Saturday, April 08, 2006

Pizza, chilling, amazing hockey wins, church, websites, and four new icons for Eric!

Eric H. and I just chilled after eating the good Edge / ten-topping pizzas from Pizza Hut... the crust was very good, and not all yucky like certain other pizza companies I could name. It was on him since he likes hanging out with me and talking about stuff, so it's pretty good. He even opened the SkyFlakes crackers, and marveled at how I "organized" the contents into Ziploc bags. Psst... it's called not having to open the container again! ;)

Vancouver won the hockey game against the Flames 3-2 in overtime! He was all depressed because Calgary had tied the game 2-2, and it looked like it might be a shootout. But good ol' Ed Jovanovski (who just got off the injured list today) saved the day for us! :D

We talked about Willingdon Church Saturday night services (which Nathan has been bringing him to), our church's Easter Sunday services (which he plans on attending), Corey and his ex, Erik ("the guy who wants to become a girl"), hockey, books, and various websites. (No Pants Day, Things Shoved Up The Butt, FlubTitles, etc.) He still feels bad that he made my TV green for a while there, but it looks just about normal now, so no worries. I found him four icons from my bases community to fill his six slots, too! (now he's fallen asleep, heh...)

Never mind... he woke up when I went to the washroom, and has now left. (I guess the toilet flushing wasn't in his "white noise" bank while the DVD, radio, and TV were :P) Good times with friends are cool. :D

Brokeback Mountain, Chocolate, Christianity, and Snoopy with Woodstock!

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Getting whipped by the little kids, and tearing phone books in half

At Awana today, we learned that Mike literally gets whipped by the little girls who chase him around! Then again, Chris had two little kids hanging off him for a while too... but that doesn't compare to getting whipped by little girls! Danny told me who was getting baptized next week: him, Benedict, Chris, Henry, and two guys I don't know. I wasn't sure if I knew Henry or not, although I remembered a little kid by his name years ago, and his sister Janet. Apparently, he is Teresa Chuk's half-brother or something... I'll have to get my sister to re-introduce me to him or something tomorrow. (if I give him a card, I don't want him to be like "Who the heck is this?!" haha) Chris was telling me that they were all little kids together years ago, which I believe!

At least I got enough Easter / baptism cards the other day ... Winnie wondered how I got so many, and Jessica admired one of the Easter ones. (it IS pretty with a white dove, and a silver-purple color scheme!) When I got home, Corey wanted me to view his webcam posthaste: sure, why not? I was waiting for Eric H. to get over here, anyhow... and he came over at 7, heh.

Dawn says she found a way to read the sites that were blocked with RSS feed problems: Dave told her to use Google's translation service. Just enter the URL and pretend to translate the site, and she's golden! Thank goodness! Whatever works, haha! Now we're just talking about life and such. :)

Corey is inviting you to start viewing webcam. Do you want to accept (Alt+C) or decline (Alt+D) the invitation?

You have accepted the invitation to start viewing webcam.

Corey says: it's totally awesome
Corey says: if it finishes connecting... I'll show you :P
Flami: Industrial Strength Bootine says: here we go
Flami says: ... tearing phone books..
Corey says: this phone book was mouthing off, so I showed it what I thought about that
Flami says: right.. sure
Corey says: guess you can't see that part, but on my new DBX CD, the logo is lined with boobs and topless chicks
Corey says: on the front cover, even
Flami says: show me :P
Corey says: just too little to really notice
Flami says: yeah, true.. oh well
Corey says: it also has Dave Brockie kissing Dave Brockie on it
Flami says: what are you doing?!
Flami says: .......... what?! [he showed me]
Flami says: oh geez
Corey says: well, I think that's the Corey Show for today :P
Flami says: sounds good.. Chinese Eric thinks your tearing apart phone books is nuts :P
Corey says: well, I'll tear him apart next then :P
Flami says: ".... cool...." he says :P
Corey says: I saw that on an episode of the Andy Milonakis show that I downloaded.. someone tore him in half
Corey says: so it must be doable :P
Flami says: I suppose...
Corey says: I've only torn one phone book in half before this, quite a while ago, and I haven't been able to do it ever since
Corey says: except for today, obviously
Flami says: for all I know, you tore that apart a long time ago :P
Flami says: and kept it
Corey says: I should have done it on camera :P I did it and then ran around showing everyone here, so of course everyone starts talking to me on here just minutes later
Flami says: haha, do it again :P
Corey says: I probably can't do it again right now.. it leaves your hands kinda sore :P takes lots of pinch grip strength
Corey says: maybe if I have a thin one... but I doubt I'll get it :P
Corey says: well, I have one that might work
Flami says: haha, okay
Corey says: it's part of a catalog, so it's slightly different :P we'll see, but I bet I don't even get it started. getting it started is tricky.. it's just pulling after that, but getting it started is hard
Flami says: right...
Corey says: I hope you were watching that :P
Flami says: yes, we were
Flami says: Chinese Eric thinks you want to become a strongman
Corey says: I MAY have closed my #2 gripper the other day... but if I did it was just barely
Corey says: well, now I only have three phone books left :P
Flami says: Eric wants to know where you get all of those from
Corey says: well, new phonebooks just came out a week or two ago :P
Corey says: so most of these are the old ones
Flami says: pizza-licious
Corey says: the one I just did was actually half of a really thick electronics catalog
Flami says: yeah, we figured
Corey says: there's a trashcan thing I walk past almost every day at school marked "phonebooks only"
Corey says: but I'm kinda reluctant to look for phone books in the trash :P
Flami says: understandable
Corey says: supposedly, you can call phone book companies and they'll just send you however many you want
Flami says: yeah, I've heard
Corey says: okay, now my fingers have black newsprint crap all over them :P
Flami says: ew, go wash your hands
Corey says: yes, ma'am
Flami says: :D we're set here for pizza: beef, chicken, extra cheese, salami, hot peppers, mushrooms, black olives, Italian sausage, pineapples, and bacon
Corey says: start picking the mushrooms off a few and I'll be over :P
Flami says: yeah, I'm so sure :P
Corey says: mushrooms suck
Corey says: the rest sounds okay
Corey says: maybe not the peppers though. I don't like those on pizza. vegetables on pizza ruin the texture or something.. even if I don't mind the taste of those things
Flami says: I suppose it depends on what you order..
Flami says: hey, we scored again! :D

Corey has stopped viewing webcam with you.

Corey says: behave yourselves over there
Flami says: I'm talking about the hockey game, you dork :P

You Are 57% Selfish

You are quite balanced. You are able to compromise when it's in the best interests of those involved.
But you're no pushover. If something is important to you, you'll get it!

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Up early, AGAIN... why does this happen to me?! / Caffeine Nebula Quizzes

Why am I up now when I went to bed at 4?! I know I can be a night person, but this is seriously ridiculous! Guess I'll have to drink coffee (mainline caffeine, big-time!) or take a short nap very soon, and I'd better not oversleep from that! Aiyoh... at least I had a weird dream about Teunis being at Nathan's, and Chung Yan helping me with books / toys / water / odd alive wood chips wanting to eat us. o_O

Maybe I can use a dormant LJ account that I have, and solve Dawn's RSS feed problems that way through LOTS of backdated entries and the account feeds. Then again, LJ *is* a pretty well-known journal site... I wouldn't be surprised if China blocks that, as well! But I'm not going through all that work until I talk to her and see if she can view selected LJs from her computer... if she can't, then it's not worth it! Other sites I'm on offer blogging services, like OK Cupid or even Caffeine Nebula (which I just noticed now, heh)... so we shall see!

I'm a 2x6 Lego Piece!

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HAHAHA. Reminds me of this Tetris piece OK Cupid test...

You are 61% Asian!

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I'm 20% Caffeine Nebula!

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How Caffeine Nebula are you?

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Uh... no comment. :P

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Another quizzy post... deal with it :P

Note: LJ Friends as Random Cake Songs / House MD, LJ Style / Hell's Kitchen, LJ Style / Who Shucked The LJ Corn? / LJ Community College / How I'd Kill My Best LJ Friend / The Truth About My LJ Friends / What I'll Do With My LJ Friends / What My LJ Friends Say When I Just Broke Up / LJ Friends in Wilderness blogquizzes. (by Nicole, Elizabeth, Helen, Chelsey, Teresa, and Kim)

What is your name?
What gender are you?
Have you ever done anything you regret?
Have you ever watched Family Guy?
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Which Final Fantasy 7 character are you?

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Eric coming over anyhow, Chinese comedy, bad subtitles, Google music videos, blogquizzes

Tonight, Eric M. was most industrious in calling me and trying to get me to leave... he even came to my door! I was having none of it, since I already expressed to him and others that I wouldn't go: if I did go, I'd be going back on my word... no pun intended. I'd taken a shower anyhow, but wasn't feeling up to it... I'd rather work on stuff since yesterday was a wash! (tomorrow could be also that way, depending) At least I finished another month in my "filling up tags" project, which was my goal. :D

When Eric H. got on MSN and said that he was relaxing / looking forward to hanging out tomorrow, I asked him which websites China blocked. I know there's gotta be a lot of them since China likes to control freedom of speech and such... but he had no idea. Then I thought that maybe his girlfriend Fay would know, but she doesn't: he says she'll ask her friends. Sounds good to me! (I have plans if there's a site they don't block!) He also suggested watching a Chinese comedy DVD tomorrow: sure, if it has subtitles which are easily readable! Subtitles can be a source of endless amusement if they're badly translated! Then again, the last "Chinese variety show" thing I watched on TV / DVD (probably at Nathan's) was comedy gold because it was so bizarre! :D

This site of bad subtitles is so bad, it's funny!

Corey made a joke about spitting, but it failed because I misread what he said. Then he called me a dork, and remarked that he thought I would get it. Not this time! Later, he linked me to a bunch of Google music videos... it's better if you watch it with the sound off, and they use power tools 12 minutes in! Awesome stuff. :D (Ministry Of Sound: The Annual 2005 DVD... found from a link on Something Awful)

Note: LJ Wedding / LJ Friends Comment-Backs / LJ 1776 / Dysfunctional LJ Family / F*cked-Up LJ Marriage / F*cked-Up LJ Marching Band / LJ Band / LJ's Next Top Model / LJ Retirement Home / Perfect LJ Life blogquizzes. (by Christine, Nicole, Britt, and Elizabeth)

Current Race
You are the Halo race...Sangheili (Elite)
This Fun Quiz created by Marta at BlogQuiz.Net
Aries Horoscope at DailyHoroscopes.Biz

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Friday, April 07, 2006

No Pants Day, Eric's devious plans, Wikipedia birthday history meme, my theme song

No Pants Day is on May 5, 2006. Again, I can't participate in it... darn, heh.

Eric M. got on MSN and argued the case for my coming to Fellowship, even though I told him that I'd already replied to a Bible Study email saying I wouldn't be going tonight... and that I was telling him now. I have too much hardcore work to do... he insisted that he was showing up at the usual time anyhow! ("Good... you're coming... mwahahahaha! Back to work.") Guess he'll get a surprise then! To that end, I called Sam at home and got a ride from him to Awana tomorrow.... that's good, since I'm altogether unsure if I'll see him tonight or not even if I *do* go! (and I hate people who use Eric's M.O., especially because my parents do that ALL THE TIME... don't assume!)

Am still trying to find a solution for Dawn's RSS feeds problem.. not sure what all China blocks! Aiyoh.

Edit: Eric just left a message on my answering machine to say that he wouldn't be here by 7:10, but would be here later. Uh, you're never here by 7:10 ANYHOW! :P (barring early starts at church on Fridays and such)

I saw this last night, but I'd just finished updating my journal, so I'm doing it now.

Go to Wikipedia and look up your birthday (excluding the year). List three neat facts, two births and one death in your journal, including the year. Here's everything since I couldn't resist. I had to edit the page a few times, too... syntax errors, a birth being in the DEATH section, etc. Aiyoh. :P

September 17 in History


1176 - The Battle of Myriokephalon is fought.
1394 - King Charles VI of France orders all Jews expelled from France.
1462 - The Battle of ?wiecino (or Battle of ?arnowiec) is fought during the Thirteen Years' War.
1577 - Peace of Bergerac signed between Henry III of France and the Huguenots.
1630 - The city of Boston, Massachusetts, is founded.
1776 - The Presidio of San Francisco is founded in New Spain.
1787 - The United States Constitution is adopted by the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia.
1809 - Peace between Sweden and Russia in the Finnish War. The territory to become Finland is ceded to Russia by the Treaty of Fredrikshamn.
1859 - Joshua A. Norton declares himself Emperor Norton I of the United States.
1862 - American Civil War: George McClellan halts the northward drive of Robert E. Lee's Confederate army in the Battle of Antietam.
1894 - Battle of Yalu River, the largest naval engagement of the First Sino-Japanese War.
1900 - Philippine-American War: Filipinos under Juan Cailles defeat Americans under Colonel Benjamin F. Cheatham at Mabitac.
1908 - Lieutenant Thomas Selfridge crashes a Wright Brothers airplane and becomes the first airplane fatality.
1914 - Andrew Fisher becomes Prime Minister of Australia for the third time.
1920 - National Football League is organized in Canton, Ohio, United States.
1924 - The Border Defence Corps was established in the Second Polish Republic for the defence of the eastern border against armed Soviet raids and local bandits.
1928 - The Okeechobee Hurricane strikes southeastern Florida, killing upwards of 2,500 people. It is the third deadliest natural disaster in US history, behind the Galveston Hurricane of 1900 and the 1906 San Francisco earthquake.
1939 - The Soviet Union joined Nazi Germany's invasion of Poland during the Polish Defence War of 1939.
939 - Taisto Mäki of Finland. New world record on 10.000m. 29.52.6. First time under 30 min. In Helsinki Olympic stadium in Finland. The stadium was built for the 1940 Olympic Games after the games were moved there from Tokyo, Japan. The games never took place.
1943 - Russian city of Bryansk liberated from Nazis.
1944 - Allied Airborne troops parachute into Holland as the "Market" half of Operation Market Garden.
1947 - James V. Forrestal was sworn in as the first Secretary of Defense of United States.
1948 - Lehi (also known as the Stern gang) assassinates Count Folke Bernadotte, who was appointed by the UN to mediate between the Arabs and Jews.
1949 - The Canadian steamship SS Noronic burns in Toronto Harbor with the loss of over 118 lives.
1951 - Robert A. Lovett was sworn in as the 4th Secretary of Defense of United States.
1961 - The Minnesota Vikings play their first NFL game, defeating the Chicago Bears 37-13, with Fran Tarkenton throwing 4 touchdowns and running for 1 touchdown.
1967 - Jim Morrison and The Doors defy CBS censors on The Ed Sullivan Show. Morrison sang the lyrics "Girl, we couldn't get much higher" from the song Light My Fire when asked not to.
1976 - The first Space Shuttle, Enterprise, was unveiled by NASA.
1978 - The Camp David Accords were signed by Israel and Egypt.
1983 - Vanessa Williams becomes first African American Miss America.
1984 - Brian Mulroney is sworn in as Prime Minister of Canada.
1984 - Baseball: Reggie Jackson becomes the 13th member of the 500 home run club with a home run at Anaheim Stadium in Anaheim, California.
1988 - Opening ceremony of the Games of the XXIV Olympiad in Seoul, South Korea.
1991 - North Korea, South Korea, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, the Marshall Islands and Micronesia join the United Nations.
1991 - The first version of the Linux kernel (0.01) is released to the Internet.
2001 - The Late Show with David Letterman is the first TV talk show to return to the airwaves six days after terrorists attack the United States in New York City and Washington D.C.
2001 - The Dow Jones Industrial Average opens for the first time after the September 11 attacks. The stocks plummet throughout the trading session and posts its biggest point drop in its history closing down 684.81 points to 8920.70.
2004 - Tamil is declared the first classical language in India.
2004 - Barry Bonds becomes only the third Major League Baseball player to hit 700 or more home runs.
2005 - The B.C. Lions make CFL history by winning 11 straight games, become the first team ever to do so in the CFL. This day was also the premiere for three new shows on Kids WB: Loonatics Unleashed, Coconut Fred's Fruit Salad Island, and Johnny Test.

Note on the football one: They tanked after that, big-time!


64 - Julia Flavia, daughter of Roman Emperor Titus, lover of his brother Domitian.
879 - King Charles III of France (d. 929)
1192 - Minamoto no Sanetomo Japanese shogun (d. 1219)
1271 - King Wenceslas II of Bohemia and Poland (d. 1305)
1550 - Pope Paul V (d. 1621)
1580 - Francisco de Quevedo, Spanish writer (d. 1645)
1630 - Ranuccio II Farnese, Duke of Parma (d. 1694)
1639 - Hans Herr, Swiss-born Mennonite bishop (d. 1725)
1657 - Sophia Alekseyevna, regent of Russia (d. 1704)
1677 - Stephen Hales, English physiologist, chemist, and inventor (d. 1761)
1687 - Durastante Natalucci, Italian historian (d. 1772)
1730 - Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben, Prussian army officer (d. 1794)
1743 - Marquis de Condorcet, French mathematician, philosopher, and political scientist (d. 1794)
1819 - Thomas Hendricks, Vice President of the United States (d. 1885)
1820 - Émile Augier, French dramatist (d. 1889)
1826 - Bernhard Riemann, German mathematician (d. 1866)
1857 - Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, Russian rocket scientist and inventor (d. 1935)
1869 - Christian Lous Lange, Norwegian pacifist, recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize (d. 1938)
1881 - Alfred Francis Blakeney Carpenter, English soldier (d. 1955)
1883 - William Carlos Williams, American physician and writer (d. 1963)
1884 - Charles Tomlinson Griffes, American composer (d. 1920)
1890 - Gabriel Heatter, famous American radio commentator
1897 - Earl Webb, baseball player (d. 1965)
1900 - John Willard Marriott, American hotelier (d. 1985)
1903 - Karel Miljon, Dutch boxer (d. 1984)
1907 - Warren Burger, 15th Chief Justice of the United States (d. 1995)
1918 - Chaim Herzog, President of Israel (d. 1997)
1922 - Agostinho Neto, Angolan politician (d. 1979)
1923 - Hank Williams, American musician (d. 1953)
1927 - George Blanda, American football player
1928 - Roddy McDowall, English actor (d. 1998)
1929 - Sir Stirling Moss, English race car driver
1930 - Edgar Mitchell, astronaut
1931 - Anne Bancroft, American actress (d. 2005)
1933 - Dorothy Loudon, American actress (d. 2003)
1934 - Maureen Connolly, American tennis player (d. 1969)
1935 - Ken Kesey, American author (d. 2001)
1937 - Orlando Cepeda, Puerto Rican Major League Baseball player
1938 - Bobby Wine, American Major League Baseball player
1939 - David Souter, U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice
1941 - Bob Matsui, U.S. Congressman from California (d. 2005)
1942 - Des Lynam, English television presenter
1944 - Reinhold Messner, Austrian mountain climber
1947 - Tessa Jowell, British politician
1947 - Jeff MacNelly, American political cartoonist
1948 - John Ritter, American actor (d. 2003)
1950 - Narendra Modi, Indian politician
1951 - Cassandra Peterson, American actress
1956 - Rita Rudner, American comedian
1959 - Charles Lawson, Northern Irish actor
1960 - Damon Hill, English race car driver
1960 - John Franco, baseball player
1962 - Baz Luhrmann, Australian-born film director and producer
1965 - Bryan Singer, American director
1965 - Gore Verbinski, American director
1965 - Yuji Naka, Japanese video game programmer, Head of Sonic Team (Creators of Sonic the Hedgehog)
1969 - Ken Doherty, Irish snooker player
1970 - James E. Acs, American writer
1973 - Anastacia, American singer
1974 - Rasheed Wallace, American basketball player
1975 - Jimmie Johnson, American race car driver
1975 - Austin St. John, American actor
1979 - Akin Ayodele, American football player
1979 - Chuck Comeau, Canadian musician (Simple Plan)
1983 - Jennifer Peña, American singer
1985 - Alex Ovechkin, Russian hockey player
1991 - Jordan McCoy, American singer


1179 - Hildegard of Bingen, German abbess, mystic writer, and composer (b. 1098)
1322 - Robert III of Flanders (b. 1249)
1563 - Henry Manners, 2nd Earl of Rutland, English soldier
1574 - Pedro Menéndez de Avilés, first Spanish Governor of Florida (b. 1519)
1575 - Heinrich Bullinger, Swiss religious reformer (b. 1504)
1621 - Robert Bellarmine, Italian saint (b. 1542)
1630 - Thomas Lake, English statesman (b. 1567)
1665 - King Philip IV of Spain (b. 1605)
1679 - John of Austria the Younger, Spanish general (b. 1629)
1727 - Glückel of Hameln, German businesswoman and diarist (b. 1647)
1762 - Francesco Geminiani, Italian violinist and composer (b. 1687)
1771 - Tobias Smollett, Scottish novelist (b. 1721)
1808 - Benjamin Bourne, American politician (b. 1755)
1836 - Antoine Laurent de Jussieu, French botanist (b. 1748)
1863 - Alfred de Vigny, French author (b. 1797)
1873 - Alexander Berry, Scottish adventurer and settler in Australia (b. 1781)
1879 - Eugène Viollet-le-Duc, French architect (b. 1814)
1894 - Deng Shichang, Chinese admiral (b. 1849)
1907 - Ignaz Brüll, Austrian pianist (b. 1846)
1933 - Joseph De Piro, Maltese missionary (b. 1877)
1936 - Ettie Rout, New Zealand activist (b. 1877)
1938 - Bruno Jasie?ski, Polish poet (b. 1901)
1966 - Fritz Wunderlich, German tenor (b. 1930)
1972 - Akim Tamiroff, Georgian actor (b. 1899)
1973 - Hugo Winterhalter, American bandleader (b. 1909)
1980 - Anastasio Somoza Debayle, President of Nicaragua (b. 1925)
1984 - Richard Basehart, American actor (b. 1914)
1991 - Zino Francescatti, French violinist (b. 1902)
1993 - Christian Nyby, American film and television director (b. 1913)
1996 - Spiro Agnew, Vice President of the United States (b. 1918)
1997 - Red Skelton, American actor and comedian (b. 1913)
2003 - Erich Hallhuber, German actor (b. 1951)
2003 - Sheb Wooley, American actor and singer (b. 1921)
2005 - Alfred Reed, American composer (b. 1921)

Holidays and observances:

The fourth day of the Eleusinian Mysteries in ancient Greek mythology, when the initiates sacrificed a pig.
RC Saints - Feasts of Saint Lambert (martyr), Hildegard of Bingen
Also see September 17 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics)
Angola - National Heroes' Day
Netherlands - Operation Market Garden is still remembered with parachuting and dedications on this day.
United States - Constitution Day (observed on the previous Friday if it falls on a weekend), Citizenship Day, Von Steuben Day

Eastern Orthodox liturgics:


Martyrs Sophia and her three daughters Faith (Vera), Hope (Nadezhda), and Love (Lyubov) at Rome (137)
Martyr Agathocleia (230)
Martyr Theodota at Nicaea (230)
Martyrs Archbishop Peleus, Archbishop Nilus, Presbyter Zeno, noblemen Patermuthius and Elias, and 156 others of Palestine
Martyrs Lucy and her son Geminian of Rome (303)
Hieromartyr Heraclides and Hieromartyr Myron, bishops of Cyprus
Hieromartyr Lambert of Maastrich
1000 martyrs of Egypt
Martyrs Charalampus, Pantelon, and others
Saint Anastasius of Cyprus, monk
Saint Eusipius of Cyprus, monk

Other Commemorations:

Repose of Blessed Agapitus, disciple of Saint Tikhon of Zadonsk (1825)
Repose of Blessed Matthew of Petersburg (1904)

Your Theme Song is Back in Black by AC/DC

Back in black, I hit the sack,
I've been too long, I'm glad to be back

Things sometimes get really crazy for you, and sometimes you have to get away from all the chaos.
But each time you stage your comeback, it's even better than the last!

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Things People Have Shoved Up Their Butts / Glad / Friday Five / Blogquiz

I'll get no work done tonight on my project... better get some done tomorrow! (I already opted out of BS, heh) Guess I'll play Bookworm after I catch up on stuff...

Nick posted this wonderful list of things that people have shoved up their butts.

Reminds me of the story Nathan was telling us once at Calhoun's: Nathan's friend is a doctor in Princeton, BC.. basically, this guy came in one day complaining of difficulty urinating. The doctors fixed that, and he went home happy. But then he had difficulty doing a "3-1" and had to go back, stinking up the entire hospital in the process. The doctors couldn't find anything with an X-ray except a little black dot, so they used a camera probe to investigate further. Turns out it was a black Glad garbage bag with two Safeway bags in it, with a 12-inch foam thing inside those. Seems the guy's friends had a little TOO much fun when he was passed out drunk.. they decided to stick things really far up his ass. Thankfully, the problem was resolved when the stinky things were removed with tweezer-like instruments. Everyone at the table was disgusted by the revolting story, but I reacted like Nathan and found it very funny.. poor guy, though! We decided we wouldn't do anything like that to Nathan.. we'd figure out less invasive ways of tormenting him. ;)

Note: LJ Elite StrikeTeam / LJ Romeo and Juliet / LJ Game of Life / LJ Dead or Alive blogquizzes. (by James, Rachael, thedunedan, Christine)

Friday Five

1. Do you like chicken? Yes.
2. What is one food you can't live without? Noodles.
3. Are you an early bird or a night owl? Night owl.
4. Chocolate or vanilla? Chocolate.
5. Are you more of a cat person or a dog person? Cat.

Your Famous Last Words Will Be:

"I can pass this guy."

Do you feel that the President Bush is doing a good job?
What is your favorite style of music?
What is your favorite style of food?
What do you think your purpose in life is?
You are this old at heart37
This Fun Quiz created by Tim at BlogQuiz.Net
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Eeeep... oh my. o_O

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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Etherkiller Video, Banking, Birthday Cards, Freaking Out People, and More!

Etherkiller Video... the guy followed up on what he said he'd do. It doesn't make anything explode, though... just probably blows a fuse in the TV.

The "money order" from Matt for the prank calls turned out to be $20 USD instead, which is fine with me. More than I asked for, and now I don't have to bother with money orders and such. Yes, I know I procrastinate on opening things, but it's a good thing I opened it today since I also got a cheque today... so I did some banking earlier. While I was at the mall, I decided to buy a bunch of unmentionables in a value pack... hey, you need to buy these things some of the time! :P

I noticed that the Death By Chocolate Express where I get bubble tea isn't in operation anymore... guess this means I have to buy it from Tazza at the other end of the mall again! I'd have bought some today, but I wasn't hungry after a White Spot meal. I also purchased a lot of birthday / Easter cards, with an anniversary card for my parents. Tried to find the most non-mushy ones possible in the choice available to me... I think I did well enough, heh. While at the dollar store, I bought a bubblewrap envelope for Matt's CD: I mailed that along with some more stuff, and bought some bubble wrap as well.. yay for fun! :D At the bookstore, I bought a #12 Bathroom Reader / a bookmark, and a word search book.

I interacted with a little kid who was playing with the pay phones. His mom was trying to get him to put it back, with no luck. So I stepped in, and won him over with the right mix of authority and sweetness. :) On the bus home, I saw this slightly older girl with a Game Boy... dude, I haven't seen one of those in AGES! (we used to have one, too!) I may have bought too much today, but at least most of it is destined for other people! (except the unmentionables, meal, and word search book)

HAHAHAHA... I managed to freak both my mom and sister out on the phone just now too! In a totally normal tone of voice, I told my sister that I'd bought something for Mom's birthday. She asked what it was, so I told her that it was underwear! HAHAHAHA... she was totally not expecting that, and asked if I knew the right size! I told her that I was kidding, and wanted to freak them out... it's not like my mom would wear them anyhow! I'm not going to tell her what I really bought her, haha. At least the stuff for Dave's birthday will be with me until I see his parents around sometime! (I don't trust the parentals with it, heh)

Hey, I managed to fix the green TV (thanks to Eric H.) just now! Corey said I should fix it already and try harder... for some reason, the tint control worked this time when I fiddled with it! I had to listen to Oasis on MuchMoreMusic, but eh. At least it works now! :D

Off to catch up on my friends page and such! :D

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Etherkiller / Emo Grass / iTunes Suckage / Plans with Eric H. / Blogquiz

Courtesy of Corey: This etherkiller thread on Something Awful is hilarious! Some guy wants to fry the electronics in his neighbors' house because they stole his cable and internet. :D (he also told me how much iTunes SUCKS!)

Etherkiller and iTunes suckage

[20:59:30] Corey: I'm reading a Something Awful thread about a guy that's about to fry quite a bit of electronics in someone's house :P
[21:00:10] Corey: there's a thing called an "etherkiller" which is a network cable with a regular electrical plug on one end... so you plug that into a network and the wall, and the machines on the other end basically blow up :P
[21:01:23] Corey: this guy's neighbor is stealing cable from him.. he's rigging a modified version of this to the cable strewn across the guy's yard and unplugging it from the guy's house (while plugging an extension cord into the guy's house attached to this cable..)
[21:01:58] Corey: so the neighbor will notice his stolen TV / Internet isn't working anymore... go out and plug the cable back in to his house..... zzzzzzzzzzap
[21:02:13] Corey: I don't think that's a very good thing to do... but that is hilarious
[21:03:02] Corey: the guy has rigged it up and posted pictures already :P he's waiting for their lights to go out so he can go hook it up
[21:17:59] Flami: oh man
[21:19:25] Corey: he wants it this way so THEY plug it back in and fry things
[21:22:39] Flami: oh yeah, of that I have no doubt
[21:29:32] Corey: so basically... that's going to melt / fry / blow up anything hooked up to that cable... their TV, possibly their computer... maybe just a cable box :P
[21:30:01] Flami: oh man
[21:32:16] Corey: people tried to talk him out of it..
[21:33:20] Corey: basically the first reply to his thread complaining about his neighbors stealing cable (cable company is aware and has disconnected it, but they just put it back and the cable company isn't doing sh*t about it) was a post about the etherkiller thing... which seemed to be a joke :P
[21:33:45] Corey: this guy thinks it'd be "a p*ssy thing to do" to call the police.. so he's going to try the etherkiller thing :P
[21:34:14] Corey: claims he knows when they get home so he'll film it tomorrow
[21:35:47] Flami: so basically in his view, it's better to do this etherkiller thing instead of calling the police about it?
[21:35:54] Corey: I guess :P
[21:36:17] Corey: this is the kind of thing I really want to see, but would definitely try to stop if I was there with the guy :P
[21:36:48] Corey: he says his neighbors are crazy hillbilly people and their house is a slum and he doesn't think he'll be able to get any results out of talking to them
[21:36:58] Corey: and this way is anonymous since he's just leaving it in their yard
[21:37:10] Corey: he doesn't want them to be lifelong enemies or anything
[21:37:25] Corey: but I don't think it'd be THAT hard to figure out who it was
[21:38:21] Flami: yeah, agreed
[21:39:00] Corey: it's a cable box with a bunch of connections to it, so that doesn't really mean it's him.. they probably don't even know who they're stealing it from
[21:42:55] Flami: I suppose not, but still...
[00:35:03] Corey: iTunes is stupid. I'm only missing a few LARD songs to have everything.... the two main ones I can't find anywhere else are listed as "album only"
[00:35:22] Corey: which in one case means I'd need to buy a three-song EP for one track...
[00:35:39] Corey: the first two songs are 99 cents each. the full album... $9.99
[00:35:52] Corey: so track 3 is $8 basically
[00:36:02] Corey: it IS half an hour long.. but still.. that's f*cking lame
[00:36:54] Corey: and other than America Must Be Destroyed, their only GWAR albums are the worst ones :P
[00:37:37] Corey: and they don't even have the final version of the new Revolting C*cks album.. they have it but they just have the promo version.. the actual release added a couple songs and changed the order around a bit :P
[00:38:43] Corey: and the RevCo live album.... 12 songs.. 11 of them are 99 cents, but if you want the whole thing (one more song) they want $20
[00:39:50] Corey: and people in my organizational management class raved about how iTunes organizes your music for you..... f*ck no it doesn't, it put all my music in one insanely long list and doesn't even list the information on most of them.. I couldn't find anything in there without 5 minutes of scrolling :P
[00:40:06] Corey: and this thing is sooooo popular, why? it's not even easy to use like all the Appleheads claim
[00:40:11] Corey: it's messy
[00:41:16] Flami: never used it personally myself, but from what I remember of my sister's list, it just listed everything in a long thing like you said, and I'm not sure it seemed to be in any sort of order really!
[00:43:15] Corey: I have a revolutionary new MP3 tool! it's called Windows Explorer! it sorts things alphabetically and puts everything in its own folder, so you can quickly jump to any album you want! then you click on whatever file you want to play.. or with a quick right click, you can play the entire album! I should make my own MP3 library program that just gives a Windows Explorer-type listing with some shiny graphics around the edges and market it as being easier to use than iTunes :P
[00:43:57] Corey: it also plays my songs REALLY QUIET
[00:47:00] Corey: and it has an amazing "party shuffle" feature... which means it just picks random songs.
[00:47:13] Corey: I don't understand why Apple plays this "shuffle" sh*t up so much
[00:47:27] Corey: since when has there NOT been a random option on MP3 players?
[00:47:55] Corey: even my really shitty Kanguru Mp3 CD player has that.. and it hardly works right :P it was like the first MP3 CD player released
[00:48:12] Corey: one of the first portable MP3 players ever, I think
[00:49:11] Corey: iTunes also doesn't work with my music buttons on my keyboard OR the ones on my mouse. VLC, Media Player Classic, and Winamp all work with them out of the box :P even Windows Media Player does...
[00:49:20] Corey: this thing also takes up nearly my entire screen.....
[00:51:06] Corey: why would anyone be dumb enough to use this as their primary music player?

anyway... I'm going to bed :P I got this thing because I considered buying an album that is only available on here.. by a guy that sings on like half of the new Revolting C*cks songs
[00:51:29] Flami: I have no idea..
[00:51:32] Corey: it's also slow switching between songs
[00:51:43] Corey: geez.. everything about this is sh*tty
[00:52:43] Corey: well, maybe I spoke too soon.. by digging through menus, I found the "mini player" mode which is small and suddenly does work with my media buttons
[00:52:55] Flami: hey, that's a plus..
[00:54:58] Flami: but yeah, good idea... talk to you later
[00:55:43] Corey: think I'll stick to Winamp :P
[00:55:46] Corey: goodnight..
[00:56:26] Corey: heh.. it's also now running "ipodservice.exe" and "ituneshelper.exe" in the background, wasting almost 10 megs of RAM
[00:56:37] Flami: oh yay...
[00:56:55] Flami: at least your computer can probably handle that.. mine probably can't.. but a waste is still a waste :P
[00:58:35] Corey: since I'll be using this almost never... don't think I need those :P and I definitely don't need an iPod program running when I don't own one and it never asked if I even had one
[00:58:50] Corey: well, they're disabled and removed from msconfig's startup list
[00:58:55] Corey: anyway, bed :P
[00:59:00] Corey: goodnight
[00:59:25] Flami: seeya

I love this emo grass icon:

Eric H. finally got on MSN and asked what I wanted to do. He said he'd come by around 6 on Saturday, but I won't be home then... maybe an hour later, haha. Then he said he wanted to chill and have dinner... then maybe rent a movie, or he'll bring some over from his place. That doesn't sound too bad... only thing is that I don't have a VCR or a DVD player... yes, I am technologically-deprived. Although I wonder if his VCR player will work with my TV, and how he plans to hook it up! (or if the picture will work, since he accidentally turned the TV green a few months ago!) Comedy movies are more my speed than action movies, and I'd prefer if he grabbed some dinner on the way in... I don't feel like going out to eat after Awana unless I absolutely have to, heh. Oh, he says he'll bring the cables and the laptop. If he's just going to do that, then we might as well watch DVD movies on my computer now that it works for that purpose!

Favorite Colour
The First Word To Pop Into Your Head
Your Fortune Cookie Says:The hardest frost can't touch a sunny disposition.
This Fun Quiz created by Nat at BlogQuiz.Net
Libra Horoscope at DailyHoroscopes.Biz

Oh, and this is what Spoz thinks of my wishing him a belated happy birthday:

[01:53:30] Flami: Industrial Strength Bootine ;): you!
[01:53:36] Flami: happy belated birthday!
[01:54:09] Spoz (stoned groooooove): no..
[01:54:10] Spoz: *cough*
[01:54:11] Spoz: that's..
[01:54:12] Spoz: um..
[01:54:13] Spoz: someone else..
[01:54:15] Spoz:
[01:54:38] Flami: yeah right
[01:54:39] Spoz: and I'm surprised you missed the boat on this one ;)
[01:54:42] Spoz: are your powers SLIPPING!?
[01:54:51] Spoz: have you lost your EDGE!? :P
[01:55:07] Spoz: no longer the living calendar of birthday dates?
[01:55:32] Flami: is that what you think I am!?
[01:55:43] Flami: been caught up in upkeep work..
[01:56:28] Flami: on Sunday, I was out like all day... bleh
[01:56:34] Spoz: um.. yeah.. pretty much..
[01:57:09] Flami: hahaha

Note: How much my LJ friends love me blogquiz, by Nicole.

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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Don't trust Nero running times! / 100 Most Popular LJ Users / Quizzes

After some discussion with Corey on plugins and .wav files, I finally managed to save all the Seattle Phone Pranks tracks to my desktop. I also managed to burn the CD without incident, so that's a good thing. :D

Nero running times and Condoleeza Rice are absolute crap!

[16:50:03] Corey: you can use Winamp to make .wav files of it all.. just go to preferences, options, and then in the output plugins, pick the wave out thingie, and give it a place to save them to. then it'll make wav files :P then put those wav files in Nero
[16:50:15] Corey: or just download an mp32wav converter thingamajig
[16:50:33] Corey: maybe Nero just sucks balls at converting stuff
[16:50:39] Corey: I know it's not great for converting video
[17:05:47] Flami: Industrial Strength Bootine ;): yeah, I know I have double the length, which is weird!
[17:06:41] Corey: .wav files are the only thing you can put on an audio CD
[17:06:58] Corey: Nero probably took some time to work or whatever before it added those files, right?
[17:07:03] Corey: it was converting to .wav
[17:07:23] Corey: if you add your own .wav files, it'll just add them, no conversion needed
[17:08:55] Corey: have you tried just doing it over again?
[17:09:21] Corey: they're really low quality mp3s (which is okay for this stuff) and sometimes things aren't set up to handle or even play stuff like that
[17:09:25] Corey: for some reason
[17:09:32] Corey: so maybe Nero just messes up because of that
[17:09:34] Flami: but who's to say the .wav files I add myself won't run into the same problem?
[17:09:36] Corey: I dunno
[17:09:55] Corey: because the .wav files will be the same length that Winamp says... and won't need to be converted...
[17:10:20] Flami: all right, let's see..
[17:16:14] Flami: yup.. same thing
[17:18:34] Corey: do you have rewritable discs? if you do, try burning it and see if that even works
[17:18:43] Corey: but don't waste normal discs on that :P
[17:20:37] Flami: I don't think I do, no..
[17:21:09] Flami: okay... I'm at the Winamp thing
[17:21:27] Flami: but I can only configure the plugins
[17:31:08] Corey: just double click it, say okay or whatever, and that's the one you're using now
[17:31:16] Corey: change it back to DirectSound when you're done
[17:31:34] Corey: oh.. actually it's not the wave out one
[17:31:41] Corey: it's Nullsoft Disk Writer
[17:31:55] Corey: wave out just plays the music :P the DirectSound one is better
[17:37:21] Flami: oh, okay
[17:37:49] Corey: waveout does output .wav :P to your speakers
[17:38:01] Corey: mp3 players convert to .wav so you can hear it :P
[17:38:34] Flami: I think the Nero running times are absolute crap
[17:39:02] Flami: why does it sound muted? bleh
[17:40:49] Corey: why does what sound muted? if you're playing them with the diskwriter on, you shouldn't even hear it until you turn it back to DirectSound or WaveOUt
[17:42:29] Flami: the sound on my computer
[17:42:43] Flami: and it wants me to overwrite stuff.
[17:48:39] Corey: well, if you push Play, it just writes the file... if you play it twice, that file is already there
[17:49:51] Flami: now my desktop looks almost as cluttered as Nathan's! yay! :P
[17:50:20] Flami: so can I change it back to whatever I was using before?
[17:51:21] Corey: I already told you to switch it back to DirectSound when you were done :P
[17:51:30] Corey: same menu where you found the diskwriter thing
[17:51:34] Corey: in the same list
[17:52:33] Flami: test
[17:54:27] Corey: icles
[18:09:58] Flami: COREY
[18:22:49] Corey: icles
[18:28:17] Flami: aiya
[18:28:55] Flami: there is no way I am making you into Popsicles :P
[18:31:13] Flami: hey, it works!
[18:44:34] Flami: 75:37, whee! :D
[19:03:25] Corey: so since you're making the CD, does that mean you got the money for that?
[19:13:42] Flami: yeah, I got it on Monday
[19:14:41] Corey: Monday? your service is slow :P I'd get it out the next day :P
[19:20:35] Flami: I plan to get it out tomorrow :P
[19:48:38] Corey: "I believe the title was 'Bin Laden Determined to Attack Inside the United States' "
[19:49:12] Corey: that's always funny :P that plays at the start of Ministry's song The Great Satan. it's a clip of Condoleeza Rice saying that...
[19:49:25] Corey: they ask her if she knew there would be attacks... of course not!!
[19:49:32] Corey: oh, but didn't you get a report about that?
[19:49:39] Corey: well, yeah... but it didn't tell us much...
[19:49:43] Corey: what was it called?
[19:50:00] Corey: "Bin Laden Determined to Attack Within the United States"
[20:01:27] Flami: oh geez.. you'd think they'd know... aiya
[20:08:29] Corey: that lady is evil
[20:08:39] Corey: and she has a dumb name
[20:16:18] Flami: yeah, I can't say I've ever known someone with that name... mind you, my friend Jessica Lai's mom is named Colosander, which is something entirely different
[20:18:40] Corey: does she constantly look incredibly pissed off?
[20:24:32] Flami: not that I can recall, no...
[20:43:47] Corey: well, this one does

I emailed Chinese Eric about a Saturday hangout: sounds fine to me if he's still up for it!

Most "popular" 100 LJ users

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Weird dreams of the Spice Girls, vampires, driverless cars / Foobar and Winamp

Gotta write this quickly because of the scheduled Blogger maintenance outage at 5!

I had a weird dream where Corey and I were chilling at his place, when he told me that there would be an imminent invasion of vampires / werewolves / zombies. After talking about what to do, we decided to book it to a palatial house in the mountains. For some reason, the Spice Girls were there... I distinctly remember Mel B. and Mel C. They wanted to take someone hostage, which was against the house rules. I recall that they tried pulling that trick while we were busy watching TV, which was covering some huge funeral with LINES of people waiting to get to the place where it was being held. They stuffed a piece of paper in a grey file cabinet drawer when the old guy who owned the mansion found out about it.

I was very quiet, and got some blackberry thing for dessert. When we found out what they did, we lectured them. My sister arrived at that point, and wanted to take us for a drive. We told her to watch out for the vampires, but she said we'd be fine. Some of us dubiously took her up on her offer. We were on a bridge when my sister decided to drive like they would in England, with the steering wheel on the other side. Corey wondered whether the cops would get her, but they didn't. For some reason, it was okay to switch sides and drive the "wrong" way. Odd dream...

I told Corey about this just now when he buzzed me to gloat about getting a new expensive Dave Brockie Experience CD in the mail. ("I got this in the mail today and you didn't... SO THERE! :P") He thought I'd chosen the Spice Girls for my "lesbian orgy with a goth theme," and wondered which one of them I liked the best: "Posh and Scary Spice's boobs are all over the internet, but I don't know about the rest of them." Very funny, dude. :P

Then I prepared to burn the Seattle Phone Pranks (37 tracks) to CD for Matt. For some reason, Nero insists the total running time of all those is 150 minutes and 4 seconds (2 hours, 30 minutes, and 4 seconds). Corey says Winamp says it's 74 minutes and nine seconds... while Foobar says it's an hour, 14 minutes, and 14 seconds. After I calculated the running time that Nero gave me (2 hours and 58 seconds), I put everything on Winamp just to check it again: that says 1 hour, 14 minutes, and 9 seconds. Corey guesses I added everything twice accidentally, or Nero made everything twice as long for some reason. Maybe, since he's sure it came off a CD someone made of the tapes in the first place. Weird stuff... off to figure this out once and for all. :P

Made it with ten minutes to spare! :D

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Foursomes and the Adult Friend Finder / Blogquiz and Caffeine Nebula

Apparently, Corey thinks that I should sign up with AdultFriendFinder so I can get four hot chicks into bed with me. ("I described them and it works for you... so it's now time to step it up a notch!" Uh, I was talking about the HYPOTHETICAL part! o_O) I don't think so, buddy! :P

Note: LJ Animals blogquiz, by Melissa.

You See A Fork In The Road...
Your Method Of Execution...
You See A Stop Sign...
You See A Toad..
Your Tyrant Name...Lumpy The Deformed Clown
Your Battle Cry...COME AND GET IT!
Your Weapon of Choice...French tickler
Your Method Of Transportationsteam roller
How You Rally Your Troops...FOR THE MOTHER LAND!
Land You Will Conquer...Ohio
How You Will Fall From Power...You drowned in your bathtub.. idiot
Number Of People Slaughtered...9,550,310
This Fun Quiz created by Victor at BlogQuiz.Net
Aquarius Horoscope at DailyHoroscopes.Biz

I'm Welcome Freshmen!

You're the Saved by the Bell and Boy Meets World take-off, Welcome Freshmen!

What classic Nickelodeon show are you?

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I'm Rocko's Modern Life!

Wildly quirky and off-the-wall, Rocko is a wallaby (basically a miniature kangaroo) whose best friend is a heifer, other best friend is a tortoise, boss is a frog, and dog is a... dog. If that's not enough to scare you away, well, maybe the recycle song will. "R-e-c-y-c-l-e, recycle!..."

What Nicktoon are you?

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I'm a Troll!

The vicious Jungle Trolls, who populate the numerous islands of the South Seas, are renowned for their cruelty and dark mysticism. Barbarous and superstitious, the wily Trolls carry a seething hatred for all other races. However, one tribe was forced to overcome its prejudices when it encountered the Orc Warchief, Thrall, and his mighty Horde. The Trolls of the Darkspear tribe, long since exiled from their ancestral lands in Stranglethorn Vale, were nearly destroyed by a band of aquatic Murlocs, but Thrall and the Horde managed to save them. In return, the grateful Trolls swore an oath of eternal allegiance to the Horde. Led by the cunning Shadow Hunter, Vol'jin, the Darkspear Trolls now make their home in Durotar along with their Orcish allies. Their village, named after their fallen tribal elder, Sen'jin, lies along the eastern coast of the harsh, rocky land. The Darkspear tribe also occupies tracks within the nearby jungles of the Echo Isles. As part of the Horde, the Trolls have extended their loyalty to the mighty Tauren, but they have little trust for the manipulative Forsaken, whom they believe will visit only misery and strife upon their allies. (Bio borrowed from

What World of Warcraft race are you?

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Hahaha! I remember hearing about murlocs from Eric M. some time ago. :D

I'm Amy Matthews!

Played by Betsy Randle... you're the smart, protective, and loving mother of three, Amy Matthews.

Which Boy Meets World character are you?

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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Encouraging Phil, "night schedule" thoughts, 123456

Phil sent me a message to say hi and thank me for my birthday card and my encouragement: he really treasures our friendship! Hey, I had to tell him about his good sermon a few weeks ago, and about how our friendship has been a good thing in my life. :D

I was just thinking that even if I had succumbed to the importunings of a certain person last year, it wouldn't have mattered. My "night hawk" lifestyle is now firmly entrenched, and I wouldn't get up in time to talk to him before he got off work anyhow! Of course, there WERE other issues to consider at the time, even if he DID seem sweet / romantic / caring: his unreliability and non-communication. On the whole, I think I'm better off without him... and definitely better off without yet another person! (multiple attachments... pffgh... you'll all go to hell with THAT lifestyle!) Never mind that I'd like to change the "night hawk" lifestyle up a little for various reasons, haha.

Like watching your car's odometer? Think certain dates have cosmic consequences? Well, you may want to stay up late tonight.

Just after 1 a.m., the time will be 01:02:03 04/05/06.

That's two minutes and three seconds after 1 a.m. on April 5, 2006.

It may be the coolest sequence since July 8, 1990, when, for a second, it was

12:34:56 7/8/90.

"There are some interesting dates and times that occur," said Thomas O'Brian, chief of time and frequency for the National Institute of Standards and Technology in Boulder, Colorado, "but we're not doing anything special for this one." (from here)

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Eric H. popping up on MSN and then signing off / more Caffeine Nebula quizzes

Eric H. popped on MSN to say that we should hang out again, possibly as soon as this Saturday. That would be a good idea... however, he signed off a few minutes afterward before I could tell him so. I hate when that happens... aiya! The Canucks also lost 1-0 against the L.A. Kings tonight.. sheesh. We're probably this close to not making the playoffs at all, and we're losing?! Man!

More Caffeine Nebula quizzes, since there's nothing else interesting to post:

Critics would give my life an A-!

Well, you certainly burned a lot of money to get here, didn't you? Not that it didn't pay off. Many have said that it's not possible to have a good film that incorporates everything, and your life is proof of that. It incorporates everything, but that doesn't make it exciting to watch. Amidst the confusion, there might be some plot... but one thing's for sure: everyone'll find something they want, from violence to romance. So the critics will love it, and the fans will hate it; the critics will accuse the fans of not being artistic enough, and the fans will accuse the critics of being too psychotic. And amidst all the namecalling, publicity for your movie will soar, reeling in record returns on the millions you spent blowing up those fourteen aircraft carriers. Well played, bud.

What rating would movie critics give your life?

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My life is rated PG!

Your life is rated PG!

What is your life rated? (TV Scale)

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My life is rated PG!

Your life is rated PG!

What is your life rated? (MPAA Scale)

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I'm the Trix Rabbit!

Spunky, tricky, and fruity... you're the Trix Rabbit!

Which cereal mascot are you?

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I'm Kimi!

You're the charitable, friendly, outgoing newbie of the babies, Kimi Finster! Your trademarks are an affinity for adventure, and a caretaker's attitude towards Chuckie.

Which Rugrat are you?

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I'm Judy!

Judy is Doug's older sister, a self-absorbed, melodramatic wannabe actress who never steps out of the spotlight. Although she makes life difficult and embarrassing for her brother at times, she loves him, and he digs her too. Alas, to Judy, Doug will always be a part of the supporting cast. (Bio borrowed from Bluffington)

Which character from Nickelodeon's Doug are you?

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I'm Toad!

The cute little help desk of the Mario world, you're the one reason Mario and his friends know exactly where to go in their exploits. You're Toad, the ultimate little guy with a big job. Now just stop giving help for two seconds and actually do something!

Which Mario Bros. character are you?

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I'm Padme Amidala!

You're the driven, strong leader of the planet Naboo! You're also the bride of Anakin Skywalker, Padme Amidala! For more information, click here.

What Star Wars heroine are you?

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I'm a Follower!

One for the romance, as the case may be, you'd far rather be swept off your feet and swung around the dance floor than left to make the decisions on your own. Perhaps it's timidity, or perhaps it's romance, but for whatever reason you're far more content to let your partner lead than to lead yourself. There's a shortage of your type in the world, and though the soloists may get the attention and the leaders the recognition, you are the one who inevitably goes home with their mind at ease.

What kind of dancer are you?

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