Saturday, April 30, 2005

Conversations with Erik: March to April 2005

Session Start (Yahoo! - flamsterette_x:aryk29): Tue Mar 01 13:16:16 2005
aryk29: So I would have left Las Vegas by now, but the truck broke down...
flamsterette_x: Summoning an appropriate reaction from the depths of my tortured soul is going to be a challenge, since I am working hardcore on my BootyBase. :P
aryk29: (And I just posted the wrong smiley in the thread.) What's a BootyBase?
flamsterette_x: (and no, that does NOT mean what you think it does :P)
aryk29: Okay, so it's not foundation for one's butt. :p Hmm, fundament foundation? :D
flamsterette_x: Haha, no. Definitely not.
flamsterette_x: Hmm. It's a database... and that's all I can tell you without cracking up again for the third time in two minutes. :D
aryk29: Well, it's not like my jokes were that funny. :p
flamsterette_x: Jokes?
aryk29: Okay, singular. The one about my first thought on what a BootyBase was.
aryk29: Well anyway I just wanted to let you know before you saw my reply in the thread and said WTH. :)
flamsterette_x: What thread?
aryk29: This one.
aryk29: board's awful slow right now.
flamsterette_x: Yeah, I noticed.
flamsterette_x: So when are you going to move?
aryk29: As soon as we can either get a new truck, or fix the one we've got.
flamsterette_x: The wrong smiley?
aryk29: :D instead of :)
flamsterette_x: Not a big deal. As long as you didn't put :( accidentally!
aryk29: If I had, I'd have immediately posted a correction. Same for :mad: :eek: :smack: and ubious: :D
flamsterette_x: Yeah, I bet.
aryk29: uh, make that : dubious: (lousy messsenger)
aryk29: So I figure naturally at some point, I'll want to respond to a post in there and mention that the List has been updated, so I'll take that opportunity to correct myself rather than dedicate a whole post to it. :)
flamsterette_x: ??????
aryk29: Exactly what are you not clear on?
aryk29: (BTW, have a look at this)
flamsterette_x: (Corey DID say that I have a problem lately with not following any conversations well... :P)
aryk29: Don't tell me we just simulposted again.
flamsterette_x: Dedicating a whole post to mentioning that the list has been updated? Why not? You'd have to.
aryk29: I can correct the smiley in the same post as where I mention the list. :)
aryk29: Here's the message that got lost in the simulpost: BTW, have a look at this
flamsterette_x: Ah. You were talking hypothetically.
flamsterette_x: And it didn't get lost. I have it right here.
aryk29: :D
flamsterette_x: aryk29: BTW, have a look at this
aryk29: w00t
flamsterette_x: Remember, this isn't the buggy version of Yahoo that I had with the old computer.
aryk29: I didn't know that any chat programs were supposed to be able to simultaneously send and receive (although I guess there'd have to be a few milliseconds delay)
flamsterette_x: It's just weird, is all. :D
aryk29: What is, the picture?
flamsterette_x: No, the send-and-receive thing.
aryk29: Oh, okay. Well, FTR, I only got your "dedicating a whole post" message once so my chat pgm seems to still have that trouble.
flamsterette_x: I only sent it once. :P
aryk29: Oh. 'Cuz I saw the "typing a message" indicator, and stupid me, I figured if I timed it just right I could sneak a comment in, and when I hit Enter, the "typing a message" indicator disappeared. So I assumed we'd simulposted again.
flamsterette_x: Probably when you hit Enter, I'd sent my message. That, or I'd paused for a bit.
aryk29: I dunno, maybe.
flamsterette_x: Have I mentioned how I hate Excel?
aryk29: Ah, you mean Expell. :D
aryk29: See, MS Orifice consists of Weird, Expell, Inaccessible, and What's-Your-Point. :P I'm not sure offhand if Lookout Express is part of that suite.
flamsterette_x: Hahaha.
aryk29: MS Weird is what they called it when I worked in the college; the other names I'm not sure if I heard there or made up. But we'd approach each other saying a student had a "Weird question."
flamsterette_x: Haha.
flamsterette_x: All right, what did you do to that picture?
aryk29: I drew the outline of the horizon in Paint Shop and applied an ocean texture to try to make it look like ice. :D
flamsterette_x: Ice?! All I noticed was the earth and sun in the sky at the same time!
aryk29: Look closely... that's not the Earth. ;)
flamsterette_x: There's something that looks like it!
aryk29: It's a fictional planet. (And that's not the Sun, either... it's 47 Ursae Majoris. :p )
flamsterette_x: Now you're trying to get me confused already. Sigh.
aryk29: No. :)
flamsterette_x: Well, okay. Just tell me when things are fictional. :D
aryk29: It's the view from a fictional ice world which is a moon of a fictional utopian "planet" that is actually a moon of a real gas giant planet that orbits a real star in the constellation of the Big Dipper. :D
flamsterette_x: Are you mixing up fiction and reality again?
aryk29: When did I before?
flamsterette_x: You might have, but not to me.
aryk29: Well, anyway... I started with a real star that is known to have at least 2 planets orbiting it and added some make-believe worlds to it.
flamsterette_x: Weird. You should write about these things, haha.
aryk29: Eh, I can never seem to keep a story consistent long enough to think of anything interesting to have happen.
flamsterette_x: Neither can I. Heck, you ought to see my bad poems.
aryk29: Never understood poetry myself.
flamsterette_x: I can't really get it, but eh.
aryk29: Unless they're sung. A couple of Enya's songs are really poetic, and actually quite nice.
flamsterette_x: Sounds good then.
aryk29: They're in Gaelic though. :D
aryk29: Hey, remember that quiz that said I was shorthand and I posted that I was going to learn it? Well I'm now on page 6 of this online book.
flamsterette_x: Ah, Gaelic. :D
flamsterette_x: Interesting.
aryk29: Enya lyrics
flamsterette_x: Nice.
aryk29: :)
flamsterette_x: "To protect your computer, Firefox prevented this site from installing software on your computer."
aryk29: Eek!
Session Close (aryk29): Tue Mar 01 14:43:20 2005

Session Start (Yahoo! - flamsterette_x:aryk29): Tue Mar 01 14:51:10 2005
flamsterette_x: Thanks.
Session Close (aryk29): Tue Mar 01 14:51:23 2005

Session Start (Yahoo! - flamsterette_x:aryk29): Tue Mar 01 14:52:01 2005
aryk29: *Makes mental note not to open lyricsdomain in IE*
flamsterette_x: Or use another lyrics site altogether, perhaps?
aryk29: Maybe. Usually I just search AltaVista and whatever comes up, comes up.
flamsterette_x: All right then.
aryk29: Yesterday, my father was complaining about some quirk IE does that ends up closing the whole thing out. I told him to use a different browser and it wouldn't give him the trouble. :p
flamsterette_x: That might do it.
flamsterette_x: So what DO you have to do with Excel to get it to sort properly by month?
aryk29: I'll tell you what I told the students in college...
aryk29: "Hang on while I get somebody who knows Excel and can help ya. :)" Of course that doesn't apply here...
flamsterette_x: THAT helps. :P
aryk29: Did you enter the names of the months manually, or are you using mm / dd / yyyy date fields?
aryk29: :p
flamsterette_x: It wouldn't be a big deal if I weren't trying to get it done by month. I seem to have done it before, years ago.
aryk29: I dunno. Maybe if I saw a screenshot. You could crop it to show only the date field if you want.
flamsterette_x: Hang on. Let's see...
flamsterette_x: I think I managed to find a (temporary?) solution.
aryk29: Yeah?
flamsterette_x: Yeah... name, place known from, words from initials, and THEN the birthdays last. :P
aryk29: Okay...
aryk29: brb
flamsterette_x: Yeah, I know. It doesn't make sense. :P
aryk29: Had to let the cat in.
flamsterette_x: That's all right. Can't leave it outside in the cold.
aryk29: Oh, she certainly wasn't cold out there... it's a nice warm day. Starting to feel like springtime... in the desert. :p
aryk29: Sunny, too... a nice break from all the rain and T-storms we've been getting lately.
flamsterette_x: Well, I think that's a good thing then!
aryk29: :)
aryk29: And it's gonna be hotter and sunnier in AZ.
flamsterette_x: Yes, that's what I hear from Corey occasionally. Get ready for it.
aryk29: Where's he at?
flamsterette_x: In Colorado.. Fort Collins. His ex lives in Arizona, though.
aryk29: ic
aryk29: Well, this summer it'll mean 115 degree highs - been there done that. :p The desert sure is pretty though.
flamsterette_x: Yeah, that's also what I heard from Sarah.
flamsterette_x: Perhaps. But now you know I'm too obsessed with true crime. The first thing I thought of when you said "desert" was Harvey Glatman.
aryk29: ?
flamsterette_x: Crime Library story on Harvey Glatman
flamsterette_x: (Google's habit of inserting random spaces in URL's trips me up again. Yay.)
aryk29: Ah, that explains it. I was just about to say.
flamsterette_x: Note to self: Go to site first, and then get a non-weird working link.
aryk29: There ya go. I just started skimming through the text. Ick. What is with these people.
flamsterette_x: I have no idea.
aryk29: Did they catch him?
flamsterette_x: Yup, read further.
aryk29: Eh, no thanks.
aryk29: Hey, I wonder if there are any new thread replies...
flamsterette_x: Heh, I don't blame you. But yes, they did catch him. And yes, he was electrocuted.
flamsterette_x: You want to know how they caught him?
aryk29: I suppose.
flamsterette_x: Chapter 5
aryk29: Good thing for that police cruiser.
flamsterette_x: I'd say so!
aryk29: brb, the other cat wants in
flamsterette_x: k
aryk29: Did you see the deep sea creatures thread?
flamsterette_x: No, I don't think I did.
aryk29: here
*** "aryk29" signed off at Tue Mar 01 16:23:33 2005.
*** "aryk29" signed on at Tue Mar 01 16:23:35 2005.
flamsterette_x: ?
flamsterette_x: Interesting.
aryk29: Neat critters, yeah? :D
flamsterette_x: Yeah, for sure.
aryk29: It must be fun to be a dragonfish, all alone in the dark abyss carrying a light nobody else can see. :D
flamsterette_x: That kinda reminds me of LOTR:ROTK.
aryk29: Never seen it.
flamsterette_x: Seen it twice.
aryk29: we had Hobbit books when I was a kid, but I've forgotten the story.
flamsterette_x: I couldn't tell you with the accuracy of certain people I can think of. But basically it revolves around the ONE RING.
aryk29: And 9 fingers.
flamsterette_x: Hey, these creatures look like stuff I've seen for sale as food!
aryk29: Some of them probably are edible... particularly, I would imagine, the big spiny red crab. :D
flamsterette_x: Yeah, and now this is making me hungry. Good job.
aryk29: Ah sheesh, I've done it again. *d'oh*
aryk29: :D
aryk29: Someone in another thread linked to this site... I'm clicking on the dropdown list reading all the descriptions, lmao. Some of these are very good descriptions of certain Dopers. :D
flamsterette_x: Hahahaha.
aryk29: :D
flamsterette_x: You've given me material.
aryk29: For...?
flamsterette_x: My various writings, of course.
aryk29: Ah, ic
flamsterette_x: Read blog for an example. :)
aryk29: Maybe later; I'm still in the I's. :)
flamsterette_x: Haha, okay then.
flamsterette_x: Funny, I could swear I sent you a message quite a while ago.
aryk29: 5:02 PM was the last one before this one.
flamsterette_x: Ha! I *did* send you one!
flamsterette_x: You just didn't reply! THAT was what it is! Phew.. I'm not losing my mind right now after all.
aryk29: I didn't know how to reply to "Haha, okay then" because I thought you expected me to keep reading the site. :p
flamsterette_x: Heh, that's all right then. Read blog, read the site, it's all good.
aryk29: I'm looking for your blog in my History.
aryk29: Found it! Had to go looking through my message archive. I was looking for the wrong site - Livejournal. Needed to look for Blogspot. :D
flamsterette_x: Well, you COULD go to the LiveJournal... but then you wouldn't be able to read most of it!
aryk29: Shame on anyone who shuts you out for forgetting what goes on in their lives. ;) Why, if everybody did that, I'd have no friends. *blush* :p
aryk29: Hey, you found the link I sent you useful enough to post. :D
flamsterette_x: Heh, okay then.
flamsterette_x: I haven't posted those links yet, what are you talking about?
aryk29: bugmenot
flamsterette_x: Oh, yes. Decided to post it. I do have readers of that thing, believe it or not.
aryk29: I believe it. :)
flamsterette_x: All right. :)
aryk29: Food's here, so typing's a challenge at the moment. I followed your link to the LJ SDMB community and probably shouldn't subject myself to what goes on there, but there's one thread I'll regret not reading if I don't...
flamsterette_x: No, don't subject yourself. But yeah, I know how it is.
aryk29: Eats_Crayons, DocCathode, and KellyM are there... that means I *have* to read it. :p
aryk29: I am tempted to add my $0.02 there among such folks as the aforementioned plus Guin and Esprix, but I really don't want an LJ account. Oh well.
flamsterette_x: Ah, THAT kind of thread. :P
flamsterette_x: You can post anonymously.
aryk29: hmm, now you're tempting me. Don't do that. :p
flamsterette_x: Hey, you were the one tempting me a while ago. :P
aryk29: Oh yeah, with the deep sea creatures. Did you subsequently eat?
flamsterette_x: Eating now.
aryk29: heh, me too
flamsterette_x: And I dare you to try the Puzzle Donkey 1.
aryk29: no thx
aryk29: It goes against my better judgement, but if I post, it'll just get it off my back...
aryk29: Nope, anonymous posting is disabled.
flamsterette_x: Ah, all right. Shows you how long it's been since I've gone there. What did you want to say?
aryk29: Basically, that in retrospect, Number Six's posts have the male mind written all over them and I should have seen that. Also, the implausibility IMO of turning out looking like the pics posted without changing orientation.
flamsterette_x: Hmm. Anything else?
aryk29: Well I spent a few hours mulling over in my head trying to figure out what the heck was going on, and it really unnerves me that I don't remember which "facts" on TS-ism I heard from #6 and which I heard from reputable posters, but I don't know if I want to post that. And I suspect that my thread inspired Johanna, and together the threads inspired #6, and that I'm so peeved to think my thread might have had anything to do with his stunt.
flamsterette_x: Do you mind if I post that for you?
aryk29: Lemme think about that for a minute.
aryk29: If someone takes issue with the statement, I'm not there to back up or clarify my position. Some of the posters there can reach me via other means (I doubt the SDMB mods would take kindly if one of them started a Pit thread), but basically I wouldn't be there to discuss it. At least if I could post anonymously (but not really 'cuz I'd sign it umop ap!sdn), I'd be able to return to the thread to check up on it from time to time. Anyway, do LJ's terms of use allow by proxy posting?
aryk29: Oh and another thing... I'll lay you odds Can Of Pineapples is #6's sock, and since Pineapples reads those LJ fora, I'd just be feeding the troll anyway.
aryk29: So anyway, as much as I'd like to air my comments, maybe it isn't the best idea. :(
flamsterette_x: I don't know. They might, or might not.
flamsterette_x: But yeah, perhaps not. This whole thing is just... :|
aryk29: Well, it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Kinda puts a surreal, fantasy-like mood to everything from December onward and gives me a strong dire feeling. FTR, your smiley shows in Yahoo as a straight face.
flamsterette_x: That's what it is. : |
aryk29: Are you trying to make a sick smiley?
flamsterette_x: No.
aryk29: Hmm
aryk29: Your BootyBase is a list of all your friends?
flamsterette_x: Haha. Not quite.
aryk29: Those book titles are hilarious!
aryk29: Got a few more for ya, courtesy SNL.
aryk29: The Yellow River by I. P. Moore, Freeley Under The Bench by Seymour Butts, Life Of A Prostitute by Lotta Cox, Lights Out At The Boys' Room by Holden and Sharon Dix, Stain On The Great Wall by Hu Phlung Pu... Oh, and don't forget History of the Alphabet, Part II: The Middle Ages, by Jay K. Elliman O'Pea :D
aryk29: Yep, that tinyURL goes to an explicit .jpg :O
flamsterette_x: Yeah, I figured.
aryk29: The link he sent with the .jpg extension, it's the same one as the tinyurl.
flamsterette_x: Yeah, that's what I also figured.
flamsterette_x: Let's just say Corey has a history of sending me... rather dubious... links.
aryk29: Yup.
aryk29: Hey I didn't know hoi polloi was in usage in the English language!
flamsterette_x: Where did you see that?
aryk29: In the Flame Warriors site, under Royalty.
flamsterette_x: Ah. Well, it is in use. How about that.
aryk29: you checked urbandictionary? :D
flamsterette_x: No..... why?
aryk29: 'Cuz it's listed there too.
flamsterette_x: Everything is listed there.
aryk29: Yeah.
aryk29: Firefox doesn't do about: links?
flamsterette_x: What do you mean?
aryk29: I typed about:‘οι πολλοι into Firefox hoping to see "hoi polloi" in Greek but to no avail. Works in IE, though.
flamsterette_x: You typed all those characters? Cool.
aryk29: Nope, wrote a VB program that does the Unicode codes. :D
flamsterette_x: That works for me. :D
aryk29: It works when you paste it into Firefox?
flamsterette_x: No idea.
flamsterette_x: Oh.
flamsterette_x: Your writing a program would work for me, whatever sense that would make.
flamsterette_x: (and I think Corey is right)
aryk29: Ah ic
aryk29: he's right about...?
flamsterette_x: My losing track of conversations / generally not knowing what's going on. :P
aryk29: Eh, it's all about context. :) I do that too sometimes, when I'm not sure which idea you're responding to.
flamsterette_x: Ah well, as long as we kinda know what we're talking about. :)
aryk29: :)
aryk29: ¢oi polloi... there, that works, haha :D
flamsterette_x: There we go.
aryk29: It'd be fun to have a conversation with someone who's fluent in Attic Greek.
aryk29: My parents say I should be an interpreter. Ya know, that might be a worthwhile line of work!
flamsterette_x: That would be very interesting!
aryk29: Especially with my grasp of noun cases... a lot of languages require you to keep track of a noun's ending so you know what position it is in in the sentence.
flamsterette_x: That would be useful then.
aryk29: There are a lot of Spanish-speaking people in Arizona... I'm not sure that Spanish has a lot of endings for nouns, but I do know it does for verbs.
flamsterette_x: Yeah, that is true.
aryk29: Verb endings can be a nightmare though. One of the language books (not about Spanish) has an appendix that's conjugation of a regular verb, and the darn thing is over a page and a half of different endings and prefixes. :O
flamsterette_x: Oh my holy crud.
aryk29: Yup, and to be fluent, one must memorize all of them, plus irregularities in other verbs. Fortunately, they don't expect you to learn the whole thing all at once; they start with the present active indicative and introduce other tenses, moods, and the middle and passive voice. There is quite a bit of regularity that can be used to simplify the learning process. It's almost a mix-and-match with the suffixes. :D
aryk29: From what I hear, Russian is the worst in this regard... to the point that speakers who were taught Russian from the crib often muddle or drop word endings because they're not always sure which one to use. :p
flamsterette_x: Aiya. :P
aryk29: Between that and English with its spelling / pronunciation anomalies, I'm not sure which is worse. :p
flamsterette_x: No idea. I hear that idioms and such are the hardest for non-native English speakers to learn.
aryk29: Really? Hmm.
flamsterette_x: Probably because the idioms / slang may completely change the meaning of a word.
aryk29: Like for instance, "make believe"? :D
flamsterette_x: Yeah.
aryk29: Yeah, I can see how that would be a problem. But then it isn't only English that does that. :p
flamsterette_x: I know, I was just bringing up an example.
aryk29: ic
aryk29: I've been told that the most consistent language in the world is Swahili.
flamsterette_x: How so?
aryk29: Like, no irregular nouns or verbs, stuff like that. Dunno if it even has distinct word endings... probably not, since it doesn't belong to the Indo-European language family.
aryk29: (which is what Russian belongs to :p )
flamsterette_x: Very interesting stuff.
aryk29: Really? :D
flamsterette_x: Yeah, it's cool enough. Did you know that I have a bit of an interest in linguistics?
aryk29: No, I did not.
aryk29: I used to have a site bookmarked with summaries of the major language families and stuff, and now I'm trying to find it...
flamsterette_x: Well, now you do.... and knowing is half the battle. ;)
aryk29: This is way cool! :) (Still tracking it down...)
flamsterette_x: Yeah, yeah.. I had to get the G.I. Joe reference in there. :P
aryk29: <---- never was into G.I. Joe. ;)
flamsterette_x: Like I was. :P
aryk29: Fair enough, but I still didn't get the reference until you explained it. :D
aryk29: So, do you suppose that all languages share a common ancestor?
flamsterette_x: Maybe. Kinda hard to tell in some cases.
aryk29: I like to think that they are, and that reconstructing ancient languages and tracing them back will eventually link them all together.
aryk29: And that the Nostratic theory is a good place to start. :D
flamsterette_x: What's that?
aryk29: The theory that the Indo-European, Uralic, Altaic, Afro-Asiatic, and maybe a few others are all part of a vast language superfamily called Nostratic.
flamsterette_x: The Urals... reminds me of a mountain range somewhere.
aryk29: The Ural Mountains divide Europe from Asia, and yes, the language family is named after them.
aryk29: Lemme see if I can remember what languages are Uralic...
aryk29: Ah yes, Finnish, Hungarian, and Estonian. Wikipedia has the answers I seek. :D Also in the article are links to the Nostratic and other theories, which I'm sure further link to other language families.
aryk29: g2g anita bath. :D bcnu l8r
flamsterette_x: Heh. All right then. Later.
Session Close (aryk29): Tue Mar 01 20:25:28 2005

Session Start (Yahoo! - flamsterette_x:aryk29): Tue Apr 12 17:20:12 2005
aryk29: ltns :)
flamsterette_x: ?????????
aryk29: long time no see. (on IM anyway.)
aryk29: so did you like that Indo-European site I linked to?
flamsterette_x: aiya! it's you! I knew that. I think? haha
aryk29: lol
flamsterette_x: haven't quite looked into it as thoroughly as I want to, but eventually will
aryk29: ic
aryk29: I've got this idea actually, for an artificial language
flamsterette_x: Hm.
aryk29: Derived from proto-IE, with different word endings... now that I've been exposed to a language that has a lot of word endings, I'm spoiled. English's clumsy word order doesn't cut it for me anymore. :D
flamsterette_x: Heh, that's to be expected.
aryk29: why, because it's new and different and fun?
flamsterette_x: eh, sure.
aryk29: hmm, you have a point.
aryk29: I'd give it 7 noun cases though. :D
aryk29: *yawn* SDMB's being slow again
flamsterette_x: All right then.
flamsterette_x: What else is new?
aryk29: Not much. I'm about to referee a game thread.
flamsterette_x: Your game thread?
aryk29: Yup. Did I ever tell you about Assassins?
flamsterette_x: Probably a long time ago.
aryk29: It's where each player is trying to get another player to post a specific word, and when they do they're out of the game. Well, everybody's been waiting for Horseflesh to get around to starting his version of the game, and it's been long enough, so I decided to just do one to hold everybody over.
aryk29: shoot - forgot to bold username
flamsterette_x: Doesn't matter. I know what you mean. :)
aryk29: We had a problem with our cable box
flamsterette_x: And that affected your bolding of the username? Aiya. :P
aryk29: No :D it's just something else that happened recently.
flamsterette_x: Heh. okay then.
aryk29: It was giving us the listings and graphics (digital cable, you see - real fancy stuff, myriads of menus, an oversize remote with buttons that just aren't long nail friendly) but no picture or sound. Just a black screen and silence. Right as we turned it off though, the pic and sound would very briefly come back. So we had to turn it in and get a new one.
flamsterette_x: Yeah, I guess you'd have to, in that case. So things are okay now?
aryk29: Yup, 900 channels of $#!+ on the tube. :D It's actually nice, though, because there's all the digital music channels & stuff.
flamsterette_x: Haha. Yeah, I know what you mean.
aryk29: And it's good to be able to watch 7 Days again. (And 4 consecutive hours of Star Trek per weekday)
flamsterette_x: Oh man. I have got to do something.
aryk29: Do what?
flamsterette_x: Link you to that. :D
aryk29: uh-oh :p :D
aryk29: oh, cool! :D
aryk29: #7 is clearly Bajoran
flamsterette_x: I wouldn't know.
aryk29: 39 and 40 are the same species
flamsterette_x: All right. I will take your word for it.
aryk29: now, if this site wants to give me my results (technical difficulties)
aryk29: OMG it gave me Klingon.
aryk29: You scored as Klingon. Klingon "Today is a good day to die" Klingons are a race of proud Warriors who value honor above everything else, and never back down from a fight. Klingon 50% Borg 45% Vulcan 45% Bajoran 40% Cardassain 35% Romulan 35% Ferengi 25% Jem'hadar 20%
flamsterette_x: Hm. Haha. I think I got the Borg on that one.
aryk29: I'm not at all surprised. :)
aryk29: Did you post this one at OP?
flamsterette_x: Of course not. Nobody would be interested in that stuff. :P
aryk29: I think a couple of the guys are... oh, and Tess. I'm sure Tess would take the quiz.
aryk29: brb
flamsterette_x: Well, YOU can post it then! :P
aryk29: I will. :D (had to get up and let my mom get online quick)
flamsterette_x: Okay then!
aryk29: thanks for the link! :)
aryk29: Here.
flamsterette_x: Whee.
flamsterette_x: No problem. :)
aryk29: I haven't been spending enough time in Quizzes lately.
aryk29: my energy is blue :D
flamsterette_x: Good for you.
aryk29: Now I'm taking the superhero quiz...
flamsterette_x: k
aryk29: (see my post, teehee)
flamsterette_x: Fine.
flamsterette_x: Ha.
aryk29: :D
aryk29: now for the Sesame Street quiz...
aryk29: ... posted
flamsterette_x: Hm.
flamsterette_x: Haha.
aryk29: which?
flamsterette_x: Either.
flamsterette_x: Hahahaha!
aryk29: Viper's a Cardassian!? :D
flamsterette_x: Apparently, whatever that is.
flamsterette_x: and you, a wine elitist? ha
aryk29: , tell me about it.
flamsterette_x: Can't, I'm not one of those wine snobs. :P
aryk29: hahahaha
flamsterette_x: Mmm, seaweed and shredded pork.
flamsterette_x: Got both of them from Big Crazy.
aryk29: Is that like a supermarket or something?
flamsterette_x: Asian supermarket.
aryk29: ic
aryk29: I'm reading the "we're still in Kansas" thread at the SDMB
flamsterette_x: Okay.
aryk29: I've seen time and again now, people typing "women" when they intend the singular "woman." I could understand if it was an occasional typo, but it's been cropping up like crazy lately. Somebody just did that in the thread - not once but twice.
flamsterette_x: I've seen worse.
aryk29: Over and over again?
flamsterette_x: Well, perhaps not... but I dare you to call them out on it. Actually, maybe not.
aryk29: Nah, not in that thread, I wouldn't... thought of starting my own thread, but it's not quite that big of an annoyance. :p
flamsterette_x: Yeah, that's true. Still. I can be quite the Nazi at this time. Let's just say that. ;)
aryk29: Okay.
flamsterette_x: So... I never really got to talk to you about all that stuff that was going on about a month or so ago....
aryk29: Go for it. :)
flamsterette_x: As you know, it wasn't quite working out as well as I wanted it to. He probably would've been good with things continuing on as they were, but I wanted something more. :P
aryk29: ic
flamsterette_x: So then I sent him some email with a whole bunch of questions.... and waited for an answer. I didn't get it.
aryk29: :(
aryk29: So that's when you decided to break it off?
flamsterette_x: Well, I tried to give him time, since I knew he was busy and all. You know, try to be understanding and all of that.
aryk29: Sure.
flamsterette_x: But then after a couple of weeks (and I -did- remind him, but try not to be too pushy :P), I had to do a LOT of thinking.
aryk29: Understandably so.
flamsterette_x: I mean, I did want to make it work. I could have done things differently, too. But ultimately, I kinda knew what I had to do. Not just because he didn't answer the email, mind you.
aryk29: ic
aryk29: yeah. you said he wasn't communicating as much as he should have been.
aryk29: phone problems and not answering emails, etc.
flamsterette_x: I mean, he did communicate, and was nice and romantic and suchlike. :P But there are other elements to it besides that. I mean, I'm not a really impatient person, or try not to be. Still, though.....
flamsterette_x: Oh yeah. You can read that thread I linked you to a couple of weeks ago.
aryk29: I'll do that... didn't do more than skim it at the time, since I was on a library computer, and now that I have to timeshare the computer at home, it's hard to find a lot of time when I can just be on... the few times I have, I've connected to Y! Messenger so that you'd see me online and we'd be able to chat. :)
flamsterette_x: yeah, I know... but this is actually the first time I've noticed you on :)
aryk29: and I had to page you first! :p
flamsterette_x: (That's because I'm myopic :P)
aryk29: lol
aryk29: well, I'm astigmatic so there. :D
flamsterette_x: Fine. :P)
flamsterette_x: So... timesharing the computer... ?
aryk29: yeah, it's my parents'... and they both like to spend long stretches on here...
flamsterette_x: Ah, yes. That's what I thought you meant. Is this the one you had before?
aryk29: Way back when, before the move, when I used to have to timeshare it? No, that was a different one, a K6-II 500. I'm not sure if we even have that one anymore. We got this one quite some time ago because it was on sale cheap, and took it home to discover that it's a dual processor system. At night before we moved, I used to get on with mine (PIV-1.6GHz) and while we were in Vegas and had DSL, I was also able to get online with it.
aryk29: Speaking of which, I think they're back. :(
aryk29: They're more than likely going to want to get online for a few hours, but I can come back later tonight.
flamsterette_x: Ah, okay then.
flamsterette_x: Well, whenever. :)
flamsterette_x: I have missed you, though!
aryk29: Same here. :)
flamsterette_x: :)
flamsterette_x: Well... go if you have to then. Later...
aryk29: They're going right back out, so I guess I'm okay for a while yet...
flamsterette_x: Heh, okay then.
aryk29: I think I will get up and stretch my legs though. :D
flamsterette_x: Good idea.
aryk29: Right then, where were we? :)
flamsterette_x: Let's see.... breakup, Yahoo Messenger, missing each other, seeing if your parents were out or not....
aryk29: Do you suppose 7 noun cases is too many? :D
flamsterette_x: For what?
aryk29: A language. To keep track of; I mean would the learning curve be too great for most people.
flamsterette_x: I don't know. Define a noun case.
aryk29: Hey I thought you were familiar with this stuff. ;) Okay, noun case... in a sentence such as "I gave some food to the cat", the nouns I, food, and cat have different functions within the sentence. So in a language that uses inflected endings for nouns, one would put I in the nominative because it is the subject, food in the accusative (direct object), and cat in the dative (indirect object).
aryk29: Oh, and English has separate nominative and oblique forms for the first person (I, me) and third person (he, him; she, her) pronouns.
flamsterette_x: All right then. I never claimed to be overly familiar with it. ;)
flamsterette_x: But all right... don't know if that would be too much.
aryk29: Nominative, vocative, accusative, genitive, dative, ablative, and locative. Vocative for addressing persons; genitive for possessives and cases where English uses the word "of." I would use the dative for people and objects that play a passive role; recipients, benefactors, etc... ablative for agents and means by which an action takes place, and locative for places, times, and states of mind.
aryk29: Aaaaaaagh, they're back again.
aryk29: So soon.
aryk29: Anyway, I hesitate to codify the exact vocabulary, case endings, and rules just yet because it should involve somebody else who is willing to help develop the language.
aryk29: I'll let them take some time online & be back later tonight... bcnu. :)
*** "aryk29" signed off at Tue Apr 12 20:44:56 2005.
Session Close (aryk29): Tue Apr 12 20:45:18 2005

Session Start (Yahoo! - flamsterette_x:aryk29): Thu Apr 14 16:10:38 2005
*** NOTE: This user is offline. Your messages will be received when he/she logs into Yahoo! Messenger.
flamsterette_x: Here's a quiz you might be interested in

Cheers, talk to you later! :)
Session Close (aryk29): Thu Apr 14 16:12:14 2005

Session Start (Yahoo! - flamsterette_x:aryk29): Thu Apr 14 17:42:08 2005
aryk29: Hey, thanks! :)
aryk29: My result: You are very close!! You scored 68 variable 1! Well done... you know a lot of things about Greece and Greeks, but unfortunately, you are not Greek!!!! Read more and retake the test.... till that time, filakia polla! xxxxxxxxxxx
flamsterette_x: Oh, hey!
aryk29: Crazy thing hit send when I hit enter. Hi! :)
flamsterette_x: Yeah, I thought it would be a bit TOO esoteric for the board in general, and something I wouldn't be intereted in. But you might be, so I sent it your way. (this is why I get along with people who actually tell me what they like, which isn't how someone else apparently operated :P)
aryk29: Ah ic.
*** "aryk29" signed on at Thu Apr 14 17:44:18 2005.
aryk29: The language has changed so much though in the last 2500 years...
flamsterette_x: Like any language.
aryk29: Yup. It's to where with what I know of the ancient Attic dialect, the modern is still largely incomprehensible to me. Once, just for kicks, I did a web search for the word thn... and in one of the pages that came up, I had trouble with about half the words.
flamsterette_x: Random thought: Let's pour vodka on our heads and bathe in conditioner.
aryk29: Because drinking the conditioner would be a really not good thing? :P
flamsterette_x: Apparently not.
aryk29: Actually that reminds me of a practical joke I once read about.
aryk29: It's where you go into a kitchen, see, and generously coat all the pots and pans with an extra thick layer of soap. When they are used for cooking, the soap gets in the food... and when a big fancy dinner is served to a room full of guests, the results are disastrous.
flamsterette_x: Ha, I bet.
aryk29: It's a really s#!tty thing to do. :p
aryk29: I would imagine conditioner would have the same effect...
aryk29: Hey, I found an interesting linguistic cognate today. Did you know the words governor and cybernetic are ultimately from the same root?
flamsterette_x: Really.
aryk29: Yup. Governor is obviously cognate to the Latin word gubernator, which also means helmsman; the Greek equivalent is kubernhthr, from which we get the word cybernetic. :D
flamsterette_x: If you say so.
aryk29: How they made the leap from helmsman -> robotics is beyond me. :p Maybe there was a component that was referred to as cybernetic because it was the central controller for some early device?
flamsterette_x: Maybe, who knows?
aryk29: I'll have to look up the PIE roots for those... it seems odd though the way they're derived - not quite what one would expect for those particular languages.
flamsterette_x: Okay then.
aryk29: They're back... dunno if I have to surrender the online yet. :(
aryk29: brb a few minutes.
flamsterette_x: k
Session Close (aryk29): Thu Apr 14 18:32:19 2005

Session Start (Yahoo! - flamsterette_x:aryk29): Thu Apr 14 18:34:01 2005
aryk29: If I'd a known mom was going to take that long, I'd a logged off. :p
flamsterette_x: Haha. It wasn't that long.
aryk29: 20 minutes?
flamsterette_x: Well, okay. Yeah, I'd feel that way. Hah.
aryk29: Your buddy has a new Buddy Icon. Take a look! @[fwpscript]Icon:none@[/fwpscript]
aryk29: I now have 2 IM windows open & I initiated both of them. :p
flamsterette_x: Are you a bot?
aryk29: You mean a cybernetic organism? :p No.
flamsterette_x: aryk29: Your buddy has a new Buddy Icon. Take a look!
flamsterette_x: Sounds bot-like or very mechanical, at the least. :P
aryk29: Oh, it must mean the display image. Yeah, I, umm... changed it recently. ;)
flamsterette_x: Damn you, then. Hang on. :P
Session Close (aryk29): Thu Apr 14 18:46:56 2005

aryk29 (6:53:18 PM): Allô, salut...
flamsterette_x (6:53:45 PM): Fine, let's see this thing you refer to.
aryk29 (6:53:56 PM): Brace yourself! :P
flamsterette_x (6:54:45 PM): So you dyed your hair black. Nice touch.
flamsterette_x (6:55:13 PM): That is, if that's you.
aryk29 (6:55:14 PM): tyvm :) I wanted a color in between black and brown but they don't have that, so I went with the one I like better.
aryk29 (6:55:25 PM): Well, that's an aspiration, put it that way. :D
flamsterette_x (6:55:41 PM): Aiyoh. :P
aryk29 (6:56:39 PM): You saw what I looked like in that photo (eww), although I look a little better now since my hair grew out a bit.
aryk29 (6:56:53 PM): The scorpion represents Arizona. :D
flamsterette_x (6:57:28 PM): Oh, that thing you can hardly see.
aryk29 (6:57:58 PM): Yeah that. Brown on purple, etc. (it's great BTW being able to use the full compliment of smileys)
flamsterette_x (6:58:27 PM): ComplEment.
aryk29 (6:59:08 PM): Is there a difference in spelling between the 2 meanings?
flamsterette_x (6:59:17 PM): Yes. Hold on.
aryk29 (9:22:23 PM): wb :)
aryk29 (9:22:25 PM): I was just about to give up
flamsterette_x (9:26:43 PM): ???????
aryk29 (9:26:55 PM): and go out to look @ the sky
flamsterette_x (9:27:25 PM): Haha. Oh. Let's see... answering email and comments, three Trillian sessions, one Yahoo session, one voice conference...
aryk29 (9:28:40 PM): comments about what?
flamsterette_x (9:29:26 PM): Journal comments.
aryk29 (9:29:32 PM): Oh.
aryk29 (9:30:26 PM): So, any idea which Doper?
flamsterette_x (9:30:54 PM): No comments from any Doper. Haha.
aryk29 (9:32:12 PM): Right then. I really shouldn't be hogging the computer this long, as much as I'd like to stay and chat. bcnu l8r hopefully sometime when you're less busy. :)

Session Start (Yahoo! - flamsterette_x:aryk29): Thu Apr 14 18:59:54 2005
aryk29: <---- just learned something new. :D [Offline Message (Thu Apr 14 18:59:32 2005)]
flamsterette_x: And what would that be?
aryk29: About the compliment / complement thing. Darn you, log out while I'm typing a message, why dont'cha! :p
aryk29: I just wish Yahoo's display images didn't look like they were 12.
flamsterette_x: It didn't say you were typing a message. :P
aryk29: That's 'cuz you were signing out! :p
flamsterette_x: Haha, whatever! :P
aryk29: So there's an upcoming Dopefest that I'm going to try to make if I can. *excited*
flamsterette_x: Eh.
flamsterette_x: Sounds interesting, but who'll be there?
aryk29: Heloise, Coldfire, lel, Cisco, The Sonoran Lizard King...
aryk29: Phlosphr
aryk29: GIGObuster
flamsterette_x: Aiya.
flamsterette_x: Those two in a LDR. Lel, whom I used to talk to. Someone else who I saw a picture of when the aforementioned GIGOBuster forwarded me a picture of himself. Some dude who I don't know, but whose screen name reminds me of Jim Morrison. Another person who I know. And... well... someone whom I've been exchanging emails with.
aryk29: You've communicated with Lel? So have I! :)
aryk29: She wants to meet me b4 the 'Fest.
flamsterette_x: Yeah, I did that a couple years ago or so. Summer 2002 into 2003. Maybe even 2004, but not that often..
aryk29: ic
flamsterette_x: Yeah.
aryk29: brb again
flamsterette_x: k
Session Close (aryk29): Thu Apr 14 19:28:22 2005

Session Start (Yahoo! - flamsterette_x:aryk29): Thu Apr 14 19:30:41 2005
aryk29: k back so soon. :D
flamsterette_x: Yay.
flamsterette_x: Hee hee.
aryk29: So lel said the fest would be a total snooze except for the margaritas.
flamsterette_x: You're talking to her now?
aryk29: No... reading Dope. She and I have exchanged private messages.
flamsterette_x: Aiya.
aryk29: Why aiya?
flamsterette_x: You'll get to meet her.
aryk29: Yup. Have you?
flamsterette_x: Vodka.
aryk29: No not vodka; margaritas. :p
flamsterette_x: VODKA!!!!
aryk29: Are you pouring it on your head? :D
flamsterette_x: NO!
flamsterette_x: What gives you THAT idea?!
aryk29: And I quote: Flami: Random thought: Let's pour vodka on our heads and bathe in conditioner.
aryk29: ;) :D
flamsterette_x: That was a RANDOM THOUGHT! Aiya!
aryk29: um, okay. I'm confused.
aryk29: Is it 7:47 PM where you are or 6:47 PM?
flamsterette_x: 7:47
aryk29: Shoot! I'm still not in a time zone that's later than one of my friends. I'm often in a time zone that's earlier, but never one that's later.
aryk29: Ooh, there's a Commonly Confused Words Test
flamsterette_x: Yes, there are two of them. :P
flamsterette_x: So what time is it where YOU are? Arizona is weird when it comes to this Daylight Savings stuff. :P
aryk29: No Arizona doesn't have Daylight Savings stuff. It's the rest of the states and provinces that are weird. :p It's 7:52 over here right now.
flamsterette_x: What. Ever.
aryk29: the 9th question is a case usage :D
flamsterette_x: Sure.
aryk29: (It's a nominative.) ;)
flamsterette_x: If you say so.
aryk29: You know the trick to determine when to use who and when to use whom, right?
flamsterette_x: I think so. Refresh my hazy memory.
aryk29: Use who where you would use he, and whom where you would use him. :D Well, he and who are nominatives.
aryk29: Here you go.
flamsterette_x: Ah.
aryk29: *tapfoot* :p
flamsterette_x: What?!
aryk29: How many percent of respondents I scored higher than.
aryk29: This computer is doing some really sheared wit!
aryk29: I'm going to reboot.
*** "aryk29" signed off at Thu Apr 14 20:04:19 2005.
*** "aryk29" signed on at Thu Apr 14 20:06:04 2005.
aryk29: 'Puter was making a camera sound over and over and over.
flamsterette_x: So, go look now.
aryk29: okay, I will :D
aryk29: I lost my results when I shut down. :(
aryk29: (see my reply :D )
flamsterette_x: See mine.
aryk29: Is it because I refused to sign up a username?
flamsterette_x: No, I got those results even before I signed up with the site.
aryk29: Maybe it's my browser.
flamsterette_x: Did you answer those stats questions at the end?
aryk29: Yup
flamsterette_x: Hm.
aryk29: (3 guesses what I put there too, teehee )
flamsterette_x: Hm. "Alien from Mars."
aryk29: :p
aryk29: 3 guesses for somethng that has 2 choices is a bit much, yeah. Still, it's for statistical purposes, and it's what's between our ears that we use for taking quizzes and posting to boards, etc. :D
flamsterette_x: Don't tell me you skewed the stats.
aryk29: No... I put May 3, 1981.
flamsterette_x: Yeah....... so?
aryk29: So the stats will accurately reflect my age.
flamsterette_x: Okay..... so what else did you put?
aryk29: No blog, no username. Maybe I should get a username. I used to have a HotOrNot profile way back when...
aryk29: So I bet you didn't think I'd be Mayan. :D
flamsterette_x: Oh. Well, okay then.
flamsterette_x: Hahaha. Hot Or Not. Hahahaha.
aryk29: My score was 6.2 :p
flamsterette_x: Heh.
aryk29: I used to have this double match, she and I had sooo much in common, exchanged messages, all that good stuff... but she lives in Florida.
flamsterette_x: Dang.
aryk29: Yup.
aryk29: She's bi, too. *sigh*
flamsterette_x: Ah well..........
aryk29: Plenty of fish in the sea, right?
flamsterette_x: True.
aryk29: There's actually a Doper I have a real crush on, and am just waiting for an excuse to send her a PM.
aryk29: You still here? :D
aryk29: brb
flamsterette_x: Oh. Oops. Been caught up in commenting, IMs, and email. Sorry.
aryk29: sokay... Dad just saw a UFO and is going out to look at the sky... from his description, it sounds like it was an iron meteorite, but I might just go join him in case it comes back. :D
Session Close (aryk29): Thu Apr 14 21:18:57 2005

Session Start (flamsterette_x:aryk29): Fri Apr 22 09:20:35 2005
[09:20:36] aryk29: Hey, just so you know: take a look at my biography field. I haven't decided for sure yet though. Chat with ya soon! :) [Offline Message (Fri Apr 22 02:32:56 2005)]
[09:21:12] flamsterette_x: Hey, I have news for you too! I am no longer a kissing virgin. ;)
Session Close (aryk29): Fri Apr 22 09:21:17 2005

Session Start (flamsterette_x:aryk29): Fri Apr 22 09:38:44 2005
[09:38:45] *** NOTE: This user is offline. Your messages will be received when he/she logs into Yahoo! Messenger.
[09:38:56] flamsterette_x: Um, unless I'm missing something, that is not your bio.
Session Close (aryk29): Fri Apr 22 09:39:02 2005

Session Start (flamsterette_x:aryk29): Fri Apr 22 13:17:32 2005
[13:17:33] aryk29: Re: not my bio: I did send you the link to the right profile, right? *unsure*
[13:17:33] *** Auto-response sent to aryk29: I am currently away from the computer.
[13:17:37] *** "aryk29" signed on at Fri Apr 22 13:17:37 2005.
[13:17:53] flamsterette_x: Nah, you sent me one to Lee's.
[13:18:02] aryk29: Oh shoot
[13:18:06] aryk29: okay, lemme try again
[13:18:14] aryk29: My Member Profile!
[13:18:16] aryk29: my mistake
[13:19:14] aryk29: she and I were having a conversation in a thread... I musta clicked the wrong username
[13:20:38] flamsterette_x: So what did you want me to critique?
[13:21:16] aryk29: I wanted to let you know that I hadn't decided yet whether I'm staying on the board.
[13:22:09] flamsterette_x: Ah yes. Well, it turns out I am.
[13:22:37] aryk29: Ah okay. "It turns out" - that mean there's a specific reason? :D
[13:23:45] flamsterette_x: I made some post in the "subscription fee request" thread, not expecting anything out of it. But then TLD emailed me last week, and said he could do it for me.
[13:24:27] aryk29: He's been so helpful with getting you paid up. :) I'll go find the post now...
[13:24:44] flamsterette_x: Yeah, he has been. :) Okay then..
[13:25:43] aryk29: By the way, it was TubaDiva's response in this thread that influenced my decision. Did she even understand my question!
[13:27:21] aryk29: Ooh, I see they finally banned Billy The Sock. :p
[13:28:12] flamsterette_x: From what I think, she should have just answered yes or no.... then maybe given you something a bit more helpful.
[13:31:29] aryk29: Yeah. I decided that I didn't want to risk it going through without asking for a number. Because I closed out my old account, and while I don't think the bank would soak me any fees for trying to bill a closed account, I didn't want to take that chance. On top of that, Eats_Crayons has left; SanguineSpider hasn't posted in ages; a couple dozen other posters I'll miss are leaving; I'm not alone in getting the feeling that the board isn't the same as it used to be; Eve and lekatt have returned even after they said they were leaving. If it weren't for the billing issue, I'd probably stay, but it just isn't worth the hassle of sorting it out. :(
[13:32:13] flamsterette_x: Yeah, I can understand. :( But hey, I'll still see you on here and at Our Place! :D
[13:32:21] aryk29: Yes! :)
[13:32:36] flamsterette_x: Oh, and did you get my original message?
[13:32:53] aryk29: The one about the kiss? :)
[13:34:35] flamsterette_x: Yes.
[13:34:45] aryk29: I'm happy to hear that!
[13:36:17] flamsterette_x: Yeah, it was very nice. He wanted to make sure I was comfortable with it. Although that was VERY out-of-character for me.... meeting people off the Net isn't necessarily new. But taking them home to act on the attraction we feel for each other, and then letting them stay overnight because I want to be a good hostess and not let them walk in the dark to catch a bus?! Aiya.
[13:37:42] aryk29: Yeah I understand about that. It sounds like you two really hit it off though.
[13:38:14] flamsterette_x: Yeah. Of course, I won't let myself get too attached, since there are other considerations.
[13:38:30] aryk29: I see.
[13:39:51] flamsterette_x: For one thing, he's into multiple relationships at the same time. For another, he's bi. Nothing against either of those, but I know those aren't for me....
[13:43:01] aryk29: Ah, he's poly and bi. I know about poly people and bi people. ;)
[13:44:30] flamsterette_x: I know... I know. I'm leading myself down some torturous path if I do this for real. But... well.... at least I'm not attached to him?
[13:44:58] aryk29: Does he know that you're wanting a monogamous relationship?
[13:45:43] flamsterette_x: We haven't even talked about that yet. But I'm pretty sure he knows I'm not into that kind of thing. We were just saying "let's play it by ear and see what happens."
[13:46:42] aryk29: Hmm, then he's probably willing to try being in just a one-on-one straight diad. It could work out - I wish youse the best. :)
[13:47:51] flamsterette_x: Maybe, but then he's already in two relationships.... and these two people are also interested in each other. We discussed all that to some extent.
[13:47:58] aryk29: Oh, I see.
[13:48:16] aryk29: Wow.
[13:48:29] flamsterette_x: Yeah, That was my reaction.
[13:48:29] aryk29: So essentially he's part of a triad already?
[13:48:41] flamsterette_x: Yes. Hey, how do you know all this stuff?
[13:49:12] aryk29: I knew some poly folks when I was in my early teens. In fact, I still know two poly folks now and they're also bi. ;)
[13:49:42] aryk29: Triads IME if they work out, only do so for a few years. There's too many issues and too much friction between "rival" partners.
[13:51:00] flamsterette_x: Ah, I see. Yeah, I think that would happen... :|
[13:51:57] aryk29: Well it certainly sounds... interesting. Shoot, I just remembered I have to give the cat some water.
[13:52:29] flamsterette_x: .... yeah, that would be one way to put it.... Go do that.
[13:55:27] aryk29: Okay, I'm back. I dunno if I'd ever try the poly thing... I used to think it'd be really neat, but now I'm not sure it'd be worth the friction.
[14:03:32] flamsterette_x: You know, I took some quiz recently that said I was poly-curious. I used to think that was gross, then I thought it would be neat, but now... it's like you said, it's not worth the hassles.
[14:03:45] aryk29: Link? :D
[14:08:13] flamsterette_x: Here you go.
[14:08:44] aryk29: cool, thanks... I'm taking it now... :D
[14:08:59] flamsterette_x: No problem!
[14:09:14] flamsterette_x: Poly curious
You scored 1!
You may or may not know much about what polyamory is, but you might be
open to the concept. Perhaps you should do some research and reading to
learn more.

My test tracked 1 variable How you compared to other people your age and genderou scored higher than 1% on polypoints
[14:09:30] flamsterette_x: (ignore random emoticon)
[14:10:04] aryk29: I don't see an emoticon in there. Oh, and FTR, when you type :| I see a "straight-faced" smiley.
[14:12:27] aryk29: My results: Poly curious You scored 6! You may or may not know much about what polyamory is, but you might be open to the concept. Perhaps you should do some research and reading to learn more.
[14:27:25] aryk29: u still here? :)
[14:55:37] flamsterette_x: Uh, oops. Yes. The window wasn't blinking. Sorry.
[14:55:47] aryk29: 'sokay. :)
[14:55:59] flamsterette_x: Here we go.
[14:56:08] aryk29: I was just reading Dope, and went off on a tangent about whistled languages in Wikipedia. :D
[14:56:49] flamsterette_x: Hm. Interesting.
[14:56:58] aryk29: Whistled languages.
[14:57:26] flamsterette_x: So you wrote that?
[14:57:32] aryk29: Nope.
[14:57:52] aryk29: Went off on a tangent reading about whistled languages in Wikipedia.
[14:57:55] flamsterette_x: Well, I'll take a look at it.
[14:58:00] aryk29: k :)
[14:58:11] flamsterette_x: Oh. Okay.
[15:00:24] flamsterette_x: Interesting.....
[15:00:53] aryk29: Yup. It's kinda hard to encode consonants in a whistle, so I wonder how they managed to do that.
[15:01:27] flamsterette_x: Who knows. Ask!
[15:03:00] aryk29: Hey, that reminds me... that quiz that said I was Gregg Shorthand, and I said I was off to learn it? Well, I got through the first several chapters of an online textbook, and can read and write it somewhat. :D
[15:03:20] flamsterette_x: Cool!
[15:04:42] aryk29: The topic came up in a conversation with my mother, and she said: "wait a minute, when did you learn shorthand!"
[15:05:20] flamsterette_x: Hah.
[15:05:47] aryk29: that be the book. :D
Session Close (aryk29): Fri Apr 22 15:12:50 2005

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Seeing my grandparents in photos / cabs and plans

Went around town with my dad and my aunt Janis just now.

* decided on White Spot for a late lunch
* Richmond Centre was all right... the Bay and Sears, mostly.
* explored the dike a little bit
* had Daimaru Sushi for dinner... excellent stuff!

She'd brought some pictures; in true Engrish fashion, the photo album was titled "Attractive Figure" and had a picture of a bee on the cover. Her mother (my grandma) is apparently deteriorating at the age of 86. That much is evident in the pictures I saw.. she looked all right in the 2003 photos, but not in the ones taken just this past Chinese New Year! There were various other relatives in the pictures: some cousins, uncles, my aunt's granddaughter, and aunts... there was even a 1997 picture with my paternal grandparents alone. That was very neat!

Now I don't have to call a cab for my aunt, or need to see her off at the airport. That's a relief, since I can presumably get more sleep and be more alert on Tuesday night. I made more plans earlier, which I was rather nervous about. All that matters is that they're doable. :D

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Conversational exchange / modified quote from Eric H. / committing suicide

Me: So do you like this music, Auntie Janis?
Her: No, it's too noisy. It's yelling, and screaming. Music brings you to nowhere! It's empty!
Me: All right.
Her: Besides, it brings you to somewhere... a destination! The music's substance can't bring you any encouragement! It's not worshipful!
Me: o_O
Her: So do you have any Christian worship music?
Me: This IS Christian music!
Her: So is there a point to it?
Me: *bangs head on desk*

(considering this is the ApologetiX, that's very amusing!)

This applies to my online friends: "They are so FAR... but in my heart, they are always so so close by!" (modified quote from Eric H.)

My aunt Janis just told me of the newest way to commit suicide in Hong Kong. You know the charcoal that's used for barbecues? People shut all the windows and doors, burn the charcoal, and let the carbon monoxide take them away....

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Sitting around the house... whippin' round the bay ;)

I've been sitting around for three hours, trying to figure out what to do. Talked to Spoz, Dave, Palmer, Steph, Chimpy, and Asa about various things in the meantime. I still have no clue what to do with Aunt Janis for the afternoon... I think this is a very bad sign. Eep. Must figure out something soon.

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Friday, April 29, 2005

Bus tour adventures, April 2005 edition / birth date meaning, personality type

Bus trip:


7:45 AM - The tour guide / driver introduces himself to us as Thomas. He reminds me of those wise old Shaolin monks.

7:50 AM - I note with considerable relief that there are NO washrooms on this tour bus... yay! There will be NO repeats of what happened the last time I was on a bus tour! (where almost everyone used the tour bus washroom despite announcements from the tour bus driver and guide NOT to use it!)

8:20 AM - We load the tour bus onto the ferry to Victoria. The interior of the loading deck reminds me of the USS Hornet... if my sister is reading this, SHUT UP! :P

9:05 AM - Find myself thinking of Dominic. Ah, sweet contemplation!

10:15 AM - I finally figure out who my aunt Janis reminds me of: one of the Awana moms, Mrs. Zhou. (mother to Carmen and Jasemine) Janis also KINDA looks like Edwin and Karen's mom Susan, years ago when I first knew her.

11:46 AM - Go to Butchart Gardens, where we walk around and view the lovely gardens... my mom would LOVE this place! (actually, I think she's been here too) I enjoy various scents of lotion at the gift shop: peony, rose, magnolia, and more. Mmm, flowery scents... :D

1:15 PM - Have lunch at a local Boston Pizza, where I introduce Janis to the wild and novel concept of (gasp!) actually including your tip when you pay your bill in a non-Chinese restaurant! I think she was thrown off by Thomas' mention of putting your tip on the table after meals in restaurants. No wonder she thought her two $20 bills were way too much for our $35.19 bill, haha! I say it was just fine, and override her objections by saying firmly that additional loonies and toonies weren't needed on the $40 total.

2:30 PM - We have three hours to explore the Parliament Buildings / the Royal Wax Museum in Victoria. That's a vast improvement over the measly 15 minutes we were given to accomplish a similar thing in Ottawa last summer!

2:50 PM - My aunt and I wander around the Empress Hotel, and look at pedicabs and horse-driven carriages. The horses bring back my childhood memories of horseback riding lessons out in Langley or Surrey, plus certain Manning Park memories. (Grandma's perfume helped to lessen the stink of the horses, let's just say...)

4:12 PM - Get to know my aunt a little better, and also review Canadian coinage with her. A loonie and a toonie are NOT the same! She also thinks I walk too fast, but I guess it's unconscious. (Palmer knows this very well, haha)

4:45 PM - Amuse myself by saying "fo' shizzle my nizzle rizzle bizzle quizzle a'dizzle" over and over in my head. My aunt would think I'm nuts, but I don't really care! :D

5:15 PM - I have increasing thoughts of both Palmer and Jasmine... aiyoh! The thoughts are both fairly discomfiting and comforting all at once; I have no idea what to make of them.

5:45 PM - Get to hotel and check in after a suitably long day... phew!

6:10 PM - Discuss spiritual and family matters with my aunt. She says she'd like my dad to know about the increased understanding she's had of certain things. Janis also wants me to go to Hong Kong or Taiwan with him one of these days. We'll see if THAT ever happens! She informs me that she paid for this tour, and thought it would be awkward if my dad went with her... so this is a chance to get to know me better. I guess that works!

7:30 PM - Aunt Janis and I eat dinner at a Chinese restaurant near the hotel. The BBQ pork looks really artificial, but the waitress says that the Westerners won't eat it if it's not colored garishly red. There are also onions in both the chow mein and the hot and sour soup... suffice to say that they don't belong in either of those dishes!

8:10 PM - Play the "... in bed" game with the fortune cookies we receive as dessert, with utterly hilarious results. Makes for perfect journalling material, even if it IS immature! *laughs and winks*

"You can plan now with confidence.... in bed"
"With renewed energy, accomplish what you can... in bed"

HAHAHAHA! Aunt wants to know what's so funny. Never mind!

8:45 PM - After a quick shower, I go "walkabout" in the hotel. I check out the liquor store next door, but don't buy anything... I don't want to horrify my aunt! Saw some interesting things there, though! ;)

9:10 PM - Janis tells me the reason WHY she went to the bathroom at least ten times today. Dude, there IS such a thing as way too much friggin' information! I definitely DO NOT want to know her cycle! Hey, I exercised tact and restraint by not telling her about the fortune cookie game... sheesh! Do the same for me!

10:05 PM - Fall asleep ridiculously early, tired out from all the walking and the long day. Dream that Frances told me that she's pregnant, which made me concerned for the toddlers in Sunday School. (I don't know anything about teaching them, y'see) I also have comforting thoughts about certain new friends of mine. They'd be horrified, I think! But good thoughts are always a plus. ;)


7:20 AM - Get wakeup call from the front desk. I remember the "hotel front desk pranking guests" prank phone call, and am amused. :D

8:10 AM - Watch Spongebob Squarepants while eating a breakfast that consists of the leftovers from yesterday's lunch.

9:30 AM - Think of Eric, Christon, and my other DF friends. I pray and hope that their upcoming camp this weekend goes well and is safe.

10:25 AM - Stop somewhere to look at giant red cedars. We also stop somewhere else to go on a totem pole tour. They're both interesting in their own ways.

12:10 PM - Drive around Chemainus and look at all the historical mural paintings. Those things are quite interesting, actually! My aunt buys some stuff for me at the local grocery store: bubble gum / cotton candy-flavored Jello, butterscotch Jello pudding mix, and creamy wild rice / chicken noodle / vegetable beef Bear Creek soup mixes.

1:20 PM - Have lunch in Nanaimo just prior to getting on the ferry to go back to Vancouver. Introduce Janis to poutine, which she seems to like. No, you can't just get it at ANY fast-food place! Her pronunciation of the foreign word varies from "pudding" to "podding".. it's almost comical. She also thinks I eat too fast... no way! Reminds me of Yazmine thinking the same thing, though!

2:02 PM - If Aunt Janis mentions "going to (the) toilet" one more time, I think I'll explode! Personally, I think she's obsessed with it somehow. No, I don't need to use it at least half the time she asks... but she DOES put the idea in my head so I have the urge to go! AIYA!

3:25 PM - Ferry ride to Horseshoe Bay. Finish Lord John and the Private Matter, and start drafting this entry. Aunt Janis also thinks I read too fast... hey, I'm bored and I'll do anything for entertainment! (no, that statement is NOT meant to be taken literally! :P)

4:05 PM - Aunt wonders if I need exercise after sitting for over an hour. Dude, I've sat for far longer than that at the computer! *laugh*

4:45 PM - Finally on the way home! Finish drafting this entry, as well. Aunt offers to switch from the bed to the couch: she thinks I'm very attached to my bed, and my "hours need to be regulated." While I admit to a certain amount of attachment to my bed, I'm not so sure my hours need to be regulated THAT much! :P

5:20 PM - The driver announces that we will be dropping off all the Coquitlam people first before the Richmond people. I then personally think he's gone insane, particularly as we're halfway into Richmond already. As it turns out, the Richmond people do indeed get dropped off first. That's because Richmond RULES! :D

6:15 PM - Go to eat dinner with my parents at Hon's. They think I talk too fast, and also try to plan ahead too much. Hey, all I want to know is what we'll be doing on Sunday!

7:30 PM - Finally home, where I've been typing up this entry for the past hour or so. Now it's time to catch up on 40 hours' worth of stuff... I'm in serious "skim mode" here! ;)

Your Birthdate: September 17

Your birth on the 17th day of the month suggests that you are very lucky financially, because this date indicates a solid business sense.

Although you are probably very honest and ethical, this birthday enables you to be shrewd and successful in the world of business and commercial enterprise.

You have excellent organizational, managerial, and administrative capabilities enabling you to handle large projects and significant amounts of money with relative ease.

You are ambitious and highly goal-oriented, although you may be better at starting projects than you are at finishing them.

A sensitivity in your nature, often repressed below the surface of awareness, makes it hard to give or receive affection.

Your #1 Match: ISFP

The Artist

You are a gifted artist or musician (though your talents may be dormant right now).
You enjoy spending your free time in nature, and you are good with animals and children.
Simply put, you enjoy beauty in all its forms and live for the simple pleasures in life.
Gentle, sensitive, and compassionate - you are good at recognizing people's unspoken needs.

You would make a good veterinarian, pediatrician, or composer.

Your #2 Match: ESFP

The Performer

You are a natural performer and happiest when you're entertaining others.
A great friend, you are generous, fun-loving, and optimistic.
You love to laugh - and you like almost all people equally.
You accept life as it is, and you do your best to make each day fantastic.

You would make a good actor, designer, or counsellor.

Your #3 Match: ISFJ

The Nurturer

You have a strong need to belong, and you're very loyal.
A good listener, you excel at helping others in practical ways.
In your spare time, you enjoy engaging your senses through art, cooking, and music.
You find it easy to be devoted to one person, who you do special things for.

You would make a good interior designer, chef, or child psychologist.

Your #4 Match: ESFJ

The Caregiver

You are sympathetic and caring, putting friends and family first.
A creature of habit, you prefer routines and have trouble with change.
You love being in groups - whether you're helping people or working on a project.
You are good at listening, laughing, and bringing out the best in people.

You would make a great nurse, social worker, or teacher.

Your #5 Match: INFP

The Idealist

You are creative with a great imagination, living in your own inner world.
Open minded and accepting, you strive for harmony in your important relationships.
It takes a long time for people to get to know you. You are hesitant to let people get close.
But once you care for someone, you do everything you can to help them grow and develop.

You would make an excellent writer, psychologist, or artist.

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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Off on Victoria Chinese bus tour

I'm leaving on the Chinese bus tour soon... wish me luck!
Be back sometime on Friday evening, methinks.

I also may have told certain people too much last night... eep!

Half of the stuff I'd use to wake myself up is not aunt-friendly.
(the music DVD, Everclear, MGB, RATM, Alexisonfire, etc.)
Solution: New Order. :D

Right.. I'm gone now. Later!

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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Does My English Cut The Mustard? / More Quizzes

This looks very interesting against the background of this journal. :D

Your English Skills:

Grammar: 100%

Spelling: 100%

Punctuation: 80%

Vocabulary: 80%

Take the quiz:
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Congrats! You're the coolest of the sisters, and the most kickass one too.

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* Piper (You scored 2)
* Phoebe (You scored 2)
* Paige (You scored 0)

Take the quiz:
What instrument type best fits you

Mostly melody, excluding the lower brass instruments. These guys get a lot of credit, and are heard. Total wimps, when it comes to the size of instrument (I'm talkin about the trumpet and the treble clef instruments)

Quizzes by -- the World's Biggest Yearbook!

All of the possible quiz results for this quiz:

* brass (You scored 4)
* percussion (You scored 0)
* TUBA, bass lines (You scored 0)
* woodwinds (You scored 2)
* voice (singer) (You scored 2)

Take the quiz:

You are like, TOTALLY popular at your new school.. but despite your popularity among your peers... you still find time for good ol' buds! You're nice... :-)

Quizzes by -- the World's Biggest Yearbook!

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* Rach! (You scored 3)
* Rina! (You scored 2)
* Ravioli! (Nicole) (You scored 0)
* Karo! me! (You scored 0)
* Joshua... you failed... get out of my face! (You scored 1)
* Nikki! (You scored 2)

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Meeting Aunt Janis....

Went to the airport to meet my aunt Janis.. I was kinda worried we might not get along, but she seems nice. We went for some Chinese food, and I had a coffee-flavored bubble tea. Later, we went to Oakridge Mall and walked around... I got to know her a little better. When my dad said that her church did Chinese gospel music, I instantly got visuals of Chinese people doing black gospel music. Quite the interesting imagery... Chinese people singing with the power and strength of that tradition would probably never happen, but you never know! Later on, we had some dinner at Yaohan Centre (some more Pho and curry stuff), and now we're home. Must try to sleep early tonight, since we have to wake up at 6:30 AM.

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Lucky 13 Songs Meme

From Tim: I might as well do this one now.. I'll forget in a week! :P

Bring up a playlist on your computer and hit shuffle. Write down the first 13 words you hear in each song and only the first 13 words, even if the phrase is not complete. If the song has no words, just skip to the next song. Have your friends try to guess what the songs are.

Playlist = Corey's DVD. (so must do it before Janis is here)

1. Into the valley we go to bliss the witch, she sucking ultimate power
2. I always thought we'd be together and that our love could not be
3. Idle hands may be the devil's work Unbridled minds you see are so
4. Turn the page and it's the scoop of the century Don't wanna be
5. Little Flopsy flaps around. He flaps on up and flaps on down. He's
6. Death Pod comes from the sky - it does Through the space, through the
7. Frozen it time. We watched as you grew. Now the ice is gone. And
8. You can destroy an army You can kill a man But you can't
9. X-Copy patrol your streets tonight and we will judge what's wrong and right
10. Come on back to the House of Shame. Blood's burning to play my
11. Submit and reveal what you hide and conceal. Open up and enable, put
12. Welcome to New Jersey It's late at night and you're far from home
13. Who will survive and what will be left of them? Apocalyptic dreams see

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Sleeping on the couch.... / Famous Artists

Pro to sleeping on the couch:

* it's only two steps away from the computer and TV

Con to sleeping on the couch:

* I get awakened early by birds, sun, and traffic

(but that could be a good thing tomorrow, waking early *thud* )

I really don't think I'm all cleaned up yet, but it'll have to do.

I'll be packing while Janis is sleeping off her jet lag.. fun.

Breakfast: Bailey's ice cream. (nothing wrong with that! :P)

Take the quiz:
What famous artist are you?

Jim Morrison and The Doors
You are a person who is weird on stage, but can write one hell of a lot of good lyrics, and will die of drug use

Quizzes by -- the World's Biggest Yearbook!

All of the possible quiz results for this quiz:

* Jim Morrison and The Doors (You scored 3)
* Jimi Hendrix (You scored 1)
* Jimmy Page and Led Zepplin (You scored 3)
* Depeche Mode (You scored 2)
* Robert Smith of the Cure (You scored 1)

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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Pho, bubble tea, nervousness, Aaron's morning show, obligations, quizzes

I was so irritable, argumentative, and cranky earlier when I went for Pho with my parents! It probably has to do with Aunt Janis' impending arrival, and the fact that I have to go on a (short) bus tour. I'm one of those people who generally likes to know what's happening ahead of time (thus my planning for next Thursday with someone last night), and my dad still hasn't booked any tours! Sure, he's been down with the sickness (flu) and such lately, but I'd like a little NOTICE of what I'm expected to do! I don't mind taking her around; it would probably save money. But I guess if I have to do it... *sigh* Too much getting up early for my taste, though!

Apparently, I'm also expected to call a cab for her on Tuesday morning when she leaves. I don't do mornings very well, and I've never called a cab for anyone before! My parents would do it, but they'll be at the airport themselves long before she will. They wanted to come here and tidy things up, but I luckily dissuaded them. Good thing I finished the last of my vodka yesterday afternoon! That way, nobody will see it who's not supposed to!

At least we went to the Richmond Public Market, where the memories of Thursday came back in force. I had a raspberry bubble tea, and my mom bought me ten dumplings for later. I'm still so anxious about this visit... is this normal?

I also told Aaron P. some good news... he's happy for me!

(his morning radio show's website.. fans in spirit!)

You scored as Postmodernist. Postmodernism is the belief in complete open interpretation. You see the universe as a collection of information with varying ways of putting it together. There is no absolute truth for you; even the most hardened facts are open to interpretation. Meaning relies on context, and even the language you use to describe things should be subject to analysis.



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You're a PLOTTER! A plotter carefully outlines
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at a steady rate. You most likely have a tidy
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and more, and you probably write sequentially:
chapter by chapter. You are indicative of the
Turtle in Aesop's Fables. Slow and steady wins
the race! Your books are likely to be
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Find Your Writing Personality!!
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Which Pirates of the Caribbean character are you?

You scored 22 in the Crayola test!
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Jolly good, wot! Anyone for tennis? That'll be ten ponies, guv. You're the epitome of everything that is English. Yey. :) Hoist that Union Jack!

How British are you?

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Monday, April 25, 2005

Finished vodka, No Pants Day, gaming, codes, Plumbers Day, orchestra quiz

Finished my vodka just now... 09.16.03 to 04.25.05.

No Pants Day is Friday, May 6. (can't do it with the plans I have going... Eric et al would be horrified!)

Note to self: find out if board games are the real deal, or RPGs.

Note: My bid for LJ world domination blogquiz, by Andrew.

If you're bored, crack this code: it's a random cipher. See if you can figure out what it is.


(Corey wanted me to do his homework for him... any errors not our faults!)

Today (April 25) is Plumber's Day.

Plumbing pipe was originally made from wood or earthenware. Eventually, lead was used. The Latin word for "lead" is plumbum, which gave us the English word "plumbing."

A few items Roto-Rooter has found in clogged drainpipes:

* Glass eyes, gold teeth, dentures, contact lenses, toothbrushes, hearing aids, and toupees.

* Women's lingerie, long johns, towels, robes, a complete bedspread, and -- of course -- a multitude of missing socks.

* Birds, bats, beavers, cats, ducks, fish, frogs, possums, skunks, a piranha, a 2.5-pound trout, and lots of snakes -- including a six-foot rattlesnake.

You scored as Bassoon. Bassoon. Bassooners are usually fun and outgoing. They're pretty sweet.



String Bass






French Horn


















If you were in an orchestra, what instrument would match your personality?
created with

They misspelled "sweet" as "suite"... nice musical joke, but NO.

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Sunday, April 24, 2005

Freudian slips, Harry Potter staircase, long-range plans

Finally called Yazmine and Shannon earlier tonight: Yazmine made a rather humorous Freudian slip when she described her brother's upcoming wedding as a funeral. She's very angry at her brother, and won't do a thing with him, or let her mother give away anything of hers to him. Shannon's been busy too, with her grandma's death and going to Texas. She thinks I always call at weird times, but at least 8:40 PM wasn't an example of such! I had to tell them about what was going on in my life anyhow!

Right now, I'm discussing escalaphobia with Eric. :D
(plus the moving Harry Potter staircase... aiya!)

"God will never leave you or forsake you on an escalator."

I seem to have lost my connection with Dominic... always later, though!

Might take a shower too, at a later point. :P

Long-range plans:

* Do stuff with aunt all week, maybe Metrotown on Saturday.
* Maybe get together with Jayson on Thursday, 5 May.
* Meet Jasmine with Jayson for board games on Tuesday night, 3 May.
* Get together with Yazmine on 13 May at Metrotown. (Friday)
* Maybe go over to Shannon's in May sometime... NOT May 21.
* Perhaps talk to Dominic by phone at some point.

For future reference on 3 May:

Catch the 407 at 5:54 PM.
Get the 410 at 6:08.
That drops me at 22nd St. at 6:40.

Perfect timing for 7, so Jayson says. We'll see.

Leave by 10:20.
Get on Skytrain by 10:40.
Home by 11:30.

Again, we'll see about all that later.
His computer likes the Translink site; mine doesn't.

For May 5:

Leave at 12:40.
Take the 410 to 22nd St to make it by 2.
Take the skytrain 5 stops to Lougheed Mall. (5-minute bus ride)
Do whatever till Friday afternoon at about 5:30.

"Whatever" loosely defined as:

* Coquitlam Centre? (half-hour bus ride)
* definitely Pho, since he's never had it
* Crouching Tiger
* explorations of a different sort ;)

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Bathroom Readers, cards, suspensions, Camp Luther swimming memories, hypnosis, and more!

My parents discussed my aunt's visit with me this morning on the way to church. They're going to book a bus tour for us tomorrow: that leaves me feeling like I don't know what's happening there, since the circumstances are a bit out of my control. I know I shouldn't obsess over control so much, but you have to admit it's nice knowing what will happen with a good amount of certainty. I've already booked off Awana on Saturday, since I'm so organized and all. (read: it wouldn't do to have Aunt Janis hang around the church while I'm off doing my thing with the kids :P) I'm not too sure I like the idea of a bus tour yet, but at least it's only an overnighter and not over a week like the last one was! *thud* I guess I can always pack one book to read: I certainly have enough that I've not finished yet! Not sure how we'll get along, but my mom remains hopeful that Janis will buy me a lot of stuff using the gobs of money she has. Me, I'm not expecting that... I'm trying to adopt the "don't expect anything and you won't be disappointed" philosophy, heh.

As soon as I got to church, I gave Julie a birthday card for her brother Brian to be given to him when he gets back in the summer. I also gave Danielle her Bathroom Reader; she really liked it, and hugged me! Erin said that was really thoughtful, and asked me for my email address: she tried sending me something at my old one, and it bounced back. Christon sat beside me; we talked with Dianne, Silvester, Nathan, Citrus, and Danielle about exams and our weeks. Dianne jokingly hates Christon since he's all done with his exams. Christon asked me about my week, so I told him that I'd hung out and talked all day with a friend on Thursday. That was cool. :D

After service, we all milled around in the back parking lot and talked. I gave Justin his brother Clement's birthday card, and I gave Vivian her sister Karen's birthday card... both to be given to the proper people later on. Saves me time trying to find them later on, heh. Citrus mentioned the time when he and Eric became hypothermia buddies at Camp Luther a few years ago. He, Eric, Sean, and Alan decided to swim a good length of the lake and back one afternoon while they were there for Fellowship camp once. It didn't look so bad when they went in, even if Sean DID give up very early in the swim. The lake certainly got to be pretty cold once they were at the halfway point and stopped to let Stella take pictures of them on a rock. (they STILL don't have those!) Danielle remembers hearing about the story, and I remember calling Cindy Y. and having her tell me about it! I'd immediately called Eric after she told me: it took half an hour of a very hot shower to feel remotely warm again, and 45 minutes to feel like they could function!

I gave Christon his early farewell and birthday cards, and he thanked me for them. It's not like I'll see him on or near October 2, since he gets back in December from Edmonton. Sheena and Chalaine were exchanging money, which then caused Citrus to make a reference to the moneylenders in the temple. I got it right away, and asked if there were any tables in the vicinity to overturn. It took Nathan a little longer to get it, and he laughed at it. What can I say, my brain works well at times. (like the time Nathan made a reference to doing a "3 minus 1" at the Venus Café in 2003... Jon and Eddie didn't get it, but I did!) Nathan thought that I said I owed him money, but I don't. Then he and Justin were trying to jokingly hypnotize me with a nickel: "You are getting very sleepy... you are on a beach somewhere... give to the fund of Nathan...." Haha, I'm not THAT gullible or impressionable!

Silvester and Jen both asked me when my siblings would be back: May 8 and May 18. I gave Jen her birthday card, and talked to Dawn for a bit. Danielle will miss Jon's initial arrival, since she'll be in China for 2.5 weeks, but she won't miss Steph's... too bad Steph isn't coming back on her birthday like last year, haha! Citrus told us that he was much more mature now, because he once got suspended from school for hitting someone over the head with a plastic baseball bat. This inspired me to tell them that I was suspended from school once for something similar, but the weapon involved was a field hockey stick... yes, very much different! I know what Citrus and his sister were like as annoying kids: Cordia cried all the time, for one thing! He wondered what had made him mature... I suggested cadets, which could have been part of it. At least Citrus and Cordia are great now! We also made fun of people from Coquitlam, hahaha. Nothing serious, so Coquitlam people reading this can relax. ;)

After Sunday School, my mom thought that I needed her vest so I wouldn't be cold. It was so very warm outside! I didn't even wear my jacket this morning, unlike Nathan! At least I got to go home, and then think about my aunt's impending arrival. Eep.

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