Saturday, April 17, 2004

Books for fifty cents, and a souvenir photo album

I'm at the library for a quickie update on this thing..
tried to do it an hour ago, but it all timed out on me..
got a 150 Years of True Crime book for 50¢.. yay!
Nathan showed us a souvenir photo album.. the photos looked super.. he also showed us a Mao watch..
I got home at 12:30, and Sam buzzed me right away..
good ol' Sam.. I could talk while catching up on stuff..
lost it only when Spocko and Stephen tried buzzing me..
love you guys and all, but there's only so much I can take..
besides, my brain was seriously flatlining.. needed sleep!
might've been abrupt and rude to them.. apologized later..
now, to go to Awana.. perhaps the Tsawwassen recital..
though it's far away and costs money, I'll see about a ride..
stay tuned for further updates in this boring life saga ;)

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Friday, April 16, 2004

Nathan and the Shanghaiese prostitutes

Jon thought that I was trying to look like a rapper..
my cap was pulled down almost to eye level..
I laughingly denied it.. he thought I was going to go topless..
(this courtesy of a radio car dealership commercial..)
of course, I knew Jon was going to say something like that..
the whole concept of me in déshabillé is a bad idea! :P

talked to Jon, Karen, Dianne, Cindy, Dave, Eddie, Brian, Mark..
Christon, Jason, Danielle, Dawn, Andy, Lauren, Tracy..
Alan, Michelle, Sabrina, Sheena, Phil, Megan, and others:
nobody's interested in going to Jon's recital tomorrow..
ping-pong, how to deal with the Awana kids..
Steph getting back soon, life / updates, food..
wedding invitations, money for camp, Eddie's trip to Asia..
travelling in general, when Nathan got back, exams..
the interesting salt-and-pepper Kettle Chips, etc.

Jon and I went to Nathan's for an email check.. second home..
Eric's probably not going to the recital because of driving..
we caught up with Nathan, and told him of church stuff..
Nathan took about 700 pictures (again) of his China trip..
almost got picked up by a prostitute, and also got a little sick..
he's jet-lagged right now as well, but had a good time..
China and Shanghai are more modern and clean now..
even if they are more smoky than what we're used to!
(the cleanliness rocks for the washroom / toilet situation!)
he gave us each a free Canucks towel.. showed cheap stuff..
fake Oakley sunglasses, medicine balls, knife, Mao watch..
watched sports highlights and MuchMusic while there..

Jon says I'm going to the recital no matter what.. uh-huh!
makes me almost wish I catch the chicken pox from Johnson..
Dave probably won't go, but we shall see on this one..
all I want to do is go home after Awana and relax a little..
over and out until tomorrow, so I'll see what happens..

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I want my prince to save me...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KEMPY.. I hope you have a good one today! :) It's been great knowing you, dude.

got certain things done without annoyances today.. woohoo!
a certain person apparently hasn't been online yet..
funnily enough, I find myself missing him more than usual..
eh, perhaps my prince will get here later and save me :P
just made Friday plans with Jon, who tried calling Eunice..
he's leaving at around 6:45 or so, which sounds good..
I called Eunice, who said she had a work meeting tonight..
as Jon said when I called him back to tell him: "boo!"
looking forward to good times tonight.. better be smashing!

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Thursday, April 15, 2004

"Take care... if you need us, you know where to find us..."

Wolfie just told me some caring stuff on a board..
I believe I may be a saphead for being overly touched by it..
it was: "take care.. if you need us, you know where to find us.."
perhaps it's because I know she really means it and all..
yep, I know the statement is very true.. I do love 'em there..
we're losing the hockey game.. damn, I wish it weren't so..
if I see Eric tomorrow, I can tell him I watched it like always..
no humor sources have come on tonight.. wait till tomorrow ;)

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Blasts from the past

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JIM.. I hope you have a terrific one today! :) It has been great having you as a friend, indeed.

the last few days have been great for "blasts from the past"..
on Tuesday, I saw Violet and Nadia Moutal at the mall..
yesterday, Jon and I saw Steve McCreedy at Milestone's..
today, I saw Jennifer Lunot-Tucker and the 1975 Emily Lee..
(not to be confused with Melissa's sister Emily, of course :P)
at least I filled out the Milestone's survey at Oakridge..
totally didn't crash the computers over there, haha..
got good commentage from various people, too..
that's all I'm going to say about my day so far :P

although I will say that I'll miss Spoz's blog ramblings..
he's in Melbourne for a few days, and won't be updating..
where will all my humor come from now, I ask?
probably Daniel, Nathan, and Corey.. maybe others..
but it is not looking good on that front at all.. aiya!

also, I'm being beset by this strange problem nowadays..
stuff will NOT select properly to be copied and pasted..
I have to highlight a whole bunch of text beforehand..
this problem is extremely annoying.. help, Corey?
well, he tried... but unfortunately it's too long-distance!
always appreciate his help.. hope he's on tonight, haha!

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Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Hearing loss in your friend's voice

dinner yesterday wasn't TOO bad.. 10-course meals rock!
too bad Jon bailed because of a rehearsal he had..
I was greatly disappointed.. nobody close to talk to..
still, I was able to sneak away for a bit and call Eric..
he said we were losing the hockey game.. ouch, I could even hear it in his voice!
but he did say he could burn the CDs for me.. sweet, eh?
going to brunch with everyone in half an hour..
this time, Jon WILL be there.. definitely a good thing..
I'm still full from last night, but I guess I'll deal ;)

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Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Seeing the Moutals at the mall

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LEEJAM.. I hope you have a terrific one today! :) It has been good knowing you.. I'll check the blog out soon.

just got back from running errands at Richmond Centre..
ate a BP Pasta Tuesday special, and had Tazza coffee BBT..
I have hand lotion, special greeting cards, free Tetley teabags..
a Snoopy Easter Bunny, bubble wrap envelopes for the CDs..
plus lots of chocolate for under $5.. definitely a score! ;)
there was this girl darting looks at me near the mall..
she finally spoke up and said she thought she knew me..
turns out she was Nadia Moutal, from William Bridge days..
saw her mother Violet.. we talked about Carol and others..
Violet asked how I remembered her name.. my freaky memory!
I'll tell Jon about it tonight, for sure.. whoa, what a surprise..

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Monday, April 12, 2004

Sweetness isn't a replacement for humor

right before I went to bed at 2:10 last night, I called Jon's..
let's see how THEY like being called at insanely weird hours..
of course, I hung up after one ring.. still gets an evil laugh!
mwahahahaha.. evil demonic laughs totally rock! ;)

this morning, I got an email and felt touched because of it..
sweetness isn't a replacement for humor, but comes close..
didn't bother replying.. I felt all kinds of apathetic.. um, yay?
at least someone came online later, and improved my mood ;)

I fired up ICQ to send Eric a message about burning the CD..
welfy, Jim, and Phoenix will get copies..
dunno when I'll mail them, but eventually they will get there..
got a birthday reminder for LeeJam.. I went to another site..
posted up some greetings and wishes for him there..
apparently, he has a blog now.. I should go check it out..
haven't talked to him for ages.. too bad MSN doesn't work..
heck, Spoz and I haven't talked for at least three weeks!

yep, I miss everyone when ICQ and MSN don't work well..
also decided to post up a bit of an update on me..
TLD jokingly said everything was good, excepting one point..
I should note that everything's quite fine with us there..
he said life / the world has lost all meaning now.. hahaha, I'll talk to my generous benefactor soon! ;)

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Andre can have my skin!

my skin is driving me crazy right now.. Andre can have it! ;)
tomorrow or Tuesday, I'll go to get some cream / lotion..
for some reason, my mom just called me at 12:45 AM..
she said that there was a family dinner on Tuesday..
well, you COULD have called me at a more reasonable time!
note to self: leave the Call Block ON, no matter what time it is..
Corey's avoidance strategies are making me laugh, though..
gotta love the guy's humor, after all.. I know I do, a lot ;)

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Sunday, April 11, 2004

Insanely hot for this time of year... / Personality Quiz

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAVE.. I hope you have a great one today! :) I'll miss your humor when you leave.. love ya!

phew.. it's insanely hot for this time of year.. 26°?
Cindy definitely didn't need to wear her sweater today..
we told Dave that she was always cold when he asked..
Jon sounded better and more consistent voice-wise.. woohoo!
Eric M. said that my Coffee Crisp breakfast wasn't nutritious..
believe me, I knew that one going into it.. good ol' jokes..
at least Jon signed everyone's birthday cards early..
I gave the ApologetiX CD to Eric H. before service..
Danielle was so taken with it; she wants to borrow it next..
not a problem, even though it's originally Jon's CD ;)
sat by both Erics during service today.. gotta enjoy it..
heard Sean, Citrus, Brian, and Derek do a special song, too..
talked to both Erics, Kevin, Citrus, Danielle, Ethan, Jackie, Fidela, Daniel, Dave, Alan, Norman, Jon, and others:
Jon's sickness; his Saturday recital with Christine; updates..
my Corona Extra cap / blue outfit; the hockey playoff games..
certain problems of Danielle's, especially last Sunrise service..
ants in the backyard; going to Toronto and being cheap..
where Nathan was; Dave's birthday being today; saying hi..
the warm weather; our birthday card routine; all-you-can-eat..
scheduling things around games; Danielle's "impressive" stuff..
special diets of Eric M. and Michelle; Victoria; plans for later..
Crew jokes (A-1, #4 / Alderbridge, unlocking doors, etc.); life..
music; interesting books; mosquito bites; having bubble tea..
bugging Ty about his slack schedule; Lent in general; etc.
definitely a very good time with my friends.. those rock!

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