Friday, July 18, 2008

Small pearls are very good!

Bingo of the day so far:

MOIETIES (83 points) - against Pat K.

I had a mango bubble tea from Tri-Ty the other day: I just LOVE their small pearls! Too bad it's normally a bit expensive since it's almost $5 for one WITHOUT any additions for 50ยข extra. The additions are pearls, small pearls, grass jelly, coconut jelly, and other things like that. But I did get a menu to take home recently, too. :D

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Sunday sermons and baseball

Jon is doing a Sunday sermon - this should be interesting! He also looked at baby Nathan's pictures: it's true that Korey and Eric both know Ryan and Alison from Victoria rather well. Big brother Jeremy looks so adorable holding the baby! :D

Grandma likes the red of the catcher's uniform! At least she gets some enjoyment out of the All-Star game, haha.

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My mother thinks I am the Internet...

Bingo since the last time I updated on such stuff:

BELAYING (72 points) - against Michelle C.

I also played AH just after Danny M.'s AH - this is what happens in an endgame! :P (Kathy T. has added me as a Facebook friend, so that's sweet!)

I went with my mom and grandma to pick up my brother from the airport. Afterwards, we went to the Michigan Noodle Shop (near Twinkle!) for lunch. "McKim Wonton Noodle Saga" was printed on the chopstick wrappers, but this restaurant isn't the same as the McKim one in Garden City Plaza. Harmony's coming at the end of the month, and will hopefully bring Jon's working computer with her. We discussed books, yesterday's downtown underground fire, tonight's dinner, Pastor John and family company, the ever-changing location of committee meetings, the Toronto heat or lack thereof, busing and cruising in September, Steph losing five pounds, Nathan, Eric, my supposedly talking a lot, Peter and Holly, Erin and Ben, bus passes, and other sundry things. For some reason, we got onto the topic of poop. :P

Mom: What language does CACA come from? You can tell Grandma!
Me: .... I don't think that's a good idea. Why don't you look it up on the Internet? *inwardly cringing / wincing as I remember the TESTICLES / TENTACLES debacle, the DEBAUCHERY definition, and also the LIBIDO incident*
Mom: But YOU ARE THE INTERNET! Right? Why look it up when you're here in the car?
Jon: Yeah! You should know! It kinda sounds French to me, but it's widely understood.
Mom: You mean everybody knows it?
Jon: Well, maybe not German... it's English and French, maybe.
Me: Yeah, I can imagine it being said in a heavy French accent.
Mom: Didn't you tell me about a site where you can look at other people's poo? Tell Grandma!
Me: I didn't actually GO to! I would NEVER do that! Would she understand the concept of a website, Mom?
Jon: I don't know - just tell her it has something to do with the computer!
Mom: *translates the ongoing discussion into Chinese, emphasizing the nature of the webpage*
Grandma: You can watch people TAKE OFF THEIR CLOTHES?!
Jon: No... you can look at other people's poo!
Mom, translating what Grandma's said with laughter: She says you can just go to the public washroom if you want to do that!
Me, thinking: Why am I having this conversation?!
Me, sarcastically out loud: Thanks, Mom. Now she's going to think that looking at other people's poo is all I do in my spare time.
Mom: But isn't that what you do?
Me: .... no!

Edit: Oh my. Writing about this conversation was not a good idea. o_O
But at least I'm keeping healthy, as per dictum?

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