Saturday, April 28, 2012


I found NAUGHTY UNDERWEAR in the Castle of Granvania! HAHAHAHA! It makes monsters forget to attack, which is AWESOME!

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Friday, April 27, 2012

Carlos, religious commercials, PARKS AND RECREATION character, Ziploc bag paranoia

Carlos Mendoza (one of Chrissy's friends) wanted to add me, presumably because I said I wasn't wearing any pants in her status update which stated that SHE was wearing pants, so goodnight. I don't THINK so!

I was paranoid and put EVERYTHING in Ziploc bags for the Vegas trip: lip balm, hand cream, hand sanitizer, and pink Excel gum. You never know with airport security! I'm also getting annoyed at these commercials for the community church in the High Desert on 106.5 the Fox! Ugh, religion on the radio?! What if you're currently not too religious or not keen on the idea of organized religion? I guess it's the same thing, or similar. Bleh. Yes, I understand that a church is part of its community, but SEPARATION is needed! *grumble*

The manliest man of them all, you are Ron motherf#*$ing Swanson.

Never seen PARKS AND RECREATION myself.

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70 TV Tropes tabs, Ryan, Chuck, Siobhan, Chinese Eric, and crushed feelings

Ryan said hi to me via FB message; good to hear from him! Chuck also sent me a FB message, thanking me for my "happy birthday" wishes. Then Siobhan sent me a FB message with her home and work addresses since I said that I'd picked up some Canucks lip balm for her; Billie LIKED that, hahaha! Later, I got to talk to Chinese Eric via MSN; I was patient and could wait three hours or so for him to respond to my initial message about Vegas. ;) Talked about the second-round playoff match-ups, my telling him about the trip later (of COURSE he will be told the INTERESTING things!), the racist Boston fans / teenage boys, a Blues-Flyers match being strange for the playoffs, the Senators being out (no Canadian team can win the Stanley Cup this year!), and our crushed feelings about the Canucks being out of the running.

I got rid of all my TV Tropes tabs (more than 70?!) because Firefox annoyingly refused to recognize them as valid ones upon restart, instead classifying them as "New Tabs." That's one way to do it before the weekly tradition tomorrow, but I'd rather not have them gone... (however, they did cause the browser / computer to freeze...)

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

NOBODY calls me "Les"! / Bruins out, racist fans, and family vacation HELL in a dream

THE BOSTON BRUINS GOT ELIMINATED IN A GAME 7 IN OVERTIME BY THE WASHINGTON CAPITALS... YES! THIS IS AWESOME KARMA! The Bruins do have racist fans, if they call Joel Ward the "N word," and claim not to know who Willie O'Ree is! They've just released a statement saying the team doesn't condone the behavior, though.

Had a bit of a nightmare about a family vacation gone all to hell, what with Steph and my parents ganging up on me to yell about anything and everything. I just hope this isn't a harbinger of things to come! My Internet keeps cutting in and out, too - very annoying! I've had at least thirty TV Tropes tabs open since last night... man, this is a vast time-suck!

I had some random idiot named Sean Alex in Puckheads call me "Les." THAT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. When I called him on it, he said: "well i just did and im to lazy to type your hole name" ... yes, that is exactly what he typed. MY NAME IS SIX FREAKING LETTERS LONG! JFC. Too bad I can't block him, since that's prohibited in the rules. *sigh* This may or may not have anything to do with that asshole Paul thinking he could call me whatever he liked.

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

BAGS RIPPING / Unopened packages / Heavy apple juice

After having some dumplings for breakfast and getting sucked into TV Tropes, I went out in the rain to do some banking (got $60 for parental Vegas funds), get mango BBT from Big Orange, and buy iced tea / pink Excel gum (one new pack for my trip, and one for myself) / lotion (new George's moist hand cream) / light bulbs (four packs) / a Canucks NHL lip balm thing for Siobhan / new hand sanitizer for my trip / two on-sale lip balms for my trip (security can't say anything if it's in an unopened package, can they?) / on-sale apple juice at London Drugs. It was uneventful except for a cute teen smiling at me while I was on my way to London Drugs from the bank, a cute little red-haired girl on the bus who reminded me of Anne of Green Gables, and MY DAMNED BAG STRAPS RIPPING WHEN I GOT OFF THE BUS! Ugh, now I have to get new ones next month or so! That also meant I had to carry the heavy thing home - at least a guy asked me whether I'd gotten the bag okay, but still. Blah!

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DRAGON QUEST birth storyline in dreams!

I was responsible and paid the hydro / Internet bills just now. Now, time to do some banking! (I will NOT go shopping... I will NOT go shopping... well, except maybe noodles, gum, lotion, and light bulbs...)

I had a weird dream in which I was fairly pregnant and walking down a neon-covered gambling strip with friends. When I wanted to buy some chicken from a roadside stand, my friends said that they wanted to buy jumbo cookies. We bought everything we wanted, and then continued down the road where we were met with protestors on opposite sides of an issue. Men were waving signs around that proclaimed their right to make educational decisions, while women wanted a school to stay open. After ducking into a mall for a while, we came across another pregnant woman who was about to give birth, but she couldn't rest. The dream ended when we were assisting the woman to rest in a hotel room.

Triggers: buying meat from Granville Island the day of Dawn and Eni's wedding, Wendy's FB status updates about a school local to her named Prince Phillip / protesting its closing, Harmony's pregnancy, Vegas, sleeping at inns during gameplay, and my current DRAGON QUEST 5 storyline where Bianca is forced to rest in Granvania Castle because she'll give birth to twins soon. I named mine Palom and Porom for the FINAL FANTASY IV flavor, haha. I hope the next part of the storyline isn't in my dreams: I don't know what I'll do if I dream of actually giving birth to a prince and a princess, and fighting monsters / Chancellors!

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Vegas, sex, Metal Slimes, Jesse, changes

Talked to David S. (omni_sinrilus) on AIM last night about a number of things: Vegas and what might happen there, personal stuff, Color Me Badd's I WANNA SEX YOU UP, Latour's PEOPLE ARE STILL HAVING SEX, making me happy, and more... always interesting! I'm glad I know him! Tomorrow, I'm going to have to buy gum and lotion for my trip, if I can even pack those items. Jesse surprisingly messaged me on Gmail chat, saying that it made him laugh that I hadn't changed my Gmail status in a while. Hey, it's still true as ever: parents SHOULD be banned from using certain "names," dammit! Chatted about life updates / VCEFC's pastoral changes / Camden / Grandma / grandparents / Sunday Dinners / Jon not emailing in the past five years / Harmony and convenience, too. LJ had downtime AGAIN, so I fired off an email to Cindy to see how she is.

Hey, I got four Metal Slimes in the cave west of Kabochi in DRAGON QUEST 5!

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Monday, April 23, 2012

Vegas / Oracleberry / Oracle Valley casino Yes and No

The radio played King Missile's DETACHABLE PENIS this afternoon. :D :D :D

I checked my email, and it turns out Steph was right about the "birthdate" call being stressful; still, my parents SHOULD know this info! At any rate, I'm going to Vegas with them from May 29 (a Tuesday) in the early evening, and coming back on the Tuesday evening of June 5. Let's hope I don't feel like killing people at the end of the trip since it'll be eight days long, although I bet I'll NEED alone time to preserve my sanity! Ugh. Kill me now? NO... KILL THE PEOPLE NOW INSTEAD!

What would you like to exchange the coins for at the Oracle Valley (Oracleberry) casino in DRAGON QUEST 5? "Yes / No" aren't really options...

Again, "Yes" or "No" aren't options to answer another "what would you like" question, this time in Alpaca when a handsome main character is asking about the Legendary Hero!

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Sunday, April 22, 2012

First-round Game 5 elimination?!

Chinese Eric got here shortly after 5, and we discussed Henrik Sedin (1-0!) / Jon / Nathan / Facebook / Philadelphia Flyers / the eliminated Pittsburgh Penguins and Detroit Red Wings / white Eric and hanging out / the city's mood / deficits. We talked about Ryan Kesler / triple overtime in a game being murder for the East Coast / Jared being the former spokesman for Subway / Roberto Luongo / Steph being at the game / John Shorthouse on Team 1040 vs. CBC commentary / the Guinness Book of World Records. Of course he could have some peanuts / iced tea while opening my orange juice and having his own water! We went to Subway during the second intermission, and discussed Veggie Delight / egg salad / Italian Tomato / chipotle sauce / bread / onions / cucumbers / olives.

Went home JUST in time for an L.A. tying goal, which eventually led to overtime! Talked about Nathan being in town, our mothers' reactions while watching hockey, scoring chances, shots on goal, the changes which could come in the off-season, and more. However, it ended really brutally... 2-1 five minutes into OT. UGH, BITTER! Discussed "SEEKING STANLEY," post-mortem calls, Cliff Ronning, the Vegas wedding and timeline,, gum, player lines on the ice, the language debate in Montreal (Pierre Gauthier), the police, reactions to the loss, hanging out with Jon pre-baby, SERVANTS, parents, and more. Got him to sign the guestbook, anyway... *sigh* At least we can hang out in future, hopefully with Nate and Jon!

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Adults getting plastered / Scummy bastards! / Tuhn / DRAGON QUEST 5

"Purple-nosed, bacon-faced, scummy bastard" is my new favorite insult. :D [referred to someone on Manchester United]

I got annoyed at DRAGON QUEST II (finding Tuhn is a PAIN!), so decided to attempt DRAGON QUEST 5 and 6 again instead. No, I'm not rational. :P

Only adults are allowed to get plastered here at the Santa Rosa tavern, not cute little customers in the form of six-year-old boys! :P

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Parents NOT KNOWING my birthdate?! / CHINESE ERIC!

Dad called to confirm my birthdate - shouldn't he KNOW this stuff?! FAIL on his part! I called Steph later to tell her about this; apparently, Dad heard Mom say the wrong date (a day before) when she didn't, and they were stressed about it. They also called Steph twice when I didn't initially answer, but she was at work and didn't pick up. Aiya! 99.3 the Fox also experienced audio problems and distortion at around 9:15, so I turned it off. Non-junky and non-distorted music, BEGONE!

I also called Chinese Eric - game tomorrow! - but Auntie said that he was out picking up some food for dinner. Oh well. Later (since I really had to hear from him), I called again; I'm sure Auntie told him to call me back, but he didn't! I said that I wasn't going anywhere tomorrow (need to save the money I don't have), so it should be good if he calls before arriving here at 5 or shortly beforehand! Of course, I think about dinner NOW - I'll figure that out when he calls, I guess.

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