Saturday, September 10, 2005

New Matthew Good / Black Pepper Jack Doritos / First Awana Day / Jane's dubious gifts for parents

Today was the first day of Awana: the buses were SO wicked crowded this afternoon after I had lunch at the Cactus Club / bought Black Pepper Jack Doritos (I'm a sucker for new flavors) / I tried to see if the new Matthew Good album (IN A COMA) was in stock at Chapters or Future Shop! (I'll try HMV next week) When I finally got to church, there were both new kids and new leaders. I had the fun task of teaching things to the two new secretaries (Jason and Amos)... they definitely were pros at keeping things organized, and at counting things in the stationery boxes!

It was a good couple of hours, though! I scored a ride home with Auntie Rebecca / Uncle James, as I didn't really feel like staying for the worship thing afterwards. I need the night to get caught up on my email, and I figured out a solution to the front door's stubbornness: the one side door they haven't done anything to is kinda wedged open! Yay! (if the apartment management is reading this: please don't do anything to the door... I'll have to raise complaints then!)

I got home to this message from Corey about his Taiwanese friend that likes him as more than a friend: "..... Jane sent me some stuff.... including some candy she said was for my PARENTS... well, the stuff for them was in a box of other stuff... which I gave to my mom, who noticed that one looked like boobs... and that's sure what it looks like... and two of them look very very much like condoms.... and there's a "Queer-Aid" chocolate band-aid... and a "Love Kiss" thing that's candy shaped as lips.... "

..... I think Jane is a bit out there, even though he's basically told her that he doesn't like her that way, and is probably not in the market for that sort of relationship anyhow........ o_O

Oh, and his parents know she likes him that way... "that's pretty damn obvious by the fact that she's always sending me stuff.... she sent her third pair of Nautica jeans... which she said she got on sale for 50% off or something, but those aren't cheap.. and she sent a nice Lacoste shirt.... which isn't cheap at all.... they're nice shirts.. like a polo shirt, but you can get nearly the exact same without the tiny alligator on it for like $10 :P last I heard, these were more like $80.... and she sent me a nice watch... which I think was around $80 even though it's a pirate one..... so she's usually sending me a lot of stuff like that... DVDs.... she sent me some box set of an old Chow Yun Fat series... a real one, not a pirate one... I doubt that was cheap.. sets like that are always way overpriced :P so anyway, these packages have to be signed for because of the way she sends them or something, so my parents always see when she sends stuff.... so yeah, it's fairly obvious that she likes me :P"

I agree with Corey's mom, who thinks Jane wants more than to come there to see his graduation ceremony when he finishes school... aiya.

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Swedish / How I Am In Love / More Quizzes

Henrik says I might want to study some Swedish in case we ever do meet. When he heard this SLAY Radio thing, he was literally rolling on the floor laughing... ;) He supposes it's not quite as funny if I don't understand the Swedish phrases, but he bets it will still make me laugh. :)

Right before I leave for the first day of Awana / possibly the worship thing, here's a quiz! :D

No, I'm not actually in love. :P

How You Are In Love

You fall in love quickly and easily. And very often.

You tend to give more than take in relationships.

You need your space and privacy. You don't like to be smothered.

You love your partner unconditionally and don't try to make them change.

You stay in love for a long time, even if you aren't loved back. When you fall, you fall hard.

Take the quiz:
oh no, not another goof quiz!

goofic goof!
You're it! You're the goof who's sooooo goof, you hate when people call you goof. You love music, and live for it!

Quizzes by -- the World's Biggest Yearbook!

All of the possible quiz results for this quiz:

* mopey goof! (You scored 2)
* cyber goof! (You scored 0)
* Victorian goof! (You scored 1)
* not a goof! (You scored 0)
* deathrocker goof! (You scored 1)
* goofic goof! (You scored 4)

Take the quiz:
What Spider-Man character are ya?

Doc Ock
You are Doc Ock! You like to kill heroes!

Quizzes by -- the World's Biggest Yearbook!

All of the possible quiz results for this quiz:

* Spider-Man / Peter Parker (You scored 0)
* Mary Jane (You scored 1)
* Harry (You scored 0)
* Green Goblin (You scored 1)
* Doc Ock (You scored 2)
* J.J. Jameson (You scored 0)

Take the quiz:
What SPIDER-MAN character are you? (cool pics)

Mary Jane
You are Mary Jane. Not very brave, but loving in her own way. You know how to make people love you and your attitude.

Quizzes by -- the World's Biggest Yearbook!

All of the possible quiz results for this quiz:

* Peter Parker (You scored 1)
* Mary Jane (You scored 3)
* Aunt May (You scored 0)
* Doc Ock / Green Goblin (You scored 1)
* Harry (You scored 1)

Take the quiz:
What Linkin Park song are you?

One Step Closer

Quizzes by -- the World's Biggest Yearbook!

All of the possible quiz results for this quiz:

* Papercut (You scored 1)
* One Step Closer (You scored 2)
* Crawling (You scored 2)
* In the End (You scored 0)
* From the Inside (You scored 1)
* Numb (You scored 1)

Take the quiz:
What kind of goth are you?

You are the depressed goth... if I wasn't keeping you busy right now, you'd probably be ramming a knife into yourself right now...

Quizzes by -- the World's Biggest Yearbook!

All of the possible quiz results for this quiz:

* depressed (You scored 4)
* no way a goth (You scored 0)
* vinyl (You scored 0)
* poser (You scored 0)

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Pigeons, bloody pads, gummi bears, sleeping with people, and sushi

I was all resigned to the prospect of spending a Friday night at home... I figured I'd need the chill time before the start of Awana tomorrow, at any rate. Yeah, I called Eric at 6:35, but he wasn't home yet. For some reason, I'd forgotten about his cell phone... doh! Therefore, I was surprised at 7:30 to hear knocking at my door... it was Eric, saying that his parents had told him that I'd called. (ah, the wonders of Caller ID, hahaha) So I quickly got ready to leave while he came in for a bit... time with friends and learning about God is much needed too! On the way to church, we talked about the first sub-110.00 price in a couple of weeks / hockey upon us again / songs / the PNE (Superdogs) / Broken Flowers / my writing Karen and Derek's birthday cards in the car / how Jon once nicknamed Derek "Skinnyface" a couple Christmases ago since he didn't know his real name / Steph busing it there / etc.

We went to church and found my brother's friend Jeremy there: he got introduced to the group down in the church basement. He knew me, Nathan (who said it was "white guy overload," hahaha), Jen, and Eric already from having beer / bubble tea / Pho / Ultimate games / more with us. Dianne talked about her Europe trip (she has 2000 trip pictures!), and her extreme dislike of pigeons (especially the ones in Trafalgar Square).. they fly right at you when you try to avoid them! Jeremy said he's planning to go to our service on Sunday, too... he's not getting much out of his Anglican church's small groups. I invited him to my party next week: at least I know him too, right? (hehe) Ivan and Karen said they'd RSVP, Eric M. / Eric H. / Steph / Nathan / Citrus / Danielle are probably going for sure, and Erin can't go because she's in Whistler. Randal's email keeps bouncing, so he told us of a temporary solution for that.

After Fellowship, one group went to Bubble World while another went to Daimasu for sushi. (that created a bit of confusion at first!) I asked Cindy and Vanessa where my sister was: she'd apparently gone somewhere already with her friend Rachel. Jeremy mentioned a craving for HUGE Samurai Sushi pieces and getting seasick, while Vivian was all worried about her passport and identification while in France... she flies out Wednesday at 1:15, and the time difference is nine hours. (I had honeydew bubble tea, and Nathan had honeydew / watermelon bubble tea) Nathan wanted to combine worship between the two Fellowships again: the makeup is much changed without Nate, Jen, Eddie, Edwin, Eric, Phil, Vivian, and others there! (in Danielle's words: "it's like almost all girls!")

A few people are going to the church Walkathon tomorrow, then there's Awana, then the combined E. Free worship thing at night... I'll most probably go to that. I was thinking of treating certain people (Palmer) for Pho, but they apparently don't come up for air from being with each other all day. :P Then Jeremy mentioned how just a few years ago, he thought that eating raw fish was really far out there... now, he's surprised when people say they don't consume sushi regularly! I told him that I had this friend who has this seafood allergy... I forgot about that once, and invited said friend (Palmer) to have some Samurai Sushi. Then this friend responded with, "I'm allergic to seafood, remember?" In Jeremy's words: man, that's SOME allergy!

Someone brought up this story that happened a LONG time ago: when my brother was in Gr. 6, some of the Sunday School classes had an overnight field trip to the aquarium. I was there too, so I know what happened. We were all sleeping in a huge room in the aquarium, and Citrus' sister Cordia (who was maybe five at the time) went to the washroom. When she came back, she was perhaps a little disoriented, so she crawled into Phil's sleeping bag and slept there instead! Phil slept through all of this, so Citrus and some others were looking around for Cordia in the morning... they thought that maybe the sharks had eaten her or whatever. Then they saw the lump that Phil's sleeping bag had become... nah, it couldn't be! It was Cordia, and then everyone made fun of Phil for some time to come afterwards! Phil himself had managed to repress the memory until his sister Melia brought it up recently. HAHAHAHA, that was SO funny!

Nathan brought up the night at Boston Pizza some time ago where we were all laughing at Erin's embarrassing pad stories... we were desensitizing him in the process since he has no sisters. ;) He was laughing for half an hour over this one: there was this time that Erin came over to my family's house after church to play with my sister. On the van ride over, we were all eating gummi bears. Erin decided to squish the gummi bears between her fingers, and couldn't wash it off with water once she was in the bathroom at home. She saw some toilet paper sticking out of the garbage can, so she decided to use that. Little did she know that the toilet paper was actually wrapping for MY bloody pad, hahahaha! (according to Nathan, the fact that it was MINE makes the story even funnier!) When she told Jon and Steph about it, they were literally rolling on the floor with laughter! I asked Erin what she thought when she discovered it: she was in Gr. 6 and didn't know anything about periods and stuff like that, so she was just horrified! Our half of the table was laughing SO hard over that!

On the way home, Eric and I talked about hockey.. Matt Cooke has to sign with us, yo! He also scattered some Red Dwarf and Homestar Runner references around in the conversation. Good times with friends rule. :D

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Friday, September 09, 2005

Finally leaving RQ, male brain, Machiavelli


The latter part of that declaration is CLEARLY sarcastic. :P

Might as well leave on my own terms before I really do get banned from RQ, haha. I was scrolling through my friends pages and found some one-time-only warning post from Martin concerning my correction of people's grammar / spelling, and deleting "joke answers" to my RQ posts. I also saw a discussion post before that on whether I should get banninated. By consensus vote, I technically shouldn't be since my mom records my dumps on trips. :P Of course, people would still think I'm annoying because I reply to almost all the comments I get. Hey, I like things being even... and at least people know I read their comments, assumptions of email notification be damned! :P Some people think I supposedly have "Down Syndrome." It's actually CP, but I'm not going to bother correcting them at this point. :P

This will make my LJ friends page checking MUCH easier, haha... with the effect of making my LJ comment count go down, but whatever. I've been in the various incarnations from 1 to 3 since November 2003, heh. That community passed the point of being immature a long time ago, anyhow. I don't generally correct people's grammar or spelling unless I'm feeling really bothered by it or whatever. Besides, I still have other question-answer communities elsewhere. :D

Here's something quirky I found:

It's kinda funny, but I'm sure at least some of the guys I know (including you fine folk) aren't ALWAYS like that. ;)

You Are Somewhat Machiavellian

You're not going to mow over everyone to get ahead...
But you're also powerful enough to make things happen for yourself.
You understand how the world works, even when it's an ugly place.
You just don't get ugly yourself - unless you have to!

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Waking up, dreams of being hugely pregnant, suite inspection

1. I need to wake up at a reasonable time tomorrow. 'Tis the first day of Awana, and since I need to bus there, I want to be at the church by 3:30 or 3:45 as I should be. (this means more kiddy stories for you all to read!) I like being out of here by 12:45 or 1 in order to eat something before the afternoon. Tomorrow's also the worship thing that Sam's in, so I'll probably do that later. Reminds me, I need to complete those forms and return them to Auntie Rebecca... who to use as a non-church reference? *thinks*

2. I had a weird dream about three hugely pregnant ladies who were out with my church friends somewhere, including the church balcony as it used to look (brown and drab) before people painted it all blue-silvery earlier this year.

3. I got a notice of a suite inspection on Monday between 9 and 5. At least I have advance notice to clean up, if I'll have time to do that. But what does that entail? Anyone know?

Time to get through my friends pages / email comments, and tell Eric that I need a ride tonight if / when he comes on... so I should switch to real MSN for that, haha. But if he doesn't, it'll be fine... I probably need more chill time, hahaha.

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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Magic 8 Ball of Music Meme

Note to self: Certain lyrics sites crash the computer. Go with the ones that don't: AZ Lyrics, Astraweb, etc. This is exactly why it's taken me four hours to write this entry. (I like listening to all the songs instead of just hitting "forward," too!)

I've gotten a new Audioscrobbler plugin: this one's for Winamp, and I hope it works! Right now, it's not submitting ANY tracks! o_O

Stole this from my LJ friendsfriends page, haha. It's an endless source of amusement material, that one. :P

Reminds me of the VERY amusing 20 Random "In My Pants" Songs meme that I did in April, hahahaha! (note to Phil: if you REALLY want to let your co-workers think you're a crazy loon, read this... I dare you! haha)

The Magic 8 Ball of Music: Randomize your music player, ask yourself the following inane questions, then hit forward and respond with the song that plays.

I had to do this with Corey's DVD... thank goodness Jon gave it back to me, else I'd have had to use random track titles on my CDs. :P

What do you think of me, Random Music Player?
GWAR, Horror of Yig
I'm a gibbering mass with boils, maggots, and a pus-sac. Yikes.

Will I have a happy life?
GWAR, Sick of You
Apparently not, since I'll really suck while stinking up the joint...

What do my friends really think of me?
the Pixies, Where Is My Mind?
You people think my head has collapsed and there's no mind in it to speak of?! Well, I guess that confirms my worst fears then!

Do people secretly lust after me?
the Genitorturers, Procession
Hmm... I'll take that as a dubious yes. Dying people's whims / fears, and breathing of the wicked while my flesh sighs? I dunno about that....

How can I make myself happy?
KMFDM, Attak / Reload
By being around pure adrenaline emergencies, apparently.

What should I do with my life?
the Misfits, Green Hell
I should go see the genie of death as a means to my end? Okay then....

Why must life be so full of pain?
the Lemonheads, Skulls
This explains it all... there are headless corpses, bodies, a collection of little girls' heads on the walls, and blood draining down like devil's rain.

How can I catch a leprechaun?
the Sex Pistols, (I'm Not Your) Stepping Stone
Tell it in no uncertain terms that you won't be walked all over... interesting!

Will I ever have children?
GWAR, Rock & Roll Party Town
If I go to a rock & roll party town and meet a female sex machine, I might. Although that's probably anatomically impossible, to say the least...

Will I die happy?
KMFDM: Bullets, Bombs, and Bigotry
No, it'll be in the middle of a sinful / lustful World War III.

Can you give me some advice?
Metallica, Seek and Destroy
Sounds just like what I was planning to do! Sweet!

What do you think happiness is?
GWAR's Sexecutioner
Violence and limitless sex, apparently.

Do you have any advice to give over the next few hours / days?
Voodoo Glow Skulls, Insubordination
I think this means that I should speak up when I'm getting taken advantage of.

What will tomorrow be like?
Nine Inch Nails, Happiness In Slavery
Eeek. Apparently, I'll be taken into slavery and then scream all the time. o_O

What will next year be like?
White Zombie, Starface
Stars will explode and there will be a powerblast, among other things. Lovely.

Who / What will be the biggest influence in my future?
GWAR, Blimey
Genocidal maniacs, Caligula, and others in the Hall of Human Hatred. Hahaha.

Who will be elected president in 2008?
GWAR, Bush & Bin Laden
That will be one heck of a pair... o_O

How will I die?
GWAR, Maggots
Vile forms of Necros rotting my mind... somehow, that sounds fitting.

What should we have for supper tonight?
KMFDM, Stray Bullet
My worst enemy and my dearest friend. Not sure anyone I know would fit those two categories...

What will my next major purchase be?
Switchblade Symphony, Witches
I'm sure they'd charge a high price for themselves, too!

What is love?
Pere Ubu, Drinking Wine Spodyody
Drinking a lot of wine... nice.

Who will be the next person to knock on my door?
GWAR, Gor-Gor
Wow! A giant T-Rex! (GWAR lives in Antarctica and found a frozen dinosaur egg there.... and they shot it full of crack because they were too impatient to wait for it to hatch)

What should I do this weekend?
GWAR, Abyss of Woe
Guess I'm going to be crucified in the Abyss of Woe for torment and sin's pleasure...

Where will I live in the future?
Ministry, Lava
In the middle of a lava-spewing volcano.. just the fiery death I envisioned for myself...

Why am I here?
Bad Brains, Right Brigade
To perceive what I want while you leave it behind.

What is the meaning of life?
Dee Dee King, Hop Around
To hop around all day? Sounds good to me!

Where's the beef?
Type O Negative, Love You To Death
Apparently, I loved it to death... so that probably means I ate it. Beef comes from dead cows, right? ;)

Who shot JR?
the Ramones, Bop Till You Drop
People who decided to hit him until he dropped on the ground unconscious, then they shot him.

Who shot Mr. Burns?
1000 Homo DJs, Supernaut
Children who have been indoctrinated with subliminal messages. Maggie was possibly one of them.

Do you feel lucky? Well, do ya, PUNK?
Rancid, Rejected
No, guess not.

Spoz's version:


for your amusement today.. here's a cheap idea I stole from PETSTARR, who originally stole the idea from some stonerarse jesus freak by the name of FRANK PARATER, who in turn stole it from some twat called CURT JESTER, who in turn stole the idea from.. well.. um.. who the fuck knows.. um.. wot's my point here? I dunno.. fuckit.. wot do you care?

the concept is simple - load up your entire music collection in your iPOP, MP3 player, WINAMP, Windows Media Player or wot'ever the fuck.. hit shuffle.. ask a series of dumb questions, and the random song titles that then appear will provide you with all the answers you need.. got it? cool.. on with the show then..

:: The Used - On My Own

hahahaha, yeah.. ok.. so the world sees me as a desperate shut-in loser who seriously needs a shower, shave, a haircut, some sunlight and perhaps a freaking girlfriend.. YAY ME! (hmmm, perhaps it's about time I fired my publicity agent) oh, and many thanks to WINAMP for ruining my reputation from the get go by choosing a FREAKING EMO SONG as my first pick!! fucking hell maaaan.. out've 6240 songs why did ya hafta go and chose THIS one?? sheeeeesh! ;)

:: Interpol - Evil

OOOOOOOYEAAAAH!!! now ya talking! so.. a future of diabolical mass destruction and retarded mischief making is in the cards for me? can't freaking wait.. perhaps I'll be the next unholy scourge to western civilization.. weeeeeee! :)

:: Black Eyed Peas - Request Line

hahahaha yup, sounds about right.. now if only 1/2 of them would lose my mobile number on the weekends I could actually get a moment's peace.. (oh, and for the record this song is from the BLACK EYED PEAS album that DOESN'T totally suck balls "BRIDGING THE GAP" released in 2000 - ie: before FERGIE fucked everyone up.. so, don't go thinking I'm listening to TOP 40 shite here.. ;)

:: U2 - Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses

um, ok.. this either means people think I'm some kinda free spirited wild-haired hippie that can't be tamed.. or.. um.. I really dont WANNA know wot the fuck this means (oh, and once again thanks to WINAMP for zeroing in on the LAMEST songs in my collection.. bastard!)

:: DJ Shadow - Midnight In A Perfect World

yup, makes perfect sense.. for I DO like the witching hour.. and wot could be a more perfect world than a night out on the piss with some live bands and everything's kicking into a demented frenzy as midnight hits.. coz hey, when you've been going wacky 1/2 the night and 1/2 the night's still ahead of ya.. wot could be better? aaaaaah :)

:: Something For Kate - Say Something

well I DO run a website here called "SPOZ's RANT".. so far, so good..

:: Moving Units - Submission

this either means I should just submit to my base biological imperative already and spawn a fuckload of annoying ankle-biters to populate the world.. or, IF I DO have kids, they're destined to control me and suck the life away from me.. either way I'm not all that enthused..

:: A Perfect Circle - Pet

yup, screw having kids.. I'll just go get me a dog instead.. :)

:: D12 - Bugz 97 (Skit)

um.. ok, this is kinda abstract.. you mean to tell me I'll be remembered for being some kinda washed up DETROIT innercity gangsta from the late 90's? riiiiiight..

:: Prodigy - Everybody In The Place (Fairground Remix)

hahahaha.. sheeeiit.. not too bad WINAMP MAGIC 8 BALL, not bad at all! I could totally cut sick to this shit on the dancefloor.. :)

:: Garbage - Why Don't You Come Over

that's right laaadies.. come visit the SPOZman for some reaaaal good time luvin' BWAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! (weird they'd think of my like that tho'.. I'm not just a SEX OBJECT! I'm a REAL HUMAN BEING WITH FEEELINGS DAMMIT!! *sniff* )

:: Tendahook - Karma Sutra

ok.. I'm sensing a trend here.. arrr fuckit.. who's game? apparently the MAGIC 8 BALL's got sex on the brain.. and it's telling me everyone thinks I'm a real demon in the sack.. so, lets go freakin' nuts yo! :)

:: Prodigy - Baby's Got A Temper

hahahaha.. fuckin' nice one.. and apparently the MAGIC 8 BALL has a sense of humour too, considering the lyrics to this song contains the signature line - "THIS TIME THERE CAN BE NO FUNERAL".. guess the rumours of my death will be totally unfounded then? nifty.. always wanted to fake my own death at least ONCE in my lifetime ;)

:: Sneaker Pimps - Roll On

ok.. this is just plain confusing.. apparently I've either got a thing for chicks who have good underarm hygiene (ummmm?), chicks who give really good handjobs (say wot now?), chicks with their hair in curlers (eeeeesh!), or I dunno.. female truckdrivers (AAAAAAAAHH GET AWAAAY!!).. seriously, wot the FUCK is my MAGIC 8 BALL trying to tell me here? perhaps I broke it?

:: Marilyn Manson - Wormboy

"I know I'm slipping.. I know I'm slipping.. I know I'm slipping awaaaaaay!" gee.. that good huh? that's it.. MAGIC 8 BALL, yer FIRED!!

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20 Random Facts, interests meme

Here's the 20 Random Facts meme... I was tagged by Mandy a few days ago, but life was pretty crazy then. But now that I have the time....

Write 20 random facts about yourself, then tag the same number of people as minutes it takes you to write the facts. Some of you may already know this stuff, but I hope there's some new stuff here.

1. I used to play the clarinet in the high school band.
2. I once attended a Bryan Adams concert. (reminds me, I should call Shannon soon...)
3. I went to a summer camp for a few years in my childhood... it was very fun!
4. I took Law 12, and Mr. Spearman sparked my interest in true crime by letting me borrow his copy of In Cold Blood. So my mom can blame HIM for turning me into someone who wants to murder my family! ;)
5. In elementary school, I was accused of memorizing dictionaries. Hence Spoz's later joke that I eat dictionaries. (yeah, I'm a logophage! :P)
6. I once saw a movie in cinemas without paying for it... it was Elizabeth and Lisa's idea to run out on some movie that we DID pay for, and go see Runaway Bride instead.
7. I once made some chicken dish from a recipe on the Internet, but I had help. It turned out okay, so then I moved on to pork chops. That was all right. Maybe I should do that again sometime.. I have all this flour and sugar, after all... *thinks*
8. I used to shoplift a lot, and even give those things to other people. I guess it was a form of wanting to have people's friendship, when I think about it. Notebooks, greeting cards, pens, whiteout, stuff from the Whistler gift shop, stickers, etc. I've stopped now, though. (stuff to Julie, Curt, Kevin, Jesse, Ken, Petra, etc.)
9. I have 122 CDs, and 200 books. (probably soon to be more, though...)
10. I kept in touch with my old high school friends for a while, then they drifted away. Now I wish I had other friends, haha.
11. I've attended the same church all my life.
12. I probably would have had four younger siblings, but my mom had two miscarriages.
13. I have cerebral palsy... my own sister didn't know this until December 2003! o_O
14. I used to play quite a few video games: Tetris, Super Mario Bros. 3, Dr. Mario, some RPGs, etc.
15. I used to take swimming lessons. Didn't get very far, though....
16. I was in various incarnations of the church choir from about 1993 to 2002.
17. I've been in the West Edmonton Mall wave pool.
18. I used to take horseback riding lessons as a child.
19. I used to write and illustrate stories involving goat royalty as a kid.
20. I love random things. :D

Well, I'm not tagging anyone... do it only if you want. :P

Pick a few of your general interests, and tell people why you like them!

Biographies: I like reading about people's lives, and the many things they do.
Coincidences: Those have always been quirky to me... I love them, haha.
Friendliness: I like to think that I'm generally a friendly person, and I like to see that trait in others.
Homestar Runner: Who could not love the antics of Homestar, Strong Bad, Strong Sad, Trogdor the Burninator, the Cheat, and all the rest?
Memories: I find them to be a powerful force.. they can evoke all sorts of emotions and associations.
Oddities: See "coincidences."
Reading: I've always loved reading.. it's one of the traits I got from my mother. I should actually get more into reading, but this thing called the internet prevents me from it... what a vast time-suck it is. :P
Synchronicity: See "coincidences."
Weirdness: See "coincidences."

Funny how coincidences / synchronicity and oddities / weirdness are similar pairs. I know they're not exactly the same, but they're close enough.

Party email update: Lily says she and Lee are going to a wedding. Oh well.

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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Birthday party email, sister jealousy in dream, appreciation, Awana uniforms, Winamp, and RealPlayer

I've gotten some replies already to my birthday party email... time to promote it on the weekend to people whose email addresses I don't have, haha. :D

Ollie says I needn't include him in any future functions, so I've deleted him from my address book and BootyBase. It's true he hasn't attended VCEFC in a couple of years, but his address still somehow ended up on the party list! Cindy can't attend because of Education's crazy workload, which is the same reason she's not doing Awana for at least one year... so understandable! Phil can't since he has a Dragon Boat commitment, but his sister Melia would love to unwind / celebrate / let me know how much I'm appreciated. :D

I remember having a dream last night where I was with a whole bunch of friends at church... the prominent emotion I felt was extreme jealousy of my sister, and wanting to be competitive with her. Haha, I guess this happens in real life too... and goes back to the conversation we were having last night about related issues. So who knows... o_O

Finally put both the Awana uniforms in the wash, yay! My sister's old one from years back was hanging in the front entrance, and I found mine in the back of the closet... I really should hang that up in the front entrance too when the club year ends in June, haha. I'm having fun listening to the prank calls again, and I'll get to the music DVD later. Note to self: Winamp's the best for listening to the music DVD (according to Corey a long time ago), and RealPlayer's the best for listening to the prank call CD since Corey's prank calls on people actually play in that format. (I'm sure Corey would have some things to say here, but it's all good for me!) True, there are some things which are unplayable in either format.. but that's just the capricious luck of the draw! ;)

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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Malaysian dinner, Troy's mixtape of love, world domination

My family and I had dinner at some Malaysian restaurant in Steveston, and then had Timothy's frozen yogurt for dessert. Note to self: don't volunteer any more information than you have to... or at least react better to their inquisitive questions. Maybe my sister was right and I needed more blood sugar.. ah well. We talked about Gilbert, Dylan, Eric H., Fay, African food, Danielle, Nathan, people in the past, arguments, how Mom and Dad would react to certain things (children-in-law, for example.. being overly critical of them could happen!), and other such scintillating conversation topics. After all that, I got a ride home... seeing my brother off might be a good thing if it didn't happen at 6:45 AM. At least this way, I don't have to be around certain people when they're all stressed out. :P

I have the prank call CD and music DVD back now, so I can listen to metal music and other stuff all I want! :D

Troy's Mixtape of Love is pathetic.. thanks, Corey! :P


onclick="setTimeout('document.getElementById(\'risk\').src=\'\'+Math.random();',1000);return true;">

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Glasses, CD and DVD, mango with sago

This has been my lucky day so far... I managed to get my glasses fixed at Iris, although they're at risk of breaking if I put even a teeny amount of pressure on them! I also managed to get a mango bubble tea with sago instead of pearls at Tazza... sago is the term for really tiny white tapioca beads. I'm also devious, mwahahahaha! Jon gave me back the prank call CD and music DVD, so maybe I'll get Nathan to burn them to CD with his handy DVD burner.

For anyone wondering if Jon missed his Bob Dylan Biograph CD when I've had it for probably over two years, this is how we usually "borrow" CDs and such around here. :D

I've had his Boredoms Pop Tatari CD for about a year, and I've had his ApologetiX Ticked CD for about two years or more now. He's had some of my CDs just as long, so it all works out. *winks and grins*

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Birthday Party 2005.... you up for it? / Glasses Advice / The Perils of the Mass Email

This first part is mainly directed at the local people on my friends list... but the more, the merrier! If you want to fly out to join us, go right ahead! ;)

Party time again.... this time, it's to mark the passing of yet another year in my life. I'm getting OLD, I tell you! :P (and if nobody does this for me next year, that's fine, haha)

Date: Saturday, Sept. 17
Time: 7 PM-ish (after Awana stuff, heh)
Place: Red Robin's, Broadway / Oak location

If there's anything else you need to know, just ask! :)

I'll be promoting this on the weekend... so watch out, haha.

Cheers and love!

In other news, my dad gave me some advice regarding my glasses: maybe the frame CAN be saved, but I'd have to go to London Optical first to figure that out. He said the eye doctor's office (Dr. Lau) is located near Chapters, and asked if I'd be able to pay for all this stuff... I think I have enough money to do so, yeah. Jon knows where the prank call CD and music DVD are, so I'll give him back his Bob Dylan Biograph 3-CD set later tonight when we have dinner at an undisclosed location. (he's getting three CDs for two, haha) I've been putting off the bus trip / walk to the mall for a few hours now in order to get some work done, so I guess I better do that before I go to the townhouse at 6-ish. (my dad said 5-ish, but my sister will get home from work at 6-ish... no need to rush, heh)

The perils of the mass email: don't press the "send" button when you mean to press "save as draft." I've just emailed my "party template people" list a private draft of the email addresses and such included in said template. Ooops... I hope people are understanding, and accept my apology for the spammage. :(

Corey's just noticed, and sent me a message about it: I think you've reached your email quota for the day! I'm guessing in another couple minutes I'll see the Gmail notifier come up again.. "Leslie Ng: BIRTHDAY DILDO PARTY 2005 MUTHAFUCKAS!!!" you know, for the final version :P

No idea how he ended up on that list, since he lives in COLORADO and wouldn't be able to make it anyhow. Oh well, he's amusing enough to have on there, hahahaha.

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Up early... again!

If someone can tell me why I'm up now when I went to bed at 2 AM, I'd appreciate it muchly.

Maybe I need to ask for sleeping pills as a birthday present... nah, that would probably create more problems. But is it so much to wish for a greatly-improved sleep cycle?!

Oh well, at least I can research stuff out at the mall later... but not when it first opens, of course. I've been known to take naps when I get up this early... just ask Corey! (I've disappeared on him in the middle of morning conversations to sleep :P)

I can also send out the "birthday party email" later... I'm feeling a distinct lack of the Chinese Happy Birthday song, since Nathan and Daniel did NOT appear as holograms in my living room to sing it to me last year. ;)

On another note, I need a night to myself. Hanging out with people and celebrating stuff is cool and all, but time to myself (to get work done?) is also a necessary life component.

Friday = Fellowship, out to eat at Earl's
Saturday = Esther and Wes' wedding banquet
Sunday = Awana barbecue / orientation
Monday = hanging with Eric H. at the PNE
Tuesday (tonight) = very possible family dinner since Jon's leaving tomorrow

Maybe Wednesday or Thursday before everything starts again? (mental note: go to bed EARLY on Friday nights now, and wash those uniforms!)

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Jennifer / New glasses / PNE

I finally heard from my friend Jennifer this afternoon: she called me "Dragon," says it'll be weeks without Internet, and misses me and Richard. Thank goodness I heard from her, since we both were getting worried.. she lives like an hour away from Hurricane Katrina, so yeah...

I think my current pair of glasses have taken too much abuse, and I'll need to research out the cost of a new pair. Not sure what happened to them, but the frame is now bent at an unfixable angle. Maybe tomorrow I'll go to London Optical and see how much new ones would be, although perhaps I should schedule an appointment with an eye doctor first. The whole thing isn't AFFORDABLE, but then I don't have any other choice except to go around with my old pair of glasses like I did last year when I couldn't find my current pair in the back of the closet. I probably need to go to the mall anyhow to research out some weird books that I can ask Farrah to send for my birthday (she offered :P ) and mail Charlotte's postcard... something like that, anyhow. ;)

Earlier tonight, I finally heard from Eric H. about going to the PNE. It was either that or dinner and a movie, but he'd waste the cost of the tickets if we didn't go to the fair. We walked around a lot, looked at the games on offer, and discussed things like his girl / relationships / questions with no answers / last night's African restaurant dinner (eating beef, lamb, ostrich, etc. with your fingers) / Ty, Phil, white Eric and his birthday today (yesterday now...), Jeremy, Vivian, Danielle, Citrus always working or so it seems, Nathan, and other friends / Steph having a "sparkling personality" / Jon leaving us very soon / bowling and other future hangout ideas (Red Robin's for my birthday?) / the different kinds of Christianity / memories of the Cactus Club / blog updates / 2:30 AM Pho / mini donuts / his forgetting English and remembering Mandarin since he started dating his girl / being here for 15 years, yet still not knowing some things in English / other things. Managed to catch the ABSOLUTE FINAL fair show of the Superdogs, which was cool and rocking! Herb Williams has been hosting it for 28 years, and got a gold lifetime PNE pass / a limo ride in style / two vintage Pacific Coliseum seats tonight from the PNE president.

We were going to stay for the fireworks, but ended up strolling the fairgrounds and game / ride areas instead. Eric asked if I minded going for bubble tea later (possibly in Richmond so we could pick up my brother), so we called the house: good thing Steph answered the phone! She gave us Jeremy's cell number, which Eric called: Jon wasn't there. Then I decided to call Jeremy's cell number, since Jeremy at least kinda recognizes my voice... I hope that's the case, haha. He said that they'd parted ways, so we just went home afterwards: we thought it would be too late for Dragon Ball, so next time it is! Good times with friends rule, haha.

Now Darren's saying I should get horn-rimmed emo glasses because they're cute... um, me dunno about that. o_O

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Monday, September 05, 2005

System Cleanse 2005 / Eric M.'s birthday

I am happy because I get to go to the PNE later today... that is, if Eric H. ever gets himself online so we can figure things out, haha.

Besides, it's my dear friend's birthday... what could be sweeter than that?

Oh yes, I don't really feel like a giant greaseball anymore... let the system cleanse continue! You don't want to know how much time I spent in the bathroom, either. :P (wish I knew how to open the dry pint of blueberries I have... sigh....)

I *finally* have time to answer my important emails and my commentage... it's basically piled up since Thursday, bleh. :P So yay for that too! Maybe I'll actually also get some work done today... I can hope, haha! :D

Unlike somebody on my LJ friends list, I actually have at least one clearly-defined reason for being all sorts of bouncy today. ;)


I think it's time to cue the Collective Soul / Creed / Big Sugar, and bring on the pink Avec les compliments de VICTOIRE T-shirt / the blue Corona Extra cap / the extremely amusing memories! Wooyeah! Yay for Richmond Crew people who bug me all the time, and don't mean any harm by it! Eric *is* a backwards male, after all. ;) (and no... Palmer isn't even CLOSE to being even an honorary member since Coquitlam is all the way out in the BOONIES! :P )

I hope he reads the Bathroom Reader that I got him: it's like that Roots sweatshirt the Crew got him in 2001, where he HAD to wear it. We made him wear it for about half an hour before he complained that it was too hot in the church sanctuary. (he used to think "roots" was an Australian swear word [it's a real Australian slang word meaning "to have sex with," so it's close enough :P], and was SO in character as his Australian alter-ego Stanley) Eunice, Jon, Steph, and I also got him A-1 steak sauce (not for Slurpees!) and a pooping dog... Jon threw in one of those free Tide liquid detergent samples from the PNE so that Eric could do his laundry in Victoria. Justin thought this was highly amusing: the A-1 steak sauce and the pooping dog both related back to then-current inside jokes, and Eric's reaction was priceless! (he saw the giant Roots bag, and said: "ROOTS?! That's profanity!")

Then there was the giant farewell party I held for him at my place in August 2001... he got a BIG mind-map concept poster, the self-titled Collective Soul CD, something from Andrea, lots of cards (including a GIANT one that couldn't be hidden), a "Diven 4 That" mix CD with worship songs and weird tunes (plus burps) on it from Jon and Nathan, and the company of friends. (the name comes from what he said in an Ultimate game once about what he should have done when a disc was flying through the air)

As usual, I've written more than I ever intended to. So I'm signing off for now... man, those memories were good times! :D

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Sunday, September 04, 2005

"Are you PREGNANT?!" / Underwear Oracle

Church today was all right, although I didn't get to talk to people much because it was raining buckets after service. The Sunday School class was at the perfect size, with about seven kids or so: SUCH a blessing after two months or more with 10+ kids in the toddler class! I had a family lunch: my sister managed to intimate that I was somehow bad because I'd wait for Sam after their Hallelujah Chorus 100-member choir practice, but I wouldn't wait for our parents while they ran errands and such. Uh, excuse ME... but we actually had somewhere to go after the practice! I read a book in the library while Olivia, Julie, Michelle, and Gladys played Hangman / drew various things on pieces of paper. I had that 2-litre blackberry extravaganza ice cream which would have been perfect for tonight, but it's still in my freezer... maybe some other time! Michael remembered that I wanted to borrow his copy of the Da Vinci Code... I can have it after the girls finish with it, he says. Fine by me! :D

The Awana barbecue / orientation was cool... we joked about sexual abuse of the underage leaders, plus Alysia and I spent the first hour STILL trying to catch up on our sleep. After that, I entertained the idea of a system cleanse because I'd eaten too much oily / greasy food this weekend: Kent's Kitchen Chinese take-out for Friday dinner, the 10-course Chinese meal at Esther and Wes' banquet, and the Shanghai food at lunch today. Don't get me wrong: the food was good, but you can only eat so much grease before your stomach feels like a giant greaseball. (as Dennis said years ago after he ate some A&W Chubby Chicken when it was still relatively new) The teen girls played Uno and Risk, while some of the guys played Othello AKA "the Oreo cookie game." Sam mentioned that one of his friends had to go to a porn shop and buy something when he turned 18, so he chose some watermelon-flavored lube... innocuous enough choice, but then his dad ATE HALF OF IT during some camping trip! Hahahahaha, that had to be awkward or something! o_O

I limited myself to salad, veggies, steamed chicken drumsticks, one piece of steak, and such when it came time to eat. We all applauded Andrew for being the first clubber to become a leader... he's so young, but we'll all support him! At dinner, a bunch of people were discussing my sister: she likes telling my mom about her menstrual irregularities at dinner and such, and of course my dad doesn't much appreciate it. So this one time, he banged his fist on the table and yelled "ARE YOU PREGNANT?!" at her. Steph was re-enacting this at the Bon's breakfast last week for the guys (don't ask...), and after she imitated my dad, she got LOOKS from a bunch of people in the restaurant since they apparently thought she was asking the guys if they were pregnant... she got like the WORST surprised look from this one white dude who was just gobsmacked! o_O Joey asked if I remembered that incident.. I wasn't there for it, but I certainly heard about it later! My dad's known for being really loud / authoritative... he'd SCARE the kids if he were in Awana, for sure!

From there, we talked about how Chris was sometimes... he had to ask one of the guys what man-boobs were, for instance! (although Patrick's younger sister once said that she wouldn't mind a fiancé with man-boobs, because then they could share clothes!) Emily told us about what she'd do for her boyfriend Mike's birthday on Sept. 26, which made me think about what I'd do for my own next week... eep, that quick! (nothing TOO expensive like Rasputin, as I told Sam later on) Cindy told us that she was taking a leave of absence for at least one year since she's too busy with school / work... that made us very sad, since she's an excellent leader! Later, Joey unsuccessfully tried to fit his head through the gaps in the banister. Melia told Sam and Joey how Jon used to playfully slap girls until my dad caught him doing it once: "You shouldn't do that, Jonathan... there might be a lawsuit!" He still does it to his guy friends, and not at all to me or Steph.

Sam drove me home, and I said I'd confirm Awana rides with him on Friday nights now that he's in Daniel Fellowship... but I'll have to bus it out this Saturday because he signed up for the Walk-A-Thon, and I'll probably stay for the E-Free Worship service since both him and my sister are doing stuff for that. (the sacrifices you make when your local rides are active at church... although I'm still hoping I can get a ride home with someone, haha o_O) I also told him to save the date of my birthday (the 17th), since I might be doing something for it after Awana... who knows. The Daniel Fellowship people were asking him all sorts of weird questions ("How would you describe your ideal mate?") on Friday to know him better, and apparently my siblings came up with some real doozies.

Nathan would come up with those too, but he's moved to my Fellowship. There was this time we were all playing Eunice's twisted card game, and he came up with "Would you still stay with your potential partner if they lost both arms and one leg?" Speaking of Nathan, he just came online with a name referencing a Broken Flowers show at 1:20 tomorrow at Silvercity Riverport. (he always helps people out, and that's SO appreciated!) I might be up for that before the PNE and such, but I need to catch up on my sleep so perhaps not... I can SO see myself waking up at like 2 PM tomorrow since I'm so tired now. *thud*

The return of the sulfur burps has happened. Is it stress or something else? I'm not sure. But this happens at least once a year... :P

What Your Underwear Says About You

When you're bad, you're very bad. And when you're good, you're still trouble!

You're comfortable in your own skin - and don't care to impress anyone.

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