Saturday, May 19, 2012

What fantasy fighting class are you?

I'm a MAGE. :D

What fantasy fighting class are you? Mage, Rogue, Knight, Ranger, or Healer?


Generally the most intelligent of the classes, Mages' only physical weapons include wands, staffs, and spell books. Mages have a very low tolerance to physical damage, and can usually be taken down in just a few hits, however, they also possess only the strongest magic abilities and powers. Mages can often keep their opponent guessing what will come next, as they set them afire, teleport to a different location, and bombard them with massive pieces of hail, all within just seconds!

Personality Test Results

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Friday, May 18, 2012

Journal upkeep, Blogger, Semagic,and being there

I was so busy doing journal upkeep that I didn't notice any phone calls from Eric when he tried getting me out of the house at 6:10. Thank goodness, as I'm making some progress here! It also seems as if I'll have to get used to the new Blogger interface (which sucks for HTML), or use Semagic for drafts. Should be okay for now, I guess. Tonight, I was there for a friend, which is good.

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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Elvis, Jimi Hendrix, slot machines, poker, and blackjack!

Talked to Corey on Skype messages for a while last night; we discussed Jane's whereabouts, sex, David S., my parents, people getting married by Elvis or Jimi Hendrix impersonators in Vegas, Baby Dragon, reserving tickets for Penn and Teller, the Grand Canyon, Steph, Lisa, gambling (expect to LOSE), and more. It's interesting! "Well, that's what I'd advise NOT doing, unless you're really good at poker or blackjack or something where skill actually plays a factor... even then, it's not a great idea. :P People say that if you go there, you should have some amount you're willing to just lose; spend that, and quit. Basically, go in expecting to lose. :P Then you won't keep throwing money away trying to win. Just have fun with that amount and go home."

"Well, you can gamble on the slot machines basically all night without spending a ton of money. I think those supposedly have a 99% return rate or something... so basically, you're going to lose, but you're going to lose it very slowly. :P And you never know, the jackpots are real... those card games have a skill element, though. If you know how to play those, you really can win. There are professional poker players now that just gamble in the casinos all day. They go to the low-stakes tables to win an amount they can live on, plus extras, which is no sweat for those guys. Then they win some more to play with, and take it to the high-stakes tables, and try to get lucky, and do sometimes. But..... if you're not really really good, you'll get cleaned out in no time. My brother-in-law plays poker constantly, and it sounds like he pretty much got destroyed at the poker tables in Vegas... so how much are you going to gamble?" Hahahaha, probably next to nothing! (considering my budget...)

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Gotye, high tea, requests, knowing me too well, and DVD!

Called Jon earlier; we talked about babies, high tea, requests, Eric Ho and his well-wishes, awkwardness, and his knowing me too well. Hey, I will definitely respect wishes in this case! I know that he and Harmony know what is REALLY going on, even if others don't! I've also eaten the last of my Birthday Cake Oreos that I got on March 29 from Save-On-Foods.

Turns out that Dave Wong HAS indeed been to that Caribbean Market in New West, and highly recommends a nearby place; I trust that! I have had it with the radio playing Gotye, fun., and other groups a LOT. I rediscovered Corey's 2005 music DVD and his prank call CD, so those will provide a lot of entertainment instead!

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Tagging, location, Cypress, Whistler, tour guides, and active babies

Spent a lot of time earlier working on projects such as LJ tagging / location, and FB date changes and tagging. Good thing that Eric H. said hi on MSN after his long day at Cypress and Whistler! I'm sure he feels like a tour guide, but as long as he can rest afterwards, it'll be fine! (he needs a reprieve, which he'll get in a couple of days) He said that the Kings had won again (10-1), which I'd heard about earlier. Discussed fun research, the 2008 Pens (who lost to the Wings in the Final), NO BABY NEWS yet, innocent winking, trips, the active baby in utero (might be a boy?), and more. I also finished the FB date changes and tagging; no more constant notifications for my friends, I'm sure!

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Dave Wong, worsening conditions, prevention, and CHINESE ERIC

I got a surprise earlier when Dave Wong replied to one of my Facebook posts; now THERE is a blast from the past, haha! Yeah, I *do* find crazy things like those naughty church signs! Then Chinese Eric buzzed me on MSN; I'd missed him, since I really hadn't heard from him in a while! He apologized for missing my phone call, and said that he's been busy driving his mom's college friends around town as a "simple task" - they've been to Gastown, Olympic venues, and other tourist attractions. Sounds about right to me! Later, he apologized for his manners, and wanted me to wish Mom a happy birthday for him next time - sure, sure!

We discussed Jon and Harmony's "roller coaster of emotions," the frantic phone call that is sure to be in the future, the "glow" that pregnant women often have, Women's Hospital, how it felt to be an auntie to a nephew or niece, and the anticipation making it hard for Jon and Harmony to sleep. Also talked about the warm weather, his concern about sun protection (when I said I might not wear a jacket outside), his health getting worse (that's why!), tiredness, resting, diet, and hanging out with good friends being good for his mental health. The Canucks' long playoff run last year helped him recover then, and he'd hoped for another repeat. You and me both! Hey, we're the only team so far that HAS beaten Los Angeles (9-1 so far) in a game this playoff run!

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Monday, May 14, 2012

Long's Noodle House - 64th birthday goodness!

Steph called me at about 4 to tell me that Mom was going out for dinner in Vancouver for her 64th birthday; since almost everyone else except Harmony (who has exercise class at 7, and doesn't like Chinese food much anyway) was going, I guess I was in as well. Mom tried calling me, but I was busy trying to get an edit in, so I didn't pick up. When I called her back, I asked her where we were eating: Long's Noodle House! HAHAHAHA, I remember that place from Valentine's Day 2008 with Jon / Jeremy / Nathan / others! While I had her on the phone, I asked her about the hotel we were staying at in Vegas since Sheryll and Nyssa may want to meet me there: IMPERIAL PALACE. Jon's on a tight schedule, so I wasn't late at 5:40! Before I left, I bugged white Eric via MSN about his calling me at 9:30 AM yesterday, haha. (also left a message for Chinese Eric - YAY!)

I said hi to Grandma when I saw her in the car, and asked her what she did today: stayed home and knitted, apparently. Sounds about right to me! When we got to the restaurant, I busied myself by reading a bit of the newspaper until Steph and Lisa got there. Jon was later, as usual. We talked about SLB, this being another impromptu dinner, buns, jellyfish heads, Happy Family soup with dumplings, Chen's / PEACEFUL / Lin's, Shanghai noodles, Grandma cleaning her teeth right there at the table, pineapple cake from the cleaning lady, translating for Lisa, Vegas, the new money, salad, online friends, walking being good for labor, Mom not thinking she is Grandma's real daughter (DNA test!), SERVANTS, the upcoming baby, Mom thinking that the baby will wait till we go to Vegas to come out (I hope not!), Uncle Eric ALSO thinking that the baby was here, and more. My first words when Steph called me were, "BABY COMING?!" (and Uncle Eric said the same when Mom called him)

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Editing 1100 memories, Semagic location

I finally finished editing 1100+ entries at 1:35 AM, and I never want to go through that ever again! If I'd kept closer watch on the number of entries in the category in the first place, and knew it would take longer for the page to load even if it was just text, I could have saved myself the agony! Yes, I'm being melodramatic. :P *sigh* At least with Semagic, I can put a "home" location to some entries which lack it, which will hopefully take less time!

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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Memory organization / Impossible Gil amount

As I thought, I ended up sleeping in this morning; that kinda happens when you stay up till 4 AM doing various things and farting around on the Internet! At least I didn't have to listen to a sermon about mothers! I found that I had to re-organize a whole bunch of memorable LJ entries, so this will take up my entire afternoon and evening! (and late night too, I'm quite sure... so annoying since I can't do it in bulk!)

This is an impossible amount of money for the inn to be charging my FINAL FANTASY II party for a stay! (in Mysidia) I suspect this has to do with the codes I put in...

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