Saturday, March 05, 2011

Cheeseburger Doritos, Ethan, cute peekaboo, and soulmates

When Henry picked me up this afternoon, I asked how Winnipeg had been - he said that the education conference had been cold (-40 degrees?!) and snowy; not surprised, but he WAS glad to get back here because it actually DOES seem like spring is coming! Also told him about the 91st birthday celebration, haha - the jerseys weren't MY idea, man! I then discussed the "Mom on Facebook" thing after he said he was a bit sick, but not contagious; he says he has nothing to hide from his own mother, but my sister and I are leery for differing reasons! I was going to go to Superstore if I had time, but I figured I'd help Daniel first; I needed to do some store inventory and records, so it's a good thing that I thought of Late Night Cheeseburger chips for Pastor Edward's gift basket - yay, Doritos! I met these REALLY CUTE twins named Skyler and Phoenix this afternoon. Not so much a fan of the name Skyler, but at least they were little girls instead of little boys! (Dilys might know them, actually) Discussed the Facebook thing with Golden; blocking her is a good strategy for now in case I accidentally post stuff she shouldn't see! Learned that Daniel is moving back to Hong Kong at the end of the summer for work, that Margaret is also getting sick, and that Cynthia pulled an all-nighter yesterday.

Talked to Julie C., Mike K. (I don't mind if he calls me "Les"), and Steven about markers / erasers / brushes / coloring sheets / workbooks. I told Ethan L. and Isaac to save their Awana dollars for the big prizes like the lightsaber when Andrew took them to the Awana store, haha. (those cost 25 dollars - "Whoa!" - when they only had six or seven) Rosenda said that her mother is almost 73, and that her sickness was caused by Satan, but "we're stronger!" Oh my. Sabrina said that the room was really warm compared to the church in general, haha. After Awana, I gave Nina the candy conversation hearts Mom gave me last week; she and Emily thanked me, heh. Then I supervised Sean and Amanda as they wanted to write on the board, played Peek-A-Boo with a cute Cubbies kid, listened to Rachel as she told me about the 3/4 Cubbies door (I told Golden that I'd figure it out tomorrow), agreed that Harrison had no manners (especially since he told me two weeks ago that I was ugly!), and had a bunch of Kirkland Belgian chocolate cookies courtesy of Auntie Vivian.

On the way home, Ian and Sean played a game involving plants / zombies / hit points / bombs - they also returned my 1999 Guinness Book of World Records. When I got home, I paused just long enough to divest myself of my heavier knapsack (and say I'd be back later since Teunis did greet me) before going out again to get the stuff from London Drugs. Managed to only wait a minute for the bus, and got the Doritos / mustard / margarine within a few minutes - got home again at 7:35, and called Jon to see what was up for tomorrow. Of course, he expects me to help at Jeremy's tomorrow, but I might be too tired to make it... guess I'll see tomorrow after the Committee Meeting. Right now, I'm 80% not going - we'll see.

Your Soulmate is Protective

You can be a shy and quiet person, and sometimes doing things out in the world stresses you out.

You need someone who will speak up for you and take care of you when times are tough.

You don't mind being with a partner who likes to be in control, as long as your sweetie isn't controlling.

Above all, your soulmate is confident and competent. You could never be attracted to someone who was immature!

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Five hours' Youtube videos, Cattle Café, NG lungpower, and enoki!

BREATH OF FIRE II tool-assisted speedrun... I'm just amazed / amused that I have found a five-hour long video on Youtube, even though I know they removed the time limits for recording / uploading!

Eric picked me up shortly after I called him (getting Ron on the phone), and I spent the ride over ranting, as usual - he should be used to that by now! We talked about the insanely rainy weather, my supposed paranoia in dealing with certain things, Teunis, my week, my making Teunis deaf with the NG lungpower, gifts for Pastor Edward's gift basket (I later decided to get onion (ring)-flavored chips; at least I wasn't the only one who forgot!), Ecuador chocolate, Netspeak, STARCRAFT II Mission walkthroughs, DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS ONLINE, Netspeak, Phil / Grace / Micah / a free photo shoot, Grandma's eating preferences (and her 91st birthday), and more on the way to Cattle Café. He also told me that I was holding the cell phone awkwardly when he wanted to let Christon know where we were - hey, I could hear Christon just fine! Met Martin, Kevin, Geoffrey, Christon, Cindy, and Jane at the restaurant; discussed Cindy thinking the name of the place was KETTLE CAFÉ, Christy Clark and local politics, tomato and pumpkin soup, fish tofu soup with no MSG, our weeks, the numbing effect of the hot peppers in my Szechuan soup, cuttlefish, beef, Crystal Sweet Potato noodles, and more. We also talked about Calgary and Alberta for some reason - I later learned from Eric that Jane is from there, which makes sense. Geoffrey also left early since he has to volunteer at SFU tomorrow for a Gr. 8-9 math competition, so at least we didn't have to drive him home later! I gave Martin his birthday card, and he thanked me for that and my FB birthday message!

Eric and I drove Cindy and Jane to Jane's car - apparently, Jane had picked up Cindy on the way to the restaurant. It would have totally sucked to walk to the Metrotown parking lot from Nelson / Kingsway in the insane rainy weather! Then we talked about the far distance from Richmond to Metrotown, the bad traffic, certain people, his car radio, Team 1040 being fine while 980 had a lot of static, and crafts on the way to church. We met up with the rest of the group in the lounge: I reminded myself to get something for Pastor Edward's gift basket (onion ring-flavored chips?) and some of my religion / school progress stickers for Cindy. We were amused by her negative-sounding stamps in her kit: "MESSY" and "YOU DO NOT LISTEN" - they were gifts from a teacher friend, she says. Well, at least she didn't buy them! The group discussed the images in her MASTERFILES books, appropriate Bible verses, the Byrds' TURN! TURN! TURN!, burgers and fries, clocks being bad luck to give to an Asian person (Jane has knowledge that we don't!), toilet paper, asking questions about scanning documents for Powerpoint, and more.

On the way home, Eric and I discussed whether I should go to Mexican mole night at Jeremy's on Sunday after the Committee Meeting (he didn't tell me about that before?!) / downtime, Sarah / Emily / Lesley, the Canada Line, special plans, The Evil People, and more. At home, I checked my email and found that Mom wanted to add me to Facebook - BLOCKED! Then I called my sister to ask why she compelled Mom to get a FB account; she said she DIDN'T, and was surprised to get that email. Steph figures she'll put Mom on a very limited profile view, so I reminded her about her relationship status. Maybe I should also remove the block (since she knows I have an account) and put Mom on a limited profile view. Hmm... I dunno. Teunis and I discussed noodles, enoki mushrooms, frozen chicken breast / sausages, noodles, veggies, his game / characters / new online people, blowing up a boat, and more.

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Friday, March 04, 2011

Infected Mushroom, "food assumptions," and popular college majors

Teunis tells me that there's some Israeli band called Infected Mushroom. When I got up, we discussed "food assumptions," his brain, pancakes, archaic names, Ethiopian food, LIONS, the past, my protectiveness, and more.

You Are English

You are a very verbal person. You can't help but pay attention to the actual words that people use.

You are intuitive and wise. You can usually pick up on undertones that others are missing.

You are analytical and critical. Very few details escape your observant eye.

You have a great appreciation for art and expression of all sorts. You don't have to like a book to value it.

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Word Facts for Feb. 26-Mar. 4, 2011

Word origin for the weekend of Feb. 26-27, 2011: internecine - An "internecine" battle is one fought to the death. The word comes from the Latin necare, which means "to kill," with the addition of the word "inter," which normally means "between" or "among," but also has the sense of "up to the point of." It does not mean, as the usage has it today, either "internal fighting" or fighting in which both combatants must die.

Word origin for Feb. 28, 2011: telenovela - In Spanish, a telenovela is, as its name suggests, a televised novel - that is, what in English is called a "soap opera." Such shows are a staple of television in many South American countries, and they are increasingly popular as the number of Spanish speakers and broadcast channels grows in the United States and Canada.

Word origin for Mar. 1, 2011: pratfall - If a speaker of British English calls someone a "prat," he's not being polite; the word is a synonym for a person's backside. A "pratfall," in the comic theatre popular in colonial times, was a fall that involved an actor dropping flat on his rear. With the passing of that proto-vaudeville form of entertainment, the word has come to mean, simply, an error of some sort.

Word origin for Mar. 2, 2011: Sears - In 1886, Richard Warren Sears, a railroad agent in Minnesota, was offered the chance to buy an odd lot of watches when the original buyer failed to complete the sale. He sold the watches at a good profit and, with partner Alvah Roebuck, relocated to Chicago, where they founded Sears, Roebuck, and Company. The firm specialized in catalog sales to rural customers, then established stores across the country. After merging with Kmart in 2005, the firm is now formally called Sears Holding Company.

Word origin for Mar. 3, 2011: you can't get there from here - Ask a New Englander for directions, and if you're truly lost, you will likely receive this reply, which really means "You're headed the wrong way." Most early roads in the hilly region ran north and south, so journeys east and west often involved confusion, particularly for strangers to the area.

Word origin for Mar. 4, 2011: Third World - In the years of the Cold War, many countries aligned themselves with the United States, and many others with its opponent, the Soviet Union. In 1952, a French commentator named Alfred Sauvy called these, respectively, the First World and Second World, with the Third World representing non-aligned nations. Chinese leader Mao Zedong appropriated the term and used it as a rough synonym for "developing world," nations lacking the infrastructure and wealth of North America and Europe.

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Thursday, March 03, 2011

Mustard, screenshot previews, OREGON TRAIL, MARIO WORLD, Purdy's

When Teunis got home, we discussed British or Dutch cooking and the past / mustard / pizza / pancakes / chewing / videos / music / lightbulbs / sausage rolls being on sale at Safeway / Google having screenshot previews in their search results now / Tess / Steph's funny BOMBING email / hyperbole / his mother's fruitcake / Jessica's BUS FAIL picture (the #43 Joyce Station almost collided into a tree!) / a "penis monster" in a whale / KMFDM / BULLETS, BOMBS, and BIGOTRY. I've just been adding various "Let's Play!" videos to my Youtube playlists: all four DRAGON WARRIOR games, EARTHBOUND, and FINAL FANTASY 2 (or 4), OREGON TRAIL... yup, all the games I (never really) completed back in the day, haha. While I was busy with that, Vanessa buzzed me - oh my! Talked about Teunis, her job, annoying commutes, Bath and Body Works / Sephora at Richmond Centre, the changes at that mall, cravings for Purdy's, pizza, Church's Fried Chicken, no kitchen where she is, tomatoes, allergies, Jasmine (surrey_sucks), Dave Wong, and more. Josh (aint_no_nothin) also showed up to try convincing me to come back to RT - haha, I don't think so!

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Bad gelatin! / Watercolor Blots

Teunis said the gelatin had gone bad, but that's okay - at least we now have one more bowl available for use! He also tried an oatcake with cheese sauce, which he wanted to use up anyway; I guess that works even if it's better with butter. We also discussed DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS ONLINE, paladins, computer resources, dragon being controlled to drag a stage into winter, character toughness (wizards / rogues are initially fragile), Safeway locations, no dance class, banking, the clinic, a micro-computer and its weird programs like a coffee pot which tweets when your coffee is ready, and more.

You Are Analytical

You are both clever and practical. You strike the perfect balance between two extremes.

You spend time with your head in the clouds, but your feet are still firmly planted on the ground.

You tend to be a bit reserved, but those who know you know how much you care.

You prefer your own company, but you're always willing to make room in your life for a kindred spirit.

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Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Hangout with Chrystal, oatcakes, generosity, and laptop color

Got up and took a shower after alerting Teunis as to the time; tomorrow works! Then I checked the mail, and alerted him that he had mail from Hundred Mile House; all I can say is that it better be his pay for that stressful server job last week! When I got home, he said that it WAS the pay, so that's good. We also discussed French podcasts, videos, plans and such for tomorrow, and more. I also tried some of his bland cheese sauce, but as long as the Worcestershire sauce brings out the cheddar flavor...

Went to hang out with Chrystal, who apologized for running late - that's fine! It was pretty windy weather, so we went inside London Drugs to look around for a bit before going to Richmond Centre / White Spot / Shoppers Drug Mart. Discussed family stuff, chilling downstairs, not having TV, Easter stuff, Teunis, creamy curry chicken / salad / chocolate banana bread with vanilla ice cream (her treat), Richmond Centre renovations, Grandma's 91st birthday, her upcoming Mexican cruise, her thinking I'm generous to the kids, buying candy for myself and the children, and more. Afterwards, I bought Excel Citrus Mint gum / Highland oatcakes / oatcakes with bran / two packages of on-sale cinnamon hearts / Smokin' BBQ Hardbite chips from London Drugs before coming home. She was pretty happy with the candy, so that's good!

You Should Have a Pink Laptop

You are disciplined and organized. You know what you want, and you know how to go after it.

You are very prudent. You think carefully before you act. You're a big believer in sleeping on decisions.

Because you are quiet and sweet, others tend to underestimate your abilities.

You are strong and a force to be reckoned with. You are one of the most determined people around.

Definitely not one of my favorite colors!

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Chrystal's happy with CANDY! / Kris Kross

Called Chrystal and made her happy with the news that I had some candy for her since she wasn't able to get any of the Valentine's Day sale stuff - trust me, I don't have to save any candy for me and my friend when we have an excess of sugar (as a weakness) around here already! Discussed meeting at 6 tomorrow, the weather forecast (totally unsurprised that it's rain), London Drugs / Boston Pizza / White Spot, her being able to call me before 5 if she's running late, charging her cell phone, and more. Meeting up with her will be pretty good, for sure!

Then Teunis and I discussed kobolds in DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS, cast-iron pans (I didn't put soap on it, but used steel wool), interesting radio shows, Jordan / Steph being "evil" and having fun with it, the Canucks winning 2-1 against Columbus in a shootout tonight, "COME HERE AND I'LL KILL YOU!", unusual names like Hermione (HARRY POTTER... Her-my-own-ee, apparently!) / Saul, visual stuff, phone software updating, Skype, Adobe, cravings for hot chocolate, and more. I also found out that I'd been wearing my shirt backwards from about 7:15 PM till 12:30 AM... UGH! Kevin G. reminded me about Kris Kross and JUMP... HAHAHA! Oh, the 90s... (and since I'm all burned out on podcasts over here, I decided to play my MARIO videos playlist!)

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Tuesday, March 01, 2011

WANG DERM, stewing meat, garlic bread pizza, peach bubble bath, and more!

Teunis and I talked about Save-On Foods, stress, his mood, conditioner, deals around Yaohan (which we decided to skip), vegetables, lip balm, bubble bath, his fuel situation, City Fresh Market (he's never been there), nuts, pain, and more prior to heading out. At City Fresh, he looked around at a lot of stuff - got utensils, mushrooms, a can opener, shrimp crackers, potatoes, bok choy, onions, lychee / pandam / coconut grass jelly drinks, Chinese sausages, and more. Yes, he should get his rice there next time, haha! I also saw WANG DERM there, which sent me into fits of amusement! (we discussed Jordan's running joke involving HELLO KITTY / Alicia's wheat allergy) The next stop was Save-On Foods, where he got conditioner / milk / stewing meat / carrots / Hawaiian pizza / garlic bread pizza / sugar / pre-made pie shells / Easter eggs (his weakness) / LOTS of Valentine's Day and mixed jellybeans (his weakness, which he remembered before the checkout - I shouldn't have the black licorice ones) / parsnips / Nottingham loaf / Worcestershire sauce (which I reminded him about at the checkout). I got on-sale Cheddar and Sour Cream / Creamy Parmesan / Chicken and Broccoli / Tri-Color Alfredo / Three-Cheese Sidekicks, one litre of peach foam bubble bath (I wasn't going to get pear), and three bananas.

Then I went to London Drugs alone while he rested - I got an on-sale Reese's Valentine's heart, an After Eight bar, and four lip balms. At home, he FOUND my can opener (I TOLD HIM IT WAS THERE!), and asked if he could use the frozen vegetables for the stew; of course! (he also found his curry) Then I tried calling Chrystal, getting her dad Uncle Lewis on the phone instead. They drive down on Friday for their cruise, then get back next Thursday from the cruise - should be nice! I fielded an email from Christon saying that we're going to the Metrotown location of Cattle Café, and not the one on Alexandra Road... what the?! I guess I'll see what happens then, but we're still doing Pastor Edward's appreciation gift.

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$1.99 lip balm, basic stuff, doing dishes, saving lasagna, and fashion decades

Teunis got up at 4 PM, by which time I'd resigned myself to taking the bus to London Drugs to get the lip balm (on a FURTHER sale to $1.99!), even though it's open till 10. He HAD been up for about 33 hours or so before going to bed, so I decided to let him sleep through his ongoing musical alarm; we discussed getting some basics, going to London Drugs (I'd be on the bus right now if not), showers, money, my doing the dishes (which didn't wake him up), my saving some of the Blue Menu lasagna for him (he thanked me for that too), the clinic, RED DWARF, PINKY AND THE BRAIN, humor, the modern MUPPET SHOW, needing time to be awake, and more.

The 1990s Best Suit You

Some may want to accuse you of being a slacker, but you see nothing wrong with keeping things casual.

You don't dress to impress. You dress to feel comfortable. Your own needs are the most important.

If anything, you tend to be a bit anti-fashion. You're content with sneakers, jeans, and hooded sweatshirts.

When you express yourself through fashion, it's personal and meaningful. No one else has to get your look.

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Corey's encountered his own Mr. Creep, who seems WORSE!

I had to block Ben (_brainsick_) on YM, since he kept bugging me about IQ tests, and I thought it was spam! It's not like when we talked years ago when he thought he was a girl named Alyson, and tried talking to Erik Gagnon! Steph dropped off some lasagna, baby carrots in a yogurt container (which Teunis doesn't like), Pot of Gold chocolates, a crappy (to me) Rite-Aid mix of candy (which I promptly gave to Teunis), and two little cans of mixed fruit in light syrup. Teunis and I discussed the walk-in clinic, the MUPPET SHOW, Brooke Shields, Joan Baez, Miss Piggy not speaking French, Charlie Sheen, my being quiet, showering / laundry, jellybean hunting tomorrow, pain, shakiness, TWO FAT LADIES, craving butter, and more. Talked to Corey about a weird dude HE encountered while teaching - "he comes sometimes, but hasn't been there for a while... I hoped he was gone forever. he's 10x worse than your Mr. Creep, I'm sure...."

"Today, he ignored everything I was talking about, and when I asked what a certain word meant, his answer was that "this lady is beautiful!" There was a picture of Mariah Carey on the page... he didn't even know who she was - he just wanted to tell everyone his feelings about her completely out of nowhere. Plus, that freak SMELLS his magazine, constantly... like, sticks his nose in the crack of the pages and breathes deeply... a lot. He also looks weird... he has light hair and blue eyes, but he has the same accent problems as everyone else, so I think he's still Chinese..... maybe partially albino or something? I don't know, but that combined with his behavior just makes him totally weird. This is a magazine... and he does it in the middle of class."

"What he might not realize is that he's a total weirdo. I don't even know why he goes, he doesn't really pay attention... just blurts out random shit during class that isn't related to anything. Once, he told me about how he was going to go to the beauty salon just to get his hair washed, then he said nothing really.. just that he's doing it. He has all these weird burns or something on his head too, and he smells weird, too. I feel bad for the poor girl that had to touch him as she washed his hair at the salon. :P That guy should pay someone to wash the rest of him... I don't know if he's dirty, but he smells weird. He also always sits right next to me at the front......... but enough about that weirdo, I'm about to eat. :P I'll lose my appetite."

Then I said I celebrated my 91-year-old grandma's birthday yesterday, and he said, "I went hiking in the mountains for a few hours on Sunday... and Jane's 84-year-old grandma was with us, the whole way. :P I was impressed. She actually finished first. :P She was slower uphill, but on the way back down, she was the fastest. I could have been faster, but Jane is slow. :P" That's pretty good!

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Monday, February 28, 2011

Daphne du Maurier, 91st birthday pics, grammar, February 2011 BBT Tally

Teunis and I discussed advertising, cigarettes, his having fried mushrooms while I was out, cleaning the fridge while he stays up all night, creepy radio shows (Daphne du Maurier's DON'T LOOK NOW), NOT enabling each other's laziness to the extent that Steph thinks, and my going to bed at a reasonable hour when I *do* have church the next morning. We also talked about the MUPPET SHOW, eye contact, his DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS characters / realms / servers, jellybeans, diplomats, fried egg in toast (toad in the hole), Auntie Beatrice, the porkchops, Steph requesting eye contact, being melodramatic, Mom's new desktop picture being the STATUS HIJACK, and more.

Noticed that Eric and Matthew Ma have either deleted their FB accounts (more likely) or unfriended me - it happens! All I remember about my dream is going around to places with Sam, his brother Jeremy, and Daniel L. - we also climbed up some grassy inclines, ate some grass, and waited for each other in a parking lot filled with cars. I also went on a grammar rant to Daniel, haha. No idea why I had that one! Ben (_brainsick_) also messaged me on YM about IQ tests, heh.

You Are Fruit

You are a reasonable and realistic person. You don't get too caught up in how you think things should be.

You take each day as it comes and simply try to do your best. Tomorrow is a fresh start.

You have a lot of discipline, but you also believe in moderation. You avoid any extremes.

You have ideals, but you try not to let those ideals get in the way of living your life.


mango @ Flaming Wok (Tuesday, Feb. 15)

Steph has uploaded pictures from last night's dinner!

Jon and Steph showcasing their Dennis Rodman #91 jerseys, and pointing to Grandma:

Grandma and me with my bling sweater:

Jon with a pigeon head in his mouth:

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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Grandma is now 91!

When Jon, Steph, and Harmony picked me up, I had my gold bling sweater on - HAHAHA! Steph said that Lisa had paid for some seaweed, which was now mine. Then she said something about Blue Menu lasagna, which was huge - sure, I guess I can have some! Saw Alan, Polly, Uncle Reuben, Auntie Christine, Mom, Dad, and Grandma at Neptune Restaurant - of course, lots of jokes were made at MY expense, and I got scolded for rudeness when I prefer not making eye contact with a lot of people. *sigh* We actually saw Michael H., his mom, and his three kids Ethan (on his DS) / Seren / Megan a couple of tables away, so we talked to them for a bit before having our own dinner of DOU-MEW, crab, beef, sweet and sour pork, shark's fin soup, noodles, rice, birthday buns, and more! Talked about the #91 jerseys from the Chicago Bulls, City Fresh Market, Groupons, our cousins, hockey, the Oscars tonight, Celine Dion, VANILLA SKY / Penelope Cruz and her accent on an "Open your eyes..." line, Christian Bale, THE FIGHTER, Jon being sick, the PIGEON HEAD, Awana, Jordan, cooking, animation, Orlando Bloom, a PIGEON HEAD, Colin Firth, Harrison Ford, Tom Cruise, embarrassing teenage celebrity crushes, and more. When the family got to the "holding hands around the table" part of the evening, I was glad that Dave and I weren't ever an item. Not to say that he would have gone along with it, but I HATE THAT!

Grandma seemed happy with the birthday card I got her, but wondered whether we'd written "Happy Birthday" in Chinese, or whether "White Kid" (Eric M.) had written in it - NO! Then she complained that I'd written in English on the envelope, so she couldn't understand it - that was a reminder to myself as to what the card was, so no need for her to know! Mom gave me some candy conversation hearts (since that's kinda WRONG, I decided that the kids or Chrystal can have those) while inviting me to dinner tomorrow with Steph - thank goodness that the porkchops provide an easy excuse. TOO MUCH FAMILY TIME! Luckily, Steph can drop off the lasagna on the way to the townhouse! Even more luckily, Teunis likes lasagna, and hasn't had it in years... HEHEHE!

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No church! / The MUPPET SHOW / Pork chops / Pearls

While I was listening to some out-of-season stuff last night, white Eric called to say that he'd pass on church because of the snow... BEST IDEA EVER! Teunis and I discussed porkchops, ENCHANTED, chocolate, the MUPPET SHOW, Arabic noodles with cream of mushroom soup / mustard, John Denver / Crystal Gayle / Arlo Guthrie / no more Gonzo / Victor Borge, never re-freezing meat, my dinner at 6 tomorrow, that metal bowl from last time / a pot for the cream pie, and more. Actually, we did this till 5:30 AM - man, was I glad that I didn't have to get up at 8!

You Are a Cream Pearl

You are emotionally stable and serene. You have cultivated gratitude and peace in your life.

You are both intensely alive and totally easygoing. You roll with the punches.

You are good-natured and purposely try to keep things simple. You deflect drama.

Friends turn to you during times of trouble. You are optimistic and reassuring.

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