Saturday, December 20, 2003

Driving illegally

had a good time tonight talking to everyone about stuff..
introduced Jon and Steph to Andy.. fashion consultant!
Tally, Nathan, Adam, Jon, Steph, and I went for BBT..
Dragon Ball wasn't quite as packed when we got there..
saw Derek there, and had fun hanging out with our group..
we had lots of jokes, banter, and discussion at our table..
definitely a time to create memories; riding illegally too ;)
six people in a five-person car? oh my.. cops didn't notice!

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Greek dinner and bomblets

I'm looking forward to the Greek dinner tonight..
even though my belly may be in rebellion.. "bomblets!" ;)
guess we'll see what happens when you combine the two..
at least I'll get to see more of my friends and catch up!

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Friday, December 19, 2003

Wonton and dessert

I had a good time doing the wonton / dessert thing..
Dave wants to spite the BC Lung Association climb..
buy some gag cigarettes and smoke them while climbing..
Becky was also back, and the girls were really loud..
talked to a bunch of people about life and Christmas..
Eric didn't look so well.. not sure he's been out much at all..
we were going to go to Dragon Ball later, but it was packed..
at least it was a good time away from cares and pressures!

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Lenny Loosejocks Solitaire

ah, computer game nostalgia has me in its hold..
I remember playing Lenny Loosejocks Solitaire years ago..
that was when we had the Pentium 2 computer..
I've been looking for it for the last couple of days with no luck..
since I remember it fondly, I want to play it a lot..
the only things I got were Ezone's time-limited downloads..
this brilliant idea struck me of looking at the image properties..
so I went to Shockwave, got the Loosejocks page, and voila!
looked at the image properties of the screen shot..
got the game ID from there, and the game was good to go..
here it is, in case any of you are interested in playing it..
pretty cool, as the game has some Australian slang in it.. yay!

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Not seeing Eric in six weeks

more pain for me this morning.. I don't like it at all..
what the heck can I do, though.. best to just defer at times..
at least I had sushi for lunch.. huge sashimi pieces are cool..
despite what someone thinks, I am NOT man-crazy..
I haven't seen Eric in about six weeks, and tonight I will..
never mind that I don't have Fellowship myself..
time with friends is good.. away from the paint fumes!

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Thursday, December 18, 2003

Rejected Quizzes / Pictures and Spoz

I'm going around random livejournals, looking for quirky stuff..
this once, I see something that I really must have..

Spoz emailed me about the movie Rejected last year..
so of *course* I had to send the cool quiz to him, haha..
right now, I'm listening to that very bizarre movie again.. yay!

Reading something else on the Web, I was reminded of the Rejected movie that Spoz introduced to me in November 2002. That was one hilarious movie.. HAHAHAHA!

For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, you can find it here. That, or you can go to this site / Bitter Films for more info on how to get the Don Hertzfeldt film. (I should note that the movie came out in 2000)

There's even a very short quiz on it:

You are a banana! Good job, captain obvious.

which Rejected character are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Here are a few pictures from that movie (okay, so I snagged the first six from the quiz results :P):

(I like this one the best, heh heh heh)

Enjoy! :D

Oh, and one more Rejected quiz:

not silly hat
You are that poor soul who just wants to be in the
"Silly Hats Only" club. Wow, they don't seem so
silly in their hats when they are beating the
crap out of you!

Don Hertzfeldt's REJECTED! ...the quiz.
brought to you by Quizilla

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Influencing someone's thirst... blog this!

I've managed to influence someone's thirst.. go, me!
of course, this person is on the other side of the planet..
which makes you think about mind control and brainwashing..
especially if done from a fair distance, it can be scary..
all it took was mentioning one-litre bubble tea to Spoz..
he explains it better with more detail in his writings..
we simultaneously thought: "blog this!" .. hahaha ;)

December 19 @ 4:48 AM

mind over matter..
I tell ya wot.. that'd be a seriously fucken cool power..
I dunno.. it's probably just me..
but, if my mind could extend itself beyond my immediate..
and like move shit..
influence shit..
damn, that'd fucken rock..

okay.. don't get smart with me.. I know my mind can control my senses, my limbs, my voice.. and by doing so.. and thru technology.. I can reach the other side of the planet..
I mean.. it's a weird enough thought.. to have a conversation with someone on the other side of the planet about beverages.. and suddenly become thirsty.. the other side of the freakin' planet.. MADE ME THIRSTY.. stop and think about THAT concept!!

okay.. don't think about it too long.. back to original topic..

power of the mind.. fuckit.. I wanna learn it.. I wanna abuse that kinda power..
we're talking telekenesis.. telepathy.. telesensory.. the whole damn kit n kaboodle..
that crazy shit those Indian gurus can do.. where they levitate n shit.. I wanna know how to do that.. I wanna float around like the laws of gravity do not apply to me..
I want to astrally project myself to the dawn of time and to the edge of the future.. and back.. for laughs.. read books without even opening the cover.. I want to absorb the universe into my brain, have it neatly catalogued.. and ready to blow shit up in there..

I mean.. I got a pretty potent imagination.. but fuckit.. it'd be damn cool to do shit like that for real..

we got the technology..
we got the science..
we got the raw resources..
but.. wot ARE we doing with all this shit?
our brain got us this far..
and now it's just a freakin' couch potato / mouse potato / potato fullstop..
we're shutting all that shit off / criminalising it / brainwashing till it's just washing.. and then it's too much washing.. and frankly, it's now just icky.. but we got cameras ALL over it 24/7, and it's reality TV..
modern society wants people dumber than 2 planks of wood..
easily pliable..
move them in herds..
mind over matter?
fuck that.. matter over mind..
worship the capitalist dream..
succumb to the flesh..

damn the sheep..
I wanna USE my brain..
look above the clouds..
and fucken freak those horizons..

yup.. I may be too dangerous for this world..
or it may kill me before I have the chance..

I dunno.. 5AM ramblings.. ;)

wow.. just flipped thru me last few posts..
I sure write some insane / fucked up funny shit, don't I?

do I just come off.. as like some fucken fullblown lunatic?
c'mon, be honest.. :)
(so.. I can hunt you down like dogs.. DOGS!! BLAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!!)

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Boston Pizza and Erin's embarrassing stories

we went to Boston Pizza for dinner.. Erin got lost, as usual..
she told me that she got a chance to look at this site..
afterwards, the younger people decided to go to the mall..
Jon, Steph, Erin, and I walked around and bought some stuff..
later, we all got to laugh at Erin's BAD driving habits..
it's all anyone ever talks about, according to Eric..
also relived that "Erin's embarrassing stories" BP night..

we decided to go to the one-litre BBT place later..
I had my usual drink there... half coffee, half tea!
played War, Blackjack, and poker; I also called Maxine..
I persuaded them to go to my place so I could do stuff..
watered cactus, got bus pass, and a card from dantheman..
now I'm all set for the days ahead, which is really cool stuff!

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Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Paint fumes and no respect

my sister's coming back in a few hours.. um, yay?
nobody respects my wishes around here, I'm telling you..
if I don't want it, that should be enough for you people..
I can only take so much more of this stuff, you know!
in other news, my brain is extremely loopy right now..
everything smells like paint thanks to the handyman..
at least when I go home, I won't have to worry about that!
as some people would say: "shizzle my nizzle and sod off!"

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Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Acupuncture hurts!

despite what you may have heard, acupuncture hurts..
or at least, it makes you sore afterwards.. not my idea!
no pain is a good thing, so believe me when I say this to you..
because I know damn well what I am talking about, indeed..


I hate things not being in my control

my mom just scheduled an acupuncture appointment..
it's in less than an hour.. I hate this not being in my control..
sudden things sprung on you can't be any good..
especially not when they involve needles and crap like that..
people should know this bit of wisdom, but they don't..
so I'm feeling really irritated right about now.. cheh!

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Monday, December 15, 2003

Yazmine's Christmas presents

my parents controlled when I left the house today.. damn!
despite that, I had a good time with Yazmine as usual..
she got me some Botticelli chocolates, and some stickers..
as well as a Mashimaro notebook to write stuff in..
I got her some Sundae Smarties, and 100 tealight candles..
Yazmine uses them nightly to pray by, and to remember people..
we talked for a long time about some issues she has now..
if something happened to me or Jason, she wouldn't know what to do except be a hermit..
guess it's a good thing nothing DID happen to me last week ;)

we went to Red Robin's, then to Spicy Court Restaurant..
since she'd had no caffeine, she kept dropping things..
at Red Robin's, the dollar store, Shopper's, everywhere..
she stood up at Red Robin's, and her chair fell to the ground..
finally, I'd had enough of it.. I dragged her to Blenz for coffee..
when we went to Oakridge, she seemed better already..
we both bought some eyeglass lens cleaner while over there..
maybe we'll get together before New Year's.. in Richmond!
MWAHAHAHAHA.. she didn't want to go there today! :P

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Venus Café and afghans

had a good time with Jon, Eddie, and Nate at the Venus Café..
talked about the accident, SportsChek and serving NHL players..
our church friends (Dawn, Dennis, Anita, Danielle, etc.), food..
Nate's creative way of saying "I did a #2".. ("I did a 3 minus 1")
praying before you eat.. (funny questions like "are you okay?!")
Danielle not knowing how to spell "afghan".. ("is it APA..?")
impressing girls with how you dress, grad school, exams..
Saddam Hussein's capture, the political system here in Canada..
campus lunches, Christmas dinners, Fellowship doings..
Eric's health and heart.. (more tests and prayers needed)
yup, it was definitely good seeing Eddie again for sure! :)

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Sunday, December 14, 2003

Arrow pointing at cross in dream

had a good time at church today, and answered inquiries..
Michael called Michelle "evil" because she hid his jacket..
he also called Anita "color-blind": orange is NOT yellow! ;)
Quan, Michael, and Cordia were quasi-insulting each other..
they were using Japanese from some website, I think..
Sarah said: "Hey guys, this is the Chinese Free Church!"
also talked to Tim and Maxine about Saturday's dinner..
Spargo's Greek food sounds good.. souvlaki and stuff :)

Dylan still isn't feeling well, but thought he'd better go to church..
he saw a cross and an arrow pointing to it in his dream..
apparently, Eric M.'s going to have more tests done this week..
I'll have to check with Jon and verify that this info is true..
we all said goodbye to Jen and Danielle, and hi to Calla..
saw Ollie for a brief few moments; his wedding was yesterday..
Cindy and Dianne gave me a Christmas card, which was nice..
I'll be going to eat later on with Eddie and the guys at Aji Taro..
hanging out with the guys is fun, despite what my mom thinks..
that's about it for now, so stay tuned later on if you want! ;)

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VeggieTales videos!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, IRENE.. I hope you have a good one today! :) It's been very encouraging to have you as a friend.

we watched a VeggieTales video with the Awana kids today..
Leggo My Ego / A Cuke of All Trades (the short) were funny..
build yourself up by not tearing others down.. big ego, Larry!
the veggies are very cute, and I recommend watching it..
VeggieTales in general is very sound and humorous..
yeah, that's about all I can say now.. weird, isn't it?
or I *could* just say "onion rings" and have done with it ;)
I reconnected with Rachel, John M., and Dave C. just now..
mostly talked about the accident, but also Malaysia..
and some updates about how / what we were doing..
yup, this kind of thing is definitely very positive in general :)

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