Saturday, November 14, 2009

Bad examples by pool noodle slaps / Cute Animal Tagging x2

Henry picked me up today, and we were off... no thanks to construction and delays on Alderbridge, we were ten minutes late! Talked about the Newsboys' Million Pieces (Kissing Your Cares Goodbye) [heard it on the radio!], Bible Study, a discussion on prayer, the cop love triangles on TVB shows, whether the same costumes were actually what Hong Kong police wear, and more. Got to the fellowship hall and told Auntie Vivian and Chrystal why I was late; also, I wished Melia a happy birthday. A bunch of kids (like Conor's brother Sean) wanted to know what was in the Awana store, Conor wanted to give me a high-five because he had a bunch of sections completed today (he cheers me up!), and Martin was RED because he was laughing so hard over Jordan's bathroom mishap! Apparently, Jordan got stuck for some time - Martin, Chris, Benedict, and Jason went to check it out. After the debriefing, Martin / Mike / Eric T. were setting a bad example for Regan and Jinny by slapping each other with a pool noodle. Auntie Vivian walked by as she was putting things away, and just laughed. Seeing Jessica's mittens reminded me to get my own out when I got home, and I have.

Later, I heard that Ada was sick, so got Henry to give me a ride home. He's the only other one who lives in Richmond, so he did it even if he was a bit rushed since he had to go to his sister Teresa's house to watch the girls as she went to Fellowship. His other sister Janet called to see if he wanted to go out for food - he couldn't do that, and ultimately suggested she order pizza or something if she didn't want to go out herself. (he told Teresa that she sounded flustered!) I was glad to be in out of the rain... my place is colder than the fellowship hall originally was, as it was WARM! Now to eat some Pickled Chinese Cabbage and Fish noodles, and do some Sunday School prep!

Leslie's just got their Mayan God Name from Name Generators. It's Ix Chel, the goddess of the moon.

Got these cute animal tagging pictures from Julie C:

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Dream of kids chasing Mel with needles / Putting myself first is NOT being selfish!

Had a weird dream which involved kids outside a store chasing Mel with needles, David trying to share things with other kids, soy sauce going for $3 when it was normally $6 (and these were normal bottles, not HUGE ones!), 100-piece packs of seaweed going for $10, the grass being made of all the people who had walked the earth before us, various houses and castles just disappearing when we wanted to see them, the NAME CASTLE staying in place (but only because Karla and I agreed to be in someone's bed for the night - only we were represented by clay blobs), and shimmering fences. What the heck?!

Then I got up and fielded an email from my mom: someone should really tell her that "wet kisses" is NOT an appropriate thing to sign off with! She also managed to misspell Jon's nickname again... it's FLIME, and not FLAME! (or "film," as she once rendered it...)

You Put Yourself First

By putting yourself first, you're actually not being selfish. You're just being realistic.

You like to help others as much as the next person... maybe even more. But you know you need to be at the top of your game in order to really give back.

You take good care of yourself, and you have learned the art of tactfully saying "no." It's all about balance.

You try to stay away from people and activities that drain you. You prefer to save your energy for those who really matter to you.

Ha, I *knew* I wasn't being selfish a few weeks ago! (to name but one example...)

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Stealing souls, "dope" and "represent" being used wrongly, soup fest

Eric picked me up from home, and we started in on the usual topics - yes, it's true that one status set off a "Facebook debacle," but the one about the creepy old man adding me was NOT about Mr. Creep! I told him exactly how I felt about the lunch, and that Mr. Creep was trying to steal my soul by looking at me. Eric would have stared at me to bug me, but it wasn't a good idea since he was driving. He said he got this week's Sunday Dinner email, but he might not go since he had a busy Sunday: church, then seeing the football game at Alistair's, and then hockey?! I thought the Lions had finished their season on Halloween, but Eric reminded me that it was a playoff game. Ah yes, though I don't follow that too much! Then he wanted to know whether I thought Alistair was a creep - from what I know of him (which admittedly isn't much), I don't think he is one! Discussed games, fighting zombies, ridding an emperor of blight, Tuesday night's dinner, Steph's colors for her new place, Isabel, Canucks colors, blue, silver, green, white, purple, magenta, grey, yellow, Cecilia, Nathan, weddings, and more.

When we got to the church, I had a bit of trouble getting out because the grass was to door-level... but I managed. As we went inside the church, we saw everyone going downstairs to the fellowship hall - Jeremy said that our usual room would have been way too crowded! Once everyone got chairs and sat down, I saw what he meant. When Jon decided to invite EVERYONE to Sunday Dinner at Jeremy's (that includes Mr. Creep...), I asked Jeremy whether he'd sanctioned this invitation beforehand! He said that they were planning to make 30 litres of soup or something... okay, I can see them using the closet door as a table again maybe! He's been busy with work (every other Sunday too lately?) and school... but at least he'll see his family at Christmas! (go with WestJet - they were still flying when all that snow stuff happened last year!)

Bible Study was all right for the most part, only this new guy bugged me because he used the words "dope" and "represent" along with "you feel me?" (and no, he wasn't black... he was Chinese, from what I could tell...) Sorry, but that reminds me of my ex - I'm keeping a somewhat open mind, however. (I told Eric about this later, and he thought the same thing - potato head, indeed...) I let Jeremy share my Bible when I found some "heavenly realms" study notes - what an interesting writeup on the various meanings! Another new person offered her house - we decided just to stay with meeting at church because everyone at least knows where that is, as opposed to someone else's house. But it was nice of Winnie to offer, heh. We took care of two Frog Hollow families by giving $5 right then and there (thank goodness I had the change!), and also figured out stuff for snacks and the Christmas potluck. I didn't contribute anything like chicken / fruit / anything else, but I have to watch my spending and such. (although I guess I can now pay my bills...) Johnny said that he was going to Malaysia in early December, for a wedding... whoa!

After that, I talked generally to a few people like both Andreas, Teresa, Harmony, Henry, and others. (swimming classes, prayer, parents being back from the States. cop love triangles on TVB, listing of stuff, and more) Said hi to Dawn, Vivian, and Jen; door-to-door selling where they just drop you off and expect to see you later is NOT for Jen, especially during a Vancouver winter! Dawn says Eni is fine, but busy with work. Dylan wanted to know if Dawn was going to visit her family over the holidays - she leaves Dec. 18 for two weeks! Andrew asked how it was going with Mr. Creep, JUST when he was going out of the room with the pie / plates! Awkward timing, haha. Also talked to him about school, goals, and such. Said hi to Quan, Sonya, and Emily - yay for birthdays, Em! (Melia and Jason's is tomorrow!) Jeremy and Jon were going through a bunch of ingredients for Sunday's minestrone soup fest or whatever, and Jer brought up homemade bread - mmm, good! Also discussed coffee, e.tea, food, and more - but Eric and I decided to go home. No, it wasn't because I was being an idiot in regards to a certain person... he was tired, too! Jeremy said that "FRIDAY THE 13th!!!!!" was a huge front-page story in the 24 newspaper today - wow, you can't find anything else to write about?! (like the Main / Broadway fire?!)

On the way home, Eric tried to find a gas station that wasn't 105.6, but found a Husky that was 104.9 instead. The price was actually 103.9, which is what he'd wanted to pay in the first place. Discussed Raymond, Randal, "targets," Mr. Creep asking for firewall help (the longer you talk to him, the more he'll think he's your FRIEND!!!), FLASH FORWARD, FRINGE, Youtube and the 40th anniversary of SESAME STREET, avoidance, Tim Horton's chai tea, the dawn of time, dinosaurs, and more. He thought I was 87% evil when I was cackling... haha, I don't believe you! Got home and ate some salted nuts, then drank my Rustic Lentil soup - woohoo!

Poo nugget for this weekend: Termite Farts - Termite farts generate some of the highest quantities of methane in the animal / insect kingdom, with some scientists stating that they contribute more methane than all human industries combined. (factories, cars, etc.) The cause of their sky-high methane content lies in termites' guts, where they harbor large quantities of bacteria to aid in digestion of their woody diet.

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Friday, November 13, 2009

I know that glue traps are inhumane...

Dawn O. unfriended me from Facebook, but that's okay. Eric called earlier to say that he could pick me up at 7 for Fellowship tonight... I don't even know if I should go. Too bad I couldn't excuse myself, if only because I need to do Sunday School prep. But at least I'll be away from the mouse here, I guess... Corey and I spent some time talking about how glue traps really are inhumane. I know that, but the management gives me no other choice! (now he's trying to tell me that Mr. Creep wasn't asking me for personal information... asking whether I'm good at directions may not be such, but he'll ask for more if I give him THAT!)

[00:25:38] AlenaBrolxFlami: did I tell you that I had to take out ANOTHER dead mouse?
[00:25:49] mrptptpt: that's good, isn't it?
[00:27:48] AlenaBrolxFlami: yeah... it was relatively small... which is fine, but I'm pretty sure there's another one running around here
[00:28:17] mrptptpt: I just read that glue traps are the most horrible inhumane way to catch mice
[00:28:20] mrptptpt: a while ago
[00:29:01] mrptptpt: they get stuck and starve to death, or gnaw their legs off, or break their back struggling to get free.... normal traps just snap shut and kill them, or you can get ones that trap them
[00:29:38] mrptptpt: we have glue trap things in our basement, but those are to collect spiders
[00:29:52] AlenaBrolxFlami: yes, I have also heard that... I don't think the management likes the other traps for some reason...
[00:30:31] AlenaBrolxFlami: I've heard of the "Havahart" traps... but then you'd have to set them free somewhere away from your place... which is fine, but EW ALIVE MICE!
[00:31:20] mrptptpt: there's some plastic ones that snap shut and don't hurt the mouse. someone that does that for a living said those are by far the easiest to use, along with being the most humane. no mess to deal with.. just go out somewhere to let them go and pop them open again, then the trap is reusable and ready to go again
[00:31:29] mrptptpt: apparently they're only a few bucks each too
[00:32:24] mrptptpt: yes, you have a live mouse inside, which I don't want to deal with either, but I don't really want dead mice all over the place until I find them either...
[00:32:37] mrptptpt: or dealing with dead mice
[00:36:45] AlenaBrolxFlami: yeah, that's also true... would you need to wash said trap?
[00:39:00] mrptptpt: I don't know, maybe if it poops in it :P
[00:39:58] mrptptpt: they also said mice like to run along the walls, so make sure the traps are along walls.. like if the openings of the traps are pointed away from the wall, they won't even check it out. if they're pointed toward the wall, they'll come across the opening and go in to check things out
[00:40:39] mrptptpt: he said a lot of his exterminator calls were from people that already had traps out, but they weren't placed properly. a few adjustments and they'd clear the place out in no time
[00:40:54] mrptptpt: so make sure all of yours are along the walls
[00:47:09] AlenaBrolxFlami: I know one of mine is under the couch... I can't get in to the walls
[00:55:45] mrptptpt: well, then that's probably not a useful place for it, unless that one has caught things before
[00:58:33] AlenaBrolxFlami: I've had traps under the couch (sometimes with additional things on there), and they've caught mice before
[01:00:24] mrptptpt: well, leave it then :P
[01:02:22] AlenaBrolxFlami: yeah, I guess I will... the ones along the wall don't seem to do anything, although sometimes I wish I could get one along the wall to trap something... but it would be a problem getting it out since it's inaccessible
[01:06:32] mrptptpt: too much furniture?
[01:10:28] AlenaBrolxFlami: yes
[01:10:38] AlenaBrolxFlami: I heard a noise just now... WHAT IS IT?!
[01:16:00] mrptptpt: a dildo
[01:23:01] AlenaBrolxFlami: you silly... dildoes probably don't make noises
[01:28:12] mrptptpt: some do
[01:28:43] mrptptpt: the ones that vibrate
[01:31:23] AlenaBrolxFlami: don't even GO there

Facebook quiz taken from Kelly:

Leslie took the "What is your Porn Star Name?" quiz and got "Howie Feltersnatch." This would be your name if you were inclined to be in the biz...

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Weird dream about John, packaged stuff in a cafeteria, purple flowers, and "FRASER!"

I have a new "words" icon, courtesy of a Google Images search on "words icon." "Word Icon" just got me the Microsoft Word logo - uh, no thanks! The words are "competitiveness," "medieval," "non-collaborative," "unpumicated," "amethodically," "on collaboration," "hi theatered," "delectable," "flammable," "complexity," something which ends in "atrice," and "methodical." Can't read any more of those in the expanded version...

If Friday the 13th has affected me so far, it would be because I wasn't really able to sleep till like 8 AM despite trying to! This would explain why I got up at 2:40 PM... yikes! Had a weird dream when I finally COULD get to sleep... I went over to John's house (snooooopy), but he was pretty late since he was hard at work on a project. He apologized, and gave me a long thin flower with purple / blue petals in a green vase as additional reassurance. I thought that was SO sweet, and I just had to hug him. Things were fine after that, and we went to a conference setting where we hung out with my friends for a bit before calling it a night.

We went to the cafeteria really late for breakfast, so I found myself taking all the packaged stuff and stashing them into my bag for later. (cookies, Rice Krispie Squares, and more!) Auntie Rebecca noticed it, but she didn't say anything - she was cool with it. Of course, we also got some muffins / eggs / orange juice / milk / other stuff to eat right then. Sat down at a table with Winnie, Megan, Anita, Allison, and other moms and kids. It was a pretty good delayed meal, for sure!

Then we went to see the elite runners of the school - one of them looked really tall and slim with light brown hair, and her brother had blonde-brown curly hair while being a bit pudgier. He was wearing a white dress shirt and regular pants, and was pretty hungry since he had woken up later than John and me! The cafeteria let him go in and grab a bunch of food, however. (elite runner? hello?!) The announcer wanted the runners to go round a track in the middle of the room, which was fine. The tall and slim runner was named Antonia Fraser, and her brother was named Graham. Antonia said that everyone was pronouncing her last name wrong because it should be with a short A and not a long one. Graham concurred, of course. After some attempts at making the correct pronunciation, I just woke up gradually. No idea why I had that dream, as per usual. Haven't been reading any Antonia Fraser books lately, or talking to Spoz / John...

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I'd SO live in a haunted house! / Weight Loss Medication

Would you rent or buy the home of your dreams if a brutal murder had taken place there? What if you got to live there rent-free? Would you think twice if neighbors warned you that it was haunted?

No, definitely not! I probably would live in a haunted house, for sure... and definitely rent-free!
View Answers.

Poo nugget for Friday, November 13: Weight-Loss Poo - Orlistat, also known under the brand name Allí, is a popular weight loss medication. It's the first of its kind to be available without a prescription. Orlistat inhibits the activity of an enzyme called pancreatic lipase, which normally helps us digest the fat we consume in our diets. The end result is that fat consumed is not absorbed into the body, and is eliminated in the stool. As would be expected, most patients using Orlistat experience diarrhea and fatty stools, which tend to smell horrible and float on the surface of the water.

Edit: I posted this in useless_facts, and xprivate_eyex had this to say: Alli... I shudder at the memories. Sure it worked and I lost weight, but with horrifying results. The orange oil / fat in the toilet when you pooped is like... revolting. This is called a "treatment result" because it means you didn't stick to a low fat diet, so the oil is meant to be a deterrent from eating fat in your diet, in addition to blocking your body from absorbing the fat. The most horrific part, however, is if you choose to "splurge" for a day and have a couple slices of pizza, a burrito, anything like that. You will experience anal leakage of the orange oil - it's disgusting and you have no control of it. Thanks to a "day off" from my diet, a pair of my panties and jeans were RUINED as the oil will not come out of fabric. And that's my story. EWWWWWW!

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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Cranberry Gold Mix should list obvious ingredients! / Amused Pear

I ate some of my "Cranberry Gold Mix" from Kingsgate Mall earlier. It's good, but it doesn't list rather obvious ingredients, like the sunflower seeds / nuts! I've heard that there's snow on the mountains already, so Whistler / Blackcomb are opening up two weeks early. As long as it stays up there (especially during the Olympics) and not down here, I don't much care.

Mom called me earlier, but I wasn't near the phone. So I called her back now - apparently, she wanted to take me out for lunch. At least I escaped any serious discussion, haha - she says she got me quite a bit of stuff, so hopefully it's not TOO random with the crap. ;) [no, I'm not saying that the stuff she gets me is crap!] Also, I've read that apparently GWAR is coming to town - Corey would love this news, haha!

An amusing image I got from ohnotheydidnt:

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Dead mice / Name preferences survey / Toothpaste flavor!

I had to remove ANOTHER dead mouse on a glue trap just now... YUCK!

Which name do you prefer A-Z Survey

Ashlee or Abigail - Abigail over Ashley spelled correctly.
Blake or Benjamen - Benjamin, spelled correctly of course! :P
Carlie or Catherine - Catherine.
Dylan or Daniel - Dylan.
Emma or Ellie - Emma.
Forrest or Franklin - Forrest.
Gretchen or Gretle - Gretchen. Gretel isn't even spelled properly!
Harley or Henry - Henry. Harley makes me think of the motorcycle.
Imagene or Izabelle - These aren't even spelled properly, but I'd take Isabel(le) over Imogene.
Jacob or Johnathan - Jonathan, spelled correctly of course.
Kaielly or Kelsee - Assuming that's "Kaili or Kelsey," I'll take Kaili.
Lee or Lukas - Lee.
Maddison or Marlee - Madison, spelled properly... although I don't even like THAT too much over Marley.
Nicholas or Nathanyell - Nicholas over Nathaniel, spelled properly.
Octavia or Olivia - Olivia, although that IS popular these days. Octavia for old-school, yo!
Paytin or Peter - Peter over Payton, spelled correctly.
Rae-Anne or Rachel - Rachel.
Stephen or Shayne - Stephen over Shane, spelled correctly.
Tayler or Tiffany - Tiffany over Taylor, spelled correctly.
Victor or Vincent - Vincent.
Whytnee or Wendi - Wendy, spelled correctly over Whitney, also spelled correctly.
Xaivier or Xander - Xavier, spelled correctly. It should be Alexander, anyway...
Zelda or Zena - Zelda, over Xena spelled correctly. Although for some reason, Zelda makes me think of an old crone over that Link game...

You Are Bubblegum-Flavored Toothpaste

You are impulsive about most things in life, and you can't say no to fun! You are always in search of a new adventure.

You try to lighten up every task and bring a little zing to your day. You like whimsical little treats, like bubblegum

Like everyone else, you have your struggles and problems in life. Unlike everyone else, you don't let the difficulty of life get you down.

The world may be a harsh place, but knowing that you can bring sunshine into other people's lives keeps you going.

This result is way too perky for me. I disapprove.

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Dream of gnomes being killed by trees / greasy dishes / silver things

I had a weird dream which started out with Eric and me driving to Abbotsford to see new friends of ours. On the way there, we saw a great big blue chasm of water that we'd either have to jump across or take a boat to traverse. Not surprisingly, we debated jumping for a while until I decided that we should really take the boat. When we were across, we continued on our way until we were distracted by a very green field. We drove the car almost into the meadow, got out, and then conversed with the woodland creatures. Everything seemed okay, but there was an undercurrent of tension... we didn't know about it until we saw many trees coming down on the gnomes, crushing their heads! Seems they were trying to warn us, but the trees didn't like that much!

A ladybug (far away from the trees) warned us that the creatures we were talking to would go back to my mother and relay all the information to her! Since we didn't want that to happen, we excused ourselves and calmly went back into the car. We then drove across a time portal, which suddenly teleported us INSIDE my old house on Rosehill. Seems that there were a LOT of greasy dishes in the sink, complete with a lot of yucky brown water. (it was brown because of the dirt, not turbidity problems! :P) Kevin and his brother were over, and my sister had also brought a bunch of friends to the house.

My dad came in while Eric and I were still trying to adjust ourselves to our new surroundings. I was looking at the white stove and the ice blue time display, then Dad decided to berate everyone for not cleaning the floor properly, since it was still brown, and black grease could be seen in spots. After that, he left - Kevin and his brother promptly dropped a lot of silver hooks on the floor. I scolded them in turn, but didn't make anyone pick things up. They knew I was just taking it out on them, and were okay with it. We were called to go downstairs - Eric's mom Veronica had come by with her dogs at the front door. She showed them to us, and wanted to go into the house - not with the dogs, you don't! After that, the dream just ended when I woke up. Not sure why I had it in the first place...

Coincidentally enough, my Trivia Today newsletter today is about dreams:

Adults dream off and on, for a total of about an hour and half to three hours every night. The average person has about 1,460 dreams a year.

Scientists suggest that the dreams of fetuses are mostly composed of sound and touch sensations, given the lack of visual stimuli in the womb.

Elias Howe (1819-1867) said one inspiration for his invention of the sewing machine came from a nightmare he had about being attacked by cannibals bearing spears that looked like the needle he then designed.

Falling dreams typically occur at the beginning of the night, in Stage I sleep. These dreams are often accompanied by muscle spasms, called myoclonic jerks, and are common in many mammals.

In general, pregnant women remember dreams more than other populations. This is largely due to the extreme hormonal changes during pregnancy.

The quality of dreams depends, at least in part, on the stage of sleep in which the dreams occur. Dreams during REM tend to be more bizarre and detailed and have story lines. Dreams in stages 1 and 2 of sleep are simpler and shorter. Deep-sleep dreams tend to be diffused and may be about nothing more than a color or emotion.

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Auntie Ying and her mean co-workers / Laxative abuse!

Terry Kelly's A Pittance of Time ... very good song!

Decided to call Auntie Ying to see how she was doing - besides, she said she'd call me today, heh. She's doing fine - she asked me to define what a "wad" of paper was, so I did. Apparently, three of her co-workers wanted her to do something bad so they wouldn't look so terrible to the supervisor (because THEY'D done something not quite good)... she wouldn't, so now they're being mean to her. Her co-workers aren't Christian, but she still wants a good relationship with them. Then she apologized for not helping me with the story on Sunday since she was telling Rachel's grandma (who isn't a Christian) about how God was working in her life - fair enough, then! She thinks I tell the stories in a good way, but sometimes I'm not so sure about that myself. We discussed Christmas, cards, Mr. Creep (my gut still says NO!), crafts, calling her if I have something to say (hahaha), responsibility, and more. It wasn't too bad, heh.

Facebook quizzes taken from Kaitlin:

Are You Really A Girl / Boy? - 92% Girl. (Woohoo! I think...)

Leslie took If You Were A Boy, What Type of Boy Would You Be? (FOR GIRLS). A Silly Boy. You're crazy! You like crazy things, and you are inspiring to others! You live life on the edge, and you're never scared of what anyone thinks! However, you need to aim higher for what you want! Go, you! (Like me, but male? SWEET! :D)

Leslie took the "HOW GANGSTA IS YOUR NAME?" quiz and got "48%." ONE OF THE HOMIES.

Poo nugget for Thursday, November 12: Doo You Know? - Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures - "Cutting weight" is the practice of abusing laxatives (and other substances) to rapidly drop weight. Frequently used in sports such as wrestling, large bowel movements often result in enough weight loss to allow competition in a lower weight class.

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Stupid expiry dates! / Sidekicks and Pudding Snack Warnings / Kissing and changing

Did a lot of Sidekicks cooking tonight since the soy milk was set to expire tomorrow: Creamy Chicken Fusilli, Cheddar and Sour Cream, Chicken and Broccoli, Tri-Color Alfredo, and Tomato Alfredo! Speaking of expiry dates, I noticed that the expiry date on my Banana Cream Pie pudding snacks was YESTERDAY - I quickly ate the three I had left, and hoped it would be okay! WARNING: I mustn't buy Hunt's Snack Packs again, since they're hard to open!

Your Kissing Style by blonde_anne
You Startwith a nibble on the ear
Then Youstare into their eyes and kiss their lips softly
And You Finish Off Witha nice kiss on the cheek

Crazy TF Quiz by XLXL
Favourite colour?
CauseJabbed with a needle in the subway (This really happens, ya know!)
Species you becomeDog
First thing to changeTail
Last thing to changeBody
How much do you changeFull
Can you talk stillYes, but with your MIND! (Whee!)
Bonus?Nope (Lucky / Unlucky)
Those around youLaugh

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Sunday Dinner, weird fire and basketball dream, fashion style

Some old guy named Del Holm tried to add me on Facebook - if I don't know you, I'm not going to ADD you! Thank goodness I can indicate that I don't know him! (creep...) Turns out Harmony was correct last night - Jon sent us a Sunday Dinner email, and Shally says she'll be at Jeremy's. WOOHOO! Hester's husband just came by and checked the stove elements to make sure they worked - he said he'd knocked on the door yesterday evening. Nice, but I wasn't home! Says to put chemicals on the drip pans and clean them... I guess we'll see since I don't know what else I can do. Buy them myself? Haha, from where?! Corey says that they're fine if it's just BLACK on them, and no gunked-on food... mmm, perhaps...

Had a weird dream about people playing games on a basketball court with mats, and then a couple not wanting to be torn apart by rules. Unfortunately, they had to be separated, which turned out to be good for the woman. She was on a plane which had to crash-land in a field... there was LOTS of fire coming out of the tailpipe or whatever it's called, for sure! Her silver diamond ring had "4/24/07" engraved, and she managed to hang onto it! Not sure why I had the dream, unless it was seeing Mike wearing everyone's rings yesterday, hahaha.

Your Fashion Style is Casual

You prefer to keep it laid back. Jeans and a T-shirt are practically your uniform.

And when you dress up, you're still the most informal person in the room. Dressing formally makes you feel stuffy.

Just because you're casual, it doesn't mean you're unfashionable. In fact, you often look effortlessly chic.

You know how to rock a perfect-fitting pair of jeans and a funky T-shirt. Not many adults can pull off your look, but you can!

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Battle Buddy / Farm Animals

Poo nugget for Wednesday, November 11: Military Log - When U.S. troops are deployed in the Persian Gulf, they are required to have a "Battle Buddy." In order to help monitor their health and hydration, a buddy's responsibility is to keep a record of their fellow serviceman's water and electrolyte intake, and the frequency of their pee and poo. Taking this even further, when forward deployed in the field, a corpsman from the navy is attached to every marine platoon in order to, amongst other things, check the consistency of each marine's poo. This takes the term "buddy system" to a whole new level. (This reminds me of a certain journal that my mother used to keep... maybe I'll make a NOTE out of the Chapters Dump chat, hahaha!)

You Are a Cow

You are a kind, nurturing, and caring creature. You are deeply connected to the world around you.

You have a good intuition, and you sense what people need from you. You are happy to give as much as you can.

You are a very placid creature. Because you remain so calm and cool, people seem to underestimate your mind.

You are extremely intelligent and aware, but you don't always show it. You're more likely to reflect on your thoughts than share them with the world.

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Birthday tripleheader at Red Robin's!

I called Hester earlier in the afternoon to see if she could check my stove, and she told me to wait for her since she was doing something outside. Well, sure... but I couldn't wait forever as I had plans to leave by 6 or so to make it to Red Robin's. As I got off the bus to walk to the Canada Line station, I realized that I hadn't written in Melia or Emily's cards yet. Thank goodness they have benches, lights, and cover outside the stations! I got to the restaurant kinda late because the 9 took forever to arrive, but I managed to find Cindy / Harmony / Angus / Melia / Vanessa / Emily / Mike T. / Brent / Danielle / Joey / Ivan. (Mike K. came later than I did, phew!)

Gave Vanessa, Melia and Emily their birthday cards - and then shook hands with Brent, and I agreed that it was nice seeing him again! Talked about Wisconsin, small town vs. big city life, Bellingham being a small town with the feel of a big city, busing, dating people with the same name as you (Joey and I would NOT do that!), Danielle's brother, stomach issues, China, double cousins / weird family trees, being able to see Jordan dancing like some kid in a video, Chris Lam wanting to boil hot dogs, someone accidentally calling Rachel "Humpty Dumpty" (oops!), the BAD hockey score, a LONG fry, burgers, apple salad, books, and more. Cindy brought up LORD OF THE FLIES, and figures that it could be over-analyzed... Emily and I didn't really like the book OR the movie! I was determined to get a gingerbread milkshake since I'd seen them advertised almost two years ago now (when Eric and I went to the Abbotsford Red Robin's), but didn't get one then. IT WAS SO GOOD AND FLAVORFUL!

Eventually, the discussion turned to the H1N1 flu shot - Cindy thinks the seasonal one hurts more than that, since she got them both at the same time. I don't think I'll get it, although I've heard of people who outright refuse to get it! The other side of the table was busy discussing Christon, Daniel, Yvonne, no jeans / shirts with writing allowed (a distraction!) if you're on the worship team, Eric M., drumming, Jeremy having dress pants AND dress shirts, Pastor John and the bass guitar, vests, practices, Emily L., Richie, Sonya, Chris T., Cordia, Joyce, Quan, and other people. Mike T. wore five rings at once, so Vanessa had to get a picture of that, haha!

Told Danielle about the Pho lunch on Sunday - I'm still creeped out by Mr. Creep, and I don't think it's going to change anytime soon. In my more emo moments, I think of resigning from Committee / leaving the Fellowship or church entirely over this, but then *I* would be the one to start over. Better to make HIM uncomfortable, hehehe. (or not...) Dianne joined us right after work at the hospital - chocolate bars weren't really a dinner, but doctors DO have to eat quickly! (pizza!) Ivan wasn't going back to Richmond (and said that someone stole his phone!), so I bused home - Harmony told me about some Sunday Dinner, so we'll see if Jon emails or not. Discussed Subway, Japanese food, Jon at a downtown Eastside potluck / beer afterwards, and more too.

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Facebook Millionaire Tagging

Got this "Facebook Millionaire" picture from one of Candy's friends:

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Belladonna, Blanche, Bonquisha, and Brunhilda

This is from What Not to Name Your Baby by Joe Borgenicht.


Baby: A young Jewish girl post-bat mitzvah, well on her way to becoming a woman in the Catskills. She will be loved by many, but only give her heart to seemingly no-goodnik dance instructors with misunderstood pasts. Child may also tend to sleep in the middle of a room, because no one puts Baby in a corner.

Babylon: The capital of ancient Babylonia, known for its great luxury and sensuality as well as vice and corruption. A female child with this name should be prepared for many jokes about her "Hanging Gardens."

Baltimore: Home of such lackluster, bird-monikered sports teams such as the Orioles and Ravens.

Bambi: The poor deer whose mother was gunned down in cold blood by the heartless hunter and left as an orphan to fend for himself in the wilderness. Also, effective alter ego of many an off-off-Broadway "dancer."

Barbell: An endomorph with an impressive ability to quickly down a case of Natty Light. Also enjoys doing keg stands.

Bathsheba: Will have a penchant for bathing in public places and arousing the lustful glances of much older men.

Beach: A less-than-pleasant woman; also, a female dog. The jokes about crabs may, alone, be enough to make your child hate you forever.

Beefea: It's what's for dinner. With fiddle music ringing in her ears and constant calls of "Where's the Beefea?" ... your child will surely beg you to change her name by the time she reaches the second grade.

Belladonna: Italian for "beautiful woman" ... also, the highly poisonous derivative of the nightshade family.

Bertha: Usually used to refer to something enormously large and ponderous. Big Bertha will undoubtedly become the other children's playground taunt of choice.

Bet'C: The preferred vanity plate spelling for an otherwise traditional name.

Bianca: Feminine form of spray-on breath freshener popular in the early '80s.

Bijou: A famous theatre. A scion of rock royalty.

Bimberly: Shortened name for "Kimberly, the famous bimbo." Slated to be launched as Barbie's sister in 1999. Lo, a scandal involving Ben and his life partner Ken quashed the dream.

Bindy: Both dog and daughter of the famed alligator hunter.

Birch: A socially-accepted substitute for "bitch" used by born-again Christians.

Blanche: To dip in hot water for the purpose of removing the skin. A child with this name will most likely graduate from torturing animals to the status of mass murderer before she is done with junior high school.

Blasé: A jaded, bored girl destined to smoke French cigarettes and wear berets.

Blenda: A kitchen appliance used by the residents of New England to whip up fruity, tropical drinks. "Ay, Janice, mix up a couple more a dem piña coladas in dah Blenda!"

Blessing: She won't seem like much of a blessing at 3 AM when you're dealing with hysterical crying, projectile vomiting, and yellow blowout diarrhea. And the child might not sleep through the night, either.

Blonda: Having lighter hair than the other girls. "Is she the dishwater blonde?" "No, she's the Blonda of the two."

Bonquisha: A delicious breakfast food and the sister of Laquisha.

Breezy: Beautiful and relaxed, she's also going to be easy.

Brella: Short for "umbrella," it will be bad luck to open her inside the house.

Brendy: Screwtop brandy - all of the alcohol, none of the class!

Briana (BREE-ah-nuh) - A soft French cheese adored by snobs.

Bridie: Wedding plans are locked and loaded. Now she just needs to find a man.

Brinderella: The little-known twin sister of Cinderella who wasn't fortunate enough to have lost her glass slipper, and was forced to continue a life of servitude.

Brittany: Commitment-phobic hillbilly with good dance moves. A small, timid dog of the spaniel variety.

Brooke: A small, bubbling girl who used to frequent tennis circles.

Brunette: In this day of cheap and effective hair coloring, why would you limit your child's ability to explore other options? After all, blondes do have more fun.

Brunhilda: A large European esthetician who needs a wax more than any of her clients.

Bunny: A small rodent known for its propensity to copulate frequently and give birth to a slew of offspring with little concern for their standard of living. Do you really want to be a grandparent while your child is still a preteen?

Butterfly: An insect with a slender body and four broad (usually colorful) wings. Most commonly used as a nom de guerre for adult entertainers. See also Velvet and Cinnamon.

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Yahoo Smiley Tagging!

Got this from one of Julie's friends:

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Naps, being 44% scary when I'm angry, and black bear bile

Took a nap earlier - so good! It could be argued that I didn't need it, but I like sleep. :D

Facebook quiz taken from Darren:

Leslie took the "How Scary Are You When Angry" quiz and got "44%." It takes a lot to get you angry, but when you are, you are as scary as a man eating a cat...

Poo nugget for Tuesday, November 10: Dr. Stool Says - Bear Bile - Bile is a substance produced in the liver and stored in the gallbladder that aids in our body's digestive process. Bile from the Chinese black bear has been used for millennia in traditional Chinese medicine to treat and prevent disease. Demand for this substance has led to the inhumane treatment and killing of black bears. A component of bear bile, ursodeoxycholic acid is now synthetically produced as a drug, and used to treat a variety of liver conditions worldwide.

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Monday, November 09, 2009

Pants life extension! / Weird dream with Phil smoking and knapsacks

I've just noticed that the heart patch which Rachel's grandma sewed for me in my dark blue pants a couple years ago (when I fell on the ice and Dylan didn't notice) is LOOSENING! Oh well, at least she extended the pants' life by that amount of time!

Had a weird dream which involved Auntie Vivian, Chrystal, Phil, a few other people, and me doing an outdoor Awana sale of sorts. We had a LOT of knapsacks to offer the children, and rows of books and magazines. When Phil was finished setting up one particularly involved row, he glanced to make sure there were no children about, then he lit a cigarette. (no, he doesn't smoke in real life, but evidently my subconscious thinks he'd be a considerate smoker!) I remember wondering how Grace would kiss her husband with that mouth, and figured maybe she had a secret smoking habit which I didn't know about either. We watched children go down waterslides in a playground built across a lot of fields - Rebecca Rose and Ian were pretty good at it, and did it multiple times. It was a good time, just talking and such. That's all I remember, too.

People Love That You Are Open and Confident

You're the type of person that's easy to get close to. You're very comfortable in your own skin.

You have no problem showing people who you are, and you're genuinely interested in them in return.

You are an accepting and involved friend. You are truly curious about what is going on in other people's lives.

You may be the first in your group of friends to express concern when someone is having a hard time or making bad decisions. It's only because you care so much.

I have tried to do this, anyway...

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Brutal honesty, swear words, nicknames, and demons

Hien messaged me about Mr. Creep - I talked to her about things, too. Heh heh. The oven cleaner doesn't spray properly, or maybe it's just me.

Poo nugget for Monday, November 9: Camouflage Poo - Poo Mosaic - Camouflage Poo looks like a mosaic of different excrement from different sources and different meals. While it is all one unit of poop, it resembles a conglomerate rock, with many different pieces of poo fused together by the impact of time and pressure. Due to their camouflage coloring (varying shades of black / brown / green), these poos have historically been difficult to identify in the wilderness. Thankfully, the present-day practice of using a toilet affords us a pristine white backdrop against which to carefully examine these poos. While the size of this type of turd varies, the texture is usually bumpy and the appearance unmistakable. (POO OF THE MONTH!)

Facebook quizzes taken from Ellen, Darren, and Jessica:

Leslie took the "WHAT SHOULD YOUR NICKNAME BE?" quiz and got "PORK CHOP." CHOP CHOP PORKY. (... WHAT?!)

Leslie took the "WHAT'S YOUR SWEAR WORD?" quiz and got "BASTARD." YOU PISSIN BASTARD. (Well, does it count if they spelled it wrong in the original result?)

Leslie took the "HOW NERDY IS YOUR NAME?" quiz and got "58%." MAYBE YOU WANT TO RECONSIDER YOUR NAME. (But it's 58%, man! Oh wait, this is "how NERDY is your name," not "how SEXY is your name" ...)

Leslie took Which demon lies within you? Element. You are very calm and shy, you like to spend time by yourself. And even though you are mostly peaceful... if you get angry, you get mean and can tear someone apart! You are very creative, and find it hard to make friends - but once you do, they're friends for life!

Leslie took Let me read your love fortune. Ace of Cups: You are going to have or already have a pure relationship. Your feelings and emotions will be deeply involved with this. However, a warning is at hand: Focus on being rather than doing. Sometimes "being" is enough to satisfy a person. (HAHAHAHAHAHA!)

You Are Brutally Honest

Hey, the truth hurts, but that's not exactly your fault. You call things as you see them and pull no punches.

You believe that you shouldn't be punished for speaking your mind. It's a lot better than being a liar.

In fact, you have no tolerance for dishonesty of any kind. In your mind, a white lie is still a lie.

You'd rather that people give it to you straight. You pride yourself on being tough enough to handle the unvarnished truth.

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Sunday, November 08, 2009

Female sizes and male sizes?! / Pho with Mr. Creep, among others / $1 for 18 cards!

When I got into the car this morning, my mom said that she'd given me a bag with two bowls of instant noodles inside. The other bag was for Jon, and that had newspapers and Chinese grapefruit. She said stuff about Auntie Anita and money, but I was too tired to really focus on too much. I'll have to look more into those websites when I'm reasonably awake, that's for sure! In the parkade, she said I could leave my blue bag in the car if I didn't need it - why would I bring a whole bag along if I didn't have any use for it during the usual Sunday morning routine?!!! CRAZY.

I saw Randal talking to Mr. Creep, and I had to not sit in my usual pew section because of that... UGH! Honestly, I didn't want to soak up CREEP VIBES! Instead, I sat by Martin (behind Kevin and Raymond, and in front of Gabriel / Eric L. / Rich / others) - we talked for a little about what we'd done yesterday. Cantonese stuff DOES sound draining to me, haha. I noted that a Chinese fellowship was selling shirts as a church fundraiser, and was amused at the bulletin mention of "female sizes" and "male sizes" - I gotta keep it to show Jeremy on Friday or whenever I see him next! Asked Vania if she had really linked me to Stuff White People Like last night on Facebook, and she said she had - it was like getting the book for FREE, haha!

After service, I gave Jon his bag of stuff from Mom, then headed out into the foyer and the fellowship hall... of course I *had* to take advantage of the coffee available! Talked to Chrystal (about Sunday School and not wanting to disturb her sister's small group - THE BOX is a bad movie!), Eric M. (about rescuing Sheena from Mr. Creep), Lily, her daughter Hannah, Lesley, Anita, her daughter Allison (about Oreos), Winnie (about her kids' possible reaction to New Baby), and more people. Sheena has this project about how to use Jericho Beach as a cemetery, and then try to integrate that with all the beach's other uses... very interesting stuff. She told me and Karmie that it was kinda hard without her mom around to provide meal planning and emotional support, since she's in China for three weeks to see family and old friends. Sounds exciting, since she hasn't been there in thirty years! But I can understand why it's hard for Sheena and her family, too... Karmie says HER daughter Hannah felt just like that when she was in Toronto for a week! (yes, I know... multiple girls named Hannah - it gets confusing :P)

In toddler Sunday School, it was just Amanda and Conor, drawing various things. I told them about the talking donkey in the Bible, and I hope they remembered it. They agreed that they'd be scared if they saw a talking donkey! Conor told me things about his imagination, and Amanda said that she liked drawing hearts. Auntie Ying said that she would be away for a week later this month, and said that she'd call me later in the week, maybe Wednesday. She said that Rachel's grandma would be there to help, and I could enlist Auntie Bessy's help if I felt I needed it. Right now, I think it should be okay... but then we'll see what happens with six or more kids, haha! She also gave me some Maynard's candy - Fuzzy Peach, Fruit Mania, Swedish Berries, and Sour Patch Kids! (and some stats on the kids)

After that, I went downstairs to see Jen and others making plans for lunch. She had a time crunch problem, so they decided to go to Pho. Christon told me that nothing was going on, but then I managed to learn that Mr. Creep was going along. I decided to join them because I wanted to look after Harmony, since Jon wouldn't be joining them because of a presentation. At the restaurant, I sat as far away as possible from Mr. Creep and avoided looking him directly in the eye. I had a feeling that he would steal my soul if he did, because eyes are the window to the soul... I only spoke to him to be polite when he poured me tea. (but then he was doing it for everyone) Dylan's wife Deb joined us later, and I asked her how church had been - her church had had a combined service because of an anniversary. He also addressed me by name when he was asking the table how good they were with directions - DO YOU NOT NOTICE THE "DON'T TALK TO ME!" VIBE?!!!!!

I coped by looking out the door, focusing only on Dylan and Deb, trying not to look at Mr. Creep (who even addressed me by NAME!), and other things. Saw Auntie Tracy, so sat at her table to tell her briefly how toddler Sunday School was going... ah, an escape! Discussed Sunday School, history, art and music as differing values, Singapore cruises, and some more stuff which I don't recall. Tried tuning out the other side of the table, but I still know they talked about jobs and such. At least I had verbal confirmation that Mr. Creep works at a school... YIKES! Jon STILL hadn't shown up by 2, so we left after getting some food for him.

I was glad to be out of the restaurant, and was uncomfortable even with Mr. Creep saying "God Bless You guys!" Just STOP talking!!!! Christon dropped me and Harmony off at the church, then decided to come inside to see how Jon's presentation had gone. Turns out that he had a sub, and hadn't had time to call Harmony to tell her so because the Missions Committee had started their questions right after he'd finished eating. It seems to have gone relatively well in that they'll offer their monetary support. They discussed ARCT, the "list" of theory pieces and the syllabus, the iTunes $10 "price error" on classical music, the MOONLIGHT SONATA, movements, and other things.

Jon and Harmony dropped me off at King Edward Station since Broadway was NUTS - so understood! They wondered why I was at lunch, so I said I had to protect my family. I still don't like Mr. Creep at all, to which they said "Oh, Sarne..." Well, it's true! Jon says that Mr. Creep isn't an idiot, and would notice my not looking at him or whatever - I don't really care at this point. Just keep him away from the kids and my friends! I decided to go to Shoppers Drug Mart to see if they had oven cleaner OR cheap boxed Christmas cards - they had neither, so I was off to London Drugs. While there, I saw a display with CHEAP cards... one box of 18 for $1 or $2?! I got that instead of one for 99 cents. (which would have been for Great-Aunt) I also got some EasyOff oven cleaner, which I now can't open! UGH! Just how strong do people think the average thumb is, doubled?!

Got home and briefly talked to Billie; also, I took a phone call from my mom. Then I bantered with Corey - Andrew asked me who Mr. Creep was, so I told him. He thinks I should give him a chance... um, no, perhaps not...

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