Saturday, September 01, 2007

Dragon Ball twice in less than 24 hours! YAY! :D

Thanks to the discussion Corey and I had a bit ago, I'm now happily listening to the Tea Party. I also got a couple calls from Eric's cell and his house - I sorted out the first, but not the second. The reason for the intervening time is that I had to take a nap after I got home from the Taiwan Cultural Festival at the Plaza of Nations. I should tell Corey about it, although of course he had the real deal earlier this year. Still, it'll be a starting point, haha.

I had an interesting dream where I was at church with a bunch of people. The toddlers in the toddler room were younger versions of some of the kids I saw yesterday, like Colin and his sister Cynthia. They seemed really grossed out and fascinated when I managed to squeeze light green poop out of one of the toys over and over, so another teacher type surrounded the offending toy with lots of other toys while forbidding the kids to go over to that corner. I saw Sheena, Chalaine, Jeremy, and Christon outside in the cage - Jeremy had got there on his bike, and invited me to hop on. I stared at him a moment, and figured that I should try it at least once even though there didn't seem to be enough room for two people on the seat. After a couple turns around the block, everyone else wanted to go to the 24-hour Pho place (Pho Xie Lua) next door to the church. In reality, it's on Broadway. We watched the chefs make the noodles and had a good time escaping from the bugs outside. No idea where that came from, but I did see all those people yesterday with the exception of Chalaine!

This morning, Jon went to pick blackberries before picking me up to go to the festival with the distaffs. Before that, I talked with Chinese Eric all too briefly about my email / Fay / bubble tea / "console" vs. "consult." I hope I get to talk to him later! On the way to the Plaza of Nations, we went to Viva Java, where I re-met Arnie: it HAS been some time since I've been there! He has a loyal customer base even if he opens late and closes early, which is good since the location doesn't exactly permit walk-in sales. (yay, Americano and other caffeine!) Says he lives across the street, and the Viva Java building is wanted by people who want to develop the land... too bad for the only custom roasting house in all of Richmond! Jon and I joked that we should make Grandma drink coffee just once to see what would happen, but I don't think she'd be too impressed! That's part of the FUN, hahaha.

Once we were in the car again, Mom asked whether K was in town soon because she wants to invite him over for a Canadian dinner - spaghetti or tuna noodle casserole is fine with ME, but I'll have to ask him which he prefers. Then she asked whether he'd popped the question yet - to my protest of "we've only been dating for about two months," she said that it was fine since we were older. Uh, we are NOT Ollie and Angel - THEIR time from first date to wedding was eight months, and Ollie was in his 40s besides! Even Jon thought Mom's question was a bit crazy, but hey... that's how my mom's like! I saw this wedding planning booth at the festival later, and almost joked that Mom should check it out, but she does NOT need any more encouragement! Reminds me, Jon saw Larry and Sandra with their hyper son Joshua and toddler Elizabeth Grace recently - Steph loved interacting with extrovert Joshua at Phil's wedding reception! "HI, JOSHUA! HOW ARE YOU?!" Larry and Sandra said that she should babysit the kids, and THEN see whether she liked them after that, haha. Jon also said that he'd told them that I had a boyfriend - meh, might as well since we never see them otherwise!

We went around downtown trying to find parking, but someone was making comments all the way - we finally decided to go for the free shuttle bus on Cordova after parking in an Impark lot, and we didn't have to wait either going there OR coming back! Saw organic noodles, nuts, Chinese books, vegetarian stuff, lots of crowds, overpriced skewers, $10 for a bag you could stuff full of instant noodles, $100-700 dolls, yogurt bars, homemade beef noodle specialty, crazy hats, artwork, crafts, and lots of other things. Mom says she saw Amanda there with a female friend, but Jon and I weren't with Mom at the time. I instead told Jon how her kids Ethan and Seren had run circles around me at Phil's wedding reception, but their sister Megan hadn't seemed too impressed with me even though I've seen her before. He then joked that she knew that I was an ug... the kid's not even two years old, so how would she know THAT?! Crazy brother...

A while later, Jon and I saw Mike T. there - it was nice bumping into him! A nice security guard gave us a table and chairs from the beer garden, so it helps to talk to people beforehand as Jon was doing! Then there was another security guard who kinda looked like K: couple that with the K-like Oscar Wilde sketch in the ENDINGS book I recently returned to the library, and that is SCARY! Haha. Mom wanted to know why K didn't like spicy food since "Spanish or Mexican people SHOULD like it!" Not all people like their culture's food, as I told her (and he's only half that ethnicity anyhow) - K has a Chinese friend who HATES cilantro AND Chinese food in general, so there you go. I once read about a 114-year-old Chinese man who HATED rice, so that's another case. Maybe the food's too much for K or he never really grew up with it, who knows... at least he can always give unwanted food items to me if he so desires. Unless I'm too full or something, in which case he's out of luck!

After leaving, we consulted Steph to see if the "sarcastic highlight CSC" audit at Uncle Patrick's was done yet. Since it wasn't, Jon and I took the distaffs to Dragon Ball - hot ovaltine tea, blackberry, the rather pedestrian (for us) combination of strawberry-banana (I was preoccupied with staking out the last empty table and such), and one of Jon's weird combos it was! Read the GEORGIA STRAIGHT, and pointed out stuff about Nardwuar the Human Serviette (20th Anniversary!) and Savage Love. Jon and I amused ourselves by getting Grandma to give us a double thumbs-up, although she had no idea how this would be useful to her since she's negative and 87 years old to boot! Eh, it's just funny to US! We had to wait a while, so we were outta there as soon as we got our stuff! Twice in 24 hours is new to me, although I'm sure it isn't to Jon! Very interesting times today, haha. Thanks to my not deleting a call from my Caller ID (which happens more and more often these days), I just logged a totally unnecessary call to Eric - oh well, at least he's understanding about it. He knows how I can get sometimes! Although I'm almost sure I *did* delete the call he made this afternoon - my head can't STILL be messed up from lack of sleep, since I took a nap! I don't think I wanna know.... o_O

Edit at 9: Okay, so I'm not crazy. Good to know. :P

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Facebook might help in certain situations...

I managed to get my glasses fixed at Factory Direct, then spent time buying household / office supplies at Staples and London Drugs after I ate jambalaya rice at the Cactus Club. Saw a very good guide dog - yay! Let's just hope that the 50 Write Bros. pens I bought are a bit better quality than the ordinary Paper Mates! Then again, I suppose that's why they only cost $1.30 for a pack of ten. Then I went to Chapters and found the last two shelf copies of FINAL EXITS, so I was pretty happy. Thought it wasn't there, but I was looking in the wrong section. Went to church over an hour early for laughs, and found Citrus / Cordia / Quan getting ready to go in and help with Danielle and Nathan's Internet seminar. Cordia asked if I wanted to hear an amazing story - sure, why not? Apparently, she'd told Quan to get off at Braid Station, but Quan had heard "Holdom Station" instead. I asked Cordia how you got "Holdom" out of "Braid," but she told me to ask Quan - I accordingly did, but Quan definitely didn't want to hear about it! "STORY OF SHAME!" Cordia called back to me as they went off in the direction of the 7-11. I had to chuckle over it as I went into the church myself.

Talked to Danielle about her squished picture from her laptop on the Powerpoint, and she said that she'd received my email a while ago. She'd replied in her head to say "COOL!" and thinks it'll be a good thing that she'll meet K soon enough now that she's back! After briefly joking around with Citrus and Nathan, I left to see who was at Pho - I joined Joey, Emily, their dad, and J-Mak's dad... Rich, Gabriel, and Pastor Edward joined us later. (also saw Christon) We talked about the Canucks' ugly new uniforms, Awana, the PNE, Canon discounts, recruitment for other companies, the potential new pastor in Pastor John, the Mexico trip, puking, Karen Lew on the Grouse Grind, and other such stuff. It was good times, and I found out that Uncle Patrick had unexpectedly paid for my meal - I made a point to thank him when I saw him later at the church. I also made it a point to talk to Auntie Rebecca about Awana - turns out Emily didn't get a sign-up form anyhow, so she's thinking Auntie Rebecca assumes she's helping in a couple weeks. Found out about the Awana barbecue thing at Anita and Jeff's next week - hopefully, I can get a ride there! Henry IS helping out this year, but Ada may be more reliable since she has a kid (Ian!) in Awana herself. (not that nieces aren't a reliability barometer, but last year was kinda hit-and-miss at times!) I'll talk to her on Sunday - yay for Richmond people!

Talked to Margaret, Jessica, Sheena, Dylan, Jeremy, Alan, Karen, and others before the seminar started (Hong Kong / MSN / summer): also saw a bunch of people playing STARCRAFT, which was linked to a makeshift overhead. Interesting stuff, haha. The Internet seminar was useful in that I learned some new things and FINALLY saw part of the Spoons video taken at Steph's last year - let's see Eric the soft-spoken one bully Danielle by twisting her arm while playing! Looked like good times, though! Chatrooms, Youtube (Chinese college boys singing a Backstreet Boys song!), MSN, sites like Facebook (Phil's grandma has a page!), talking on MSN (Joey: "I'm sitting here talking to you. This is very weird."), Joey's drawings on his sister's wall because he misses her ("aww!"), webcams, videos, acronyms (we can think of another interpretation for "POS" besides "Parent Over Shoulder," haha), negotiation (Nathan: "Say the parent wants one hour on the computer and the kids want ten hours - negotiation should be FIVE HOURS! HAHAHA."), ease of chatting online, etc. So funny at times, and very true! They did a good job, indeed!

Talked to Fabian and others about random things before going downstairs and engaging Randal in a ten-minute conversation about Facebook, Jose, the future, and other stuff. I know that he tried reassuring me about certain things (as did Karen later on), and I appreciate that a lot. Some of the kids I know / knew were there - so cool to see them! Talked to Jen, Jon, Grace, Karen C., Stanley, Phil, Cindy, and others about K, missing people, Dallas, Ray being Jeremy's new roommate since he didn't have a place to live (rent money more important than a beer storage facility!), Dallas getting back soon, emailing Regent people about the Whip on Sunday, the Walkathon, Dragon Ball, how we should LEAVE the church (go bug Jon, not us!), distance helping in some respects, Facebook addiction, welcoming people, headspace, extroverted people matched with introverted people (Jon / Harmony, me / K), Peter, etc.

Steph got up at 5 AM, but was too nice and drove us to Dragon Ball after we dropped Cindy off and talked about 40 Days of Community / formatting / Mike / Sam. Talked to Sheena / Christon / Karen / Fabian about cursing the church photocopier while doing camp booklets (but not with "what the BLEEP?!"), being a good sister, finishing Chalaine and Carina's bubble teas for them, pregnancy, stretch marks, "wide load," how Vivian would be on the Grouse Grind, 40 Days of Community, supreme milk tea and peach, some other weird combo Jon ordered, Eric's whereabouts (cougars?), and other stuff. Steph didn't seem too enthused about auditing stuff, but nothing you can do about it. Decided to go to the Taiwanese Cultural Festival, which should at least be interesting! Got home, and I decided I was too tired to blog before bed! That's why you're getting this post "late."

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Friday, August 31, 2007

Deal-breakers, name combos, and stupid bus pass realization

I almost can't believe that K thought I'd break up with him over the reason he posited yesterday. Maybe if it were some far-flung place a zillion miles across the world or some totally rural environment... but not Kamloops. I appreciate his loving honesty, since I'd expect to give him the same if something happened to me! I'll always love him, even if the unthinkable happens. (he knows this)

Examples of my personal deal-breakers: coming from a totally different value set than me, having weird sexual fetishes, porn / gambling / drug / alcohol / nicotine addiction, total disrespect for the people I love, being abusive / severely manipulative. Moving to Kamloops where I don't know a lot of people? Eh... that's probably way down on the list, if it's on the list at all. I guess I can try to do stuff for him, although he knows it'll be hard. Yikes!

Man, it's been far too long since I checked blogs. Guess I'll do this right before I go to the glasses place and such - Chapters better have two copies of the FINAL EXITS book for me and Jeremy, or else I will be very disappointed! I'll probably have dinner at Pho, haha... or not, since I don't have the cash for it now! Must also remember to talk to Auntie Rebecca about Awana this weekend since I missed out last week.

OH CRAP. It appears I've done the exact same thing this year as regards losing my bus pass as I did last year, and at around the same time too! At least this time I realized it / can take care of it within a few days as opposed to a week or something! Note to self: CHECK POCKETS OF STUFF YOU THROW OUT! At least Jon can tell Jeremy the story of this one if he chooses to - last year's story was NOT something I'd want him to know, liking him as a good friend or not. There's such a thing as TMI!

Randal's been keeping up his prayer blogging, and said that a former friend once told him something like "You're not funny, so don't even try." Not the greatest example of constructive criticism, and the person couldn't take it when Randal pointed out that HE couldn't seem to attract women even with his sense of humor. Randal then writes that he could just go around being a male version of Cassandra (my interpretation of his words), proclaiming the pessimistic view of things EVERYWHERE! Ha ha ha, I don't think I'd like that if my friend did that. Says he's never formed any lasting friendships with women when he tries being funny - oh, he can be very amusing! Vanessa, Steph, Danielle, and others seem to think so too - but they're way too young for him / kinda taken already. (I remember the hand cream auction email story, haha)

Then he prays that God gives his mom peace of mind about his being single: seems his brother's wife alienated him and such from the family, so his mom is very interested in a new daughter-in-law, and asks Randal every week if he's seeing someone! The alienation is not good especially when you're in a Chinese family! His mom is disappointed that there seem to be no interested sisters at VCEFC, and even suggests that he go to a bigger church presumably for a bigger pool of available females!

Dawn's been busy reading and spending time with Eni in Vernon for Canada Day, and housesitting in Richmond. She misses Richmond, but she won't miss a certain Tibetan terrier she had to take care of while her friends are in Alaska! Poop and pee all over the place does NOT sound pleasant, and at least the Yorkie was much more a joy to maintain. (it even looked DISGUSTED at its companion not confining its bathroom duties to the assigned areas!) I wouldn't want that job, either - but at least it's over for her! Vivian's just been doing school stuff, has MSN convo up, reflects on Xanga, and figures that at least she isn't locked out in a state of being underdressed! Oh my. o_O

Which member of Slipknot are you?

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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Glasses as a life metaphor, Nibbles and Bites as Nipples and Bites

My glasses appear to be a metaphor for life right now. What good is an eyeglasses case without the old pair? Now I gotta look for that too! And no, I don't think I threw it away. Tomorrow's plans have changed ever so slightly, it seems: go to the Factory Direct place before I go to Chapters to get the FINAL EXITS book - I hope they still have two copies! Yikes. It'll ruin my coupon plans if not. Then I could go for dinner at the townhouse, but I'll be out around the Broadway area anyhow - meh, guess I'll figure things out later!

Factory Direct - 595 W. 7th @ Ash - 407, Canada Line to OLYMPIC VILLAGE station. Walk to Oak, and it's between Oak and Ash. It has a big white door and a couple of possible entrances. Take a number when I get in there. Hopefully, they can fix the problem right then and there. Phone number: 873-5288. They close at 5:30 on weekdays, and 3 on Saturdays!

One hilarious moment: Mom insisted on calling Nibbles & Bites (this annual restaurant food-tasting event) by the wrong name. First, it was Bits and Bites. No, it's not the snack food... Then it was NIPPLES and Bites - I do believe we go through this at least every other year! Crazy mom.

Edit at 7: I found my old glasses, in another eyeglass case. YAY! Someone else is being honest with me out of love, which I appreciate.

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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Dream: Burying erotic literature / Less than half-price / New soups

Some people really just frost me. UGH. Carol has a good line: "If you didn't like it then, why did you ask me out? If you don't like it now, don't call me again." Of course, I'd have to accept losing him first - despite what he thinks, I don't believe I'm scared of losing him. Too bad for you! On the other hand, I do miss certain others like Jeremy a lot! I'll see them soon enough...

I like the Smiths song How Soon Is Now? - "You shut your mouth. How dare you say I go about things the wrong way. I am human and I need to be loved, like everybody else does!" Then again, I like the Rolling Stones song Brown Sugar: I just bought some cereal with that kind of frosting, and I don't mean the kind that Mick was singing about! I don't even want to imagine that, although I hear there is a candle scented just like it. BLEH. If you don't know what I'm talking about: trust me, you don't WANT to know! o_O

I had an interesting dream which involved burying erotic literature in a 66-year-old woman's yard in the middle of winter to come back to later. Some people argued against it ("What if she reads it?!"), but the contingent who said she wouldn't know anything about it won out. Jeremy, Randal, and Corey managed to hoodwink the old lady into thinking that we were doing her a favor, hahaha. My friends and I also signed a lot of Christmas cards, including one to Jon with a polar bear and "snowy" letters. No idea where that came from!

Got my phone bill, and I must say that I'm impressed with the discount for the time of day on collect calls. Not sure why I didn't really notice it before on my last one; perhaps it's because the ones on that bill weren't discounted more than half-price! Seriously, who wants to pay $18 when you can just pay $8.80 instead if you absolutely had to for that kind of thing? Wow. Guess I'll see what happens with my next bill... I seem to make a lot of long-distance phone calls, if a page and a quarter of the bill is taken up with details of those! I know exactly why I do - and to whom I make them - so that's good. At least I don't annoy my friends by calling them randomly these days, although I should perhaps make exceptions for certain select people. We'll see on that, too.

I purchased two Amnesiac Ales from the liquor store, then noticed MEGA NOODLES Campbell soup, along with Goldfish Campbell soup, plus Disney Princesses / SHREK / Winnie the Pooh pasta shapes in soup - SO CUTE! I had to buy those / granola / apple crumble yogurt, haha - along with new flavors of Chunky Soup like Southwestern Chicken and 3-Bean (great northern / kidney / pinto) Grilled Pork. Since the mint chocolate chip ice cream seemed cheaper than normal (unlike the Starbucks coffee going up a dollar in price), I had to get some of that too!

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Amnesiac Ale and Oblivion gates

I might get Amnesiac Ale from the liquor store tomorrow. Hahaha. I've just rediscovered how good it can be! Talking to Corey about his game now, which is good!

[02:01:28] Corey: well, I just found a secret in MY game! :P now I'm the proud owner of both the Heart and Soul of Hatred :P the strongest bow in the game, that I just learned about... and some mace I don't need, but can sell for tons of money :P

[02:09:23] Corey: I'm in Oblivion right now... which is basically Hell.. it's the plane of Oblivion that belongs to the Daedra Lord Mehrunes Dagon.. the Daedric Princes are pretty much like the devil, but there's a bunch of them :P Mehrunes Dagon managed to set up something that allowed him to open portals to Oblivion on the normal world.. so I'm in there closing one of the Oblivion gates... which is good, unless you like demons taking over the world :P

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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Eric pictured as third wheel / Dream: Killing wildlife near a complex mall

HA! I knew sleep would take care of my less-than-stellar mood! Thank goodness for A's understanding! I just had a weird dream, too...

* being in a complex mall, in which one department store was called Xenia (the floor plan was HUGE!)

* looking for a certain store in one direction when it was in an entirely different wing altogether (we saw Stanley with his guitar, and waved to him - he joined us later, and was a big help)

* a $2.35 price for a transaction which was supposed to be free (something about a gift certificate)

* Korey's family showing up out of nowhere and taking him from me and my friends because of the sheer force of their negativity

* Steph being the new Awana commander after Anita got pregnant (Katie and Cynthia were there to cheer her on, and Hilary / Wesley showed us how to do things at the orientation)

* having to traverse the wild Indian Ocean on a pleasure boat and leaping over the fronds and logs within

* killing wildlife in a forest near the mall - we looked at the crab pincers and proclaimed them war trophies!

Not sure where this came from - and right now, I still feel a bit weird. It doesn't help that SOMEONE refuses to understand! Time to read or something! Oh, and I shouldn't get cheddar and broccoli Bistro things anymore, since they taste "off" to me. Funny, since the cheese and broccoli squares at Lauren's 2005 baby shower tasted FINE! Crazy stuff...

My sister just emailed me some more pictures... yay! This includes the one that K hasn't seen yet on her Facebook, haha.

SOMEONE has a very interesting expression on his face:

Poor Eric, always having to serve as the third wheel on our date nights:

It remains to be seen whether Korey can handle the Ng clan with aplomb:

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Monday, August 27, 2007

ZEITGEIST Google Video, and a working toilet!

Google Video link from Corey: Zeitgeist Official Release - Full Film Production (including the 'Overture')

What do Christianity, 9/11, and The Federal Reserve have in common?

Overture: 0:00-9:34 Part 1: 9:35-35:53 Part 2: 35:54-1:09:16 Part 3: 1:09:17-1:56:23

Please visit ZEITGEIST MOVIE for information and the full source list for this work.

"It's two hours long, but the first 30 minutes or so are about religion. Part two gets into 9-11, and I'm not sure about part III yet. :P But religion is the basis for pulling off stuff like that... Part I has nothing to do with 9/11 or anything like that though, if you're not interested.. just an explanation / study of religion through the ages."

This afternoon, I saw this man and his little son use the elevator to transport JUST their groceries. Imagine my surprise when I went into the elevator with my laundry to find that a bunch of Save-On grocery bags accompanied me on my way up a floor! I admire the ingenuity of these people!

Hester and the plumber have both been by, at around 8 or so. She said it was a special favor since I didn't feel like having a non-working ball valve in my toilet was convenient (NO DUH?!), and I appreciated that. They were apparently by earlier, but I was trying to nap with no great success. My fridge, freezer, and toilet now all will work without random shutdowns - YAY! I kinda felt lightheaded, which makes me wonder I'm watching Google Video online... oh well, sleep doesn't help. I can tell I'm not at my best since I misread stuff easily ("passionless procreation" as "painless procreation," to name but one example), unknowingly repeat the same medium word ("somehow") twice within a short message, usually hit the wrong keys rather than the ones I'm trying to get and therefore sound incoherent online as a result, and get unnecessarily snarky according to Korey. ("what is he doing?" "how should I know?!") I don't know why I feel like this or am acting strangely... maybe I'll be better after this movie? Haha.

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Dream of Angus listening to Nelly / A boy named Maryjane?!

Definitely time to do laundry around here after I finish this post!

Someone recently asked me whether I'd had any weird dreams in the past few days. I told him that if I remembered them, I'd write them here. Did I ever have an interesting one when I finally went to bed...

* having a get-together with the children of my friends which involved singing HAPPY BIRTHDAY at around Christmastime for one kid in particular (Bouncy toys, ball pit, party cups, decorations, cake, Coke, and all... Joshua and Caleb had kids, even! What the heck... I didn't see Joshua's new wife Jessica, either!)

* skipping a conference workshop with Jon and others in order to get three coffees in Tim Horton's cups from an exhibition hall that looked like the one at MissionsFest in the Convention Centre

* having staggered workshops, and finding out mine were all scheduled an hour later than all my friends' were (there was an extended break in the lounge, so we all just read the books for sale instead of going to ANYTHING - one involved a giant blue / orange / red fireball going through town, and its role in converting people to Christianity)

* seeing people demo their new music against an orange-white backdrop (like Trainspotting) with black mics [the track names and times were listed in blue technical font while they were singing]

* going out to eat with various friends; Karen and I got some food, and then she had to get Ivan to move his leg off my seat when we got back

* a brunette girl offering me a caffeinated Slurpee with a square white lid (I declined most emphatically because she was a STRANGER, and I didn't know why she wanted me to have it!)

* seeing lots of stickers / pens / novelties for sale in souvenir shops (the company name embossed on gold stickers was Trillian Park Industries)

* getting together with my own friends at someone's house: Angus complained that his headphones weren't working, so he couldn't listen to Nelly OR Nelly Furtado! We tried to get him new ones, but none would fit into the hole where you normally put them; if they DID fit in there, they ended up not working!

* a teenage boy wanting to borrow $5 from Nathan after he got $42 in cash and wanted to get change for one of his $20 bills (we kinda persuaded him to go elsewhere, haha)

* Andrea coming over after that get-together to chill: someone named Kristina called her about stuff, and Eric called me from a Chinese restaurant (where some of them had gone afterwards) to make sure that I wasn't being taken advantage of - both calls ended at the same time!

* seeing lots of homemade cards for Steph in the recycle bin ("Happy Birthday to my Sister!") among a lot of old newspapers

Not sure where most of that came from, although I did notice that Jeremy had to move his leg off the picnic table bench for me when I got back from the washrooms with Jen and Andrea post-barbecue! I'd be shocked (Jon would be HORRIFIED!) if Angus listened to Nelly or Nelly Furtado, to be honest. Eric was discussing headphones with me a few weeks ago, as was K. Then again, I also know that certain people are ever watchful that I don't get taken advantage of by others, which I appreciate! Maybe the "Joshua and Caleb having kids" part comes from discussing young fathers with the Chew and Ng clan on Thursday night!

Note to self: Get to Save-On by 1-ish on Wednesday, pay bills on Wednesday, meet family for thrift shop pants and such on Thursday, and get to the Broadway / Granville Chapters to use the "$5 off $35 purchase" gift certificate on two copies of Final Exits by Friday! Also, I should get some more pens since I'm running out - they should be of reasonable quality, and don't run out within two days of using them!

Got this from the bad baby names forum: REALLY sucky Alberta names... they have one for every year!

1997 Girls:

Aerial - Does this have any legitimacy beyond the pokey out thing on the top of your TV?
Alias - Like the TV show... classy!
Baby - 24 girls named Baby. For goodness sakes.
75 Baileys, 11 Bailees, 1 Bailie, 2 Bailys, and a Bai-Lee - I want to believe Bai-Lee is a normal nice Chinese name stuck among the Baileys, and yet I just can't be sure.
Brinkley - Who says this out loud and marvels at how nice it sounds?
Bricklin - Ditto.
Cassidi / Cassedi / Cassidee / Kacidy / Kasydi
Crocus - You couldn't find any better flower names?
Deleted - I kid you not. TWO girls by this name. If legit, please let me know.
Ebany / Ebonie
Hiedi - You've had nine months to check how it's spelled. Ugh.
Jaisyne - Because if you called her Jason, people might think she's a boy.
J - I'll never understand the attraction of single-letter names. Ever.
Kai-Lee - It's in with all the Kailee, the Kaileigh and the Kailie, but again, I just really hope it's a regular Chinese name.
Kaspar - Girl.
Mc - Just Mc? Too trendy for the McName crowd? Or, God forbid, is it "EmCee"?
Mchale - McAle again!
Mckayla - No capitalization in this.
Micha-El - Pity there's capitalization in this.
Mateya.Suzanne - Are periods legal?
4 girls named Phoenix but only 1 Phoneix. Unique!
Winkie - 3 of them

1997 Boys: In true fashion, there weren't nearly as many. I ignored the Braydens and Jaydens and Cadens and so on.

Lynk - The Y does not hide the fact you played too much Zelda.
Maryjane - Yes, in the boys list.
Shouichirou - Souichirou is the surname of a character in Kare Kano. This could still be legit, but...

2006 Girls:

Emjay - Is this legit or is this people thinking how MJ is spelled after watching Spider-Man?
Luxcie - Lucy?
Luxshiya - Lucia?
65 Nevaeh, but 3x Navaeh
Spirt - Yeah. Spirt.

2006 Boys:

A. K. I. L.
51 Christians, but only one Christain.
Kirstopher - spelled Kirs.
Sweetgrassman - child abuse.

2005 girls

Anger - ANGER!
Autamn-Raine - Illiteracy reigns.
Mikaydance - It took me a while to figure this one out. Mickey Dance? Oh no. Mc+Cadence.
Neko - I doubt a Japanese couple would call their kid "cat," so this looks like anime fans to me.
Perciea - You can't make Percy female. Ever.
Sara-gobad - Please be cultural.

2005 boys

Cache - Step away from the PC.
Lucius, yes! Luscious, no!
Lucas, yes! Luucas, no!

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Survey on lunch meat and my pants of glory

K and I had an interesting phone conversation... things are good now, and I think it made us grow closer. :D

Survey from Candy, who posted it on Our Place:

1. WERE YOU NAMED AFTER ANYONE? Sorta-kinda after my aunt by marriage. Mom also liked the name anyhow, because it was good for both a boy or a girl. No imagination at all... thanks, Mom. :P

2. WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU CRIED? Got teary tonight on the phone while discussing a movie's bittersweet ending / parental negativity. As for the last time I really cried, that was Monday / Tuesday when I had to process some bad news. :(

3. DO YOU LIKE YOUR HANDWRITING? Not really - it could be neater!

4. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE LUNCH MEAT? Lyoner sausage or roast beef.



7. DO YOU USE SARCASM A LOT? No, never! (that WAS sarcasm... so yes? haha)


9. WOULD YOU BUNGEE JUMP? Never, although I know someone who probably would...



12. DO YOU THINK YOU ARE STRONG? Physically, no... but I remember the days when I used to open saxophone cases in Band class! Emotionally, I realized how strong I was in 2005 with certain things happening - it's gotten better, I hope. Mentally, I don't know... maybe? Heh.

13. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE ICE CREAM? Wildberry jalapeno, haha. But since that isn't readily accessible (only at La Casa Gelato), I'll say mint chocolate chip instead.


15. RED OR PINK? Red.




19. WHAT COLOR PANTS AND SHOES ARE YOU WEARING? Blue pants (these "pants of glory" - as Eric calls them - should really be replaced SOON!) and no shoes.


21. WHAT ARE YOU LISTENING TO RIGHT NOW? Ministry, various songs.

22. IF YOU WERE A CRAYON, WHAT COLOR WOULD YOU BE? Silver, or raw amber.

23. FAVORITE SMELLS? Hot and sour soup, good cooking, sharp cologne.



26. FAVORITE SPORTS TO WATCH? Hockey, mainly. I can stand baseball, however.

27. HAIR COLOR? Black / dark brown.

28. EYE COLOR? Brown.


30. FAVORITE FOOD? Too many to list: wonton mein, hot and sour soup, steak, sushi, pasta...

31. SCARY MOVIES OR HAPPY ENDINGS? Happy endings. Scary movies are not for me, thanks.

32. LAST MOVIE YOU WATCHED? If half-movies (RENT / ANNA AND THE KING) don't count, then I'd have to say BLADES OF GLORY! It's coming out on DVD really soon, yay! :D


34. SUMMER OR WINTER? Summer - I hate the snow / ice / cold.

35. HUGS OR KISSES? Hugs. Kisses are nice too, but hugs are harder to mess up. :P

36. FAVORITE DESSERT? Cheesecake.



39. WHAT BOOK ARE YOU READING NOW? Too many to list: ENDINGS, TRUE CRIME, various Bathroom Readers, etc.

40. WHAT IS ON YOUR MOUSE PAD? The white Certified Data logo in the corner of a red background.

41. WHAT DID YOU WATCH ON TV LAST NIGHT? CNN's special on Islamic jihad, bits and pieces of movies, flipping channels, sports, etc.

42. FAVORITE SOUND? Good music or well-behaved children playing happily together.

43. ROLLING STONES OR BEATLES? Rolling Stones, although the Beatles are also good.

44. WHAT IS THE FURTHEST YOU HAVE BEEN FROM HOME? California somewhere, possibly south of San Francisco.

45. DO YOU HAVE A SPECIAL TALENT? I don't think I do, unless birthday memory counts as one.

46. WHERE WERE YOU BORN? Vancouver.


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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Early advertising gets on our nerves!

Got up at 12:15 today, which is quite the change from the usual Sunday. Worth it to spend time with Billie and her parents watching TV, however. Ate the leftovers from last night for lunch, which was definitely good. I can relate to Austin's falling in love with it - too bad he's graduated, so he can't share Billie's food anymore at lunch! Watched a good part of ANNA AND THE KING, which has a bittersweet ending at least in movie land: Chow Yun Fat (the king) realizes he's fallen in love with Jodie Foster (English schoolteacher), but can't do anything about it - they dance together one last time before she leaves, and he says that he can finally understand how a man can be satisfied with one woman. That merited a catch in the throat from me, heh.

Before we finally got going at 4-ish (with Tara dropping me off near the bus depot), we watched some FRIENDS episodes - the advertising for 90210 reminded me of K, for some reason. There were also some crazy infomercials on: NEVER SCRUB, SPACE SAVER BAGS, etc. Talked about my not wanting to stay in Richmond just because of the Chinese population here (nothing wrong with immigrants, but I'm not one who'd stay for that reason), why I wear my hat, what we do in Awana, what time church service starts, Babak's loud music, prayer books, Holy writings, and Persian music. Her mom accidentally spoke Farsi to me, which was pretty funny. We also discussed Channel M Farsi stuff / German shows / Karen I. in Chinese news, Persian sweets where you have to brush your teeth after eating them, government blocking certain websites in both China (Dawn knows this very well) and Iran, needing to get up for school even if she's an insomniac, kids at school knowing she's an author since they saw her on TV, guitars, hair pills to darken it, and early advertising.

She says that she saw Back To School ads as soon as July was over - that is cruel! I myself have seen Christmas ads in late August (around now) - not outright commercials, but some sort of reminders. And people wonder why I hate Christmas... I like the meaning just FINE (it's special to me), but can we save the ads for maybe mid-November?! I shared how I had pretended not to know what the third special event in December was for Korey - his birthday / Christmas / New Year's, all separated by a week's time! Billie says her birthday is two weeks after Christmas, so that's neat. We can go to the Coquitlam mall another time! (or she can come to Richmond - no big deal)

I got the 160 just when it was going to leave, and got the 98 B-Line as it pulled up to the stop. Good thing I didn't go to Steamworks, haha. Not that I was seriously thinking about it, but since it was just right there... haha. While I was waiting for the final bus home, I saw these two couples engaged in mild PDA - am I a target for that this weekend, or something?! I also helped a Chinese mom and her kid with the new bus routes: the kid thought that they only worked on construction in the morning, since the bus route didn't change on the other side of the street. Hahaha, he was cute! Good to see I still have "it" when it comes to the children, heh.

Got home at 6:15, and noticed four unknown calls and one call from Eric. I called him back when I'd restarted my computer (he'd called at 3:20) - he told me that Korey had been wondering where I was, so I told him that I'd been at a friend's house... he said to tell K next time. Oh, I will... as it was, K had messaged me on MSN as soon as I signed in with a "there she is." Seems he thought I was dead, so was scared / sad / worried! He also thought that I hated him, or that it was something he said - Eric had also mentioned something of the sort, yes. No, that's not true - we love each other! Called my parents, and my dad thought that I was intruding on Billie's family - NOT TRUE IF THEY INVITED ME TO STAY THE NIGHT AND SUCH! Now I'm talking to Corey about the "green poop" Persian food, haha. He jokingly thinks I'd be greatly satisfied by literally eating poop - I DON'T THINK SO, BUDDY!

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Persian dishes and good times!

This afternoon, I went to Billie's house / Coquitlam Station by bus... thank goodness I got there slightly late, but it's all good. Since I was afraid of getting lost, I probably left earlier than I should have, but it was all good. For future reference, the new B-Line stop is almost across the street from the Dairy Queen on Anderson, and three blocks right of the former stop... DANG CONSTRUCTION! Also for future reference, the 160 stop is one block back of Waterfront Station and two blocks left of that intersection (Hastings / Richards) - across the street from something called Beatstreet Records, and near these souvenir shops. Thank goodness the bus drivers helped me since I'm bad with directions! Saw Steamworks, but didn't go inside - I remember when we were there after MissionsFest this year, and Eric teased me about spending a lot of time sitting by Randal. That was the teasing subject back then, and it would never fail to elicit some kind of reaction. He hasn't bugged me much about K, which is fine by me.

At Waterfront Station, I decided to tarry a bit - I saw a Tickers shop (watches for $12) and decided to see how much it was to replace the battery in my bling watch. The girls there asked if I got my watch there, and I said yes - I noticed one girl glancing over their stock to see if I was being truthful. Well, I did get it there, but at a different location! I'd looked for a Tickers shop in Richmond Centre recently without success because there WAS one at that mall (finding a Swiss engraving watch repairs shop instead), probably because I was under a time deadline... I managed to get it replaced for $5. I guess that's an okay price for that kind of thing, heh. Sat down on a bench to read a book, but apparently made the wrong choice because that bench was the target for two couples engaging in PUBLIC DISPLAYS OF AFFECTION at separate times. I don't mind it if you hold hands or if someone rests their head on someone's shoulder (that's what I did last time I was in a similar situation), but when it gets to full-body long hugs and semi-passionate liplocks which AREN'T a casual peck, then I'm gone! It bugged me when I was single, and I guess it still bugs me now because I am currently missing that kind of thing - or maybe it just bugs me since it's not restrained. I don't care if I (or others) do that in private, where certain things are better left. Then again, I might do that in public, but not anytime soon. Don't get me wrong... I like showing affection in public (I have and will again), but I realize that some of it may cross a line that's unpleasant to the casual passerby.

Looked around for Billie at Coquitlam Station, and hugged her mom hello in the mall parking lot. She thanked me personally for the candle and card I'd sent a few months back, since she didn't have my phone number to do so then. We talked about advertising, Hot Topic, H&M, her friends Rileyx2 and Mattx2, Minjee, Shaina, Megan, Joel, and others. I got the guest room after Tara insisted I stay the night, which is a change from sleeping on Billie's bedroom floor like I did in summer 2005. Met her dad and brother when they got home, and watched a bit of RENT before having dinner - it was the "green poop" stuff that Corey described it as when he saw Google Image Search results for it, but of course I didn't tell her mom that! (its proper name is GHORMEH SABZI, and a lot of people - like her friend Austin - have fallen in love with it) It was pretty good when served with crispy rice from the bottom of the rice cooker in a hard shell (not potstickers as her mom called it - those are Chinese dishes), and with the long yellow / white Persian rice I'd had the last time I was over. Talked about FOUR BROTHERS (I recognized the beginning of the movie right away from NYE 2006 at Eric's), liking feminine men not equalling bisexual tendencies, masculine women, macho men, Billie's Iran kiddy picture (she came here when she was six), Korey, prayers for girl babies, Iran, my family, her MSN friends, college, interchangeable family clothing except where her brothers are concerned, pictures of people's friends, Facebook, GJ, and booze applications for Facebook profiles. After dinner, we looked at Billie's most recent PMSS yearbook - some people have interesting names / pictures! Long names that get butchered, people not bothering to say long last names, Bahai'i vs. Muslim, errors that leave out one girl entirely, Chuck Norris as a math teacher's picture, Improv, shirts, photos that look like mugshots, very cute baby pictures of the grads... good times!

We watched a CNN special on God's Warriors while having rose tea - Iran, Islam, jihad, extremism, suicide bombers, and more! Very interesting stuff After that, we watched bits and pieces of various shows on satellite TV - some Robin Williams movie in which he's not the legit president of the US, Hilary Duff as LIZZIE MCGUIRE, PLANET OF THE APES, etc. Billie asked what time I went to bed - well, I should also be getting to bed earlier these days. It's a good thing I can use her computer while she's here with no other distractions, as time-wasting / entertaining as those may be while I'm at home or elsewhere! Wonder why I'm still logged into Blogger on here, as I've never used this machine before! o_O Note to self: There are these buttons near where the touchpad is that serve as mouse buttons, and which are NOT the spacebar. I'm too used to my sister's laptop where there are no such buttons (clicking is achieved by tapping on the pad when you have the cursor in the desired position), so played Yanni / U2 (STARING AT THE SUN) / the Verve (FRESHMEN) on an accidental start of iTunes before finally figuring that it worked differently.

Used the phone earlier to call my brother, who said he was going to the Richmond church for Esther's baptism, but didn't have Vania's number so I could tell her mom that I wasn't going to be in Sunday School. Since my parents were at Zion, I called them at 10:30 - you'd think I was swearing off church attendance the way they reacted to the news that I wouldn't be going for ONE WEEK in order to spend more time with a friend whom I've not seen in two years and counting! "You're bad, even though letting me know is good! OH! Internet friends?! Be careful! *I explain that she's a 17-year-old female whom I've met before, and unlikely to do me any great harm* Why did they invite you to stay the night?! You never know! I think you should have let us know earlier, because then we could have picked you up! Even Vania's family could have picked you up! *was thinking of Citrus' family earlier, but dismissed it as too much trouble* Are you coming home tomorrow? You should... no wonder you couldn't spend time with Grandma this afternoon!" All this was said with the decided undertone of "you're so WEAK / a bad person, and shouldn't be doing this especially since you knew about it beforehand!" It IS just the once, my "problems" with church attendance are definitely in the far reaches of the PAST, and I didn't know I'd be sleeping over till I got here. What do you want me to do, just leave at 8:30 when it's already getting dark?! Besides, her parents are nice people - maybe THAT's why they invited me to stay the night! I know parents can be overprotective, but this is insane and uncalled for since I'm old enough to make my own decisions - and this one isn't even that bad, if at all horrible!

Just in case she can't make it to my birthday thing this year (since she really wanted to go last year, but couldn't), Billie gave me another one of her books (A HOUSE ON THE HILL) which was last year's present - she even inscribed it with a note! She apologized for not being able to get me a better present, but I was truly happy with it! Her stories are great stuff! Tomorrow, she's up for whatever - so maybe Coquitlam Centre mall? Should try not to spend any money, though!

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