Saturday, November 26, 2011

Wally's Burgers, lychee Vitasoy, PK TOILET, and 3-2 Canucks wins!

Since I was still awake at 11:30 AM, I decided to go visit Grandma at the respite centre. Unfortunately, the trip there and back proved to be full of much BUS FAIL! (just missing a bunch of buses?!) She complained about the rainy weather, but I think she was happy to see me. I ordered a hamburger with some sausage in it at Wally's Burgers, but she wasn't impressed with that! When I talked about Harmony having a baby, she informed me that she was already a great-grandmother... yeah, but it's not like she'll ever see Cousin Yvonne or her daughter Andrea again! She described Lisa as "that person who shares a house with your sister - I guess your sister thought she had to eat, too!" [they took her to Congee Noodle House recently]

She did buy me one Chinese pear, some cappuccino biscuits, one chocolate loonie, and a couple of Vitasoy drinks from the Killarney Market - that place has weird exits, man! Grandma wasn't impressed when I said that there was lychee Vitasoy, when I mentioned the Christmas tree at the respite centre, or when I said that we WERE going out in the light rain! I was really tired on the way home, and I *just* managed to get the 407 to get back to my place! Soon after I got in, the Internet went down. I was cranky, and even called Shaw to see why this was; since I kept falling asleep while on hold, I decided that I needed to take a nap! When I got up at 8:45, I immediately checked the hockey score - good thing the Canucks were winning! The Canucks ended up winning 3-2 over the Sharks despite a late-game goal by Patrick Marleau! They won all the games on this road trip, and Cory Schneider was AWESOME!

Here's proof that I named my MOTHER 3 special power spell "PK TOILET."

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Negative Man / Mystery Metal Monkey, sleep issues, and Blogthings

Tried going to bed at 1 AM since I thought I was really tired, but ended up getting out of bed at 2:30 AM, and I've been up ever since. Oh well, maybe I can finally visit Grandma today if I don't crash later, haha. I did get two of the second-best weapon (Mystical Stick) for Lucas, though!

You Are Self-Sufficient

You work best alone and at your own pace. You have a quiet and low-key way about you.

You are thought to be a perfectionist. You have a pretty clear vision of how you want things to go.

You are an innocent and pure person. Ethics matter to you.

People see you as withdrawn, and at times they are right. You are just naturally a bit of a loner.

You Are a Tofurky

You're the type of person who likes to pay it forward. You are a big believer in karma.

You have trouble partaking in the biggest Thanksgiving tradition. You feel bad for the turkey!

You are compassionate, kind, and selfless. You are a big believer in justice.

You don't push your beliefs on others. You think that differences should be celebrated.

You Love Relaxation

You truly enjoy Thanksgiving, and you like to take time to savor it. You take it easy.

You like to be lazy, and you don't mind just hanging out on the couch for most of the day.

You're not the type to cook a big Thanksgiving dinner, but that doesn't mean you don't appreciate one.

You wish every day could be centered around good food, good company, and good entertainment.

I found a rare Mystery Metal Monkey in MOTHER 3, which gives you a good experience when you beat it! (please note that this is not the same thing as "good experience [points]")

Also found a really emo enemy called the Negative Man!

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Friday, November 25, 2011

5-0 win over Phoenix! / NO BUSING HERE!

Called Jon to wish him a happy birthday - at least I didn't ruin his birthday like he did to me! He couldn't talk long since he was taking the bus somewhere, but wondered if I were going tonight, so I told him that Eric was sick. Then he asked whether I could take the bus; not at 6:30 PM! He said I was a lazy girl - hey, I have hockey and my weekly tradition to keep me busy. The game turned out to be a 5-0 Canucks win with three goals in just over two minutes (Salo / Kesler / Booth / Lapierre / Burrows)... awesome game! Glad I stayed home tonight... yay for Cory Schneider's back-to-back shutouts!

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Eric sick / Cyber Monday / Fassad and Ionia in "hot springs" while high

Eric called me and sent me an email - he's sick (sounded that way on the phone), so won't be making it out tonight to Bible Study... I told him to rest up and feel better. It's too bad he's sick, but PHEW! I wasn't sure how I'd manage the hockey game and the weekly tradition WITH pressure to go out! Not sure I'll let Christon know, either - running out of time! I did just get up at 3:40, after all...

You Should Shop Cyber Monday

When it comes to shopping, you like deals... but not at the expense of your own sanity.

You'd rather avoid the mobs and pre-dawn lines, even if it means you don't get the absolute best deal.

You like to shop in the comfort of your own home, and you've found that you can still be a great deal-seeker.

You are an amazing comparison shopper. You always get the perfect item for the best price.

My MOTHER 3 party got high on funky mushrooms when they went to Tanetane Island from the ocean dungeon, and look who they found in the "healing hot spring" which turned out to be a pool of sludge in reality! (Fassad is the arch-nemesis of the game)

Then I got the even rarer Ionia, one of seven Magypsies in the game. (six of them help you with needles, but Fassad / Locria / Yokuba turned evil) This took me at least twenty minutes to capture, mainly because he/she didn't show up or I was being utterly STUPID and passed by it!

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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Frosted Fir, Candy Cane, reindeer tests, and more!

Went out to do some banking and finish up my Christmas shopping... also mailed 13 Christmas cards (with [US] stamps) to Julie S. (julie709), Corey (dwcorey), Marie (Reebee), Sara H. (thegirlsheriff), Kelli (neonrose5), Sheryll (sheryll), Nyssa (giggles_19), Janina (mrshannibal), Mandy (a_phoenixdragon), Candy (Phoenix), Billie (sianparis), Farrah (lilaznffairy421), and Kadri (bad_habit) while I was out. Got bubble wrap, cheap get-well cards / chocolates / Hershey's candy cane Kisses for the Sunday School kids, and toilet paper while I was at it. Couldn't resist the Method Candy Cane / Frosted Fir soaps: "not tested on reindeer," hahaha. Too much of a lineup at Shoppers Drug Mart, but London Drugs was pretty good! When I got home, I divided everything into paper bags for James / Brandon / Jonathan / Ashley / Ramen / Shira / Rachel / David / Evelyn / Anastasia / Mattias, then promptly stuck the chocolates in the fridge. Also, I'm over certain things on Our Place, so shall go back there.

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Got another rare MOTHER 3 enemy, the Frosted Bun, which has 1800 experience points:

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

3-0 shutout! / Some men interpret nine memos

The Canucks won 3-0 over the Avs tonight! Ryan Kesler had an empty-netter in the last minute or so, and Cory Schneider was VERY good in his first shutout!

Very early Chapter 7 newspaper palindrome:

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Kung-fu legends Engrish / Punctuation jokes / Chrystal and Mandy

Replied to Mandy's email when I wanted to go to bed, AS USUAL! At least I've finished prepping most of my Christmas cards, even if I won't have time to mail them till tomorrow! Called Chrystal at work (as I tried to do yesterday) to tell her the news about Harmony - we're getting together on Dec. 1 (Thursday) before my family dinner! Paid my Shaw bill, and talked to James briefly on YM.

Here's a funny Engrish picture that Laura found - she says that these are translated names of Chinese kung-fu legends:

This is a list of funny grammar and punctuation jokes that Josephine found:

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Newspaper palindromes / TWO Good Sticks!

Jennifer J. (fate_envies_us) unfriended me from Facebook, and Mary deleted her profile again. Talked to James very briefly on YM, too.

Newspaper palindrome headline in MOTHER 3's nursing home:

Another one about murder and red rum:

I got two relatively rare Good Sticks (a 5% drop) within thirty seconds!

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Weird Al with Cindy, and walking to Burnaby in the woods (dream) / MOTHER 3 messages

I don't want to know why I had a dream about walking in the woods to Burnaby, seeing Cindy with Weird Al Yankovic, and Kevin offering me a ride with them. (but they realized that Kevin's ex-boyfriend Keith was taking up the spot in the car) Also got email from my brother about a Steveston place called The Hog Shack, where he might like to go for his family birthday dinner... possibly better than Gudrun from a parental perspective! Just now, I found my Bible in my room after a few months, and got weird phone calls from New York and Washington: 917-398-9732 or 253-236-2020, anyone? (probably scams...)

twenty21one (Nick) sent me an LJ message to ask whether I'm the one who posts screencaps of MOTHER 3 in the FFAF (weekly tradition) - if not, I could ignore the message. Yup, it's me, so I gave him the links to the rom and translation... and MOTHER 1, just in case!

You Are Somewhat Likeable

People like you, but you don't give them enough to go on. You can be a bit shy and even harsh at times.

You are honest about your opinions and feelings. You'd rather be blunt, even if it upsets people.

You aren't out to hurt anyone, but it's true that you often don't realize the impact of your words.

Try being kinder, more compassionate, and more outgoing. The true you is a lovely person; let others get to know who you really are.

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Just a simple clothesline! / Aunt popularity

Figures that a lot of people (Kitty, Candy, Megan, Laura, Scott M., Ellen C., Ellen W., Dorna, Angela S., Chris H., Debbie, Katrina, Nathan, Fidela, Alice, Andrew L., Julie S., Susan, Jamie, Jeff, Farrah, Sarah G., Teunis, Kaitlin, and Priscilla W.) would "Facebook like" / comment on my status about becoming an aunt!

Funny text about a clothesline in MOTHER 3's Tazmily Village:

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Monday, November 21, 2011

How Do You Learn?

I'm taking a break from a certain message board! Aiya! Talked to Teunis on MSN briefly, also.

You Learn Through Reading

You seek knowledge and insight in every form possible. You love learning.

You are a very cerebral and brainy person. You like to think everything through at first.

You can absorb a lot simply through reading. The written word speaks to you like no other.

If you're at a loss, you start writing. There's something magical about getting things down on paper.

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Keg gift cards, disinclination to go out in cold weather, healing, and more

Tonight's dinner menu:

Pumpkin Fritters
Winter Salad of some sort
Carbonades Flamandes (aka beef stew cooked in Belgian beer)
Mushroom Risotto
Pumpkin Pie

Chinese Eric picked me up, and we were off to Jeremy's. We talked about SERVANTS, TV, eating a limited amount of beef, the Advent calendar, the hockey game, not being inclined to go out in cold weather, Paul (of course I warned him against the jerk!), Teunis (hard to pronounce!), Safeway, gift cards, restaurants, Starbucks, the J. Edgar Hoover movie, hanging out, and more. Made a brief stop at Safeway to look at their selection of gift cards before he settled on one for the Keg. Christon let us into Jeremy's place, and Eric said that I was pretty sharp since I recognized his voice - haha, that's what happens when you see someone a lot! Met a few of Jon's friends (talked to them about Toronto / Vancouver / black people / chicken knees / chicken feet) while Eric and I settled on the couch.

Eric got me some water, and we had a good time just listening to people! I said hi to Connie, Wesley, Harmony, Holly, Peter (who wasn't surprised to hear Steph was working), Eric M., Jeremy, Mark, Christon, Trish, and others. After I asked Mark how church was today, he said that the new interim pastor gave a sermon today. He mentioned that the guy is also white, which led Raymond to wonder if we'd had any other white pastors. I answered that Pastor Glen had been white, but that was before his time. Randal then said that he'd come to the church right after all that, and wondered why Pastor Glen had been dismissed. I gave them some details about the petitioners and everything else, and then Randal said that he couldn't believe we've known each other for almost eight years! Yeah, it's been a long time - half of which I've spent judging him!

When Randal said hi to me as we were eating dinner (I guess I didn't mind his sitting next to me on the couch since it was crowded...), that started off a long-overdue conversation about books / the past, his past anger, the non-Christian Ginger ultimately being shallow [she got married and her statuses are about Louis Vuitton handbags!] even if she was creeped out by my morbid joke (they broke up soon afterward), Korey's manipulative nature (he doesn't read his status updates), Karen Choo being a good mentor (helping us both through issues) and Ivan Choo. We also talked about Dylan and Karen not getting along (you THINK?!) / Steph and her life / pumpkin ale / meeting people / Vegas / grudges / overanalysis / Bible Study memories. He guarantees that he'll accept a friend request from me on Facebook, so we'll see about that. Then again, he says that I saved him from a hideous marriage! Hahaha, nice!

Randal also mentioned that he saw some potential between me and Teunis for a romantic relationship - not with certain things going on, that's for sure! All I mentioned was the chewing and noise issues, which he thought we could have compromised on. I don't think so! (I should tell him this tomorrow, hahaha) When he said that we didn't talk enough, I was surprised! Then he implied that if I kept loving Teunis and inviting him out to church, he might be a Christian - I don't think so! I accept that he has a great respect for Christianity in general, and that's fine by me! I didn't say that I didn't like his way of thinking, haha! However, I do feel much better now... but I'll still be careful, of course! (he said he feels bad about how we ended off last time in 2007, so we'll see)

When H. Ross came in, we gave each other a high-five! Everyone was congratulating Harmony on her pregnancy, heh. I talked to Christon about the small group formats and such, and had to laugh on the inside when he asked me whether the stuff happening on Fridays around here was resolved yet! I don't think it will be, hahaha. The guys were talking about Youtube videos, the hockey score (Vancouver won 2-1 over Ottawa in overtime), BC Lions news / the Grey Cup, vuvuzelas, STARCRAFT, hockey pools, message boards, and more prior to Gino and Quan dropping by with balot. GROSS STUFF, man! Then Paul took over the computer to look up anime, so BOO! I smiled and said hi to Jon H. while Eric and I were leaving, too! On the way home, we discussed a Grey Cup hangout / his assessment of Paul being cocky (that's actually right!) / help / touch / the election results / appointments / cold weather / hanging out / seeing people only occasionally being good (for sure!) / Nathan coming back at the end of the month / Ciel / more stuff. Pretty good friends, yay!

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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Soot Dumpling, Beanling, gymnastics batons

I encountered a rare Soot Dumpling in MOTHER 3!

Later, I also encountered a rare Beanling enemy:

Here's some funny text about a gymnastics baton which looks like a fishing rod:

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Abstract roses, Karla, Sara, Eric, and BLOCKED CALLS

Found that both Karla and Sara H. asked for my address via Facebook message, so I gave it to them. Noticed that Chinese Eric had called me while I was sleeping (the "BLOCKED CALL" pretty much gives it away :P), so I called him back, with his mom answering. He says he called me yesterday, but I don't think I got any calls from him! I tend to believe him, but my Caller ID says otherwise... hmm! Anyway, we talked about what he needed to bring (probably nothing?) before he said he'd call me later - sounds good to me!

You Have High Standards

You'll do almost anything for a friend, but you won't be friends with just anyone.

You're the perfect combination of simplicity and divinity. You are a secret hedonist, and no one knows how indulgent you can be.

You are very reliable. Many people count on you, and rightfully so.

You are intense, internally driven, and passionate. You have a purpose to your life.

Damned right I won't be friends with just anyone!

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Debugging, enemy encounters, Lighter / Fuel, and stupid resetting!

Talked to James briefly this afternoon on YM about personal stuff, games, feelings, emulators, MOTHER / EARTHBOUND, pictures, and more - always good to have friends around, I say! On my VBA playthrough of MOTHER 3, I shouldn't get into any regular enemy encounters, or else the game will reset on me! I also tried the debug room code, but (as expected) it did weird stuff before the game totally reset on me on a boss battle. At least I narrowly averted another toilet emergency! Also talked to Vanessa on MSN about things before I ran into more stupid annoying glitches unrelated to the Debug Room! UGH!

A character in MOTHER 3 is named Lighter, and his son is named Fuel:

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