Saturday, July 01, 2006

Don't mention me in the same breath as the other one! / England losing / Keeping cool in summer heat

Randal emailed a bunch of us to say thanks for the dinner last night, and included pictures of the flowers. He included a few people who didn't even go to the dinner, but who possibly contributed to the gift / party hats (I had such a time trying to put mine on!) and "crown of glory" (Lesley / Dylan / Shally / Connie / Hansel): what's up with that? I was mentioned in the same phrase as the other Lesley... I'll KILL because that's so annoying! :P

My sister told me earlier that England's out of the World Cup since they lost to Portugal this morning. I guess I won't be wearing that yellow "England World Cup 2006" shirt my mom got me, then! Her taste in shirts tends to be... seasonal, shall we say. (I knew I should have worn it last week to church!) Grrr... too bad I can't wear it now. Not that I'm a big soccer fan, either, but it would have been nice to get more than two wearings out of it! Oh, and my mom forwarded me a bunch of stuff I grew out of emailing to people. (maybe from the Forward Garden) *sigh* At least I don't have to look at the emails, har har.

I should also take a shower later on, too. It's been so hot lately... next week, I should buy more ice cream / drinks / microwaveable meals. Maybe I'll even get the facts / quotes Bathroom Readers, and another book to keep my book list even... I was going to do that at Oakridge last week, but wasn't sure what the third book would be! :P (I'll get Eric H. a big book of word searches too, since I now know he likes that stuff.. just not #18, since that's what I have)

Your Pretty Pink Shoes Are
Emilio Pucci

I don't even LIKE pink all that much, but those are some cool funky shoes! :D

You Failed 8th Grade US History

Sorry, you only got 3/8 correct!

This quiz is biased toward US History. Can't say I learned much of that in a CANADIAN school. :P

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Leaving Beijing, feeling 80, drunken hilarity, the hot Texan sun: if you don't eat, you die!

Saturday is blog catch-up day for me, even though I probably should read certain sites more than once a week. It's all good, especially if certain people don't update as manically as I do, har har. Actually, none of them do... and if their blogging is less than once a week, that's okay too. They're busy and doing stuff!

Dawn has ten days left before she leaves quirky Beijing for Hong Kong. It's time to stop being a "student" and get into "the real world" when she gets back to Vancouver. This prompted me to reflect on stuff myself... it's still in the budding stages, so maybe I'll write about it later.

Steph blew out her back, and feels like she's 80 years old. Since the timestamp on that post was last week sometime, I just hope she's recovered from that injury! Not good for playing hockey / working out!

Spoz reviewed a bunch of CDs (LCD Soundsystem, Eskimo Joe), and managed to reference Daft Punk / Coldplay / U2 / a lot more stuff. He also had a lot of weekender photos up of A Red Dawn, Truth Corroded, the Kemp Brothers (Sean!), Your Motive For, beer, Booster, and a bunch of friends. Drunken phone messages, Myspace, weird stuff, the "regulars" at certain drinking establishments... ah, the good times!

Vivian's dad gave her a free movie pass that had been lying around the kitchen table for six weeks, but it expired the next day. She planned lunch: if you don't eat, you die! (as she likes to say) After much discussion of what movies were out these days (CLICK, THE LAKE HOUSE, SUPERMAN RETURNS, etc.) and finding out that Karen didn't want to go with her, it was down to a matter of showtimes and which cinemas were closer since gas is EXPENSIVE! Finally, she and her mom ended up watching CLICK.

Phil had pictures up of chocolate-covered strawberries and a vase of flowers, and also a "brother" card and hat from the "Little Ones." Those look very nice! He also rationalized his weight gain in the hot Texan sun, and figures he should quit physical activity: he's gaining an average of ten pounds a month while he's in the Lone Star State, after all.

Now it's time to (finally) catch up on my friends page... I can just imagine what that will be like after Summer Conference, although at least RQ isn't on my friends list anymore! My sister bugged me about being anti-social last year, but the Internet / LJ *is* a social world of sorts! Hell, you gotta especially keep up with it on journal sites like LJ / GJ!

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Dreams of Pap smear popsicles and raw chicken / Don't eat Pho when it's HOT! / Don't fart on me!

Let's just say that if I got up now during the school year (Awana time), I'd be SO dead! At least I get to enjoy (?) staying up later than usual...

I had a dream which involved my mom going to a Chinese supermarket and getting some colored Pap Smear popsicles which had to be eaten in a certain order. For some reason, I had to eat them... and when they weren't eaten in red / green / blue / purple / white / yellow / brown / orange order, my mom got very mad. At the same Chinese supermarket, Grandma touched a LOT of raw chicken drumsticks before buying a bunch to take home... we made sure she washed her hands, all right! We went to a Chinese restaurant with golden dragons and "WWF" in diamonds at the front. None of the WWF wrestlers were there, though... Jeremy was, and I put my head on his shoulder for some reason. (he didn't mind, heh) Then the dream shifted to a huge room with about 100 people in it. This was a weekend getaway for three or four church fellowships, and Steph / Citrus / Vivian were selected by the Chinese Congregation to stand on risers and read certain Bible verses to the crowd of people. Little kids got distracted by the vending machines, and wanted to draw pictures of mice and cookies on white paper bags with crayons.

I woke up soon afterward... if this is my subconscious thinking about Summer Conference yet AGAIN, I don't know what I'll do! Then again, I think I've stilled the craving for chicken by eating some grilled chicken with rice as the first meal of the day. (it's not really breakfast, lunch, or even dinner... Corey and I have argued that quite a few times, haha)

I just called Steph a few minutes ago: she and Vivian just had PHO to eat... it's SO HOT outside! (like at least 32 degrees!) Steph says she should have learned her lesson from last week, especially since it was HER idea to eat Pho: so hot and sweaty after the noodles and weather, for sure! We agreed that the lack of fireworks displays in Richmond was LAME! She told me that Jon's staying overnight in Kelowna at Jeremy's, since Jeremy decided to tag along too. Guess I won't be seeing them tomorrow: this will be the first time in weeks I haven't seen Durian Dude, haha. I told Steph that I bombed Milestones, and about the $18.99 seafood salad... blingy, but it's okay once in a while! She reminded me that Terrence is coming tomorrow night and staying till early Tuesday morning: maybe I can do something with them on Monday! Then I told Vivian as a public service announcement not to fart on anyone: SHE said the "I'll fart on you... I PROMISE!" thing last week, not my mom as I attributed it to! As long as there's no pooping going on with the gassiness... o_O

I'll call the parents later, at around 10-ish since Evan and Ivan's mom is taking them out to dinner... Auntie Maggie and Uncle Alfred are Phil and Melia's aunt and uncle. I remember staying in their house in Issaquah, WA once many years ago for a few days: Evan jokingly told me not to read his books, har har. I've just heard on the radio that Ed Jovanovski is going to Phoenix... talk about changes in the Canucks organization. Perhaps this is what they need...

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Happy Canada Day! / Milestones dinner with seafood salad / personal questions


The Milestones dinner was okay... I had a good seafood salad, though! Billy said his ribs weren't quite as good as other times he'd had them, but it was a change from having burgers all the time. Karen delayed Randal for a bit by going to Future Shop, and we all said "Surprise!" when they got in. Andy, Andrea, Jen, and Pastor Edward showed up: that was good! Randal looked kinda festive with his gold tinsel crown / HAPPY BIRTHDAY banner, personalized balloon / flowers, haha. Karen simpered when she asked Randal whether he'd read the group gift of a thinline NIV Bible before... uh, of course he had! Stella fed baby Benjamin once, and I told him that he'd meet my brother on Sunday. When Kevin wasn't wowing our end of the table with stories about health inspection (soy / industrial-grade food coloring / arsenic!), he asked me whether Jon would be playing for that church (GCBC) again: I have NO idea!

Billy and Stella invited a whole bunch of us via email to a World Cup get-together tomorrow: Jen thought that Jon could drive her, but learned from calling him on Andrea's phone that he'd be in Kelowna for the day playing his violin somewhere. Andy had to work, I got Steph's voice mail when I called her from Jen's phone, Andrea's at a high school friend's wedding (Andy said it was "starting the trend"), and Nathan is busy doing something. We discussed dating and relationships, what we wanted in the opposite sex, the "games" people play, what people might think of "coffee" (not a date) and "dinner" (a date depending on both people's intentions), what girls meant when they said "no," and how you shouldn't behave in an inappropriate manner toward your friends / brothers and sisters at church. Matters of payment (both paying their own ways as in a quick noodle dinner before leading worship) and flirting were brought up, too. (Karen really liked how Ivan was ultra-prepared for presentations in Uncle Richard's Sunday School class... and will never ask males out now for one-on-one time since she's married)

Andy gave me a ride home, during which he managed to confuse Dylan with Eric M. ("Dylan sometimes gives you a ride home, right?") and say that I was really very bright. "You know what? You're really very bright! You understand what we're talking about." Then I asked him what he meant, and whether he was saying that he thought I was an idiot. (yeah, I was a little mad :P) He said, "Oh no! Sometimes you think things of people." Then I pressed him, and got this in response: "You know, when people first meet you, they might think you're a little slow. You're not, are you?" Not really, no!

Then he asked why I walked like that, and what happened to my foot (whether I hurt it or not): "It's better just to ask instead of just staring!" (sure, but sometimes I don't like those questions! :P) So then I told him that it was cerebral palsy... in answer to his question, I said that I didn't think it was inherited. Then I asked him whether he hadn't noticed it before: yes, he had. I told him that I appreciated his asking me about it, but all I wanted to do was shut down. He's an okay friend of mine, yet I had the thought that I should have gone home with Andrea and Jen earlier! Oh well... that just made me feel defensive for some reason. *sigh* (I don't expect EVERYONE to know what's up with me and my foot, but I'd expect they would know after a certain period of time... I just don't like discussing it much!)

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Friday, June 30, 2006

2006 summer anthem, bikinis

Felicity emailed me about her friend Garth's yard sale tomorrow: I'm a sucker for books and such, but I dunno. It's in Vancouver, after all. ;) (haha)

While I was playing around with dungeons, Ryan buzzed me about some torrent that would take 32 days to download at a speed of 1KB a second. Hahaha.

Guess we'll see just how well Karen's "surprise" for Randal will go... I'm leaving in a bit, heh.

Your 2006 Summer Anthem Is

Dani California by the Red Hot Chili Peppers

"She's a lover, baby, and a fighter.
Shoulda seen it comin' when it got a little brighter.
With a name like "Dani California,"
Day was gonna come when I was gonna mourn ya.
A little loaded, she was stealin' another breath.
I love my baby to death."

The title reminds me of Californication by the same band, haha. Never heard of this song in the results, though. o_O

Your Designer Bikini Is

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Purely optional group gifts, amazing birthday memory, surprises

Karen emailed me back, calling me "Randal"... uh, sure. o_O

Hi Randal:
You're right! Of course you don't love him less. I didn't know you got him something already. I should have known. You're the one who always remembers a birthday. Quite amazing! I only offered you participation in the group gift so you could be included if you wished. Purely optional.

See you tonight! Hey, Leslie, Randal doesn't seem to know what is happening. Hee.. hee.. I've asked everyone to try to get to Milestones at or before 8 PM. I'm meeting Randal at church and I'll bring him (and Vivian) there hopefully after everyone else shows up. Then his friends can scream SURPRISE when he arrives at the table!

Isn't that great! See you tonight!


Yeah, I know it was purely optional, but I just had to tell her a sanitized version of what I thought before I went to bed! (the thought's nice, sure...) The surprise thing takes me back to 2001, when I organized a surprise birthday get-together at the Cactus Club for my sister (with Dawn as decoy). My mom almost ruined the surprise by making me tell her what was going on, and then telling Steph to bring a camera! (sister thought it was just a small dinner with Dawn, Margaret, and Karen Grace... so why bring a camera?!) When Steph and Dawn got to the restaurant, we all had hidden in a corner... her reaction to our screaming "SURPRISE!" was "I AM SO PISSED OFF!!!!"

Later that year, my sister did the same back to me, except that Cindy Yang inadvertently let it slip to me about a week before the event. There is NO WAY that I can manufacture surprise, heh. Sister thought she'd convinced me that the email about the Greek restaurant (Felico's) was nothing since she didn't know certain people's email addresses! Then I found out that she'd gotten everyone's email addresses from the "mass party email invites" that I used to send out on a regular basis. My reaction to people yelling "SURPRISE!" was "HA! I KNEW IT!" (gee, I wonder why Cindy didn't show up to church or the party that day? haha)

I'm not saying Randal will react like me and my sister, since our family seems to not like those kind of surprises very much... I don't think I'll do something like that to my brother for HIS birthday, haha. Oh, and they'd better not try something like that this year for MINE either... or I'll kill them!

Eric buzzed me to wonder about my alternative plans for getting to Fellowship tonight since it's a group outing. My response: "Milestones, baby!" to which he said "that's a destination, not a mode of transportation!" Hahaha.. stop being OCDL / exact like me! :P So then I told him that I'd probably take the very short bus ride over... "Oh, Richmond MS. You should just walk..." Haha, I could do that too... no excuses like I always give him! No darkness, no TOO-hot weather (though I may revise my opinion on that later), no cold weather, no huge distances, no rain, etc.

I should tell Corey that while 8 hours IS a full night's sleep, there ARE people who need more than that... particularly if they were woken up by something and feel sleep-deprived all day because of it. Probably later then... ;)

I think I'll make progress in other people's dungeons today / tomorrow, as well. I'll call Jon tomorrow and see what he's doing, if he's not at the jazz festival with Jeremy all day! :D

The Ultimate What's Your Perfect Prom Dress Quiz


Most likely something short that suits your fun, fashionable self!

Personality Test Results

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Brought to you by quizzes and personality tests.

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Dreams: Illegal things in the winter, and stealing shish kabobs at conferences

I dreamed that I was part of a family that did certain things which were deemed illegal by the place we lived in at the time of the dream, although they were perfectly legal "back home" a few cities overland. It was winter, and we were doing our thing when one of us noticed a bright purple police truck in the distance. We all hurried to finish, knowing that we were very clearly out in the open because of the bright winter skyline. As it happened, we were back in town before the police were, and then faked not understanding English to the policeman when he asked us what we were doing in our winter coats out there in the snow. That somehow let us get away with it... go figure!

Then I had another dream that I was at a conference with a bunch of people. We were lining up to get our food at breakfast in this LONG lineup, and I wanted to sit with someone who was just as OCDL as I was. For some reason, I became separated from the rest of the group, and noticed everyone else sitting down / getting food when I got my bearings. There was some girl in a wheelchair whom nobody paid much attention to: she was off to the side in her own little space. The cafeteria chairs were like the plastic ones in grade school, not your regular chairs. I noticed chocolate milk, regular milk, cereal, orange / apple juices, utensils, napkins, and other such stuff around. Finally, I stole a shish kabob to eat while I asked various people where my group was. I woke up when I was on the verge of finding my group....

No, I have not been listening to the Dead Kennedys' Police Truck lately. Neither have I been thinking of my ex-friend Shannon N., who's in a wheelchair... and I've certainly not been thinking about breaking the law! I know the shish kabob image came from last night, since both Eric H. and I had one for dinner yesterday at the Mad Greek. Maybe it's Summer Conference stuff, and how I'm not sure that things will go okay for me... guess we'll see on that one!

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Classic rock, Jasmine, "lovely" presence, blogquizzes

Note: LJ Wife / Husband Name, LJ Boredom Challenge, LJ Classic Rock, and LJ Rent blogquizzes. (by Jagr, Brandi, and Josh)

Just before he left, Eric H. and I discussed AC/DC (HIGHWAY TO HELL) and other classic rock such as Bob Marley and R.E.M. He says that 55-year-old groupies (Brother Jake mentioned them on Rock 101) were gross, and I agree.

Jasmine clarified issues between her and Dave, and I'm just going to say here that I believe she's not always going to be #1, particularly as he dumped her a while back. I personally don't see a problem with that, but then that's just me. :)

Heh, I just got an email from Karen describing our assumed presence at the Bible Study Milestones outing tomorrow night as "lovely." Apparently, Randal will be joining our group, and there'll be a surprise group birthday gift ($5 per person) for him... I won't be participating since I already got him a History Bathroom Reader, and I have almost no cash on me now anyways. (otherwise, I probably would) She wants to make sure we get there before Randal does... well, I'll get there when I get there, heh. Yeah, it's a surprise... but since he probably doesn't know about the existence of this blog, I'm safe. ;) I'll probably leave at 7:40-ish to get there before 8. True, the bus ride IS only like 5 minutes, but you never know with the buses these days... now I'm not looking forward to it as much. Who knows why... maybe it's because I don't like surprises too much at times! Of course I don't mind Randal joining the group, so that's not it. They DID decide to go all the way to Richmond for me, however... so I'd better show up at this thing come hell or high water. ;) I want to get everyone to come to my place, but I don't think that'll happen. Damn... nobody there has BEEN to my place, and I've been living here for like six years already! (what the heck is up with THAT?! haha, just kidding!)

(for some reason, "There is a group birthday gift ($5 per person). Please do not feel obligated. Your lovely presence would be just great! Look forward to our outing night together!" sounds WAY too cheerful to me right now... maybe the fact that it's past 2 AM has something to do with it, and I'm tired! :P)

This is more Sam and Max advice from Corey:

[01:04:20] Flami: my sister's a gelatinous cube!: hey dude! you know that Sam and Max game?
[01:04:45] Flami: you say you can't die, but what happens if you don't get certain items that you need to progress further?
[01:09:50] Corey: then you go back and find them :P
[01:10:18] Corey: I don't think you can get stuck at any point, really... keep multiple save files in case you need to go back to an earlier point, but that probably won't happen...
[01:15:11] Flami: sounds like a good strategy
[01:25:13] Corey: I think you can go anywhere in the game at pretty much any time... except for areas you haven't unlocked yet, of course :P
[01:30:06] Flami: I'll have to figure that out at some point.. I haven't made much progress

do you like to go out even if you'll get in trouble
are you immature for your age?
do you like to play pranks?
Do you like Viva La Bam?
How do you tell a friend they smell
do you watch Comedy Central 24/7?
how do you dress
what is your favorite color?
This Fun Quiz created by kashae at BlogQuiz.Net
Free Daily Horoscopes at DailyHoroscopes.Biz

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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Addictive word searches and Pink Floyd as "mesmerizing cult music"

It's good that Eric had a half-day of work, even if he has to work on the weekend! He got to my house by 6:20, and we spent some time discussing Jon and the bubble tea hangout on Monday. Yeah, he called both the other Eric and Nathan to see what time it would be, haha. He said it was good seeing Jeremy and the others play Big Two, although he thought for a moment there that Jeremy would have "home-deck advantage" (kinda like home-ice advantage in hockey), since he won like the first three or four games. I showed him a weird LJ Dungeon RPG thing, and we looked up various movies on IMDB and in the paper: DA VINCI CODE, OVER THE HEDGE, NACHO LIBRE, THE OMEN, SUPERMAN RETURNS, etc. When Fay gets back, he's going to get a "nice" kind of revenge on her if she makes him feel bad: he'll say that he's sorry, then offer to take her to a nice romantic movie! Little will she know that it'll actually be a horror movie: how much closer can you get to someone than by watching their blood and guts spill out of them? Haha, just joking! (then I think that Fay will kill him, but that's another matter!)

He brought up various restaurant suggestions, but I wasn't up for White Spot / Chinese food / pizza / other things since I'd had them all recently! Then I said that we could go to a restaurant near her place called the MAD GREEK: it was nice to walk there in the good weather we're having. He sees all these people in his neighborhood who take walks at like 9 or 9:30, and that's the nice part about summer! We talked about the World Cup since I was wearing some yellow England World Cup 2006 shirt Mom got me on the Caribbean cruise: his girl likes David Beckham and Michael Owen (he's Canadian, but plays there since Canada's soccer program sucks :P) because they're good-looking. Here he thought it was based on their soccer skills... sigh.

At the restaurant, we had bread / mussels / lamb souvlaki: the tomato sauce for the mussels reminded Eric of those giant restaurant-sized cans of Campbell's Soup! We talked about Fay's sister and the rude way her boyfriend treats her, the CityTV Taste of the City in late July 2006, relationships, parental assumptions, his wanting to go to a temple in China and seek good luck for his job (his mom thought he wanted to ask about Fay... NO, MOM!), how not everything in his life revolved around Fay, MSN, Summer Conference, etc. Then he wondered whether my TV still worked: I said I'd told him before that I'd fixed it, but he didn't remember. So we tested it out when we got back to the house: it was cool to see SOME color among the green and white on the screen! :P

He wondered if Jon had hinted about a girlfriend, and then I told me that if he HAD, Mom would be all over it just like she was when she saw Jon offering Connie his jacket since she was cold one day! That led to more discussion about how when parents were on a roll, you couldn't stop them. You could say ANYTHING to them and they won't really let you get a word in edgewise! Maybe we can ask Nathan about it later on, since he would know. It was a good dinner, of course! We also discussed Jasmine and that guy Dave breaking up: of course it's not going to work out if you want to do things with other girls! :P

Now we're back here and he wants to play cards / do some of my addictive word searches in this huge book I have (he wants to finish the WHOLE BOOK!)... if you can't finish them, it makes you feel intellectually stupid! He'll wait for his mind to inspire him before he signs my blue guestbook, heh. I was amused when he described some Pink Floyd DARK SIDE OF THE MOON song as being "mesmerizing, like cult music... they could HYPNOTIZE people with that stuff, man!" That reminds me of Jonestown (transcript / audio tape / more transcripts / Wikipedia article), actually. (but then, he initially thought that the band screwed up, haha!) Contrary to what I thought, he HAS had Ben and Jerry's before: just not Half-Baked, Tortoise Soup, and Chocolate Fudge Brownie! ;) He'll send me a timed "jumping frog game" that his girl sent me later on, too.

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Gold, hit points, dungeons, surprises, an unexpected hangout with Eric H., Kaitlin survey

I'm editing a previous entry about the LJ RPG Dungeon game to see about hit points, gold, and what I show up as in other people's dungeons. So far, I manage to show up as various monsters (including a gelatinous cube under my old name) / the mosaic floor / potions. Even if I have to play my own dungeon all over again, I'll make sure the entry's complete! (I really should have thought of it last night, though...)

I emailed Eric H. (lddude) a couple of hours ago to remind him of our weekend hangout. To my surprise, he called me just now to ask whether I was free tonight. Yes, I left the phone on after I called Barry to set up a grocery shopping time: it's on Monday, 12 July at 1. Since I'm not doing anything, I said that I was up for hanging out. Hey, maybe he can update his blogs and such here later on... I'm not sure I want to see a movie, but we'll decide that later on. But I'm positively introducing him to Ben and Jerry's AND his personal dungeon, whether or not we go out for dinner! Boy, am I glad I took a shower earlier this afternoon... at least now he can ignore that email if he so chooses! :P

Here's a 50-question survey, from Kaitlin in a Myspace bulletin:

1. Who are you? Leslie.

2. What's your favorite thing to do? Be one with the computer and my books.

3. Do you like to read, and if so, what? Yes, I do... humorous stuff, some (auto-)biographies, Guinness World Records stuff (that Primetime TV show is cool), the Outlander series, Bathroom Readers, true crime, trivia, some fiction (and some non-fiction as well), comic strips, stuff about music... guess it all depends on what I feel like reading!

4. When was the last time you went out and did something that made you feel better? The other day at Oakridge.

5. What was it? Reading true crime and bizarre books at the bookstore.

6. Who benefitted from it? Me, myself, and I.

7. Name one (1) kind of music you like. Only 1. Metal.

8. Do you worry about things? Somewhat.

9. Are you afraid to say what it is? Be honest. Right now, I'm not worried.

10. Is there someone in your life that you wish you could mend things with? Perhaps.

11. What have you done to accomplish that? If I tried, it might be mended already. :P

12. What's your favorite pet that you've owned? No pets here, except for all the nameless dead fish that we flushed down the toilet!

13. Does dressing down or dressing up make you feel more content? Down, baby.

14. What do you like about yourself? My helpfulness.

15. What happened to question 14? I made up a new one, haha.

16. Do you feel like you speak what's on your mind, whether it's in a good way or a bad way? Yes, most of the time.

17. Do you feel misunderstood? Sometimes.

18. When you're sick, do you like to be taken care of or left alone? Be taken care of, but not in an annoying overprotective way. If you're going to do that, then I prefer being left alone!

19. What about when you're depressed? Being alone, although having someone there does have its benefits.

20. Do you feel like you have a lot of give, or wish someone could bring it back out of you? Um... not really?

20. Why are there two question 20s? Because whoever made this survey made a MISTAKE!

21. Is there a movie that you think could in some way depict you? What is it? Not really.

22. Is there a song that you identify with? Like a theme song? What is it? Way too many to list.

23. Were you comfortable the last time you were up close to someone of the opposite sex (or same, if that's your thing)? Yup.

24. Are you easier to amuse or bore? Amuse.

25. Do you think it's better to make the things you want happen, or do you let things work themselves out? Let things work themselves out.

26. Are you one to follow advice, wish you hadn't, or wish you had? That rather depends on the advice!

27. Is there any object you miss right now? My green shorts!

28. If you had to pick between failure and loneliness, which one would it be? Ew at the options. I'd pick loneliness since it tends to go away faster and isn't a stigma.

30. How close in life are you to where you wanted to be 10 years ago? Not very.

31. What comforts you the most? Be specific. Dreaming of being with certain friends of mine.

32. What do you miss the most about being a kid? My innocence and not knowing what the harder things in life were.

33. What do you like the most about being an adult? Independence!

34. Have you made any promises you still have yet to make good on? Probably.

35. Does your mouth water when you're arguing and come up with a good point? Uh, no... o_O

36. When you do something that makes someone happy, do you feel good or do you feel right in expecting something back? I generally feel good... I don't really expect anything back unless it's been said.

37. How far out of your way will you go for cheaper gasoline? Personally, I'm not the one going out of the way since I don't drive. As for the people I ride in cars with, I'm not sure they'd go THAT far out of the way!

38. Do you remember your dreams often, or do you feel like you don't really dream? I remember my dreams in extreme detail, most of the time.

39. Do you favor tradition or progress? Tradition.

40. How often do you catch yourself thinking about things you shouldn't? No comment.

41. If there was any one thing you would say is holding you back, what would it be? Things.

42. If somebody hurts you, do you give them a way back in, or blacklist them forever? I give them a few chances, and then I blacklist.

43. Is there any area of your life that you find hard to expess in words? If so, what? This question is impossible to answer since I can't express it in text form! :P

44. Are you easy to lie to, or do you have a hard time believing people? I have a hard time believing people.

45. Do you think you have a very wide range of emotions, or are they all expressed through a few basic ones? A wide range of emotions.

46. What would you say is your most common outlet for things? I vent in my online journals, yell, and destroy things.

47. Do you think that hope is as futile as regret, or do you think that's one of the things that keep you going? Hope is a very good thing!

48. What is your favorite type of environment? Noises simmering to a dull roar.

49. Do you think it's more important to want what you want or to have what you have? Having what you have. Being satisfied is a good thing.

50. Where do you want to go today? Somewhere out for dinner with Eric H.

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Dream about Julie, Elaine, grammar errors, and books / Quizzes

I had a dream where I was at church, and it was very crowded for some reason. Julie and Elaine were graduating, and I had gifts for them. Banazir had made a book about his family reunion in China, and I somehow decided to take that from the church library and include it with their gifts. (they included a copy of The Remnant by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins... the LEFT BEHIND series) When I finally caught up with the two sisters, they were wearing fur caps... they appreciated the gifts. Then I saw a sign advertising photos with at least six grammar / spelling errors on it. I was in the middle of noting them down to report to GRAMMAR_WHORES later when I was woken up by the phone. It turned out to be Jon calling to say that he didn't know what he was doing today (including the jazz festival)... he'd also talked to Danielle, who said she isn't leaving till next week. Maybe we can do something next week, then! (reminds me that I should email Eric H. about a weekend hangout, heh)

This is how you invite people to read your Myspace blog, according to Mary: Choose people whom you wish to read your blog. Go to their profiles, and open their blog. On the side module, click the "Invite to my Blog" link.

Managing LJ Community Invites... thanks, qfemale! At least GJ has a link for it, so I know where THAT is! :P

I'd like to call Felicity tonight to see if we can hang out here in town. But I don't know what to say to a TG person! I've actually never met one of them before. My ex-friend Erik always told me to treat him no differently than anyone else... well, I didn't do that online. (that was the sole basis of our interaction) But now that it might move to at least phone interaction and possible real-life interaction, I dunno what to say. We've exchanged comments and a couple of emails, but I really have no idea where to start. Oh well, I guess we'll see...

You Go For Brains!

You want a guy with a big... brain.
And of course it would be nice if he were a total hottie, but you're not counting on it.
What's on the inside is what counts for you. (Besides, you can always change the outside later!)

Your Brown Summer Look Is
Da - Nang - teak brown cropped cargo pants

Your Aura is Blue

Spiritual and calm, you tend to live a quiet but enriching life.
You are very giving of yourself. And it's hard for you to let go of relationships.

The purpose of your life: showing love to other people

Famous blues include: Angelina Jolie, the Dalai Lama, Oprah

Careers for you to try: Psychic, Peace Corps Volunteer, Counselor

This reminds me of a little kid I knew in elementary school whose name was Aura. Interesting name...

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Gelatinous monsters and hypercubes / Sam and Max

Note: LJ Aladdin / LJ World Cup 2006 / LJ Bible blogquizzes. (by Juliet, Mark, and Catherine)

[21:24:07] Corey: well, go look around then :P this probably isn't the hardest adventure game in the world, but a lot of things aren't terribly obvious unless you do some experimentation... and remember that you can "pick up" Max and use him as an item :P
[21:26:37] Flami: no hot water?! What the...: yeah, getting some weird stuff with that, haha
[21:29:40] Corey: oh, and the period key skips lines of dialogue if you don't want to wait for the speech to finish :P just be careful with it since you can skip the next line accidentally and totally miss it sometimes
[21:42:49] Flami: no hot water?! What the...: right... well, now I'm trying to find that tunnel of love
[21:43:06] Corey: it's one of the carnival screens.. walk around :P
[21:43:35] Corey: I think you can get to it from the entrance
[21:43:48] Corey: it's not a hidden thing or anything like that
[21:50:07] Corey: if you've found it and are trying to use it, make sure you use the use icon, not the pick up one :P the use one is the one with a green thing or something, and the hand closes if it's on something usable
[21:50:22] Corey: the other hand is just for picking things up (to put in your inventory)
[22:31:52] Corey: change icons with the right mouse button....
[02:43:23] Flami: no hot water?! What the...: are the rocks brown?
[02:43:43] Corey: what rocks?
[02:44:06] Flami: no hot water?! What the...: the Frog Rock
[02:45:36] Corey: he told you where it was, didn't he?
[02:45:44] Corey: at least some guidelines, anyway
[02:46:09] Flami: no hot water?! What the...: yeah, but for some reason, I can't find anything that looks like a rock
[02:46:23] Corey: well did you find those two places?
[02:55:13] Flami: no hot water?! What the...: yeah, but everything looks like forest / valley here....
[02:57:54] Corey: there are big rocks out in the open between each landmark :P
[02:58:07] Corey: well, between each set of landmarks
[03:02:47] Flami: no hot water?! What the...: so why can't I see them?! :P
[03:03:48] Flami: no hot water?! What the...: I see big green fields of nothing :P
[03:07:17] Corey: are you looking between the two places that you were told to look between?
[03:07:48] Corey: it shouldn't matter since there's one exactly between any of them... (only one correct one, though)
[03:09:39] Flami: no hot water?! What the...: so how do you know if you've got it?
[03:10:23] Corey: uh, stop the telescope on one of the landmarks and it'll tell you what it is... if you stop it on a rock, Sam says "it's a rock."
[03:11:16] Flami: no hot water?! What the...: ... I tried that, and he hasn't said a thing
[03:12:10] Corey: you sure you're on landmarks? they're very, very obvious
[03:15:06] Corey: the rocks are small, but the landmarks take up practically the whole screen
[03:15:21] Corey: the rocks are in open fields and pretty obvious though
[03:15:23] Flami: no hot water?! What the...: yeah
[03:16:04] Flami: no hot water?! What the...: I've stopped right on a forest of some sort, and clicked on it... he doesn't say anything!
[03:18:04] Corey: does it all look like generic forests and stuff? :P the landmarks are flashing lights and patterns and pictures and big obvious things :P so if you can't see those..... you don't have enough range on that thing
[03:18:38] Flami: no hot water?! What the...: it all looks like generic forests and things......
[03:18:46] Flami: no hot water?! What the...: no patterns or pictures to be found..
[03:24:57] Flami: no hot water?! What the...: so what do I do?
[03:28:50] Corey: find a way to make that thing see farther
[03:29:04] Flami: no hot water?! What the...: wish I could
[03:29:19] Flami: no hot water?! What the...: I don't have any of those things in my possession
[03:31:22] Corey: well there's something somewhere that can help you out :P
[03:36:45] Flami: no hot water?! What the...: OH MAN!
[03:38:33] Corey: if you don't have what you need, I'm pretty sure you can still go get it
[03:41:32] Flami: no hot water?! What the...: yes, and I just did... but OMG... how long!!!
[03:46:41] Flami: no hot water?! What the...: now I wanna get out of the binocular stage, but can't!
[03:53:56] Corey: hit escape, or q
[03:54:18] Flami: no hot water?! What the...: that worked!
[03:54:28] Corey: holy guacamole!

Sam and Max walkthrough:

~ Sam and Max Hit the Road for DOS / Windows~
Walkthrough by Bananagirl
Final Version: 08/07/02


This document is copyright ©2002 bananagirl. All information contained within is protected by international copyright law.

.:*~*:. < Table of Contents > .:*~*:.

1. Introduction
2. Walkthrough
3. Revision History
4. Copyright & Contact Information
5. Credits / Thanks

.:*~*:. < 1. Introduction > .:*~*:.

It's about darn time I wrote a real walkthrough for this game. I've had a file with all the commands needed that I typed back in 1999, when I thought that was how walkthroughs should be written. Sadly, that is not the case... but I fixed it all up nice and pretty and here it is. I'm feeling pretty uninspired introduction-wise, so have fun.

In general, talk to everyone. Try all four options, especially the rubber duck. Usually there's at least two different 'questions' Sam will ask.

And look at everything; Sam's descriptions can be amusing. (I won't list all the individual cute things you can find this way, but I point out a couple below. Also, looking at the DeSoto gives a different message in almost every location.)

Try picking up something that can't be picked up. There are no less than six sequential and increasingly funny error messages. Eventually, you'll destroy Sam's soul.

During the credits, you can of course shoot at the targets. You can also shoot at the credits themselves.

You can play the CD as an audio CD. I rather like the cheesy retro main theme. But watch out, you'll end up hearing Conroy Bumpus's song again.

- Banangirl

.:*~*:. < 2. Walkthrough > .:*~*:.

After watching the completely unrelated introduction and the equally pointless credit sequence, you'll find yourself in the office of Sam and Max. I would call them America's furriest crime-fighting duo, but I'm sure there are some cops out there with back hair that could house a family of rodents.

In the office, head to the right. There's a sandwich lying on the floor, but if you try to pick it up, Max will dash forward and feed it to the termites. It serves no true purpose aside from this, so go ahead and do it if you want to. Beyond the termite cage is a closet with Max's poster collection. Steal the Blacklight Bulb and go back to the other side of the office. Jam your hand into the mousehole in the baseboard to get some easy Cash, then leave the office and head downstairs. For a good time, poke the guy dangling from the railing.

Outside, talk to the choking cat to learn that he's the bonded city courier the commisioner spoke of. Unfortunately, he swallowed your Orders, so you'll have to extract them somehow. Max might have some ideas. Try using him on the cat. When you've gotten your Orders, hop into the car and head for Snuckey's.

There's also the highway surfing game, down in Mexico on the map.

If you leave the game unattended for awhile, a screen saver starts up. Various garishly colored Sams and Maxes walk by.

The TV works; fix it and you can see Mr. Ed.
Before picking up the blacklight, turn off the lights in the office. Now you can go use the blacklight to see Max's '60s posters. (Also note that the skull's eyes glow.)
Use the dartboard; Sam will throw the darts and axe.
Look at the roach farm, and Max will feed the roaches a sandwich. Better yet, try to use the sandwich; Max will say "Me! Me! Me!" and do it for you.
If you've been away for awhile, the green light will be flashing on the answering machine. Use it to listen to the messages; there are at least three messages.
In the corridor, try going upstairs.
Walk into the gun / liquor / baby needs store; Max will attack a robber.
After some time, a mangy-looking grey cat will appear. You can talk to him, but you won't get much out of him. Curiously, he doesn't want fish.
Max will poke at the bloodstain on the curbside.


Pick up the Cup lying on the floor and go in. On one of the shelves, there should be a box of Pecan Candy. Take it. You can take whatever fun toy is on the rack below the picture of Sam and Max, too. When you're done shopping, walk around the store until Max starts complaining about having to go to the bathroom. Talk to the Snuckey's employee to purchase your items, then click on the toilet to get the keys. Max will wander off to the bathrooms. Wait for him outside, and when he comes back, speak to him before he goes back in to get the Rasp. The other two Snuckey's stores have more games for you to buy, so do that if you have a tendency to get bored, then head for the carnival.

There are three little games you can buy at Snuckey's (a different one at each): Car Bomb (a version of Battleship), a dress-up game, and a coloring book. The best of these is Car Bomb. If you wait too long to make a move, Max will start abusing you.


Once Conroy Bumpus and his bodyguard are gone, walk to the right. Flambé the fire-breather won't let you through, since the carnival is closed. Give him your orders and he'll let you into the tent, where you'll be greeted by the Kushman brothers. After the cutscene, pick up the Sasquatch Fur on the ground and the hand-in-a-jar near the entrance. When you're done, leave the tent through the back.

Step up to the Wak-A-Rat machine and use it to play a game. 40 rats will pop up, but you only need to hit 20 to win. When you do so, take the prize offered by the machine. It's a Flashlight. One without a bulb. Put in your blacklight bulb. Also get the Fishbowl Magnifying lens from the attraction to the right of the Wak-a-Rat. Head to the Cone of Tragedy to the left.

Talk to the carnival worker and ask about the cone to get on. When the ride is over, open up your inventory to find... Nothing. Talk to the ride operator to get a claim ticket for the Lost & Found. Walk back to the previous screen and go straight back to find the Lost & Found tent. Go in and chat with the guy inside to get back your belongings, then go past the Hall of Oddities and up to the Tunnel of Love. Use the swam to ride it.

Open your inventory and get out your flashlight. Now that you can see, pick up Max and wave around the cursor until you see a fusebox. As you approach it, use Max on it. Sam will dip him in the water, then jam him into the fusebox, effectively halting the ride. Get out and pull the arm of the bearded figure to open a door, then go in.

Inside, a moleman will be sitting on the couch watching TV. Talk to him and ask him about Bruno. He'll tell you his tale. Give him the pecan candy you got at Snuckey's to get the key to Trixie's trailer (also known as a crowbar), listen to another story, and hit the large switch beside the door. When you leave the room, Sam and Max will hop back onto their swan and emerge from the tunnel. Go back to the Wak-A-Rat booth.

Trixie's trailer is right in front of the booth. Use the crowbar on the door to open it and go in. Open the blue box in the lower right corner of the trailer to find a stilt walker's costume, then open the closet door and pick up the scorecard inside to add Gator Golf to your map. Leave the carnival and find a Snuckey's.

Sam can't ring the bell, but Max can.
Playing Wak-A-Rat, you can hit Max. (As usual, it doesn't hurt him.) If you play to lose, the rats start to taunt you.
Note the 'Evelyn Morrison' reference in the Tunnel of Love.
The bats squeal if you shine the blacklight on them.
You can talk to the freaks in the sideshow (though not much).
Max is generally unruly here. He jumps up and down on Trixie's bed. Once you stop the swan in the tunnel, he'll also try to steal the hangman's axe.


If you choose a different Snuckey's, you can find another game. Buy it if you want; our true purpose here is found elsewhere. Give the Snuckey's clerk the hand-in-a-jar. Snuckey U has given him incredible hand strength, and he'll open it with ease. When you've got yourself a hand... head out, hop in your car, and go to the World of Fish.

Try to talk to the guy eating ice cream.
You can't buy other merchandise or ride the horse, but at least you get good error messages.
There are differences between the three stores:
East South West
Background Trees Bayou Desert
Mascot Jackalope Shrimp Cactus
Game Car-bomb Color-it Dress-up
Clerk Moustache neither Moustache & glasses
Eater's shirt blue red pink
Window ice cream donut corn dog

World of Fish

Pick up the bucket of fish from the bait stand. Watch the video clip, then get back into your car and go to the Gator Golf course.

Use Max on the netful of fish, and he'll take one and feed it to Bubbles (the fish in the tank).

Gator Golf

Go left when the path branches and grab the golfball retriever from the trash. With that in hand, go back to the fork and go right. Watch the cutscene, then pick up the bucket of golfballs and put your bucket of fish in its place. Pick out a golf club and start swinging. To golf with Sam, place the flag where you want the fish to land, then press the swing button. The given measurements will vary depending on the size of your monitor. Mine is 15".

Put the first flag about one inch from the tail of the first alligator, the next one a centimeter or so from the tail of the same alligator, and the third one an inch from the second alligator's head. The next fish should be launched a centimeter from the tail of the second alligator, and the last two fish should hit the very tips of the fourth and fifth gators' tails.

With the alligators in place, Sam now has a direct path to the center across their backs. He'll take it. Open the door of the tank to release Max, who will hand you another clump of Sasquatch fur. Open the door in the base of the platform and take the snowglobe inside to add the Mystery Vortex to your map, then go back to your car and head for the World's Largest Ball of Twine.

You can golf using the golf balls and, of course, dunk Max. You can also hit the various obstacles on the course and they'll react.
Max sometimes comes down and looks out of the screen at you. He does this in several places, but somehow it's particularly noticeable here.

You can leave Max in the dunk tank and leave. Sam will wander sadly around and refuse to do certain things (e.g. ride the Tunnel of Love... "It wouldn't be romantic without Max"). Also try that picking-up-unpickable-objects sequence again -- the last couple messages differ.

World's Largest Ball of Twine

Go up the stairs to the right and wait for the tram, then hop on. At the top, head left and use the elevator to reach the restaurant, then pick up the sparking wires and use them on the binoculars. Add your lens to the mix, then talk to the telepathic man sitting at the table. Ask him about the bent wrench to get a free sample. Go back down the elevator and ride the tram to the bottom. Drive to the World of Fish.

You can use the binoculars after you've been to the later places... Sam will say "That was a nice trip down memory lane."

World of Fish

Use the wrench you just picked up on the fiberglass fish in the water to loosen it up, then climb in. Pick up Max and use him on the fish to make him join you, then watch the clip. The helicopter will dump you at the World's Largest Ball of Twine.

World's Largest Ball of Twine

Use Max on the ball of twine to cut off a piece, then go inside the museum. Attach the hand from the jar to the golfball retriever you picked out of the trash, then add your World of Fish magnet to the mix. Use this contraption on the twine ball to find a mood ring, then go back outside. Your car will join you shortly, at which point you should leave the twineball and go to the Mystery Vortex.

Mystery Vortex

Go right into the building and make your way to the open doorway. Pick up the Sasquatch hair lying on the floor of the Yeti attraction, then go back to the hallway and use the mirror. Inside, turn on a magnet and go back out. Try to open a door of the color of magnet you chose. If you find yourself shrinking or growing so you can't fit through the door, go back and choose another magnet. You can also turn two magnets on at once to deviate from the primary colors.

When you find the right door, you'll meet another moleman. Ask him about a Bigfoot, then give him the mood ring from the World's Largest Ball of Twine. After he's done being psychic, leave the Vortex and go back to the World's Largest Ball of Twine.

You can talk to the 8-ball. Try each talk option more than once.
If you play Car Bomb while inside the vortex, the game shakes.
You can play the piano.

In Uncle Shavoul's room:

Read the clippings on the wall (there are at least 8 stories).
You can drink from the water bottle.

World's Largest Ball of Twine

Ride the tram up to the restaurant and go in. In there, use the fishbowl magnifying lens with the binoculars you rigged earlier. Left-click the mouse to make the binoculars move to the left. To control and stop the binoculars, move the mouse down to the dial. Click on the left mouse button to make the dial go left, and click on the right button to make it go right. Pretty simple, although they never tell you how to do it. You have to stop the binoculars when you see the large rock. It must be between the Forest and Valley. We're looking for Frog Rock. It's between a stump and a big cloud. When you've found it, stop to add it to your map, then leave the restaurant and go there.

Frog Rock

At the rock, whip out all the clumps of fur you've been collecting and smear them all over the rock. Add the Magic Moleman's powder and watch the clip, then get back in the car and go to Bumpusville.


Walk up to the mansion and go in. Turn left and grab the portrait of John Muir hanging on the wall, then watch the clip. When it's over, go left through the doorway. After the cutscene, go back to the hallway and walk past the front door. Go into the bedroom at the end of the hallway and grab the greasy pillow on the bed. Whip out your golfball retriever and use it on the large blue book on the shelf over the door to get a user's manual for the cleaning robot. Once Sam knows what to do, head out to the hallway to find it.

Use the robot when you see it (holy Star Wars reference, Batman!) and disconnect all the wires in its brain. Plug in the blue wire on the far left to set it to clean the room holding Bruno and Trixie, then let it do its job. As soon as it scoots into the room, it will trigger the alarm system. Go to the room beside Conroy's bedroom and use the virtual reality helmet.

In the virtual reality world, grab the sword sticking out of the stone and try to go to the cave. When the dragon emerges, use the sword on it to kill it. Grab the heart to get a key. Sam will return to the real world. Go back to the performance room and use the key in the keyhole near the door to turn off the security system. Watch the clip, then go back to your car and head for Evelyn Morrison's Savage Jungle Inn.

Throw money in the well (at least 3 times).
Don't forget to examine all the plaques on the wall. The game's designers apparently didn't think much of country music...

Evelyn Morrison's Savage Jungle Inn

Go into the inn and talk to Evelyn. Ask her about Conroy Bumpus and the Bigfoot. You'll walk away with some brochures. Look at them, then leave the hotel and head for the Celebrity Vegetable Museum.

Celebrity Vegetable Museum

Head to the right and grab an eggplant from the crate, then give your John Muir portrait to the lady behind the counter. Get back in your car and go to the Dino Bungee National Memorial.

Dino Bungee National Memorial

Walk down the stairs and head left. Hit the button to make Rex talk. When his mouth is just about open, take out your twine and use it on Rex's mouth. Use Max on the twine and watch the clip, then add the tooth to your inventory. Go back down the stairs and check out the mammoth beyond Rex. Have Max give him a haircut, then go back to the main path and go up. Hang a right and open the gate.

Use your Snuckey's Cup with your golfball retriever, then use the dressing room to change. Use the green rope to start jumping. Have your golfball retriever ready, and when you reach the level of the tar, use it to get yourself some. Change back into your regular clothes and go back to the Celebrity Vegetable Museum.

Listen to the dinos.
Look at the presidents' heads.
Talk to the kids in line at the tarpit slide.
After bungee-jumping, talk to the girl again. Try all the options a few times, there are quite a few variations here... sometimes, if you hit ! Max will jump.

Celebrity Vegetable Museum

Head right and talk to the lady behind the counter. Ask her about the John Muir squash to get it, then say goodbye and hop back into your car. We're headed for Bumpusville. Yee-haw!


Go to Conroy's bedroom and use the Bumpus eggplant on the toupee. With the wig in your possession, go to Evelyn Morrison's Savage Jungle Inn.

Evelyn Morrison's Savage Jungle Inn

See that Bigfoot scratching his foot? Give him the keys to Snuckey's bathroom. A rasp is great for scratching Bigfoot feet. That seems a bit redundant, but anyway...

In your inventory, use the tar on the stilt walker's outfit and the mammoth fur on the results. Add the wig you stole from Bumpus to complete your Bigfoot costume, then use the costume on Max. The duo will get dressed. Go through the doorway and join the party. Inside, take the wine bottle. Go to the kitchens (behind the stage, left of the screen in the background) and take the ice pick from the freezer window. Use the rear door and Bumpus will appear. To escape his clutches, remove the Bigfoot costume - Bumpus and Lee-Harvey will change in the freezer. Get Max to slam the door on them. You will be granted free run of the party by the Bigfoot Chief.

Go up through the small doorway to get an icepick, then try to leave through the door in the back. Watch the clip, then use the bigfoot costume and watch another one. Use the freezer door, watch yet another one, and head back into the inn. Take the wine bottle beside the punchbowl, then leave the inn and go to the World's Largest Ball of Twine.

Try to make a phone call (before you have a disguise).
In the lobby, watch Max; he'll go pull the toucan's tail, and amuse himself opening the automatic doors by waving his hand. (He'll wave this way in other places, but this is the only place it does something.)
Try going out the back door after Conrad has been captured.
Ask all the Bigfoots about the totem poles. Ask Bruno again after three of them have been dispatched.

World's Largest Ball of Twine

Ride the tram to the top and put your icepick into the telepathic tool-bender to get yourself a corkscrew. Use that on the wine bottle, then put the cork into the snowglobe. Ride back down and go to the Mystery Vortex.

Mystery Vortex

Go to the giftshop at the end of the hallway and use the Mini-Vortex. While inside, whip out your snowglobe and use it to fill it up, then go back to your car and return to Evelyn Morrison's Savage Jungle Inn.

Evelyn Morrison's Savage Jungle Inn

Go to the party room, then exit through the door to the left. Walk past the totem poles to reach the hot tub. (click on the building behind the slide) When you get there, toss in the John Muir squash, the greasy pillow, the dinosaur tooth, and the snowglobe. The mixture is complete. Watch the ending sequence. OK, game's over. Nothing to see here. Move along now.

.:*~*:. < 3. Revision History > .:*~*:.

v1.0 (08/07/02)

So, I wrote a step-by-step guide about 3 years ago. I wrote a real walkthrough now. Fear me. It's done, by the way. I might add a few more sections some other time, but I'm too lazy to do that now.

.:*~*:. < 4. Copyright & Contact Info > .:*~*:.

This document is copyright ©2002 Bananagirl (

This document was written exclusively for use on the Internet. It is not intended to be used in any way that is profitable for anyone, including the author. It is not to be reproduced in any way without express written permission from the author.

The information found within this document is, to the best of the abilities and knowledge of the author, 100% accurate. However, the possibility exists that inaccurate information may be found within. Any errors (human, computer, or otherwise) should be reported to the author as soon as possible.

Sam and Max and all characters, locations, etc., are trademarks of LucasArts. The author makes no claim to the creation of these. This document can only legally be found at GameFAQs.

Don't email me if you don't have anything constructive to say. I don't want to have to hate you, but I might just do it if you give me a reason.

.:*~*:. < 5. Credits / Thanks > .:*~*:.

Author: Bananagirl (

Thanks to:

- LucasArts, for making games that r0x0r my s0x0rz.

- My dad, for buying me the LucasArts Archives all those years ago. I'm so spoiled.

I changed my MSN name just now, and this is what Eric had to say about it:

[23:13:45] Diven - Canucks pick 10th: your sister has a gelatinous cube?
[23:14:04] Diven - Canucks pick 10th: hopefully it's not a gelatinous monster in disguise that will fangoriously devour her
[23:15:52] Flami: my sister's a gelatinous cube!: hahaha
[23:15:59] Flami: no.. she IS a gelatinous cube :P
[23:18:13] Diven: oh
[23:19:07] Diven: what does that have to do with gelatinous monsters
[23:19:25] Diven: how dare you call your sister a fangorious cube
[23:23:12] Flami: just explore it a little... they've deemed her to be "a gelatinous cube that quivers before you"
[23:25:28] Diven: did she play the game?
[23:25:53] Flami: my sister's a gelatinous cube!: no
[23:25:59] Diven: or is there a gelatinous cube that you decided to call her your sister
[23:26:03] Flami: no
[23:26:31] Flami: there are monsters there based upon people from my "friends list" on LJ, and she just happened to be said gelatinous cube
[23:26:44] Diven: is there a character in the game that is your sister in the game world but not your real sister that is a gelatinously devouring hypercube
[23:27:03] Diven: ahh
[23:28:54] Diven: Strong Bad Email 84: Writing a Children's Book
[23:31:43] Diven: do you know what a hypercube is?
[23:34:59] Flami: one of those multi-dimensional objects
[23:35:28] Diven: wow
[23:35:48] Diven: it is to a cube what a cube is to a square
[23:36:21] Flami: haha, I've seen this email before
[23:36:35] Diven: of course
[23:37:00] Diven: it has the fangoriously devouring gelatinous monster
[23:37:13] Flami: yup
[23:38:53] Flami: so.. "wow" what?!
[23:39:05] Diven: huh?
[23:39:12] Diven: what about WoW
[23:42:42] Diven: haha.. things that go dump in the night... haha
[23:43:13] Flami: no... you said "wow" in response to what I said about multidimensional objects
[23:43:28] Diven: Strong Bad Email 144: Things that go DUMP in the night!
[23:43:33] Flami: and what's this about things that were dumped in the night?
[23:43:53] Diven: "oh wow" was with regards to you having an idea about what a hypercube is
[23:44:12] Diven: refer to the end of the latest Homestar link
[23:44:17] Flami: haha, oh okay
[23:44:21] Diven: or to yourself
[23:47:29] Flami: oh, heh... nice one
[23:47:37] Flami: to MYSELF?!
[23:47:50] Diven: or myself on occasion, too
[23:48:12] Flami: uh... as far as I know, I have NEVER gotten dumped somewhere in the night... I dunno about you, though
[23:48:24] Flami: unless you're talking about DUMPING... then yeah..
[23:48:52] Diven: things that go dump... not things that get dumped
[23:49:17] Flami: OH, right.
[23:49:22] Flami: gotcha
[23:50:15] Flami: if you don't believe me about my sister being a gelatinous cube, look at my LJ info
[23:53:22] Diven: um, so you wrote something on livejournal claiming your sister to be a cube
[23:53:32] Flami: I did not write that
[23:53:35] Diven: regardless inappropriate
[23:54:04] Flami: not as inappropriate as that poem, and even then, that was skirting it
[23:54:53] Diven: did you pay for your account
[23:55:01] Diven: poem?
[23:55:22] Diven: and what is with the bloody bashing going on
[23:56:23] Diven: me sleep now
[23:57:46] Flami: that's the Rejected movie.. I'll link you to it later
[23:57:54] Flami: the one about grammar I linked you to last week
[23:58:01] Flami: okay then.. sleep well.. good night

I'll answer that question and link him to the movie later... maybe I'll even link him to Hyper Frame, even if that isn't a multi-dimensional cube!

This is what Corey had to say about Sam and Max:

[23:01:01] AlenaBrolxFlami: okay, *now* I play Sam and Max :P
[23:02:20] mrptptpt: Max is cool :P

try to avoid walkthroughs.... there's a HINT system link if you look up most any adventure game on Game FAQs.. it gives hints without outright telling you what to do unless you keep clicking for more hints :P try that first, if anything
[23:24:01] AlenaBrolxFlami: do the different cursors have much to do with the game?
[23:26:30] mrptptpt: you have instructions for the game! :P yes, they have a lot to do with the game and you should know which is which :P
[23:26:41] mrptptpt: they're for looking, using, doing things, etc.
[23:49:01] AlenaBrolxFlami: yikes! is the next-door thing SUPPOSED to be mildly scary?
[23:49:32] mrptptpt: next-door thing?
[23:50:02] mrptptpt: I haven't exactly played this game recently, so you'll need to be a bit more specific :P
[23:51:07] AlenaBrolxFlami: when you go out the door of your place, the people next door threaten the guys and hurl things at 'em
[23:51:42] mrptptpt: I remember some gunshots or something...
[23:52:13] mrptptpt: most things are supposed to be funny or amusing more than scary....
[23:52:51] AlenaBrolxFlami: I know...
[23:52:52] mrptptpt: you can't even die in this game :P if you get to Sierra games like Kings Quest and Space Quest, half the fun and frustration of those is the 8 billion crazy ways you can die (save OFTEN)
[23:53:02] AlenaBrolxFlami: that was the way I described it
[23:53:03] mrptptpt: no dying in the LucasArts games..
[23:53:14] AlenaBrolxFlami: that's probably a good thing
[23:58:02] mrptptpt: yes and no :P in the Space Quest and Leisure Suit Larry games, there are some pretty creative ways of dying :P plus you can and should save whenever you get new items or find new areas, etc... so you shouldn't really lose progress if you're doing a good job of saving...
[23:58:59] mrptptpt: the bad ones are the games where you can completely lock yourself out of ever beating the game by using something at the wrong time or missing an item or something... that doesn't really happen with Sierra / LucasArts, though
[00:35:22] mrptptpt: and there doesn't appear to be a hint thing for this... usually they say "UHS Hint File" I think
[00:36:24] mrptptpt: well, the UHS site has it... but not an online version.. you have to download their "UHS Hint Reader" and the hint file for Sam & Max
[00:37:32] mrptptpt: I'd go with that for assistance :P but try lots and lots of things first :P they do not always make the most sense... but that's one of the fun things about these kinds of games.. the crazy things you have to do to get through areas
[00:38:44] mrptptpt: use everything on everything / everyone, ask about everything, look at everything, use everything, use Max on everything.... use items on other items :P whatever you can think of.. if you're lucky you'll at least have some funny things happen, even if they don't solve the puzzle

Here's a 39-question survey from Amy, via Myspace bulletin:


1. WOULD YOU GET BACK WITH YOUR EX IF YOU COULD? No. There used to be a time when I thought I would, but that's passed... thank goodness!






7. DO YOU HAVE A GOOD RELATIONSHIP WITH BOTH YOUR PARENTS? As long as I don't challenge them on anything... so I'm not sure if that's "good" or not. =/




11. WHAT DO YOU WANT TO DO TODAY? Nothing in particular.

12. WHAT DID YOU DO FOR YOUR LAST BIRTHDAY? Went to the Congee Noodle House for a free meal, which was Billy's idea. Discussed a lot of stuff with Jeremy, Steph, Jason, and Eric M. Opened presents from Dave, Vivian, and Karen. Went to Felico's with the family. Found out that Eric M. couldn't make it to dinner. Got my dad to drop me off at Chapters where I hung around for a while. Went to Awana and listened to the kids scream-sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me. Melia couldn't make it to dinner either, so I bused to Red Robin's. Had dinner with Sheena, Chalaine, Citrus, Danielle, Eric H., Frances, Mel, Nathan, Randal, Jeremy, NetDave, and Jasmine. Opened presents there and sung cheesy songs, then some of us hung around church for a bit before Steph took me home from Floodlight. Checked LJ / GJ / email / Our Place for plenty of birthday wishes and such. Not a bad day overall. :D

13. DO YOU LIKE PEOPLE? Depends on the circumstances. ;)


15. WHAT WERE YOU DOING AT MIDNIGHT TWO NIGHTS AGO? Playing Bookworm and talking to Corey.

16. DO YOU LIKE FISH? Depends.


18. NAME SOMETHING YOU CAN'T WAIT TO DO? Spend more time with certain people.

19. LAST TIME YOU SAW YOUR MOM? Monday night.

20. WHAT IS ONE THING YOU WISH YOU COULD CHANGE ABOUT YOURSELF? I want superpowers! (good answer, Amy!)


22. IF YOU HAD $250,000... HOW WOULD YOU SPEND IT? Books, tithing, TV, clothes, etc.




26. LAST THING YOU ATE? Pasta for meat lovers!

27. WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE MONTH? September... only because it's my birthday month.

28. YOUR LEAST FAVORITE MONTH? Probably November or December, because it gets cold and rainy then.






34. WOULD YOU TAKE A BULLET FOR YOUR BEST FRIENDS? I feel like I would, but if it actually came right down to it, I might just act like an idiot and freeze.

35. FAVORITE KIND OF DRINK? Water, green tea, root beer.

36. FAVORITE FOOD? Pretty much anything, haha.

36. FAVORITE DESSERT? Cheesecake for sure.

37. FAVORITE WORD? Defenestration!

38. HAVE YOU BEEN TO EUROPE? No, but I'd like to.

39. IF SOMEONE YOU HATED DIED, WHAT WOULD YOU DO? Not much... I'd probably rejoice at first, then feel kinda guilty afterwards.

Favorite time of day
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Favorite color
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Word from the list that best describes you
You are most like this television showThe Biggest Loser - it had to be somebody
This Fun Quiz created by Psychological Studies Institute at BlogQuiz.Net
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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Dream about McDonalds drivethroughs and apartment basement suites / Quizzes and a survey

Thank goodness for autosaves from a Myspace-related browser crash! :D

I had a dream about being together with a bunch of friends. We went to a Zellers-like department store, where the snack and candy displays were a bit lacking... but we selected a bunch of things anyhow. Karen Choo turned to me and asked whether I'd considered moving since nobody really visited my place since it was so out of the way. Her husband Ivan said that it WAS on a major road, but Karen insisted that I see Sam's place, which was on #2 Rd and supposedly much more accessible. It was across the street from a Christmas tree lot, which was next to the McDonalds drivethrough that also sold curry on #3 Rd. (don't ask me how that works... it's a dream and not supposed to make sense :P)

So after we took the bus to Sam's apartment building, our group went to the back entrance. However, there was a sign on the door that said the back area was being renovated, so we all walked on the side lawn to access one of the side entrances. Sam, Karen, and I parted with the rest of the group inside the building (Ivan had to hang up some colorful coats immediately) and went to see Sam's apartment. The apartment was under Chrystal, Emily, Phil, and Melia's place and was quite huge for what it was... even bigger than mine really is! It looked like a basement suite, actually... there was bedding everywhere, the bathroom was big enough for two, and the ceiling had a thatched look. I agreed to move in after some time looking at the place... then the fire alarm woke me up! Weird stuff from my subconscious, as usual... no idea what prompted this one! o_O

Hmm, I've received a PM from Subena asking if everything's okay with me. I guess they are overall, heh. She gave me her phone number and wants me to call her sometime. Maybe I'll do that someday... reminds me, I told Felicity (morbioid) that I'd call her later. (another Erik Gagnon, living here in Richmond... might be interesting to get to ask her the questions that I never really asked HIM!) The name Felicia reminds me of Felicia Fam (a church person with a brother named James), Felicia Cheung (someone I knew in elementary school), and Felicia Teo. (someone that Ryan_Liam mentioned once)

Your Body Image is 44% Unhealthy, 56% Healthy

You may think you have a normal body image, but you definitely don't.
While you may not have a serious problem, you obsess over your looks way too much.

I do NOT obsess over my looks! I just have a weight problem, and I know this. That's all. :P

Your Designer G-String Is

Here's a "10 To 1" survey from Amy, via Myspace bulletin:

[10 FIRSTS]:
First Best Friend: Brandy Whibbs.
First Screenname: Flamsterette_X
First Pet Dog's Name: N/A.
First Piercing: N/A.
First Crush: Probably Stephen Hagemoen
First CD: I don't remember... probably Green Day's Dookie.
First School: Ferris Elementary.
First House Location: In Vancouver somewhere.

[9 LASTS]:
Last Time You Smoked Weed: N/A.
Last Food You Ate: Lentil and bacon soup from Baxter's.
Last Car Ride: From Oakridge.
Last Movie You Watched: Braindead.
Last Phone Call: Mom.
Last CD you listened to: One of the mix CDs I made for Jon, to test it out.
Last time you kissed someone: Last year.
Last Song you listened to: the Misfits, Crimson Ghost.

Have You Ever Dated a Best Friend: No.
Have You Ever Been Arrested: No.
Have You Ever Skinny Dipped: No.
Have You Ever Been on TV: I don't think so.
Have You Ever Kissed Someone and Regretted it: Yes.
Have You Ever been Cheated on by Your Boyfriend / Girlfriend: Not to my knowledge.
Have You Ever Been on a Blind Date: No.
Have You Ever Been out of the Country: Yes.

1. Glasses.
2. Underwear.
3. T-shirt.
4. Shorts.
5. Socks.
6. N/A.
7. N/A.

1. Updated a bunch of entries.
2. Ate some ice cream.
3. Played that LJ RPG Dungeon meme.
4. Went outside when the fire alarm went off.
5. Pondered calling Jon to see what he was doing today.
6. Paid phone / hydro bills online.

1. LIFE!
2. Food.
3. Good times.
4. Good friends.
5. Good books.

1. Eric.
2. Phil.
3. Andrea.
4. Helen K.

1. Vanilla or Chocolate: Depends.
2. Hugs or Kisses: Hugs.
3. Pens or Pencils: Pens.

1. Travel to Europe or Australia.
2. Try a lot of good food.

1. Danielle, haha.

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