right, though... I may be a little weird, but definitely not a psycho!

Randal sent us another formal-ish email about small group, wanting to change what we've been doing: do we REALLY want to meet at his place for dinner before study nights, and then maybe have the study at his place?! That might be awkward, I don't know. Actually, I think I rather preferred doing Subway / Pho while meeting Eric at the "second-favorite intersection"! I was going to do the mature thing and attempt to talk to Randal about it yesterday, but couldn't make it to church. Yes, I know that the "trust" thing is (or should be) way in the past, but I dunno. We'll see... I'd email (since it's easier for me), but who knows what his reaction would be. Actually, I also preferred Cindy's informal style over this formality!

Teunis got up around 2, saying he'd been distracted by code / videos till 6 AM... sounds about right! I reminded him about the appointment, and assured him that I wasn't nagging. Then I was very annoyed because the computer somehow erased a lot of what I'd typed before - UGH, I HATE WHEN THAT HAPPENS! Discussed memory chips for his mini laptop (which apparently can run STARCRAFT), Undo (Control-Z), losing track of time, Rhiannon, and more prior to his leaving just now.

Your Autumn Personality is Mellow

After a fun-filled summer, you are ready to relax with a warm blanket and hot drink.

Looking at changing leaves, eating a fresh pie, and taking in a new fall indie movie are all your speed.

Indulge in the tastes of the fall harvest. Sit back and enjoy the changing of the season.

Autumn only happens once a year, and you deserve to celebrate it to the fullest.

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You didn't honk the horn, so my focus wasn't on paying passing drivers any attention whatsoever!

Two minutes after I got home, I heard Teunis come in. When I got out of my room, he figured I'd just gotten home. I must have had the weirdest expression on my face ("how did YOU know?!") because he said that he'd seen me while I was walking home! Apparently, he'd waved at me a couple times, but I didn't notice. Well, OBVIOUSLY not, if my focus was on going HOME! I told him that he COULD have honked the horn (or opened the window and yelled), but he said that he comes from a culture where you only do that for animals. "If someone does you the discourtesy of getting in your way, they should be treated as such! And it could cause traffic problems!" Well, perhaps so! That's an explanation which I can respect, at any rate. He says he waved at me in the parking lot, but I didn't notice anything beyond "oh... his car's there!" Then when I got in, I figured he wasn't home yet. "Yay! I don't have to explain myself even if he doesn't worry about such things! Oh, wait..."

After discussing cookies, being silly about "YAY - HE'S LEAVING!" comments, his having access to storage again, his allergies to animal hair (yet he spent five and half hours in that house!), leftovers, moths being attracted to light, long sleeves as weapons, WORLD OF WARCRAFT / OBLIVION, Talk Like A Pirate Day at Moby Dick's in White Rock (dueling with the customers? / arrests / carrying a sword legally), his new (used?) suit for $20 ("you don't look PIRATEY enough!"), porn, Rhiannon preparing for him in a few days (he's going tomorrow to see about the space), online conversations, people not listening to others' experience, Kaili, depression, frustration, and other things, we got to watching videos / clips / shorts on his computer. There was anime set to a Lords of Acid song (DEEP SEXY SPACE CHORALE), Weird Al's WHITE AND NERDY (Jeremy has lots more!), Emilie Simon, Björk's IT'S OH SO QUIET (Spike Jonze!), Björk's ALWAYS FULL OF LOVE (slightly naughty), artistic / fun / silly / random stuff, Boston Port Authority (70s porn and censorship bars?), Radiohead's KARMA POLICE, Unkle's RABBIT IN YOUR HEADLIGHTS, Oingo Boingo's DEAD MAN'S PARTY (which Andrew B. - angelictorment - told me about a long time ago), Linkin Park's ONE STEP CLOSER, Jai-Ho / the Pussycat Dolls, Gwen Stefani / No Doubt, Queen's INNUENDO, and much more! It was a pretty cool way to unwind, heh.

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Good times at Ray's "beat-down" party... got to see Jon H. again, too!

Went out in the rain so I could go to Ray's "beat-down party," as it was described on Facebook; I *just* missed the bus which would have taken me to the Canada Line station in less than two minutes, so I had to wait for the next one, which made me even later! At least getting to Jon H.'s place was straightforward, and it helped that I was on the right side of the street for the house address! Ray answered the door and told the ugfart that his sister was here! Yes, I'd been surprised to be invited to this thing, as I told the ugfart a little later. I was introduced to various people: Ray's fiancée Peggy (they're getting married in May 2011), Lorraine, Alan, Josh, Cindy, Grace, and others. Updated the ugfart on various things, like Auntie Cynthia's death (since others were talking about Peggy's grandpa dying recently) and how / whether I found out a certain thing about Eric. Also told him about Christon, Jeremy forgetting his jacket last week, and more. Tony dropped by with some WARHAMMER stuff, haha.

People were discussing STARCRAFT, Toronto, good jobs at hiding things, barbecues, transit, Markham, "I'm from Ottawa" getting the BLANKEST LOOK EVER, Facebook, Asian stereotypes, the Olympics / torchbearers, Harmony, picking up dessert from the nearby Safeway, Ray's plans, beating Ray up, White Rock, going downtown as a teenager, various people who were (not) coming out, a hormone which causes you to wake up as soon as light hits your eyes (no matter how tired you are!), and more. Eventually, we decided to go to the nearby White Spot. Ray, on this: "You said it was close, Jon! I can't see it!" (after going to the nearest major intersection) Well, if it's a block away or so, NO! You can NOT see it! Hahaha! Discussed apple crumble, salmon burgers, gift certificates (Josh found a plastic lid in his burger last time he went!), the Bedbug Registry (don't sleep naked!), Regent, SERVANTS (in Asia and Cambodia too), church, funny wedding stories, Jon H. coming by ("where are you guys?" text message), Craigslist and human trafficking (posting in the FURNITURE section? REALLY?!) / pimps / drugs / sex / control / the sex trade, and analog microwaves / frozen dinners / houses with NO microwave. We also talked about Vancouver (Josh has been here for only two weeks), Tim Chan, calamari, Matt Mark's sister Agnes, out-of-town guests, birthdays, Ultimate, siblings, Steph, Nathan being back in the UK, Fred and the Whip, Jeremy, pig roasts, duck poutine, people making out by a glass window, and more. Josh wished me a happy belated birthday, which was nice (I did thank him) since I've never met him before and don't expect to see him again!

After walking back to Jon H.'s place, I got the ugfart to drive me to the Broadway Canada Line station. We said goodbye to everyone first, of course. Jon H. said he enjoyed my comments on his Facebook (but I rarely leave those!), I said bye to Ray (we gave each other an awkward half-hug), and I told everyone else that it was nice meeting them. Jon H. said that he'd better get together with the ugfart in 2011 or so, since he hadn't seen him since the wedding! Hey, you're going around all over the place even if Deloitte's offices do have a Vancouver base! The ugfart wondered why I hadn't organized a birthday dinner for myself this year - with all the stuff going on last week, I forgot to do it for this week! Maybe I'll still do it, but that's doubtful in the extreme! Going home wasn't too bad at all, since I didn't have to wait too long for the next train into Richmond. After looking at the 407 bus schedule and overhearing other people talk about it, I figured the bus had just gone since it wouldn't be late because of traffic at 11:30 PM. It wasn't too far of a walk home, and at least it wasn't raining anymore!

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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Pork and paper edges in an apocalyptic dream, being alive, and Ray's event

I went back to sleep and had a dream where I went to a post-apocalyptic Chinatown to buy some juicy dried pork from this one store. The lineups in front of the display counters were CRAZY, but I finally got out of there to meet my dad. He said that Christon and Eric had a mission for me, so I went to see what they wanted. Christon looked like a cross between Robocop and Batman, and Eric said that they suspected Randal of leaving various threatening notes throughout the city. So off we went to Google things; Steph came in with a sample of a note. We researched the past notes he'd left, and discovered that the ripped edges of the paper which Steph had did NOT match the others left at various scenes. I woke up when we were going to apprehend Randal based on this evidence, after investigating it more thoroughly. No idea why I had the dream, haha!

Got up at 2:35 to discover that Steph had called at 11:40, so called her back. She was at home cooking for the party she'll be having tonight (parents and Grandma were with her), and in a fine show of the melodramatics we've inherited from Mom, she said that she'd been ALL ALONE at church for the FIRST time in a LONG time! Apparently, she'd been looking around for me all during the sermon, and later heard that Jon and Harmony couldn't wake up since they'd gotten back from Italy last night. Well, Eric had had car trouble, and I'd gone back to bed for some much-needed sleep! Yes, we are both alive! When she asked about pancakes with Eric's family, I told her that the unexpected kind invitation had been last week!

She said that Pastor John had preached since Phil was speaking at Burnaby E. Free - nice, nice. To her contention that I could have gotten Teunis to drive me, I said that he'd gone to bed after 5 AM as he was making bread, AND that he'd already had plans with a friend whose birthday is really in nine days, but always chooses Talk Like A Pirate Day to celebrate the occasion instead! "They're going to invade a pub and basically be pirates all day!" She asked if Teunis went to church, so got this answer: "Very occasionally, but he always feels welcome at ours when he does go!" At least she thought THAT was good, haha.

After that phone call, I checked Facebook - Harmony (spending a lot of euros on gelato!) and Mandy W. had left me belated birthday wishes; how sweet! Jon had written on Ray's event wall to say he would be stopping by for a few hours tonight. Since I figured that I'd had enough sleep and such to make it out to this thing, I called him to see what was up. Told him that I hadn't made it to church either, so Steph had been the only NG sibling there! He said that he wasn't sure what time he'd be going, but to call him when I was thinking of leaving. Sounds good to me!

Edit at 6: He says he'll be there at around 7 or so, but isn't sure how he'll get there. Luckily for me, I checked Translink already. Things should be okay, if I don't get lost!

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BORING_PEOPLE Chat 11 (09.18.10)

Cast of Characters, In Order of Appearance Angel, AKA angelcerv25 Laura, AKA raginghostility Steve, AKA nyquilsteve317 Flagrant3D3lict0, AKA Chandi (amigone) Mikaela, AKA embryogirl me, AKA glowing_dragon SerenityDiscord or shedtheirony (Erin) [19:28:06] grritsRawRa: ohh, gotcha [19:28:08] angelcerv21: why, what did he do? [19:28:08] guaaaache: who? [19:28:08] angelcerv21: the one you liked it with [19:28:10] guaaaache: oh [19:28:20] guaaaache: didn't force me to do anything I didn't want to do [19:28:40] angelcerv21: that's more basic than basic. i mean, what made the sex GOOD? [19:28:58] guaaaache: that's exactly what made it good for me. I wasn't distressed, and was able to relax [19:29:22] angelcerv21: so it was very simple sex? You laid there, he did his thing... or were you on top? [19:29:40] guaaaache: um, we had sex lots of times. I don't really know what you're asking [19:30:16] angelcerv21: what were his tricks? what little nuances did he have that were his own? what did he do that made you want it, made you horny? [19:30:27] angelcerv21: did he tie you up? lick your nipples? eat you out? spank you? [19:30:33] guaaaache: no [19:30:39] angelcerv21: maybe you spooned for awhile [19:30:41] angelcerv21: did it on the side [19:30:48] angelcerv21: that's interesting [19:30:51] guaaaache: yeah, a couple of times, I guess [19:31:15] angelcerv21: biting, licking, sucking, nibbling, blowing, growling? [19:31:32] guaaaache: huh? [19:31:48] angelcerv21: i absolutely love hearing about what other people do in bed... yes, i totally admit it [19:31:51] angelcerv21: you learn more that way [19:31:58] angelcerv21: learn what people like [19:32:02] angelcerv21: what they fantasize about [19:32:12] angelcerv21: what they want [19:32:12] grritsRawRa: ha. i haven't a clue in that department. [19:32:19] angelcerv21: one day, dear padwan [19:32:30] angelcerv21: and the first few times, believe me - you're not missing much [19:32:38] angelcerv21: especially if the guy you fuck is your age [19:33:03] grritsRawRa: who's to say i'm not a lesbian? [19:33:04] angelcerv21: because chances are, he too is a teenager and has no idea what he's doing, let alone knows where to find the clitoris [19:33:13] angelcerv21: never said you weren't [19:33:18] grritsRawRa: lol [19:33:21] grritsRawRa: i'm not [19:33:24] angelcerv21: guy / girl - totally interchangeable [19:33:38] guaaaache: I like how you think, RawRa [19:34:10] *** NyquilSteve317 has joined the conversation. [19:34:12] NyquilSteve317: weird [19:34:12] NyquilSteve317: ok [19:34:12] NyquilSteve317: i'm back [19:34:13] angelcerv21: i've been with guys and girls, but couldn't decide which one i would want more [19:34:13] NyquilSteve317: what's with this weird ass rate limit shit [19:34:13] angelcerv21: we're still talking about sex [19:34:24] angelcerv21: ass rate limit shit? [19:34:28] guaaaache: I don't think age necessarily indicates someone's experience [19:34:28] angelcerv21: sounds like a hooker with a daily deal [19:34:49] grritsRawRa: my brain isn't worth liking, guache [19:34:57] angelcerv21: age may not entirely, but it is a damn good indicator [19:35:04] NyquilSteve317: i need a monkey [19:35:07] angelcerv21: why? [19:35:08] guaaaache: well, it depends when they started having sex, I'd say [19:35:42] angelcerv21: usually in the teens (if you're in the States since the Christian right wing nutters tell them not to, so they go and do that) [19:35:58] angelcerv21: with no condom knowledge, no idea what a fucking STD is... [19:36:11] angelcerv21: monkeys can be trained to do cool shit [19:36:17] angelcerv21: like lick my balls [19:36:21] angelcerv21: just kidding [19:36:25] angelcerv21: i don't have balls [19:36:28] angelcerv21: i have an ovoteste [19:36:33] guaaaache: a what? [19:36:43] angelcerv21: ovoteste - an ovarian / testicular organ [19:36:46] grritsRawRa: i read that as oveste [19:36:49] angelcerv21: regulates my erratic hormones [19:36:50] NyquilSteve317: well, you're one of those drown in the river types [19:37:07] angelcerv21: what's a drown in the river type? [19:37:21] angelcerv21: i'm a narcissistic, cynical asshole? [19:37:29] angelcerv21: who sees nothing but doom? [19:37:32] NyquilSteve317: no [19:37:34] NyquilSteve317: a herm [19:37:34] angelcerv21: darkness and suffering for all? [19:37:36] angelcerv21: oh [19:37:38] angelcerv21: hahahahahhaa [19:37:43] NyquilSteve317: totally dump ya in the river [19:37:43] guaaaache: I love it when people think drowning is a peaceful way to die. they are so deluded [19:37:44] NyquilSteve317: like the kittens nobody wants [19:38:01] angelcerv21: sure enough, i was found in the trash [19:38:08] grritsRawRa: i need to lose weight. [19:38:11] angelcerv21: no, you don't [19:38:12] grritsRawRa: but it's freakin hot down here [19:38:25] angelcerv21: drowning would at least be a quick death [19:38:31] NyquilSteve317: it's very calming [19:38:36] NyquilSteve317: i drowned once [19:38:36] angelcerv21: about 2 minutes - that's how long your brain would fight for air [19:38:41] angelcerv21: meaning you panic [19:38:46] angelcerv21: then poof - death [19:38:46] NyquilSteve317: not that long [19:38:52] angelcerv21: i read 2 minutes [19:38:54] NyquilSteve317: i had a diver's reflex once [19:38:55] guaaaache: yeah, and your brain goes into panic, it's also kind of painful because your lungs are fighting [19:38:56] angelcerv21: somewhere, once upon a time [19:39:02] NyquilSteve317: was underwater or 8 to 10 minutes [19:39:03] angelcerv21: 2 minutes, though [19:39:17] angelcerv21: i read about a kid who was underwater for an hour [19:39:18] NyquilSteve317: i woke up on the bottom of a lake and was like, oh, i should swim up [19:39:18] angelcerv21: and lived [19:39:24] NyquilSteve317: and i lived [19:39:27] NyquilSteve317: it was creepy [19:39:32] angelcerv21: what were you doing on the bottom of the lake? [19:39:32] guaaaache: you're a freak, Steve [19:39:47] angelcerv21: steve loves it when you say that kind of thing to him [19:39:54] NyquilSteve317: yes, i am [19:39:55] NyquilSteve317: well [19:39:57] angelcerv21: see? [19:39:59] guaaaache: I meant it in the most affectionate way [19:40:04] NyquilSteve317: my friend and i were fishing [19:40:04] NyquilSteve317: in the fall [19:40:05] NyquilSteve317: and the canoe tipped [19:40:07] NyquilSteve317: and i sank [19:40:11] NyquilSteve317: went into shock [19:40:14] angelcerv21: why did you stand in the canoe? [19:40:19] angelcerv21: why shock? [19:40:22] NyquilSteve317: we weren't standing [19:40:24] NyquilSteve317: or something [19:40:26] NyquilSteve317: but i blacked out [19:40:28] angelcerv21: it's just random surprise swimming at that point [19:40:34] NyquilSteve317: woke up on the bottom of the lake A few hours later, I decided to see if they were still talking about sex and such: [22:39:41] *** NyquilSteve317 has joined the conversation. [22:39:41] *** Flagrant3D3lict0 has joined the conversation. [22:39:42] *** guaaaache has joined the conversation. [22:39:42] *** Laura09173 has joined the conversation. [22:39:43] *** AlenaBrolxFlami has joined the conversation. [22:39:43] *** SerenityDiscord has joined the conversation. [22:39:45] NyquilSteve317: hi [22:39:50] NyquilSteve317: are you glowing dragon? [22:39:52] *** Laura09173 has left the conversation. [22:39:57] guaaaache: yep, she is [22:40:00] Flami: you people are still here - amazing [22:40:03] Flami: and yes [22:40:04] *** Laura09173 has joined the conversation. [22:40:05] NyquilSteve317: wow [22:40:07] NyquilSteve317: yes [22:40:09] NyquilSteve317: we are here [22:40:24] NyquilSteve317: hi, boring dragon [22:40:27] Flami: it's only 10:40 [22:40:39] NyquilSteve317: silly dragon [22:40:47] Flami: ha. I had an interesting birthday, that's for sure [22:40:47] SerenityDiscord: ohhh. i don't start my posts like that? lol. but whatevs =) [22:40:54] NyquilSteve317: mariah isn't gonna beat your ass much [22:40:58] Flami: boring? maybe. silly? Could be, too. [22:41:06] Flami: ha. sure.... [22:41:11] NyquilSteve317: you don't [22:41:20] NyquilSteve317: who starts their posts with "hey you" [22:41:27] Flami: I know you're under orders, Steve... so it's not you [22:41:28] NyquilSteve317: i thought it was shed the irony [22:41:33] NyquilSteve317: word [22:41:41] NyquilSteve317: i'm just trying to be a good soldier [22:41:43] Flami: what's going on? [22:41:46] SerenityDiscord: nope, haha. [22:41:49] NyquilSteve317: not much here [22:41:57] NyquilSteve317: finally ordered pizza [22:42:08] NyquilSteve317: i'm so drunk [22:42:11] Flami: I had bubble tea yesterday [22:42:14] NyquilSteve317: it's horrible [22:42:24] NyquilSteve317: hatter got 100 proof vodka [22:42:29] NyquilSteve317: it's fucking lethal to me [22:42:31] NyquilSteve317: so, dragon [22:42:36] Flami: that sounds rather strong [22:42:37] NyquilSteve317: explain yourself [22:42:37] NyquilSteve317: please [22:42:44] NyquilSteve317: so i can stick up for you [22:42:48] NyquilSteve317: how old are you [22:42:50] Flami: explain what? oh. [22:42:53] NyquilSteve317: what do you stand for [22:42:54] NyquilSteve317: etc [22:43:00] NyquilSteve317: about yourself [22:43:15] NyquilSteve317: so i can go to the high council and have some ammo to fire [22:43:19] Flami: is that what's going on? Mariah wants everyone's particulars? (would not be surprised) [22:43:28] NyquilSteve317: no [22:43:33] NyquilSteve317: it's not her at all [22:43:39] NyquilSteve317: it's me [22:43:49] NyquilSteve317: i wanna be able to say, "hey, she's not so bad" [22:43:57] Flami: oh, you... not her, not Amber, but YOU! right, got it [22:44:11] NyquilSteve317: like i said i want ammo [22:44:18] NyquilSteve317: you need to give it to me [22:44:44] Flami: I stand for truth, justice, and the Canadian way! [22:44:50] NyquilSteve317: oh [22:44:58] NyquilSteve317: you're Canadian [22:45:01] NyquilSteve317: well then, i'm out... j/k [22:45:14] NyquilSteve317: srsly [22:45:19] NyquilSteve317: here is the thing [22:45:29] NyquilSteve317: you don't seem like a bad person [22:45:36] NyquilSteve317: mariah isn't a bad person [22:45:51] NyquilSteve317: if you guys would just talk, it would be fine [22:45:55] Flami: haha... jokes aside, I was trying to inject some humor posts into the whole dynamic... something a little more unique than the usual posts there... [22:46:11] NyquilSteve317: the problem is [22:46:26] Flami: of course, if it really wasn't allowed (and not because she personally didn't like it / me), then I wouldn't [22:46:31] NyquilSteve317: you both are very very smart, smarter than i ever could be, so you guys are butting heads [22:47:08] NyquilSteve317: and it's one of those [22:47:10] NyquilSteve317: sit down [22:47:21] NyquilSteve317: have a drink and talk [22:47:26] Flami: yes... but since she's the mod, I gotta do what she says, no matter what kind of standing up to her I have done [22:47:36] Laura09173: ah! i forgot i had a chat open [22:47:48] NyquilSteve317: just cut your stuff, and you will be fine [22:48:21] Flami: those kind of posts aren't ALL my material... I do have more quotidian stuff [22:48:37] NyquilSteve317: as i have said before, mariah and i didn't like each other for a long time... 6 years later, we are great friends [22:49:11] Flami: the day-to-day minutiae... like yesterday, I could have been like "I have 65 Facebook wall posts for my birthday, and I feel so loved!" or something [22:49:29] NyquilSteve317: it's hard [22:49:40] NyquilSteve317: like i said, and you know, i'm just a soldier [22:50:06] Flami: most of the posts DID have cuts... of course, maybe the cuts weren't at the "right" places or something... and I understand you're just a soldier, yes [22:50:19] NyquilSteve317: i don't think you should give up on bp, but just cater it to the rules... if you post something, and its totally cut [22:50:23] NyquilSteve317: i will go to bat for you [22:50:32] NyquilSteve317: i know [22:50:51] NyquilSteve317: but still, i'm trying to be the go-between mod person [22:51:04] Flami: now, that said... I think I've run afoul of her at least twice... and I kinda don't want to do that again [22:51:27] NyquilSteve317: she isn't a bad person [22:51:40] NyquilSteve317: in fact, she is one of the most interesting ppl i know [22:51:47] NyquilSteve317: i just want everyone to get along [22:51:51] Flami: you happen to remember what she said in response to my standing up to her? [22:51:59] Laura09173: im lost. [22:52:16] NyquilSteve317: no worries [22:52:22] NyquilSteve317: no [22:52:25] NyquilSteve317: i don't [22:52:30] NyquilSteve317: what did she say? [22:53:49] Flami: I don't know, since I deleted it without reading it [22:54:08] NyquilSteve317: ok [22:54:17] NyquilSteve317: like i have said, and will say [22:54:21] NyquilSteve317: she is not a bad person [22:54:30] NyquilSteve317: she is insanely intelligent [22:54:43] NyquilSteve317: and has a high-stress life [22:54:50] NyquilSteve317: and is actually a good person [22:54:53] NyquilSteve317: so just be patient [22:55:12] NyquilSteve317: brb [22:55:18] Laura09173: k [22:55:28] Laura09173: Alena, who are you on bp? [22:55:56] Flami: right... I know you're trying to be a mediator or something, and I know she probably has stresses of her own, too (you know her WAY better than I do!) [22:56:13] Flami: well... I was on there for a while... glowing_dragon [22:56:15] Flami: you? [22:57:00] *** SerenityDiscord has left the conversation. [22:57:30] Laura09173: RagingHostility [22:57:45] Laura09173: you're not on bp anymore? [22:59:05] Flami: ah! got it! [22:59:21] Flami: not since Mariah banned me (or whatever) for the second time [22:59:47] Laura09173: Oh see, I'm not in the loop of anything. So I dont actually know who mariah is. [22:59:56] Laura09173: not that a loop is needed. [23:00:06] guaaaache: Mariah is one of the mods [23:00:16] Flami: that is correct [23:01:36] Laura09173: all right, then [23:02:30] Laura09173: i just discovered the joy of downloading games with a torrent. [23:02:42] guaaaache: I wonder if eating something really dry like toast would help [23:03:30] NyquilSteve317: i'm back [23:03:35] NyquilSteve317: so, dragon [23:03:40] Flami: with what, Mikaela? [23:03:45] NyquilSteve317: post on whatthehell2 [23:03:49] NyquilSteve317: mikaela [23:03:54] NyquilSteve317: who is that? [23:04:03] guaaaache: that's me [23:04:19] NyquilSteve317: miaekla [23:04:21] NyquilSteve317: that you [23:04:25] NyquilSteve317: i'm so confused [23:04:29] NyquilSteve317: oh well [23:04:34] NyquilSteve317: i ordered [23:04:36] guaaaache: to get mucus and crap out of my throat, Leslie [23:04:37] NyquilSteve317: pizza [23:05:02] Laura09173: gah! pizza sounds so good right now. [23:05:05] NyquilSteve317: leslea [23:05:07] Laura09173: but it's 2 in the morning. [23:05:12] NyquilSteve317: she was a friend of mine who is a rockstaR [23:05:15] Flami: ah... that's too bad you're sick [23:05:23] guaaaache: you know what? I don't understand how the dryer can smell so fucking bad after one of my housemates washed and dried his clothes [23:05:29] guaaaache: how the fuck do they smell bad if you JUST washed them [23:05:34] NyquilSteve317: being sick sucks [23:05:38] Flami: how often does he wash his clothes? [23:05:46] guaaaache: I have no idea [23:05:50] guaaaache: probably once a week [23:05:53] NyquilSteve317: i wash mine a lot [23:06:02] NyquilSteve317: like once a day at least, i do laundry [23:06:33] guaaaache: If it wasn't raining right now, I would not have used the dryer [23:06:48] NyquilSteve317: i love air-drying [23:06:55] guaaaache: yeah, it's much better [23:06:56] NyquilSteve317: but it's getting too cold [23:07:03] NyquilSteve317: so we bought a dryer [23:07:27] Laura09173: what movie should i download? [23:07:37] guaaaache: Les Amours Imaginaires [23:07:48] NyquilSteve317: i have been watching Avatar [23:07:49] guaaaache: promise it's very good [23:07:54] NyquilSteve317: if you want a good French film [23:08:03] NyquilSteve317: watch La Vie des Anges [23:08:05] NyquilSteve317: or whatever [23:08:10] guaaaache: if you can't find it under that title, just look for it under Heartbeats [23:08:17] NyquilSteve317: Dream Life of Angels in English [23:08:28] NyquilSteve317: one of my favorite movies [23:08:40] guaaaache: why is the English always not a translation? I don't get it [23:08:55] NyquilSteve317: i dunno [23:09:02] NyquilSteve317: but watch the Dream Life of Angels [23:09:04] NyquilSteve317: it's great [23:09:09] guaaaache: will do [23:09:12] NyquilSteve317: kinda made me love everything and wanna die [23:09:22] guaaaache: I love that feeling [23:09:25] NyquilSteve317: once i spoke French, it wasn't as good [23:09:34] NyquilSteve317: but if you don't speak French, it's great [23:09:41] guaaaache: damn it [23:09:53] guaaaache: why wasn't it good after you could speak French? [23:10:20] NyquilSteve317: cos a lot of the translation was weird after you understood what was going on [23:10:26] guaaaache: ah, ok [23:10:38] NyquilSteve317: not bad [23:10:44] guaaaache: I can't understand French, but I'll still watch it [23:10:50] Laura09173: i'm not one for foreign films. i get distracted by subtitles. [23:10:51] NyquilSteve317: it's great [23:11:03] NyquilSteve317: and the buzzed-head girl is adorable [23:11:12] guaaaache: Heartbeats is Canadian, so it's technically not foreign [23:11:16] NyquilSteve317: i love foreign films [23:11:24] NyquilSteve317: Gavirdivich [23:11:31] guaaaache: most of the movies I watch are not in English [23:11:37] NyquilSteve317: Lola [23:11:57] guaaaache: though I want to see that movie Splice [23:12:01] guaaaache: it never hit the cinemas here [23:13:13] Laura09173: ha! [23:13:20] Laura09173: i just downloaded Splice yesterday [23:13:42] Flami: I smell synchronicity! [23:14:06] Laura09173: :-D [23:14:46] NyquilSteve317: Machete was fun [23:15:16] Flami: all I've heard about that one is Jessica Alba wasn't really nude [23:15:26] Laura09173: I saw some French movie once. [23:15:35] Laura09173: High Tension... i think [23:16:12] NyquilSteve317: no, she wasn't [23:16:14] NyquilSteve317: no tits [23:16:19] NyquilSteve317: no va jay jay [23:17:27] guaaaache: I feel really light-headed so if I don't talk again, I probably crashed out on my bed [23:17:49] NyquilSteve317: okay [23:19:13] NyquilSteve317: dance [23:20:51] Laura09173: So who is still here? [23:21:31] NyquilSteve317: me [23:22:29] Laura09173: Anyone else? [23:22:35] Flami: here [23:22:55] Laura09173: alrighty, then [23:23:38] NyquilSteve317: yup [23:24:12] Laura09173: I'm on movie number 4 right now. i watch too many. [23:25:00] NyquilSteve317: pizza [23:25:11] Laura09173: I'm craving it now. [23:25:34] NyquilSteve317: it's awesome [23:25:39] NyquilSteve317: i'm done now [23:25:42] guaaaache: fucking hell, now I'm stuck in my room anyway because the chatty-Kathy housemate is out there, and she'll want to talk [23:25:47] NyquilSteve317: so i can type [23:25:49] Laura09173: it's too late to eat anything here [23:25:53] Flami: ugh, I hate when that happens [23:26:04] guaaaache: when what happens? [23:26:09] NyquilSteve317: that's too bad [23:26:17] Flami: chatty people who talk when you don't want it [23:26:22] NyquilSteve317: it's only 1:25 in wisconsin, is it not? [23:26:49] NyquilSteve317: huh? [23:27:02] guaaaache: it's just that even if i were to say: "hey, I don't want to talk coz I have tonsillitis, and it sort of hurts," she still mostly likely won't shut up and go away [23:27:09] Laura09173: i'm in florida. [23:27:13] Laura09173: 2:25 [23:27:23] NyquilSteve317: oh [23:27:25] guaaaache: she'll just go, "omg are you alright, how long ago did it start, have you been taking meds?" [23:27:29] NyquilSteve317: eastern like me [23:27:34] Flami: ah [23:27:34] Laura09173: yeah [23:27:39] NyquilSteve317: we just got pizza [23:27:50] NyquilSteve317: hurray for the weekend, faire dinkum [23:27:54] Laura09173: well, everyone else is asleep in the house. [23:27:58] guaaaache: it's almost over [23:28:04] NyquilSteve317: i don't like living with others [23:28:11] NyquilSteve317: poor movie [23:28:21] Laura09173: me either. but i'm too broke to live on my own, lol [23:28:26] guaaaache: same [23:28:29] guaaaache: to both [23:28:33] guaaaache: the hate and the poverty [23:28:33] NyquilSteve317: that really sucks [23:28:39] NyquilSteve317: i had a roommate once [23:28:45] NyquilSteve317: and it wasn't out of necessity [23:28:49] NyquilSteve317: and it was horrible [23:28:58] guaaaache: yuck. luckily, i've always had my own room [23:29:08] NyquilSteve317: that's good [23:29:15] guaaaache: no one can take that away from me [23:29:20] Laura09173: I sleep on the couch. [23:29:29] guaaaache: that's fucked. I feel sorry for you [23:29:33] Flami: yikes, Laura [23:29:38] NyquilSteve317: ugh [23:29:41] NyquilSteve317: horrible [23:29:47] NyquilSteve317: i don't play well with others [23:30:35] Laura09173: I'm basically living for free though, so i can't complain [23:30:55] NyquilSteve317: not bad [23:30:58] guaaaache: oh, you can [23:31:08] guaaaache: if you're sleeping on the couch, you can. but it beats being homeless, I suppose [23:31:08] NyquilSteve317: i own a house, cos i'm awesome [23:31:17] NyquilSteve317: and when i say own [23:31:19] NyquilSteve317: i mean own [23:31:20] Laura09173: and i'm jealous, cuz i can be [23:31:26] NyquilSteve317: cos i'm awesome [23:31:42] NyquilSteve317: and i'm below the poverty level [23:31:46] NyquilSteve317: cos i'm awesome [23:31:52] guaaaache: so how do you own a house? [23:32:02] NyquilSteve317: because [23:32:03] Laura09173: how'd you manage that one at nearly 30? [23:32:14] NyquilSteve317: i paid less for my house than a new car [23:32:22] NyquilSteve317: far less [23:32:34] NyquilSteve317: HUD home [23:32:38] NyquilSteve317: cash [23:32:39] NyquilSteve317: boom [23:32:40] NyquilSteve317: mine [23:32:42] NyquilSteve317: i own it [23:32:51] Laura09173: HUD? i'm stupid... what's that mean? [23:33:03] NyquilSteve317: does it do me any good? nope... does it give me better credit... nope [23:33:03] NyquilSteve317: housing and urban development [23:33:12] NyquilSteve317: brb, i will explain when i get back [23:39:24] NyquilSteve317: ok [23:39:26] NyquilSteve317: i'm back [23:39:29] NyquilSteve317: anybody still there? [23:39:41] NyquilSteve317: take a guess how much my house cost [23:41:13] NyquilSteve317: nope [23:41:13] Laura09173: i am! [23:41:14] NyquilSteve317: dead [23:41:19] Flami: me [23:41:19] NyquilSteve317: ok [23:41:40] Laura09173: no clue how much your house cost [23:41:47] Flami: no idea [23:42:37] NyquilSteve317: 15k [23:42:38] NyquilSteve317: yes [23:42:41] NyquilSteve317: for a house [23:42:49] NyquilSteve317: in a decent neighborhood [23:42:53] NyquilSteve317: cos my town sucks [23:43:00] NyquilSteve317: cash [23:43:01] Laura09173: holy crap [23:43:01] NyquilSteve317: boom [23:43:03] NyquilSteve317: mine [23:43:10] Laura09173: is it a decent house? [23:43:13] NyquilSteve317: so you can be poor and own a house [23:43:13] NyquilSteve317: yes [23:43:17] NyquilSteve317: it's a great house [23:43:39] NyquilSteve317: not huge, but i didn't want a huge house [23:43:46] Flami: wow [23:43:58] NyquilSteve317: its about 11 sqft, plus a basement and a garage that is bigger than the house [23:44:28] NyquilSteve317: it's ridiculously silly [23:44:34] NyquilSteve317: so i own my house outright [23:44:43] NyquilSteve317: no mortgage, nothing [23:44:45] Flami: 11 square feet? [23:44:58] NyquilSteve317: 1100 sqft [23:45:08] guaaaache: lol, I was going to say [23:45:15] NyquilSteve317: the garage is like 800 sqft [23:45:21] NyquilSteve317: at least [23:45:30] NyquilSteve317: it's bigger on the ground floor than the house [23:45:32] NyquilSteve317: it's magic [23:45:41] Flami: wow, that's pretty good [23:46:13] NyquilSteve317: but no joking, i could buy a 3800 sqft Victorian in a horrible neighborhood for the same price [23:46:21] NyquilSteve317: 6 or 7 rooms, etc. [23:46:23] NyquilSteve317: 3-story [23:46:29] NyquilSteve317: it's sick [23:46:34] Flami: wicked [23:46:35] NyquilSteve317: you can buy whatever here right now [23:47:11] Laura09173: and where is this? [23:47:25] NyquilSteve317: Flint, Michigan [23:47:36] NyquilSteve317: 4th highest crime rate [23:47:38] NyquilSteve317: last yr [23:47:45] NyquilSteve317: but we're gonna be number one this year [23:47:52] Laura09173: wheres the highest? [23:47:59] NyquilSteve317: New Jersey [23:48:03] guaaaache: so that's why [23:48:07] NyquilSteve317: Camden or some shit [23:48:22] NyquilSteve317: Saginaw, Michigan beat us too, i think [23:48:31] Flami: wow [23:48:41] NyquilSteve317: so it's dirt cheap [23:48:52] NyquilSteve317: the 3 houses next to me are abandoned [23:49:03] NyquilSteve317: and have been for over a year [23:49:29] Laura09173: No matter where you go, the neighborhood will be rough. [23:49:33] NyquilSteve317: and they are going for less than my place [23:49:35] NyquilSteve317: yes [23:49:40] NyquilSteve317: so i deal with it [23:49:47] NyquilSteve317: it's not a bad hood [23:49:59] NyquilSteve317: it's not like "oh, shit! duck and cover!" [23:50:29] NyquilSteve317: why is my gf a lesbo? [23:50:30] Laura09173: where i used to live, there were two towns within half an hour that had apartments to rent. and both of them my parents go "I don't want you living alone there" [23:50:36] Flami: haha, okay [23:50:41] Laura09173: what do you mean, a lesbo? [23:50:43] Flami: oh no :( [23:50:48] Laura09173: like, how is she being one? [23:51:15] NyquilSteve317: she hates dick [23:51:18] Flagrant3D3lict0: lesbo! [23:51:26] NyquilSteve317: and she always is like, yeeaaahhh, she's hot [23:51:32] NyquilSteve317: and she has a girl crush [23:51:33] NyquilSteve317: etc [23:51:37] Flagrant3D3lict0: night, all [23:51:42] NyquilSteve317: night [23:51:43] Flagrant3D3lict0: sorry I've been all absent-like [23:51:47] NyquilSteve317: no worries [23:51:49] NyquilSteve317: sall good [23:51:51] Flagrant3D3lict0: ;-) [23:51:56] *** Flagrant3D3lict0 has left the conversation. [23:52:00] NyquilSteve317: dragon [23:52:03] NyquilSteve317: you missed this question [23:52:11] NyquilSteve317: you're like as old / older than me [23:52:15] NyquilSteve317: how old are you? [23:52:50] NyquilSteve317: you're dead [23:53:00] guaaaache: she's 32, I think [23:53:14] NyquilSteve317: well, where did she go? [23:53:45] guaaaache: she was born in 76 [23:53:56] NyquilSteve317: well, that's way old [23:53:58] NyquilSteve317: jk [23:54:00] NyquilSteve317: of course [23:54:14] NyquilSteve317: cos you're a now bj person [23:54:16] NyquilSteve317: so you don't count [23:55:17] guaaaache: I've just had a lot of bad experiences with that. If I meet someone who is willing to be patient or whatever, I would maybe do it again [23:55:36] NyquilSteve317: ok [23:55:39] NyquilSteve317: well, here's the deal [23:55:42] NyquilSteve317: like i said [23:55:50] NyquilSteve317: 5 years! [23:55:50] NyquilSteve317: living together! [23:55:58] guaaaache: have you asked her why? [23:55:59] NyquilSteve317: she gave her ex a bj [23:56:04] NyquilSteve317: she doesn't like them [23:56:19] NyquilSteve317: but her ex who she didn't even like... bj [23:56:39] NyquilSteve317: me, nothing [23:56:44] guaaaache: well, did she do it willingly, or did he pressure her or something? [23:56:44] NyquilSteve317: i hate it [23:57:01] NyquilSteve317: probably pressured [23:57:07] NyquilSteve317: but i try not to pressure... nothing [23:57:07] NyquilSteve317: pisses me off [23:57:24] Flami: I am 34 [23:57:29] Flami: as of yesterday :( [23:57:35] guaaaache: well, pressure wouldn't work on me anymore. maybe she's the same [23:57:41] NyquilSteve317: ok [23:57:49] NyquilSteve317: so, dragon [23:58:04] NyquilSteve317: 5 years living with your bf.... would you blow him? [23:58:52] Flami: depends on whether he has a good personality and such OUTSIDE of the bedroom, and didn't seem to be all about that act [23:59:07] guaaaache: good point [23:59:27] Flami: and wasn't like "well, you did that with your ex, and you weren't with him that long! now you're with me, for longer..." [23:59:33] Flami: (I speak from experience) [23:59:41] NyquilSteve317: ok [23:59:46] NyquilSteve317: well, this is why i ask [23:59:48] NyquilSteve317: i go down on her [23:59:49] NyquilSteve317: etc [23:59:57] NyquilSteve317: nothing from her [00:00:04] NyquilSteve317: she is a deer in the headlights in the sack [00:00:11] NyquilSteve317: and it sucks for me, cos i enjoy the sex [00:00:21] NyquilSteve317: and i know i asked all this earlier [00:00:25] NyquilSteve317: but i wanted to ask you [00:00:29] Flami: ah... in that case, my experience won't help you here.. he was all like "babe, I have a weak stomach! you know I can't do that for longer than two minutes!" [00:00:30] guaaaache: so she's not confident or what? [00:00:46] NyquilSteve317: she hates her body image [00:00:49] guaaaache: nice [00:00:54] NyquilSteve317: i have seen her naked maybe twice [00:01:04] Flami: oh [00:01:04] guaaaache: hmm, so she's really unconfident [00:01:19] Flami: doesn't seem confident, no [00:01:24] NyquilSteve317: she has to "pretend" to be asleep before she wil even be naked in the dark [00:01:29] NyquilSteve317: it's sick [00:01:46] NyquilSteve317: cos like i said, i'm a "hey, you're cute, i'm cute, let's fuck around" type [00:01:52] NyquilSteve317: and i get stuck with a total prude [00:01:59] guaaaache: so why are you still there? [00:02:17] NyquilSteve317: cos she is one of the most fascinating ppl i have ever met [00:02:22] NyquilSteve317: and i have met a lot [00:02:25] NyquilSteve317: and she doesn't add up [00:02:26] Flami: does she have a dazzling personality? [00:02:43] NyquilSteve317: she is cute (i'm sure you have seen pictures), she is very very smart [00:02:44] guaaaache: so she's just not good with sex [00:02:50] NyquilSteve317: and hates how she looks [00:02:55] NyquilSteve317: no, she isn't [00:03:01] guaaaache: well, maybe you just need to help her get over that somehow [00:03:05] NyquilSteve317: and when she lets herself go, she is fine [00:03:12] NyquilSteve317: but that happens like once every two years [00:03:24] NyquilSteve317: i have tried so hard to let her just let go [00:03:25] guaaaache: what do you mean? what does she do? [00:03:27] NyquilSteve317: but nothing works [00:03:33] NyquilSteve317: she is just reserved [00:03:44] NyquilSteve317: if i'm grumpy, she is like "wanna do it?" [00:03:48] NyquilSteve317: thats foreplay [00:03:58] NyquilSteve317: if i say nothing, i don't get anything [00:04:19] NyquilSteve317: it's weird [00:04:24] NyquilSteve317: a complex case for sure [00:04:37] guaaaache: maybe you just need to talk about sex before doing it or something [00:04:40] guaaaache: if you haven't tried that [00:04:43] NyquilSteve317: oh, we have [00:04:52] NyquilSteve317: and it's been well, what do you like [00:05:01] Flami: can you overlook her not being good at sex? or maybe you need to teach her [00:05:01] NyquilSteve317: and tell me what you like [00:05:07] NyquilSteve317: etc [00:05:16] Laura09173: i keep vanishing [00:05:17] NyquilSteve317: well, i have tried [00:05:25] NyquilSteve317: to get her to lighten the fuck up [00:05:27] NyquilSteve317: but she won't [00:05:41] Flami: is there something in her past that makes her react this way? [00:05:46] NyquilSteve317: and we have talked very openly [00:05:50] NyquilSteve317: and she says she just hates it [00:05:58] NyquilSteve317: well [00:06:01] guaaaache: maybe you guys should consider polyamory [00:06:07] guaaaache: she hates what? [00:06:07] NyquilSteve317: dragon [00:06:16] NyquilSteve317: she says she was molested in second grade [00:06:16] NyquilSteve317: however [00:06:23] NyquilSteve317: she has not said by whom, or to what extent [00:06:34] NyquilSteve317: mind you, this is after 5 years [00:06:45] guaaaache: well, that explains a lot [00:06:48] NyquilSteve317: so it's not like i haven't asked [00:06:53] Flami: yeah, maybe that's it... perhaps she doesn't want to say [00:07:03] NyquilSteve317: but she won't give details, and i wouldn't put it past her to make it up [00:07:12] Flami: oh [00:07:18] NyquilSteve317: well, here is the funny thing [00:07:36] NyquilSteve317: she will get insanely defensive and protective if i dare mention going somewhere else for a bj or sex [00:08:03] NyquilSteve317: so [00:08:03] NyquilSteve317: i dunno [00:08:09] NyquilSteve317: like i said, she is a complicated person [00:08:19] NyquilSteve317: if she were a moron, it would be diferent [00:08:32] guaaaache: yeah it sounds like it [00:08:44] NyquilSteve317: but it's like a damn chess game [00:08:50] NyquilSteve317: and i dunno what her hang-ups are [00:08:59] NyquilSteve317: since she can't / won't discuss them with me [00:09:21] NyquilSteve317: it sucks [00:09:28] guaaaache: yeah [00:09:31] NyquilSteve317: or lack of sucks [00:09:40] NyquilSteve317: for that matter [00:09:57] NyquilSteve317: brb [00:12:10] Laura09173: i'm not really in this conversation anymore [00:12:28] guaaaache: well, you can talk about anything [00:12:38] guaaaache: I think the last one was finished anyway [00:13:01] guaaaache: I'm eating a cheese and vegemite toasted sandwich? [00:14:06] Laura09173: i've always wanted to try vegemite [00:14:19] Laura09173: though people i know that have had it said it tasted like tar. [00:14:33] guaaaache: well... I don't know what tar tastes like, so I can't really say [00:14:43] Laura09173: haha [00:14:50] Flami: I used to know someone who loved the stuff [00:14:50] guaaaache: it tastes a bit like soy sauce. not really, but it's the closest thing I can think of [00:15:47] guaaaache: I keep gargling salty water, it's a bit gross [00:16:00] Laura09173: i do that when i have a sore throat [00:17:34] guaaaache: that's why I'm doing it [00:18:06] guaaaache: i can't see how it helps [00:19:28] NyquilSteve317: k, i'm back [00:19:32] NyquilSteve317: so what did i miss? [00:19:38] Laura09173: vegemite [00:19:44] Laura09173: and cheese sandwich [00:19:59] NyquilSteve317: i have been trying to find vegemite [00:20:01] NyquilSteve317: can't find [00:20:04] guaaaache: my tongue is grey [00:20:05] guaaaache: fully grey [00:20:19] guaaaache: I could probably send you some [00:20:23] Laura09173: i wish they sold it here [00:20:32] NyquilSteve317: so what do i do, aussie and chronic poster? [00:20:48] guaaaache: huh? [00:21:02] NyquilSteve317: the sex thing [00:21:05] NyquilSteve317: it bothers me [00:21:10] NyquilSteve317: and we talk about it [00:21:15] NyquilSteve317: but it does no good [00:21:21] NyquilSteve317: so i dunno [00:21:26] guaaaache: I really don't know what else to tell you about it [00:21:37] NyquilSteve317: the fact that she's jealous, but doesn't wanna do anything to fix it [00:21:42] Flami: fully grey?! Yikes [00:21:49] NyquilSteve317: i dunno [00:21:58] guaaaache: she obviously has some issues, but she has to sort through it herself [00:22:07] Flami: that's what I was going to say [00:22:09] guaaaache: yeah, my tongue is grey [00:22:17] guaaaache: I think that means infection [00:22:33] NyquilSteve317: yes, so i just kick back and hope she sorts it out? [00:22:41] NyquilSteve317: cos she is a hottie [00:22:46] guaaaache: no, you probably have to push her to do it [00:23:00] NyquilSteve317: ugh [00:23:05] NyquilSteve317: that never goes well [00:23:07] NyquilSteve317: and i dunno [00:23:15] NyquilSteve317: i guess i'm just more laid back about it [00:23:21] guaaaache: well, you can only push so much. she also has to want to do it [00:23:27] NyquilSteve317: yeah [00:23:38] NyquilSteve317: well, i appreciate you guys' input [00:23:43] NyquilSteve317: what the fuck else is going on [00:23:51] guaaaache: nothing really [00:23:55] Laura09173: i'm watching Super Troopers. [00:23:57] guaaaache: I'm gargling salty water [00:24:06] guaaaache: and spitting it into a glass next to me [00:24:08] guaaaache: glamourous [00:24:23] NyquilSteve317: bummer [00:24:25] NyquilSteve317: come on. you're an Aussie. anyone with that hot of a voice has to have something going on [00:24:45] guaaaache: well, I can't actually talk right now [00:24:57] NyquilSteve317: oh [00:25:01] guaaaache: and don't forget that everyone thinks I'm not really Australian [00:25:06] guaaaache: because of my accent [00:25:08] NyquilSteve317: well, i'm sure gargling with an Aussie accent is hotter [00:25:11] NyquilSteve317: oh [00:25:22] NyquilSteve317: you're like Asian Aussie or something, right? [00:25:33] guaaaache: nope [00:25:35] guaaaache: I'm white [00:25:37] NyquilSteve317: damn [00:25:44] NyquilSteve317: tell me the story, not-Aussie Aussie [00:25:50] NyquilSteve317: are you Canadian? [00:26:01] NyquilSteve317: Stephanie Jacobsen [00:26:08] guaaaache: I am Australian [00:26:08] NyquilSteve317: the hottest thing i have ever seen [00:26:12] Laura09173: how do you know her voice? [00:26:19] NyquilSteve317: but you don't sound Aussie? [00:26:23] NyquilSteve317: i don't [00:26:29] guaaaache: I think I do, but a lot of people disagree [00:26:37] NyquilSteve317: i just know Aussies sound hot [00:26:43] Laura09173: or you just meant the accent in general? [00:26:52] NyquilSteve317: the accent is like British, but lusty [00:26:56] NyquilSteve317: yes [00:27:04] guaaaache: that depends on what area of the country the person is from [00:27:19] NyquilSteve317: my friend Nyree could say "i'm gonna go take a dump on a midget," and it would be the hottest thing ever [00:27:33] guaaaache: some accents are pretty bad, like North Queensland is terrible [00:28:00] NyquilSteve317: the ones that are like lusty English [00:28:04] NyquilSteve317: those are amazing [00:28:15] guaaaache: if I figure out a way to record my voice, I'll do it, then put it on boring people. but everyone else has to do it, too [00:28:24] guaaaache: I think you're thinking of the Western Australian accent [00:28:27] guaaaache: it sounds pretty English [00:28:35] guaaaache: but I'm from the east [00:28:51] NyquilSteve317: thats fine [00:28:59] NyquilSteve317: you can do voice posts [00:29:03] NyquilSteve317: i sound like a fag man [00:29:11] NyquilSteve317: very effeminate [00:29:20] guaaaache: i think you have to be a paying member to do a voice post? [00:29:26] NyquilSteve317: but who cares [00:29:27] NyquilSteve317: no, you don't [00:29:29] NyquilSteve317: not last i checked [00:29:34] guaaaache: ah ok, well I don't know how to do it [00:29:51] guaaaache: I think you can use your phone [00:30:27] Flami: this isn't blinking [00:31:20] Laura09173: not on mine, either. i had to scroll up and read everything because i got behind. [00:32:19] Flami: yup, so did I [00:32:19] NyquilSteve317: weird [00:32:24] guaaaache: I'm looking into this voice post thing [00:32:31] guaaaache: you do have to do it from your phone [00:32:46] NyquilSteve317: yes [00:32:50] NyquilSteve317: i did a few a while ago [00:32:56] NyquilSteve317: hi, i'm steve, and i sound gay [00:33:05] NyquilSteve317: nasally and awful [00:33:14] guaaaache: I think I've heard one before [00:33:26] NyquilSteve317: ooo [00:33:47] Laura09173: mine would be: "hi, i'm laura, and i sound like a dude" [00:34:04] NyquilSteve317: ahaha [00:34:13] NyquilSteve317: dude voices on chicks are usually hot [00:34:15] guaaaache: what is a plus account? [00:34:26] NyquilSteve317: Scarlett Johanssen in Ghost World [00:34:27] NyquilSteve317: hot [00:34:33] NyquilSteve317: Eliza Dushku [00:34:34] NyquilSteve317: hot [00:34:37] Laura09173: how the hell are they hot? it's good to sound like a man? [00:34:42] guaaaache: this might be easier to do it by video, but that would be slightly more awkward [00:34:51] NyquilSteve317: no hips, but hot [00:35:01] NyquilSteve317: dark raspy voices [00:35:02] Laura09173: so point the camera at something inanimate [00:35:10] NyquilSteve317: hot [00:35:11] guaaaache: that's silly [00:35:13] guaaaache: lol [00:35:25] NyquilSteve317: what? [00:35:30] NyquilSteve317: deep voices on women [00:35:31] NyquilSteve317: it's hot [00:35:56] guaaaache: my voice is a bit deeper than most other women I know [00:36:11] NyquilSteve317: you should sing [00:36:23] NyquilSteve317: singing in a deep voice as a woman totally works [00:36:43] NyquilSteve317: women are just awesome, anyways [00:36:43] NyquilSteve317: so i'm biased [00:37:33] Laura09173: me too, guache, the voice thing [00:37:51] NyquilSteve317: what? [00:37:57] Flami: I sound terrible [00:37:58] guaaaache: has anyone ever heard about when a woman in Sydney was served shit instead of ice cream? [00:38:43] Flami: NO! [00:38:43] Laura09173: what! [00:38:45] Laura09173: that's awful. [00:38:45] guaaaache: go to number 10 [00:38:45] guaaaache: it happened a few years ago. I remember it being on the news [00:38:46] NyquilSteve317: well, shit [00:38:46] NyquilSteve317: i don't wanna read that [00:38:46] NyquilSteve317: two girls one cup shit [00:38:55] Flami: YES! [00:39:01] NyquilSteve317: ugh [00:39:05] NyquilSteve317: poop is not my friend [00:39:12] guaaaache: what I don't understand is [00:39:21] guaaaache: the woman was like: "is that shit? oh, I better taste it to check" [00:39:27] Flami: aiya [00:40:04] NyquilSteve317: ick [00:41:47] NyquilSteve317: 32DD [00:42:06] guaaaache: huh? [00:42:27] *** Laura09173 has left the conversation. [00:42:33] *** Laura09173 has joined the conversation. [00:42:55] Laura09173: stupid internet [00:43:09] guaaaache: what's the time where you all are [00:43:28] NyquilSteve317: breast [00:43:30] NyquilSteve317: size [00:43:32] Flami: what? [00:43:43] Flami: 12:43 AM [00:43:48] NyquilSteve317: 3:43 AM [00:44:02] guaaaache: 5:43 PM [00:44:04] Laura09173: 3:43 AM here as well [00:44:23] guaaaache: I had no idea it was this late in the day [00:44:45] Laura09173: yay, another movie! [00:45:08] guaaaache: when do you guys sleep? [00:45:13] NyquilSteve317: yippie [00:45:14] Laura09173: never. [00:45:27] NyquilSteve317: i don't [00:45:30] guaaaache: how do you do it? [00:45:37] guaaaache: i would die [00:45:39] NyquilSteve317: sleep is weakness [00:45:46] Flami: I should get ready to sleep, but I'm still up [00:45:50] Laura09173: nah, i usually go to sleep at like 5-ish? [00:45:55] Laura09173: and wake up at noon-ish [00:45:57] NyquilSteve317: i was trained how not to sleep by ex-French military personal [00:45:59] guaaaache: well then I'm a total weakling [00:46:02] Flami: this past week hasn't been good for that... long convos till 4-5 AM [00:46:16] NyquilSteve317: mind over matter [00:46:29] Laura09173: i would like to point out that this chat has been going on for over 6 hours. [00:46:35] guaaaache: wow [00:46:39] guaaaache: we have no lives [00:46:45] Flami: haha, wow [00:46:45] Laura09173: nope [00:46:58] NyquilSteve317: i have pplz in my house [00:47:00] guaaaache: I haven't left the house for 2 days [00:47:09] NyquilSteve317: watching TV and drinking [00:47:17] guaaaache: are they lesbos? [00:47:20] Laura09173: watching a movie and playing a game. [00:47:29] NyquilSteve317: so my house is crowded [00:47:32] NyquilSteve317: probably [00:48:04] NyquilSteve317: the gf has gay tendencies, but like i said, if she ever actually got to act on them, i'm pretty sure she would reach the conclusion that it sucked [00:48:17] guaaaache: why? [00:48:22] Flami: I'm soaking up downtime... [00:49:05] NyquilSteve317: cos lesbians always reach the conclusion that something is missing, and that thing is dick [00:49:15] NyquilSteve317: just like vegetarians and meat [00:49:39] guaaaache: sure, but that doesn't mean they care that it's missing [00:50:06] Laura09173: dildos fill the void. [00:50:08] Laura09173: literally. [00:50:28] NyquilSteve317: naw [00:50:30] NyquilSteve317: not the same [00:50:33] NyquilSteve317: close, but not the same [00:50:40] guaaaache: lol, this reminds me of this really stupid safe sex suggestion I heard [00:50:49] guaaaache: a couple of years ago [00:50:56] NyquilSteve317: of the lesbos i have known, they eventually reach the dick conclusion [00:51:17] NyquilSteve317: at least one of the couple reach that conclusion [00:51:25] NyquilSteve317: bam [00:51:27] NyquilSteve317: i need dick [00:51:31] guaaaache: that teen guys should wear strap-ons and have sex with their girlfriends with them. because people are really going to do that [00:51:41] NyquilSteve317: oh [00:51:42] NyquilSteve317: wow [00:51:51] guaaaache: I don't remember who suggested it [00:51:53] Flami: haha, oh dear [00:51:54] NyquilSteve317: here is another fun weird thing [00:51:56] guaaaache: but it's pretty uncreative [00:52:13] NyquilSteve317: and i need you two to either say you're crazy or tell me i'm not [00:52:24] NyquilSteve317: gf just turned 25.. never been to the gyno [00:52:26] NyquilSteve317: ever [00:52:29] NyquilSteve317: no birth control, nothing [00:52:32] NyquilSteve317: i have to wear condoms [00:52:37] NyquilSteve317: not that i really care [00:52:53] guaaaache: why has she never been? [00:52:55] Laura09173: i don't wanna go to a gyno. [00:53:09] Flami: why? [00:53:09] NyquilSteve317: but she has some trouble with her plumbing, like periods that don't always show up for months [00:53:16] *** Laura09173 has left the conversation. [00:53:17] NyquilSteve317: and then last for months [00:53:17] *** Laura09173 has joined the conversation. [00:53:19] guaaaache: I don't know what the big deal is [00:53:28] guaaaache: yeah, she should really go [00:53:31] NyquilSteve317: yes [00:53:33] Flami: agreed [00:53:40] guaaaache: she'd probably get a blood test for the period thing, though [00:53:51] NyquilSteve317: and i tell her this [00:53:52] Laura09173: i don't want strange people at my cooch. [00:54:05] guaaaache: they're not going to do anything sexual [00:54:10] NyquilSteve317: right, and i think that's her thing, she is timid [00:54:21] NyquilSteve317: but she needs to get checked out, and i'm sure birth control would regulate things [00:54:35] guaaaache: is she on the pill? [00:54:38] guaaaache: that might help [00:54:44] NyquilSteve317: and she sees it as "don't go near my snatch!" and "you just want me to go on bc so you can shoot your load in me" [00:54:45] NyquilSteve317: no [00:54:47] NyquilSteve317: no pill [00:54:57] NyquilSteve317: gotta go to the gyno before you can get on the pill [00:55:08] Laura09173: really? [00:55:18] Flami: hmm [00:55:19] guaaaache: hmm, here we can usually just get a prescription from a GP [00:55:31] Laura09173: yeah, i think it's the same in New York [00:55:37] NyquilSteve317: yes... yup [00:56:05] guaaaache: she could probably just go to a GP and talk about the problem [00:56:16] NyquilSteve317: no [00:56:17] guaaaache: might not even require a physical checkup, although it would be a good idea [00:56:26] NyquilSteve317: the GP would be like "go to the fucking gyno!" [00:56:45] guaaaache: for the period thing? [00:56:47] NyquilSteve317: i worry about her cos she has periods that last 3 or 4 weeks [00:56:48] NyquilSteve317: no joke [00:57:00] guaaaache: yeah, that's not good [00:57:00] NyquilSteve317: almost a month [00:57:14] NyquilSteve317: nope [00:57:18] Flami: yikes.. not good [00:57:28] NyquilSteve317: so she needs to get checked [00:57:30] guaaaache: there's a serious problem there [00:57:35] guaaaache: can't believe she wouldn't want it fixed [00:57:43] Laura09173: that's happened to me before [00:57:51] Laura09173: stress can make it weird [00:58:10] Flami: agreed [00:58:24] NyquilSteve317: she has always been that way [00:58:36] NyquilSteve317: 3 months of no period, 1 month of period [00:58:43] NyquilSteve317: and various amounts of that [00:58:52] Laura09173: had it. [00:59:01] guaaaache: she probably has a hormonal problem? [00:59:19] NyquilSteve317: probably [00:59:26] NyquilSteve317: nothing a little medicine couldn't fix [00:59:53] guaaaache: although i was having extremely irregular periods, and there was apparently no hormonal problem [00:59:54] guaaaache: so no one really knows [01:00:15] NyquilSteve317: interesting, brb [01:00:20] *** NyquilSteve317 has left the conversation. [01:00:25] Laura09173: my theory is no sex = no problem. [01:00:39] guaaaache: what do you mean? [01:01:06] Laura09173: if i don't get my period, i don't have sex, so i'm not preggers. no problem there. [01:01:43] guaaaache: yeah, but it's not generally normal to have an irregular period [01:02:22] Laura09173: oh well. [01:02:28] Laura09173: i don't like doctors. [01:02:34] guaaaache: mine is good [01:02:48] guaaaache: i've seen some shit ones, but the current one is good [01:03:12] Laura09173: i also am uninsured. [01:03:27] guaaaache: yeah [01:04:11] Laura09173: so i can't afford nothin [01:04:23] guaaaache: do you have to pay every time you go to the doctor? [01:04:56] Laura09173: a little bit, yeah [01:04:57] guaaaache: oh [01:05:02] guaaaache: we usually don't have to pay for just a consultation [01:07:17] Flami: we have a good system here in Canada in that we don't have to pay money every time we see the doctor [01:07:27] guaaaache: yeah, same as here [01:07:59] Laura09173: I'm watchin Kick Ass. [01:13:02] guaaaache: so leslie, what actually happened when mariah banned you again? [01:17:12] Flami: oops... this thing wasn't blinking, again [01:17:31] Flami: I'm assuming she banned me again... I wasn't going to find that out myself [01:18:04] Flami: you know those posts I did about the misunderstood words and stuff? apparently, she had enough of that up to about J or so [01:20:52] *** NyquilSteve317 has joined the conversation. [01:20:58] NyquilSteve317: hi there [01:20:59] NyquilSteve317: so [01:21:00] NyquilSteve317: gf [01:21:09] NyquilSteve317: go to the gyno and fix your plumbing [01:21:15] NyquilSteve317: cos i don't need your ass dying on me [01:22:44] Laura09173: welcome to the conversation, steve [01:22:50] NyquilSteve317: hi [01:22:52] NyquilSteve317: wassup [01:22:56] NyquilSteve317: what are we talkin bout [01:23:15] Laura09173: leslie getting banned [01:23:29] NyquilSteve317: dragon? [01:23:35] NyquilSteve317: dragon is not banned? [01:24:12] Laura09173: well, don't ask me. i have no clue about anything that has to do with anyone else. [01:24:37] NyquilSteve317: word [01:24:52] NyquilSteve317: so then why are we discusing leslee being banned? [01:25:17] NyquilSteve317: i'm really really really really really really drunk [01:25:56] Flami: I guess Mikaela figured I was banned again - which I figured too - and yeah :P [01:26:11] NyquilSteve317: i don't believe so [01:26:33] NyquilSteve317: you guys are silly [01:26:49] NyquilSteve317: join my whatthehell2 group, you can post whatever the fuck you want [01:27:32] Laura09173: you have a group? [01:27:36] NyquilSteve317: yes [01:27:44] NyquilSteve317: whatthehell2 [01:27:52] NyquilSteve317: where you can rant, bitch, post whatever the fuck you want [01:27:59] NyquilSteve317: i don't care [01:28:07] Flami: haha... but my trivia / names / whatever / page-a-day calendar posts?! [01:28:35] NyquilSteve317: go for it [01:28:39] NyquilSteve317: i don't care [01:28:41] Flami: okay... I'm going to bed anyway. night

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