Saturday, July 10, 2004

Corey and I need a new circadian rhythm!

life's been treating me well today.. talking to Corey will do that, almost no matter what ;)
he's been sleeping during the day, and awake at night..
seems he needs a new circadian rhythm since he can handle it for now.. who knows when he'll start to slip?
trying to mess with me about blood, being scared, etc. ;)
that's the kind of humor I've missed this past week, haha!
Danielle and I can't handle that pace at all anymore..
I came to a peaceful realization of certain things.. yay?
I'm satisfied: people I've missed are now back online..
now, if only this damned neck pain would go away..
perhaps it was the dancing last week at the banquet..
still, things would be just great if it would disappear!

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Friday, July 09, 2004

Hanging out at Nathan's and doing nothing

had a good time tonight with Eric in the Parisienne..
fart lever, locking / unlocking doors, singing Big Sugar..
discussed things with Mark, Rich, Eric, Dylan, Sean, Derek, Randal, Nathan, and others:
post-wedding recovery of sleep; emasculation; plans..
the church break-ins; a church meeting on Sunday..
a Winter Conference scouting trip to Kelowna tomorrow..
back care; updates / life; insanity at work..
Rich going a little crazy with sugar in his system..
Chinese movies; what we were doing later; etc.

Eric asked if I minded going over to Nathan's to hang out and do nothing, since he didn't want to spend money..
I definitely didn't mind, so now I'm here eating Nestlé Toll House chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream..
Nathan and Eric are playing NHL 2004.. good fun times!
despite what Eric thinks, I'm not plotting any illegal bomb threats or terrorist attacks over here ;)
he's affectionately joking about it looking suspicious..
this is a very good end to a good day.. I very much hope the weekend continues to be positive for me!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, STELLA.. I hope you have a good one today! :)

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Jim and I made each other's day!

my day even got better, if that were possible..
Jim got on and talked to me for a while.. I missed him!
when I said so, he informed me that it had made his day..
he forgot about the time difference.. no worries..
hadn't talked to him for a long while.. he's cool ;)
now, how to tell certain other people that I missed them?
I don't know.. it's so easy with certain others..
comfort level might be a factor.. anyone have ideas?

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Losing track of time and friendly endearments

I'm still in an oddly cheerful mood right now..
talking to Michael always does that for me, hahaha..
losing track of time and friendly endearments are cool..
I see Corey online, albeit "away".. but that's fine..
means I don't have to call him, but I would have!
looking forward to the resumption of conversations ;)
if someone else doesn't show up online, that's okay..
yes, I am conservative.. but we still need to talk..

definitely looking forward to seeing Eric and everyone else tonight at church.. that will be awesome!
I'll even pay Eric his "nominal fee" since I like him that much.. complicated feelings, to be sure ;)
at some point today, I'll need to have some ice cream..
people in the chat yesterday made me crave it so bad..
that's your update for now, kiddies.. I'm outta here!

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Thursday, July 08, 2004

Bubble Tea Tally / Quizzes

here's the record of consumed BBT..
read it and enjoy BBT vicariously! ;)


red bean @ Mak's Juice & Dessert (Thursday, June 3)
yin-yang @ BoBo Bubble Tea [one litre] (Thursday, June 10)
white grape @ Pure Tea Café (Friday, July 2)

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Conservative Republicans. Man, I love you guys.

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I'm Brittney!!! ^____^ EEEEEEE!!! I'm sooooooo hilarious!!! I also swear a lot, but it's all in da humor!!! ^______________^

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Adding blankets to the bed in July?!

I didn't have to worry about too much so far today..
my domination idea last night went rather well..
it's good to have someone that makes you laugh, cheerfully goes along with whatever you suggest, is comfy, etc.
here it is July, and I want to add blankets to the bed?!
sure, I need warmth to sleep.. but this is ridiculous..
you'd think it was November the way I go about things..
at least it proves this apartment is cool temp-wise..
never mind the effect certain things have on me, aye? ;)

if Corey doesn't come online in the next few days, I can see myself calling him just because I'd be concerned..
his brand of humor has been sorely missed around here!
(no, I'm not a stalker.. but he did suggest it long ago :P)
Phil emailed us more wedding pictures... yay! :)
hopefully, I'm not in any of them.. but you never know..

Spoz linked the "German cannibal inspires feature film" story in his blog.. I think I'll stay away, meself..
BigDaiv tried to send me Tri-Peaks; I cancelled it.. WTF?
maybe tomorrow or something will be better for that..
and that concludes your boring-ish update for now.. yay!

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Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Dearth of his brand of humor!

went to bed at 9:30 last night.. the weekend still has me so wiped out, apparently.. phew!
better not miss the Alan Cross show tonight, for sure!
I definitely hope Corey comes on, since I've missed him..
we haven't really talked since Friday, so there's a dearth of his brand of humor around here..
thought I set a new record before 11, but nope..
much easier if they'd just make up their mind, dammit!
anyway, I still don't know what I'm doing.. wish I did..
no self-fulfilling prophecies here for now, eh? ;)

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Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Michael makes me laugh

I've been thinking a lot about Mark M. lately.. I miss him!
maybe I'll email him later to see how he's doing..
Michael makes me laugh and is enthusiastic with it ;)
LJ's being weirdass, but that's nothing new.. damn!
might go for BP pretty soon.. specials rock the house..
that's your boring update for now.. stay tuned for more..

Note: LJ Friend Stats Kwiz Biz, by waywardpixie.

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Monday, July 05, 2004

Hardcore editing, Michael, and quizzes

currently working hardcore on my editing project..
since LJ and GJ are both being weird, I have to email myself the revisions and try posting them later..
my brain's certainly having an off day, but I'll survive..
talked to Michael for a little while earlier..
accidents, RQ drama, computer problems, and such..
I might talk to someone else tonight / tomorrow..
guess it all depends on how much work I get done!

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Ichabod, Jeffita, and Beatrice are NOT good names for kids!

the Awana BBQ was fun, as always.. had to take the bus there and then walk for a while, as well..
Ichabod, Jeffita and Beatrice are NOT good kiddy names! ;)
Zoolander's "orange mocha frappuccino" scene was neat, and Jeff is NOT old-school..
it's too late to do Eric T.'s "Tasmanian Devil love birthday card" joke.. he was teasing me in May..
his birthday's June 24.. maybe a joke Beijing farewell..
ah, guitar guys who are ten years younger than you are ;)
got home to find that Steph uploaded wedding pics already..
she's insanely excited about ANY weddings of our friends!

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Sunday, July 04, 2004

No washing congee pots for me!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KATE.. I hope you have a super one today! :) It was really neat knowing you for years.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, IAN.. I hope you have a great one today! :) It's so neat that you'll talk to me now.

everyone was so tired from last night's festivities..
especially if we got home after 1 AM, like most did..
we used to be able to stay up late and not get tired..
but we can't do that so much now, even though it's not as if we're getting up earlier than other days..
maybe we're just all getting older, and we're in denial ;)
spent time with my sister.. not dinner, lunch is fine..
it's her last night in town, but the BBQ sounds better..
no washing congee pots for me, even if they're soaked..
Eric T. is going to the BBQ, if we can both get a ride..
sure, we all need sleep.. but I think we'll all survive!

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Wedding, jazz festival, and banquet!

had a good time at the wedding.. She Bangs and A Whole New World (Aladdin theme song) were so hilarious!
Jon and I met up with Jeremy at the jazz festival later..
heard weird string music, funny stories, and electronica..
the banquet was also lots of fun with talk and dance..
got to congratulate Daniel and Michelle personally..
can't believe they're married now, but it's all good!

Note: Who reads your LJ the most / Your LJ Date Kwiz Biz quizzes, by KwizBiz.

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