Saturday, December 27, 2008

I am a responsible (if jealous!) adult / Name generators galore!

I'm jealous of certain people and their gifts! UGH!

Since I am a responsible adult, I decided to check the status of my various bills, and sign up for electronic billing where appropriate. Good thing, since my phone reconnection fee wasn't on my last bill! Now I am finally free of the money problems created by a certain person and my misguided belief! :D

My sister had this amusing story to share last night...

Steph, to Jon a couple days ago: "You know that song Rock You Like A Hurricane?"
Jon: "Yeah... what about it?"
Steph: "I don't know why, but I have the Scorpions in my head."
Mom, overhearing this and taking it too literally: "Oh my God. You have SCORPIONS IN YOUR HEAD?!"
Steph: *facepalm* ".... no."

Of course we don't expect her to know that there's a rock group called the Scorpions, but it was still funny to me / Harmony / Vivian!

Vote for Leslie in 2008!

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I don't THINK so! o_O

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HAHAHA! That is SO not me!

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We'll welcome you to the family by SITTING ON YOU!

Steph and Viv picked me up in the "new" Subaru (too jealous!), and went into "carrying" mode - hey, it saved time! When we picked up Harmony, I gave her the Christmas card; she reciprocated with a notebook as a gift - how sweet! She got Steph something similar to a Chia pet - yay for hair! We also made a bunch of jokes about how Viv was only at the dinner because she wanted to see if Harmony really existed or not, haha. They haven't met before now, I guess! Discussed Peter, Dave / New Year's plans, Jeremy getting assistance from his dad (crazy man driving from Kelowna to Vancouver and back in THIS weather!), Harmony's engagement ring, SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS, the snow, Christmas Day, lazy days in pajamas, sleeping in, shopping at Richmond Centre (yay for sweaters and tank tops!), and more. I got Vivian GOOD, though: "You need tank tops for your job?!" (teaching kids)

There was an assortment of alcoholic beverages on the table at the townhouse - Steph went with Jon to buy some of it, and the Amnesiac made an appearance again! (plus Riesling, alcoholic eggnog, and other things - like a REALLY STRONG shaved ice with ouzo and rum, plus maybe tequila!) My sibs eventually expressed disappointment that I wasn't as red as they'd hoped... wait for the wedding in six months, heh. Jon said that we could serve Grandma some vodka, heh. We laughed at Steph's attempts to sound like a cultured wine snob, complete with faux accent. Then we introduced Harmony to some low-level wrestling moves, including the camel clutch and Shattered Dreams (Goldust!) - that was fun! (our family would win against hers in a weight competition, and maybe eating / drinking too!) Steph gave me a Christmas card from Cindy and Dianne - neat!

Watched the Canucks lose 3-2 to the Oilers (who STILL have three games in hand on us!), and discussed Greek salmon / flights / Melissa / the snow impeding people's access to the hockey game (Eric was supposed to be there...) / basketball / a "shooting 14 people and starting a FIRE!" news item / Danielle getting in three hours late / friends' flights and moving / the season premiere of 24 / Facebook pictures / the engagement party conflicting with the wedding dinner (I was polite!) / more stuff. Then we watched a hilarious video... we could definitely pick up the mistakes even on grad day! (and who knew you could pronounce "Choi" in a French way?!) Renting smoke machines is a nice touch for your peers, haha. Looked at a bunch of pictures on Steph's computer as well - yeah, some people really were NOT having good days!

I had predicted to Harmony that we'd welcome her into the family, and we delivered on that promise by SITTING ON HER! Then Jon introduced her to facials (NOT the kind you're thinking of), and tried getting her to admit that she liked her introduction. She wouldn't bite, which is too bad. We got Steph to (toy) handcuff Harmony and shoot off her (also toy) gun from Randal - Viv reminded her NOT to pull a Plaxico Burress, who recently accidentally shot himself in the thigh at a nightclub with an illegally carried pistol! It was a pretty interesting dinner, heh... Mom even gave me, Harmony, and Viv a stuffed bear each!

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Friday, December 26, 2008

Another blizzard in 2008...

It's currently blizzarding outside, AGAIN. I kinda thought it would be like this after hearing the weather forecast. Sure, let's have an additional twenty centimetres or more of SNOW! Yikes... not sure I'm going anywhere, let alone to dinner! Jon planned to bus downtown and watch people be crazy at Boxing Day shopping, but the weather deterred him from such an endeavor! Called them to see what's going on: hanging up because I thought my sister was an answering machine message (don't ask), Blackberries, production, picking up Harmony and Vivian later, no Grouse for Rachel (power outages?!), and more. Jen says the snow here is crazy, and I agree! Good thing I found the Christmas card I was planning to give Harmony at a future family dinner; since my pens are crap, I had to write most of it in brown Sharpie! That method works, though... I'll need to get new pens in the new year.

Some more quizzes, then...

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