Saturday, November 15, 2008

Cajoling people to smoke in the UK

High-scoring word of the day so far:

CAJOLE (144 points) - against Pat K. [4W, 2W]

Sharon B. / Damian P. / Chris F. / Christopher D. added me for the blood games, and Nicoy H. invited me to try HAMMERFALL. Also having a fun conversation - I've missed humorous banter! :D

Sorry For The Delay! Another Random, Long Survey With Excellent Spelling & Grammar!

How long ago did you take your last survey?: Three weeks ago. Wow.
Would you rather have hot tea or hot coffee?: Hot tea. I am Chinese, after all. ;)
Have you ever been told you were a good writer?: Yes.
What name do you think is pretty for a girl?: Alexandra.
If you had to name your daughter after a Disney princess, which one?: Jasmine.
Do you think telepathy is real?: No.
When you were little, did you ever think you would be a magician?: No.
When did you last draw something for fun?: About a week ago.
What is your opinion on poetry?: It's nice, but I can't ever get the symbolism. Believe me, this was a handicap in English class.
Did you play with Barbies as a kid?: Yes... I remember doing that with Brandy.
What, if any, TV shows do you have on DVD?: None.
Would you rather go in a hot air balloon or go skydiving?: Neither!
What do you put on your baked potatoes?: Sour cream and butter. Maybe bacon bits.
Homework -- would you rather do it on a Friday or Sunday?: Sunday... I procrastinated.
Will you ever understand hate gangs?: No.
Do you remember every birthday wish you've ever made?: Not really.
What do you want to do right out of high school?: I wanted to help with the church kids.
At what age do you want to start working? / What age did you start?: 17.
What is your opinion on Twilight?: Haven't read it yet.
What cartoon character did you have a crush on as a kid?: Sebastian from Belle and Sebastian.
Did you ever play pretend?: Of course!
How did Team Rocket ALWAYS know where Ash was?: Special Pokemon powers!
Would you say you have a stable, good Internet connection?: Sure, most of the time.
At what time of the day do you like to take showers?: Night.
Do you lie on surveys to make yourself seem cooler?: Nope.
Was that a lie?: Of course not.
Does the number 27 have any significance to you?: None that I can think of.
How do you study for tests?: I did all the study questions and then some!
Were you ever a tree-climber?: Not really.
Do you keep a diary / journal that you update reguarly?: Yes.
Have you ever tried to start a blog?: Of course!
What video games have you beaten?: I don't remember... Earthbound! for sure. Probably a few other ones, too.
What is your mom's occupation?: Dietary supervisor in the hospital kitchen.
Who makes the most in your entire family?: Could be my sister, soon...
Have you ever been on a farm?: Yes, for horseback riding lessons.
Do you like writing essays?: Not really.
Would you ever study abroad?: That would be cool.
If a cosmetology class was offered at your school, would you take it?: I really don't know.
Estimate how many people smoke cigarettes in the UK.: Damn... eleven million?
Have you ever known someone who smoked? Did they stop?: Yes, and not that I know of.
Do you think weed should be legalized? Cigarettes illegalized?: They're both bad for you.. so I'm not sure!
Would you rather run or ride your bike?: Neither? Haha, LAZY.
Where do you buy your makeup?: I don't.
What is the last fruit you've eaten? When?: Grapes at the townhouse earlier this week!
What is the last junk food you've eaten? When?: Sour cream and onion chips, yesterday.
Would you call yourself an environmentalist?: Sort of.
What is more practical: Glue sticks or white, regular glue?: Glue sticks. They don't get the glue all over your hands, causing you to have to peel it off. Yup, I remember that about elementary school.
Do you like the purple glue sticks just because they're purple?: Yes. I am a "SHINY!!!" person!
If you could make your lips bigger, would you?: Maybe not TOO much bigger... but sure.
Do you think plastic surgery is no big deal?: Depends what it's for.
FYI: About 10 million people smoke cigarettes in the UK. :(

Fill out this survey yourself
Find a different survey
Brought to you by Bzoink

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Friday, November 14, 2008

Throwing stuff away can be liberating!

I threw away some more stuff earlier tonight - it was strangely liberating! Someone's gone on record as saying that I don't have to sit on him; I know, and it'll be good seeing him! Connie J. / Amr A. / Can O. / Birch M. / Hasdrubel B. / Mary E. / Proguyz L. / Ian L. / Steven T. / Brian W. / Lindsay H. / Maher S. / Audrey E. / Calvin H. / Rod J. / "Avalanche" C. / Renee L. / Christopher C. / Andrew W. / Kevin O. / Kain T. / Michael B. [with funny FAKE details on how we know each other!] / Stevi S. / Kah T. have all added me for the blood games, too.

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Was the apple really a PEAR?!

Man, you KNOW the "monthly drain sleep experience" hits you hard when you go to bed an hour earlier than usual (1:45 AM), get up at 10:40 to do something necessary, and then go back to sleep without waking till 3:10 PM! I know I was getting tired while juggling various MSN / Facebook / Gmail chat conversations with both Erics, Dylan, Billie, and Erik. (Corey went to bed really early since he was sick!) Attendance, Vivian, future plans, Regina, guys, life, reflection, random thoughts, emails about Friday night plans at the Cactus Club / Nathan's, judging people, and more - oh my! If I felt like going anywhere, the Cactus Club could slay the memory dragon from last July where Eric and I had to leave early because I thought K was going to call me at a reasonable time. Of course, he didn't - SIGH.

Andrea, Dawn, and Eni have replied to the dinner email sent out by Alan / Randal - lots of people on this list! Jon also sent us an Evite to his birthday at Jeremy's: "Jon's an old geezer," hahaha. Let's see... he's got the generic template that Evite gives you, but has added something a little more to it. "Please let me know if you can attend, or else I'll get my sister(s) to sit on you." HAHAHAHA! Corey's now bugging me about the Garden of Eden and cheap mutant genetically-modified apples... I don't know if the monthlies are caused by the original sin.

All Genesis seems to say about it is "I will greatly increase your pain in childbearing; with pain, you will give birth to children. Your desire will be for your husband, and he will rule over you." Nothing in there about a monthly cycle! Corey thinks we women should take it anyhow, and asks whether apples should be bad for you instead of being healthy. No idea! Could have been a pear, since the mixed fruit cocktail pears are always mushy and gross! Corey had some weird apple type thing in Taiwan.. they didn't know an English name to tell him, though. It tasted like an apple, but the seeds were just on the end of it in this part that looked like curled up flower petals or something. So you end up with the "flower" (which was made of the apple skin type stuff).. the rest was basically solid apple. :P It wasn't an apple, though. I've never heard of such a thing myself!

Had a weird dream about a bunch of my friends being on a ship and doing various activities. Someone seemed to hold my hand for reassurance a lot, which was good as we were being told to round up the kids and get all our winter belongings packed by our lockers. It was good to have some sort of anchor in that crazy world, since our enemies were RIGHT THERE. As it turned out, we were saved - YAY! That's all I remember... should be more, but that's how it goes! Jack M. / Pavol H. / Matthew P. / James M. have added me for the blood games, too.

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Thursday, November 13, 2008

I'm the average Peruvian woman?!

Note to self: Do not even consider people who don't know how to use the correct form of "you're" vs. "your," because it is UNACCEPTABLE. Redrum is incoming - I can sense it!

Kaj F. / Manny R. / "Los Blind" / Marshall T. added me for the blood games. This thing restarted at 3 AM yesterday - enough!

At least I cancelled my long-distance plan that I've had for over a year now, since I don't make any more LD calls! Plus, I finished Blood Lust for now! Finally will mail my bus pass application, which I've been putting off for various reasons.

Some quizzes:

You Are the Bow Pose

You are an open-hearted person. You seek connections and make them easily.

You are naturally generous - especially with your love and your time.

You have a knack for thinking up interesting ideas. You are an inventor and a creator.

You approach everything in life with a relaxed attitude. You accept what you can't change.

The Ultimate Color Test

When you are at peace, you are:

Deeply stable

When you are moved to act, you are:

Giving and warm

When you are inspired, you are:

Creative and productive

When your life is perfectly balanced, you are:

Philosophical and expressive

Your life's purpose is:

To live a passionate life

What Your Home Says About You

You come across as very intellectual. People take your wisdom seriously.

Your hygiene is passable, but you may be hiding some dirty secrets.

You are a fairly domestic person. You can probably make a decent batch of homemade cookies.

You are not a very nurturing person. You have enough trouble taking care of yourself.

You don't feel settled in your life yet. You are scrambling to figure things out.

You are a somewhat self-sufficient person. You can do fine on your own if you have to.

Your friends see you as honest, humble, and responsible.

What Your Height Says About You

You are a gifted communicator, and you understand other people well.

You are compassionate and empathetic. You feel other people's pain a little too easily.

Because of your open heart and open mind, many people admire and adore you.

You are classy and well-mannered. You have the art of charm mastered.

You are about as tall as the average Peruvian woman.

You Are Chess

You are brilliant and shrewd. You can often predict what people will do in the future.

You thrive in complex situations. You deal with contradictions well.

You can have many streams of thought going on at your mind at once. You keep track of things well.

You are very patient. You have lots of endurance, even when your energy dwindles.

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Chili chocolate and other goodies / V M E party pictures

Ivan said yesterday that my parents had better get me something from the States for looking after my grandma, and they did! Allan mint chocolate-flavored glitter candy canes, Allan Maple Syrup-flavored glitter candy canes, Colombina Iced Halloween lollipops, two packages of Palmer Double Crisp Googly Eyes, Mr. Yummy Mummy Gummies, peppermint Chiclets, and a Lindt 70% dark chocolate Chili bar. I should take all this to church on Sunday to show him, haha! (next best thing to a digicam picture instantly posted online, heh)

Vanessa also tagged six photos of me from last night... yay!

Normal shot:

Daniel (grey sweater), Michelle, Lucas, Angus (blue-and-black jacket), Joey (Lakers jersey), Ivan (white hat), Phil, Grace (green top), Emily L., (white hoodie) Sam (grey shirt), Calla (black top), Stanford.
Joe, Emily C., Mike T. (white striped shirt), Vanessa, me, Danielle (blue top), Melia, and Jeremy K. [much was made of the fact that Joe and Jeremy looked like twins, heh]

Vanessa and me:

Supermodel shot:

Jazz hands!

Yo, we be GANGSTA!

We can be silly...

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Periods are NOT like constipation, Angus!

Had a great time at Melia's place with a bunch of people! Ivan picked me up on schedule, then we picked up Sam, Emily L., and Joey. We discussed Billy Graham being the Antichrist, the guy who faked having cancer for THREE YEARS, and other things. This guy even faked emails from doctors to his parents telling them about his treatment options - he wrote one song for Hillsongs called HEALER, supposedly about his bout with cancer. Ivan asked Sam if he would ever lead it, knowing the story - I agreed with Sam even though I hadn't heard the song. (Daniel looked it up on his iPhone later, and let us listen to it) Knowing the story, we likely wouldn't lead it AT ALL. The guy even had an oxygen tank, tubes in his body, and shaved hair for his performances! He finally came clean, and said that the reason he faked was that he had an addiction to porn. When Ivan told us this, we were all like "... and those two are related, HOW?!" Then we got into Billy Graham and Robert Schuller, and Youtube videos... good times, except maybe not. We'll see if he comes back to life after death, heh heh.

The security system at Angus and Melia's building is pretty tight, and I'm impressed. Got the little tour of their apartment before we went downstairs to the HUGE suite of rooms for the evening. Played Jenga, Apples to Apples, Taboo, and Cranium while talking about a lot of stuff. Melia's cousin Jeremy asked if I was Leslie, since my brother wanted him to give me beer - Dogfish Head Ale it was, heh. He hasn't seen Jon since September, but he did get the engagement email! Added him to Facebook now too. Phil attempted to explain their complicated family tree - grandpa married two women who were sisters, and they're kinda doubly related. Arranged marriages and such were involved as well.

Angus has interesting ideas about butt sweat, ShamWow tampons, thongs, constipation, and other things. Grace gave out some TMI when the Apples to Apples word was "sensual," and someone put down "Hawaii." "Hey, Phil! We had our honeymoon in Hawaii, and that was pretty sensual!" Everyone else was like "LA LA LA, I CAN'T HEAR YOU!" (she IS known for doing that, but still!) We had HUGE pizza slices, Costco chicken nuggets, juice, pop, and lots of chips to eat! (plus huge homemade cupcakes for dessert) Daniel figured that Sam only had to wait a few more hours before taking Emily L. out for drinks to celebrate being legal, heh... although she COULD still drink at home and have it be legal. Interesting times with Calla / Stanford / Jeremy / Phil / Grace / Melia / Angus / Danielle / Joe / Mike / Lucas / Emily C. / Sam / Emily L. / Daniel / Michelle / Vanessa / Ivan / Joey, indeed!

On the way home, we talked about issues / Facebook notes / bad stuff / a song that sounds like the singer is saying "I want to blaze with you" / accidents on a guardrail / needed tags. Got home to discover that Tara M., Diana S., Becky B., Clarence H., Herman C., Freslyn M., Andrew L., Mae V. Cu U., Hashir T., Ana H., John D., Giuseppe R., and Cassandra S. had added me for the blood games.

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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Dream of treacherous icy conditions and cramped cars

Bingo of the day so far:

UNREASON (98 points) - against Michelle C.

Christopher B. / Chualy J. / Jacob M. added me for the blood games, heh. Had a weird dream about a bunch of people getting together at a school to just take up space in the halls while eating lunch and watching movies in the dark. The staff had a meeting over bacon and eggs in the staff room, so we were hungry whenever we skated by there. Some of the more enterprising students even tried to smoke weed (!) in the halls, but the teachers didn't say anything! There was a subplot of sorts going on with the colored posters in the halls, and how many times certain people could glide by them without getting dinged by the teachers for rowdy behavior. It wasn't too bad, as the teachers only reprimanded us when it got way too loud!

Then we were transported to a building in the dead of winter, with almost no heat. We were upstairs, and sitting in what appeared to be the pews of the old church. Little Megan was playing with some of her friends, and accidentally hit my brother in the head a few times with toys! Steph just decided to move her bag of expensive goodies before that became a target for the toddlers, heh. When we were allowed to go downstairs, we had to hold on to the railing or else risk getting catapulted down the stairs since it was slippery and treacherous. Tony, Jon, Ivan, and some others were there for me too. We wondered when the building would ever have heat, and criticized various aspects a lot.

Some of us got into a cramped car much like a Yaris, and I was stuck in the middle seat, but without a seatbelt. I had a good view of the radio and the dials... means that the other people had to look at my butt since there already was someone in the middle seat! :P The discussion turned to who would go to a certain get-together being held where everyone had to donate various winter items: when someone said "Leslie" would go, Ivan asked who they meant. "The one right in front of you!" was the answer he got! Then I woke up... just as we were approaching a grand castle!

No idea what triggered this one... looking at Eric's gas gauge and heat gauge in the Honda on Sunday morning, Ivan and Sam going to Vanessa / Melia / Emily's thing today, the lack of heat in the new church building, Sunday night's discussion about that, and the upcoming winter, perhaps. Crazy stuff! I've also figured out how to disable the display from giving me weird Chinese characters whenever I type something: just click on the graphic next to the "CH" thing on Mom's computer!

Edit at 1430: I just told my grandma that I was going out. Her reaction: "What?! You're not going to be home for dinner? Do you have a new boyfriend?! No?! How is that possible?!" HAHAHAHAHA.

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Monday, November 10, 2008

"THIS is cheesecake?! It's all BLACK!" Oh, Grandma...

I have memories of sitting at this computer chair at my parents' place, and typing messages out to someone. Oh well... Ankh S. added me for the blood games, heh. I should also cut my fingernails sometime soon, as I inadvertently scratched my brother last night. I once scratched someone and made them bleed (around August 1) - no, I'm not proud of that. :P

My brother and I loved our grandma's reaction to his homemade cheesecake: "THIS is cake?! Are you sure? It's all BLACK!!!!" (we laughed a LOT in front of her!) She was talking about the base of the cake - lots of chocolate and such there! It was less beery than last night, which doesn't make sense unless the flavor goes away over time, since we had it freshly chilled from being made that afternoon! Jeremy wondered if I was merely reacting to the power of suggestion... perhaps!

Mom just brought out a Maaza mango fruit drink - it's the one I got for myself while out for Korey one night. He wanted White Spot, so I decided I might as well get something too. Went to Micky's Convenience Store just prior to closing, and got it on "special." Good thing K didn't have much of it, since he hates mango. Lots of memories here, heh. Then Mom wanted to know what some foreign words on her yarn meant: I don't know! Jon says maybe Ivan or Sam can give me a ride tomorrow to the party since one of us has to be here - okay, since he has to do work!

Leslie's Dewey Decimal Section:

893 Non-Semitic Afro-Asiatic literatures

Leslie's birthday: 9/17/1976 = 917+1976 = 2893

800 Literature

Literature, criticism, analysis of classic writing and mythology.

What it says about you:
You're a global, worldly person who wants to make a big impact with your actions. You have a lot to tell people and you're good at making unique observations about everyday experiences. You can notice and remember details that other people think aren't important.

Find your Dewey Decimal Section at

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I added over FIFTY people today!

JL D. / Claudine O. / Mikael P. / Silverius E. / Matt S. / Nahuel M. / John L. / Wilson L. / Mari L. / Aris E. / Luciano T. / Pei Jun L. / Hsiao L. / Dom V. / Alfredo O. / Alexandre M. / Randy G. / Steve J. / Joe C. / Andrew O. / Amalina B. / Kyösti S. / Richard W. / Salomé V. / Kaustubh T. / Dewi Y. / Graham R. / Bert H. / Chris T. / Paul S. / Ruel T. / Heidi K. / Kris C. / Perry T. / Edmund T. / Debbie J. / Red C. / Dylan T. / Christine K. / Chris S. / Ioannis C. / Leif J. / Conrad L. / Alex T. / Adrian N. / Jenny C. / Loren C. / Jack T. / Bec D. / Loren L. / Daniel P. / Brenda C. / Ryan P. / Steve P. / Lori S. / Ong Chin W. all added me for the blood games, heh. Jon and Andrea emailed me... I'll see about sleeping over and weekend plans! I also love the new Guns n'Roses song CHINESE DEMOCRACY - so not what someone else would like, heh. But that's not why I like it, of course... it just ROCKS HARDER THAN YOUR MOM! (hahaha)

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You put beer in the cheesecake?! OH MY!

When Eric picked me up, I told him that my life was tranquil, and that was the way I liked it! We discussed reading the business names on Main St., among other things. Then we got onto Fellowship stuff - we know the Missions Conference is postponed, so have no idea what we're doing Friday. Got to Jeremy's, where it was the usual good times. Ray greeted Eric unconventionally, but settled for a smile and nod to me. Then he went out "to study Jews," heh. We discussed the Magic Free Bra, which was STILL there! Sure, we could give it to Jon in a couple of weeks... but maybe not to Chung for a combination birthday / Christmas present! ("Hey, what are you saying about my wife?!") Wouldn't give it to a random girl who didn't know the backstory (like Jen does), hahaha.

Jeremy took out a couple of LIFE magazines from 1981 (his mom's idea of a cool Christmas present), and marveled at how all the cigarette companies boasted about how their product had the lowest tar in their ads! (one even boasted "ultra-low tar!") The VCR / "saving energy" / booze ads were also amusing - the articles provided secondary entertainment, haha. Discussed two girlfriends, Joyce, Vivian, the unclear sermon today, whether it was the right thing to do to cut off contact with one person entirely (I'm right in my case :P), and other interesting things before dinner. Christon nominated Nate to say grace because he made a remark about how Grace was taken ("you can do the grace..." "NO!") - "do you want to break up a happy marriage?!" [we tried 9.1% alcohol Great Hercules Double IPA - sure, it's bitter!]

Things went rather quickly into the gutter, thanks to Christon making a remark about peanuts (for the Pad Thai) - Jon and I misheard it as something else entirely, and snorted at pretty much the same time. Nobody else heard it as what we did, so Nathan commented that it wasn't HIM this time! Well, no... but then Christon had to make a comment about how something was rooted and twisted. Everyone groaned at THAT image! ("Nathan should have spent less time praying about people and the food, and more time - at least five minutes - over our conversation!") The seafood chowder stock was very good, and this Pad Thai won't make me have gastro problems! (I remember someone puked after having Boston Pizza's Pad Thai...) Noticed that Johnny had the same socks and lip balm as someone else... and Austin F.'s picture / name reminds me of that person too! Yikes. :P

Asked Jon about Stateside trips - I guess I can look after Grandma and be useful that way. Spent some time discussing economy and long building projects (over a decade unbuilt in Kelowna?), plus our own new church building. From what I gathered, we weren't going to get a permit because the inspector had already made up his mind! Jon declared that he had put Rasputin beer in the homemade cheesecake - $13 for it?! Oh my, that's more expensive than the rest of the meal put together! I read Nathan's GRE workbook for fun (hey, he was working on his American application - we're GEEKS), and Jeremy figured I already knew all the words in the verbal section. (exacerbated, assuage, etc.) Pretty much, haha - it's good to have actual intelligent discussion, after all. That is what I missed! Eventually, we all had to leave - good times talking about ethnicity / Asians / Americans, especially if Nathan thinks I have a better memory than he does. (says Jeremy and I could take the GRE for him since J has a logic background!)

Mishearings on the way home:

1. Eric, to me: "You are crazy - have you looked in the mirror?"
Me: "EWWWW!"
Eric: "What?!"
Me: "Did you just say something about ear-licking?!"
Jon: "Are you sure you're not going deaf?"
Me: "Maybe!"

2. Eric: "This is the restaurant where they serve the people of one ethnicity first before the other people who came in BEFORE them! Or were you there that time?" [Noodle House on Granville / 67th]
Me: "I dunno... it's been a long time since I've been to this branch!" [Jon comes back from returning a technically-overdue library book at Marpole]
Eric: "When were you here last?"
Me: "The time I had to borrow the Wedding MC book for Steph!" [April?]
Eric: "Why did she have to borrow the wedding MC book?"
Me: ".... EWWWW!" (yes, I say that a lot :P)
Eric: "What?!"
Me: "Did you just say WANG book?!"
Eric: "... NO! I said WEDDING!"
Me: "Okay, because THAT is an activity in which I won't partake for some time!" (I wasn't going to say this... but figured it should slip out, haha)
Jon: "Uh... what?"
Me: "Never mind... I had to borrow the book for Melia and Angus' wedding!"

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Sunday, November 09, 2008

I'm glad SOMEONE likes my style!

Greg B. / Leah B. / Yuri S. / Matt H. / P. Yip / Aljoša Z. / Raymond A. / Michel R. / Nicole A. / Shoni S. / Jemima M. / Billie B. / Chee Hou C. / Jeffrey L. all added me for the blood games, heh. Went to church at the school, and overheard Uncle Peter giving someone directions on his cell phone when we got there. Jon, Eric, and I discussed not being awake, trying to find notebooks, the seafood chowder Sunday Dinner tonight, Raymond, and other things. I got to sit with Andrew, and said hi to Gabriel / Adam / Margaret / Nathan / Jeremy / Joshua / Keenan / Joey with crutches from basketball / Johnny / Isabel. Observed that Micah looked very cute! Lucas liked my yellow shoes from the thrift shop, since he's been looking for that style... they were only $2.50!

Julie asked me how I thought some girl was Hannah W. - hey, it was on the small version in my Facebook news feed! In reality, it's her look-alike Eliana: oh my! I couldn't see the SCHOOL background clearly in the small version, heh. Raymond said that the fermented pee comments were hilarious - yup! When I got his comment, all I could think was that I hoped someone DIDN'T make a mistake with the bottles! Eric later said that he wouldn't have taken a picture of those bottles for me with his cellphone: DARN! Even Raymond said I should have posted one, haha - too bad I didn't think of it till later! On the way home, Eric and I discussed the FLO building and monthly cycles (syncing?) / RPG / lore (Loki, the lich king, dragons, demigods, nine circles of hell) / WOW / attracting the mice (I knew it wasn't ME!) / Strong Bad's "Cool Game for Attractive People" (hahaha) / Vanessa / Bible Study / more things. Now I have ONE HUNDRED friends online in Facebook - yay for the century mark! :P

Sunday Dinner email:

Hey fine folk:

It's been awhile since we've had a Sunday dinner, and we're itching to cook up a storm. So this Sunday we'll be congregating at Jeremy's to have some seafood chowder and other delectables. You can, if you wish, chat with me about engagements or whatnot, though that's not a requirement :) In case you're wondering, Harmony and I are planning to have an engagement party, but you'll have to wait until December for that to happen. Until then, you'll have to settle for a series of mini-parties / Sunday dinners.

So come on over at around 6 and we'll have good food, good company, and good conversation!


The Sunday Dinner planning committee

Mishearings of the past week:

1. Eric, on what was in K's suitcase last Sunday: "Hmm... there are some odd socks in here!"
Me, near my room: "Did you say he has OLD-SCHOOL PORN?!"

2. Eric, on the scenery just this morning: "There's a hawk on the lamp post!"
Me: "EWWWW!"
Eric: "What do you mean, EWWWW?!"
Me: "Never mind... I thought you said it was ON THE ROAD."

3. Eric, on the phone: "... blah blah blah gosh."
Me: "Did you say something about body language?!"
Eric: "No... creative hearing strikes again!"

4. Eric, on the phone: "I'm going to pick up some stinky cheese."
Me: "... stinky PEAS?!"
Eric: "Non, fromage bleu!"

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Sending Christmas cards is against "going green," but... (2008 Wishlist)

Home early from church!


* Gift cards... I'm not picky, but like books and food-related things.
* Cards and postcards from anywhere.
* Stickers!
* Random stuff! Surprise me!
* Books and bookmarks to go with them!
* Candy and chocolate from other countries!
* A new caring honest boyfriend.
* DREAM WISH: A new computer!
* New friends.
* For you to stay safe, and commit random acts of kindness!

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