Saturday, May 14, 2011

Pins, bleeding, old church being dirty, visiting a church to be with Cindy

Teunis and I discussed Kaili, Krista, Tess, the past, emotions, and other things last night; everything seems complicated! When he FINALLY got up, we didn't discuss much before I had to leave; just bookshelves, bedframes, transportation, storage, omelettes, and the like. I said hi to the boys once I got in Ada's car; they were playing a game which involved attacks, laser beams, glass, and other stuff I didn't pay attention to. Got to Awana, and interacted with Chrystal (change!) / Golden / Hannah S. and Annika (bandages and pokey pins?) / Emily and Nina (Facebook) / Julie C. and Stanley (Pretz / periods / BAD pregnancy jokes) / cute little kids / Ashley (high-five) / Lawrence (hockey) / Victor. On the way home, we talked about Ian thinking that the old church was dirty and THAT was why we moved (hahaha) / school assemblies / practice / piano / the iffy weather / Facebook / giving people breaks. At home, Eric buzzed me to say that he's visiting some Calvary Baptist church that CINDY (of course) is visiting - he'd better not make a habit of it! Says he's staying in Vancouver and then helping at the dinner... he'd better join us for lunch, or else! Emily M. also added me to Facebook, haha.

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Eric's lying! / Cindy and the Cannery / New Hair Color

From what I could infer through my email this morning, Eric apparently told people that I wasn't feeling well last night - WHAT THE FUCK EVER! Cindy also was there, sent us some Steveston Cannery coupons from Dianne, and wished us blessings: if you're going to leave, GO! Of course, she might be having a hard time with such a decision, but yeah - if you're the main reason why my ride keeps delaying departure... I'm not impressed.

You Are Offbeat

You are brilliant and a rule breaker. You insist on doing things your way.

You have no desire to lead or follow anyone. You're on your own awesome solo journey.

You are independent and original. You are highly inventive and creative.

You don't think you are weird, but others do. You have your own definition of normal.

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Staying home, speed run videos, Ada, stone cuts, and Harmony

When Teunis FINALLY got up, I was able to call Eric back: he says he's going to Jeremy's, so that is sorted. He tried convincing me to go out tonight (5:45 is WAY TOO EARLY!), and I said I'd stay home. Too bad for him, I guess! Teunis and I discussed FINAL FANTASY, CHRONO TRIGGER, laundry, baby alligators / snakes, adrenalin, fetishes, blueberry muffins, squid, food, storage boxes, Chinese / lighter cooking, mice, cardboard, Jordan and his brothers, butter, aroma, Ursula Vernon, metal sculptures (Dr. Evermore's Forevertron), sourdough crepes, reducing the load on my laptop, Chapman's frozen yogurt, caramel creme, silence, computer stuff, respecting irrational fears, cookbooks, airflow, and more. I called Ada at 7:30 to see if she could give me a ride tomorrow afternoon, since I do believe Henry is on a cruise - since she can, that was golden! At 11, I called Jon to let him know that Eric and I are going on Sunday; Harmony answered the phone, so that was fine too.

You Are a Round-Cut Stone

You have excellent organizational abilities. You can make sense of any mess.

You are driven to fulfill your duties. You take every responsibility seriously.

You are decisive and resolute. You choose well, even when the choice isn't easy.

You are quite disciplined. You exercise self-control in all aspects of your life.

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Friday, May 13, 2011

Let's go to the fair! / No Pho before BS / Meat pies and MICE!

When Teunis finally got up, we discussed some things: going with Kaili (of course) this weekend to a Washington Ren Faire (which I wouldn't describe as rare if they're every few months), his foot, good news (finally), surgery, name pronunciation, yogurt, Dutch names, his seeing THOR the movie, movies / modern life as overload, City Fresh, and more. He left before 6, which was fine... it did give me time to do some stuff including laundry, haha. Eric sent me and Geoffrey an email asking if we were interested in having Pho with Kevin and Christon tomorrow before BS. Since I am watching the calendar (and remember the catalog of misfortunes that visited me LAST Friday the 13th), I said that I wasn't going out at all.

Teunis got home at 11, and said that the audio had invaded his dreams. Guess I'll have to find something else annoying to play, hahaha. (just kidding) He said that THOR was mythologically inaccurate, but that's what I expect - it IS a movie, after all. Then we discussed meat pies, pot pies, the mice being back, jars, microwaves, his friends Andrew B. and Gareth fighting with fake swords in front of the theatre (at least the manager didn't seem to mind...), flour, sugar, rice, ambient music, and more.

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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Word Facts for May 7-13, 2011

Word origin for the weekend of May 7-8, 2011: almacantar - The rare word "almacantar" describes a circle of altitude over Earth that is parallel to the horizon. An astronomical term, it is used to describe imaginary lines in the sky by which an astronomer calculates the height of a star in the sky relative to the horizon. Like many astronomical words, it comes from the Arabic, in this case from the word meaning "the sundial."

Word origin for May 9, 2011: amphigory - An "amphigory" is a poem that appears to be normal, but has no real meaning on closer inspection. An example is Lewis Carroll's beloved poem Jabberwocky, full of made-up words. "Amphigory," too, is a made-up word that comes to English by way of French.

Word origin for May 10, 2011: margarine - In 1869, a French nutritional chemist named Hippolyte Mège-Mouriés concocted a fatty-acid butter substitute that he called margaric acid, after the Greek word for "pearl," margarites. Originally, "margarine" - the name under which it came to be marketed - had a shiny, oily, grayish-white color, but manufacturers added yellow coloring to make the foodstuff look more palatable.

Word origin for May 11, 2011: farrago - A "farrago" describes an ill-sorted group of objects (as might be found in a junk drawer), or of people (as might be found in a mob). The word comes from the Latin word meaning "mixed fodder," a jumble of any old swept-up grain used to feed livestock.

Word origin for May 12, 2011: carfax - A "carfax" is a place where four roads meet, from the Latin quadrifurcus, "four-faced." The word is rare outside Britain, it not having been exported to American English, even though there are plenty of places in America where four roads meet. The vehicle-history company Carfax takes its name not from this, but from the pronunciation of "car facts."

Word origin for May 13, 2011: omphaloskepsis - "Omphaloskepsis" is a fine Greek word that directly translates to "navel gazing," skepsis being a kind of close examination that gives us the word "skeptic." This form of meditation is not entirely common, but the term "navel gazing" is, usually in a derogatory sense. The Greek original does not carry the skepticism of the English term.

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Furries?! / Ren Faires / Shaw raising rates / Holding hands / Rooted Trees

Teunis and I discussed his brother, lubrication, graphite, gender identity issues, multiple personalities, furries and that whole subculture, billing, Cthulhu, and more. Then I had some private time, which is always nice. When he got back, I said I'd found the hydro bill. We discussed his errands, drugs, pie plates, visa photos, pickles, eggs, sausage, butter, gum, Safeway, CBC and gerunds, losing track of time, using his phone as a radio, ren faires, Shaw, drawers, rates going up, glue, temporary fixes, and more.

Apparently, the cable and the network had raised their rates by $2 each... THAT explains things. Talked about kimchi, allergies, shock rock, Alice Cooper, KISS, Steve L. thinking they'd get along, vaudeville, and more prior to my going to bed. Had a dream where I was holding hands with someone, and it felt completely natural. Oh my. Jon sent us an email about Sunday Dinner - guess I'll have to check with people tomorrow.

You Are a Loner

You are brilliant and a rule breaker. You insist on doing things your way.

You are not a punctual person. You are definitely on your own time table.

You like solitude... in fact, you prefer it. You are your own best friend.

You value competence. You appreciate people who've got it together.

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Free toothpaste, cavities, MARIO stuff, unfriendings, Kool-Aid, and landmarks 12th

The dentist appointment was fairly uneventful, but Sean did say I need to floss more. At least I got a coupon for free Colgate Pro-Health toothpaste, even if I do have to go back in a couple of weeks (on my parents' anniversary!) to fill some cavities while it's covered under MSP! The Oakridge Safeway sold the toothpaste in 85mL tubes for $3.99, so I was determined to find it for cheaper elsewhere, especially since there was a dollar value limit on the coupon. Found a 170mL tube for sale already at Shoppers Drug Mart; $2.99 was within the coupon restrictions, so I got that along with floss for tight teeth. Went home and discussed floss, brother Matthew, cologne, perfume, hairspray, hand sanitizer, benzene, sensitivities, family, toy helicopters, paying bills, Shaw, mysteries, THOR the movie, Kaili, pop, and more with Teunis before he went out for dinner and such.

Found that the FFII walkthroughs weren't good for editing work, as I looked at the story too much - story IS good, of course. Wasn't surprised to read that Teunis had the FINAL FANTASY games in actual game format, hahaha. Aaron S. unfriended me on FB, but that's okay - he and I didn't interact much. With his recent breakup with Billie... yeah, that complicated things no matter IF they're still "best buds" or whatever! (just found out that William unfriended me, too - wonder what's up with that, hahaha)

Someone masquerading as the Kool-Aid Man buzzed me on FB chat, haha. When Teunis got home last night, we discussed many things: server maintenance, plugs, videos, name mispronunciations, RYU / MOIRA / HERMIONE, Mormon missionaries, cats, goats, Weird Al, cinnamon oil BURNING skin, and more prior to my going to bed.

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

CONFERENCE FINAL! / Arabic ads / Lego dream / Getting my point across

THE CANUCKS ARE THROUGH TO THE CONFERENCE FINAL FOR THE FIRST TIME SINCE 1994! NOW I CAN BREATHE AGAIN! (with a 2-1 WIN!) Teunis got home right after the game and asked me how many rounds were left, haha. At least there's no Game 7! Discussed pop, Gmail ads in Arabic / Farsi (not that I can tell the difference!), Christmas music, bad names (ONTARIO?! AWESOME?!), stealing his turn of phrase with "I'm going to be a little bit naughty," pagan music, and other stuff before I went to bed.

Then I dreamed that I was helping with a bunch of babies, two of whom kept putting blue / yellow / red / white Lego in their mouths. Of course, we had to throw the Lego away afterwards (infinite supply) while trying to keep it away from the kids! Then we tried interesting them in colorful foam puzzle pieces, which kinda didn't work. I think I've been helping a LOT with the Toddler Sunday School, basically!

You Get Your Point Across by Discussing

You are an indirect person, both with yourself and others. You are never sure where you're going.

You prefer to open things up for discussion and see where the brainstorming takes you. You don't have expectations.

You are open-minded and flexible. You don't see things as set in stone, and you like to leave yourself open.

You are a good listener, and you think that you can learn from everyone. You know you're not always right.

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Monday, May 09, 2011

Vanessa, cheap specials, V8 Fusion, chocolate eggs, and more!

I am back with 99-cent bread (which I got the lady to slice for me), 600g of chocolate Easter eggs for $3, green tea soy milk, Balkan-style yogurt, Ziploc bags, butter, cranberry-grape juice, white cranberry juice, and V8 Fusion cranberry-blackberry juice (50 cents off with coupon)! Vanessa and I went to Save-On Foods first so I could get some of the above items (the Ocean Spray juice was even on sale!), and talked about Krista / Teunis / gum / bad people / issues / Victoria / Wayne and his aunts and their wedding / idiot drivers before we went to Specialty Chicken and Wonton House. Talked about Steph, Lisa, horrible things, wonton, beef brisket, specials, iced coffee, Erik, BBQ pork, differences, strange people, getting over things, family relationships, and more. We went to Galloway Market so she could pick up some stuff: talked about HUGE bags of rice, sauces, ginger beer, 99-cent 200g chocolate Easter egg bags (I got the last three!), Mormons / Jehovah's Witnesses, cumin, spices, sumac, spirulina, pasta, and more.

Then we went to Langley Farm Market / Smart Shop in Lansdowne Mall: discussed tomatoes, laundry sanitizer (?!), Ribena, yogurt drinks, bananas, broken things, salads, Liberté Méditerranée yogurt, milk percentages, and more. Afterwards, we went to IGA / Blenz - discussed bread, green tea stuff, her work shifts, the Island, ferries, and more. Got home and put stuff away - Teunis seemed to enjoy the fact that I got bread AND more chocolate, hahaha. Apparently, Tess gave Teunis a bunch of job leads: I guess I can't fault her for that. I even told him to say hi to her for me - crazy, isn't it? Discussed loaning him my library card so he can get on the library's unsecured wireless network once he figures out where it is, security precautions, my Shaw bill going up every month, the hydro bill, being supportive in our individual ways, time with his brother tomorrow, the Android, and more. Then he left to find his own brand of sanity at the library - I hope he finds it! Since David Horne wants to delete people he knows from the Blood Games (and others?), I did it to him first - HA!

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Hammerfall, strange stories, distributing swords, David S. redux, and blah foods

Teunis and I discussed potato pancakes, soy sauce, being evil about hockey, Robin, Scott, Jordan, the bands Tyr and Hammerfall / playlists, the nuts he got last week going bad already, 9/11, "Strange Women Lying in Ponds and Distributing Swords as a Government System" (MONTY PYTHON and the Holy Grail), violent Christian history, his religion's metal music (DECIMATE AND DECAPITATE!), and my liking for strange tales like the witchcraft stories and Lady Jane Grey when I was ten or so. We also talked about cheddar and sour cream chips (he LIKES it!), applesauce, onions, garlic, his friends Andrew and Teresa, ginger, RPG, dual Rock 101 streams for the radio shows (out of sync?), and more prior to my going to bed. Vanessa called me just now - yes, I'm still up for leaving the house, haha! Then David S. decided to add me himself - okay, then!

Your Hatred of Tofu Says You're Old-Fashioned

You are conventional and traditional. You don't feel a need to change what works.

You are always ready to take a leap of faith. If something doesn't work, you will change!

You dance through life, even when there isn't any music playing. You spice things up.

You are good at getting people to let loose. You are the fun one in your group.

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Sunday, May 08, 2011

I've successfully avoided my mother on Mother's Day!

NHL refs, welcome to hell!

Eric picked me up shortly after 9, and we were on our way - talked about traffic, last night, the "NO DUH" news story about Canucks fans being disappointed about the loss, my being "drunk," my noting the El Dorado liquor store relocation, and other things. He jaywalked when I told him NOT to - how evil! Once I was at church, I gave the Christmas jellybeans and candy cane to Emily / Nina / Gerard - we talked for a bit about juggling, Awana, Osama bin Laden, Carley, and more. Said hi to Jeremy and Nathan W. once I got back to my own seat; I was surprised that Randal was at church since it was Mother's Day. Every time someone made a reference to that, I winced and said "OUCH" on his behalf, haha - Eric told me later that he seemed to be in good spirits when talking to Jon and Harmony later, but WHO KNOWS. (I'd have said more to him than a question on whether he got my email, but MR. CREEP had to sit by him - no looking behind me today!)

The kids did a cute presentation, spelling out MOTHER: "O is for Old, since she knows she's getting older!" We all laughed at that one, hahahaha! Jeremy missed it since he was elsewhere, but I let him know before Kevin said Jeremy was counting offering with him. I also noticed a funny typo: CHRIS TOMLIN as "CHRIST" Tomlin, hahaha... of course I pointed it out to Nathan! After service, I left quickly to go find Grandma and say hi, who thought I wouldn't remember Auntie Paula - OF COURSE I DO! Went quickly into the fellowship hall before Mr. Creep could get his hands on the snacks (fruit and bagels today), and later observed him talking to Enoch - NO! Laughed at Cordia's silliness, and asked Hien how she was: tired from watching dramas, apparently. Went upstairs / outside rather quickly after that: saw Maxine with baby Emma, said hi to Deb / Joshua / Keenan / Cory (who was hiding from me) / Nicholas / Micah / Isaac / Karen / Stanford / Calla / Auntie May.

When I talked to Chrystal, she went to the toddler room with me: Jessie, Rachel's grandma, Mattias, Ada, Alexis, Ashley, Ramen, Shira, David, and Evelyn were there. (I said hi to Linda, Chung, and Sandi) Had fun playing with them, but I did need to tell them not to run / spit / throw things. Also played with Lego / toy cars / the alphabet, and read books to them: definitely a usual day for me! After that, I went downstairs to find Jon / Wesley / Jeremy / Christon / Eric discussing black ties and funeral wear in general for Tuesday - apparently, Raymond is also a pallbearer, but I guess at least Randal has support. Pastor Tom suggested buying black ties at Sears for their price range. Harmony invited me to lunch, but I decided to pass since I had much stuff to do at home, which wouldn't be improved by having to WAIT to do it! Eric and I discussed my sympathy feelings, white blossoms, the census, ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT, it being a good thing we didn't go for lunch since I had no cash, French words, BS, and more. Teunis and I have just been discussing WHAT CHILD IS THIS? / GREENSLEEVES melody, the past, flutes, animals, Valhalla, Jethro Tull, the Green Men, hockey, and more. Found a message from Vanessa about tomorrow's plans, which all sound good to me!

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4-3 loss in Game 5 / Working for a company

Ryan Kesler had two goals, but it wasn't enough... David Legwand had a fluky weird goal (HIS second), and Nashville won Game 5 by a score of 4-3. William Murphy and Bradley Harris tried adding me to Facebook; the one got through because he sent me intelligent messages, but the other did NOT. HA! Vanessa also buzzed me on MSN this morning: she's coming today and leaving Tuesday. Maybe we can get together tomorrow before the hockey game, hah - lunch is doable! April also suggested I add David S. on FB again - considering he's the one who blocked me two years ago, I DON'T THINK SO!

You Should Work for Google

You are a bit of a showoff. You're used to being the smartest person in the room.

You are flexible and adaptable. You adjust easily to life's changes, as drastic as they may be.

You are talented at presentation. You definitely don't have a fear of public speaking.

You prefer to be with others whenever possible. You lack energy when you're alone.

Talk about an inaccurate result!

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