Saturday, July 16, 2011

Kraft Dinner, hamburger upset, construction zones, dealing with conflict

James and I talked briefly on YM, heh. Teunis and I discussed Kraft Dinner, cottage cheese, scapegoats, distance, liars, counselling, changing oneself, brokenness, Krista, books, Alicia, getting along, Erik, PITCH BLACK with Vin Diesel, Jordan, light, pain, construction zones, chocolate eggs, gum, good work stress, life's bothers, our communication, Steph, sharing an apartment, hamburgers causing upset, and more prior to our going to bed last night. Noticed that Justin L. had unfriended me on Facebook - thank goodness for the Better Facebook script!

You Ignore Conflict

You are easygoing and leisurely. You prefer to keep things low-pressure in your life.

You prefer to make yourself happy whenever possible - because no one else is going to do it.

You pride yourself on being low-maintenance. You don't complain unless you absolutely have to.

You believe in expressing gratitude, even when times are tough. You are proud to be an optimist.

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Friday, July 15, 2011

Rum, Pringles, Baileys, vodka, cheesecake, wet wooden spoons, and Pastafarians

Erin (shedtheirony) added me to Facebook, haha. Then I found out that Eric had scheduled a meeting for this Sunday; let's see what I can do about that. I was so exhausted that I took a long nap, and didn't even get up when Eric called twice - at least I felt better when I did get up! Talked to Teunis about storage, snacks, wet wooden spoons, his cars, the gig, the guy who wore a colander on his head and said it was a Pastafarian thing, MYST, the Norse boiling (hot spicy Italian) sausage, money, bikes, his heavy red toolbox, the guy who drank hand sanitizer and was hospitalized for alcoholism, and phone calls. We also discussed violations, reactions to doughnuts / hamburgers / Splenda, migraines, the microwave, new ways of cooking, ASTERIX AND OBELIX, cameras, Chinese, Mandarin, memory cards, DR. HORRIBLE, and more.

From Shelley: Some doctor on TV this morning said the way to achieve inner peace is to finish all the things you have started. So I looked around my house to see things I'd started & hadn't finished, then I finished off a bottle of Vodka, a bodle of Baileys, a botle of wum, a pock of Prungles, 1/2 chesecke an a boc a choclez. Yu haf no idr how bludy fablus I feeel now. Plaese sned dhis orn to dem yu fee ar in ned ov iennr pisss.

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WINE MAKES MOMMY CLEVER / H. Ross / Up at 7 AM?! / Book or movie

For some reason, I was up at 7 AM - it wasn't Teunis' alarm, since he said he turned it off right away. He and I discussed the Engine and the End's gig on Saturday for H. Ross' 30th birthday, stomach issues, Teresa's book find of WINE MAKES MOMMY CLEVER, time limits and his not expecting to see me up (but I used the bathroom anyway), shaving at the sink, KIRBY music, packing lunch, soup, and more.

You Are a Book

You are a deliberate thinker. You don't like to gloss over anything, and details matter to you.

When times get tough, you get philosophical. You never forget the meaning of life.

If you're facing a problem, getting away for a couple days always helps you clear your mind.

You always consider the past, present, and future. You believe every little event shapes your life.

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Uncle Daniel is not Uncle Andrew, hahaha! / Corey agreement / Stress

Talked to Chinese Eric briefly this afternoon about Nathan and hanging out while he's here, haha. Apparently, Eric tried to reach Nathan with no luck; I'm not surprised! Also discussed his health, doctors, sodium, spicy foods, white meat, diet, Sean, Uncle Andrew / the dentist not being Uncle Daniel, being good to see everyone again (maybe at church?), and more prior to his heading out. I exchanged a few crazy emails with Corey in Taiwan, who does agree! When Teunis got home at 7:45, we spent some time talking about Kaili / his stepdad Jim / concern / no food / sickness / sleeping in / feelings / cream cheese / peanut butter / rye crackers / chocolate eggs / soreness / noodles / stress / paying prices / his PURITY Canadian cookbook / "endless" video game music and hockey commentary / pagan music / THE JOY OF COOKING / dinner / losing it / crying / burgers / safety / Andrew being brash / sleeping over at Jazmin's on Monday / Fort St. John / Krista / being here too long.

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Adam, Subena, Kenny and Skype, plus a train oracle

Discovered that Adam has deleted his profile again, and Subena's thinking of doing the same since she has no time - okay, then! Kenny mentioned he hadn't seen me online in Skype for ages - haha, I know!

You Are Plucky and Brave

You enjoy variety and new challenges. You're always looking to shake things up a bit.

You are deeply emotional. You are a very soulful person, and at times you're downright fiery.

When you want to get your way, you're assertive and gusty. You are a good actor, even when you're not feeling brave.

You are easily excited and inspired. You are engaged with the world in many different ways.

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James, computer POOF, Ragnar, evil toolbars, limes, and unwinding

Talked to James briefly on YM before our computers both went poof, haha. Teunis got home and we discussed fixing Kaili's laptop, apple juice, Ragnar, my Skype Toolbar plug-in crashing all the time (he helped me remove it via the control panel because I was getting sick of closing yellow bars on 80% of my tabs), and harmony in the home regarding gum and pausing video game music while he was in here. We also talked about reducing his food storage in here / moving pains by coming home to cook stuff tomorrow (maybe with the limes), unwinding, air freshener, dating life, chicken / bacon / ranch Subway sandwiches, feelings about people, dreaming, Eric M., Jeremy, and more.

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

36 loonies and 68 quarters / Air freshener and Subway sandwiches

The bank was perfectly accommodating towards my request to exchange two toonies for eight quarters and two loonies, and to cash part of my cheque as 34 loonies and 60 quarters... ah, laundry money! Mailed the HST form and Dianne's cards / happy face stickers to Calgary at Shoppers Drug Mart's post office, then had a pineapple-mango bubble tea at Big Orange. Went to Subway to get James' favorite sandwich (Chicken Bacon Ranch), and discovered that my BMO card does indeed work for these types of transactions! (not that I'm going to make a habit out of it or anything...) Decided to go to London Drugs for Excel White pink gum / on-sale air freshener x2 (at only $1? HECK YEAH, I'll BUY IT EVEN IF I CAN'T TEST IT!) / on-sale laundry detergent / Dad's birthday card / even more Rockets for Steph and Lisa / hand sanitizer / BBQ Lays chips / mango-papaya dish detergent. Managed to get some more change offloaded while I was paying for that stuff, AND managed to get the heavy bag home - IT'S ALL GOOD!

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Chinese Eric, Deborah, and fancy cocktails

I got an offline MSN message from Chinese Eric, asking me where Nathan was - if I knew and IF offline messaging was working, I'd tell you! Deborah G. (devils_sidekick) added me to Facebook, while Mary deleted her profile again - haha, how interesting!

You Are Grounded

You take time to savor every moment. You believe that life is about the simple things.

You are always keenly aware of your environment. You notice every sight, sound, and smell.

You are detail-oriented and dislike dealing with theory or abstract thought.

You try not to make things overly complicated. You find yourself returning to old favorites time and time again.

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Skype and not being allowed to talk to computers / Loonies and quarters needed

Vented to Kenny on MSN (Skype! / not being allowed to "talk to computers" - WTF?) before doing laundry, which is always good. Found out that I need 14 more loonies for my laundry coins alone since I seem to have a surplus of quarters, and I figure I'll get a bunch more loonies and quarters for more laundry money from the bank tomorrow before / after finally mailing Dianne's stuff and the HST thing - three envelopes for that alone?! YIKES!

When Teunis got home, he complained that he couldn't get in the door. I didn't see what the problem was, until I remembered that my laundry basket was probably in the way. Said he picked up some movies from a friend, and got a grape aloe drink / yogurt drinks / canned jackfruit / coconut jelly drinks. We discussed European sweets, licorice, the Dutch, salmiakki, parks, Rhiannon and her decided dislike for Chinese food, Chinese sausage, my mom's melodramatic reaction to his moving out ("OMG! ARE YOU NOT FRIENDS ANYMORE?!"), Greek yogurt, GAME OF THRONES being addictive, harmony in the home, gum, Kaili, Robin, and more. Called Steph to discuss the Pride Parade, last night, Angela (NOT Andrea), Dad's birthday card, and Lisa.

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Commonly confused words, lowest MARIO score, and charmers

Matthew M. unfriended me on Facebook, but that's okay. Chris found this hilarious CRACKED article about 8 words you're confusing with other words - SO HILARIOUS AND TRUE!

Almost the lowest-scoring MARIO game ever: The current record for lowest score when completing the original Super Mario Brothers is 600 points; five end-of-level flags at their lowest level for 100 points apiece, and one Goomba bounced (100 points) to avoid two coins (100 points each).

You Are an Earth Charmer

You are charming in a steady, subtle, and thoughtful way. Your charms are effective, but they take time.

You can't help but be keenly aware of the environment around you. You are attentive and perceptive.

You are full of wonder and curiosity. You feel a strong connection to the world.

You are a highly sensitive person. You are both impressionable and responsive.

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Countdown is accelerated... yay for salvaging friendship!

When Teunis got home, I was getting bottled water from the fridge - he said hi, but I ignored it in favor of going to the bathroom. Immature? Oh, quite possibly! Then he went out later (I assume to talk to Tess), so I at least gained some time to make noodles with frozen veggies for dinner. I saw burgers, Chapman's black cherry frozen yogurt, and garlic / onion bagels (his poor co-workers since he won't use gum!) when I was doing that, but that's not my business. I did get a chance to talk to James, though - always good!

A while later when I went to see just what havoc he was wreaking in the kitchen, he said that he'd talked to Steph, who confirms (with her trauma training) that he should move out right away. He also said something about cutting me off for a bit and not trusting me to not blow up and act insane. Let's just say we talked about our own feelings of safety, Steph thinking that I have unfinished business with Korey which is my own stuff to deal with (sharing space?!), my emotions / crying, cooperation, communication, his not expecting to see the "unsafe" thing online, trauma, not taking things personally, gum, his giving me a laptop bag even though he hated what I did, his bike, and banishment. We also discussed reminding each other of the good things in our friendship (names / cooking / kids / joys / appreciation of cooking / quirkiness), NOT controlling me, saving our friendship (so he apparently won't cut me off), his thinking that I chewed gum / played video game music more when they were brought up, and other stuff.

I think that his moving out is a good thing since both of us will feel safer, and this allows our friendship to be saved. I think we both feel better - we shook hands and hugged later, too. After he ate a burger with mustard, we talked about lazy programming / cars / Linux / Mac / Windows / viruses / corrections / food storage / Jazmin / Robin / cleaning / frozen yogurt / durian gelato / awkwardness / dating advice / Asians / audio invading his dreams / my intent with that message. At least I'll get my space back soon, too. I had to steal Nathan's idea of FINAL COUNTDOWN, hahaha!

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Monday, July 11, 2011

Siobhan, Vanessa, support, and jungle animals

Got support from Vanessa and Siobhan, anyway - some people are just bad venting choices, heh. I know I'll always have it from James, Eric H., Mandy, and others.

You Are a Zebra

People gravitate toward you. You are usually the happiest person in the room.

You are a unifying force. You bring people together from many different walks of life.

You are a joy to be around, and people love you for being exactly who you are.

You are totally comfortable with where you are in life. You accept yourself and your life circumstances.

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Vanilla pistachio soap = dislike!

When Teunis finally got up, we discussed showers / programming languages / downtime / steampunk / being a social butterfly like Jon / needing his head clear of English since it confuses him (not like I'm going to listen to AM 1320 or AM 1470 in Chinese anytime soon!) / going to the "magical" Burnaby Village Museum AGAIN (with Wolfie this time) / fixing Kaili's laptop AGAIN. Meh, as long as I don't have to hear crazy things, it's all good! Hien deleted her profile again, and I can only imagine what THIS means! When Teunis got home, we discussed the usual things like gum and smoking (along with Wolfie / Jasmine / others) - all I can say is that it's going to be one of THOSE times! Chris W. told me that if I were in the Borg, I'd be the queen of many worlds - YES!

Note to self: Don't get Bath & Body Works vanilla pistachio soap again. Turns out I don't like it as much as I thought I would.

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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Major sleeping in can be a good thing! / Farmers Market Oracle

Called Steph last night to update her on things; at least she said that Virginia was okay, haha. Yup, Teunis is moving out indeed! Chrissy posted this quote: "I remember my first jumper. You could have soaked him up with a sponge. I still can't eat spaghetti sauce." YAY FOR MORBIDITY! (Teunis thinks this is like stress disorder; I say at least the quote is perfectly sane ands an understandable reason as to why you wouldn't want to eat spaghetti sauce, as long as you aren't avoiding it altogether and flipping out when you DO have to see it!) Also updated Eric on things later via MSN when he wanted to tell me about worship leading this morning, haha.

Teunis got home at 2:45 AM and wanted to tell me about his hours-long visit with Scott, who was in town for the weekend - if I didn't seem to have sleep issues, that might have been fine. Not sure how you can have an hours-long visit with a guy who (given my limited knowledge of him) never says anything at all, though! Then he also brought up GAMING, which I've NEVER seen the appeal of! I slept through multiple alarms and phone calls this morning - only 19 more days of subconscious wakeups at 6:30 AM to go! I can do this! Turns out Amelia unfriended me on Facebook - not a big deal! Just heard about the Caribbean Fest on the radio; Dave Wong would be totally into that, haha.

You Are a Free Spirit

You have the mind of an artist, even if you haven't developed the talent yet. You are more creative than you realize.

You believe in originality and tolerance. You think the world needs more diversity, not less.

You need to do something to understand it. You learn best with hands-on training.

You are not confrontational or aggressive. You take a mild-mannered approach to dealing with people.

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