Saturday, May 07, 2011

Our concentration requirements are different, man! / Old-Fashioned Cars

Nurofen - hahaha, Spoz!

Teunis came back from his morning errands, and bemoaned it being Game 5 against Nashville. Hey, it's not like the Canucks advanced in the playoffs just to spite him! Good thing he has plans with Jordan, otherwise he would just have to get frustrated all day. We talked about the past, triggers, audio, SCHINDLER'S LIST, Sabaton, LORD OF THE FLIES, nuclear war, triggers, and Hundred Mile House before he left again; stuff IS complicated! Decided to stay home because I had too much work to do which required concentration. However, I can work on stuff with background noise; it's perhaps better that way for me!

You Are Easygoing

You are laid-back. You enjoy a slower pace of life.

You take things seriously... but never too seriously. You know how to lighten up the mood.

You have no desire to lead or follow. Anyone is welcome to join you on your journey for a while.

You are truly kind and caring. You value other people.

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Don't you DARE use my name - you are NOT worthy!

Eric made me wait ten more minutes because he got sidetracked; I wasn't impressed. We discussed money, flowers, the emails I'd received today, taking very scenic routes, traffic, Randal, what I'd do for the remaining time after I ate dinner since I didn't bring a book, my anti-social feelings, and more on the way to church. When we got there, I hung out in the kitchen because I had to eat dinner. Later, I read a bunch of missions updates before saying hi to Eric T. and then sitting down under the staircase for a bit. Talked to Pastor Tom about his kids and their personalities for a bit (it took him an hour to get home yesterday - they didn't stay up because they had to sleep) before Jeremy came in. I talked to him about tomorrow night / Isabel / Nate: I said I'd probably go there, but Eric later said he wouldn't since he was hanging out with his other friends. BOO! Of course Jeremy understood this. *grin* (I hung around him more because Mr. Creep came downstairs and introduced some person to us - she thought the ESC prayer meeting was Friday nights before Fellowship; that yellow sheet is REALLY outdated, man! I'm also offended because he used my name!)

Talked to Deb for a bit about the baby, a car break-in, Dylan, moving to Richmond, her crazy week, and more. Said hi to Vivian, and then went upstairs. We did a follow-up on Skeena Terrace - an outdoor movie night IS expensive, as Kevin / Dianne / Vicky / Dylan / Wesley found out! (Cindy was there, too - so of course Eric had to waste too much time afterwards talking to her!) Talked to Christon for a bit while the "different" woman Teresa annoyed everyone with her usual round of questions... poor Vicky and Pastor Tom! On the way home, Eric and I discussed getting gas / guilt / wreaths / profanity / being early / awkward situations / the census. Teunis got home earlier than I thought (11:30?!), and is leaving early tomorrow morning. Hey, it works!

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Friday, May 06, 2011

Fraps are not bratwurst, hahaha! / Simple Plan / Sports / Fishing Lies

\I was reading Derek's Starbucks-related statuses to Teunis, and he misheard "fraps" (frappuccinos) as "bratwurst." Well, if they ever sell THAT at Starbucks, I will let him know!

Which Simple Plan member will get along best with your family? by SimplePlanFan3691
# of siblings
mother's name
father's name
Which member will get along best with them?Pat

How Good Are You At Sports? by flickmic
Cross Country

Make your own fat fishing lie by jilmavi
Your name or username
What fish did you catch?A tuna.
How big was it?So big it didn't fit in the boat.
How did you catch it?With a homemade fishing pole.
Where is it now?I gave it to the World Food Program.

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Dentist appointment, BART_CALENDAR, tall tales, European summer vacation

Pauline called from Uncle Andrew's office, wanting to make my appointment earlier (like at 11:15) OR tomorrow - can't do either, so 1:15 on Tuesday it is. When Teunis got up, we discussed a bunch of things: dentist appointments, jealousy, health, raisins, potato pancakes, muffins, crunching, applesauce, apple pie, teeth, mouthwash, sushi as healthy tooth food, tuna, white fish, salmon, calcium, milk, digestion, whole grains (rice), marketing, corn, chips, Saturn / Freya / Thor / Wiccans like Kaili, coyotes, tall tales, selling your soul to the devil, and more. I told BART_CALENDAR about my dream yesterday, and he added me, saying that it was flattering... OH MY!

Your Summer Vacation is Paris

You love abstract ideas and concepts. You are a deep thinker.

You are part philosopher and part artist. You look at the world in interesting ways.

You soak up culture and knowledge of all sorts. You are very intellectual.

You have no desire to lead or follow anyone. You're on your own awesome solo journey.

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Thursday, May 05, 2011

Birch pop, gum, hand sanitizer, Starbucks, 4-2 wins, GOOD news, and noise

Before I left, Teunis and I discussed noise / headphones / mustard / hot sauce / potatoes and cabbage / flavor / hockey. Just before Eric called to say he was leaving, Vanessa buzzed me on MSN about birch pop and such. On the way to Starbucks, Eric and I talked about the combination of fruity gum and non-Elections Canada hand sanitizer / Randal's news (:D) / picking Jen up / the hockey game... of course we shared excitement when Vancouver scored to make it 2-1! When we picked Jen up, we talked about the election / voting (SHE voted Conservative, which actually isn't surprising coming from HER) / byelections in her area / Randal's news. She fielded a call from Vivian wondering where we were, especially since Pastor Tom wasn't there yet! Once we got there, we got tea / water / white chocolate macadamia nut cookies, and settled down to our meeting. Of course we HAD to pray for Randal and his family, but I didn't really do this. Discussed summer programs, Vivian's update on the hockey score with ten seconds left in the game (honestly the most interesting aspect: 4-2 win), Boston Pizza being right next door (we heard cheering for what we assumed was a goal), snacks, and more.

On the way home, Eric turned the radio off for some reason - we passed by the Budget store, and discussed the NHL cracking down on their "Go Canucks Go" marquee. That reminded me about Rock 101 and the lawsuit around the "Crush for the Cup" promotion! After dropping Jen off, he wondered why I'd sounded so cheerful when Jen asked us if we'd heard Randal's news - hey, I can't hide my feelings for too long, especially since I know his true colors! Good thing I sent him that civilized email, however: it makes me look good, haha. Then he called me on saying "ew" ("bad," he wrote) when someone mentioned Raymond cooking; it's a good thing he didn't see my face when Jen mentioned Mr. Creep and his hiking last year! We discussed my "lack of social niceties" and more on the rest of the way home: as I thought, Teunis had turned everything off when I left! No surprises there, since he wanted "peaceful quiet" - some people do function better with background noise, but it's fine if he wanted to concentrate on something! I prepared tomorrow's dinner since Eric has to leave early for worship practice AGAIN - guess there will be no Free Friday for me, sigh! I WISH THERE WERE!

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Stefan and the old prince / 2010 Top 10 and Trending Baby Names (KELLAN?!)

Kitty had this amusing story to share: "Years ago when my brother, Stefan, was a child, we went to a big liberation celebration with Canadian veterans in old WW2 vehicles, and also the father of the Queen, Prince Bernard. My mom pointed at the old man, and told my brother that that was a prince. My brother looked, and yelled out (loud enough for the elderly prince to hear) that that was not a prince, but that that was a very old man. It made the (now deceased) father of the Queen laugh."

Top Baby Names for 2010

The top baby names list for 2010 was announced this morning on Today by the Social Security Administration, and many of the chart-toppers come as no surprise. However, some names that made the list might have been inspired by unexpected trendsetters, including some of the stars of MTV's reality show Teen Mom.

Surprisingly, the name Joshua didn't make the cut for the first time since 1978.

In addition to the most popular names, the SSA also revealed a list of trending baby names that show the biggest spikes in popularity. Leading the trending girls names: Maci, the moniker of "Teen Mom" star Maci Bookout. Her son's name, Bentley, ranked as number one for the biggest trending name for boys.

Also noteworthy: Knox, one of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's twins, and Twilight name Kellen appear on the trending list, too.

Top 10 Names for Girls:
1. Isabella
2. Sophia
3. Emma
4. Olivia
5. Ava
6. Emily
7. Abigail
8. Madison
9. Chloe
10. Mia

Top 10 Names for Boys:
1. Jacob
2. Ethan
3. Michael
4. Jayden
5. William
6. Alexander
7. Noah
8. Daniel
9. Aiden
10. Anthony

Top Five Trending Names for Girls:
1. Maci
2. Giuliana
3. Tiana
4. Quinn
5. Adalynn

Top Five Trending Names for Boys:
1. Bentley
2. Kellan
3. Knox
4. Enzo
5. Karter

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Word Facts for Apr. 30-May 6, 2011

Word origin for the weekend of Apr. 30-May 1, 2011: nerd - In his 1950 children's book, If I Ran the Zoo, Dr. Seuss used the word "nerd" to describe an odd-looking creature. It's not clear whether he coined the word or borrowed it, but by 1951, it was widely used to signify a socially inept or "square" person. Now often combined with attributives such as "computer" and "golf," it means someone whose expertise or interest in a subject is deep, but whose social skills may leave something to be desired.

Word origin for May 2, 2011: disparage - You can "disparage" someone or something, but can you "parage" to make up for it? Not really. The original meaning of the term, from the Old French desparagier, is "mismatch" or "marry unequally," as when a movie star weds an unknown or a prince falls in love with a pauper. Through time, it came to suggest the unpleasant conversation that might result when the bloom was off the romance, and now means (in modern terms) "to talk smack about."

Word origin for May 3, 2011: gopher - The critter called the "gopher" is one of the less repulsive rodents, just as the waffle is one of the more attractive ways of making pancakes. The analogy may seem strange, but guafre is the French rendering of the Dutch word wafel, which means "honeycomb." When English speakers encountered the creature in French-speaking Louisiana, they borrowed the local term, which referred to the rodents' honeycomb-shaped burrows.

Word origin for May 4, 2011: Gatorade - In 1965, concerned that so many of his players suffered from heat exhaustion in the tropical sun, a University of Florida football coach did some research, and discovered that carbohydrates and electrolytes had to be replaced as quickly as they were burned if his Gators were ever to be a winning team. Scientists at the university jumped in, developing the drink they called (naturally enough) "Gatorade."

Word origin for May 5, 2011: Nashville - The "home of country music" honors a Revolutionary War general named Francis Nash, a Virginia-born North Carolinian who died at the Battle of Germantown in 1777. North Carolina migrants to Tennessee named the city after him. Nashville's official name is Nashville-Davidson County, reflecting the merger of city and county governments in 1961. The second name honors another fallen Revolutionary War general, William L. Davidson.

Word origin for May 6, 2011: kit and caboodle - In eighteenth-century English slang, "the whole kit and caboodle" referred to the totality of a person's possessions or the company he or she kept. ("She brought the whole kit," or "He and his whole kit just showed up.") On the American frontier, the phrase became "the whole kit and boodle," the latter being a slang term meaning "crowd" - thus, "the whole bunch and whole bunch." The redundancy notwithstanding, the phrase has been popular since the nineteenth century.

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Bart_Calendar dream, Dutch liberation, what my house is ruled by

All I remember of my dream is that BART_CALENDAR was friends with WELFY (I've just seen him around THEFERRETT and SAVAGE LOVE's journals), and that he had 50,000 LJ friends! Since I know that LJ has a limit on how many friends you can have, the dream wouldn't come true anyway! Teunis and I discussed Canada liberating the Dutch in the Netherlands, name origins of Thursday / Friday, Thor, Freya, Odin, Cinco de Mayo, noodles, phone calls, his toy helicopter, running errands, DaveTheUsher's profanity in his LET'S PLAY videos, and more.

Your House is Ruled by Saturn

You are a very meticulous and organized person. You can't stand chaos.

Well put-together and elegant, you sometimes seem standoffish. You admit to being a snob.

You pride yourself on having excellent taste in music, movies, and food. You appreciate the finer things.

Truth be told, sometimes you do feel superior to those around you. You've worked hard to be better.

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Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Shanghai Wonderful - double engagement congratulations!

Nathan picked us up shortly after 5, and we were off to London Drugs so he could take that picture which I kinda think looks like Ciel. Teunis took the opportunity to buy some on-sale Easter chocolate, of course. Jeremy decided to meet us there since he got lost biking - we did see him on his bike earlier, haha. We talked about "Nathan Time," engine oil life, jelly beans, and more on our way to Shanghai Wonderful. Met Steph, Lisa, Harmony, and Jeremy there - I got Nate to call White Eric, and he came late, along with Christon. Eunice and Eddie showed up later; of course, we definitely did a double engagement congratulations!

Discussed engagement stories (lying in bed and asking / at a winery), Daniel and Michelle trying for something, GIANT SIU LONG BAO, Jeremy helping me with stuff, Shally and Jose, surfboard noodles, the drugged feeling, SLB steamer records, Ciel, Uncle Richard not being as loud anymore, Winnie saying no to more clothes from my mom, news, hockey playoffs, Whitecaps games / Montreal Impact, Shanghai Wind, water / salt / MSG, and more. Eddie thanked me for organizing it, and of course we hugged Eunice! We loitered for a bit discussing Saturday plans / Isabel / Randal needing help (he's overwhelmed!), then Eric drove me home while reminding me of tomorrow's meeting. Should be doable! Teunis then thanked me for inviting him out - hey, it's cool. ;)

The straw had a warning about "Hot Juice Inside":

Giant SLB:

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Agreeing on sentiments / MOROCCAN and MONROE?! / Isabel

Fielded email from Teunis and Harmony - yes, I do agree with Harmony about the sentiment where OUR prayer should be focused on! (welcome, support, and inclusion in community) Perhaps someday, I'll show Teunis where the library is, haha. We discussed the library, SLB, laundry, cranberry sauce, turkey, hockey, the past, crowds, the names Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon chose for their twins (MOROCCAN SCOTT for a boy and MONROE for a girl?!), money, a memorial in Fort St. John for Scott's dad, going to the bank, and more. Jon sent us an email about hanging out with Isabel before she goes to Europe for two years, but says he doesn't feel like celebrating because of the Harper majority / people loving Bin Laden's death / Randal's mom dying. Meh, I relate to the first one anyway - but I'm always up for a hangout!

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Explaining basic hockey concepts like the goal horn / 3-2 WIN / Garden Test

Teunis and I talked about people typing "you" as "yuu" (?!), au revoir being shortened to "A plus" or "Plus" in text speak, Pekka Rinne, goal horns and sounds, Alice Cooper, Kesler FINALLY getting a goal, comparisons to NDP conventions / Cheezies / macaroni and cheese noodles / a pumpkin patch / a field of marigolds in the Nashville arena (the fans), and Emperor Palpatine. We also talked about Doctor Who, key lime pie, broadcast replays confusing him, radio volume, weird stuff, young electors (19?!) / Quebec rock band members getting elected, overtime, POWER PLAY GOAL by Kesler again to make it a 3-2 FINAL, plans with Kaili (again), and more. Let's just say that getting to SLB on time would be better if there was a CLEAR SCHEDULE ALL AFTERNOON - people! *sigh* (speaking of SLB, Danielle says she can't make it because her cousins are organizing something for her birthday - maybe some other time!)

You Are Competent

You've never had a problem speaking your mind. You are extremely honest.

You are naturally competitive and a bit of a fighter. You crave victory.

Whenever possible, you like to be in control. You are good at running things.

You like to put yourself to the test. You don't feel alive unless you feel challenged.

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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Ecstasy, prejudice, the Green Men, Gaylord Entertainment, Randal's mom dying

Teunis got back before I thought he would, and we talked about reality TV / SURVIVOR / Stephen Fry / challenges / video games / anger / safe environments / ecstasy / prejudice / failures / Hundred Mile House server / being overwhelmed / being unable to move laptops and other things like the radio and other equipment / sports as voyeurism or porn to him / not eating for hours / the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville being formerly known as the Gaylord Entertainment Center. Of course he could have the frozen yogurt! I finally checked my mail around 3; Eric would definitely want me to complete the census form, hahaha! Teunis got a birthday present from his mom in the mail, too: money, a letter, and some Neil Gaiman book about a dangerous alphabet (only 32 pages) are all good!

Also discussed the Green Men and Nashville's complaint against their antics around the penalty box, Randal's mom passing away this afternoon (ouch), chocolate, baths vs. showers, the spiky bath mat, Tauren (WOW characters / creatures), the PAGAN Green Men, and more. Called Steph to tell her about Randal's email, and (since I was on the phone anyway) what Mom said last night since it's not fair to them if they think she's totally okay with it. They deserve to know, after all - she still loves Mom, I guess. I'm telling her the truth!

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Dodgy messages, wearing clothes to appointments, Candy calling, couch potatoes

I had to block Mark Moreau because he sent me this FB message: "I just wanted to tell you that I think you're beautiful!" This person is also apparently in a relationship as of a couple days ago - you should be telling your girlfriend that, not random Canucks fans! CREEP.

Teunis was up, too - since I'm incredibly literal, I told him that wearing clothes to the appointment would be a good starting point before any lists or breakfast, hahaha. Then I told him about the above - not surprised that his friend Norman collects slaps in a silly way! Discussed curry rice, eggs, sausage, and leaving really early to get downtown on time. Eh, at least he has stuff to do while he waits for half an hour! Candy called to discuss Step Echo, a chat room, power outages, her stepdaughter Jessica / her boyfriend Ben, George, cleaning, family trouble, birds, squirrels, "redneck" books, Wisconsin, Subena, Tracie, religion / spirituality, the election, DJ work, Genghis Khan, Nero,, Ancients Behaving Badly, venting, smart TV, fashion, the Royal Wedding, cake, Caligula, and more.

You Are a Couch Potato

Wow, you are a hard core couch potato. Is there an indentation in your couch shaped like you?

Unless you have a hardcore physical illness or disability, you definitely need to get out more.

Turn off your television - or throw it away if you dare. You need to pull the plug.

TV can be great, but here's a secret: real life is even better.

I do have CP, and I prefer calling people / staying home because I like my downtime! :P

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Elections Canada has official hand sanitizer?! / Final stages / Awkward prayer

Steph and Lisa picked us up, and then they fielded a call from Jon - he was already at the townhouse?! We talked about voting and such on the way there. During the evening, we discussed many topics: the Boston-Montreal hockey game, doing dishes (bleh), the election results and how the candidates looked physically (some were really young!), when Eric would hurry up and finish counting ballots (he finally arrived before 9:10 with some official Elections Canada hand sanitizer for me - HAHAHA!), Jeremy's work, what "hotness" meant, the site with OLD candidate pictures, the Rhino Party, Communists and Marxist-Leninists, Lisa's new job / graduation, lamb, Whole Foods chocolate cake, Nathan's family dinner, SLB on Wednesday (Nate can pick us up), turkey, Grandma thinking I should let my friend sit down (not MY fault he was being HAK-HAI!), Reader's Digest stuff like a story about a guy with an axe in his head, coffee, tea, and Alice Wong.

We also talked about name recognition, Clement and Jocelyn's engagement, the NDP being the official opposition to the Conservatives, values, recipes, Kevin Weekes, black / Asian NHL players, strawberry pudding, mango pudding, durian pudding (EW), potatoes, vomitoriums, Randal's mom doing way worse (he sent us an email about the final stages), Eddie and Eunice finally getting engaged, flirting, Gene Simmons, Mom's deafness ("Nathan's dead?!") and confusion ("I can see the chemicals [between characters on CASTLE]" - she meant CHEMISTRY), and more. I asked Mom how she felt about Steph - "you know I'm not happy, but we'll just need to pray that they come back to Christ, since Lisa also comes from a Christian family!" :(

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Monday, May 02, 2011

Randal, prayer, voting, Expo 86, chemicals, manliness and tea, plus Greek music

Jon elaborated on why they were calling for prayer at Jeremy's in the middle of the Canucks playoff hockey game: apparently, Randal's mom has gotten worse in the past month! I can see why Randal wouldn't be his usual "witty" self, har har. (and YES, "witty" is in quotation marks for a reason! :P) I told Itamar that my tea tree oil shampoo and conditioner smell good enough to eat! (they smell YUMMY... it must be the mint!!!!)

Teunis and I discussed bypassing lunch hour to vote (lineups) / directions, sharing Easter Peeps candy (you apparently can't get them up north), the 25th anniversary of Expo 86, NOT publishing vote results before polls close, and more. At least it wasn't pay parking at the Oval, but he DID have to drive to Surrey to vote - no remote polling in this election! OUCH, in more than one way! When I got home, I did the dishes and my laundry. He got home just before 3, so that was fine. Discussed his harp, chemicals, dryer sheets, chemical sensitivity, unscented Tide, opening windows / airflow, bamboo, rattan, jade ships, Daemonia Nymphe (Δαιμόνια Νύμφη), pi, a manly approach to tea, and more. Steph just called - we are OUTTA here!

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OSAMA BIN LADEN IS FINALLY DEAD! / Agatha Christie / Early bird or night owl?


Teunis and I discussed coffee, caffeine, herbal tea, rice, vegetables, making something simple for dinner, complicated stuff like the Yorkshire pudding, pancakes, potato pancakes, the Rock 101 radio shows, mushroom soup, stomach problems from mango juice, annoying error messages, the commercial breaks, peanut butter, dark rye crackers, water quality, guns, and more prior to his going to bed. Eunice says she's in for SLB at Shanghai Wonderful, and Eddie is also coming - good! From some of her wall posts, I assume they're finally engaged - YAY! Auntie Rebecca said that she's going to Hong Kong, and wants us to feel free to give her a list of stuff we want from Hong Kong - nice!

One of the old-time radio shows was AND THEN THERE WERE NONE - I remember reading that in English 9, man! When we got up, we discussed voting locations (the Oval!) / breakfast (omelettes) / feet / doctors / Mom wanting all of Jon's groomsmen at the dinner tonight / Christopher Lee / THE WICKER MAN / pagan or Greek songs / the rain / rushing everywhere NOT being our style. Harmony sent us an email inviting us to Jeremy's place on Thursday to "lift up Randal and his family in prayer" - not sure how to feel about that, but THANK GOODNESS that I have pre-existing plans! Guess there will be no hockey playoff game party going on THAT night over there!

You Are a Night Owl

You'll be the first to admit that you aren't a morning person. You dread hearing the alarm clock.

You really don't start to wake up until the afternoon, and you reach your peak energy levels at night.

You can't be rushed early in the day, and you hate having a 9-to-5 job.

You do better when you're able to set your own schedule. You prefer to let inspiration strike at night.

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Sunday, May 01, 2011

Chocolate appreciation, transition, community, intense addictions, and Vanilla Pistachio!

Eric picked me up, and we talked about Ministry / Cindy's email / the hockey game / the wrong people going AND staying / the election tomorrow / my insanity. When we got to church early, I spent some time talking to Christon (who's in for Wednesday) and Joey before going into the sanctuary. Had time to read one story before service started, and said hi to Nathan W., who told me that there'd be a Friday the 13th this month. I waved hi to Winnie and her toddler son Cameron just behind me, and also gave Cindy's early birthday card / stickers to her sister Dianne, who'll be leaving us herself for Calgary in July! We affirmed some girl named Molly (who Pastor Tom confused with Mei Lin) in her missions outreach - I don't know her at all, as I said to people later.

After the service, I hightailed it out of there; Mom said she had a handknitted sweater (and some jellybeans and such) for me, so I went to the front desk (saying hi to Frances / Uncle Wayne enroute) and took that along with Jon's bag of fruit and stuff. I tried to give Stanley his bag of Mega Smarties, but he said he didn't want it - I gave it to Mike K. with the Lindt eggs and some more chocolate, with the story that I'd gone to two different London Drugs locations last night to see if there were any Lindt eggs left. He definitely thanked me a few times for the candy, and said that chocolate had bombarded his life last night since his older sister Joanna had had six Reese's eggs (or something) when he got home! HAHAHAHA, nice! Yes, that chocolate will probably give him cavities!

I saw Auntie Ying quite unexpectedly, so I asked her why she didn't go to Toronto; the airline tickets were too expensive, which I do understand! However, she is going on Wednesday for at least a month, depending on her mom's health. Said hi to Andrew, Wesley (going to the Interior - ten days on, four days off), Christon, Enoch, Karen I. (coffee and giggling kids!), and others - I was about to cross the room to see what they had at the bake sale, but noticed Mr. Creep nearby. UGH, NO! (and I'd thought he wasn't here today!) I went upstairs for Toddler Sunday School, and saw Sandi with her daughter Alexis before I got to the room - I gave Alexis a chocolate egg, and she thanked me after some prompting. I saw her, Ada, Anastasia, Ashley, Mattias, David, Evelyn, Ramen, and Shira in the classroom; yes, I said hi to Rachel's grandma and Jessie! Talked about toys, carrots, Fruit To Go, drawings, coloring, trucks, and more. Went downstairs, where Eric asked if I wanted to go for lunch - I said sure, after I greeted Grandma. Isabel wanted to hang out with us before she leaves in a couple of weeks, so that sounded good.

Eric, Christon, Jon, and I ended up going to the laksa place where we ate lunch months ago - they did simplify the menu! Talked about Jen / Connie / Cindy / others leaving us, Deb having a baby (Christon accidentally let the news slip), Nathan, changes / transition, community, Daniel Fellowship having life and energy, and prayer. We also discussed Mr. Creep being around more now that he's unemployed (unemployable?!), Pastor Tom's sermons / the "interim" label, Eunice, SLB on Wednesday, Teunis being unable to take the bus because of his chemical sensitivities (which he later said was fine), Vancouver playing into Nashville's style, Nathan not being here today, Jeremy being at work today, and more. On the way home, Eric and I talked about tomorrow / Wednesday / Skeena Terrace follow-up on Friday / my redneck hick impersonation when talking about yummy soaps / dinners. He says he's invited to tomorrow's dinner, so I'll probably see him there!

Went home briefly (to find that Cindy had thanked me for the early birthday card and stickers / my constant friendship, and let me know about her reasons for leaving) before going out again to Bath & Body Works: after smelling various scents, I got six bottles of foaming soap for $25. (Freshly Picked Blueberries, Vanilla Pistachio, Freshly Picked Strawberries, Blushing Mimosa, Freshly Picked Cherries, and Cinnamon Heaven... $4.16 each when it's normally $5.50?!) When I got home again, Teunis said that I had good timing, as the Internet had ceased to work shortly after I left, and had JUST gone back on five minutes before. (router?!) I called Steph while I remembered - she says she and Lisa went to Boston Pizza with the lards the other day, and she figures it went okay. I'd have to ask Lisa if it was awkward, she says. I asked her for a ride tomorrow, and she said sure, but it might have to be early. "Early? Hey, we're easy - but not THAT kind of easy!" "Ew - you're being gross!" HAHAHA! Then again, I also had to laugh when she thought that Teunis could be too big to take the bus! That's not the advertised reason, trust me! Later, I discussed jellybeans / the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster (their heaven has a stripper factory!) / the Jedi / Discordians / trolls / lard with Teunis.

Hilarity from Mike B.: "Hey, I've got something else to blame you for: a Lindt Blueberry Intense addiction. God, it's fabulous. I'm eating a 100g bar every other night! Tried the sea salt one, too - but not my cup of tea."

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Cindy's leaving us! / Notorious Royal Weddings / Hawaiian shirts

Cindy (SO EASILY STRESSED!) sent us an email last night stating that she was going to look for other churches in the area that fit her worship needs; fair enough! That takes BALLS and COURAGE, hahaha! Wonder what Eric REALLY thinks about it, since I know he likes Cindy - why else would he waste ten minutes of my time every week just to hang about and talk to her?! At least that won't be so much of a problem now, I hope! I still don't know why Dave left; maybe it WAS me? I have no idea, and suspect I never will. *sigh* Teunis got home at 1:23 AM, and said he wasn't feeling well - given what he had to tell me (which didn't have anything to do with Notorious Royal Weddings / King Henry VIII / Charles and Diana / Camilla / King George IV), I'm not surprised! Angela B. also suggested I add some guy named Glen F. Querengesser - I'm on it! Eric just called, too... ACK!

You Are Loved

You are a harmonious, peace-loving person. You have more than enough kindness to go around.

You like to make sure everyone is taken care of. You are instinctively considerate.

You have an ambitious streak. You see your life as a gift, and you don't want to waste it.

People love you just the way you are - flaws and all. You never claimed you were perfect.

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