Saturday, January 22, 2011

Curry stuff from Hong Kong IS good... and so are chocolate coins!

When Henry picked me up, I laughed about how many Facebook notifications he must have - 46 LIKES and 25 comments about a new relationship status?! He met her at church and loved her pure voice, hahahaha. I saw the most ghetto "N" sign ever on the way to church, too. Actually, it wasn't even a sign. It was just the letter "N" made of silver and green duct tape, stuck on the back of a car. That would probably make the cops I know just cringe! When we got to church, I said hi to a bunch of kids and leaders (Rosenda, Auntie Rebecca, Eunice, Victoria, Chrystal, Daniel, Golden) - waved to Tim and Keenan, and gave the giant candy canes / jellybeans to Nina (who thanked me) / Emily / Gerard. Told Rachel that Gloria didn't disappear since I'd just seen her a few minutes before! I took a bunch of chocolate coins, and tried some curry snack that Victor had brought from Hong Kong - Mary did too, but Margaret didn't want anything to do with curry! Said hi to Sophia and her nephews Ian and Gabriel M. On the way home, I gave Ian L. my mystery / intrigue / suspense book to BORROW - no, not keep! He and Sean talked about GUNDAM and such - at least Ian remembered my name, although he could have looked inside the book for that, haha! Got home and went out again for toilet paper, paper towels, LARGE garbage bags, laundry detergent, Green & Black's hazelnut-currant dark chocolate, noodles, peanut butter, raspberry jam, ginger beer, Valentine's Day stuff, pads, and more from London Drugs.

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Solid, Gas, or Liquid?

You Are Liquid

You are a laid-back person, and you always go with the flow. Why fight things?

You are dreamy and imaginative. You get swept up in the moment, and you love abstract concepts.

You are comfortable with solitude. You treasure your alone time, and get into your own groove.

You don't follow rules, and you definitely aren't punctual. You act without consulting anyone else.

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Emergency showers and laundry runs mean STAYING HOME!

UGH! This afternoon, I had to take an emergency shower and do some emergency laundry - I definitely didn't go out tonight, that's for sure! Checked my mail, and found a late Christmas card from Alessandra (dru_it) ... that's a good surprise! I called Eric to tell him that I wasn't feeling well (got Ron on the phone at first) - he said that I didn't sound sick, which was true. Then he tried insinuating that I had something against Christon - aside from his sounding a little TOO excited to lead BS in yesterday's email (every! single! sentence! ended! with! an! exclamation! point!), I don't really have anything against him! Let's just say that Eric didn't really want to know what's up... hahaha. Later, Caryn got on AIM to request something which was quickly DENIED in my head... BLOCKED!

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Friday, January 21, 2011

Least Favorite Color

You Are Logical

You can be appealed to through reason, but not through emotions.

You prefer a cool head to a warm heart. You want to talk about ideas, not feelings.

You have a lot of street smarts and life experience. No one is going to call you naive.

You prefer being honest to being nice. You couldn't lie to spare someone's feelings.

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No Walmart for me today! / Teunis here VERY soon!

Vanessa tried calling me to see if I'd like to go to Walmart - thank goodness I was busy typing at the time, since I really don't need to spend any more money between grocery shopping / clothes shopping / bill-paying / banking! Steph called later to say that she'd forgotten to invite me to a dinner happening tonight at the townhouse; probably better that way, haha. Then Teunis wanted to know whether Monday worked for me - given the situation over there, that's probably a good change, yes! The Sharks also beat the Canucks 2-1 in a shootout tonight... yikes!

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Word Facts for Jan. 15-21, 2011

Word origin for the weekend of Jan. 15-16, 2011: manga - The Japanese word "manga," mostly used to refer to a modern comic-book style of illustration, has roots in a phrase that means "a rambling or aimless picture" - in other words, a scribble. The noted nineteenth-century artist Hokusai used it to refer to his doodles, and the word took an approving term. A "manga" turned into moving form is called an anime, a Japanese version of the word "animated."

Word origin for Jan. 17, 2011: Ubuntu - "Ubuntu" is a word common to several Bantu languages of southern and eastern Africa, conveying a concept that embraces the interconnectedness of all people, and that encourages peace and good treatment of others. The computer operating system of the same name is made by a company owned by South African entrepreneur Mark Shuttleworth, who borrowed the well-known term for his software.

Word origin for Jan. 18, 2011: jukebox musical - Singalong movies and shows were popular in days gone by, then drifted away, then were revived with the cult film The Rocky Horror Picture Show, then drifted away again. In the last few years, revivals of shows such as South Pacific and newer hits such as Mamma Mia (a tribute to the Swedish band ABBA), and Love (which does the same for the Beatles), have led show-business journalists to write about "jukebox musicals," which feature popular hit tunes from the past.

Word origin for Jan. 19, 2011: e-mail - "E-mail" is a transparent abbreviation for electronic mail, coined by computer journalists in about 1982, in the early days of the personal computing revolution. The "e"-for-"electronic" prefix turns up in "e-commerce" as well... that is, commerce conducted electronically. That term dates to 1993.

Word origin for Jan. 20, 2011: rune - The Anglo-Saxon people who gave us the Old English components of our language delighted in riddles, mysteries, and puzzles... to which they gave the overarching word rune, meaning "secret things." The word disappeared in Middle English, but then was reintroduced from Norse, now referring to the ancient Germanic inscriptions that abounded in northwestern Europe.

Word origin for Jan. 21, 2011: damsel - Must a "damsel" always be in distress? The word rarely turns up outside that context. Derived from the diminutive form of the Latin domina, meaning "the mistress of the house," the term was once used to refer exclusively to young noblewomen. By the 1700s, however, it referred to any young woman.

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Three-Factor Emotions Test

You Are Very Emotionally Savvy

You listen to your emotions and always check in with them. You believe they are important.

When it comes to making decisions, you listen to how you are feeling. Your emotions provide valuable clues.

You understand your emotions, but sometimes it takes a while to know how you are really feeling.

When you're in an emotionally charged situation, your feelings aren't always clear.

You know how to keep your negative emotions in check and under wraps.

You are able to get out of a funk simply by thinking positive thoughts.


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Red hoodie for less than $5, and my first-ever band T-shirt... AC/DC!

I called Barry at around 2 to see if we could set up an appointment for food shopping; Monday at noon it is! After paying my Shaw bill, I decided to go out and run errands before the banks closed - did stuff with money, had a honeydew bubble tea at Big Orange, and then went to Sears to see if I could replace my purple Adidas sweatshirt. I found a men's red hoodie for only $4.90 - yay, sales! Nearby, I found a pile of AC/DC T-shirts, so I decided to finally get my first band T-shirt at a reasonable price! (that will replace my purple "WHATEVER" T-shirt) Maybe I'll wear it to church, but then again maybe not! Then I looked for some sweatpants to go with the hoodie - found some in a different shade of red, so that was quite satisfying. Got home to find a message from Teunis: next week works if he plans to give Rhiannon some written notice tonight! Storage, moving things around, and other stuff is all very important for sure! Might as well do laundry, too...

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Airplane Seat

You Are a Window Seat

You are a highly imaginative person. In fact, you are a visionary.

You are very curious about the world. You want to see as much of it as you possibly can.

You are mentally alert. You like to daydream, but your dreams always have meaning.

You come up with many profound and original thoughts. You find entirely new ways of doing things.

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NOT bugging Chinese Eric, Kent's Kitchen, and bugging Jen

Eric picked me up at 6:35 so we could go to Dylan's... Wesley couldn't make it, but at least we finally HAD the Committee Meeting! We talked about the last two days for me - I was much calmer than on Sunday, trust me! He wondered if I was going to apologize to Dylan for "demanding" an apology... I'm not overly petty, but the answer was no. Of course, I had made up my mind to be polite to him, haha. Then he asked whether I'd talked to "my favorite Ho" this week, so I pretended not to understand who he really meant. He wondered if Chinese Eric was going to come to church - maybe, but I'm not going to harass the guy about it if he's sleepy because of his meds! "YOU SAID YOU'D COME TO CHURCH, AND YOU'VE MISSED FIVE WEEKS IN A ROW! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU, ERIC?!?!" is not going to come out of my mouth, that's for sure! Yes, you could conceivably time your meds-taking so you can do what you want to do and not sleep all day, but I don't want to tell him that! CRAZY WHITE ERIC!

At Dylan's, we talked about plans / Jon being really late in December (not HIS fault!) / Raymond / Shally / Jose / Martin / Fellowship retreats / Bowen Island / Mr. Creep / our roles / MissionsFest / Randal's email about the distribution of single people among the new BS groups (which wasn't THAT funny) / that South African bracelet fundraiser of Tim and Maxine's (I was for it partly because Jen was against it, but the Committee declined) / Jeremy / retreats / Kevin's assessment of our financial situation / sushi / Uncle Fatih's Pizza / Kent's Kitchen / Pastor Tom / married people / Connie. After about an hour, I politely asked Dylan to close his window since it was getting really cold outside! We now have a date for that moving prayer meeting, so I'll see what to do about this. Deb brought out some apple cake for us, so I had a piece for Eric as well as my own, haha. Our next meeting will be on a Sunday after church (I've told Teunis NOT to come on that day if at all possible - same Sunday as the Chinese New Year dinner, actually), thanks to Vivian saying something about weeknight meetings.

Eric and I had to give Jen a ride home first before we talked about other stuff. I was going to bring Steph up to annoy her, but maybe next time! As it is, we politely talked about her unpaid Communications internship with the aquarium - at least it's good experience, I guess! On the way home, Eric thought I seemed miffed for some reason... I'LL GIVE YOU 'MIFFED,' MY FRIEND! I'm definitely not going to any Fellowship retreat which might be held this year, in keeping with my firm resolve! We also talked about "members" and minds which were in the gutter, haha - no romance in GOOD TIME TONIGHT, haha. Got home to find that the Canucks lost 4-3 to the Avs... now I'll soak up downtime!

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011


You Are Having a Challenging Day

You are creative and easily inspired. You see so much eye candy in the world around you.

You have a very active mind. You tend to get preoccupied with certain thoughts.

Your thoughts are very far away from what's going on right now. You have something important on your mind.

You are friendly and easygoing. You're generally happy with who you are and the life you lead.

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High Expectations of an Asian Father

Monday, January 17, 2011

Vegan chocolate, marzipan, Lent, and butter biscuit

Decided to take advantage of unfettered time (which I unfortunately won't have tomorrow, thanks to that rescheduled Committee Meeting) and go to London Drugs again. I'd looked up vegan chocolate stuff beforehand, and picked two "accidentals" that seemed okay for Harmony's Lent requirements: Ritter Sport dark chocolate with marzipan (red), and Green & Black's Organic Dark Chocolate. Her birthday falls in the middle of Lent - I'm nothing if not thoughtful! While I was there (and since the Ritter / Cadbury was on sale if I bought two), I got four more ginger beers (Teunis had expressed "YUM!" sentiments) / a Ritter Sport milk chocolate with butter biscuit / Cadbury Dairy Milk in mint and toffee flavors. Those should be pretty good without breaking the bank!

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Itamar's dream involving CHUCKLE / cheating / Hebrew / apostrophes

HAHAHAHAHA! Itamar had this to say: "I had a dream about you. You chided me for using the singular form of 'chuckle.' Then told me to learn to cheat, and pasted something in Hebrew. Unfortunately, you dropped all the apostrophes. :P"

You Are Sunset

You are friendly, outgoing, and easily distracted. It takes you a while to get going during the day.

What you lack in productivity, you make up for in imagination. You are very creative.

You are a natural rebel, and you don't like following anyone else's rules.

You are successful on your own terms. Many find you to be an inspiration.

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Sunday, January 16, 2011

I am never going to be sorry when it comes to YOU, or YOU!

When Eric picked me up this morning, I ranted almost the whole way about Mr. Creep - no, I would not have felt safe in an elevator with him! Apparently, Eric thought that he needed to use the elevator on Friday... thank goodness that was NOT the case! Then Eric tried convincing me that my safety was less important than Mr. Creep's using the elevator - UM, NO. YOU ARE NOT A FEMALE - YOU DON'T KNOW HOW IT IS! I don't care if other females seem to be okay with him, as MY intuition is likely better than theirs! (I realize I sound high-and-mighty / holier-than-thou, but I don't care about THAT, either!) My safety is and should be PARAMOUNT in this case, anyway - Eric thinks that Mr. Creep isn't interested in my stuff when I leave it under his (Eric's) titular care, but still. I don't want him to even LOOK at it, thanks! Eric reminded me about thinking of LOVE and NEIGHBORS... the VAST GLOBAL sense is fine, but not the CLOSE sense! I haven't wavered in my position for OVER A YEAR, so I don't know why he thinks I'd do so NOW! We also talked about rain / umbrellas, Buckley's stuff, "placebos" in capsule form, "tasting awful but working great," stupid traffic, my supposed "rudeness" to Mr. Creep (I would NEVER say SORRY to him - HE SHOULD HAVE KNOWN WE WERE GOING HOME AND MEANT IT!), MissionsFest, and more.

When we got to church, we had to wait outside the sanctuary - I gave the toy cars to Mattias and got a prompted "thank you" from him, haha. I was just happy that he seemed to really like them! The sermon was okay, but I was amused for some other reason... the interim Pastor Tom and his wife Sandi came up and introduced themselves (again), so that was fine too. They have three young kids, one of whom is named Paxton... I saw them around the fellowship hall later! I gave the greeting cards (Steph's birthday / Chinese New Year / Grandma's birthday) to Jon for signing purposes later, and told him that Chinese Eric seemed really interested in SERVANTS. As I was telling Jeremy later, I had no new info for Chinese Eric in two days over MSN! Face-to-face is probably best, since he sleeps a lot because of his meds! I would have said hi to Alan and Tracy, but Mr. Creep was there - NO WAY! Said hi to Hung, who said that HE had been among the people waking Hien up by throwing pillows at her, and then discussed ear piercings / research with Jessica Leung later. Talked to Andrew L. about school (lots of reading!), to Hien about officially meeting her friend Hung yesterday (I actually did NOT know him before then!), to Grace H. about breakfast and food in the mornings, and to Cindy about her busy week... no snow day for HER, unfortunately! Said hi to baby Micah and Grace Y., greeted Vania / Geoffrey / Victor, asked Tim about his trip to South Africa (his son Joshua had gone, too - HE said it was fun!), wished Rich a happy belated birthday, and verified that Eric was staying for Sunday School before going upstairs to Toddler Sunday School.

Saw Frances' son Micah busily looking at a board book - he likes trains, he told me! Ramen seemed happy to see me, while Mattias told me about a red truck / choo-choo trains / eggs - YAY FOR ENGLISH! Apparently, he loves his brother Marcus (Calla and Stanford were taking turns holding him), and knows his Chinese name! I said hi to Shira (hula hoop!), Ada, and Ashley as well - Mattias seemed to be drawn to the sparkly glitter glue for the older kids, haha. I'd like the shiny stuff, too! When Auntie Ying had a free moment from reading to the kids about Elmo and such, I asked her how she was - Phil's apparently been really patient while teaching her about the computer / Facebook / iPad! Hahahaha, it's really cute that she wants to learn! She says she'll call me about getting together now that her mom is out of town; nice!

Afterwards, I went downstairs to see what we were going to do for lunch, since I'd heard rumors of spicy laksa with the parents. I saw Grandma knitting the start of something, so asked her what it was despite knowing the answer: "Your mom told me to make this, and I don't know what it is!" Said hi to Christon and Deb, ignored Dylan (talking to RAYMOND!) until I imperiously told him I expected an apology (oops?), and yelled hi to Jordan. Eric also went with the family for spicy laksa soup - good thing the place was small, so we were split up into two tables! We discussed whether a waitress was a man or woman (thanks, Mom...), red and green jellybeans (maybe for the Maks), giant candy canes (ditto), Dine Out Vancouver, (soy) milk / ice cream / cheese / lactose intolerance, spicy stuff, Pad Thai, tax stuff, DARK COCOA soy milk, the PUSH festival, holiday weight gain, Burmese tea, mango slush, Jon's new haircut which he got compliments on (harder for him to headbang during worship!), both sets of parents pressuring Jon and Harmony to buy a house even if they have no money for it, pork hock, Chinese New Year, my buying healthy cereal / juice / yogurt in the past few days, "drunken" beef, and more. On the way home, Eric confirmed what I knew already from the "I have to pick up a friend at the airport" conflict... the K-Man is indefinitely back in BC from Ontario, and of COURSE Eric is annoyed by this news! (K stayed overnight at Eric's house on Monday before being dropped off to take the bus to see his mom in Powell River for now) Then we talked about the "moving" prayer meeting (not my cup of tea - I MIGHT BE AROUND CERTAIN PEOPLE!), shifting programs, French conversation, my being "drunk," my being vigilant and watching my things AT ALL TIMES, counting the words I say to people (it was so brief that I could do that!), the Minnesota-Vancouver hockey game (which we ended up losing 4-0), WORLD OF WARCRAFT Lunar Festival, and more.

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Daniel, Hung, Victor, bras, and amusement parks

Both Daniel and Hung added me to Facebook last night - I'm impressed, haha. I also had a dream which featured Victor wearing a lacy bra under his normal clothing - I DON'T WANT TO KNOW!

You Are Imaginative

You are a dreamy, head-in-the-clouds type of person. You love to imagine different worlds and lives.

You use your mind to escape boredom and sadness. You have a rich and delightful inner world.

You are a true romantic, in every sense of the word. You value love, and you have notions of how you want the world to be.

And while you are often buried in your own thoughts, you are also quite selfless. Part of your grand vision involves helping others.

Always have been, and I'm proud of it - no matter how much people tried yelling at me because of this! :D

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