Saturday, April 14, 2012

TITANIC links, orange vodka screwdrivers, gummi bears, and turnip cake

Titanic Encyclopedia
Twitter - TITANIC real time - 100 years ago!

As I was leaving the house, I heard a Trillian message alert; I figured whoever it was (it turned out to be James) would have to wait! Went to Subway, where I got a $5 footlong Veggie Delight sandwich (with extra olives!) for later. Then I hit up the liquor store, where I knew my budget didn't allow for hard liquor; good thing I saw plenty of four-packs of 330mL (lemonade / raspberry citrus) Smirnoff spritzers or orange vodka screwdrivers for sale! I chose the latter since it was 7% alcohol as opposed to 5%, hahaha. As I fully expected to get ID'ed, I wasn't surprised when I was. My last stop was Price Smart, where I got on-sale Cottonelle toilet paper / leek dumplings / vegetable dumplings / 810g bulk gummi bears.

When I got home, three of the four bottles proved to be more than enough to completely soak (or drown) the gummi bears in the metal bowl that Teunis got me at the store last year. YES! Mom did indeed drop off the turnip cake later, along with 400g of Lifesaver jellybeans (I had only a few since they're too sweet - most of those went to the kids / Julie C. / Chrystal) and 90g of bubble gum eggs, which I kept for myself. Talked to James on YM for a bit before eating Yum Yum beef noodles, then gamed for a bit. YES! MY RADIMVICE "SOLO HERO - CAST MAGIC LIGHTNING" STRATEGY WORKED AGAINST THE DEMIGHOUL! FINISHED DRAGON WARRIOR 4 AGAIN!

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Alcoholic gummi bears, turnip cake, Grandma losing it, and Christon's executive decisions

I need to try alcoholic gummi bears soon... good thing I have money for the alcohol this time round! Just put the gummi bears (or whatever) in a bowl, soak them with alcohol, put plastic wrap over it, and leave the whole thing in the fridge for a few days! Christon has made another one of his executive decisions regarding next Friday; apparently, "small group outing" will be at Pastor Bob's place near Metrotown for a potluck / sharing time / movie. Lovely. *sarcasm*

Mom says that Ben or Uncle Eric doesn't want their wife / daughter Erin to go to the wedding; they're that influential or controlling?! Shit, if our parents told us not to do something just because of that, we'd do it anyway! Grandma won't be going, but we'll see whether someone like a sick Auntie Teresa will look after her or not. Maybe this can be an excuse; Steph and Lisa might feel bad, though. She says that Grandma is going downhill with dementia / Alzheimer's, which isn't news. She also said stuff about the Grand Canyon, heh. I emphasized NO ESCALATORS, so we'll see. At least she's making lo-bak go (turnip cake), and will drop some off later on her and Dad's way to church tonight. Time to leave since it's a nice day!

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Friday, April 13, 2012

Epic good timing / Magic Radimvice Den / Another 4-2 loss

Woke up with about an hour to spare till the weekly tradition, and thought I could just have a solo Hero in the Den of Radimvice to cast magic only. We'll see how that pans out later tonight! I heard that Subway is having $5 footlongs again, so maybe I'll get one tomorrow. Vented to James and FFAF, then talked to Talia on AIM - not too bad! Steph and Lisa bumped into Mom and Dad at the border crossing this afternoon, but it was a good thing I didn't go to the States. TOO MUCH STUFF GOING ON! I had to rejoin Random Thought because I had to read a post by Lance (godsstepson) wanting me back, haha. (courtesy of vodkabeforenoon) Good thing David K. (korczyk) deleted his journal!

DAMMIT. I left to go do something important (and EPIC with good timing), and get back to the score being 1-0 for the bad guys with 8.6 seconds left. UGH. GO CANUCKS GO! You haven't been down 2-0 in a series since 2001! But they are now, since the Kings won the game 4-2, courtesy of two shorthanded goals by Dustin Brown. Sounded pretty brutal. *sigh* History shows that they've never come back from the deficit. :(

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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Demighoul / Licklick / Troglodyte Glitch; Escorts and porn in Vegas!

Mom denied that people hand out cards for escorts and porn in Vegas because it never happened YEARS ago when she was last there, and she had no idea about escalaphobia. Oh, Mother.... *sighs and grumbles*

Guess I shouldn't attempt to attack Troglodytes / Licklicks / Demighouls in DRAGON WARRIOR 4 either, if this is what happens to me in the Final Cave!

Then I found out that I *have* to fight Demighouls before Necrosaro; NOT PLEASED. I don't trust the AI in the game for my other characters NOT to attack them! Ugh. No more DW4 for me!

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Billie PROVINCE letter, makeup and lipstick, cashing cheques

Before I went out today, I called Chrystal at work, but she was in a meeting. I found my Cadbury TEENY eggs while I was out today, but I also managed to rip a hole in my pink bag with my scissors. Good thing I bought more than one that time at Winners! While going into Richmond Centre via the Bay, I overheard a little kid behind me wondering to his mom why he needed to speak English and not his own language. Then he said that he wanted to buy makeup and lipstick at the Bay - hahaha, so cute! I had to interject my opinion, using my skills with kids: "Get your mom to take you to a sale on lipstick and makeup! Then you'll be happy!" He and his mom laughed at that, haha!

Went to the bank since I'd received a cheque in the mail, and wanted to cash it while getting some laundry money. The guy at the bank gave me a look, and said that it was going to be hard, and then wondered what all the quarters and loonies were for. I didn't want to get kicked out of the bank, so I just said it was for laundry. (while thinking, "You'd think I wanted this whole cheque - all $165 of it - in PENNIES!") This is why I only do this once every few months! At least I have plenty of coins for laundry now!

Decided on a raspberry cheesecake ice cream cone at Purdy's as a treat, and then got a PROVINCE newspaper at the shop in the food court since Billie N. got herself published in the letters section. Got home to sort out my coins, went to the pharmacy next door to exchange a toonie for eight quarters (twenty minutes before closing time), and called Chrystal at work (ten minutes till closing time) to set up a dinner date for next Tuesday evening at the usual time and place. I almost set it up on Game 4 night since I was looking at the wrong dates in the calendar... whoops! Now it's time to have Michelina's five-cheese chicken ziti for dinner!

This is the text of Billie's letter:

To all true Canucks fans, the time is here once again. Playoffs, woohoo! We all know that this is our year, our time, our team. We love our boys, our city, and our province.

Like 99 percent of us, we're proud of what our boys did last year. We were not proud of what the 1 percent of so-called fans did on that fateful day. That was a black mark that left a lasting imprint on our magnificent team, our wonderful city, and our beautiful province. I would like to say to all of you that we, as fans, will not tolerate this. You will be held accountable, not only by the police, but by the fans, the city, the province, and the team themselves - and even something higher than that, yourselves.

You alone will have to live with what you have done. So this year, as the Canucks bring home the Stanley Cup, I would like you to have the heart of a Canuck. Celebrate with love and true understanding of our team motto. I encourage you all to right any wrong, and to stand up and be strong. Let's put the pride back in and make this a run for the Cup we want to remember.

- Billie Nutt, Kamloops

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Eric M. got on MSN after midnight to tell me some good news; apparently, that jerk Paul got a new job in Camrose, Alberta. ("but the really good news is that he got a job, not that he won't be here" - HAHAHAHAHA, YEAH RIGHT!) This better not be like Mr. Creep's new job, where he was back here from Victoria after only three months! (Eric said that Paul told them that he may be back in a month - SEE?! NOT GOOD ENOUGH!) I told him to keep the April Fools jokes to their proper time, as he was LATE on that. Then he said that he has video proof of Paul's Easter baptism, as he's editing it; WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?! I don't want to see it, at least. Later, I told him that I wouldn't be making it out on Friday; my reasons are IMPORTANT, okay?! At least I managed to replay everything I'd lost, and then went some more into the storyline - METAL ENEMY HUNTING LATER!

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Door searching in jars? / Danielle, Sundin, 4-2 LOSS, LOSING GAMEPLAY

Talked to Talia briefly on AIM today before the game coverage started. I convinced Holly to join the Puckheads group, then she had everyone commenting on (laughing at?) her misspelling of "Sedin" as "Sundine" - ALMOST "Sundin," too! Then I heard that Danielle is moving to Ontario since she got some university job there - WHAT THE. Listened to the hockey game, which started later than usual... @#$@#$@#@ LAST-SECOND EMPTY-NET GOALS!!!!!!!!!! Los Angeles was the better team (as the Canucks lost the game 4-2), but still. Also lost all my Colossus / Dire Palace / Esturk's Palace / Riverton / Izmit dream gameplay today because the computer and Nessie emulator failed to respond! :(

WTF is that Twitter comment from the Kings' official account?! "To everyone in Canada, outside BC: You're welcome." *annoyed*

Note to self: The jars in Dire Palace (or elsewhere) are NOT places to search for doors! Yes, my party had to use the Staff of Transform to make themselves into monsters so they could hear the evil Necrosaro speak at a meeting on the second floor.

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Hester and Rob came by at 9:15 to figure out stuff with my toilet; she told me not to put the Lever 2000 blue thing in there, since the plumber thinks it'll damage the toilet. Somehow, I think that's bullshit. At least the tank seems to be working properly, and nothing is caught in the chain or whatever. I should just wiggle the lever "tenderly," she says.

Checked my email to find a particularly religious one from white Eric about "negative" attitudes and service projects. Thank goodness I am not quite that insane! I won't be going this Friday due to a combination of Friday the 13th (a bit important), THE WEEKLY TRADITION (somewhat more important), and THE PLAYOFF HOCKEY GAME - the most important thing! He might think I "need" to go, or that my Friday plans "should" be going to Fellowship, but I won't feel guilty AT ALL. :D

I encountered seven Metal Babbles (which give you 10,500 experience points EACH!) again in the Royal Crypt in DRAGON WARRIOR 4, and had the presence of mind to grab a screenshot this time:

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Five Metal Babbles! / 3 AM toothpaste and emergency laundry


Then again, I accidentally put a lot of toothpaste on my shirt while brushing my teeth at 2:35 AM. Of course, this necessitated a load of emergency laundry so the stain wouldn't set in overnight (I had towels and other stuff in there anyway), which meant I didn't go to bed till 5 AM! BLEH! At least I replied to Mandy's email during this time, haha.

I woke up to find that the toilet wouldn't flush properly - guess this entailed a call to management! Hester came by shortly afterwards, and called Rob (the apartment handyman) after she looked at the tank and filled it back up. He'd just left, but I guess tomorrow morning works! Only Hester would tell me to "flush the toilet TENDERLY - not with a BOOM BOOM BOOM." HAHAHAHA!

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Monday, April 09, 2012

Herbal medicine, gnocchi, turkey, and baseball galore

Dad called to make sure I knew that dinner started at 6; nothing I can do if Eric was running late, and I didn't mind the extra time to get things sorted over here, either! *evil grin* Eric came by after 6:10, and I waited while he got money from CIBC and picked up some herbal medicine for himself and his grandma. Yes, I remember from Chinatown that it takes A LONG TIME for the herbalist to make the stuff, so it's fine. At least she's doing well! We talked about how we'd been, conspiracy theories about "environmentally friendly" stuff and expense / the government, TV shows about surgery, his having some quiet time at home, the massive amount of chocolate I gave him, and his doing stuff with his parents; that's what I expect! When we got there, everyone had started dinner already - we had turkey, gnocchi, cucumbers, strawberries, beer, and a bunch more stuff while talking about Harmony's pregnancy / labor / delivery / cervixes / breastfeeding for the bonding and health benefits / no home birth / raising the kid as a vegetarian or vegan / Facebook / whether our parents were excited about becoming grandparents / Paul influencing people (NO!) / SERVANTS / the NHL draft lottery / Vancouver-L.A. hockey / Philadelphia-Pittsburgh hockey / Toronto-Boston baseball / mortgages / duck fat / coconut oil.

Also discussed Easter crackers (like Christmas crackers), HUNGER GAMES, Denise / Julie / Alan / Tracy, Steph's new tattoo (Dad took her into the kitchen to say "Don't do this!"), possibly watching playoff hockey at Jeremy's this week (Jon told Eric not to give me a lift - BAD!), my gifts of a stuffed animal and Canucks and Habs washcloths, schedules for dinner, Nathan, quiet baby Maddie, my mall trip, candy sales, a shower for the girls, $200 for the trip, and more. Grandma wondered what the toys were in the Easter crackers, told Harmony to sit down while telling her that she didn't eat much, and coped with our mediocre Chinese skills as we wondered how to say "nuts" as opposed to "peanuts." Mom gave me leftover turkey with gravy, Starlight mints, a 2012 calendar, jalapeno cheese slices, and chocolate eggs and a bunny. She gave Steph and Lisa some perogies - now I want some, but given that I have to take $200 out of the bank for Vegas purposes, that probably isn't happening. Good thing I have microwaveable meals and noodles out the wazoo, I guess! (not the healthiest, but whatever works!)

On the way home, Eric and I discussed directions / roads / time confusion / his contention that Jon will be more subdued once the baby comes / his never thinking of me a certain way ("she's obviously cheap since she gave me this candy AFTER the holiday!") / Easter services / his just walking me to the door. I didn't mind that at all, as it seemed we were both a little tired. Yeah, I heard a bit too much pregnancy and labor talk tonight, but it's all good - I know I will try my best to be a good aunt! I'd better get the details from my brother at some point in the next couple of days about the hockey playoff watching... Eric says it'll be more festive, and I quite agree. Even if he's just here... the more, the merrier! Now, it is time to GAME IT UP! (and I need to find "new" games to play...)

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Russell Stover, Ferrero Rocher, Nestlé, Aero, Cadbury, Lindt, and Reese's

Replied to Mandy's email after awakening, haha. Also got a notification that Bryan (slackananda / ironicman / witlessowhitman) had FINALLY removed me from his friends list; YES! He was sorta creepy at the end with the "Asian fever" declarations over YM. Dumped out a bunch of religious Easter cards, too - I could use them for baptisms since people expect THOSE cards to mention God or have some Christian content, but those really aren't my taste anyway. Thank goodness that I didn't buy them in the first place! Later, I went out to Richmond Centre to see what Easter chocolate I could get. First, I went to Sears to discover a sale on the dark towel for my chair ($10 off!) and Jessica panties (three for $7) that I was going to buy anyway - SCORE!

Went to Shoppers Drug Mart after that, and I saw some BATH RETREAT products on sale. Decided to try the cocoa foaming bubble bath and the cocoa body mist spray to see what they'd be like. Found some LIFE brand chocolate branches with hazelnut filling, so I bought two for myself and one for Chinese Eric. Then I got some LIFE brand Belgian chocolate eggs and lambs with hazelnut filling, so decided to get those as well as some Cadbury TEENY eggs. I went to the dollar store, where I saw Cadbury Fingers for half the price it is in normal shops, so I bought two boxes along with Canucks and Habs washcloths so Steph and Lisa can continue a household rivalry! Almost everything in the store was half-price, too.

On my way to London Drugs, I bumped into Uncle Cho Kai (the church botanist) and Auntie Anna, who of course asked me what I was doing there. WHAT DO YOU THINK?! I had to be polite and say that I was doing some shopping in order to get some exercise before Easter Monday dinner at my mom's place. At London Drugs, I helped a couple who had dropped a greeting card in their rush to get to the checkout ; line; they thanked me for noticing! I got mounds of on-sale items: two Ferrero Rocher hollow hazelnut bunnies (one for Chinese Eric) / Cadbury mini-eggs / two Aero eggs (one for Chinese Eric) / four packages of Reese's mini chocolates (James put the idea into my head the other day) / two net packs of chocolate eggs for Rachel and Jonathan / a Russell Stover caramel egg / two Russell Stover 60-packs of mini chocolate bunnies for the kids and Chinese Eric / a strawberry melon Brisk drink / a Brisk iced tea drink. At home, I noticed that a blocked number had called while I was out. Since I thought it was Chinese Eric, I called his number only to have Auntie tell me to call another number! So I did, and he said he hadn't called, but might be running late. NO PROBLEM!

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Endor Secret Armor Shop / YES and NO aren't "HOW?" answers!

Geoffrey added me on Facebook; YAY!

How to get the Magic Key doors in Endor, including directions to the treasure chests in the secret armor shop

"Taloon! How is your business in Endor?" YES and NO aren't exactly going to answer this question in Lakanaba from your old boss... :P

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Sunday, April 08, 2012

KING SLIME! / Chinese Eric / Melissa / EPIC!

I finished that 200g rice crisps-filled bunny at 8, and then called my favorite person (for real) Chinese Eric; of course I wished Auntie a Happy Easter when she said it to me! I told Eric a shortened version of why I didn't go to Easter service today (Paul's baptism / my feelings - HE understands!), and said that 6 tomorrow should be fine for picking me up. Even if it's early, we can chill and talk here for a bit. Yes, he can definitely hear the extended version tomorrow, and I definitely wished HIM a happy Easter also! Time to use two of my Easter cards on him and Chrystal! Someone named Melissa Tsang (one of Jessica G.'s friends) wanted to add me on Facebook; I DON'T THINK SO! Unrelated to that, I AM EPIC AS FUCK. :D

When you're fighting five or six Slimes at a time near Haville or thereabouts, they may call for reinforcements and become a KING SLIME!

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Zombie Jesus Day / Endor Castle "Nobody"

HAPPY EASTER! HAPPY PASSOVER! (if you're of the Jewish persuasion) And lastly... HAPPY ZOMBIE JESUS DAY! (if you just want to be amused - I know I do!) I was wondering if PHOENIX Jesus would make more sense, since he DID come back to life... or maybe I'm overthinking it. :D

I can finally eat my 200g rice crisps-filled ALLAN chocolate bunny, too! Gonna eat a bunch of Easter eggs, as well. I'm fully aware the mall is open till 6 today, but THE BUS SCHEDULES! Time to go crazy on sugar, anyway!

Mike T. had this to say:

"JESUS has died.
JESUS rests.
JESUS rests.
JESUS rests.
JESUS has risen!"


Yes, there IS someone in that direction at Endor Castle in DRAGON WARRIOR 4, and she's blocking access to the treasure chests! Silly game!

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