Saturday, August 28, 2010

BORING_PEOPLE Chat 8, Part 2 (08.28.10)

Cast of Characters, In Order of Appearance Angel, AKA angelcerv25 Erin, AKA shedtheirony Emily Susan, AKA ellysusan081 me, AKA glowing_dragon Kat, AKA brackishkitten Mikaela, AKA embryogirl Laura, AKA raginghostility Marsha, AKA bluemarz04 Laura A., AKA kitkatkrisp (LovelyXMissOreoX) Jill, AKA quaizr Steve, AKA nyquilsteve317 [21:08:33] angelcerv21: yeah we have two new people tonight - raginghostility and quaizr [21:09:01] DShout: ^.^ [21:09:08] grr its RawRa: heh. yeah. [21:09:12] angelcerv21: i am memorable, but sometimes i don't want to be. it's impossible to blend in [21:09:18] angelcerv21: i stick out anywhere i go [21:09:35] angelcerv21: like after my interview at sears in the mall [21:09:37] grr its RawRa: i only can remember your name because its in your screen name. lol [21:09:40] DShout: i'm a babybat goth, so i don't blend in too well either [21:09:47] angelcerv21: i was walking by and this one kid was looking at me from a store [21:09:52] guaaaache: what's a babybat goth? [21:09:53] angelcerv21: he grabbed his friend and turned him to face me [21:10:01] angelcerv21: a fluff goth [21:10:08] angelcerv21: likes stufffed animals and yarn for hair [21:10:08] guaaaache: what's a fluff goth? [21:10:12] angelcerv21: and color [21:10:24] angelcerv21: then the kids giggled and gawked as I walked by [21:10:38] grr its RawRa: i dont go out. >.< [21:10:40] angelcerv21: i didn't get it, so I figured it was my sexy good looks [21:10:57] guaaaache: I can type more now because my hands aren't covered in salt anymore [21:10:59] DShout: babybat is someone who is a younger goth (though i'm 17), and doesn't have a lot of outfits and everything about the subculture figured out yet. [21:11:03] angelcerv21: hahhahahah [21:11:14] angelcerv21: that makes more sense [21:11:15] DShout: Though i've been doing a shit load of research. [21:11:17] *** NyquilSteve317 has joined the chat. [21:11:18] angelcerv21: I must be thinking of candy goth [21:11:22] angelcerv21: yay steve! [21:11:25] NyquilSteve317: howdy [21:11:29] DShout: yo! [21:11:29] guaaaache: I don't see the point in being goth [21:11:31] angelcerv21: i have entire books on the goth subject [21:11:35] Bluemarz04: hey hey [21:11:35] DShout: ^.^ [21:11:36] grr its RawRa: hi [21:11:37] angelcerv21: books i can't bear to post for sale [21:11:41] DShout: I love it so much! [21:11:42] NyquilSteve317: i got distracted reading [21:11:49] NyquilSteve317: now im back [21:11:51] angelcerv21: people call me goth, but i don't feel such [21:11:55] DShout: i liek reading so it's okay. [21:12:01] NyquilSteve317: who doesn't lick reading [21:12:05] lovelyXmissXoreo: people call me emo, but i seem too happy to be emo :( [21:12:06] guaaaache: I like it too... but I would never put that much time and money into my appearance [21:12:06] angelcerv21: though that's the edge I'll take - and the BDSM edge - for topless dancing [21:12:08] NyquilSteve317: i can't fucking read [21:12:09] NyquilSteve317: fuck [21:12:12] NyquilSteve317: jesus christ! [21:12:18] angelcerv21: lick reading [21:12:20] angelcerv21: hahahah [21:12:23] DShout: people don't say much to me... only one person has asked me. I feel special [21:12:25] NyquilSteve317: im not even drinking [21:12:33] guaaaache: what, you should [21:12:35] NyquilSteve317: huh? [21:12:44] angelcerv21: drink [21:12:47] angelcerv21: i was last night [21:12:49] angelcerv21: skipped my meds [21:12:54] angelcerv21: but i just took my pill tonight [21:12:55] NyquilSteve317: i might be called to be a dd [21:12:57] NyquilSteve317: so i can't [21:12:58] AmethystBrackish: I want a waffle ice cream sammich [21:13:02] guaaaache: dd? [21:13:06] NyquilSteve317: i mean i would like to be drinking now, it would really help me sleep [21:13:07] grr its RawRa: designated driver? [21:13:08] angelcerv21: designated driver [21:13:10] NyquilSteve317: yes [21:13:21] guaaaache: that's why i don't drive [21:13:30] grr its RawRa: im not old enough to drink legally :( [21:13:35] lovelyXmissXoreo: what would you do if a shark started eating you? [21:13:37] angelcerv21: what do you call that in australia? the one who is sober so all the drunk ones have transport? [21:13:41] NyquilSteve317: hatter is out with her friends and may need me to pick her up if she drinks too much [21:13:45] guaaaache: the same thing [21:13:46] angelcerv21: age call, and go! [21:13:48] angelcerv21: I'm 25 [21:13:52] lovelyXmissXoreo: 19! [21:13:53] NyquilSteve317: ask if it wanted salt with me [21:13:56] grr its RawRa: im 19. [21:14:00] NyquilSteve317: tsk tsk [21:14:02] NyquilSteve317: children! [21:14:10] lovelyXmissXoreo: LOL IRONIC [21:14:10] angelcerv21: burn [21:14:11] DShout: i'm 17. Haha! [21:14:13] angelcerv21: wow! [21:14:15] Bluemarz04: 24 [21:14:18] guaaaache: 24 [21:14:20] NyquilSteve317: 19 was fun, i still knew everything then [21:14:23] Bluemarz04: boring 24, haha [21:14:27] angelcerv21: i still know everythng, shit [21:14:29] AmethystBrackish: I wish I could be drunk right now [21:14:36] grr its RawRa: i act older than most i know though. that should count for something. lol [21:14:41] NyquilSteve317: i don't even have booze here if i wanted some [21:14:43] guaaaache: me too, but i'm in a library. i don't think they allow it [21:14:50] NyquilSteve317: gotta sneak it [21:14:52] angelcerv21: hahahahaha [21:14:57] AmethystBrackish: lol* [21:15:00] NyquilSteve317: being drunk in a library makes it soo much better [21:15:02] guaaaache: they have security guards who walk past [21:15:03] angelcerv21: those non see-through water bottles [21:15:05] grr its RawRa: so you're from australia? [21:15:16] angelcerv21: location - go! [21:15:20] NyquilSteve317: hell, wear a beer helmet [21:15:20] angelcerv21: I'm in washington state [21:15:21] lovelyXmissXoreo: CALIFORNIA [21:15:22] grr its RawRa: Florida. [21:15:23] NyquilSteve317: why not [21:15:26] NyquilSteve317: michigan [21:15:32] guaaaache: i don't have one [21:15:36] Bluemarz04: texas, hooray [21:15:39] angelcerv21: australia! [21:15:41] NyquilSteve317: i need one! i must find one [21:15:47] NyquilSteve317: that would be kinda amazing [21:15:52] grr its RawRa: oh my goodness. ive always wanted to go to australia. [21:15:52] DShout: I live in connecticut! Yay! [21:15:55] angelcerv21: a beer helmet? [21:15:57] NyquilSteve317: yes [21:15:58] AmethystBrackish: Pennsylvania, I hope I spelled that right hahaha i'm fucking stupid [21:16:00] NyquilSteve317: a beer helmet [21:16:05] angelcerv21: yeah you did [21:16:12] AmethystBrackish: yay! [21:16:16] angelcerv21: so we are scattered about [21:16:17] grr its RawRa: my friends and i were planning a trip there once, but she backed out. [21:16:25] guaaaache: where were you going to go? [21:16:27] AmethystBrackish: to PA? [21:16:28] NyquilSteve317: to where? connecticut? [21:16:28] grr its RawRa: aus [21:16:29] DShout: I must be off to the bathroom! I will come back later. [21:16:37] DShout: *flounce flounce flounce* [21:16:39] angelcerv21: taking a good shit? [21:16:39] guaaaache: yes, obviously. where? [21:16:39] NyquilSteve317: k, say hi to your mother for me [21:16:49] grr its RawRa: sydney side. [21:17:08] guaaaache: the east, yay [21:17:15] guaaaache: don't go to queensland [21:17:23] angelcerv21: why is it ghetto? [21:17:24] grr its RawRa: why not? [21:17:31] NyquilSteve317: its barron horribleness [21:17:34] guaaaache: it's too hot and full of bogans [21:17:38] angelcerv21: what's that mean? [21:17:44] Bluemarz04: bogans? [21:17:47] guaaaache: no, western australia is the barron horribleness [21:17:49] NyquilSteve317: bogans are paul hogans brotre [21:17:52] NyquilSteve317: oh ok [21:17:53] guaaaache: but at least perth is pretty [21:17:53] AlenaBrolxFlami: I'm glowing_dragon, and I'm 33 [21:17:56] grr its RawRa: we were gonna keep travelling south and make our way to tasmania. [21:18:00] NyquilSteve317: bogans are rednecks [21:18:07] angelcerv21: glowing dragon is the oldest [21:18:10] NyquilSteve317: i heard a bogan song [21:18:11] guaaaache: bogans are like gross and annoying people [21:18:13] NyquilSteve317: about bogans [21:18:15] AlenaBrolxFlami: thanks, Angel, thanks... :P [21:18:15] NyquilSteve317: its was great [21:18:18] Bluemarz04: i see a lot of bogans here, haha [21:18:18] AmethystBrackish: she wins the room [21:18:19] angelcerv21: hahahaha [21:18:20] guaaaache: who have no manners or sense of other people around them [21:18:28] grr its RawRa: all i think of is vogans when i hear bogans. [21:18:34] DShout: lolzs [21:18:34] AlenaBrolxFlami: what's that? [21:18:35] NyquilSteve317: so theyre republicans? [21:18:43] lovelyXmissXoreo: lol [21:18:44] angelcerv21: i've never heard the term bogan, but it sounds a lot like america's right wing nutters and hiljacks [21:18:46] guaaaache: we don't have republicans [21:18:48] Bluemarz04: i think the australians that go to the college here might be from there [21:18:50] angelcerv21: hahahaha steve [21:18:58] NyquilSteve317: we don't either [21:19:02] angelcerv21: australia is my dreamland [21:19:07] NyquilSteve317: we have insane weirdos that say they are republicans [21:19:13] lovelyXmissXoreo: i wanna get a new screen name lol [21:19:18] angelcerv21: pretty much what steve said [21:19:20] guaaaache: i mean, we don't actually use that term here [21:19:24] NyquilSteve317: poor repulicans... 120 years ago they were pretty cool [21:19:30] angelcerv21: god, that beck guy... what a stain on the face of the earth [21:19:33] grr its RawRa: i was told to go to college in australia. [21:19:36] lovelyXmissXoreo: brb [21:19:39] *** lovelyXmissXoreo has left the chat. [21:19:39] NyquilSteve317: that fucker had to have a stroke [21:19:43] NyquilSteve317: cos he went bat shit [21:19:43] angelcerv21: yeah, they freed the slaves [21:19:55] AlenaBrolxFlami: Beck? [21:19:57] NyquilSteve317: he used to be mildly entertaining, and raise a few good points every now and then [21:19:58] angelcerv21: glenn beck [21:20:07] NyquilSteve317: and now he is just insane [21:20:07] angelcerv21: he was preachin today [21:20:09] NyquilSteve317: yeah [21:20:14] Bluemarz04: he is, haha [21:20:15] angelcerv21: too many followers he has [21:20:29] angelcerv21: dark times lie ahead with these religious nuts in control [21:20:29] NyquilSteve317: I love G gordon liddy cos he is a bat shit insane bad ass [21:20:33] angelcerv21: hate right wing nutters [21:20:35] DShout: i read that as 'flowers' [21:20:40] AlenaBrolxFlami: haha [21:20:43] grr its RawRa: ha me too actually [21:20:45] angelcerv21: hahahaha [21:20:47] DShout: i like it better that way [21:20:54] NyquilSteve317: i read his autobiography [21:20:57] NyquilSteve317: very interesting [21:20:58] angelcerv21: really? [21:21:03] guaaaache: his WordPress blog [21:21:04] angelcerv21: i don't think i could stomach it [21:21:09] DShout: Nobody should have too many flowers! [21:21:21] NyquilSteve317: well im gonna go have a fag brb [21:21:35] grr its RawRa: k then. [21:21:48] DShout: have a lovely time [21:22:01] guaaaache: I need to buy cigarettes [21:22:03] angelcerv21: i'm right here, have me! [21:22:08] grr its RawRa: lol [21:22:16] grr its RawRa: i wanna go to ireland. [21:22:20] AlenaBrolxFlami: so do I [21:22:27] angelcerv21: i want to get out of this country period [21:22:31] grr its RawRa: me too. [21:22:41] guaaaache: I want to go to that lame Australian theme restaurant in the US [21:22:44] angelcerv21: if i don't make it to grad school, that's my plan [21:22:46] angelcerv21: canada [21:22:53] grr its RawRa: outback? [21:22:56] angelcerv21: hahaha, outback steakhouse [21:22:58] guaaaache: I don't know what it's called [21:23:01] guaaaache: I just want to laugh at it [21:23:08] grr its RawRa: ive never actually been to outback. [21:23:11] grr its RawRa: but i do love steak, [21:23:15] angelcerv21: the commercials i remember were so funny [21:23:23] AlenaBrolxFlami: never been there [21:23:25] angelcerv21: a fake aussie accent [21:23:38] Bluemarz04: i don't eat enough meat to spend o much on a steak [21:23:46] angelcerv21: "come out to outback steakhouse... down under!" [21:23:52] angelcerv21: or something like that [21:23:53] grr its RawRa: hahaha [21:23:57] guaaaache: hahaha [21:23:58] guaaaache: down under [21:24:02] angelcerv21: yep [21:24:06] angelcerv21: it's embarrassing [21:24:07] AlenaBrolxFlami: we have Morton's here, which is probably even more expensive [21:24:07] *** tallymonster622 has joined the chat. [21:24:15] AlenaBrolxFlami: hello, who are you? [21:24:16] AmethystBrackish: when they were first around, the food was good. now it's just eh [21:24:18] tallymonster622: there we go... aww damnit [21:24:27] tallymonster622: it's Laura i just changed my sn [21:24:29] angelcerv21: hey it's the old laura arroyo [21:24:32] AlenaBrolxFlami: oh, okay [21:24:34] tallymonster622: cuz i hated the other one [21:24:35] grr its RawRa: haaa now i can't remember who you are lol [21:24:35] tallymonster622: lol [21:24:42] tallymonster622: yay! [21:24:45] guaaaache: this chat is so hard to keep up with [21:24:54] grr its RawRa: you're telling me. lol [21:24:56] angelcerv21: 9 people [21:25:02] tallymonster622: lol i changed cuz this kid kept bugging me on my other one [21:25:03] angelcerv21: biggest turnout yet! [21:25:05] guaaaache: I literally can't do anything else or I'll miss too much [21:25:17] guaaaache: and my computer is TINY [21:25:20] Bluemarz04: i'm glad i made it to this one [21:25:20] AlenaBrolxFlami: really. I expect you're breathing right now. [21:25:37] angelcerv21: yeah for all involved, bp chat is every saturday at 6pm western time [21:25:39] AlenaBrolxFlami: (joking snarky) [21:25:47] grr its RawRa: i keep expecting my connection to blow up and me poofing. [21:25:50] guaaaache: SO FUNNY [21:25:51] tallymonster622: there we go, colored and everything [21:25:51] angelcerv21: poofing [21:25:57] tallymonster622: O: so fanceh [21:26:03] angelcerv21: i'm lame with my lame font and lame script [21:26:04] guaaaache: again with the poofing I see [21:26:10] grr its RawRa: heh me too angel. [21:26:10] NyquilSteve317: if id have known she was going drinkin all night i would have stayed out at the lake [21:26:26] angelcerv21: how was your lake trip? [21:26:32] angelcerv21: do any swimming? [21:26:45] angelcerv21: i go to the lake to practice my firepole [21:26:56] NyquilSteve317: no swimming, lots of fishing, weeding, burning, drinking [21:27:04] grr its RawRa: oh no! kitteh got blowed up. [21:27:07] angelcerv21: weeding? like smoking weed? [21:27:12] guaaaache: lol [21:27:17] NyquilSteve317: no, like weeding part of the lake [21:27:20] tallymonster622: lol hahah [21:27:25] angelcerv21: burning? [21:27:28] NyquilSteve317: fire [21:27:31] NyquilSteve317: campfire [21:27:32] angelcerv21: like burning a fire for smores? [21:27:39] guaaaache: what are smores? [21:27:44] NyquilSteve317: yes [21:27:44] tallymonster622: whut? [21:27:45] angelcerv21: oh my god!!! [21:27:48] NyquilSteve317: graham crackers [21:27:50] grr its RawRa: smores. nummies. [21:27:52] angelcerv21: marshmallow [21:27:55] NyquilSteve317: marshmallows [21:27:55] angelcerv21: chocolate [21:27:57] tallymonster622: and chocolate [21:27:58] NyquilSteve317: chocolate [21:28:03] angelcerv21: delicious [21:28:04] NyquilSteve317: awesomeness [21:28:07] tallymonster622: delishus [21:28:08] angelcerv21: heaven [21:28:11] Bluemarz04: agreed, haha [21:28:16] grr its RawRa: i worked at a summer camp, and made the campers make mine lol [21:28:24] angelcerv21: hell yeah, that's what they're there for [21:28:28] NyquilSteve317: roast the marshmallow over the fire and blam [21:28:30] guaaaache: I like how the chat almost exploded with responses when I asked what smores are [21:28:32] AlenaBrolxFlami: HAVE NOT HAD SMORES IN FOREVER [21:28:34] angelcerv21: we all know those campers are just slave labor in disguise [21:28:42] angelcerv21: i tried to make some in my microwave once [21:28:46] angelcerv21: should not have done that [21:28:51] NyquilSteve317: i hate hersheys since they changed the wrappers [21:28:56] NyquilSteve317: they thinned the chocolate somehow [21:28:59] NyquilSteve317: bastards [21:29:03] grr its RawRa: i made them on my grill [21:29:03] AmethystBrackish: lol [21:29:07] guaaaache: I have a gas cooktop, maybe I could make them on that [21:29:07] angelcerv21: yeah candy gets smaller and smaller [21:29:08] tallymonster622: there's a little machine that i saw on tv that you can use to make them in the microwave [21:29:08] Bluemarz04: did the marshmallow explode, haha [21:29:14] guaaaache: camping out in the kitchen [21:29:16] angelcerv21: have you seen how puny cadbury eggs have gotten?? [21:29:21] angelcerv21: yes, they exploded [21:29:24] tallymonster622: yes T_T [21:29:24] NyquilSteve317: no i haven't [21:29:29] angelcerv21: they used to be huge [21:29:32] angelcerv21: they're puny now [21:29:34] grr its RawRa: but the creme eggs are still delicious. :-) [21:29:43] angelcerv21: and the reese's eggs [21:29:46] NyquilSteve317: i will have to check em out this dead guy on a cross day [21:29:51] grr its RawRa: im not a huge fan of peanut butter. [21:29:58] angelcerv21: i eat it out of the jar [21:30:02] grr its RawRa: blek [21:30:14] AmethystBrackish: I want a PB&J sammich now [21:30:17] AlenaBrolxFlami: they still have Cadbury Eggs in certain stores here - I was surprised [21:30:22] angelcerv21: oh my god, a bird eater tarantula is for sale at a pet store on the east side [21:30:23] grr its RawRa: i want some Nutella. [21:30:29] AlenaBrolxFlami: I saw kids making those yesterday... they loved them [21:30:39] angelcerv21: i must get the bird eater... [21:30:41] AlenaBrolxFlami: I saw a 2kg jar of peanut butter the other day [21:30:49] angelcerv21: i have one of those giant jars too [21:30:53] grr its RawRa: nasty. [21:30:53] angelcerv21: i only like eating it out of the jar [21:30:58] angelcerv21: with lots of milk [21:31:02] grr its RawRa: ill eat it on toast. [21:31:06] tallymonster622: omg lol facebook [21:31:09] AlenaBrolxFlami: what? [21:31:23] Bluemarz04: i can only eat it with bananas, but i don't usually eat pb [21:31:45] grr its RawRa: oooh i forgot about on celery [21:31:48] grr its RawRa: with raisins [21:31:49] angelcerv21: you know what's good? chocolate graham crackers with colby jack cheese [21:31:53] NyquilSteve317: ants on a log [21:31:59] grr its RawRa: yeeeah! [21:32:03] angelcerv21: ew celery [21:32:06] grr its RawRa: haha [21:32:07] *** guaaaache has left the chat. [21:32:09] angelcerv21: aw [21:32:15] NyquilSteve317: The Matrix is on, i haven't seen this movie in forever [21:32:20] NyquilSteve317: the other two tainted it for me [21:32:26] grr its RawRa: same here [21:32:28] tallymonster622: my cousin posted that someone stole his bike, and some pale white kid wrote: aaah fk na homie if i c a kidd ridin a bike lyk dat i;ll kick his a$$ 4 u [21:32:28] angelcerv21: i was so disappointed with the end of the 3rd movie [21:32:36] tallymonster622: i lol'd hard [21:32:37] *** guaaaache has left the chat. [21:32:50] NyquilSteve317: the second two were just sooo horrible [21:32:57] angelcerv21: it's funny when white kids try to be black [21:33:00] grr its RawRa: that they were [21:33:01] angelcerv21: we call them wiggers [21:33:07] tallymonster622: we call them idiots [21:33:11] NyquilSteve317: until they pull a piece [21:33:14] NyquilSteve317: then its not so fun [21:33:21] angelcerv21: hahahahaha yeah [21:33:22] grr its RawRa: haha [21:33:30] angelcerv21: i'm not allowed to buy a gun [21:33:35] angelcerv21: :-\ [21:33:41] DShout: i wouldn't want one anyways [21:33:45] angelcerv21: i want one! [21:33:47] AlenaBrolxFlami: ugh, I hate Netspeak [21:33:48] angelcerv21: i'm paranoid [21:33:52] NyquilSteve317: im going to get one eventually [21:33:58] grr its RawRa: i want to go hunting. [21:34:03] angelcerv21: yeah that too [21:34:05] tallymonster622: omg i love when white kids speak netspeak... it's so funny [21:34:08] NyquilSteve317: mossberg pursuader [21:34:16] tallymonster622: but i hate when my girly cousins do it [21:34:18] angelcerv21: netspeak trips me and alena up a lot [21:34:32] *** guaaaache has left the chat. [21:34:35] tallymonster622: like one of my cousins types like: [21:34:37] grr its RawRa: i stop trying to read it. [21:34:43] NyquilSteve317: i just hate ppl, in case you all didn't gather that [21:34:50] angelcerv21: i agree [21:34:55] DShout: i hate people too! [21:34:56] DShout: Yay! [21:35:04] NyquilSteve317: were terrible [21:35:05] angelcerv21: i isolate myself so much my psych gets worried [21:35:07] grr its RawRa: me too. but only in person. [21:35:07] Bluemarz04: just ignore them [21:35:11] tallymonster622: ooomg yoooou guuuuys liiiiiike i weeeent toooo thhhhheeee maaaalll annnd liiike goooot soooooommeeee neeeeew shoooooes [21:35:17] angelcerv21: he wants me to go through this special new experimental therapy [21:35:19] tallymonster622: i hate when she texts me like that [21:35:22] AmethystBrackish: >_> [21:35:26] grr its RawRa: i like talking to new ppl online. [21:35:29] tallymonster622: it's SO ANNOYING [21:35:37] angelcerv21: texting is so much work [21:35:43] angelcerv21: why add all those unneeded letters? [21:35:44] NyquilSteve317: on the cage to my pen, it says: "does not play well with others" [21:35:55] grr its RawRa: haa i love texting. [21:36:02] angelcerv21: cage hahahhaha [21:36:05] NyquilSteve317: i txt a lot [21:36:15] angelcerv21: my buddy is out of jail [21:36:25] angelcerv21: but he has court in september [21:36:25] NyquilSteve317: that was quick [21:36:30] angelcerv21: i know! [21:36:42] angelcerv21: trying to get him looking for a job but he doesn't seem to be trying very hard [21:36:55] NyquilSteve317: jobs are overrated [21:36:59] angelcerv21: and today, he asked me for money for weed because he knows he can't smoke after court [21:37:11] grr its RawRa: my job is now a babysitter. i babysit for food. [21:37:20] angelcerv21: but i have nothing, hence huge amounts of shit for sale online [21:37:35] NyquilSteve317: better than being a whore for food, i suppose [21:37:37] Bluemarz04: i don't like kids enough to watch them [21:37:49] NyquilSteve317: i hate children too, so kudos to you for being able to stand them [21:38:18] DShout: i don't like children, either [21:38:18] AmethystBrackish: I have a child. I don't want more that aren't mine and I can't really yell at [21:38:38] tallymonster622: i want a baby. :3 [21:38:40] NyquilSteve317: weve done it trinity. weve found him [21:38:47] NyquilSteve317: why the fuck would you wanna do that? [21:38:54] NyquilSteve317: children suck [21:38:57] tallymonster622: lol [21:39:00] tallymonster622: other people's kids do [21:39:01] Bluemarz04: they do lol [21:39:04] NyquilSteve317: soul sucking little parasites [21:39:06] tallymonster622: but mine will be awesome [21:39:12] AmethystBrackish: lol babies = awesome... Children... not so much [21:39:17] NyquilSteve317: oh sure! thats what they all say [21:39:17] tallymonster622: lol! [21:39:17] Bluemarz04: some kids climbed on our roof once [21:39:22] tallymonster622: wtf? [21:39:31] Bluemarz04: and when i was asked why, i didn't tell them anything [21:39:38] NyquilSteve317: my kid will be amazing, and you're right... to you, it will be! to the rest of the world, we wont give a fuck [21:39:44] Bluemarz04: i just said i was waiting for one of them to fall off, haha [21:39:59] Bluemarz04: then they'll know not to do it again [21:40:04] NyquilSteve317: i have seen so many go down that dark path of parenthood [21:40:12] NyquilSteve317: they go from awesome person [21:40:14] NyquilSteve317: to mom [21:40:16] NyquilSteve317: or dad [21:40:17] AmethystBrackish: lol [21:40:24] *** grr its RawRa has left the chat. [21:40:28] NyquilSteve317: and the light goes out in their eyes, and all they talk about is their fucking poop factory [21:40:37] AmethystBrackish: lol [21:40:42] tallymonster622: lol [21:40:45] NyquilSteve317: like their kid is so fucking amazing, and they have no life anymore other than their damn kid [21:40:55] NyquilSteve317: ugh [21:40:56] NyquilSteve317: i hate it [21:41:06] *** guaaaache has left the chat. [21:41:08] NyquilSteve317: i hear someone is knocked up and im like... oh well, there goes another [21:41:13] tallymonster622: lol [21:41:14] AmethystBrackish: LMAO! [21:41:19] Bluemarz04: haha [21:41:25] NyquilSteve317: guess we wont be seeing them for 18 years [21:41:37] NyquilSteve317: "we're having a baby" "oohh im sorry" [21:41:42] AmethystBrackish: lol [21:41:43] tallymonster622: xD [21:41:46] NyquilSteve317: "on purpose?" [21:41:49] tallymonster622: no, maybe like 16 [21:41:53] NyquilSteve317: those are my usual responses [21:41:58] AmethystBrackish: Lol [21:42:04] Bluemarz04: baby momma drama is boring [21:42:22] tallymonster622: ^agreed [21:42:40] NyquilSteve317: blech [21:42:43] AmethystBrackish: I want another baby, I wonder if I can trade the child I have now for a younger, newer model [21:42:45] NyquilSteve317: im throwing up just thinking about it [21:42:47] Bluemarz04: this 17-year-old was trying to tell me about her drama once [21:43:03] Bluemarz04: not the best day [21:43:46] NyquilSteve317: oh, look at my kid! wanna hear what my kid did! well i would love to come out and play, steve! but i cant cos im a parent now, so I suck at life! [21:44:22] AmethystBrackish: life does kinda end when you have a kid [21:44:34] NyquilSteve317: it's the ultimate flag of surrender! WELL MY LIFE IS FUCKED so i will pass it on to the next generation and hope that maybe their life wont suck! maybe they will break the chain of suckatude [21:44:43] NyquilSteve317: the lights go out, the spark goes out [21:44:55] NyquilSteve317: dead trolls of ppl raising horrible little creatures [21:45:16] NyquilSteve317: 25 btu's of body heat [21:45:22] NyquilSteve317: really laurence fishburne? [21:45:32] NyquilSteve317: if that were the case, i could heat my lake house with just my body heat [21:46:14] AmethystBrackish: BLEACH, BITCHES!!!! be back soon [21:46:46] Bluemarz04: random thought: why can't there be more david bowies in the world? [21:46:51] angelcerv21: having babies is not only turning your life off for the sake of another, but is dangerous for the already badly taxed world we live in [21:46:59] tallymonster622: because one is awesome enough [21:47:06] NyquilSteve317: "bowie always was a trend setter" [21:47:08] Bluemarz04: ^this [21:47:10] Bluemarz04: haha [21:47:15] NyquilSteve317: tell me what thats from [21:47:18] NyquilSteve317: and you win a cookie [21:47:24] angelcerv21: not sure [21:47:32] NyquilSteve317: no cookie for you then [21:47:42] angelcerv21: :-( [21:47:56] angelcerv21: i could use the weight gain too [21:48:14] NyquilSteve317: dumbest name ever on tv: Topanga [21:48:29] Bluemarz04: Boy Meets World [21:48:31] angelcerv21: yeah i can tell i'm not missing much with this tv business [21:48:32] tallymonster622: Boy Meets World for the win [21:48:37] NyquilSteve317: it was from Venture Brothers... the bowie thing [21:48:42] NyquilSteve317: damn right [21:48:43] Bluemarz04: damn! [21:48:53] NyquilSteve317: i love that girl... she is hot, but her new show isn't all that funny [21:48:55] NyquilSteve317: she tries [21:48:56] tallymonster622: wat? :) [21:49:00] NyquilSteve317: but its just not the soup [21:49:08] NyquilSteve317: The dish [21:49:12] AmethystBrackish: damn I was just about to say Venture Brothers [21:49:15] Bluemarz04: i like it, haha [21:49:28] NyquilSteve317: I watch it cos i like her [21:49:29] angelcerv21: this drug war has got to stop [21:49:37] NyquilSteve317: yes it does [21:49:42] *** guaaaache has left the chat. [21:49:47] NyquilSteve317: i have been hooked on Tosh.0 [21:49:56] NyquilSteve317: cos he is such a douche! i long to be that douchey [21:50:02] AmethystBrackish: lol [21:50:09] AmethystBrackish: he's awesomely hilarious [21:50:11] angelcerv21: i don't see the logic of taking someone looking to get high and ruining their future with prison, fines, and a broken record [21:50:13] *** guaaaache has left the chat. [21:50:13] NyquilSteve317: its like a hurricane of douche! [21:50:15] AlenaBrolxFlami: yum, soup [21:50:16] angelcerv21: prison is for violent folks [21:50:25] angelcerv21: we lock up more than any nation on earth because of this drug war [21:50:33] NyquilSteve317: most of them black [21:50:39] angelcerv21: and women [21:50:49] AmethystBrackish: "momma said titties should squeeze themselves" [21:50:51] angelcerv21: 90% increase in women in prison in the last 2 decades [21:50:59] NyquilSteve317: i say penal (giggity) colony [21:51:04] tallymonster622: lol [21:51:10] AmethystBrackish: lol [21:51:13] NyquilSteve317: look how badass australia is [21:51:14] angelcerv21: have you read In The Penal Colony by Franz Kafka? [21:51:22] angelcerv21: fucking sick [21:51:23] NyquilSteve317: theyre all a bunch of crook offspring [21:51:28] angelcerv21: hahahaha yeah [21:51:31] AmethystBrackish: peen.. [21:51:32] angelcerv21: in a way [21:51:39] NyquilSteve317: and they talk awesome and have a lot of hotties [21:51:40] angelcerv21: peen... is [21:51:47] NyquilSteve317: and are just like wheeeee we're aussies we rule [21:51:52] angelcerv21: or canada [21:51:58] NyquilSteve317: canada is worthless [21:52:13] angelcerv21: but better [21:52:14] NyquilSteve317: i went to toronto, walked around, took a shit, and left [21:52:22] angelcerv21: hahahaha took a shit [21:52:41] NyquilSteve317: i was like "what the fuck is this? this is toronto? this is the great toronto everyone hypes?" (shit) leave [21:52:46] Bluemarz04: ah, you made me spit my drink out, haha [21:52:50] AmethystBrackish: lol [21:52:54] tallymonster622: I NEED A SODA BRB [21:53:06] angelcerv21: I want more of that chicken stir fry [21:53:25] AlenaBrolxFlami: reading [21:53:44] NyquilSteve317: theyre kreepy nice in canada, like they are waiting for you to let your guard down so they can ass fuck you and steal your kidneys [21:53:55] AmethystBrackish: O_O [21:54:09] angelcerv21: ass fuck.... makin me horny again [21:54:50] AmethystBrackish: I wanna stab someone and stick my finger in the hole [21:55:03] tallymonster622: ^ WUT? [21:55:17] NyquilSteve317: best conversation ever... gruff construction foreman to gay caterer: "hey tom, my wife has been riding my ass about bookin you for my son's open house" gay caterer: "first off, if someone is riding your ass... its never a bad thing, honey. second, what day is it" [21:55:34] NyquilSteve317: that is a fetish [21:55:37] tallymonster622: lol [21:55:39] NyquilSteve317: i forget what its called [21:55:43] NyquilSteve317: oh yeah, FUCKED UP! [21:55:50] angelcerv21: fetishes are fun [21:55:52] NyquilSteve317: nawh [21:56:03] NyquilSteve317: fetishes are fun in a way that bowling is fun [21:56:08] angelcerv21: foot fetish? Don't really get that one [21:56:21] angelcerv21: bowling is boring! [21:56:32] NyquilSteve317: the part of the brain that controls sexual desire is right next to the part that controls your feet, sometimes they cross a bit [21:56:35] NyquilSteve317: hence foot fetish [21:56:38] NyquilSteve317: i know this [21:58:33] NyquilSteve317: did i get disconnected [21:58:37] NyquilSteve317: did everyone die [21:58:40] NyquilSteve317: the world blow up [21:58:47] tallymonster622: yes [21:58:49] NyquilSteve317: wow [21:58:50] NyquilSteve317: amazing [21:58:56] Bluemarz04: if only, haha [21:58:57] tallymonster622: hehe [21:59:00] DShout: no [21:59:06] NyquilSteve317: now i can eat cake naked on my front porch and not get arrested [21:59:10] DShout: you only wish the whole world blew up [21:59:46] NyquilSteve317: cos well, sometimes ya just gotta eat cake naked [21:59:49] tallymonster622: ew my mom came in here telling me to go to sleep because we got church tomorrow ):< [21:59:59] NyquilSteve317: ahahaa your mom tells you what to do! [22:00:14] tallymonster622: no, i'm not going to sleep yet, it's only 10 [22:00:28] NyquilSteve317: say hi to your mother for me [22:00:47] tallymonster622: she sez hi back, and when are you going to pay that child support? [22:01:48] angelcerv21: oh burn [22:01:52] NyquilSteve317: Mark Wahlberg talks to animals [22:01:54] tallymonster622: lol [22:01:57] NyquilSteve317: bad recording, but you get the idea [22:02:07] NyquilSteve317: as soon as she pay the medical bills for my herpes [22:02:07] *** grr its RawRa has left the chat. [22:02:09] tallymonster622: i know i love that one [22:02:10] angelcerv21: you should be able to sit naked on your porch, steve. it's your property [22:02:11] tallymonster622: xD [22:02:21] angelcerv21: if cops come on there, tell them they have to have a warrant [22:02:25] angelcerv21: or get lost [22:02:29] NyquilSteve317: right, but well, i guess nakedness affects children badly somehow [22:02:35] angelcerv21: really? [22:02:39] angelcerv21: strange [22:02:41] NyquilSteve317: yah [22:02:43] NyquilSteve317: who knew [22:02:48] NyquilSteve317: decency laws or somethin [22:02:49] angelcerv21: nakedness is so.... normal [22:02:55] *** grr its RawRa has joined the chat. [22:02:59] NyquilSteve317: never mind theyve been sucking milk out of their mom's fun bags [22:03:06] angelcerv21: hahahahah [22:03:08] NyquilSteve317: thats not traumatising or anything [22:03:10] grr its RawRa: quite the sentence to come back to. [22:03:17] NyquilSteve317: confusing later in life [22:03:40] tallymonster622: lolol [22:03:48] angelcerv21: i'm naked right now [22:03:57] NyquilSteve317: next time the time presents itself, and i have coffee... and a woman is being all gross and tit-nursing in public, im gonna ask her for a squirt for my coffee [22:04:09] grr its RawRa: lol [22:04:09] angelcerv21: hahahahaha [22:04:27] NyquilSteve317: wouldn't be really sexual harassment [22:04:27] Bluemarz04: awesome, haha [22:04:35] NyquilSteve317: cos there is nothing sexual about being a cow [22:04:40] angelcerv21: exactly [22:04:45] NyquilSteve317: in bad taste, of course [22:04:47] angelcerv21: stop breeding [22:04:52] NyquilSteve317: but so is flopping your tits out [22:04:53] angelcerv21: no more babies [22:05:10] tallymonster622: well time to go play The Sims ;P [22:05:16] tallymonster622: i'll see you guys later! [22:05:16] NyquilSteve317: while im trying to look at porn filled with not saggy swelled stretched breasts [22:05:16] angelcerv21: lame [22:05:21] grr its RawRa: bye! [22:05:23] tallymonster622: ew, lol [22:05:33] angelcerv21: my breasts are cut and perky [22:05:36] NyquilSteve317: im gonna go fag again [22:05:40] tallymonster622: buuuuhhhheeeey [22:05:41] angelcerv21: puttin them to good use soon! [22:05:47] *** tallymonster622 has left the chat. [22:06:36] grr its RawRa: who is left here? [22:06:43] Bluemarz04: i'm still here [22:06:43] angelcerv21: me [22:06:53] Bluemarz04: just looking around [22:07:03] angelcerv21: we have 7 people still in the room [22:07:03] grr its RawRa: in still watching a movie. [22:07:27] grr its RawRa: yeah i dont have a list. it only says i'm here [22:07:27] Bluemarz04: Porcelain and the Tramps, Red Light District [22:09:16] grr its RawRa: poor rocco [22:09:35] NyquilSteve317: im back [22:09:41] NyquilSteve317: wtf the bars close at two [22:09:43] NyquilSteve317: no text [22:09:52] NyquilSteve317: good thing im not the controlling / worried type [22:10:40] Bluemarz04: damn laptop battery [22:11:24] Bluemarz04: dear dell, thanks for the douchebaggery that is your computer. sincerely, your future shooter. [22:11:34] NyquilSteve317: dells are terrible [22:11:37] NyquilSteve317: always have been [22:11:40] DShout: i like my dell [22:11:47] NyquilSteve317: i dunno how they got popular [22:11:54] DShout: I got her five years ago, and she's a very nice girlie. [22:12:18] NyquilSteve317: every dell lappy i have ever seen has 1. overheated 2. had a bad power source [22:12:31] NyquilSteve317: 3. had a floppy monitor hinge [22:12:46] Bluemarz04: that is my computer [22:12:57] *** grr its RawRa has left the chat. [22:13:15] DShout: well, mine is a desktop since we can't afford laptops [22:13:35] NyquilSteve317: get a netbook [22:13:39] NyquilSteve317: theyre uber cheap [22:13:42] DShout: why [22:13:48] DShout: leslie works fine [22:14:02] Bluemarz04: i had an ASUS netbook and the damn thing died after a week [22:14:11] NyquilSteve317: suit yourself [22:14:11] DShout: lolzs you fail [22:14:31] DShout: that's called "you're being a failure"... stop dropping the thing. [22:14:54] NyquilSteve317: i haven't heard much about the ASUS [22:15:05] DShout: its commercial is very weird [22:15:14] Bluemarz04: i think it overheated and burned out [22:15:28] DShout: whatever. [22:15:36] DShout: Leslie only overheats in the summertime [22:15:53] angelcerv21: my new gateway is awesome [22:16:00] angelcerv21: big-ass laptop [22:16:04] DShout: i remember those [22:16:05] angelcerv21: it's my internet I hate [22:16:54] DShout: DDD: awws [22:17:44] *** grr its RawRa has joined the chat. [22:17:51] grr its RawRa: damn internet. [22:18:19] DShout: i need more lace clothing [22:18:28] NyquilSteve317: we're at that awkward point on the east coast. before the hilarious infomercials and after any viable tv shows [22:18:37] NyquilSteve317: i need more crystal meth [22:18:42] grr its RawRa: lol [22:18:52] grr its RawRa: i just need more money. [22:19:14] angelcerv21: yes, options [22:19:32] NyquilSteve317: options just make things confusing [22:19:43] angelcerv21: but at least the chance for survival is there [22:19:53] DShout: i don't have anything hooked up to my tv (who's named erika btw) except for my dvd player. [22:19:53] angelcerv21: i am running out of options [22:20:00] *** grr its RawRa has left the chat. [22:20:03] NyquilSteve317: why do you name your shit? [22:20:08] DShout: well [22:20:21] DShout: i have a nice little note all written out on my fb for that [22:20:29] DShout: but you aren't my friend on fb [22:20:34] NyquilSteve317: oh, well im not that interested [22:20:42] DShout: i didn't think you would be [22:20:54] DShout: which is why i wouldn't bother to do anything about it. [22:20:54] NyquilSteve317: your clairvoyance is astounding [22:21:25] DShout: no just normal observance of how much my friends care. (not much) and how much other people care. (even less) [22:21:34] angelcerv21: i hate facebook [22:21:38] angelcerv21: never gonna use it [22:21:44] NyquilSteve317: well, its good to have a perspective on such things and not be delusional [22:21:52] NyquilSteve317: im quickly growing tired of it as well [22:22:03] NyquilSteve317: to many ppl are my friends that shouldn't be [22:22:12] NyquilSteve317: but its rude to not let them be your friend [22:22:21] DShout: not really [22:22:21] angelcerv21: fuck facebook, I miss the golden days of myspace! [22:22:36] DShout: i only have 28 friends on fb cause i actually care about them. [22:22:45] angelcerv21: damn. that's a lot [22:22:49] NyquilSteve317: mom: "why haven't you accepted my friends request" me: "cos i don't want you reading my shit!" [22:22:50] angelcerv21: i wouldn't have anyone to add [22:22:52] NyquilSteve317: that goes over real well [22:23:06] DShout: my mom doesn't have a fb [22:23:10] angelcerv21: family members get all involved, that's weird [22:23:13] NyquilSteve317: yeah [22:23:17] NyquilSteve317: and former co-workers [22:23:19] NyquilSteve317: and shit [22:23:26] NyquilSteve317: and im like blah my bubble has gotten too big [22:23:27] DShout: i refuse to add any of my family members cause i don't know [22:23:31] DShout: it's just weird [22:23:55] NyquilSteve317: so am i going to get a drunken phone call, or is hatter gonna make it home [22:24:00] NyquilSteve317: lets take bets [22:24:24] DShout: i don't have any money. All of my money is in my meridian fund. [22:24:43] NyquilSteve317: its just money [22:24:53] NyquilSteve317: it comes / it goes [22:24:57] NyquilSteve317: it comes back again [22:25:06] angelcerv21: it isn't real [22:25:31] DShout: you have an even stranger sense of real then my friend does [22:25:39] NyquilSteve317: when i look back at some great times in my life, the last thing i remember is "holy fuck i was sooo broke!" [22:25:47] angelcerv21: ha [22:25:54] DShout: XD [22:26:10] NyquilSteve317: i never look back and think "gosh, i remember that time i was digging thru couch cushions to get enough money for cigarettes" [22:26:24] angelcerv21: i remember those times [22:26:29] NyquilSteve317: yesterday [22:26:33] angelcerv21: hahahaha [22:26:58] DShout: v.v [22:27:34] DShout: it's okay david sedaris (a very funny writer) once wrote a story about that time he vacuumed his whole apartment with his nose looking for crack. [22:27:45] angelcerv21: wow [22:27:45] NyquilSteve317: he's fun [22:27:53] NyquilSteve317: and outrageously homosexual [22:28:03] DShout: eh, whatever. [22:28:08] NyquilSteve317: i like his sister a lot, too [22:28:15] angelcerv21: homosexuals have a better grasp on reality [22:28:16] DShout: ^.^ [22:28:21] angelcerv21: they are an oppressed group [22:28:34] NyquilSteve317: theyre the new nigger [22:28:37] DShout: exactly my point. [22:28:48] NyquilSteve317: lets all go after the queers now [22:29:01] angelcerv21: that's what humans are good at - hurting others [22:29:06] NyquilSteve317: cos theyre out there hurting so many ppl [22:29:10] angelcerv21: that's the only thing we're really good at [22:29:13] NyquilSteve317: we are amazing at destruction [22:29:19] DShout: that is the terribly sad truth. [22:29:23] angelcerv21: no species on earth is as bloodthirsty as ours [22:29:24] NyquilSteve317: we are great at killing [22:29:32] NyquilSteve317: very efficient [22:29:37] DShout: v.v [22:29:46] angelcerv21: all the world's great art, music, and literature are nothing compared to the human's awesome killing talent [22:29:53] angelcerv21: i hate art [22:29:56] angelcerv21: it was me that said that [22:30:03] NyquilSteve317: think of all the amazing technology war has brought us [22:30:06] angelcerv21: made that one person freak out [22:30:09] NyquilSteve317: i said it as well [22:30:14] NyquilSteve317: didn't check back to the comments [22:30:23] angelcerv21: and war that has brought technology [22:30:26] NyquilSteve317: i hate artists, and i hate art [22:30:30] angelcerv21: me too [22:30:34] NyquilSteve317: fuck em [22:30:36] angelcerv21: the culture behind it [22:30:37] NyquilSteve317: theyre terrible [22:30:37] angelcerv21: sick [22:30:52] angelcerv21: the ones with any real talent at creation died long long ago [22:31:15] DShout: i like art, it's my favorite thing to do. *is bricked* [22:31:20] NyquilSteve317: its lame [22:31:31] DShout: okay whatever you like. [22:31:34] angelcerv21: it's an excuse to get on the high horse [22:31:54] DShout: i don't have a clue of what that means [22:32:03] angelcerv21: people think they're better than you when they're "artistic." And if you're a good dancer, singer, writer? Well, that's not really art [22:32:08] NyquilSteve317: i worked in an art museum for 5 years, am an accomplished potter / sculptor with pieces in la and nyc, and a musician (what i do for a living) ... and its all lame [22:32:29] angelcerv21: music is a higher form of art if there is one [22:32:36] NyquilSteve317: its lame [22:32:51] NyquilSteve317: i hate it all [22:33:00] NyquilSteve317: i haven't heard anything that moved me in at least 4 years [22:33:01] angelcerv21: and the whole "art is everything" mindset really bugs me [22:33:08] angelcerv21: no, it fucking isn't [22:33:08] DShout: i don't think i'm better then anyone (it helps with the image.) [22:33:28] NyquilSteve317: true artists would do their work and then destroy it, cos then they would be doing it for themselves [22:33:31] NyquilSteve317: and only for themselves [22:33:42] angelcerv21: i know of an artist who did just that [22:33:46] angelcerv21: he buried all his shit [22:33:52] angelcerv21: out in the woods [22:33:53] NyquilSteve317: i knew one who shot it all [22:33:59] NyquilSteve317: target practice [22:34:07] angelcerv21: nice [22:34:10] NyquilSteve317: he was amazing [22:34:11] DShout: those two words always give me bad imagery [22:34:17] DShout: it's weird [22:34:18] angelcerv21: target practice? [22:34:18] NyquilSteve317: target practice? [22:34:22] DShout: yeah [22:34:24] NyquilSteve317: why? [22:34:25] angelcerv21: why? [22:34:32] NyquilSteve317: is there an echo in here? [22:34:33] DShout: i can't remember. [22:34:35] angelcerv21: hahahaha [22:34:55] DShout: it might have just been me, where i declared one day that i didn't like them anymore [22:35:03] DShout: i do that to a lot of things. [22:35:08] angelcerv21: if art takes skill, practice, mastery - then a blender is art. A damn car is art [22:35:22] DShout: like odd numbers, macs, and pizza. [22:35:37] angelcerv21: pizza..... [22:35:42] angelcerv21: sounds so good [22:35:54] NyquilSteve317: here is the thing with art... you can be a skilled painter / sculptor / musician, and be a terrible artist [22:36:03] angelcerv21: or vice versa [22:36:05] NyquilSteve317: its taking the tools and skills you have / don't have [22:36:16] NyquilSteve317: and making it brilliant [22:36:19] NyquilSteve317: and its all been done [22:36:24] NyquilSteve317: we are devolving [22:36:29] angelcerv21: religion doesn't help [22:36:51] NyquilSteve317: it doesn't help much of anyone but recovering alcoholics [22:36:55] angelcerv21: I'm absolutely convinced that if we leave these archaic manmade inventions called religions behind us, once and for all, we will evolve [22:36:57] NyquilSteve317: brb [22:37:03] angelcerv21: it hurts even them! [22:37:06] DShout: okay [22:37:18] angelcerv21: to recover from alcohol, they are told they are worthless, helpless [22:37:25] angelcerv21: that they need to "give themselves up" [22:37:30] angelcerv21: no, they need to do just the opposite [22:37:33] angelcerv21: and man up [22:37:35] angelcerv21: take control [22:37:48] DShout: oh my god, you sound exactly like he does. Except less like i want to hurt you, and more ' i'm going to go over to him and punch him instead' [22:37:50] angelcerv21: kick the habit with real effort, practice, will [22:38:04] angelcerv21: what do you mean? [22:38:18] DShout: you sound exactly like my friend does. [22:38:21] AmethystBrackish: yay, it's still going [22:38:22] DShout: He pisses me off. [22:38:44] angelcerv21: is your friend a cynical asshole who thinks all humans are a disgrace? [22:38:48] DShout: yup [22:38:50] angelcerv21: because that's me [22:38:55] DShout: most certainly is. [22:39:06] angelcerv21: I did some research into 12 step [22:39:13] angelcerv21: it does more harm than good [22:39:15] angelcerv21: like all religion [22:39:43] angelcerv21: you are the center of your universe, the god of your universe [22:39:54] DShout: no that's where arceus is [22:40:00] angelcerv21: the worst thing to do to any addict is tell them they have no power [22:40:09] angelcerv21: who is arceus? [22:41:02] DShout: the god pokemon [22:41:05] angelcerv21: where's amethyst? bluemarz? Alena? [22:41:19] angelcerv21: oh pokemon! [22:41:23] angelcerv21: ew! [22:41:46] angelcerv21: i hate that anime shit I've learned [22:41:50] NyquilSteve317: Im getting droozy [22:41:56] DShout: sorry i did too much effort for you there [22:42:33] angelcerv21: one time on bp, i saw an icon that was clearly anime, but it was kind of funny... so I said I hated anime, but the icon is funny [22:42:53] DShout: you don't have to like it [22:42:55] NyquilSteve317: d shout, who are you on bp btw? [22:43:01] angelcerv21: anime freaks being hardcore about their loyalty to it - "it's american!" was the reply [22:43:02] DShout: quaizr [22:43:06] NyquilSteve317: ok [22:43:09] Bluemarz04: hello again [22:43:15] DShout: no one of consequence [22:43:24] angelcerv21: so what? still designed to look like the japanese shit [22:43:31] angelcerv21: bluemarz [22:43:38] NyquilSteve317: bluemarz, who are you [22:43:51] angelcerv21: same name on bp, steve [22:43:58] Bluemarz04: yep, same name [22:44:03] DShout: it's almost 2 am and i'm finding you increasingly boring to talk to [22:44:14] NyquilSteve317: bluemarz [22:44:15] AmethystBrackish: I just got back from watching my show. (which is funny cause it was an anime) [22:44:22] NyquilSteve317: ok i don't pay attention to names much i guess [22:44:30] Bluemarz04: hmm? [22:45:16] angelcerv21: fuck anime! [22:45:19] angelcerv21: there, i said it [22:45:34] DShout: fuck yourself and have lots of fun with it [22:46:09] NyquilSteve317: neat [22:46:14] angelcerv21: i do fuck myself [22:46:16] angelcerv21: i have both parts [22:46:22] angelcerv21: i do it regularly [22:46:24] Bluemarz04: are opinions bad now? [22:46:37] DShout: no opinions don't matter [22:46:49] angelcerv21: no i think he's just a bit upset i talk so much shit about anime, and always will because IT SUCKS [22:46:59] DShout: (direct quote from said friend who makes me want to punch him the more he says this.) [22:47:31] angelcerv21: don't worry, I'm sure there's some optimist vomiting sunshine for you out there somewhere [22:47:43] angelcerv21: and who knows? Maybe you hate something i love [22:48:18] Bluemarz04: exactly [22:48:23] angelcerv21: a friend texted me "why would anyone want to date me?" [22:48:25] angelcerv21: oh my god [22:48:35] angelcerv21: what a trap-type of question [22:48:55] NyquilSteve317: respond with, i dunno, you're horrible [22:48:57] DShout: even if i did hate something you love, i wouldn't tell you about it cause that would make you unhappy. [22:48:58] NyquilSteve317: thats why you're single [22:49:08] NyquilSteve317: youre a pleaser [22:49:12] angelcerv21: no, I'm already unhappy [22:49:14] DShout: reply with 'me' to mess with. [22:49:28] angelcerv21: very unhappy, very bitter, and I contemplate suicide a lot [22:49:33] angelcerv21: hit me with your best shot! [22:49:43] angelcerv21: i told the girl "why would anyone want to date anyone?" [22:49:46] NyquilSteve317: or if you sing along with that song [22:49:57] NyquilSteve317: my alternate words "SLAP ME WITH YOUR LEFT NUT!" [22:50:01] angelcerv21: HAHAHAHA [22:50:20] Bluemarz04: awesome, haha [22:50:26] DShout: i'm more depressed then you think i am [22:50:27] angelcerv21: let's keep this going [22:50:41] angelcerv21: honey, the whole world is a sad, fucked, depressed place [22:50:50] DShout: exactly [22:50:53] NyquilSteve317: no! im more depressed [22:50:57] DShout: but you would never know that [22:50:58] NyquilSteve317: no! im more depressed! [22:51:01] NyquilSteve317: well im fucked up [22:51:04] angelcerv21: just as no one cares about my depression (so I'm on meds, see a shrink, blah blah blah) ... it's unlikely anyone will care about yours [22:51:06] NyquilSteve317: NO! im fucked up! [22:51:17] angelcerv21: yes you are, steve [22:51:21] angelcerv21: you need a fucking straitjacket [22:51:23] DShout: especially since i'm in nighttime now where you can actually see this. In the daytime, i'll ignore this ever happened [22:51:35] angelcerv21: but you'll remember [22:51:40] NyquilSteve317: i would love a straitjacket [22:51:45] NyquilSteve317: all mine are crooked [22:51:48] angelcerv21: they used to have them at hot topic [22:51:53] angelcerv21: real binding ones [22:51:59] NyquilSteve317: i could get one pretty easy [22:52:02] angelcerv21: before hot topic got all colorful and shit [22:52:08] NyquilSteve317: im like a red, im a man who can get you things [22:52:16] angelcerv21: they're online [22:52:20] AmethystBrackish: hot topic pisses me off now [22:52:24] angelcerv21: yeah it's not the same [22:52:26] NyquilSteve317: used to be all hot gothic [22:52:30] NyquilSteve317: then fashions changed [22:52:31] DShout: i wanted to go in there today, but i didn't want to bother my mom. (note, we were in the mall btw... right near the store, too) [22:52:33] NyquilSteve317: they had to roll with it [22:52:34] angelcerv21: black used to be all over the walls. Now it's colorful [22:52:46] angelcerv21: just be like "I'm going in here, mom" [22:52:52] angelcerv21: what is she going to say, no? [22:52:57] angelcerv21: I don't have a mom, so I don't know [22:52:58] DShout: no, she isn't [22:53:04] DShout: but i couldn't do it anyways [22:53:23] angelcerv21: why? [22:53:36] NyquilSteve317: well, last call has happened [22:53:38] AmethystBrackish: I hate the "OMGZ *giggle giggle* this would look so good on me during halloween" girls who go in there these days [22:53:39] NyquilSteve317: no word from hatter yet [22:53:53] NyquilSteve317: an excuse for women to dress like whores [22:53:54] AmethystBrackish: I wanna hit them with bats :( [22:53:55] Bluemarz04: You'll never keep it 'cause you sold yourself And by the way You'll never lose it 'cause you never had it It's all the same [22:54:06] Bluemarz04: well, that was nice [22:54:26] DShout: misery loves company, and company loves more, and more loves everyone else [22:54:36] NyquilSteve317: i prefer a little darkness to my halloween [22:54:41] NyquilSteve317: i hate that they start trick or treating at like 4:00 now [22:54:48] angelcerv21: i prefer some blood and freakishness to my halloween [22:54:56] DShout: you're supposed to do it when it's dark out [22:54:57] angelcerv21: i prefer to be miserable alone [22:55:29] NyquilSteve317: i know! but they dont let em anymore [22:55:34] NyquilSteve317: its "too dangerous" [22:55:36] NyquilSteve317: or some shit [22:55:44] NyquilSteve317: trick or treating officially stops at like 8 here [22:55:53] NyquilSteve317: its bull [22:55:56] angelcerv21: weird [22:56:03] angelcerv21: you're supposed to go till like... midnight [22:56:10] angelcerv21: at least I did as a kid [22:56:12] *** grr its RawRa has joined the chat. [22:56:15] angelcerv21: i came home with so much loot [22:56:16] angelcerv21: saved it [22:56:19] angelcerv21: all the kids ate theirs [22:56:27] Bluemarz04: those were the days [22:56:28] angelcerv21: i sold mine at inflated prices later [22:56:30] grr its RawRa: :( [22:56:32] Bluemarz04: haha [22:56:37] AmethystBrackish: I have to go when it's 4. evil child with me. but I hate that everyone is closed up by 8 or 9. wtf? I use to walk for candy till my legs were about to fall off [22:56:38] DShout: 16 was my last year. [22:56:46] angelcerv21: yep [22:56:55] grr its RawRa: i went last year. meaning i was 18 [22:56:56] angelcerv21: 12 was my last year... my nuns said I was too old after that [22:56:59] DShout: i made a promise to myself when i was like 10. [22:57:04] DShout: XP [22:57:18] angelcerv21: but i did have some adventures with jack as an 18 or 19 year old... [22:57:37] AmethystBrackish: Hahaha upside to kids, an excuse to go trick or treating at 23 [22:57:37] grr its RawRa: we made our costumes ourselves meaning we HAD to go out at least. [22:57:48] NyquilSteve317: my dad would steal all our good stuff, and take it in his lunch for the next few months [22:57:57] NyquilSteve317: oh well, thats totally a relevant reason to have kids [22:58:03] NyquilSteve317: i would go now if i felt like it [22:58:11] grr its RawRa: my dad would do that same thing! [22:58:14] NyquilSteve317: what are you dressed as? "an adult" [22:58:31] angelcerv21: hahahahaha [22:58:33] grr its RawRa: haha [22:58:52] NyquilSteve317: but really, i could just go buy a bunch of shit i actually wanted [22:59:05] AmethystBrackish: but it's free [22:59:11] AmethystBrackish: lol [22:59:12] angelcerv21: yeah, free [22:59:17] angelcerv21: huge difference [22:59:24] angelcerv21: unless you're talking about after halloween sales [22:59:28] angelcerv21: then it's close to free [22:59:30] NyquilSteve317: usually have a big ole halloween bash at the house, this year laura is having it, so i can make up an excuse and not go [23:00:06] grr its RawRa: ohmigosh. so many Lauras. [23:00:12] *** DShout has left the chat. [23:00:13] AmethystBrackish: Hallloween is the best holiday now that I'm adult. Christmas used to be awesome, then I got old [23:00:26] NyquilSteve317: not you, laura [23:00:32] angelcerv21: that guy had a stick up his butt [23:00:37] angelcerv21: but he was not enjoying it [23:00:50] grr its RawRa: oh i figured. [23:01:22] grr its RawRa: i'm watching a different movie now. Knowing. [23:01:31] NyquilSteve317: i think i hear the truck! [23:01:43] NyquilSteve317: ok, im gonna go if i cant sleep, i will be back [23:01:55] *** NyquilSteve317 has left the chat. [23:02:17] grr its RawRa: anyone else still here? [23:02:33] Bluemarz04: i am.... randomly, haha [23:02:35] angelcerv21: here [23:02:38] angelcerv21: damn texters [23:03:01] angelcerv21: girl asked me "why would anyone want to date me?" [23:03:07] angelcerv21: i said "why would anyone want to date anyone?" [23:03:41] angelcerv21: she is so brainwashed, feels the only thing gonna satisfy her in life is getting told she's loved and getting something on Valentine's Day and puke puke puke [23:03:50] angelcerv21: to top it all off, she's madly in love with me! [23:04:49] *** grr its RawRa has left the chat. [23:04:55] angelcerv21: "all my friends want to get married... I'm going to be alone forever!" [23:04:57] angelcerv21: i can't take this [23:05:09] Bluemarz04: i hate people who do stuff like that [23:05:13] angelcerv21: how to convince her that being alone is the best thing... [23:05:40] Bluemarz04: i don't think people like her can be convinced [23:06:04] *** grr its RawRa has joined the chat. [23:06:23] angelcerv21: it is aggravating [23:06:28] angelcerv21: this goes on and on [23:06:29] grr its RawRa: i hate texts like that. [23:07:13] grr its RawRa: my one friend is always complaining to me about how awful his life is after he got involved with this one dude. [23:07:15] Bluemarz04: being told everyday that you need someone to make you happy is why it's so hard to convince people otherwise [23:08:58] grr its RawRa: guh. [23:09:07] Bluemarz04: i don't know much about being in relationships and having someone else there [23:09:39] Bluemarz04: i've never had a relationship, and i've never been in love with anyone [23:09:49] grr its RawRa: me either. [23:09:50] angelcerv21: i'm never getting into a relationship again! [23:10:00] angelcerv21: so we're on two different worlds [23:10:24] grr its RawRa: ive been told that i give good relationship advice though, because ive never actually been in one. [23:10:31] Bluemarz04: i'm on a world of my own, it seems, haha [23:11:25] grr its RawRa: well angel, that would explain why im not as comfortable with talking about sex and stuff like you guys were earlier, wouldnt it? lol [23:12:01] angelcerv21: hahahahaha [23:12:14] angelcerv21: i've been told I'm good at relationship advice, too... but I don't understand how [23:12:30] angelcerv21: i think people should avoid them and be individuals, therefore avoid further breeding [23:12:35] grr its RawRa: im just logical. [23:13:24] Bluemarz04: i think i might be too much of an individual, haha [23:13:27] AmethystBrackish: haha since you guys are good with relationship advice. anyone wanna help me with something [23:14:10] Bluemarz04: my english teacher once told me that it scared her how independent i am, haha [23:14:42] angelcerv21: my psych says that [23:14:46] angelcerv21: what is it, amethyst? [23:18:08] AmethystBrackish: as some people would know, my boyfriend is moving back to puerto rico. he's asked me to go with him. I feel like it isn't the right time because of my son going into school, but after a while, I was accepting the idea. Today he tell me that he, his mom, and daughter are going to go over first, and I'll go over I guess once I'm "ready." In a way, I feel like I probably won't ever end up going because I feel like he might forget about me. I don't know if I'm just paranoid, or if it's a legit feeling [23:18:47] angelcerv21: well, isn't his family paying for the move? Isn't your son his? [23:19:30] AmethystBrackish: now his aunt has decided to go herself, so he'll have to pay for it eventually... and no, my son is someone else's [23:19:52] AmethystBrackish: that sounds horrible: "my son is someone else's" [23:19:59] angelcerv21: well, if he goes and forgets about you, I don't see that you lost much. Yeah, he's a douche, but at least you're still at home [23:20:03] angelcerv21: with your kid [23:20:12] grr its RawRa: i agree. [23:20:31] grr its RawRa: if he forgets about you, then is he worth your time to begin with? [23:20:40] angelcerv21: exactly [23:21:12] AmethystBrackish: I guess so then [23:22:31] grr its RawRa: I know nothing about anyone. btw. only ages and screen names. i forgot locations lol [23:23:17] angelcerv21: washington state [23:23:33] Bluemarz04: the blah state of texas [23:23:35] grr its RawRa: oh i didn't mean that i wanted them again. cuz ill only forget. [23:23:40] angelcerv21: but if he does come for you amethyst, don't stop just because your kid is in school [23:23:43] Bluemarz04: awesome lol [23:23:44] grr its RawRa: My aunt lives in texas. [23:23:54] angelcerv21: the kid will learn a lot more over there [23:24:00] angelcerv21: a language, for one [23:24:18] angelcerv21: a broader understanding of life and humans [23:24:19] AmethystBrackish: I see it this way. no matter what, he'll come back eventually [23:24:25] angelcerv21: and how fucked up we are [23:24:50] grr its RawRa: isnt puerto rico a territory of the us? [23:24:56] AmethystBrackish: yeah [23:25:27] angelcerv21: they're US citizens [23:25:28] angelcerv21: like guam [23:25:38] AmethystBrackish: I just wanna go there and chase some chickens down the street [23:25:43] grr its RawRa: lol [23:26:04] Bluemarz04: i could do that in my backyard, haha [23:26:31] Bluemarz04: but i don't think my neighbor would like his chickens in the street, haha [23:26:32] AmethystBrackish: I live in a cityish suburb of philly, no chickens here [23:26:47] grr its RawRa: i now live in a semi-cityish place. [23:26:43] angelcerv21: that would be tasty [23:26:40] angelcerv21: i want chickens [23:27:04] Bluemarz04: there are chickens, ducks, roosters, and a goat [23:27:11] grr its RawRa: all edible. [23:27:15] grr its RawRa: :-D [23:27:18] angelcerv21: yum [23:27:28] angelcerv21: who here likes peanut butter? [23:27:33] Bluemarz04: please... eat them all, i hate those things, haha [23:27:40] grr its RawRa: hmm we're going back to pb lol [23:27:51] angelcerv21: i'm eating it now hahahaha [23:28:06] Bluemarz04: i don't like it unless i have a banana [23:28:09] AmethystBrackish: that's another reason I wanna go there. Not only do I get the possibility of my own house not too far from the beach, but I plan on growing a lot of food we are going to eat... oh, and chasing chickens

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BORING_PEOPLE Chat 8, Part 1 (08.28.10)

Cast of Characters, In Order of Appearance Angel, AKA angelcerv25 Erin, AKA shedtheirony Emily Susan, AKA ellysusan081 me, AKA glowing_dragon Kat, AKA brackishkitten Mikaela, AKA embryogirl Laura, AKA raginghostility Marsha, AKA bluemarz04 Laura A., AKA kitkatkrisp (LovelyXMissOreoX) Jill, AKA quaizr Steve, AKA nyquilsteve317 [18:54:13] angelcerv21: that's where i was applying today too, craiglist [18:54:19] angelcerv21: alena!!! [18:54:59] angelcerv21: posting on ebay is free til sep 7 [18:55:04] angelcerv21: i posted so much shit today [18:55:47] SerenityDiscord: hahaha oh yeah. i have to post as much as i can before then too. [18:56:00] angelcerv21: i have 19 items up I think [18:56:01] *** ellysusan081 has joined the chat. [18:56:11] ellysusan081: hi people [18:56:13] angelcerv21: i'm looking all over my apartment going what else what else what else [18:56:15] angelcerv21: hello [18:56:21] SerenityDiscord: hiiii. [18:56:32] ellysusan081: I'm doing homework because school has started for me :( [18:56:34] SerenityDiscord: yeah same here, in my room, lol. [18:56:46] angelcerv21: already? Mine doesn't til sep 22 [18:56:51] SerenityDiscord: aww i miss homework <-- geek. [18:56:56] angelcerv21: hahahaha [18:56:57] ellysusan081: my school went back a week early for some reason [18:57:04] ellysusan081: haha [18:57:07] ellysusan081: I like it sometimes [18:57:08] angelcerv21: i want to look forward to it, but right now there is so much more to worry about [18:57:14] angelcerv21: i have to get a job! [18:57:19] ellysusan081: yeah [18:57:23] ellysusan081: I looked forward to it last year [18:57:28] ellysusan081: and then last year, all this bad stuff happened [18:57:36] ellysusan081: so then this year, I was too worried to look forward to it :P [18:57:38] AlenaBrolxFlami: ANGEL! KAT! SUSAN! SERENITY! [18:57:42] SerenityDiscord: yeah, i'd rather be worrying about school. stupid real world and having to work. [18:57:44] angelcerv21: yo! [18:57:48] SerenityDiscord: heyyy! [18:58:10] AlenaBrolxFlami: Hey, Serenity - just a question. What's your first name? (no, I am not a stalker) [18:58:17] angelcerv21: erin [18:58:49] SerenityDiscord: haha, angel has it covered =P [18:58:56] angelcerv21: wow, i remembered [18:58:56] AlenaBrolxFlami: Erin... as in ShedTheIrony? (really, I am NOT a stalker) [18:59:01] angelcerv21: yep [18:59:14] SerenityDiscord: yep! hahaha. [18:59:24] AlenaBrolxFlami: haha, sweet... I am just obsessive about details :P [18:59:24] SerenityDiscord: do you know where i live too? =P [18:59:32] AlenaBrolxFlami: no, and I don't want to know! :P [18:59:34] SerenityDiscord: that's ok, details are good! [19:00:03] AmethystBrackish: hello... hahaha, I'm all late [19:00:09] SerenityDiscord: haha, ok. [19:00:13] AlenaBrolxFlami: haha, that's okay [19:00:42] SerenityDiscord: guys, i just saw The Last Exorcism and didn't watch half of it because i'm a wimp. [19:00:51] AmethystBrackish: boo [19:00:55] angelcerv21: i loved the first one [19:00:58] angelcerv21: i love horror [19:01:00] SerenityDiscord: there was a first one? [19:01:04] angelcerv21: i saw Chucky when I was way too young to see it [19:01:18] angelcerv21: yeah the original Exorcist, date 1970-something [19:01:30] SerenityDiscord: ohh okay yeah, i know that one. that one was more tolerable. [19:01:30] angelcerv21: with ellen burstyn as the mom [19:02:09] angelcerv21: anyone see the Saw movies? [19:02:20] SerenityDiscord: yeahh. they're making a 3d one of that too. [19:02:33] angelcerv21: oh crap, thomas is coming over [19:02:49] angelcerv21: Saw 3 was the best one!! They should have stopped there [19:02:54] angelcerv21: so fucking sick and creepy [19:02:58] SerenityDiscord: yeah i liked that one [19:03:00] angelcerv21: i loved it, i get off on that stuff [19:03:11] angelcerv21: i even have Billy the jigsaw puppet [19:03:18] angelcerv21: the puppet in the tricycle [19:03:20] SerenityDiscord: ahhh creepy, lol. [19:03:22] angelcerv21: life-sized [19:03:31] angelcerv21: he sleeps with me in my bed [19:03:31] SerenityDiscord: fml, i would never sleep ever haha. [19:03:36] AlenaBrolxFlami: neither would I [19:03:38] angelcerv21: i also have chucky and tiffany, and they talk [19:03:49] angelcerv21: those are priceless, can't find them anymore [19:03:49] AlenaBrolxFlami: creepy [19:03:50] SerenityDiscord: oh god. [19:04:00] angelcerv21: these dolls I would never give up as much money as they would fetch [19:04:00] AmethystBrackish: Saw has become such crap. it was new and awesome when it first came out. [19:04:21] angelcerv21: yeah, it would have remained a trilogy... it would have gone down as a cult classic like the Scream trilogy [19:04:22] SerenityDiscord: i liked the third one cuz the plot was more intense. [19:04:26] SerenityDiscord: as far as i remember. [19:04:26] AmethystBrackish: I always wanted the bride doll [19:04:30] angelcerv21: it was insanity!! [19:04:45] angelcerv21: tiffany? [19:04:46] SerenityDiscord: has anyone seen that one with the puppets? [19:04:51] AmethystBrackish: yes [19:04:53] angelcerv21: dead silence? [19:04:58] SerenityDiscord: yes. i like that one. [19:05:12] angelcerv21: sadly I just listed it for sale on my bookstore and now dvd store [19:05:30] *** ellysusan081 has left the chat. [19:05:44] *** guaaaache has joined the chat. [19:05:47] SerenityDiscord: haha, i'd buy it if it wasn't so creepy =P i can't watch these movies unless my best friend is there too making fun of it lol. [19:05:53] AlenaBrolxFlami: MIKAELA! [19:06:00] guaaaache: LESLIE [19:06:32] AlenaBrolxFlami: read this [19:07:30] guaaaache: ah, I saw it this morning [19:07:37] guaaaache: I like that you can actually spell my name already [19:07:44] guaaaache: some people take like a year to get it right [19:08:31] guaaaache: not many people here this time [19:08:40] AlenaBrolxFlami: haha... I guess it's still early. [19:08:52] AlenaBrolxFlami: (only 7:08 PM here) [19:08:57] guaaaache: yeah, I suppose [19:10:16] angelcerv21: that's a funky dream [19:10:22] angelcerv21: i've been having gnarly ones every night too [19:10:33] angelcerv21: largely apocalypse dreams [19:10:39] AlenaBrolxFlami: mine are usually crazy [19:11:02] SerenityDiscord: omg i've been dreaming every night and idk why. i never used to. [19:11:14] angelcerv21: dreams are good for you [19:11:18] angelcerv21: even the bad ones [19:11:29] angelcerv21: though i find the bad dreams more entertaining anyway [19:11:41] angelcerv21: except when they relate to past traumas [19:11:46] angelcerv21: don't like that [19:11:47] SerenityDiscord: really? i think they just make me sleep longer. [19:11:58] angelcerv21: there you go! [19:12:07] SerenityDiscord: lol, i sleep enough as it is =P [19:12:12] AlenaBrolxFlami: the traumatic ones aren't so good, no [19:12:14] angelcerv21: i slept til noon today [19:12:37] AlenaBrolxFlami: I slept till almost 11... which is good, because I've been waking up at 6:45 the past few days [19:12:47] guaaaache: aim is way better when it's not on a mac. just saying. [19:12:49] angelcerv21: when school starts i get up at 5 [19:12:54] guaaaache: why? [19:13:00] angelcerv21: mac seems to be the odd one out [19:13:06] angelcerv21: why do i get up so early? [19:13:13] guaaaache: yes [19:13:15] angelcerv21: get homework done, work on grad school stuff [19:13:36] angelcerv21: i may be getting up later though if this topless dancing actually happens [19:13:53] guaaaache: huh? [19:14:22] AlenaBrolxFlami: ?! [19:14:36] angelcerv21: i applied for this exotic dancing position at a "gentleman's club" and even when applying i was like yeah right, this drag pic of me isn't convincing enough... apparently it was, they want an interview. [19:14:43] angelcerv21: I'm just so sexy [19:14:50] angelcerv21: i have cute boobs [19:15:17] *** grr its RawRa has joined the chat. [19:15:19] angelcerv21: and i don't see them the way a girl might, so I have no problem showing them off, and I dance good. I just don't want to be totally nude and I hate heels [19:15:32] angelcerv21: laura.... who are you on bp? [19:15:41] grr its RawRa: raginghostility [19:15:45] angelcerv21: oh ok [19:15:58] grr its RawRa: my internet is choppy, so i may poof on and off [19:16:07] guaaaache: lol poof [19:16:11] angelcerv21: talking about topless dancing... it would be my ultimate undercover experience - pretending to be a girl [19:16:34] AlenaBrolxFlami: NICE! [19:16:44] angelcerv21: it could pay shit or it could pay a lot [19:16:49] angelcerv21: i would rather do security [19:16:59] angelcerv21: i've been applying to all kinds of security positions [19:17:22] *** grr its RawRa has left the chat. [19:17:25] angelcerv21: poof [19:17:27] angelcerv21: hahaha [19:17:39] guaaaache: she poofed off [19:17:46] *** grr its RawRa has left the chat. [19:17:48] angelcerv21: hahahaha, i have a feeling that's going to stick [19:17:50] angelcerv21: poof [19:17:59] angelcerv21: puff the magic dragon was a pothead [19:18:12] angelcerv21: just thought i'd mention that because it popped into my head [19:18:17] guaaaache: poof is a derogatory expression towards gays here [19:18:22] angelcerv21: really? [19:18:26] guaaaache: it just sounds weird and funny in the context she used [19:18:42] angelcerv21: be right back [19:19:04] AlenaBrolxFlami: she did indeed pop out [19:19:10] AlenaBrolxFlami: POOFTER! [19:19:52] guaaaache: yes, but since australians are super lazy with language, everything has be shortened [19:19:53] guaaaache: so poof [19:20:18] guaaaache: also, I'm really fucking behind with some uni work [19:20:18] AlenaBrolxFlami: ah, okay... so would the fact that I have a shower pouf sound weird to you? [19:20:30] guaaaache: what's a pouf? [19:20:32] *** grr its RawRa has joined the chat. [19:20:43] grr its RawRa: woops. sorry about that. [19:20:49] guaaaache: yeah, you poofed off I see [19:21:11] grr its RawRa: yeah the internet is being broadcasted from somewhere else. so we mooch off of it. haha [19:21:44] SerenityDiscord: whoops, my dad called, sorry. [19:21:50] AlenaBrolxFlami: haha, that's okay [19:21:57] SerenityDiscord: :-) [19:21:57] AlenaBrolxFlami: ah, stealing wi-fi :P [19:21:58] angelcerv21: that was weird! [19:22:11] AlenaBrolxFlami: a shower pouf is.. uh... Google Image Search "shower pouf" [19:22:14] angelcerv21: I went downstairs where thomas was waiting to return a couple movies to me [19:22:23] angelcerv21: then i was coming back up and my landlord stops me [19:22:38] angelcerv21: and he says "let me ask you something, and you don't have to answer if you don't want" [19:22:43] angelcerv21: I go "what?" [19:22:51] angelcerv21: he says, "what going on between you two?" [19:22:57] angelcerv21: (meaning teri and me) [19:23:17] angelcerv21: so I just told him she broke up with me, and I don't understand why she feels the need to stay away [19:23:27] angelcerv21: but weird!! weird, how does he know this shit?? [19:23:37] guaaaache: nosy? [19:23:40] angelcerv21: a bit [19:23:47] SerenityDiscord: haha, he's the landlord... he probably knows everything about everyone =P [19:23:52] angelcerv21: I guess [19:23:57] angelcerv21: still, weird [19:24:00] grr its RawRa: kinda creepy at the same time [19:24:01] angelcerv21: not something i want to talk about [19:24:45] guaaaache: that's a loofah :-( [19:24:49] guaaaache: not a pouf [19:24:50] *** Bluemarz04 has joined the chat. [19:24:53] grr its RawRa: i have one of those. its red [19:24:56] SerenityDiscord: there's a difference? oO. [19:25:01] AlenaBrolxFlami: MARSHA! [19:25:05] *** lovelyXmissXoreo has joined the chat. [19:25:06] Bluemarz04: hey! [19:25:11] guaaaache: they get mouldy and smell [19:25:11] AlenaBrolxFlami: haha, that's what I was going to say... there's a difference?! :P [19:25:19] grr its RawRa: I dont know anyone here -_- [19:25:24] lovelyXmissXoreo: OMG IT'S 79F HERE!!! :-D [19:25:26] guaaaache: you do, you just think you dont [19:25:31] lovelyXmissXoreo: it's a miracle [19:25:31] Bluemarz04: what's moldy and smell? [19:25:33] Bluemarz04: lol [19:25:45] angelcerv21: what? [19:25:46] guaaaache: loofahs, because they get wet so often [19:25:52] lovelyXmissXoreo: oh gross. [19:25:56] Bluemarz04: i missed something lol [19:26:08] guaaaache: we're just talking about loofahs [19:26:15] guaaaache: or poufs, whatever you want to call them [19:26:18] Bluemarz04: oh ok lol [19:26:27] angelcerv21: I have a purple loofah, I shaved my goodies today thinking about this possible topless dancing. Why would I shave my goodies? I wouldn't be showing them off, only my cute boobs and long skinny legs [19:26:33] grr its RawRa: well i guess its not that i dont know people, i just dont talk to people very often. [19:26:40] lovelyXmissXoreo: xD "goodies" [19:26:43] AlenaBrolxFlami: LAURA! [19:26:50] lovelyXmissXoreo: yes? [19:26:54] angelcerv21: wow this is quite a turnout tonight [19:26:57] lovelyXmissXoreo: O_o [19:26:58] angelcerv21: 8 people [19:27:01] AlenaBrolxFlami: you're here! [19:27:04] guaaaache: yes. rather overwhelming you might say [19:27:07] lovelyXmissXoreo: I AM [19:27:08] AlenaBrolxFlami: told you it was early, Mikaela [19:27:11] lovelyXmissXoreo: :-D [19:27:12] angelcerv21: laura, is my gaga doll in the mail??? [19:27:24] lovelyXmissXoreo: not yet, going to mail it this coming week [19:27:29] angelcerv21: oh boy! [19:27:37] lovelyXmissXoreo: seeing as i have school i can drop her off on the way [19:27:40] AlenaBrolxFlami: how much does it cost to mail one of those? [19:27:44] lovelyXmissXoreo: 10 bucks [19:27:45] angelcerv21: like 10 bucks or so [19:27:50] angelcerv21: flat rate box [19:27:53] AlenaBrolxFlami: not too bad [19:27:55] lovelyXmissXoreo: yeah cuz i get the bigger box [19:27:55] *** grr its RawRa has left the chat. [19:27:56] angelcerv21: they're free at the post office! [19:27:58] angelcerv21: poof [19:28:13] lovelyXmissXoreo: i got the rate from the post office lol! [19:28:21] angelcerv21: i have tons of stuff on my ebay store, you guys should look at it [19:28:29] angelcerv21: and lots of books and movies on half [19:28:40] lovelyXmissXoreo: speaking of Lady Gaga, i've got her on in the background lol [19:28:46] angelcerv21: hahahahah [19:28:56] SerenityDiscord: you can buy stuff from my store too! =P [19:29:03] *** grr its RawRa has joined the chat. [19:29:12] lovelyXmissXoreo: nothing better than to listen to Lady Gaga and talk to boring people ;D [19:29:21] Bluemarz04: i won't be buying anything until next week, boo. [19:29:49] grr its RawRa: i hate this internet. i keep missing stuff. [19:30:05] lovelyXmissXoreo: talking about Lady Gaga and ebay [19:30:12] grr its RawRa: haa. i love both :) [19:30:38] lovelyXmissXoreo: oh snap 2 lauras! :-D [19:30:51] Bluemarz04: i want to finish watching that movie The Runaways [19:31:04] lovelyXmissXoreo: is it good? [19:31:12] Bluemarz04: I like it so far [19:31:22] AlenaBrolxFlami: haha, oh yes [19:31:25] Bluemarz04: my computer is being a jerk, so I only get halfway through it lol [19:31:29] AlenaBrolxFlami: haven't watched it [19:31:30] grr its RawRa: anywhere i go, there are always multiple lauras. i t gets confusing XD [19:31:47] lovelyXmissXoreo: ^ this is the most recent time it's happened to me ;D [19:31:55] AlenaBrolxFlami: I have someone at my church with a similar name - LESLEY as opposed to LESLIE... I hate her for that reason [19:32:22] lovelyXmissXoreo: LOLOLi knew a girl named Lora we were bffl's until she moved to NY [19:32:28] SerenityDiscord: i never know any other Erins. it's strange. [19:32:38] grr its RawRa: I just moved fron NY. [19:32:40] AlenaBrolxFlami: not HATE hate... it was annoying even when I was nine as I met her for the first time [19:33:02] *** guaaaache has left the chat. [19:33:07] grr its RawRa: my cousin's name is erin. [19:33:19] SerenityDiscord: aw yay =) [19:33:21] *** guaaaache has left the chat. [19:33:30] AmethystBrackish: ever since 2005 I've hated my name... [19:33:39] lovelyXmissXoreo: I have a sim named Erin too! lol [19:33:58] SerenityDiscord: hahah, sweet! [19:34:09] AlenaBrolxFlami: I knew a bunch of people named Erin when I was in junior high [19:34:34] AlenaBrolxFlami: actually, I also knew a male Leslie in junior high [19:34:36] lovelyXmissXoreo: ^ same, but with Ashley [19:34:38] *** guaaaache has left the chat. [19:34:54] grr its RawRa: at my school, melissa was the popular name [19:34:58] AlenaBrolxFlami: it was really confusing since he also had my last name [19:35:10] lovelyXmissXoreo: O_o wow lol [19:35:13] angelcerv21: I have only ever met one other Angel - an 8 year old boy [19:35:23] AmethystBrackish: omfg *cringe* I hate the name Melissa [19:35:34] lovelyXmissXoreo: ^ my cousin's name is Angel... he's kind of a douche [19:35:35] *** guaaaache has left the chat. [19:35:41] AlenaBrolxFlami: I met one or two girls named Angel [19:35:58] grr its RawRa: ive never met anyone named Angel. [19:36:02] grr its RawRa: Until now, of course. [19:36:30] *** DShout has joined the chat. [19:36:33] lovelyXmissXoreo: lolz i have 2 sets of headphones on right now... i must look like such a nerd [19:36:41] angelcerv21: hahahahaha girls named Angel [19:36:50] DShout: I'm here, yay! [19:36:54] angelcerv21: yay! [19:36:54] lovelyXmissXoreo: ^ HI [19:36:55] Bluemarz04: i've only known guys named angel [19:36:58] *** guaaaache has left the chat. [19:37:06] AlenaBrolxFlami: who are you, DShout? [19:37:20] DShout: Quaizr, cali, or Jill. [19:37:24] AlenaBrolxFlami: seriously! girls named Angel... [19:37:32] AlenaBrolxFlami: never met a guy called Angel [19:37:37] angelcerv21: i thought it was a guy's name.... but i learned in my convent i was named that by hospital staff not only because i was alive, but because they weren't sure of my gender... so they figured a unisex name would be best [19:37:42] lovelyXmissXoreo: LJ NAME ROLL CALL!!! *kitkatkrisp* [19:37:56] DShout: *pokes above* quaizr [19:37:58] angelcerv21: ok - Angel [19:37:58] AlenaBrolxFlami: Angel... like angels in the sky, not the Spanish pronunciation [19:38:03] grr its RawRa: *raginghostility* [19:38:05] angelcerv21: Anhel [19:38:07] angelcerv21: hahaha [19:38:08] AlenaBrolxFlami: glowing_dragon [19:38:13] Bluemarz04: same name lol [19:38:16] DShout: ^.^ [19:38:17] AmethystBrackish: *brackishkitten* [19:38:29] angelcerv21: i love that icon of the kitties fucking [19:38:41] lovelyXmissXoreo: they're kittens? [19:38:44] AmethystBrackish: lol they are ferrets [19:38:46] DShout: i thought those were ferrets. [19:38:49] lovelyXmissXoreo: ^same [19:38:56] lovelyXmissXoreo: oh lol [19:39:01] angelcerv21: oh i thought they were kitties, maybe because of the name [19:39:04] *** guaaaache has left the chat. [19:39:09] angelcerv21: led my brain to believe... [19:39:10] AmethystBrackish: lol nope, ferrets [19:39:12] AlenaBrolxFlami: icons of WHAT?! [19:39:28] angelcerv21: brackishkitten's icon of the fucking animals, ferrets [19:39:36] AmethystBrackish: lol [19:39:39] angelcerv21: they sure look like kitties! [19:39:40] lovelyXmissXoreo: i love that my fringe is growing back to its normal self ^^ [19:39:44] DShout: *lurk* [19:39:45] angelcerv21: fringe? [19:39:48] angelcerv21: hahahahah [19:39:58] angelcerv21: that's what cops do - lurk [19:40:02] lovelyXmissXoreo: bangs [19:40:08] lovelyXmissXoreo: they look all emo again [19:40:10] angelcerv21: my hair is growing all long again too [19:40:18] Bluemarz04: u a cop chacha lol [19:40:18] DShout: I have boring hair. [19:40:24] angelcerv21: i guess that's good, something to toss around if I'm going to be doing topless dancing [19:40:27] AlenaBrolxFlami: oh, haha [19:40:28] grr its RawRa: i was thinking about getting bangs, but ill look douchey. lol [19:40:35] *** guaaaache has left the chat. [19:40:36] lovelyXmissXoreo: lol! [19:40:38] AlenaBrolxFlami: I'll take that to my sister under advisement, Angel [19:40:54] angelcerv21: ahahhahaha [19:41:01] AlenaBrolxFlami: (she's a cop) [19:41:05] angelcerv21: really???? [19:41:07] angelcerv21: freaky [19:41:12] AlenaBrolxFlami: oh yes. really. [19:41:15] lovelyXmissXoreo: *sings along to Monster instrumental* [19:41:22] DShout: i'm looking up things on the gothic lifestyle. it's fun. ^.^ [19:41:34] AlenaBrolxFlami: nice! [19:41:34] grr its RawRa: i used to want to be a cop. [19:41:38] angelcerv21: you ever play games like arrest and prison at home? [19:41:48] lovelyXmissXoreo: OH MAH GAWD YOU GUISE!! [19:41:56] angelcerv21: i have real handcuffs [19:42:01] angelcerv21: leather straps [19:42:01] lovelyXmissXoreo: i can't wait for halloween :3 [19:42:06] angelcerv21: spreader bars [19:42:07] DShout: have fun with them? [19:42:09] grr its RawRa: ima be a caveman. [19:42:10] angelcerv21: oh yes [19:42:16] angelcerv21: i like to put myself in them [19:42:22] lovelyXmissXoreo: *Frida from El Tigre* [19:42:26] DShout: ^.^ [19:42:29] Bluemarz04: why can't you live around me, angel [19:42:30] DShout: fantastic! [19:42:32] angelcerv21: me and jack used to play prison [19:42:39] angelcerv21: hahahah [19:42:40] Bluemarz04: you are the most interesting person ever lol [19:42:46] lovelyXmissXoreo: seriously^ [19:42:46] angelcerv21: why thank you [19:42:49] AlenaBrolxFlami: I was chasing two boys around yesterday who "shot" me with "sniper rifles" [19:42:57] angelcerv21: ouch [19:42:59] lovelyXmissXoreo: heheh [19:43:06] DShout: too bad you didn't get hurt... [19:43:15] AlenaBrolxFlami: JILL!!!!!!!!!! [19:43:16] angelcerv21: i thought about selling my straps on ebay, they are red leather with chains [19:43:25] angelcerv21: but i can't bear to part with them [19:43:33] lovelyXmissXoreo: will they let you sell those on ebay? [19:43:36] *** guaaaache has left the chat. [19:43:37] angelcerv21: hmm good question [19:43:42] AlenaBrolxFlami: I guess if they have sentimental value... [19:43:45] angelcerv21: i wonder if they let you sell pipes there too [19:43:49] lovelyXmissXoreo: *shrug* [19:43:52] AlenaBrolxFlami: dunno [19:43:54] angelcerv21: i used to tie up my girlfriend with them [19:43:56] Bluemarz04: i bet they will, just in the adult section [19:43:58] angelcerv21: and she would tie me up with them [19:44:05] lovelyXmissXoreo: they have an adult section?? [19:44:10] DShout: sounds like loads of fun [19:44:10] lovelyXmissXoreo: *goes to look* [19:44:12] angelcerv21: one time, she put me in my handcuffs and shackles, and took pictures of me [19:44:14] AmethystBrackish: they have an adult section on ebay? [19:44:14] angelcerv21: that was so fun [19:44:18] Bluemarz04: yep [19:44:19] AlenaBrolxFlami: oh man [19:44:23] AmethystBrackish: O_O [19:44:28] DShout: that's very strange [19:44:31] *** grr its RawRa has left the chat. [19:44:32] Bluemarz04: but you have to register a credit card to look at it [19:44:38] AmethystBrackish: :( [19:44:45] Bluemarz04: i know these things lol [19:44:47] angelcerv21: i have to look now too, shit! [19:44:48] AlenaBrolxFlami: haha [19:44:53] Bluemarz04: haha [19:44:58] DShout: i am awesome, and refuse to go to ebay [19:44:58] lovelyXmissXoreo: OMG THEY DO [19:45:10] lovelyXmissXoreo: you have to be logged in and over 18 [19:45:18] AmethystBrackish: where do I look? [19:45:26] lovelyXmissXoreo: Before you can actually search for and view Adult Only listings, you'll be asked to read and agree to the Terms and Conditions for this category. Among other things, to view and buy these items, you must: Be at least 18 years old. Provide eBay with a valid credit card in your name if you plan to buy adult-only items. Acknowledge that you’re knowingly and voluntarily seeking to access listings in this category. [19:45:34] lovelyXmissXoreo: ^ from ebay [19:45:42] *** grr its RawRa has joined the chat. [19:45:45] angelcerv21: nice [19:45:48] angelcerv21: I'm looking at the shit now [19:45:50] lovelyXmissXoreo: Ebay's Adult-Only stuff [19:45:55] lovelyXmissXoreo: lololol [19:45:56] *** guaaaache has left the chat. [19:45:58] angelcerv21: they have a spreader bar, but mine is such higher quality [19:46:05] DShout: very good [19:46:05] Bluemarz04: nice, right? haha [19:46:13] angelcerv21: i have a knee spreader too, but it's handier on the wrists [19:46:38] angelcerv21: it's so easy to make this stuff [19:46:41] angelcerv21: lowes has all you need [19:46:45] AmethystBrackish: omg I'm in... woo I feel dirty now. :( haha I love being a creeper [19:46:45] angelcerv21: i have collars [19:46:47] angelcerv21: whips [19:46:59] angelcerv21: sex is no fun without someone getting tied up and beaten [19:47:14] DShout: probably not [19:47:30] lovelyXmissXoreo: it's ok lol [19:47:33] Bluemarz04: i'll only try it if i find the right person [19:47:38] Bluemarz04: otherwise, i won't do it [19:47:40] AmethystBrackish: penis-shaped silly bands... really? *sigh* [19:47:43] lovelyXmissXoreo: xD [19:47:53] DShout: oh lolzs [19:48:02] angelcerv21: i love these leather wrist cuffs... but those are so easy to make for less than the 20 bucks they want [19:48:14] AlenaBrolxFlami: do it yourself! [19:48:16] angelcerv21: penis shaped cock and ball clamps are fun [19:48:28] angelcerv21: i put them on myself sometimes because they make you more sensitive [19:48:38] angelcerv21: also, being tied up with your legs apart, as a guy, makes it harder to cum [19:48:41] angelcerv21: torturous [19:49:24] *** lovelyXmissXoreo has left the chat. [19:49:47] DShout: your all incredibly not boring. [19:50:12] AlenaBrolxFlami: why did you say that it was too bad I didn't get hurt? [19:50:19] *** lovelyXmissXoreo has joined the chat. [19:50:24] lovelyXmissXoreo: ho shit i did it! [19:50:27] AmethystBrackish: Hahaha I have enough on my Ebay account to buy something on here. My boyfriend would probably faint or smile devilishly [19:50:36] DShout: or both! [19:50:37] angelcerv21: oh he would love it [19:50:42] angelcerv21: make sure you try it out on him first [19:50:48] angelcerv21: nothing more sexy than a dominating woman [19:51:02] lovelyXmissXoreo: are we sharing sexy stories? [19:51:09] angelcerv21: that and the toys involved [19:51:16] AlenaBrolxFlami: we were talking about that kind of thing, yeah [19:51:19] angelcerv21: i see ball gags here, I want a penis gag [19:51:26] AmethystBrackish: yeah... no... in the 6 years I've been with him, I've never seen his ass. is that crazy? [19:51:28] lovelyXmissXoreo: oh man i have one then ll ^//^ [19:51:32] angelcerv21: yeah a bit [19:51:44] *** guaaaache has left the chat. [19:51:47] angelcerv21: you could get metal restraint hooks and open up his asshole with them [19:51:59] AlenaBrolxFlami: EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW [19:51:59] lovelyXmissXoreo: O_o;; [19:52:06] AlenaBrolxFlami: sorry, made me think of Goatse [19:52:06] lovelyXmissXoreo: ^ LOLOL [19:52:11] grr its RawRa: i dont fit in here. lol [19:52:12] angelcerv21: i'm not a big fan of ass play myself [19:52:17] lovelyXmissXoreo: :( MY EYES! [19:52:18] DShout: i don't either [19:52:25] AmethystBrackish: he won't let me go near his asshole [19:52:26] DShout: but this is good research material [19:52:27] angelcerv21: but men have a prostrate [19:52:33] *** grr its RawRa has left the chat. [19:52:35] angelcerv21: they are more sensitive in the ass than women [19:52:46] AlenaBrolxFlami: I did it once... then I thought that maybe my ex was gay! haha [19:52:46] *** grr its RawRa has left the chat. [19:53:05] lovelyXmissXoreo: ......... i could've gone my whole life without that in my head........ lol [19:53:08] angelcerv21: naw that's just sad social conditioning making him think he is gay if he likes his butt played with [19:53:43] angelcerv21: i like to be spanked and whipped and such, but i don't like my asshole played with either [19:53:49] AlenaBrolxFlami: according to him, he had one gay sex experience with his best friend Trevor [19:53:56] lovelyXmissXoreo: kevin thinks it's weird..... like... we played around with the idea [19:54:02] angelcerv21: what amazing is when my dick is being sucked at the same time I'm being fingered in my opening [19:54:13] angelcerv21: or when a small dildo is strapped into my opening [19:54:15] AmethystBrackish: if done right, anal can be nice... not like I would know *cough* >_> [19:54:18] angelcerv21: and i can't get it out [19:54:23] angelcerv21: hahahaha [19:54:26] *** grr its RawRa has joined the chat. [19:54:34] lovelyXmissXoreo: ... i agree....*cough* [19:54:40] AmethystBrackish: hahaha [19:54:41] AlenaBrolxFlami: haha, I probably didn't need to know that, either. oh well :P [19:54:50] lovelyXmissXoreo: ;-) [19:54:59] angelcerv21: the butt has lots of special nerve endings like other body parts... [19:55:05] Bluemarz04: it's all interesting to me [19:55:28] lovelyXmissXoreo: man, imagine how weird this is to someone just entering the room [19:55:35] DShout: *lurking for research now* [19:55:36] AmethystBrackish: lol [19:55:40] Bluemarz04: haha [19:55:50] angelcerv21: hey, the hogtie four-way restraint system that I have is on here! [19:55:54] AlenaBrolxFlami: Hey, Angel... can you re-invite Mikaela into this chat, please? [19:55:57] angelcerv21: Except I got mine for a much lesser price [19:56:00] grr its RawRa: well, its weird for me even though i havent just entered lol [19:56:09] angelcerv21: oh sure [19:56:20] lovelyXmissXoreo: lol [19:56:24] angelcerv21: sex isn't weird [19:56:26] angelcerv21: nor playing [19:56:32] angelcerv21: i love talking about it [19:56:36] DShout: i can tell [19:56:38] angelcerv21: i think that freaks some people out [19:56:51] *** guaaaache has left the chat. [19:56:52] angelcerv21: in high school, i got yelled at by the teacher for trying to talk about masturbation more [19:57:03] AlenaBrolxFlami: hahahaha [19:57:03] angelcerv21: aw, she rejected the request [19:57:06] lovelyXmissXoreo: DAMNIT I CAN'T LOOK AT THE WEIRD SEX TOYS *sad and angry* [19:57:07] AlenaBrolxFlami: oh [19:57:07] SerenityDiscord: ahh, sorry i'm so easily distracted. i think i might go finally eat dinner, but i might sneak back in later. will you guys be around? [19:57:08] grr its RawRa: well, its not that its weird, but its the fact that i grew up in a very private family. [19:57:09] SerenityDiscord: :-) [19:57:17] angelcerv21: yeah we'll be here [19:57:32] SerenityDiscord: sweet! i'll ttyl then. =) [19:57:37] lovelyXmissXoreo: byez [19:57:37] AlenaBrolxFlami: okay - see you [19:57:44] SerenityDiscord: byeee for now. [19:57:47] angelcerv21: have good sex stories when you come back [19:58:03] SerenityDiscord: hahaha psh, unlikely. i'll listen to yours though =P [19:58:09] Bluemarz04: there is no one around here that would talk about it [19:58:25] DShout: i don't have any stories to share... sorry 'bout that [19:58:32] SerenityDiscord: ttyl [19:58:35] AmethystBrackish: So much crap I wanna buy, but I don't have enough for it all [19:58:38] *** SerenityDiscord has left the chat. [19:59:25] angelcerv21: I'm telling you, these prices are bad [19:59:35] lovelyXmissXoreo: AWESOME i'm getting kevin's old ipod :-D [19:59:37] angelcerv21: and half of it is easy to make on your own [19:59:50] *** guaaaache has left the chat. [19:59:53] DShout: then do so [19:59:57] DShout: and buy the other half [19:59:58] Bluemarz04: did you make your stuff or buy it, angel? [20:00:29] AmethystBrackish: oh shit. new Bleach. I'm leaving this open, but leaving the computer [20:00:54] DShout: haha have fun [20:00:59] lovelyXmissXoreo: lol [20:01:16] angelcerv21: half of mine I made [20:01:26] angelcerv21: my spreader bar, knee spreader, straps - I made it all [20:01:38] angelcerv21: my handcuffs I splurged on, real ones cost around 30 to 40 bucks [20:01:38] *** guaaaache has left the chat. [20:02:01] angelcerv21: my whips were scores at goodwill [20:02:07] AmethystBrackish: nevermind, it's not on till 1 [20:02:09] DShout: lolzs that's an odd find [20:02:09] AlenaBrolxFlami: I'll also be around, but I'm trying to finish February [20:02:17] AlenaBrolxFlami: GOODWILL?! [20:02:21] AmethystBrackish: haha [20:02:21] Bluemarz04: that's awesome! haha [20:02:23] angelcerv21: and my red leather hogtie restraint system was way cheaper than the one on ebay, through a site abroad [20:02:34] lovelyXmissXoreo: Goodwill? [20:02:35] angelcerv21: yeah I worked there a year and a half [20:02:40] lovelyXmissXoreo: which one are YOU going to? [20:02:42] angelcerv21: i got a whip with a five foot length span [20:02:47] angelcerv21: two riding crops [20:02:53] lovelyXmissXoreo: O_O [20:02:54] angelcerv21: and a pink toy one which still makes a nice slap [20:03:14] angelcerv21: you'd be amazed at what people donate [20:03:22] lovelyXmissXoreo: aww well fuck i need boots T_T and ebay has some shitty ones [20:03:23] angelcerv21: guns, dildos, whips, firecrackers [20:03:34] AmethystBrackish: lol crazy [20:03:39] angelcerv21: master locks are great when you make your own restraints [20:03:42] lovelyXmissXoreo: firecrackers?? [20:03:47] angelcerv21: they come with two keys for each lock [20:03:52] angelcerv21: yeah people donate the weirdest shit [20:04:07] angelcerv21: i have a french tickler too [20:04:25] angelcerv21: that I got out of a porn shop with a mask and candles for dripping wax on your poor bound prisoner [20:04:32] angelcerv21: never drip closer than 12 inches [20:04:46] grr its RawRa: im gonna turn into a lurker. ive got nothing to say on this subject lol [20:04:53] AlenaBrolxFlami: neither do I, honestly [20:04:54] angelcerv21: hahaha that's ok [20:05:02] Bluemarz04: i have to drive 70 miles to go to the closest porn shop [20:05:04] angelcerv21: you guys have never practiced any form of BDSM? [20:05:12] angelcerv21: oh my god, that's terrible [20:05:17] angelcerv21: 70 miles??? [20:05:23] AlenaBrolxFlami: I know there's at least one sex shop around here (an acquaintance works there, hahaha) [20:05:24] *** grr its RawRa has left the chat. [20:05:26] angelcerv21: there are three within 15 minutes of my house [20:05:35] angelcerv21: i want to work in one bad! [20:05:39] Bluemarz04: yep, 70 miles for anything good lol [20:05:50] lovelyXmissXoreo: there's one in the mall here [20:05:52] AlenaBrolxFlami: wow, Marsha - you must be really isolated [20:05:55] lovelyXmissXoreo: and downtown [20:05:59] angelcerv21: oooh, a mall one [20:06:00] Bluemarz04: there was one closer, but they closed it [20:06:03] lovelyXmissXoreo: and next to a strip club [20:06:16] angelcerv21: i may be employed in a strip club here soon [20:06:23] lovelyXmissXoreo: ooh awesome [20:06:31] angelcerv21: i think it would be fun to incorporate some of my BDSM material [20:06:39] Bluemarz04: i have a cousin who works in a strip club in dallas [20:06:40] angelcerv21: like bring my five footer of a whip on stage and crack it [20:06:45] lovelyXmissXoreo: oh wow.... [20:06:48] angelcerv21: does she dance? [20:06:55] *** grr its RawRa has joined the chat. [20:06:57] lovelyXmissXoreo: black gothic platform buckle lace-up thigh boots [20:07:01] Bluemarz04: as far as i know, she does [20:07:02] lovelyXmissXoreo: those are sexy [20:07:09] grr its RawRa: gah. my internet. anyway, *goes back to lurking* [20:07:20] lovelyXmissXoreo: lol [20:07:32] Bluemarz04: she has the best personality for it, haha [20:07:40] angelcerv21: oh my god, those boots are amazing [20:07:45] DShout: *lurking* i just post so you know i haven't left yet. [20:07:46] angelcerv21: that would be perfect in the strip club [20:08:23] angelcerv21: 60 bucks isn't bad [20:08:27] Bluemarz04: those are gorgeous [20:08:46] AmethystBrackish: I like. I wish I could wear boots like that [20:09:25] angelcerv21: hell yeah my androgynous body would fit right into those! [20:09:33] angelcerv21: since teri doesn't want me anymore, i can play with mike all I want [20:09:38] angelcerv21: he is way into BDSM [20:09:40] lovelyXmissXoreo: they're so sexy [20:09:44] angelcerv21: he likes knife play [20:09:50] lovelyXmissXoreo: wuzzat ^ [20:09:55] *** grr its RawRa has left the chat. [20:09:57] angelcerv21: well, you take a knife [20:10:08] angelcerv21: and tease sensitive areas of the body [20:10:20] angelcerv21: sometimes tiny cuts are acceptable in the heat of the moment [20:10:27] angelcerv21: mike likes being cut more than I do [20:10:32] angelcerv21: i'm into the bondage aspect [20:10:42] angelcerv21: bind me, gag me, immobilize me, then spank me! [20:11:28] angelcerv21: hahaha, alena said "she" in reference to me on bp and then she said "I knew that would trip me up eventually!" [20:11:54] angelcerv21: now the invite to mikaela is just pending [20:11:55] lovelyXmissXoreo: lol [20:12:00] angelcerv21: strange [20:12:24] angelcerv21: when i worked at goodwill, my ultimate score was a gyno table [20:12:30] angelcerv21: I couldn't believe it when it came in [20:12:30] *** guaaaache has left the chat. [20:12:30] Bluemarz04: i want to see a bdsm show, i think it would be interesting [20:12:36] angelcerv21: i bought it and made mike come and get it [20:12:51] AmethystBrackish: I want to get a vibrating ring, but I don't like that they are one time use... [20:12:57] AlenaBrolxFlami: just pending?? hmm [20:13:01] angelcerv21: yeah [20:13:04] AlenaBrolxFlami: what are those for? [20:13:21] angelcerv21: i see paddles and pasties when they perform, that's a burlesque show [20:13:30] angelcerv21: vibrating ring? [20:13:45] AlenaBrolxFlami: yes [20:14:48] angelcerv21: i've seen the ones for a penis, but the better ones are when you can reuse them [20:14:55] AmethystBrackish: you put them around the base of the peen and it vibrates the clit of the female [20:15:04] angelcerv21: sometimes they come with cock and ball restraints [20:15:12] angelcerv21: tie up that thing hanging out! [20:15:15] angelcerv21: heeheehee [20:15:23] angelcerv21: mike won't let me tie up his goodies [20:15:28] AmethystBrackish: they pretty much make the guy into a walking vibrator [20:15:34] angelcerv21: hahahahaha yep [20:15:49] AlenaBrolxFlami: oh, okay [20:15:56] angelcerv21: those strap ons with the vibrating egg or butterfly, those are the shit!! [20:16:05] angelcerv21: cost a lot though for high quality [20:16:45] angelcerv21: i was very disappointed with my porn shop's bondage material - it was all cheap toys, overpriced too. Real bondage material has to be sturdy, escape proof [20:16:56] angelcerv21: like chains and rope, oh I have a drawer full of that [20:17:10] angelcerv21: except i liked their nipple clamps [20:17:16] angelcerv21: they had ones you could adjust the pressure [20:18:25] angelcerv21: chirp chirp.... chirp chirp.... [20:18:36] lovelyXmissXoreo: lol [20:18:49] lovelyXmissXoreo: i think people are running out of things to talk about [20:18:57] angelcerv21: you guys are making me all horny [20:19:03] Bluemarz04: haha [20:19:06] lovelyXmissXoreo: xD [20:19:07] AmethystBrackish: O_O [20:19:13] angelcerv21: i can't get off without being tied up [20:19:34] angelcerv21: someone suggested that it's maybe because of all the times I was under arrest or strapped to beds as a kid [20:19:44] angelcerv21: or held down by hospital staff or something [20:19:56] angelcerv21: but i don't know.... i was masturbating ever since i was really young [20:20:05] angelcerv21: and back then, I didn't know what sex was, i just wanted "that feeling" [20:20:20] angelcerv21: and i thought it meant the pleasure from being tied up [20:20:26] angelcerv21: i don't know why i equated it like that [20:20:33] angelcerv21: maybe a movie or something [20:20:47] angelcerv21: i remember watching Planet of the Apes, and someone was tied up in it [20:21:00] angelcerv21: and i was like 6 or 7, and i got really horny [20:21:17] angelcerv21: so i tied up my little school friends, and asked them if they felt it [20:21:25] angelcerv21: but they didn't know what I was talking about [20:21:55] angelcerv21: hahahahaha chirp chirp... chirp chirp [20:22:06] angelcerv21: i have been all hyper all day [20:22:17] lovelyXmissXoreo: not me, i've just been sleepy [20:22:20] AlenaBrolxFlami: shower time [20:22:22] lovelyXmissXoreo: i think i may be sick [20:22:24] angelcerv21: i was up till five in the morning too [20:22:27] angelcerv21: sick? [20:22:37] angelcerv21: shower time? this is no time for a shower! [20:22:46] lovelyXmissXoreo: yeah, like my head hurts and my sinuses have been driving me crazy [20:23:00] angelcerv21: take advil or ibuprofen and drink lots of water [20:23:06] angelcerv21: that helps me [20:23:16] AlenaBrolxFlami: I think Angel would love Lords of Acid [20:23:37] *** Bluemarz04 has left the chat. [20:24:28] angelcerv21: Lords of Acid is great [20:24:35] angelcerv21: i haven't heard that much, though [20:24:52] angelcerv21: bluemarz says he's trying to get in now too [20:25:09] lovelyXmissXoreo: i got in just fine O_O [20:25:18] angelcerv21: oh ok [20:25:52] angelcerv21: anyone here ever drop acid? [20:25:57] lovelyXmissXoreo: noooooo [20:26:10] *** guaaaache has left the chat. [20:26:13] AmethystBrackish: I wish [20:26:17] angelcerv21: really? [20:26:26] angelcerv21: i've done it... five times or so [20:26:36] AmethystBrackish: haha yeah, I wanna try it at least once [20:26:37] angelcerv21: i do it at barter fair as part of my spirit quest [20:26:46] angelcerv21: it's afuckingmazing [20:27:24] AmethystBrackish: I've only done E, smoked weed, and popped Dex pills [20:28:00] angelcerv21: i've done E a couple times too. In the same night i did it, I also snorted some of it [20:28:03] angelcerv21: woweeee! [20:28:15] lovelyXmissXoreo: wow. i've only smoked weed. i feel boring now lol [20:28:20] angelcerv21: i love weed [20:28:25] angelcerv21: i haven't smoked it in like a month now [20:28:37] AmethystBrackish: E is amazing if you can get the good stuff [20:28:48] angelcerv21: mushrooms are all right, but once you do acid, mushrooms aren't intense enough [20:28:57] angelcerv21: E is bad for a bipolar person, I had to stop [20:29:09] angelcerv21: ever tried coke? [20:29:12] AmethystBrackish: no [20:29:21] angelcerv21: i tried it once... it was fun, but not intense enough [20:29:36] angelcerv21: i snorted like 200 bucks worth in a night [20:29:42] lovelyXmissXoreo: wow [20:29:53] angelcerv21: with my friend josh.... kinda miss him [20:29:54] *** Bluemarz04 has joined the chat. [20:29:55] AmethystBrackish: damn [20:29:56] DShout: that [20:30:05] DShout: that's a waste of money [20:30:09] angelcerv21: that's not much coke though, is the problem [20:30:12] Bluemarz04: ha! i'm back finally, haha [20:30:15] angelcerv21: it was like an 8ball and a half [20:30:18] angelcerv21: yay! [20:30:30] angelcerv21: yeah waste of money [20:30:33] angelcerv21: acid's cheap [20:30:33] AmethystBrackish: I always wanted to try that too, but I'm scared to because I don't like stuff going up my nose [20:30:42] angelcerv21: but the good stuff at barter fair is usually ten bucks a hit [20:30:46] angelcerv21: i get fifty bucks worth [20:30:57] angelcerv21: better than a needle hahahahahaha [20:30:59] AmethystBrackish: damn [20:31:18] angelcerv21: i thought i wouldn't like it either because of my nose, but it wasn't a big deal once you took your first line [20:31:25] AmethystBrackish: yeah fuck needles. a friend of mine used to do that shit. craziness [20:31:29] angelcerv21: ew ew ew [20:31:43] angelcerv21: i can't even handle getting my blood drawn [20:32:13] lovelyXmissXoreo: *almost fainted when she donated blood for community service at school* [20:32:19] angelcerv21: ouch [20:32:20] AmethystBrackish: I don't care if a doctor sticks me. I could never do it myself or let some crackhead do it [20:32:30] angelcerv21: i usually black out for a moment or two as well [20:32:34] angelcerv21: i've never donated [20:32:37] angelcerv21: they won't let me [20:32:41] angelcerv21: i'm too underweight [20:32:41] Bluemarz04: is it weird that i like donating blood? haha [20:32:48] AmethystBrackish: lol [20:32:49] angelcerv21: yeah that's trippy [20:33:38] Bluemarz04: it's always been kind of weird that i like it [20:33:50] angelcerv21: you like the feel of the needle? [20:33:59] AmethystBrackish: I want some E, a vibrating ring, and a few other toys right now... it would be a pleasure overload [20:34:06] angelcerv21: oh hell yeah! [20:34:22] Bluemarz04: i do, and i like watching the blood fill the bag, haha [20:34:44] AmethystBrackish: I like watching the blood squirt into one of those test tube things [20:34:49] angelcerv21: you're a masochist! You would probably enjoy being bound and spanked or something [20:35:10] Bluemarz04: i kind of figured i might [20:35:11] DShout: that's what i am. It's fine. [20:35:49] DShout: which is very bad. [20:35:39] angelcerv21: but the dom has to be careful - because sometimes a masochist likes it so much that real damage can happen [20:35:36] Bluemarz04: i really liked it when i got my lip pierced lol [20:35:23] angelcerv21: masochists are very fun to play with [20:35:57] angelcerv21: yeah, requires a skillful dominant [20:36:14] angelcerv21: i like some pain, but i'm picky [20:36:17] Bluemarz04: a hard to find skilled dom [20:36:20] angelcerv21: i prefer to be the dom [20:36:35] angelcerv21: but i like being tied up and erotically tortured too [20:36:46] angelcerv21: that's when orgasm is withheld [20:36:54] angelcerv21: that too requires a skillful dom [20:36:57] DShout: in my fantasies, there is no pain. Like it's there (cause you can never fully get rid of it.), but i only feel the pleasure in it. :/ [20:37:06] angelcerv21: that's a masochist [20:37:15] angelcerv21: the pain and pleasure are the same [20:37:39] DShout: yup. my friends all hate me for it. [20:37:43] angelcerv21: i've noticed this when being whipped with a riding crop while at the same time being masturbated [20:38:00] angelcerv21: it's a rare person! [20:38:13] DShout: v.v [20:38:16] AlenaBrolxFlami: I've got nothing to contribute; therefore, it is shower time :P [20:38:22] angelcerv21: aw [20:38:29] DShout: aww, have lots of fun showering [20:38:32] angelcerv21: but we're just getting dirty! [20:38:41] Bluemarz04: haha [20:38:50] lovelyXmissXoreo: how many showers do you take? lol [20:38:51] angelcerv21: i masturbated in the shower today [20:38:54] AlenaBrolxFlami: speaking of riding crops, I once saw a cologne with the smell of a riding crop... and wondered just how a riding crop would smell [20:39:07] AlenaBrolxFlami: oh, I'm infamous for not actually showering when I say I'm going to [20:39:12] Bluemarz04: leather? [20:39:13] *** grr its RawRa has joined the chat. [20:39:18] angelcerv21: mmmm leathery and if used, slightly like a limp, sweating and writhing body [20:39:28] AlenaBrolxFlami: maybe, Marsha... look up Demeter Fragrance Library [20:39:56] grr its RawRa: uhm. my internet crapped out. whoops. [20:39:58] angelcerv21: who is marsha? Blue marz? [20:40:03] AlenaBrolxFlami: as for the "he / she" thing tripping me up (yes, I *did* see that, Angel) - sorry :( [20:40:04] AlenaBrolxFlami: yes [20:40:04] AmethystBrackish: *le sigh* I need peen [20:40:05] Bluemarz04: maresha, haha. you forget the 'E' haha [20:40:05] angelcerv21: hahaha you made it back [20:40:18] AlenaBrolxFlami: haha, sorry [20:40:23] Bluemarz04: it's cool [20:40:24] angelcerv21: hahhaha its ok LESLIE [20:40:34] lovelyXmissXoreo: UGH anyone ever do cosplay? [20:40:38] AlenaBrolxFlami: I know it's important... ugh :( [20:40:40] AlenaBrolxFlami: no [20:40:46] AlenaBrolxFlami: and no on the acid question of earlier [20:40:48] DShout: yup! [20:40:51] DShout: i do it all the time [20:40:53] angelcerv21: what's cosplay? [20:40:57] angelcerv21: I've heard of it [20:41:12] lovelyXmissXoreo: *planning* [20:41:07] lovelyXmissXoreo: i cant find the right boots to go with this outfit i have [20:41:18] angelcerv21: heh heh [20:41:22] Bluemarz04: i know of people cosplaying [20:41:23] DShout: for anime clubs cosplay contest i'm going to be finneon. (the angelfish pokemon.) [20:41:23] AlenaBrolxFlami: anime costumes? [20:41:33] angelcerv21: oh no [20:41:36] lovelyXmissXoreo: i mean i've tried ebay and no luck there [20:41:44] AmethystBrackish: I wanna cosplay but I can't find anyone who I look like to cosplay as [20:41:47] angelcerv21: try demonia [20:42:03] angelcerv21: what is cosplay? [20:42:04] DShout: kepp trying@ [20:42:27] *** grr its RawRa has left the chat. [20:42:29] lovelyXmissXoreo: but i want cheap ones that's the thing >_< [20:42:48] angelcerv21: demonia is pretty good for prices. And good boots mean you have to cough up good funds [20:43:12] DShout: i make my own out of things i already own. ^.^ it's cheaper that way. [20:43:13] AmethystBrackish: it's dressing up as anime, video game, or comic book people, atleast that's what I've always believed it to be [20:43:14] Bluemarz04: demeter fragrance has some interesting fragrances lol [20:43:38] DShout: I'm bad at conversion rates (i live in the us) so i'm not good with british stuff. [20:43:41] angelcerv21: i don't really do smelly stuff [20:44:20] angelcerv21: something smells SO GOOD coming from the hall....*goes to investigate* [20:44:36] lovelyXmissXoreo: lawl don't worry i live in CA [20:45:02] AlenaBrolxFlami: agreed - I had to make a post about the quirky fragrances [20:45:17] lovelyXmissXoreo: AWW *looking at demonia* this shit is AWESOME [20:45:53] AlenaBrolxFlami: anyway. shower time for real now (and Angel - dude, I have church and a dinner tomorrow) [20:45:56] DShout: most certainly is [20:46:18] lovelyXmissXoreo: oh but it's so expensive ;_; [20:46:28] angelcerv21: ah [20:46:57] Bluemarz04: ew.. i don't think i would want to smell like cilantro [20:47:00] angelcerv21: church and dinner... speaking of which, my neighbor just gave me some chicken stir fry for a couple cigarettes! Love that barter system.... [20:47:15] angelcerv21: how early do you get up for church? [20:47:49] DShout: i /should/ have church tomorrow but we don't have a car [20:48:08] angelcerv21: i haven't gone to church in years [20:48:09] lovelyXmissXoreo: i have to go to church too fml [20:48:19] *** grr its RawRa has joined the chat. [20:48:20] angelcerv21: really you all go? Who isn't goin? [20:48:30] Bluemarz04: i'm not going, haha [20:48:34] grr its RawRa: it crapped out again. [20:48:35] DShout: i like church, so :P [20:48:36] angelcerv21: haha [20:48:40] AmethystBrackish: me. I haven't been to church in years [20:48:51] angelcerv21: from dirty talk to church... that was a turnaround [20:48:54] Bluemarz04: same, i have to work tomorrow [20:49:03] angelcerv21: where do you work? [20:49:06] AmethystBrackish: lol [20:49:17] grr its RawRa: i dont believe in anything really. no point in me going. [20:49:20] Bluemarz04: the last place i ever thought i would work, haha [20:49:22] Bluemarz04: walmart [20:49:25] angelcerv21: wow [20:49:28] angelcerv21: my ex works there [20:49:31] lovelyXmissXoreo: there's no point in me going, but my mom makes me go [20:49:32] DShout: terribley sorry [20:49:34] angelcerv21: ew i hate calling it that [20:49:35] angelcerv21: ex [20:49:45] angelcerv21: i'm a deist [20:49:51] DShout: but it's money! [20:49:56] angelcerv21: there is a God, but s/he is an asshole [20:50:09] DShout: lolzs [20:50:10] angelcerv21: with no real care for what is going on here [20:50:15] angelcerv21: indifferent [20:50:21] Bluemarz04: i just started working there... and it's all ooooold people there [20:50:26] *** grr its RawRa has left the chat. [20:50:29] angelcerv21: poof [20:51:00] *** grr its RawRa has joined the chat. [20:51:08] DShout: whenever i say i like corn, my friend thinks i'm saying 'i like porn.' [20:51:19] lovelyXmissXoreo: LOL [20:51:21] angelcerv21: hahahaha I love porn if it's good [20:51:25] angelcerv21: not corn, though [20:51:26] grr its RawRa: i like corn. [20:51:28] angelcerv21: unless it's a cornhole [20:51:29] grr its RawRa: lol [20:51:29] Bluemarz04: it seems to be showing more now [20:51:32] angelcerv21: being tortured [20:51:49] angelcerv21: what is showing more now? [20:51:53] angelcerv21: god's indifference? [20:51:57] Bluemarz04: yep [20:52:06] angelcerv21: well, it was always there [20:52:26] angelcerv21: but religious dogma and so called scripture have led people to believe God actually cares [20:52:42] angelcerv21: all those scriptures from every major religion was written by man [20:52:54] angelcerv21: so, to access God, you have to cut out the middle man so to speak [20:53:19] Bluemarz04: exactly, but you try saying that to some people and you're the worst person ever [20:53:19] grr its RawRa: and all the scriptures changed based on who was boss at the time. [20:53:36] angelcerv21: and they made God look like the devil in some respects [20:53:53] angelcerv21: the bible? Holy crap! That god doesn't seem worth worship, he's cruel [20:54:01] DShout: and all of this talk is makikng me think of my friend who i hate [20:54:09] angelcerv21: i was raised in a convent so I had lots of bible education [20:54:15] angelcerv21: why do you hate him? [20:54:39] DShout: oh, it's a long story [20:54:53] lovelyXmissXoreo: should i play The Sims? [20:54:56] lovelyXmissXoreo: hmm? [20:54:59] angelcerv21: the what? [20:55:04] lovelyXmissXoreo: The Sims 2 [20:55:10] Bluemarz04: i've learned to ignore a lot of people who talk about the bible [20:55:11] DShout: mostly resulting in my me trying my very hardest to be his friend and him not giving a shit about anything but his interests. [20:55:11] angelcerv21: what 2? [20:55:17] lovelyXmissXoreo: SIMS [20:55:21] grr its RawRa: haa i have that game. but it sucks on my computer. [20:55:23] lovelyXmissXoreo: O_o [20:55:24] angelcerv21: what does that stand for? [20:55:27] lovelyXmissXoreo: nothing [20:55:28] DShout: and me finally stop trying to be his friend [20:55:36] angelcerv21: bible thumpers and right-wing nutters are the biggest threat to this country [20:55:44] angelcerv21: soemtimes you just have to cut people out [20:55:48] angelcerv21: and move on [20:55:56] grr its RawRa: @dshouts. i have a friend exactly like that. very frustrating. [20:55:57] lovelyXmissXoreo: man i love it lol i have almost every expansion but i have all the stuff packs [20:55:59] Bluemarz04: try living around people who think like this [20:56:00] Bluemarz04: Beware of fake corn flakes.. Matthew 23!.. The Bible is full of answers.. answers to everything not just this topic. [20:56:08] angelcerv21: laura, what are you talking about? [20:56:17] grr its RawRa: which laura? [20:56:24] angelcerv21: hahaha, laura arroyo [20:56:25] lovelyXmissXoreo: i'm talking about The Sims... lol it's a video game [20:56:29] angelcerv21: oh ok [20:56:33] angelcerv21: that's why I've never heard of it [20:56:40] lovelyXmissXoreo: you don't game? [20:56:43] angelcerv21: oh no [20:56:45] lovelyXmissXoreo: O: [20:56:48] grr its RawRa: D: [20:56:49] angelcerv21: those are more bad for you than drugs [20:56:50] lovelyXmissXoreo: BLASPHEMY [20:56:51] angelcerv21: like TV [20:56:54] angelcerv21: hahahahah [20:56:55] Bluemarz04: haha [20:57:12] grr its RawRa: speaking of tv, im watching Boondock Saints right now. [20:57:18] angelcerv21: i hate video games except for Speed Racer, an arcade game with a car simulator... and you race [20:57:20] lovelyXmissXoreo: lol i gave kevin my hiccups [20:57:22] angelcerv21: good movie [20:57:28] grr its RawRa: yes. yes it is. [20:57:31] AmethystBrackish: My boyfriend refuses to hang up the phone. he's now snoring in my ear, haha [20:57:36] lovelyXmissXoreo: xD aww [20:57:40] lovelyXmissXoreo: hang up on him [20:57:41] lovelyXmissXoreo: lol [20:57:42] grr its RawRa: aww [20:57:45] angelcerv21: i used to do that [20:57:46] DShout: smack him! [20:57:51] angelcerv21: fall asleep with someone on the phone [20:57:56] grr its RawRa: i hate talking on the phone [20:58:12] AmethystBrackish: I would if he was here [20:58:23] angelcerv21: i usually sleep nude, but i've been scared to since the recent incidence of police and ambulances when I got out sleepwalking [20:58:31] AmethystBrackish: if I hang up, I'll feel bad [20:58:39] angelcerv21: he'll understand [20:58:45] angelcerv21: tell him you want to fuck [20:58:48] angelcerv21: see if he responds [20:58:50] grr its RawRa: lol [20:58:52] Bluemarz04: haha [20:58:53] lovelyXmissXoreo: xD LOL angel. [20:59:20] AmethystBrackish: lol he'll probably just have a dirty dream [20:59:20] angelcerv21: tell him you want a vibe ring and then you want him to fuck you with it [20:59:25] angelcerv21: hell yeah! [20:59:29] angelcerv21: lube the mind [20:59:52] grr its RawRa: all the conversations lead back to sex. lol [21:00:04] lovelyXmissXoreo: we are so pervy lol [21:00:04] angelcerv21: that's what happens when I'm around, heh heh heh [21:00:18] grr its RawRa: haha [21:00:25] Bluemarz04: sexual frustration, haha [21:00:26] angelcerv21: i'm one of those guys who thinks about something sexual every 5 minutes [21:00:41] *** guaaaache has joined the chat. [21:00:49] guaaaache: gAH [21:00:51] angelcerv21: if i'm sitting cross-legged... the seam of my pants stimulates me, and then I have to masturbate [21:00:56] angelcerv21: yay!!! [21:00:59] grr its RawRa: ill tell you what, this movie makes me like that. i <3 irish accents. [21:01:00] angelcerv21: guaaaache!!! [21:01:03] DShout: have fun! [21:01:10] guaaaache: that was a weird time to return [21:01:12] lovelyXmissXoreo: :-D YOU'RE BACK! [21:01:16] angelcerv21: you made it! [21:01:20] angelcerv21: what happened? [21:01:28] guaaaache: I don't know it just wasn't letting me back in [21:01:45] angelcerv21: did the restart help? [21:01:48] DShout: lip service has beautiful cyber goth dresses [21:02:01] guaaaache: I didn't actually restart, just stopped trying for a while [21:02:14] guaaaache: now I'm eating doritos [21:02:16] angelcerv21: long gown type ones? [21:02:29] DShout: no mini dresses [21:02:35] angelcerv21: i have one [21:02:37] DShout: but they're still pretty! [21:02:38] angelcerv21: strapless mini [21:02:45] angelcerv21: i may use it for my topless dancing [21:02:54] DShout: XD have fun! [21:02:55] angelcerv21: i'm gonna have to practice! [21:03:03] guaaaache: I have 2 lip service skirts... might sell them [21:03:08] angelcerv21: but a good drag queen knows all about being fabulous [21:03:25] angelcerv21: i have a great stripper skirt [21:03:27] angelcerv21: so short [21:03:27] DShout: i'm searching the interwebs for lovely outfits for my wardrobe one day [21:03:30] angelcerv21: it came into goodwill [21:03:34] angelcerv21: hahahaha [21:03:36] angelcerv21: interwebs [21:03:42] angelcerv21: reminds me of my spiders [21:03:46] DShout: bleh [21:04:00] angelcerv21: my mona molted... she is so big and hairy and pink and beautiful!! [21:04:18] lovelyXmissXoreo: what the FUCK is a Kandi Kid? [21:04:19] guaaaache: who is actuslly in here? i can't see a list on the right at all [21:04:23] DShout: i wish i could delete this right here [21:04:24] grr its RawRa: blech. spiders. [21:04:39] guaaaache: i also can't type [21:04:39] angelcerv21: a kid who sells drugs [21:04:48] lovelyXmissXoreo: really? [21:04:51] angelcerv21: alena is in, but she went to shower [21:04:56] angelcerv21: i don't know, i was just being funny [21:05:04] lovelyXmissXoreo: oh lol [21:05:13] AlenaBrolxFlami: I'm back, I'm back :P [21:05:16] angelcerv21: amethyst is here, me, bluemarz, dshout, guaaaache, laura the grr one, and laura arroyo [21:05:18] angelcerv21: oh boy [21:05:23] angelcerv21: that was a quick shower [21:05:24] AlenaBrolxFlami: MIKAELA! YOU ARE BACK! :D [21:05:24] lovelyXmissXoreo: xD [21:05:26] lovelyXmissXoreo: lol [21:05:26] AlenaBrolxFlami: haha, no [21:05:35] lovelyXmissXoreo: just call me Tally [21:05:41] angelcerv21: tally? [21:05:43] lovelyXmissXoreo: makes it easier ^_^ [21:05:44] angelcerv21: what does that mean? [21:05:53] lovelyXmissXoreo: it's my fiance's last name [21:06:00] angelcerv21: oooh, gonna get married [21:06:02] lovelyXmissXoreo: slash my name when we get married [21:06:04] angelcerv21: trippy [21:07:41] angelcerv21: after time, we all memorize each other pretty quick [21:07:33] angelcerv21: it's cuz this is your first time [21:07:23] DShout: yeah i know, i'm not too memorable [21:07:19] angelcerv21: by the way guaaaache - why that screenname? [21:07:08] grr its RawRa: gotcha [21:07:04] angelcerv21: guaaaache [21:07:03] angelcerv21: oh quaizr that's the one i couldn't remember [21:06:59] grr its RawRa: which one is embryogirl? [21:06:47] angelcerv21: um brackishkitten, bluemarz, raging hostility, embryogirl [21:06:46] grr its RawRa: alright, now i remember, my memory is bad. [21:06:36] AmethystBrackish: brackishkitten [21:06:36] Bluemarz04: same name [21:06:30] DShout: quaizr~ [21:06:27] lovelyXmissXoreo: KITKATKRISP! :-D [21:06:20] lovelyXmissXoreo: yeah [21:06:17] grr its RawRa: who is who in here? like, lj names? [21:06:15] angelcerv21: is your name actually laura? [21:07:46] guaaaache: because it was already taken so i kept adding As until it let me [21:07:58] DShout: no it's cause no one cares. [21:08:03] grr its RawRa: i care! [21:08:04] angelcerv21: it reminds me of like...stepping in mud you know...guaaaache! [21:08:08] angelcerv21: no offense [21:08:11] grr its RawRa: i like talking to new people. :-) [21:08:19] guaaaache: stepping into mud would be pretty guache

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