Saturday, May 28, 2011

Corsets as outerwear?! WTF?! / Lending textbooks / The Window Test

Teunis got home after 12:30, and he said that he'd had a good day filled with visits and other stuff; this was awesome to hear, of course. We discussed Moist, Neil Young, Our Lady Peace, CORSETS AS OUTERWEAR in the SCA (?!), evil animals, balancing Guinness in your cleavage, and more prior to my going to bed. Turns out Billie only LENT me Philosophy: The Quest for Truth (7th Edition) [Louis Pojman, Lewis Vaughn] / Canadian Writer's Workplace (Canadian Sixth Edition; includes 2009 MLA update card) [Gary Lipschutz, John Roberts, Sandra Scarry, and John Scarry] / The Psychology of Women (Sixth Edition) [Margaret Matlin] - WHOOPS! She thought I'd sold them; at least that's not what I did.

You Are Deep

You are truly kind and caring. You value other people.

You are original and creative, but you're modest about it. You don't brag about your accomplishments.

Whenever possible, you try to go with the flow and not make waves. You prefer to make peace and reconcile.

You are wild in your own quiet way. You have some pretty radical ideas.

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Friday, May 27, 2011

Grandma at Shanghai Wonderful, new Bathroom Reader, and actually eating

I made a "no" RSVP for Mike and Emily's wedding, and later Steph called to say that Big G wasn't being picked up till 4 since she has a day program. Good for her, I guess. Then I called Steph later, and she was cranky because Grandma was stressing her out about the bank and such. She called me at 6 to say that Grandma was hungry RIGHT THEN, so she'd pick me up; then I called Eric to let him know that I wouldn't be going to Fellowship tonight. He asked where we were eating; no idea, but I'll probably tell him on Sunday if I don't forget, hahaha. Steph picked me up ten minutes later: we both weren't that hungry since we had late lunches and such, but we KNOW how Grandma gets when she's hungry! We considered the Cactus Club, but it looked busy; Shanghai Wonderful it was!

Grandma annoyed us by insisting that we HAD to eat stuff when she wanted us to (nope), saying I was only there for the food, being REALLY IMPATIENT for the SIU LONG BAO, looking down on the "cheap" food, saying we had to eat the rest of the rice in a huge bowl (which wasn't to her liking since she just wanted an individual bowl), insisting that we hadn't eaten the green onion pancakes when we HAD (she just wasn't paying attention when she was focused on her food), and saying that WE would eat the Shanghai noodles because SHE wasn't going to eat them! Trust us, we know that she only eats rice at dinner and only eats noodles at lunch! At least Steph managed to get a sneaky picture of Grandma and upload it to Facebook, hahaha. Steph and I discussed Jon and Harmony's anniversary card, Grandma's memory,
paying her back for the half-price Uncle John's Bathroom Reader History's Lists (Bathroom Readers' Institute) whenever, Mom's emails, 2008 NHL Star Sticks (Roberto Luongo!) from McDonalds, tea, hot water, ice cream (they actually went to McDonalds later), the Boston-Tampa Bay Game 7 (the Bruins won 1-0), and more. On the way home, Grandma said that Shanghai River was better, possibly because it was more expensive - sigh.

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LOUD phone calls which wake me up AREN'T good! / MEZZANINE on repeat

I was NOT impressed when I could hear Teunis talking LOUDLY from the next room before 8:30 AM, so I decided to communicate my displeasure by loudly slamming my door on the way to the bathroom. He had happy news, but I still wasn't impressed. "‎#%@^#$%$#@^@#%%@#$%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" as William said, hahaha. He did apologize, but I was still out of sorts - I'm happy for him, but UGH. We discussed beef pot pies, timezones, JUST thinking of the Rock 101 Live Player Stream which may have SOLVED his problems leading to the decision to move elsewhere, mothers, and weird conceptual artists making perfume out of their own pee before he left. At least I can listen to things like Massive Attack's Mezzanine on repeat (thanks, Spoz!) without a complaint!

Also came across this cool story about Vernon's Krista and Tatiana Hogan, who are conjoined twins possibly sharing a mind!

You Are Baby Spice

You're quite loyal to those you love most - friends and family. You have a sweet heart.

You are innocent and adorable. You just don't allow yourself to be jaded or cynical.

You are easy to love. You make people smile simply by being around.

You are optimistic and have sunny-disposition. You brighten up a dreary day.

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Once I got up, I took a shower / threw the garbage out / did the laundry since I had to. Then I was amused by rediscovering the GOLD that is THE CHEAT IS NOT DEAD! on Youtube, so had to play it a few times in a row - whoops, too much repetition for SOMEONE! We discussed ginger beer (no), cane sugar, Greek yogurt (which he smelled to make sure it was okay?!), pork roast and potatoes, Great Big Sea, SNATCH, Guy Ritchie, drugs, Sting throwing 800-year-old Papal chairs into the ocean to watch them dissolve, walking, and more.

Vanessa buzzed me on MSN, so I updated her on stuff; we discussed Wayne, stupidity / annoyances, stress, aggression, Metallica, pregnant women, self-esteem, venting, White Zombie's MORE HUMAN THAN HUMAN, and more. When Teunis got back, we discussed emotional stuff / mothers / Radiohead / Limp Bizkit / Korn / YOU CAN'T DO THAT ON TELEVISION / SQUARE ONE TV / poutine. I also called Jon to see how his hangout with Grandma had gone, and also to advise him that Scott McIntyre wanted to have coffee with us one day. I was crazy when describing video noises (White Zombie), hahaha - at least Grandma seems okay, and tomorrow will be cool. :D

You Like Change

You are easygoing and carefree. You like to hang loose whenever possible.

You don't seek out change, but you don't necessarily avoid it either. If it comes, it comes.

You are a big believer in letting go of control. You know that some things are simply up to fate.

You try to be good with whatever happens in life. You find your contentment from within.

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Word Facts for May 21-27, 2011

Word origin for the weekend of May 21-22, 2011: hooah - The U.S. Army exclamation "hooah," used to mean everything except "no," dates to the 1980s. It is said to derive from the acronym HUA, meaning "heard, understood, and acknowledged" in response to an order. Films that place the term in the Vietnam era are anachronistic. By the way, the Marines say "oorah" instead of "hooah," imitating the sound of a klaxon.

Word origin for May 23, 2011: hokey pokey - Is the "hokey pokey" really what it's all about? In wartime England, a bandleader concocted a hit tune that borrowed a phrase from Italian ice cream vendors, Ecco un poco - meaning "try a little" - and joined it to an old children's dance. The "hokey pokey" craze rapidly spread throughout the 1940s, though in various parts of the English-speaking world, it is known as the "hokey cokey" / the "cokey" / the "hokey tokey."

Word origin for May 24, 2011: loblolly pine - The "loblolly pine" grows in the swamps of the American Southeast, and it has been known by that name - which may have been borrowed from an Indian language - since 1760. "Loblolly" occurs as a dialect term for "mudhole" in the following century, and it is that usage that gives an old-fashioned southern dessert: a gooey, sticky mess of cream / sugar / egg - its name.

Word origin for May 25, 2011: fungible - Something "fungible" is not made of fungus, or even fun, but instead is interchangeable. It comes from the Latin fungi, which means "to perform," and is typically found in legal and economic contexts to mean something that can be converted readily into something of the same kind, be it a stock share or a junior employee.

Word origin for May 26, 2011: Peter Principle - Published in 1969, Laurence J. Peter's book, The Peter Principle: Why Things Always Go Wrong, was famous for the observation: "In a hierarchy, every employee tends to rise to his level of incompetence." The corollary is that the real work is done by employees who have yet to be promoted to their levels of incompetence. The "Peter Principle" is often confused for Murphy's law, which is another matter entirely.

Word origin for May 27, 2011: eat my shorts - Bart Simpson's favorite curse is not original to him - or rather, his writers - yet no one really knows who came up with it. It turns up in a passage by the novelist Ken Kesey in 1973, about the time it sees print in the old National Lampoon magazine - but even then, it seems to have been borrowed from somewhere else. Whatever the case, it was widespread slang across American college campuses in the mid-1970s, when Simpsons creator Matt Groening was attending school.

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Video game music, BOING!, stamina, Boston-Tampa Game 7, and incompatibility

Jon and Steph called me, so I called them back: we discussed Europe, Teunis, video game music, "BOING!" of SUPER MARIO WORLD, plans with Grandma, Friday, Bathroom Readers, Costco, and more. Took the opportunity to have a nap, too! Teunis came home with duct tape as a treatment (HAHAHAHA), a Save-On candle holder, his stepdad being like Red Green, a Youtube video with duct tape, the paid hydro bill (I thought he'd cash it - they better credit it next month or so), RPGs, strength, intelligence, wisdom, dexterity, constitution (I assume "stamina"), charisma, pork roast, Hundred Mile House people, and more. Also talked about Thor, hammers, thunder being Thor killing giants, bad mail, candles, split pea soup leftovers (salty), fire, Tess, Andrew and Teresa better able to help him find a new place, feelings, and more.

William buzzed me on FB chat last night - of course he was drunk in Edmonton! Then he buzzed me again today to say that Boston is getting owned in Tampa - "5-3 Tampa with under 9 minutes left in the game. It was 2-1 Boston, Tampa got it back to 4-2, Boston scored 4-3... and within seconds on an amazing play, Tampa got it back to 5-3." The final score was 5-4, Tampa... so Game 7 it is! Erin (shedtheirony) added me on LJ - sweet!

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

STANLEY CUP FINALS, BABY! (plus some ranting)

Teunis and I discussed Japanese sandals, foot surgery, the bitch Jasmine (surrey_sucks) / their stable long-term friendship, and HER issues with noise (she wouldn't be able to stand a hockey game - MUHAHAHA!) / her parents / anger management, Burnaby Village Museum, mice, Zellers / Wal-Mart / sealable boxes, FINALLY cooking the pork roast for tomorrow, onions, meat, celery, tonight's pea soup taking two hours to simmer, and more. Shawn Butler tried adding me to Facebook - I DON'T THINK SO! Then the Canucks tied the game 2-2 with 14 seconds left in the game, and it was sent to DOUBLE OVERTIME... KEVIN BIEKSA SCORED TO SEND US INTO THE STANLEY CUP FINALS AND HISTORY!

Went to bed "early" (midnight-ish) with a headache - OH CRAP! Let's just say that some things have been pretty tense here, and we're pretty different also. Might be better if he actually had a room of his own, but he doesn't... and WHO knows what will happen. He thinks we're incompatible as roommates: well, I can't say I'm a huge fan of his news podcasts and everything else, or of certain other things. At least I just ranted to Mandy over email, so that makes me feel slightly better!

You Are Proper

You are cautious and guarded. Whenever possible, you choose restraint and moderation.

You find getting caught up in details to be a waste of your time. You focus on the big picture instead.

You pride yourself on being detail oriented. You never forget about anyone or anything.

You are tactful and polite. You are well bred enough not to offend anyone.

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Cavities, Homestar Runner / South Park / Spongebob Squarepants, hockey history

My dentist appointment with Sean went okay - drills, lights, watching for headaches, hardening, filling cavities, and more. But then some nosy old guy wanted to know what I was reading at he bus stop - NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS! Got home to find Teunis awake and mildly complaining about the Homestar Runner mix that I was playing this morning while he was sleeping: "You KNOW that audio invades my dreams, right? Since I have no context about Homestar Runner (having never seen the show), I had REALLY messed-up dreams involving Spongebob Squarepants and South Park!" Sorry, but HAHAHAHAHAHA! Discussed translating, immersion in a language, switching languages (I expect ERIC to do that when he's bugging me...), Valium, immunity to sleeping pills, anime / breaking stereotypes (because he himself definitely doesn't fit into them), Ativan, white grape juice, NOT going to see movies he's ALREADY seen with Kaili tonight since they can't afford it, frozen yogurt, desensitization to "rants," baths, a fried brain, and more.

On 24 May 1994, the Canucks played a Game 5 and advanced to the Stanley Cup finals. Today is May 24th, 2011 - and they're playing another Game 5, seventeen years later TO THE DAY. History will be made - GO CANUCKS GO!!!!

And it's Bob Dylan's 70th birthday today, too!

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Amanda, ASGARD, Mario music being AWESOME, being bored, and celebration drinks

Amanda added me to FB - YES, haha! When Teunis got back from being out last night, he was distinctly unimpressed with the MARIO videos soundtrack, but that is what *I* needed to relax! Discussed his family past (important... but TOO MUCH TALKING!), Therion's ASGARD (thanks to Kaitlin), his not being impressed with the BBQ, repetitive 30-second loops of music, NOT having recorded music in his life until he was five, the adult children of hippies (oh dear), being left out / "unwelcome," "variety," and more. At least we both got a bit of what we wanted! This morning, I called Eric - I may have woken him up, whoops! At least the call was short; a question and answer, and he is NOT going to Jeremy's. Guess this means that Teunis will HAVE to be subjected to hockey once I get back, hahahaha.

You Should Celebrate with Beer

You are nurturing and supportive. You are the biggest cheerleader in your friends' lives.

You are a truly loving person. You are affectionate and warm-hearted.

You are appreciative of all of the good things in your life. You count your blessings.

You are unselfish, humble, and altruistic. You get great joy from putting others first.

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Monday, May 23, 2011

Burnaby Heritage Museum and the DF barbecue = a win-win!

This morning, Teunis and I went to the Burnaby Village Museum for their Victoria Day celebrations - we discussed word connotations (Scott's dad can't HAVE anything since he's dead!), Victor Borge, traffic, city names, the BBQ, Richmond Nature Park, the RCMP detachment, airing out / vacuuming the place, gum, hairspray scent (really hand sanitizer), his childhood, nostalgia, pot pie, and more on the way there. There were 1920s-style one-room schoolhouses / Chinese herbal stores (Grandma might like it!) / trams / carousel and gift shop / post offices / banks / churches / dry goods stores / blacksmiths / Morris dancers / a parade / outhouses, silent movies with Charlie Chaplin, and more. We did indeed see Kaili and her mom, heh. Discussed his mom and brother having a bunch of old stuff, sewing machines, ice cream, cake, speaking French, dolls, perfume, paper airplanes, and more - he did complain when I dragged him out of there at 2-ish because I wanted to check out the BBQ, calling it "being rushed."

I did sympathize, but the BBQ *did* have a definite end time, and I'd had my fill of the museum environment - at least I got a free 40th Anniversary pin, and it's free admission all year, hahaha. When we got to the park, I talked to Joey / Rich / Sam / Emily L. / Emily T. / Hien / Quan / Margaret / Amy / Amanda / Jonathan / Hung / Lesley / Sarah C. / Sonya / Jessica / Paul / Jeremy Y. / Mike K. / Stanley / Mary / Victor / Lanie / Hilary / Elaine / Julie. Discussed work, falling asleep, shampoo, football, their camp next weekend, hot dogs, people from church, my friend (Teunis - Elaine recognizes him from Easter / Hien told him that sun was good for you!), facepainting, Jon, an email from Jeremy J. about the hockey game tomorrow (Paul let me hold his phone to read it), durian, clothing, Sonya's car having an Alberta license plate, and more. On the way home, Teunis and I didn't discuss much, but we did talk about "GO CANUCKS GO" / the NHL / frozen yogurt / radio shows.

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Victoria Day celebrations, gibberish, Jasmine (WTF?!), omelettes, and pajama jeans

Last night, Teunis and I discussed pretty background music for WOW / death in WOW with penalties / shamans / battles / resurrection / revivification, Talk Like A Pirate Day, appropriate period clothing for Victoria Day celebrations, taking pictures, porn. We also talked about incomprehensible geeky technical gobbledygook, his not being a visual person, overanalysis, NOT picking up the bitch Jasmine (surrey_sucks) today [WTF? even though he's friends with her - but PHEW on her not wanting to go!], and the dream I had last night with her IN it. This morning, we discussed omelettes with Chinese sausage / eggs / repetitive music / word origins like "gay" and "girl" before leaving for Burnaby Heritage Village's free Victoria Day celebrations.

You Are Pajama Jeans

You enjoy relaxation and quiet. You don't have a need to make things exciting.

You love to bring a smile to friends' faces. You are good at making people happy.

You are even-tempered and good-natured. You've chosen to minimize drama in your life.

You are a sincere and truly nice person. You have a kind heart.

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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Three separate 5-on-3 goals makes NHL playoff history!

Eric picked me up slightly early, but I was ready for it. We discussed hiking, Carmen, my parents being away, pronunciation, accents, the upcoming game, hand sanitizer (which is what he gets for always insinuating that I'm drunk!), and some other stuff. When we got to church, I saw Jon - he and Harmony had picked up Big G for church, so I said hi to her. (he says that she didn't remember much about his visit on Wednesday, but at least she remembered it the next day when *I* went to visit her!) I was determined to get to Randal before anyone else (read: Mr. CREEP) did, and I was successful. He told me that he was holding up okay, and that his dad was still lonely - well, at least Randal's moved back in with him temporarily! Then I went and talked to Emily, Nina, and Gerard about the false Rapture (I decided they didn't need to know about the woman killing her kids because of the EVENT), tomorrow's picnic / barbecue, Facebook statuses, Canucks games, the Vancouver Millionaires, Canucks logos, earthquakes, tsunamis, and more. I had to be careful not to look up too much because Mr. Creep WAS sitting at the very back of that pew section! I did see Enoch shake hands with Mr. Creep - NO! When I got back to my section, I said hi to Christon and Nathan W. - I gave the latter some Kleenex because of his cold.

During the sermon, I expected to fall asleep (and did) since I was so tired; stupid body waking up at 6:30 AM because of light streaming in through the window! Baby Marcus didn't seem too happy since he was crying! Asked Jon about the game: St. Augustine's sounded fine as an alternate location! (but I wasn't expecting it to be so bloody expensive) I would have stayed downstairs to talk to people, but I had to escape Mr. Creep! However, I did discuss "secret" meetings and hockey with the boys (Nathan / Jordan / Thomas) while having some ketchup chips - Nathan is right; overtime IS nerve-wracking! Also hugged Auntie Catherine hello, and said hi to Chung Ming and his wife Ellen. Plenty of people were wearing Canucks jerseys like I was; when I went upstairs (saying hi to Auntie Susan and her sister-in-law Pat on the way), little Micah and Gavin made a beeline straight to me! Micah (wearing his own jersey like his dad Mel and little brother Isaac) poked the logo on mine, and said "Jersey!" I asked if he liked it, and he did... then Gavin practically hugged me when he saw the logo, hahaha. (I also peeked at baby Emma, and engaged in a MEAN FACE WAR with her brother Joshua on the stairs)

Then I went into the toddler room, and said hi to Julie S. / Sarah C. / Connie Y. (Christian and Kaitlin) / Rachel's grandma / little Ashley / Ada / Jessie / Ramen / Shira / Isaac / Stella's sister Janet. I was reading to Ashley when Eric came upstairs to say that we were going; apparently, he'd thought I was in the foyer! (I waved to Adam) After talking to Jon and Harmony, Raymond drove me / Eric / Randal to the nearby pub... Dianne, Christon, Paul, and Kevin joined us later. We discussed the hockey game (4-2 WIN) / the next one being on Tuesday at 6, the HISTORIC THREE SEPARATE 5-on-3 Vancouver playoff advantages (two goals for Salo, and three in 1:55!), being mad at an easily-preventable penalty like too many men on the ice if we were the San Jose coach (and the second intermission locker room talk!), Randal having three cups of coffee so far today (French Press or not), risotto, the expensive prices, beer, the refs, pulled pork comparison, sandwiches, pizza, stout soup, yam fries, Dianne leaving us soon for Calgary, Pajo's at Steveston, and the Salmon Festival on Canada Day.

Also discussed brownie prices, Juliana and Michael K.'s wedding being on the same day as Emily and Mike T.'s, RSVP for weddings, jokes about smoking cigarettes, gelato, bus passes, "GO CANUCKS GO" / "Killer Whales Eat Sharks," possible royalty license fees when showing a game on TV in the pub, and more. After Raymond drove us back to the church, Eric and I discussed riding in Raymond's car / on-site BS and snacks meaning more social time with Mr. Creep / DNA in white hair root form / Holy Name Catholic Church (what?! no saint?!) / French words / cherry blossoms / Canucks hockey players I'd seemingly never heard of. When I got home, I thought Teunis had gone out since his car was still in the parking lot and the lights at home were off, so I played the post-game coverage before noticing that he was still sleeping - at least that DID wake him up and take care of that, though! Discussed musicals, medicine, BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER, Burnaby Heritage Village having a free Victoria Day celebration tomorrow (we're going - might see Kaili?), Steam / SCUMM VM / MONKEY ISLAND (Kaili has it), sensitivity / deadly allergy to cigarette smoke being much different than simply disliking it, pot, smoking bans, eggs, WOW, violin / flute music, showers, and more.

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SPACE QUEST 6 / Dragon books in dream / What I hold dear / Christian music stuck in head

Teunis got back at 8 last night, and said he'd been to City Fresh for on-sale eggs / noodles / Chinese sausage after he got medicine boxes and recipe books out of his storage locker. We discussed pancakes, mushrooms, SPACE QUEST 6 / Lucas Arts / Sierra Games, apple pie, M&Ms, and more. When I went to bed, I had a dream that Jasmine (surrey_sucks) had recommended a series of dragon books to me on LJ (using the Notebook friends page style view), and also a book on this guy who didn't know his five siblings or six step-siblings very well, so everything was awkward when they had to run a farm and have family life together in a school. It also involved Ian buying a LOT of toilet paper from Shoppers Drug Mart for some reason! Then I woke up earlier than usual because of the sun - when I decided to get out of bed, it was 7:45. UGH!

You Hold the World Dear

You are likely to have many acquaintances and very few good friends. You don't naturally get close to people.

Many people respect and admire you. Not many people have the courage to live as independently as you do.

You've got a ton of friends, so you have no problem meeting new people. You love hearing new points of view.

You're driven to change the world and attracted to others who have the same goal. You think big.

Because of this quiz, I now have a Christian song in my head ("All I once held dear / Built my life upon...") - MAKE IT STOP! I wish I could play something to get it OUT of there, but Teunis is sleeping...

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