Saturday, March 06, 2004

Alan Cross Greatest Moments #50-41

For some reason, they only broadcast half the show.. very weird. Thank goodness for the one-sentence recaps at the end! :D

50. The 25th anniversary of Woodstock, in 1994.

49. Jack Irons passes a Mother Love Bone (demo?) tape to Eddie Vedder.. the beginnings of Pearl Jam.

48. Licensed to Ill by the Beastie Boys is a huge hit for the white Jewish rapper act.

47. The Sex Pistols sign to the record label A&M in front of Buckingham Palace.

46. Winter 1990: Kurt Cobain goes out for a night on the town with his good friend Kathleen Hanna of the Seattle band Bikini Kill. It involves a lot of beer, spray-painting of graffiti, and other good-natured pranks. When they get back to Kurt's house, Hanna spray-paints the words "Kurt Smells Like Teen Spirit" on his bedroom wall.

At the time, Kurt liked another member of Bikini Kill. Tobi Vail wore the deodorant Teen Spirit, and Hanna's tagline meant that Kurt smelled like the deodorant because he was all over Vail. Kurt didn't get it, and instead thought it meant "Wow.. you're really cool.. you have the spirit of teen rebellion within you." (a great compliment, right?)

He didn't understand the true inspiration until after he'd written the hit song Smells Like Teen Spirit.

45. 1951: The invention of the stringed acoustic double bass guitar by the Leo Fender Guitar Company. It was light, portable, had frets to put your fingers in, and could be worn around the neck. This invention allowed for electric phat bottom-heavy bass notes in almost every song written since, except for songs by the White Stripes. ;) Through 1957 to 1960, the stand-up bass was almost entirely phased out through music.

44. The Smiths almost singlehandedly saved guitar-based pop music in the UK when they formed in 1982. By 1987, there were problems associated with drug use / personality conflicts / fights with the record label. On Aug. 18, Morrissey sent a letter to the producer stating his intent to break up the band in order to pursue a solo career.

On Sept. 12, the breakup became official. This caused as much heartbreak as the Beatles' disbanding did among music fans of that era.

43. In the 1980's, people liked goth music for its dark properties. They also noticed when Robert Smith of the Cure got rid of his unruly jet-black hair that he'd had from 1982 to 1984. There was a swift, angry reaction when he got it cut in military style.. much like the one Elvis received when he joined the Army and had to get it cut. In 1992, "The Hair" was back to stay.. Cure fans hated the non-black haircut.

42. U2 started innocuously enough, through an ad that Larry Mullen pinned to a high school bulletin board saying that he wanted to start a band. Seven people showed up in his kitchen a few days later: Dave Evans, Dick Evans, Adam Clayton, Larry himself, Paul Hewson, and two other schoolmates.

Once Paul started playing the guitar, he was banned from any type of guitar playing. (lead or support) He was only allowed to sing, and they didn't know much about other bands then. They certainly did when they got famous, though. :)

41. Shawn Fanning was taking senior-level courses at Northeastern University in Boston, yet got bored. Through friends he met on an IRC chat channel, he was introduced to MP3s. He quickly got tired of their crappy servers, lost FTP downloads, etc. Using his Uncle John's $7000 notebook computer, he created Napster and launched it on June 1, 1999. (Napster was a nickname that his friends had given him for his "nappy" haircut)

The new file-sharing system was only originally supposed to be for about 30 of his friends, yet they told lots of others about it. From a base of 30 people to thousands eventually, it had lots of appeal... the rest is history, as we all know.

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Owen Wilson is really hot... ???

Dylan actually made it for dinner yesterday night..
the five of us had a good time talking about trials and TV..
Derek, Dylan, and I then went to Chapters for a while..
got a ride to church from Dylan, then met everyone else..
Sean apparently didn't know it was his mom's birthday..
we bugged Eric about alternate interpretations..
"Owen Wilson is really hot!" can mean different things..
he knows we don't mean anything terrible by it, though!

afterwards, a bunch of us went to Daimasu to eat..
talked about time, hockey, books, co-workers, customers..
reading textbooks at the table, food, life, plans..
definitely a good time out with friends.. woohoo! :)

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Friday, March 05, 2004

Eating out all the time... or today, anyhow (plus the Friday Five) / FUZZY LOGIC lyrics

Today seems to be a day where I eat out for all my meals. I just ate lunch with Yazmine at the mall's food court, I'll be eating dinner with Karen / her husband Ivan / Derek later on, and I'll be eating post-Fellowship with Jon and the rest of the gang. Yes, I'm used to eating dinner twice on Fridays. :D

I managed to finish the first LOTR book in four hours last night.. Spoz was correct in that it read like a musical. But it was a good book.. sets up everything else quite nicely, too. Considering I got the trilogy from Jon and Nathan as a birthday present in 2002, it's high time I should really get around to reading it. ;)

Friday Five: Firsts and Favorites

1. ...your first grade teacher's name?

Miss Plu Dorcey, but she insisted that all the kids call her Plu.

Then there was Miss Dilworth, a very nice teacher indeed. I remember both of them fondly.

(both included because they both taught my Gr. 1 class at one time or another)

2. ...your favorite Saturday morning cartoon?

Um, I can't quite remember... probably it was Inspector Gadget, though.

3. ...the name of your very first best friend?

Brandy Whibbs.. she was a nice person and very kind to me. I remember she was adopted because her birth family already had like 8 kids when she was born. Unfortunately, she moved away in Gr. 8.. we lost touch.

4. ...your favorite breakfast cereal?

Shreddies or Cheerios.

5. ...your favorite thing to do after school?

Watch TV or spend time with my baby siblings.. this is when I still liked doing that sort of thing. ;)

And just because I felt like including it yesterday, but didn't due to time constraints....

More Subwoofer madness.. Fuzzy Logic!

turkey version
needs more surgeon
in a pulp diversion
force evolution
into retro reversion
the celebration
of our own perversion
lets all urinate
on the constitution
corrupt election
bribed protection
send all dissidents
to state detention
freedom substituted
for prostitution
paranoid prevention
by unnatural selection
through coercion
the cult conversion
hoards of minions
choke out the voice
give you millions
but no choice
buried in white noise
hang by noose
all that is obtuse
a dark force let loose
on a short fuse
we abuse
and amuse
with excessive refuse
no respect left to lose
living life in human zoos
one person wins
the rest of us sues
propaganda woos
us in muted hues
give you an offer
you cant refuse
attention span reduce
then seduce
through pay per views
to the demographic
mass market electronic
most moronic
force fed colonic
with psychotropic
plague bubonic
curse allergic
engineered pandemic
to plans genetic
the plate tectonic
now subservient
to a subsonic
non democratic
force demonic
silicon symphonic
haze of chronic
fuzzy logic

fuzzy logic

fuzzy logic

fuzzy logic

fuzzy logic

fuzzy logic

fuzzy logic

fuzzy logic

fuzzy logic

(repeat x infinity)

I am the entity
that breeds stupidity

I make anti-gravity
from your fragile sanity

I disease the fertility
I devour your infinity

I cloud the reality
I am hype with no humility

I am not the rumour
I am the tumour

I am not the rumour
I am the tumour

I am not the rumour
I am the tumour

I am not the rumour
I am the tumour

I bludgeon your senses
to a narcoleptic stupour

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Oakridge library pre-Earls

I'm at the Oakridge library right now.. gotta check stuff..
apparently, only four of us will show up for dinner..
just me, Karen, Ivan, and Derek.. that should prove fun..
but eating with Jon and everyone else later?
that's got to be more fun if only for the sheer hilarity ;)
maybe I'll have more time to actually check one site..
somehow, I don't believe I will.. but who knows?
on to the hilarity and hijinks of the next 10 hours! :D

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Thursday, March 04, 2004

Hahaha, it's not MY fault that she can't handle the stress!

I'm meeting Yazmine tomorrow afternoon at Oakridge..
just got an email from Karen about dinner tomorrow..
it'll be at the Earls on Broadway / Fir at around 7..
I am interested if other people come.. if not, it's Chapters!
good thing I'll have a ride home tomorrow from Jon..
he says a certain someone can't handle the stress..
the last few minutes of a game are murder for her, haha..
guess we'll see what happens tomorrow.. busy bees!

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Wednesday, March 03, 2004

I'm too much the Net addict

well, I did call my dad to see what was up with the comp..
he says it's a long way away, but I could keep it in mind..
told me to call Uncle Timothy for a used monitor..
so I did, and he says he can give me a 14-incher..
all I need to do is look for him on Sunday..
that in itself makes me feel better, which is good..
I'm too much the Net addict, though.. must read more!

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Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Newcastle's twin bridges

got something rather interesting in the mail yesterday..
it was a postcard of Newcastle's twin bridges or something..
thanks a lot, Jim.. maybe you intended them simultaneously?
at any rate, it made me happy and gave me strength..
getting into the Christian books more seriously now..
maybe this is a blessing in disguise, I have no idea..
perhaps I'll call my dad to see if I can buy Jon's machine..
we shall see what happens with that little idea of mine!

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Monday, March 01, 2004

It's helped when YOU have to work, Stephen!

spent yesterday in a somewhat happy mode..
it was definitely helped by someone's having to work ;)
talked to Ethan about earthworms and soil..
had lunch with Dave and Cindy.. I'll miss them when they go!
Cindy's going to Chicago in the summer to visit relatives..
Dave's going to Asia in the summer, and then grad school..
read a bunch of books when I got home, as well..

certainly hope the situation will be resolved soon..
saw an ad in the paper.. Pentium / Windows Office..
monitor, mouse, keyboard, CD-ROM for $250..
I just might consider that one semi-seriously..
but I'll see what else happens with my own contacts :D

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Sunday, February 29, 2004

Extra day

an extra day in the calendar to do what we have to..
this is good, even though I'm not going to VPL..
may check stuff from the church office, depending..
I'm lucky indeed to talk to a couple of people that I trust..
computer advice, getting to know one another better..
updates on certain people, weird ideas, common ground..
personal stuff, worms, pills, certain other things..
I treasure these moments and hours immensely now!

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