Saturday, July 22, 2006

Banana Leaf turning into #9, cards, castles as pasta, temper, and summer heat

Went to the mall and bought / mailed birthday cards for Chris (I should really link him to Skippy's List!) and Jamie, which I hope get there before the 29th... I included stickers, too. (good thing I found a 99¢ 2-sheet sticker thing with five different kinds of stickers!) I also put stickers on the birthday card I bought for Nina: hopefully, we can get together sometime before her birthday! (I thought of getting a farewell card for Benny, but maybe in the next couple of weeks... maybe Bathroom Readers for him, Nina, Christon, and Fidela too... all right, I need to not spend money like crazy!) Afterwards, I chilled at the bookstore and read about the murder of a mother with quadruplets.

A while later, Steph and Mom picked me up: due to a change of plans, we went to the #9 restaurant in Lansdowne instead... hey, it's less expensive than Banana Leaf! At dinner, we looked through photos and talked about various topics: Steph trying to get Vivian S. to come to church tomorrow since Viv wants to see Steph "perform" at leading worship (if she does, I'll sit with her!), the Darfur walk, the insane heat, the beach outing with the Timothy kids today, how Margaret's boyfriend Jeff thought Rich was one of the kids at Kids Night, multiple worship practices, Summer Conference (eep), the company dinner, Vanessa telling Steph about last night and how her "meticulous minute-by-minute game planning" (Karen's just like that) didn't work out since we didn't really play any games, and how Randal is Steph's favorite David Fellowship member. (what am I, chopped liver? :P)

Steph mentioned that she had a craving for stuff from Pearl Castle, which is the bubble tea place at Continental Market that she went to with me / Vivian / Terrence at the beginning of the month. Mom overheard it as "I want pasta!" and had the most horrified look on her face! (the portions at the #9 are HUGE!) After dinner, Mom kinda snapped from the heat and certain calming gestures... not much to be done about that, but at least we were taking separate cars to go in wildly different directions later!

It's so hot now that I want to just ROIMU before / after I take a shower! Then I'll see what's up with my sibs later... they apparently have to be at the church at 8:30 tomorrow for some worship leader prayer meeting thing. Who knows... I might go with them, or not. It depends, heh. Jon's also planning to do the Grouse Grind tomorrow along with who knows what else... I just want to stay here and not move!

Mom also called me a "this" during dinner: she pointed at me and said "What about this?" when they were making car plans for tomorrow morning. I was annoyed. She knows very well what that would connotate, even if her English IS mangled. You do not try to laugh such things off with me. :P

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Dream about plastic, bad sandwiches, and football

I had a weird dream last night which involved a bunch of my friends running away from enemies, and advancing in levels if we successfully managed to get away from them before they could reach through a doorway to get us. Then my sister was looking for Danielle, but the church entryway was too crowded with old people to do that effectively. (you don't want to impede old people or whatever!) We finally found her, and then looked for random people interested in football. After finding some, we sat down with them and some random girls at a cafeteria table to discuss newspaper articles. Emily then showed up, yelling that her boyfriend Mike had been transformed into a thick plastic head and was now on a table somewhere. So we went to see: he seemed okay, but would always have to lean on one of us for support whenever we attached the head to his body. We never ended up resolving that, because the twins Adam and Andrew were yelling in the church basement about bad sandwiches being sold for 50¢ each. Then I woke up...

I talked to Emily and Mike yesterday, but not about plastic! The football thing is probably from Jeremy and Eric trying to find out the score of the football game last night: we beat Calgary 43-20. I dunno about the rest of it... I haven't listened to or thought of any of the "bad sandwiches" prank calls in a long time!

Oh yay, I accidentally left my phone on. Now I have a dentist appointment on Tuesday, Aug. 8 at 1:30. Hopefully I can wake up...

Also, yay for people deciding things without MY input. Apparently, my siblings decided on Banana Leaf for Dad's birthday dinner... sigh. Time to go to the mall and get some things done [mailing stuff to Jamie / Chris Hoskins] first before they pickk me up outside Coast Mountain Sports! (whee...)

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Suffering, babies, and Strong Bad inspire us... what about you?

Orisinal is a site with all those cute little games that are usually under 100 KB... I might check it out later!

Eric picked me up at 7:10, and we were off. I told him the story of Karen's information being two years out of date as far as side dishes went, then inserted SAM AND MAX references into the conversation. (I also did this on the way home after we dropped Jeremy off) He thought I was crazy and drunk, but I wasn't really either... I was just being random, and he knows I'm this way. :P

At the dinner, I saw Silvester for the first time in ages, but didn't really get to talk to him till dessert... SOMEONE had decided to segregate us by gender on either side of the basement. (Really... I thought we GREW out of that years ago?! I don't mind pre-arranged seating, but man!) I talked to Winnie and admired babies Megan and Benjamin... I also talked to older Megan, Maisie, Fidela (she's leaving in three weeks), Vivian (she wasn't sure if she could respond to my MSN message), Adela, Justin, Daniel, Connie, and others. Daniel told us a funny story about James and Sanne's baby Saskia: this kid's about two years old, and Kenny's dog was RUNNING AWAY from her! (apparently, she's about twice Megan's size... so a fairly big kid) We also caught a glimpse of Alan's nephew Noah: he has a BIG HEAD! (but that happens with a white dad, heh)

The only "game" we played was the name tag inspiration icebreaker game, which was a good thing... there were two more charades-type games on the schedule, but we didn't play those. (phew... it was too hot to do anything, although the basement was nicer than upstairs!) We had so much food: a lot of salads, Angus beef burgers, salmon burgers, chicken wings, plenty of desserts, and more! Karen C. wanted Jon to eat a lot, but he balked at eating more than a few caramelized onions: she made a medium-sized bowl of the things! They're good for burgers and as part of a small side dish, but not as a main course! ("Here... have some caramelized onions, veggies, and rice!" Uh, I think it's missing some protein!) Cindy and Dianne fed baby Megan some corn and such: she likes looking at the water in the cup before she drinks it, heh... so cute!

After a time of singing and annoucements (Jon and Jeremy are going to do the Grouse Grind three times on Aug. 7 for Darfur fundraising!), we all went downstairs for dessert. I talked to Andrew for a while: it seems that his workplace is understaffed for quality assurance, and the supervisor's feeling it! (maybe he'll bring it up to management...) He also told me about his stepdad and how things weren't really the same with his dad not around since 1993. (it's been that long?!) Of course he still goes to the grave every so often... perfectly understandable! His sisters get along better with the stepdad, while his brother's moved to Seattle: his mom remarried about four years ago or so. I should really talk to him more often: I remember the times we had when we were kids at church, heh.

Then I talked to Jeremy for a while: he said he should insert his own commentary into the "CLEAN UP!" advisory that Randal was doing. ("weeping and gnashing of teeth," haha) He figured that he and Jon would do the Grind three times even if they had to do the last round in wheelchairs! I also told him that Teresa had been looking for him last week after he left early... I had no clue what she wanted! As we talked about that, she was slightly behind us getting more dessert... if she'd been anyone else, I'd have asked her what she wanted. (but she gets easily confused... I made sure that Jeremy knew she asked odd questions, but seemed harmless overall)

Jen gave me and Jon some money from Erin that she owed us, and Karen joked that it was "free money night" for us. It kinda was... Jon loves amusing himself by taking some money from our mom at restaurants that she's going to pay the bill with, haha! ("If you look like you're offering me money, I'll take it!") Jen also wanted to go to Dragon Ball for something fruity (watermelon!) to counter all the meat, dessert, and salads we'd had. (there were blueberries and raspberries, but it wasn't the same... she also really needed a smoke, but couldn't really do it on church property!) We ate melted chocolate popsicles / creamsicles while talking about guitars, Summer Conference, food, and more. Jon liked Jeremy's inspiration, which was "suffering." I laughed when I saw Eric's: Strong Bad! Cindy said that baby Megan inspired her, while Jon put Adela down as his inspiration as a joke. (then Jen, Karen Lew, Vania, and Chalaine all jokingly wanted a piece of that)

I talked to Benny and Karen about Ottawa: Ben's going to Montreal on Aug. 17, and will be there for the next three years getting his degree. I'll miss the guy, so maybe I'll get his address and such before he leaves! He noticed my Ottawa shirt, so we discussed that for a while, as well as the air conditioning / fans at his dealership at work.. you NEED those when it's more than 30° out! Then I went to talk to Chrystal, Emily, and Mike... turns out that Mike also had his hot water cut off, but that's because his family has to move by Aug. 8. Fine thing for the heat wave... COOLING DOWN is recommended! (I should also ask him when they're getting baptized and such so I can get cards... maybe on Sunday!)

Eventually, we all left and it was off to Dragon Ball. We were random on the way over, and actually beat the lineup! There was a mini-patio outside composed of chairs out on the sidewalk: it's a great way to escape the heat inside the place, which is like the tropics! I had some raspberry, Jen had watermelon, Jon had strawberry mixed with something else, and Nathan and Jeremy had more mixes. ("look at all the pink flavors!") Nathan saw someone he knew, and was busily talking to him when his number was called. So I did the natural thing and called out Nathan's name to alert him to the fact that he could get bubble tea. Jeremy seemed impressed by my "bellow": hey, I get it from my dad!

We also discussed the British meaning of "fag" when Jen decided she simply had to have a smoke outside. (Jeremy encountered this obviously British dude once who asked him "Can I bum a fag?" He found it funny, and Jon joked that it wasn't the appropriate corner: the guy should have tried Davie St. instead, haha!) Christon and Ben wanted to announce a group going to the fireworks, according to Eric. (he says I don't listen well enough, cheh!) I told Jeremy about the names Eric calls me on MSN: just this afternoon, he called me "cold showers"! (sure, he was just going off my MSN name of "bring on the hot showers!", but still... good thing we've known each other for a long time, as I told Jeremy!) Then we discussed how we needed hot showers and then cold ones: opening up / cleansing pores with hot water (as with dishes / dishwasher / laundry / stuff like that) and then closing them again!

On the way home, Jon and I kinda discussed planning tomorrow's birthday dinner. He and Jeremy are doing a Darfur walk at some beach in the afternoon... you COULD just not donate and go on the walk, but you'd kinda look cheap! (as per Eric) Mom told me that my siblings wanted the dinner early because they wanted to do other things later on in the evening, but then Jon told me that they had Zion Fellowship at 7:30! (ah ha, the REAL reason comes out!) By the time they dropped me off, we still hadn't figured things out like where / when we should have it. Jon has a list of places he wants to try, though. Eh, I'll call him in the afternoon. Good times, indeed. :D

You Have Your Sarcastic Moments

While you're not sarcastic at all times, you definitely have a cynical edge.
In your opinion, not all people are annoying. Some are dead!
And although you do have your genuine moments, you can't help getting your zingers in.
Some people might be a little hurt by your sarcasm, but it's more likely they think you're hilarious.

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Friday, July 21, 2006

BBQ planning / Disabling Windows "Genuine Advantage"

I got a message on MSN from Vivian this morning to ask if I was going to the barbecue tonight: I guess so! (sigh... the games had better not be totally stupid!) Jon also had left me a message, saying that he didn't have to be at the church early anymore. So I called him a little later: he has a bus pass, so he can justify using it to bus to church, even though it'll be as hot as heck outside! (heat wave already at 30°C) I told him that he'd better hope there are lots of drinks at the barbecue (there should be!), and that maybe we'd better step up from wonton noodles for Dad's birthday dinner tomorrow. (Mom says they don't care, but still...)

Forgot to tell him Mom's reaction to the six bottles of beer in the fridge last night when she was looking for Perrier water ("AIYA!!!")... there's always later, though! (we kinda have to plan for tomorrow) I told him that I'd be making plans with Eric, whom I don't see online yet... but things will work out, since they almost always seem to! Mom freaked out at our "last-minute planning" style, but it works for us, haha.

I have a feeling that I've restarted the computer more times than is healthy for it in the past hour or so. This time, it wasn't out of frustration with its slow nature. I kept getting these "Your copy of Windows is not genuine" pop-up notifications, which are REALLY ANNOYING! So then I asked Corey about it, who expressed surprise that I was just getting those things NOW since apparently the "Windows Genuine Advantage" thing's been out for a while. That's why he took advantage of his school's offering free copies of Windows XP before he left... uh, good for you... but that doesn't help me! :P

He Googled it for me since he didn't remember the full name of it, and linked me here: Disable Non Genuine Windows Warning Messages: WGA Workarounds remove WGATray.exe, which was handy. I had to do stuff with Windows Task Manager, Safe Mode ("... to GET to Safe Mode? Hit F8 a bunch of times.... think of it as the fate of your computer!"), and Windows Registry Editor (Run / Regedit), all of which required a restart. (the registry thing wouldn't have, but I had to ask Corey how to get to it again!)

Go over to System Internals and download Autoruns from the Security Utilities. Run the program, go to the winlogon tab, and uncheck the WgaLogon entry. No more boot screen or tray icons. Simple!

So now things work, and I'm talking to him about the Nine Inch Nails song Suck, which I saw as "Pigface version" on Corey's MSN name. He says that Pigface was a band Trent Reznor was in, and that it was a song he did with them first. Works for me! Speaking of beer, I think I'll have my last one now, haha. Yes, before I go to a church function... sue me. :P

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Finished SAM AND MAX / Saturday dinner / planning / Awana pajamas / being 36% childish / eras (90s)

Yay! I finally finished Sam and Max! According to the time log in the game, it took me over eight and a half hours. I bet over half of that alone was spent talking to everyone / looking at everything / figuring out what to do with certain puzzles / distractions like IMs, the Internet in general, and such. When I play this again, my time will be much reduced.. fear me! :P Maybe I'll try another game, but first I'll get back into Bookworm since I've missed it! (and then maybe Puzzle Donkey!)

I called my mom, who said that dinner was on Saturday night.. not Sunday night as she'd said in the email. She doesn't really care what we do since it's for Dad's birthday.. although she does think that Toronto played a part in Jon acquiring expensive taste. Heh, maybe.. I'll figure things out tomorrow with Jon, since Steph won't be there. As for my own actual plans for tomorrow, I'm not sure: I think I'll figure them out with Eric. She thinks we're too last-minute, but it usually ends up working for us... even if it IS literally "last-minute planning" for us on some weeks, haha. I warned her that I was hanging up once she asked me how my love life was going... even if I had one at the moment, I'm not sure I'd tell her!

Melia emailed us about some Awana "special event" that involves pajamas and movies for the kiddies... she made reference to writing the email and somehow forgetting to send it, and about Joey reminding her. Glad someone's on top of things, haha. I won't be there, but it's nice to know what's going on!

How childlike are you?

[x] Sleep with a stuffed animal
[] Eat sugary cereal for breakfast most of the time
[] Watch Saturday morning cartoons (I'm never up on Saturday mornings anymore...)
[] Are afraid of the dark (Not most of the time...)
[] Love the color pink
[] Never get in fights with your parents
[x] Think ice cream for lunch is perfectly reasonable
[] Hug often
[x] Cry about stupid things (Sometimes...)
[] Use the "sad eyes" and lip pout on your parents (that won't work on them anyway... they're ASIAN!)
[] Have a goldfish as a pet
[] Wear slippers
[x] Are attracted to shiny objects
[x] Think happy faces are cute
[] Sometimes answer the phone by saying, "Yellow?"
[] Have a Furby
[] Think it is fun to catch bugs
[] Know how to take the stinger out of a bee
[x] Use a lifejacket when you go swimming
[] Make daisy necklaces / bracelets when you go to the park
[x] Love the game 'Rock, Paper, Scissors'
[] Listen to Britney Spears and N*Sync
[x] Watch Spongebob Squarepants
[x] Dream about going to amusement parks
[x] Like these surveys

Total: 9

Now count up all your x's and multiply it by 4. That is how childish you are. (36%) Repost this with in the subject line.

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[] I'd love to be a good housewife with my own family
[x] Guys look hot in leather jackets
[] Marilyn Monroe is my idol!
[] I have been to a drive-in
Total: 2

- The 60s -

[] I own a miniskirt
[] I love Breakfast at Tiffany's!
[x] Flower power!
[] I own something tie-dye
[x] I would have loved to have been at Woodstock
[x] I'd say I'm a fan of the Beatles
[] I've watched the original Bewitched
Total: 3

- The 70s -

[] I love Disco music
[] Platforms are cool
[x] I'd love to have my hair flicked out like Farrah Fawcett's!
[] I was / am a fan of Abba
[] I have an old pair of rollerskates
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[] Glitter, glam, and disco
Total: 1

- The 80s -

[x] Big hair is what it's all about
[x] I own(ed) a Cabbage Patch Kid
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[] I have seen all or most of the Nightmare On Elm Street movies
[] Shoulder pads should come back into fashion!
[] I own legwarmers!
Total: 3

- The 90s -

[x] I watched Friends when it started
[x] I remember Titanic coming out in cinemas
[] I love(d) boybands! Backstreet Boys, NSYNC, Hanson! (thank God that I had more sense than THAT! :P)
[x] Michael Jackson = guilty
[] I owned / remember a Sega Mega drive and early Playstations
[] I own(ed) a pair of leggings
[x] I remember the Tamagotchi and Furby phases (and the Tamagotchis are coming back, if my little friends at church are any indication!)
Total: 4

Which decade do you belong to?: 90s.

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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Nina, birthday coincidences, tagging, water boilers, Google videos, quizzes and Memegens

I called my friend Nina last night: she's finally obtained a divorce and settlement from that nasty ex of hers! That took less time than she thought it would, which is a good thing: so much time, money, and stress went into it! Her ex will have access to see his son, but I think Nina will have custody of him.. that's as it should be. She's also been busy with work and such: her son's 2nd birthday was last Saturday (same day as Nathan's!), and her brother Rick's birthday is this Saturday, which is the same day as my dad's! We spent time enjoying this coincidence before Dylan made a lot of noise: we'll continue the conversation later, I'm sure! (she wants to call me back and says it's good hearing from me, so why not?)

Oh yay. I've just discovered that when I edit an LJ entry with more tags than the tag field can handle in the "Edit Entry" interface (and clear the tag field so I don't end up with truncated tags later), the edited version shows up with no tags at all! It hasn't done this for at least the past few months, since it was like GJ in this respect and stored the tags for you so that they'd show up in the tags field! Aiyoh! (yes, I'm well aware that I can use the "Edit Tags" feature, but that takes more time!)

What my mom meant by "electric kettle" was just a water boiler thing that you plug into the wall and pour water in... press a button to boil it. She'll give it to Jon anyhow since we'll see each other tomorrow: I think I'll make plans with Eric, for sure! (unless he has to be there at 5:30 too... no idea what time this starts, heh) It won't allow you to boil dry, so has a minimum water level. (this is like the things she used to have when we were kid, only apparently this takes a shorter time to boil!) I need to remember to unplug it after it boils, of course. Mom also wants to know if Jon and Steph told me about Dad's birthday dinner this Sunday: nope, since our conversations centred around poop and water this week!

Google videos courtesy of Ryan (museirain):

These people are IDIOTS!
Matrix spoof

The return of the quizzes and such, mostly thanks to Kitty (bornwitch):

Your Cute Sweatshirt Is
The Sexy Kitty Zip Front Hoody

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How Excitable Are You?

If You Ruled the Land . . . by wackyweasel
Your first name:
How you gained your rule:
Your title is:Your Great Grand High Awesomeness
Your symbol is:a red dragon - fiery and hot, like you!
You rule from:a towering, well, tower
At your side is:your fluffy kitty, Puffpants
Your enforcers, troops, and guards are all:elves - with WINGS!!
Your most popular law is:Free alcohol to pretty people if they sit with ugly people
Your least popular law is:Pinky swearing equals a binding contract
Your worst enemy is:rumored to be cuter than you... so not true!
Your popularity rating is:: 34%
Your chance of being overthrown is:: 24%
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Hey, cool... my symbol's a DRAGON!

How will you find out about Severus and Lupin
by goblet
Blog Name
Your actionsYou were practising Occulmency with Professor Snape.
What they were doingSeverus and Remus were kissing.
SeverusSeverus obliviates you.
RemusRemus steps in front of Severus and shields him from view.
Quiz created with MemeGen!

UrbanDictionary: Originating from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Obliviate is a term meaning 'forget.' Obliviate is a memory charm, resulting in the erasure of the recipient's memory.

I did the Your Night With Severus Snape Memegen by ebony_rose, but the results were kinda too naughty for this blog. :P

What Harry Potter Professor Will Seduce You??? (*hyper*) by smeagolis_sexy
What ProfessorHagrid
Howbeckoning for you to come over
Whythey love you
What Happensyou go out to dinner
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I have been a very naughty girl, Professor Lupin! by astraynotion
Your name, young miss...
And what have you done wrong?
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and you will receivelines
anda reading of erotic poetry I wrote for Sirius.
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How will you seduce Severus Snape? by mes_ongles
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The hottest bit:The dirty talk. Who knew you could stretch a wand metaphor that far?
How good was it?OMG, you have so manny bunnies for smutfics now. won't know what hit it.
The morning after:You both die, courtesy of a lethal interaction between the various potions you took. Because after the sex, no-one cares what happens to a fanfic character.
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Seduced By A Hogwarts Professor (Preferably For The Girls... no Harry Potters, please) by dezthewicked
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What Male Hogwarts Professor Will Seduce you? by lavender_snape
Professor :Rubeus Hagrid
Whats his pick up line?"I asked angels to take care of you, and they said no because angels don't take care of angels."
What does he do?kisses you deeply
What do you do?run away
Where?astronomy tower
How was it?;)
Will you do it again?no, I got pregnant!
Quiz created with MemeGen!

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Hot water back! / Dream of oranges and word searches / improving my gameplay time

YES! I HAVE MY HOT WATER BACK AGAIN! YAY FOR HOT SHOWERS! (not that I ever took any cold ones, but whatever... those would be a shock and no mistake!) My mom emailed me ("rescue!") to say that she had an extra electric kettle that I could have, or that I could come over for a couple of days. I think the kettle would be good anyhow, but perhaps it's not needed since I already have the hot water back. (and here I was thinking that I wouldn't show up to the barbecue tomorrow anyway as a matter of principle, heh)

I dreamed a weird one last night: it involved Daniel, Stanley, and Uncle Peter all dancing around in blue shirts and tan pants with oranges attached to them. Everyone was watching them in the church basement... somehow, the water purification jug got knocked over in the kitchen, causing a mess everywhere. I remember Helen K. outside in the rain waiting for a bus, and my showing a too-complex word search book to little Ian. ("four words at once / three-letter abbreviations") There was also a thank-you card addressed to various church people.. it was written in gold / purple / silver glitter gel pen, and also included a message to Anita consoling her on the parent-controlled disappearance / death of her pet rats! (very weird stuff, to be sure... she doesn't have any in real life!)

I spent last night trying to advance myself in Sam and Max. After much frustration (golfing with alligators, and lacking a magnifying lens for binoculars?), I finally managed to get myself up to the "Frog Rock" stage. I think that after this is done, I'll play it again just to improve my time (and see those cool Easter Eggs!) like I did with MOTAS a couple years back. (hey, I cut my time in half for that one: from 3+ hours to about 90-100 minutes!) I remember that if I want to play old-school games like Dragon Warrior / Earthbound! and Breath of Fire, those will take a long time! (I think my playing time after being sufficiently advanced in the game was 60 hours or something... and Jon's was even more!) Think I finally went to bed at 4:10... good thing I rescheduled my appointment yesterday, haha. (gives me more time to get documentation like bills and such together too!)

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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

So it's the hot water boiler, is it? *raised eyebrow*

I'm done with dungeons for now.. bring on Sam and Max!

When I got up today, there was STILL no hot water! So then I decided to go out to the front door to see if there were any notices up. I saw a notice dated yesterday which said that the hot water boiler had broken down and that they were in the process of replacing it (along with the standard apology for any inconvenience)... gee, that's what happens when you don't take care of these things when you take over as management! *rolleyes* No wonder the front hallway smells kinda sulphuric! They should have done this months ago when they first took over... as I understand it, the OLD heat boilers were an issue even then!

So then I went back in my suite, got some turkey going, and rescheduled tomorrow's appointment to mid-August. Who knows when I'll have the hot water back? Might not be before tomorrow, which would be bad since I'd need / want to shower before going out! Hopefully, it's back on in a reasonable timeframe! Corey had left me a message (after HOURS of lag time *sigh*) telling me to boil water on the stove and complain to the landlord... heh, sounds like a good strategy to me! ;)

I did the two Myspace quizzes below when I didn't have one... let's see how much my scores have changed from 0% since I now have one just for keeping in touch with people:

You Are a Auditory Learner

You tend to remember what you hear, and you have a knack for speaking well.
You excel at debating, foreign languages, and music.
You would be an excellent diplomat - or rock star!

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Israeli gas stations with dragons / No hot water?! What the heck...

I'm kinda getting bored / sick of dungeons. Good thing I only have a single-digit number of 'em left to do on my friends list! (but I'll do mine and my new friends' as they / my new interests crop up, of course...)

Steph emailed me again late this afternoon: this time, the subject was a forward "For Sarne!" (why do my siblings, Eric, Kate, Jessica, Rachel, and Vivian S. call me that nickname?! :P) Turned out to be a forward from Vivian S.: she thinks I'd like two pictures of a gas station in Israel. I didn't think I might (gas stations?!), but I found out exactly why she thought I'd like it... DRAGONS! Having real dragons at your gas station would be a BAD idea... think of the FIRE BREATH!

Delek Dragon:

A closer / alternate view of the Israeli gas station:

Right now, I have no hot water... I bet this is another Amacon management tactic! This is a definite issue when it comes to things like showering (which I'll have to do if I want to make it to that Thursday appointment) and washing the dishes properly. Washing them in cold water DOES work, but I'd rather not do that. This is where microwaveable meals / plastic utensils come in handy for minimal dish usage, I suppose... the problem is I didn't buy a whole lot of the first last week. (at least I seem to have plenty of soup and noodles for now, but those require real dishes to be washed eventually: NO HOT WATER!) Ah well, I guess I'll see how long this lasts... if this state of affairs continues to prevail through tomorrow afternoon, I guess I'll have to call and reschedule! (sigh...) Going out for all / most of my meals isn't exactly a viable long-term option either, as it does get expensive / requires showers if you want to be a decent member of society, even at Asian places! (Pho and such... ice cream all the time is SO not another option! :P)

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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Cigarette butts, UTorrent, management, taxes, blueberries, new email list policies

Cigarette Litter claims that several trillion cigarette butts are tossed worldwide each year, making them the most littered item globally... why am I not surprised?

According to my sister, I should also read page B2 of the newspaper today since there's an article about my landlords there... CURSE YOU, AMACON! (Richmond Gardens tenants have won a major victory over their landlord, Amacon Property Management Services. An arbitrator with the residential tenancy office has held nine evictions in abeyance, pending the outcome of an Appeal Court decision on a separate series of evictions at Richmond Gardens. "It's huge," says George Metrakos, a tenants' advocate, said. "These people are relatively safe for the next 16 to 18 months." The question of whether Amacon has the right to evict tenants in order to renovate suites at its Gilbert Road apartments is before the Appeal Court. Metrakos said he doubts the decision will stop Amacon from trying to evict other tenants.) Ha, I agree with that dude 100% for sure!

There's a scheduled Blogger outage at 5. On Sunday afternoon, Eric noted my UTorrent program... hey, if it's tiny, it's cool! ;) (not that I've used it for much, but it's there!) Oh, and I apparently have another money appointment on Thursday at 11: I don't want a repeat of last year's fiasco! (at least I have the tax documents this time... phew!)

I emailed my siblings about the things that start with B... Jon responded pretty much right away with "Aiya." Steph said that blueberries will get me too, as she had lots yesterday... now, if only I felt like going out to get some! Apparently, they were on sale at Kin's Farm Market over the weekend since Mom bought a bunch on Saturday. Now we're just going on about delusion and reality... at least it's not "a delusional reality / I have a grasp on reality, but I choose to ignore it!" as per Eric M., haha.

Dylan also emailed us about a change to the Fellowship email list policies: apparently, messages will now be screened in order to be sure that it's a Fellowship-wide announcement. He and Karen will be the moderators... I can just imagine that all her spam will go through, and that amusing things like Terry and Eric's responses won't. Maybe I'm being pessimistic... then again, it reminds me of a few years ago when the list was being maintained by Mark: we had to watch for hackers on the email list, so he screened everything! Oh man.

Note to self: "The girl with pretty eyes" is CLARA, according to my sister... not Gwyneth or Evelyn! (Vanessa thinks they're a handful, and I agree!)

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Old nursery rhymes, hospitals, dreaming, and online emoticons

Karen sent us all another email about the BBQ, only this time it was to apologize for her not being sufficiently prepared and loving at the "corporate side dish strategy meeting" the other night. It might be better if she apologized for last week's incessant emailing about this event... 20 emails about the same subject?! Come on, lady... that's OVERKILL! (yeah, it may be important... but not THAT important! :P)

Eric buzzed me tonight to ask "Hey, can I use gift cards to buy hockey sticks? Don't kill anyone, please." After jokingly threatening him with death, I changed my SportsChek-related MSN name to something else before going all "keyboard smash" on him... his reaction: "You can't kill me... mwahahahahahahaha! Wow, you went off the home row for that!" He then asked if I'd enjoyed last night: I'd give the whole experience about an 8, and more if it hadn't been on a Sunday! Too much exposure to my siblings has almost nothing to do with the fact that I hate Sunday-scheduled stuff, surprisingly. (sleep, yes... siblings, not really! :P)

When I told him that the movie had been piss funny, he then wondered if he needed to clean his couch! Hahaha, of course not: it's only an expression, is all! From there, it was on to whether I dreamt of Dylan: even if my mom says we're a good match (because she LOVES matchmaking!), that doesn't mean I dream of him! Heck, she was even going on about me and Eric together since Asian people appear to age more slowly than white people do! (aiya...) I told him that, and he figured that it must mean that I dream of him as well as Dylan: I've never dreamt of Dylan in my life (that I remember), and any dreams I've had of Eric were strictly innocent and platonic!

Then he said that he was going into a deadly hospital in Half-Life 2: Episode 1... he hoped not to die, but acknowledged the possibility that he might get killed. Afterwards, he tried sending me a few screenshots.. he died twice already, but not in these. There were errors during file transfer, so he advised me to close the window and cancel everything instead. On re-try, everything sent successfully. I told him that I'd killed myself in a dungeon, so he wondered how I was chatting to him over MSN: apparitions can talk, but not type! Hahaha, what a funny dude!

Eric then said something about "salt and pepper on your oranges and lemons," which made me think of the nursery rhyme The Bells of St. Clement's. He asked me what I was talking about / how I was able to find this, so I told him that it was free-association / Googling a story about Dick Whittington that I'd read in childhood which referenced the bells. Eric wondered if that was perhaps the reference in the game... the game DID take place in Eastern Europe, but he doesn't know what's with the salt and pepper shakers! (I looked it up on Wikipedia, which didn't tell me anything about that)

Before bidding me goodnight because he had to sleep, he asked if I liked the hospital in the game: the screenshots showed what he thinks is my favorite location. (the bathroom, complete with toilet :P) He then wondered what was with my use of parentheses: that's to indicate a message is off-topic ("Yes! I killed myself!"), but still needs to be said. He thought I was answering "yes" to something OR that it was an emoticon... haha, nope! Heh, I tell this guy a lot, haha... we've known each other since 1986, so that's a lot of history there! (one of my brother's best friends, heh)

This conversation reminds me that I need to send him the DeLorean Back To The Future MSN emoticon one of these days too: input (bttf) in the message window, and there you have it. We were talking about time travel / Red Dwarf yesterday for some reason, and I brought it up... he wondered what I was talking about, haha. ()

I just ate two things that start with a B (a banana and butterscotch pudding)... that had better translate into a third thing that starts with a B (bombing) by the time I get up! (also, my new snack is All-Bran: that hasn't been doing much for me, oddly...) HAHAHAHAHAHA! I was going to send this off, and then Corey unwittingly came up with a name for the third thing: "Buttcrap." Hey, it works if you think literally... it's a crap from your butt! HAHAHAHAHA! (In case anyone from the US Department of Homeland Security is reading this: I AM TALKING ABOUT POOP, NOT SHOCK AND AWE BOMBS! We had that "pooping = bombing" joke at least 14 months before 9/11, thanks!)

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Hahaha! I've been random for MUCH longer than that! It certainly isn't a money-making kind of thing, though... :(

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Monday, July 17, 2006

Stuffed animals, beer slogans, Kelvin, rum with rice / I danced with your mom because I hate myself

I've been doing some minor tag edits this afternoon... mainly misspelled tags and weird ones that should never have been there in the first place. You'd think it wouldn't take as long as it does, but at least it works with the cable internet. Editing tags used to work with my 56K connection... that is, until the tags management page started showing me "invalid journal" errors. Man, was that ever annoying! Firefox has decided once again to clear my history / cache, and to make every link like it hasn't been clicked on (even if I have done so)... oh well.

Stuffed animals are still scattered on the floor from yesterday, when Eric pelted them at me while I was sitting at a table writing stuff... I'm not sure why he didn't throw Snoopy Easter Bunny at me, however. (oh well, I'm not complaining! :P) I'm just lazy about picking them up, I guess... *shrug* He also expressed surprise over Scumm VM, so he opened it (I told him not to add any more games!) and watched most of the intro to Sam and Max. Apparently, he really wanted me to open the glass game set I got from Karen as an apology for the Bible Study group totally sucking a few months back and not showing up since she didn't email me about the group being cancelled. I didn't feel like opening it: yes, I know Christmas is not here yet! (that would be why he was humming Christmas carols in an effort to rattle me a while later, har har)

Last night, Steph and Eunice were discussing Shirley and her brother Kelvin... we've all lost touch with them, although sometimes Erin sees Kelvin around! I remember them both, since they used to go to our church for some time. Kelvin and I used to be good friends... well, I guess I took a friendly interest in him as a person since we had an eight-year age gap. So I'd call him up every so often to see how he was doing, and we exchanged cards and letters: he thanked me for being cheery and listening to what he had to say. He was a good kid, heh. I'd like to think I haven't lost that touch, although it may be time for a new generation (my sister) to reach out to the teens by actually counselling them, haha.

At Eric's, his mom mentioned how much she liked Jeremy's Passport to Beer T-shirt: "Make Beer, Not War" on the front, and some credo on the back which involved sampling EVERY DROP of the beer in a glass because the first sip isn't enough, haha. Then we were discussing rum and Bacardi: I told Jon to help Mom cook rice one night, but put rum in it instead of water. That would result in some INTERESTING times, especially since Mom really can't handle much liquor! (then he joked that he'd been going to get Mom's 1L Grand Marnier from the townhouse for us to drink during the movie... oh my!)

Pick the month you were born:

January: I kicked
February: I loved
March: I smoked
April: I dry-humped
May: I choked on
June: I murdered
July: I did the Macarena with
August: I had lunch with
September: I danced with
October: I sang to
November: I yelled at
December: I ran over

Pick the day (number) you were born on:

1: a birdbath
2: a monster
3: a phone
4: a fork
5: a Mexican
6: a gangster
7: my cell phone
8: my dog
9: my best friends' boyfriend
10: my neighbor
11: my science teacher
12: a banana
13: a fireman
14: a stuffed animal
15: a goat
16: a pickle
17: your mom
18: a spoon
19: myself
20: a baseball bat
21: a ninja
22: Chuck Norris
23: a noodle
24: a squirrel
25: a football player
26: my sister
27: my brother
28: an iPod
29: a permanent marker
30: a llama
31: A homeless guy

Pick the color of shirt you are wearing:

White: because I'm cool like that
Black: because that's how I roll.
Pink: because I'm NOT a homosexual.
Red: because the voices told me to.
Blue: because I'm sexy and I do what I want
Green: because I hate myself.
Purple: because I'm cool.
Gray: because I was drunk
Yellow: because someone offered me 1,000,000 dollars
Orange: because I hate my family.
Brown: because I was high.
Other: because I'm a ninja.
None: because I can't control myself.

What did YOU do?

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Northern Delicacy and Movie Night at Eric's / Let's sniff socks on our honeymoon!

The nine of us had a reasonably good time at Northern Delicacy, even though we were split up into two tables! Steph chose to sit with people who had less extravagant taste... seeing Jon and Jeremy at the same table was a bad indicator, haha. We even saw a bunch of church people: Michelle, Ryan, Ethan, Harry, some other CSC people and kids through the window; and Steph said she saw Gwyneth and Evelyn at another table. Due to my ditziness / blindness, I couldn't see them at all. Eric said that my eyesight was going since I couldn't read the SuperSave truck right in front of us this afternoon on the way home: hey, I couldn't see "Gas" and "Fence Disposal" when it was MOVING!

We also discussed the time that Erin, Eunice, and Steph got kicked out of Timothy camp for talking all night (someone had to drive them home!), and the parental reaction of disbelief that followed. Erin said that Brian's sister Julie broke her nose recently, and that's why she wasn't at this year's Timothy camp: oh well, Julie's dad is a nose specialist! (he had to snap it back into place... OUCH!) Apparently, she was bending down and her friend ran into her head! Erin's going on a trip with her family, so we discussed Best Buy's 10-cent color print sale / London Drugs / keeping your stuff safe on trips. She also owes me $15 when she gets back, heh. We discussed work, Jen / Steph's love lives (NOTHING going on there!), and Phil's blog: whoever links Megan to that will be doing something very stupid since Phil takes a lot of pictures of him and his girlfriend, referring to her as "my beautiful girlfriend" and such! (that makes Steph feel bad for Megan) The nickname he uses for her was very confusing at first, leading us to believe that he had two girlfriends at once... eep!

We tried their siu long bao, and concluded that they wasn't as good as Shanghai Wind... but we were so glad NOT to be there tonight since it was SO HOT! The other food was pretty good, however: the crispy chicken was so moist and tender when usually it's all dry, and the tan tan noodles had LOTS of sesame and were good. We ordered one veggie dish for Eric as well... the other table had five dishes to our four, and also a little problem with the bill which involved the waiter not coming back with change in a reasonable timeframe. All of us figured that since this restaurant seemed more high-class than our usual hangout, this was not the place to order 21 steamers of SLB... besides, that would set us back $100!

After we got stuff sorted out, it was off to Eric's. To humor Jeremy, we drove past the liquor store: of course it was closed, it being Sunday and all.Jen insisted that our car listen to Neko Case since she liked her voice... she made Jon drive very slowly on residential streets in Eric's neighborhood at one point because she wanted to hear the entirety of a certain song! That just reminded me of the time when Jon was driving me, Becky, and Steph home after Fellowship once: Becky and Steph were in hysterics over their Mandarin version of certain English things! "JACK FM should be Jah-Lo F-M! HAHAHAHAHA!" Good thing Steph wasn't driving, but it still took us five minutes to travel a very short distance because of all the laughter that was going on... oh dear!

At Eric's, we watched a bit of the Calgary Stampede rodeo: those horses just want the cowboys off! Erin and Steph took so long getting there that we wondered if they'd gotten lost: turned out that they'd bought a Triple Chill cake for Nathan's birthday after dropping Eunice off at home. Nathan took a long time as well, but we knew he had to do something else first. The last time some of us had been at Eric's was the New Year's Eve PPV game against Minnesota! Jeremy, Jen, and I snagged the couch and played with the cat and the dog till the dog's owners came to pick it up.

Eric's mom Veronica wanted us to have beverages: at first, we thought Jeremy was joking when he wanted just rum, haha. Jen and Jon had rum and Cokes: although I could have had one, I stuck to Sprite. (Jen was looking for liquor all day, we joked) A Fish Called Wanda is so NASTY and funny, and has this incredibly STUPID character named Otto! Steph joked that she was picking up honeymoon tips from a certain scene where the men just sniffed their armpits and various items of clothing (boots, socks) before going to bed... haha, ew! Since there was dog-killing in the movie (by an animal lover who always got injured doing this), Jon and Jeremy made plenty of "raw dog" jokes. (Jen wasn't too impressed by those, haha!)

Steph and I also demonstrated our "sister thing" involving booty-shaking: Jen doesn't do that with her sister! (Jeremy probably wouldn't do that if he HAD a sister, heh) She also told us all about her walkathon deal: if she raises a certai amount, she'll do it in Spandex! (then there was the time Jon called from Toronto and asked what she was doing: sitting around in Spandex is NOT a visual you want to have of your siblings! :P)

Speaking of socks, Jeremy and I discussed socks again when he mentioned that he was on his second pair for the day: he got home from church, and aired his feet out. Of course you don't want to put the same socks back on afterwards: EW, SWEAT! Back in October at Derek's farewell party, he mentioned that he'd gone shopping for a bunch of things, including socks: his new invented concept is black sports socks that kinda double as dress socks. (he hates the latter, but loves the former)

Eric paused the movie at the climax so that we could eat the birthday cake: we criticized LAST COMIC STANDING (three minutes isn't enough for an entire routine!) / reality shows with judges, certain actresses' nasal annoying voices, and other such stuff. The end of the movie was funny: yeah, run over someone with a huge steamroller for revenge! Man, you've got to see this for yourself: MONTY PYTHON casting is good! It was good seeing Eunice again, and at least this is a week where I don't have to do anything much (I hope)... yay, I can catch up on my sleep! (Nathan was trying to work on / edit a paper on his laptop while watching the movie because it's due tomorrow, which kinda worked... he also gave me a ride home)

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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Thank goodness for Eric's computer skills!

Well, I was GOING to catch up on my friends list and such yesterday right after that last post, but I encountered a problem after I turned the keyboard to clean some stuff out of it: the keyboard and mouse wouldn't work at all after that! After stewing about it and trying to connect the green and purple color-coded plugs into the back of my computer for about an hour (they wouldn't stay in, particularly the green one), I called Eric to see what he knew about computer plugs. Since I still had a picture on my screen then (which disappeared and went black about 15 minutes into the phone conversation), I knew he was home since he'd signed into MSN a while before. He tried telling me what to do about it: then again, he also talked to me in Spanish AND played Big Sugar's Butterball over the phone. That took about half an hour and two phone calls...

Ultimately, I couldn't hold the phone to my ear AND fiddle around with the back of the computer / wires / plugs at the same time. He said he'd help me after church, which sounded reasonable to me. So I spent my time last night productively: I read the newspaper and finished a book, plus I ended one offline journal (with all the tallies and percentages that involved) and started the people lists for two others. (I was just going to do one for a black binder, but decided that Randal's notebook journal present was too pretty-looking to just throw away after I'd have made numerous notes in it!) I also let my parents know that I'd be going home with Eric, and heard that Nathan was doing the Grouse Grind with the guys... nice birthday thing, haha! (my sibs and I also discussed the six cars that Eric's family has... Ron's company car, old re-done car, Sunfire, Parisienne, Accord, and something else)

At church today, I saw Jason and Cordia: just who I'd been looking for! I gave Jason a loaf of flaxseed bread (he carries around flax all the time!), and gave Cordia her birthday card since her birthday's today. (man, she's 18 now... makes us all feel old!) They both thanked me, which was cool. Erin and Steph remembered that Summer Conference tuna fish incident when she was about five (I think I gave her TOO MUCH of it when she decided she wanted some), screamed "Happy Birthday!" at her, and led the singing of "Happy Birthday" to Mark... his birthday's also today, although he's two years younger than Cordia. Steph told Erin that Eric had already planned movies after SLB tonight, so no Richmond Night Market tonight! (even if it DOES close at 11!) Jeremy and Jon jokingly butchered certain Bible verses about Mary's pure nard perfume that she'd poured all over Jesus: they made it into something about durian, haha. (but since everyone was reading a passage at the same time, nobody really noticed... it provided nice cover for a baby who was cranky all service!)

Steph asked Citrus whether he was in for SLB tonight, but he can't make it since his sister Cordia's doing something for her birthday tonight. Citrus had been on an Alaskan cruise, and mentioned ALL THE GOOD FOOD there... he also gave Nathan an Alaskan souvenir, which he was flashing around like a knife afterwards. Citrus and I both playfully punched Benny hello, heh. (HELLO, COLOGNE!) Nathan asked Brian whether he wanted to join us tonight since he did last time: Jon said that all of us who were around him at the time (me, him, Nate, Erin, Eric, Jeremy) were going! Unfortunately, he has to do a "couple thing" with Amy: I think he mentioned Bard on the Beach. (Nathan says that Jen's going, and said that Eunice is bringing Eddie... haha, oh man!)

I gave Nathan his birthday card and said that what my sister wrote ("Those dogs on the front of the card look drunk... maybe they've had too much pork and SLB! Let's break our record of 21 steamers of SLB and have 26!") was especially appropriate given that we were going to SLB tonight! Then Karen Choo wanted to talk to me, so I told her that I'd already responded to the BBQ Evite. (there was another email about that last I checked, which I deleted without actually reading since it was about confirming / revising our Evite responses) She told me that she knows I take the bus to Fellowship and that I might not want to carry food on the bus, so she's bought my food already. Heh, I haven't actually needed to take the bus to Fellowship in about two years or so... but that was nice of her all the same! (I didn't tell her that, though... I just thanked her, heh)

Alan asked us why we wanted to talk right near the garbage container when the smell especially permeated the air today: Tracy and Dianne joked that we liked it, heh. We really had no choice, since the smell even travelled to the shady part where we all were before! Then he tried to trick Steph into thinking Jackie was right behind him: luckily, Steph knows that Jackie would be like "HI, STEPH! HI, ALAN!" if that were really the truth! (I think we all know not to listen to Alan by now, har har) I saw Emily and Mike T., so chatted to them a bit about baptism class: he knows Benny and Anthony are in his class, but isn't quite sure on other names. Guess I'll find things out later, heh.

After Sunday School, Steph was telling us about doing room assignments for Summer Conference. Apparently, she can't find anyone who's willing to room with Lesley, so she'll try to put a positive spin on having a private room: "You can be the dorm mother, and have a room to yourself!" (she needs something to do to feel useful.. I have my reasons for not rooming with her!) Then Sam was asking who he'd room with if not his brother... someone near his age, since Steph has sense! (he has a new cell number, which all three of us need to have for different reasons) After we pointed out a GOLD CAR to Joey, Citrus asked who he'd be rooming with: "Please DON'T put me with Dylan... I don't think I can stand another time!" Steph wanted to know why, even as Citrus was asking us if we remembered the story he told us last year! I did, so told Steph: "One word... TOWEL!" She remembered after that reminder, all right. (she'd erased / deleted it from her memory!) That had to be a scarring experience! o_O

(Derek mentioned that he'd seen Dylan half-dressed with his arms folded across his chest; someone's mom walked by, and gave him a LOOK, haha. Earlier, Dylan went to take a shower sometime: the next thing Derek knew, Dylan was at the dorm room door: "Uh, Derek... I hope you don't mind, but I kinda used your towel by accident. If it makes you feel any better, you can use mine!" Uh... how about NO? *blink* Citrus then told us how Dylan had walked into the washroom while he was taking a shower, and asked if he was in there. When he said yes, Dylan walked up to the curtain... Citrus thought he might open it, and forestalled it by saying that he could just talk through the curtain. Citrus then told us that he'd been getting ready to leave when Dylan showed up at his door only half-dressed. "Hey, Citrus... *pause for two minutes while scratching his chin* Can I borrow a T-shirt? Do you have a razor?" Why pause for two minutes while standing there with no shirt on? Citrus hadn't brought his shaving stuff with him anyhow, but thought it was funny.)

On the way home, Eric and I were very random about impressions / stream-of-consciousness / the heat / supposed swearing / Lard's Can God Fill Teeth? (silver fillings turning to gold) / computer keyboard and mouse / singing / words / cackling / Bathroom Readers (I do NOT singlehandedly keep that company in business!) / Nathan's birthday gift this year and last. At my place, Eric pelted some stuffed animals at me while he figured out what was wrong with my system: cheh! He said that I'd bent the pins of the green plug a lot and that's why it wouldn't stay, but that I didn't need it since I could plug it into the USB port. Then he joked that I was doing voodoo, and that he'd figure things out tonight as far as cars went: maybe just one car, since we all live in relative proximity to Shanghai Wind. I laughed a lot when he went to use my washroom since I had a bucket full of sanitary napkins in there: that didn't really faze him since he'd had female roommates before, of course, but my two-minute-long laughter fit did. (those always do..)

He also sent an MSN message on my name to his cellphone, then blamed me for sending it when he checked his phone. Uh, it's not my fault if you send messages to yourself! Then he cleaned my backspace key: no, I don't know why it had so much gunk on it! In my guestbook, he wrote that I owed him $50,500 in cash only... sure dude, whatever you say! Now I'm happy since everything works again... time to check my friends pages for the last two days! (just about)

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