Saturday, December 27, 2003

Typing Jon's music essay in three hours

I totally rock the house tonight for sure! wooyeah!
finished typing Jon's essay in about three hours..
despite interruptions from various sources, it got done..
yup, I am the typing queen.. wouldn't take it anywhere else ;)

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been doing "SFA" for the past few hours; thanks, Jay ;)
Steph and Melissa have left for the Oilers hockey game..
it's snowing like heck out there, and the small group's still on..
right now, I'm retyping Jon's essay on string quartets..
that's gotta be real fun, I'm telling you.. ah well, 'tis OK :)

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British humor rocks!

the movie was pretty funny.. classic British humor rocks!
understatement galore and such in the plot.. wooyeah!
good thing Cindy left before the full frontal nudity scenes..
she would have been so embarrassed at them!
Adela came to the house later on to chill out after work..
afterwards, we went upstairs to meet Melissa and hang..
she and Vivian had a long conversation about anime..
we talked about dim sum, Sean as a kid.. (chopstick-throwing)
small group activities, our family's physical nature, life..
Dave and Cindy's shellfish allergies.. (evil Dianne at dim sum)
getting drunk, hangover stories, what we did recently..
eating all the sample almonds at the Blue Diamond factory..
plans for tomorrow, working from home, church, friends..
yup, it was a long night.. but it was totally worth it!

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Friday, December 26, 2003

Cleansed of memory dragons!

got rid of the absolute final memory dragon..
ICQ2Go at Nathan's, that is.. wooyeah, I'm cleansed!
Nathan, me, Jon, Steph, Eric, David, Justin L., Cindy,
Vivian, Karen, Jessica, Alan, and Sean are here now..
Eric calls my blogging "an illegal activity".. sure, dude..
Melissa will be here in a bit after Steph picks her up..
we've talked about Awana, Benjamin, Timothy, Xmas..
Sean's trip to California / Mexico, kids, parents, spoiling..
shopping, music, food, friends, GameCube, and more..
Alan is now attempting to play guitar backwards.. yay?
now we're watching Life of Brian.. (Monty Python)
yup, I definitely like time with friends.. it's the best! :D

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Boxing Day shopping at the mall with Louis

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, RUTH.. I hope you have a good one today! :) It was great knowing you at school.. remember the Paukovs?

just got back from Boxing Day shopping at the mall..
I went with Steph, Jessica, Andrew, and Louis..
(Jon is hanging out downtown with Nathan all day)
Louis has turned totally ghetto.. not jealous of his body!
and our moms don't have any connection to what we do..
plus some other predictable things he said.. that was fun!
talked about metrosexuals, gay stuff, and life..
there were some crazy crowds today, which we expected..

later, Steph is going to drive us to Nathan's for the potluck..
she's going to leave to pick Melissa up from the airport..
afterwards, she'll return with Melissa in tow to meet everyone..
should be great fun and good times tonight with people! :)

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Thursday, December 25, 2003

Christmas present tally for 2003

finally opened presents half an hour ago.. sheesh!
got a Roots backpack (I already have one!), 8 packs of gum..
the newest Guinness Book of World Records..
(all from the parents and Grandma.. it was all right, I guess..)
The Vinyl Café Diaries by Stuart McLean from my brother..
Yazmine and my other friends were cool.. that's it for me!
(Denise, Brian, and Julie got me a photo frame)
the cards from various pals (especially Dan) were nice, too..
watch this space again next year.. maybe it'll be different? ;)

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Pirates of the Caribbean

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CHUNG YAN.. I hope you have a really nice one today! :) It's been great at church all these years.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JOE.. I hope you have a superb one today! :) It's been great knowing you at church.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TONY.. I hope you have a good one today! :) It was cool knowing you at church.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JULIANA.. I hope you have a really terrific one today! :) It's been neat knowing you at church.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, STEVEN.. I hope you have a really exciting one today! :) It's been good seeing you in Awana.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ROSANNA.. I hope you have a really special one today! :) It's been great watching you grow up at church.

watched Pirates of the Caribbean yesterday.. funny!
had to get up too early to attend the CSC Xmas service..
but the kids did a good job singing, and were very cute..
haven't even opened my Christmas presents yet..
been too busy with my mom's orders around the turkey..
ah well, there's always later on for that kind of thing ;)

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Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Christmas ecards / Notes to self about warning shots across the bow, Subwoofer songs, and Spoz / Quizzes

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PRISCILLA.. I hope you have a really cool one today! :) It's been great watching you grow up!

thank goodness Jon reminded me about ecards..
I was going to send them out earlier, but forgot..
so I sent out a whole bunch about an hour ago..
at least it appears a friend checked his email recently..
as his didn't bounce.. though I wonder if my card got to him!
don't like not knowing, as it included my photo and stickers..
suppose I'll eventually find out if it got there or not..
right now, I'm off to bed.. so sayonara to ya! ;)

Notes to self:

Whenever I really get to missing a certain someone (Arthur), it's probably a sign that something else is about to start. Heed the warning shot across the bow.

Only listen to Subwoofer's Head in a Box when the parents are out of the house. (like now) Given that it's a rough demo whose only words seem to be "so fucking paranoid / what the fuck," that would be very good advice!

Laugh at Spoz's humor... I've saved a lot of it, after all. ;)

Just lovely!

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Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Mystery messages from Spoz

I just got on my sister's laptop because she's out now..
gotta slay that final memory dragon of ICQ'ing on the laptop..
found it weird that I'd have a message from Spoz waiting..
it said: "wotcha doin' hiding there?" and was dated July 27..
that was a Sunday, so I was most likely at church at 11:57 AM..
there's probably a reason why I was on the laptop then..
probably involved talking to the ex-friend, Corey, or Spoz..
very unexpected stuff, at any rate.. nice surprise bonus! :)
now, I'm off to talk to Corey about "stabwound therapy"..
yes, I *was* going to message him anyhow..
that was before I got the "killing dragons" idea ;)

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No love for me here with reversed seasons!

went back to my place, where there was no love for me..
it's all right, as I didn't really expect any at all..
checked my email just now, to find one from Kempy..
wishes me a great Christmas, and asks about the weather..
32° there.. it's 6° here, and rainy with it!
ah well, that's what you get with reversed seasons ;)

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HATE for acupuncture appointments!

I do not LIKE the acupuncture appointments..
they hurt like a zillion different kinds of hell..
and no, I'm not going to forgive the coercer..
wish someone was here right now, as I need him..
just need to be comforted, is all..
won't make it go away, but damn.. it's intense!
that's all I'm going to say here for now about this stuff..
at least I finished my Christmas shopping.. woohoo!
got my brother a rechargeable gift card for the bookstore..
he wanted a gift certificate, but methinks this is better..
that plus the redundant Starbucks card I gave him last week?
absolutely priceless, since both can be recharged.. haha! ;)

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Technorati and Tiki Head

following links in LJ, I came across this site..
Tiki Head apparently linked to my former blog..
that was surprising, since I don't know who they are..
and I certainly don't know how they came across it..
but I did tell them that I changed the link, hahaha..
unknown admirers are always a cool thing to have..
as long as they don't turn weird on you like my last one did!
a very bad experience, let me tell you.. never again!

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AARP paradropping me into Corey's backyard

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GLORIA.. I hope you have a cool one today! :) It was fun knowing you, Kent, Roanna, Nina, and Vicson in church years ago. Those days were pretty neat.

since I haven't done one of these in a while, here it is..


papaya milk tea @ Lonsdale Quay (Thursday, Dec. 4)
yin-yang @ Fair Bee Bubble Tea [1 litre] (Wednesday, Dec. 17)
mango @ Dragon Ball (Saturday, Dec. 20)

oh, and for those of you who don't know..
yin-yang is half milk coffee and half milk tea..
the "mixing of the milks," as Spoz phrased it to me..
it's very good stuff, and you all should try it ;)

while I'm at it, I figure I should also catch up on this tally..


"you're having the AARP use their jets to paradrop you into my backyard sometime during the week?" -- Corey, trying to guess a surprise that I had for him that week. (Sunday, Dec. 7) [nope, it was a Christmas card.. and he got it the next day :P]

"I have a small immune system.. my stomach is small." -- Yazmine at the Spicy Court Restaurant, trying to explain why she couldn't eat that much. (Monday, Dec. 15) [hahaha.. that would be your DIGESTIVE system :P]

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Monday, December 22, 2003


it was quite interesting around here yesterday..
Pam, Sarah, Chelsea, Rachel, and Jessica all came over..
everyone got pretty loud, but that was definitely all right!

here's a song that's in my head right now..
the lyrics describe how I do NOT feel about a certain person..
don't you just *love* the irony? hahahaha..

Artist: Extreme
Song: Hole Hearted

Life's ambition occupies my time
Priorities confuse the mind
Happiness one step behind
This inner peace I've yet to find

Rivers flow into the sea
Yet even the sea is not so full of me
If I'm not blind why can't I see
That a circle can't fit
Where a square should be

There's a hole in my heart
That can only be filled by you
And this hole in my heart
Can't be filled with the things I do

Hole hearted
Hole hearted

This heart of stone is where I hide
These feet of clay kept warm inside
Day by day less satisfied
Not fade away before I die

Rivers flow into the sea
Yet even the sea is not so full of me
If I'm not blind why can't I see
That a circle can't fit
Where a square should be

There's a hole in my heart
That can only be filled by you
And this hole in my heart
Can't be filled with the things I do
There's a hole in my heart
That can only be filled by you
Should've know from the start
I'd fall short with the things I do

Hole hearted
Hole hearted
Hole hearted
Hole hearted

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Sunday, December 21, 2003

Meeting Phil Shomura

the Awana kids looked so cute singing their songs..
I have to go back on Christmas Day early too.. hooboy..
Vania and Denise gave me Christmas things today..
we met Hannah's boyfriend Phil, and had crazy fun..
and now I have *more* "stomach / #2 problems" to deal with..
thought I'd gotten rid of them back in September, man!
ah well, what can I do about those.. at the doctor's early?
guess I'll deal with the stress and everything else later.. yay?

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