Saturday, March 22, 2008


We've effected an escape! As an indirect result of this, I haven't been to bed yet. Why do I do that to myself? Hmm. Maybe Sunrise will be even more difficult! Yikes. o_O

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Friday, March 21, 2008

Let's air out the dirty laundry! / Quizzes / Three bingos!

Bingos of the day so far:

TORSIONS (68 points) - against Pat K.
LAVENDER (78 points) - against Alice P.
IRONIZER (102 points) - against Karla M.

Great... now the guys are swearing at the dogs. Growling death metal music from upstairs is bad enough - I'm glad we leave tomorrow! Thank goodness I can wear one of K's hoodies (West 49th) for now because the room's a bit cold even with the space heater.

Man, everyone in this house is doing laundry this afternoon... talked to K last night about a lot of stuff. At least I'm helping him out, which is a good thing. :)

Growling LOUD death metal music from upstairs is quite another, of course. When you can CLEARLY hear it over borrowed headphones, that's when you know you have a problem. :P

- September 17 -
You are very clever and knowledgeable. You are very calm and cool in social situations. You are kind and sympathetic to people, although you like to choose your friends
Positive Traits:
optimistic, organized, pragmatic, shrewd, good business sense
Negative Traits:
lack of follow-through, shallow, self-conscious, materialistic, greedy

'What does your Birthdate mean?' at

Your Serial Killer Name would be...
Woodchipper Wally

'What would your Serial Killer name be?'

Your life is rated PG. You are a very innocent person who indulges in a tiny amount of the real world. For you, life is about friends / family / fun times... you don't want to waste your time on the seedy underbelly of society.

'What is your Life Rated?'


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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Scrabble and the computer will keep me sane!

Bingo of the day so far:

CONFETTO (74 points) - against Korey

It's been pretty lo-fi all afternoon / evening, mainly helped by my staying down here. I heard people letting the dogs back in, telling them to get back inside, and saw them leave at around 6:30 or so. Since nobody was home, I took the opportunity to give my mom a brief call. We talked about church, how Korey and I got to Chilliwack / payment, work, dinner on Monday, whether the people in the house were on drugs (I wouldn't know since I don't talk to them), loud music, Thailand, the cousins, money, Eric, and other things. Thank goodness I have a measure of sanity with K's computer / Scrabble (and my bringing along Corey's prank call CDs / DVDs) - thanks, babe! Love you! (and everyone has just got in again as of 7:30 - I can tell the party's about to start again pretty soon!)

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Thailand has palm trees?! Cool...

Tuesday night, Korey and I watched AMERICAN IDOL and stuff - I just want to be with him since he is home to me - not that Richmond / Vancouver isn't, but he makes things more complete. Talked about balance, personal things, help, letters, parents, church, poker, friends, helping, appreciation, fashion, and other things. Sent Corey a quick email to wish him a happy birthday, and tell him that his card is in the mail.

Yesterday morning, I got up before K did after the fire alarm inspection, so I checked my email and such... then I went over to where he was on the couch, and simply held his hand for a while. It was good to just sit with him and enjoy the time together. (he found it cute that I'd kissed him on the forehead before going to sleep myself, heh) We looked at his cousin Ryan's Thailand pictures on Facebook... I didn't know Thailand had palm trees! Looked at his friend's cute pictures of her kids, and talked about stuff while I did the laundry. I know he appreciates what I do for him, just as I appreciate the things he does for me - we'll be fine. :) I don't mind picking up after him as long as he passes stuff to me when he's done: I think in this way, we're more efficient than the people at his house in Chilliwack! Called Eric in the afternoon and made plans for later: he drove us to the Greyhound bus depot after work.

Saved K a seat, and we held hands throughout the entire trip while discussing things like worshipping together at the same church. Also discussed friends, fashion, calculators, food, and other stuff. I said that the time we spent together was very precious, especially if he's going back to his old job in Kamloops. We can do things together now, and we're doing quite well. Once we got to the house, we could hear the music from the end of the driveway - SO BAD! Used someone's room just for sleeping, but we figured it wouldn't be a good idea in hindsight. At least we hid out from people, and discussed plans / letters / other things. Thank goodness this will keep me occupied! (and I cleaned up some stuff at his request - yay for mutual help!)

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

This trip has been pretty positive...

Had a good sleep, and I think I'm over staying up almost 24 hours a couple days ago. Went out to find K sleeping, so I checked my email and such - I took care to be as quiet as possible; no slamming doors here! :P Then I went to the mall to return Cory's green Gap bag with security tag still in it - I know K thinks I've done a good job, but it's okay if it's not what C wants! Mailed Corey's birthday card while I was at it (getting a loonie back instead of 99 cents - yay for good clerks!), even if it'll be late since his birthday is tomorrow. ("I'll go for the one with the biggest tits!") Had sushi for lunch, then spent some time just thinking - I saw Elenor (Stella's sister), and talked to Roberta about marriage / the mental health team / my luck. After I got a replacement khaki bag at Sears, I spent time at the library reading some short stories before I returned home to do laundry.

Watched TV with Korey, and took in AMERICAN IDOL via video (Amanda's voice bugs him, Michael just rubs him the wrong way, etc.) while discussing sweaters, love, groceries, etc. Haven't had dinner yet, but it's okay. We think this trip has been very positive overall, although he thought I'd left him when he woke up and couldn't find me! At least he figured out where I'd gone when he saw the green Gap bag gone! I was in a chipper mood when I got home, which he commented on - hey, it's good to be positive sometimes! ;)

Korey says he likes the sweater I'm wearing... the off-white fuzzy one. He changed his Facebook status: "Korey is enjoying time with his queen." Aww... he also gave me compliments on myself, which I tried to return in kind.

Bingos of the day so far:

IDIOLECT (72 points) - against Pat K.
ARACEOUS (89 points, across a triple-word score!) - against Laura M.

Alan P. messaged me to ask where I'd lost $400 - it's not real money, thank goodness! I'm playing Tri-Peaks again, and I lost that amount of money; that certainly brought my average WAY down! K came over on the bus... I'm so lucky even if he DOES do stuff just to bug me! :D (I remembered my hockey jersey for the game at Eric's this time!) Apparently his house has turned into Party Central, complete with house-shaking music at 8:30 AM... *shakes head at the insanity* Hey, Charlotte (charshark) sent me a cheeky Valentine's Day card, complete with fortune cookie drawing - very sweet! "You will have much success and happiness.... in bed!" HAHAHA!

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Monday, March 17, 2008

Hmm, I think my feelings have changed!

Spent an interesting day with the K-Man: talked about Jon / Harmony, cereal, noodles, Karen Lew, Vivian Lew, Karen Choo, Vivian S., context, compliments, "our songs," and many other things. Went to Eric's to watch the Phoenix hockey game (which we won 3-1), and while K watched the Pussycat Dolls on TV, I looked at Eric's pictures of his cousin's baby Isabel (seven months with a good name!) - he also had photos of Uncle Daniel's computer innards, haha. (GIGABYTE is a company!) Had Cornish pastries and vegetable pies courtesy of Veronica - she even gave us some chocolate hearts "for the lovebirds," hehe. Afterwards, Eric kindly took us to Save-On Foods so I could get some stuff: thank goodness I had just enough money for garbage bags and things like that! (discussed exaggeration, Eric's fingernails, hockey plays, high-fives for goals, Heidi the cat, messenger bags, etc.) I know for a fact that K loves me! I like cuddling with him, that's for sure. At home, I talked to Karen since she'd called twice: we'll get together next week instead of this week!

Thinks I seriously cheat at Scrabble just because I cover up the triple-word scores... haha, no. Says he likes WWE divas: I can kinda believe that Jerry Lawler, Shawn Michaels, Triple H, and others are still around! Candice Michelle does show courage in coming back from a brain injury, and some other girl had fractured her clavicle. Some guy named Santino even poured Coke all over Jerry, and took his Subway sandwich: Jared Fogle was at the match, haha. I was way too tired to get up when Korey called me to the computer once - Lisa wanted to talk to me, apparently. Maybe next time!

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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Changing plans

Hmm. Apparently, K wanted me to come out tonight... it wasn't possible time-wise, unfortunately. Then he called me to say that he can't spend Easter weekend with us because of work, but he will come here tomorrow sometime and stay till Wednesday. Fair enough, and I don't mind if Eric stays over too! (maybe we can recreate the prayer and such, too - it'll be fine!)

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I can definitely get sentimental over a lollipop! :P

On the way to church this morning, Dad asked me to tell Dylan that he'd found his Bible in the education wing next door - sure thing! He knew better than to ask Steph, haha - Mom brought up the time where he'd had Jon's guitar for a month or more, and didn't know where it was! (oblivious Dylan to the forefront!) When I did tell him right before Sunday School, his reaction was: "Someone finally found it?! I looked for it when I lost it like a year ago! Does LEFT mean when you come in? Oh, I'll find it - thanks! I get to have my manly brown Bible back since people tease me about the white Bible that I have now since it's girly!" Hahaha.... oh, Dylan! Got to church, found my blue notebook in the library, and sat by Martin - we discussed being in Port Coquitlam, the nice day yesterday, Good Friday / Easter traditions at Pacific Grace, Sunrise Service (which he'd like to try), being creatures of habit (we all sit in pretty much the same places every week!), and other things. Gave Maxine her birthday card when she came by with Joshua, and said hi to Keenan later - they're so cute! (thought of Mike, Amanda, Tim, and Maxine when Pastor John brought up South Africa's apartheid system / violence later on during the sermon)

Hannah said that Auntie Bessy had treated ten people to Slurpees yesterday - that sounds good! Noted an "its" / "it's" error in my sister's Powerpoint, heh. Had a cringe-worthy moment during a worship song where Nathan (so he said later) forgot to account for the key change from the higher registers in the other hymns to the low one for IN CHRIST ALONE - ouch! Steph said that she and Quan were laughing, I could see Jeremy cringe at the drum set, and everyone had to start over again after wincing! When I asked Nate about it later, I told him that he had to slowly go down in key changes in future worship sets to aid the transition! He laughed and agreed.

Went to the back parking lot where Alice had JUST taken the last parking space, talking to Johnny about bike rides and the wet first part of the ramp. Saw Eric T.'s mom with a walker, so we all cleared the way for her! Waved to Danielle's cousin Kevin, said hi to Dawn, discussed electric drills / bookshelves / promises with Calla, told J-Mak that things weren't as they seemed, talked to Raymond about Facebook Scrabble (I've invited him to the application, and tagged Kevin C. in the REJECTED "bleeding anus" photo), and discussed this news story about a woman's skin growing around a toilet seat with him and Jeremy. Reading the story made him think of me, haha - thanks, Jer. :P (the conditions must have been deplorable - who knows if they had more than one bathroom so the boyfriend could do stuff?!)

Also talked about borscht, 50-gallon pots, Lesley, and Good Friday dinner with the guys before Ivan came up and laid a hand on my shoulder. (I'd complimented him on his tie and such earlier) He said that he'd gotten a letter back from the Prime Minister's Executive Office, but it was really Sam's letter. I said I'd received one as well, and Raymond said that his reply seemed like a template - too true! Since Ivan and Sam had stuffed theirs in the same envelope on Darfur documentary night (Christon had asked Jon if we needed any extras, then left), the reply had been addressed to Sam. It started out "Dear Mr. Y. and Mr. W." so we made jokes about how the government now thought they were gay political activists - "we should be careful, since they now know where I live!" Hahaha, definitely!

When I got to Sunday School, I learned that Auntie Fonda wasn't around since she had to work - quiet Eric was there, and was very good unlike the other three kids! Afterwards, I saw Julie playing some Mario game on her Nintendo DS - I talked to Hannah S., her sister Amanda (I returned the toy bandages box to her - she also hugged Hilary), Stanley, Quan, Auntie Ping, Cindy, Chrystal, and others. I saw David sucking on a lollipop, which reminded me that I had one in my backpack. Mmm, grape-flavored lollies with bubble gum inside... (I showed it to Amanda, who thought that I was offering it to her - nope, not after I've licked it!) Cindy wondered where everyone got their lollipops, so I told her that Korey had given mine to me; I don't know about Hien and David!

She said that it was nice, and Steph added that it was thoughtful - yup, I agree! Later, Steph thought that I was being sentimental about it... well, I *do* have that side to me! Had Pho for lunch, and discussed Rachel's Peru trip / Vivian's practicum / the thrift shop / chicken / eggs / books / Martin / Mom's vantage point of the balcony / Grandma's confusion / Korey / Sunrise Service (for sure I'll sleep over if I go!) / Melia, sleepovers, and colds / being tired / working out / cinnamon gum / inadvertently favoring the baby of the family / interpretations of Bible stories / listening to your mother-in-law. Mom got me longan (dragon's eye!), a bo-lo bao (pineapple bun :P), and a big orange (not to be confused with the bubble tea place at Richmond Centre) ... and I got an egg, celery, and a chicken thing from Grandma. Interesting stuff, indeed!

Edit: Why am I not surprised that Good Friday service is a Facebook event?! Margaret just invited me to that, hahaha. (if Enoch Fellowship coffeehouses can be Facebook events, this can be one too! :P)

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French bingo / Smoking, murder, and baby dream

Got a bingo against Michelle C. - TROUVEUR for 62 points!

Had a weird dream which featured Frances, Mel, and Elaine smoking these long white cigarettes in the driveway of the Rosehill house. Auntie May was really mad because she knew Frances was pregnant, and so shouldn't be smoking. Mel was actually smoking in the car, which made things way worse in her opinion because of the enclosed space trapping the smoke. After Frances had had her baby, we were transported to a schoolroom with pastel walls where she and Anita were taking care of their crying babies. (Frances' baby was a girl, and not Micah!) I wanted to get them towels, cloths, and dishes to help. They appreciated it, and told me to keep some accused murderers away from the kids. Puzzled, I asked what they were talking about - they pointed me to a book lying in the middle of the room.

That had details on a fairly recent murder involving two brothers and another couple. This Chinese coolie had stabbed these two people in an alleyway with his brother's help, leaving long stab wounds in the arm (the scars were fairly visible), and then attempting to saw them in half. The female had survived long enough to make statements to the police which were admissible in later courtroom testimony. Dream ended when the coolie and his brother were executed by public hanging - weird! No idea where it came from, unless it was reading the Morbid Fact du Jour about people being sawed in half after being hung upside down! I've also heard a lot about Frances and her baby, and I told Dad to give Mel's message to Grandma for me. (he can't believe she knitted that baby blanket, and thinks she's great!)

I should get some breakfast and such before I leave. If I think not getting to sleep till 3 is bad, I should wait for next week and the Sunrise Service! Tried getting to bed at 11:30, 12:30, and 2... those attempts did NOT work, ugh! At least I have a considerate boyfriend. :D

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