Saturday, December 13, 2008

REALLY long survey stolen from Billie

Time: 4:33 PM

About You

1. First Name: Leslie.

2. Middle Name: Chi Wah.

3. Do you like your name?: Meh...

4. Nicknames: Sarne, mostly... or Les.

5. Age: 32.

6. Birthday: Sept. 17

7. Where do you live?: Richmond.

8. Do you like it where you live?: I guess it's okay...

9. Where were you born?: Vancouver.

10. Height: 4 foot 11.

11. Do you wish you were a different height?: Yes... then I could reach high things on shelves!


12. Food: Wonton mein.

13. Number: 12.

14. Date: No idea. People have favorite dates?!

15. Day of the Week: Friday.

16. Day of the Year: Also no idea.

17. Candy: Aero bars!

18. Ice Cream: Chocolate!

19. Place to shop: Chapters!

20. Place to shop for clothes: I don't really do so - whatever's cheap!

21. Song: Too many to count.

22. Movie: Forrest Gump.

23. Band / Group: Matthew Good (Band), Our Lady Peace, Children of Bodom, Cradle of Filth...

24. Sport: Hockey!

25. Subject in School: Band.

26. Holiday: Easter?

27. Color: Blue.

28. Color of clothes to wear: Black. No, I am not a goth.

29. Type of clothes to wear: Casual.

30. Shoes: Sneakers.

31. Fruit: Apples, I guess?

32. Veggie: Cherry tomatoes.

33. Animal: DRAGON!

34. Magazine: Rolling Stone.

35. Game: Scrabble or Wordscraper.

Least Favorites

36. Food: Bitter melon.

37. Number: 59.

38. Date: No idea.

39. Day of the Week: Hmm... Wednesday.

40. Day of the Year: No idea.

41. Candy: Bounty bars... ew to coconut!

42. Ice Cream: Garlic.

43. Place to shop: I don't know... I only go to stores I like, most of the time.

44. Place to shop for clothes: No clue.

45. Song: Probably anything rap or hip-hop.

46. Movie: I really don't know.

47. Band / Group: See #45.

48. Sport: Golf.

49. Subject in school: Math.

50. Holiday: Does saying Christmas make me a Grinch?

51. Color: Mustard yellow.

52. Color of clothes to wear: White - you can't get it dirty! (not that I really WANT to get my clothes dirty... it's just so VISIBLE! :P)

53. Type of clothes to wear: Tight clothes which may or may not show too much!

54. Shoes: Boots which get really leaky!

55. Fruit: Durian.

56. Veggie: Eggplant. (bleh - I agree with Billie on this one!)

57. Animal: Hmm... the crow?

58. Magazine: Most women's mags, because they promote an unhealthy idea of beauty.

59. Game: I really don't know.

More About You

60. Shoe size: 7.

61. Hair color: Really dark brown / black.

62. Do you or have you ever dyed your hair?: No.

63. Hair length: To my shoulders.

64. Most embarrassing moment: Slipping and falling in front of people - something I'm likely to do a zillion times in Regina. Yay for winter trips? :P

65. Are you getting bored or annoyed yet?: Nah. I'm a veteran of a 5172-question survey!

66. What time is it?: 6:02 PM.

67. What do you want to be when you grow up?: I really don't know. That's bad!

Have you Ever...

68. Hiked a mountain?: Nope.

69. Walked a mile?: Probably.

70. Really walked a mile in someone else's shoes?: Nope.

71. Ate a whole box of Oreos?: Not in one sitting!

72. Been in love?: Yes.

73. Stayed up all night?: Yep.

74. Broken a bone?: Nope! :D

75. Pulled a muscle?: Possibly.

76. Fractured something?: Don't think so.

77. Sprained something?: Don't think so.

78. Watched the show Happy Days?: Yeah.

79. Cried because you've missed someone?: Yeah.

80. Had a party?: Yes... just not THOSE kinds of parties, despite the "KEGGER!" joke.

81. Been on a boat?: Yeah.

82. Been on a plane?: Multiple times. :D

83. If you were on a plane, was it scary?: Um... no?

84. Done the chicken dance?: They made us do it in elementary school... aiya!

85. Been on a train?: No.

86. Ate so much chocolate and / or candy that you puked?: Nope.

87. Had a food fight?: Not really.

88. Jumped on a trampoline?: Yep.

89. Played Spin The Bottle?: Yeah, but never with the kissing.

90. Been in a fistfight?: Nope.

91. Been in a hospital?: Yeah.

92. Been in a hospital (not to visit someone, but as a patient)?: Yes.

93. Had a falling dream?: Yes!

94. Been out of the country?: Yep.

95. Played baseball with a bunch of friends?: Yep.

96. Taken a bubble bath?: Indeed I have.

97. Made a webpage?: Yeah.

98. Been in a car accident?: Yes.

99. Driven a Car?: No... my sibs and Eric say that it would be a BAD idea if I ever got behind the wheel of a car. I don't know why they say that... all I want to do is HONK people who are being stupid!

100. Woohoo! This is 100! How do you feel?: Cool.

101. Tried smoking or drugs?: Nope.

102. Laughed so hard that you peed in your pants?: No.

103. Lied?: Who hasn't?

104. Fallen asleep in class?: I came close to it a few times.

105. Played with Barbies?: As a kid.

This or That

106. Campfire or fireplace?: Fireplace.

107. M&Ms or Skittles?: M&Ms.

108. MTV or VH1?: VH1.

109. Movies or music?: Music.

110. Stay up late or sleep in?: Stay up late... but they usually go together!

111. Sun or moon?: MOON! I AM A CREATURE OF THE NIGHT! (just not THAT kind of creature, hahaha)

112. How sick are you of this survey?: Not very!

113. What time is it now?: 6:15 PM.

114. Ten acquaintances or one best friend?: One best friend.

115. Short or tall?: Tall.

116. Vanilla or chocolate?: Chocolate!

117. Cat or dog?: Cat.

118. Newspaper or magazine?: Depends - I like magazines, but also newspapers.

119. Is the glass half-empty or half-full?: Half-full.

120. McDonalds or Burger King?: If I absolutely HAD to choose... Burger King.

121. Fish or mice?: Fish, I guess.

123. Happy or sad?: Happy.

124. Serious or funny?: Funny.

125. Happy or sad ending?: Happy.

126. Scary movie or funny movie?: Funny. (wow, I just saw a pattern with the answers)

127. Scary movie or sad movie?: Sad.

128. Funny movie or a sad movie?: Funny.

129. Brother or sister?: Do they have to be related to me? :P [since I have both, I pick SISTER because we can have certain sisterly discussions about female TMI!]

130. Barbie or Skipper?: Skipper. Yes, I actually remember who she is!

131. Bikini or one-piece?: One-piece.

132. Snow or rain?: Rain... you don't have to shovel it!

133. Candy or fruit?: Fruit.

134. Plane or car?: Car, I guess...

135. Run or walk?: Walk.

136. Swim or skate?: Swim.

137. Pepsi or Coke?: Coke.

138. A house in the woods or a house in the city?: City.

139. The dark or light?: Dark.

140. Rainy or sunny?: Sunny!

141. Duct tape or Scotch tape?: Duct - it looks cooler.

142. Sneakers or sandals?: Sneakers.

143. Lions or Tigers?: Tigers. Yay for baseball! (whoever gets this deserves a cookie)

144. Mustard or ketchup?: Ketchup!

145. Rap or rock?: ROCK ALL THE WAY, BABY!

146. Party or stay home?: Depends on my mood.

147. Skates or bike?: Bike, I guess...

Other Random Stuff

148. How many siblings do you have?: Two.

149. Do you like your siblings?: For the most part.

150. Do you have any pets?: See #148.

151. Do you like your pets?: See #149.

152. Who is your favorite family member?: Don't know... not that close with any of 'em.

153. How are you liking this survey?: It's cool.

154. What time is it?: 6:21 PM.

155. What's the last thing you ate?: Toblerone candy! YUM!

156. Are you hungry right now?: Not really... but I'll eat it if it's put down in front of me. :(

157. What would you like to eat right now?: Steak and shrimp!

158. Have you ever gone on a diet?: Not really, but maybe I should.

159. Do you believe in God?: Yeah.

160. What do you think about Diet Coke?: It's okay.

161. How are you feeling today?: Nervous and cranky!

When was the last time that you've...

162. Cried?: November.

163. Laughed?: Today.

164. Danced?: Long ago.

165. Watched TV?: Well, Eric and his dad tried getting it to work last week, so we watched SOMETHING before tracking issues took over very soon afterwards. Does that count?

166. Hugged someone?: Just now - yay for Citrus!

167. Stayed up past midnight?: All the time.

168. Jumped on a bed?: When I was a kid.

169. Been happy?: Today.

170. Been sad?: Today.

171. Drank bottled water?: Today!

172. Went swimming in a lake?: Years ago.

173. Been to the beach?: Last year.

174. Hung out with some friends?: Do church functions count as hanging out? If so, then last Saturday. If visiting places briefly (last Friday) doesn't count either, then I'd have to say a few weeks ago when a bunch of us went for lunch after service on Sunday.

175. Took a shower?: Yesterday.

176. Took a bath?: Months ago.

177. Went for a walk?: Some days ago.

178. Went for a bike ride?: When I was a kid.

179. Played a board game?: In November - Apples to Apples is FUN!

180. Been bored?: Today.

181. Eaten birthday cake?: Like, actual CAKE? I knew it was too long between Fellowship birthday celebrations! So yeah, I don't know!

In your opinion

182. Do fish have feelings too?: I guess so!

183. What do you think of Diet Coke?: Come on. You can't think of any other questions that AREN'T duplicates of what you JUST asked?! Sheesh!

184. Should ants be kept in ant farms?: Sure, why not. Just don't let them OUT of there!

185. What time is it?: 6:30 PM.

186. What do you think of black nail polish?: COOL. (and not in a "I WANNA BE GOTH!" way, either!)

187. What do you think of pink nail polish?: Too generic.

188. What do you think of no nail polish?: I do it, so everyone else should too! (kidding... or am I?)

189. What do you think of shopping?: It's okay when you know what you want.

190. Are people who talk to animals crazy?: Somewhat.

191. Are you a good person?: Better than certain people I could name! Haha... well, I try to be the best I can be.

192. Are you funny?: I've been told I am.

193. Are mice cute?: Not really... not if they're all over your place, anyhow. :P

194. Are snakes scary?: Depends, but I like them in soup.

195. Does jelly taste good?: Most kinds of jelly do taste good, yes.

196. Is the color black beautiful?: Sure!

197. Is black even a color?: No, it's a shade.

198. Is pink pretty?: Bleh.

199. What do you feel about the color blue?: I LOVE IT! Calm like water, but also DARK like THE NIGHT!

200. Woohoo! This is 200! How do you feel?: Yay! This is good!

201. Are you getting sick of the color questions?: No... they're interesting!

202. How many chocolate chips should a cookie have?: As long as there's slightly more dough than chocolate, it should be fine!

203. Is Nintendo better than Playstation?: I don't know... I can't say, since I never had the two to compare. You should be asking NATHAN this, not me!

204. Is bottled water really better than tap water?: I've heard it's the same, really... but I buy bottled water anyway to take when I go out!

205. What pizza place has the best pizza?: Panago.

More About You

206. Okay, what's the time right now?: 6:35 PM.

207. How are you feeling right now?: Getting sleepy, wonder of wonders!

208. How many cookies do you think you could eat?: Right now? Probably half a box, depending on the size of the box and of the cookies!

209. How many pieces of pizza can you eat?: About four or five, depending on the slice size.

210. How much chocolate can you eat?: Two or three bars before I have to stop.

211. What kind of shoes do you wear the most?: Sneakers.

212. What kind of clothes do you wear the most?: Plain ones.

213. What color are your nails painted right now?: They're not painted.

214. What are you listening to?: Metallica, Until It Sleeps.

215. Do you like ironing your clothes?: I haven't ironed anything in ages! No, not really.

216. Do you like to read?: What kind of question is THIS?! Of course I do - it's what almost everyone knows about me first off! (well, possibly besides the birthday memory thing...)

217. Do you like school?: Meh...

218. What grade are you in?: N/A.

219. What's the best part of the school day?: Being in your favourite class.

220. Why?: It makes the rest of the day that much nicer.

The Last Section

221. This is the last section of the survey. How do you feel?: I wish this were longer, haha!

222. Did you like this survey?: Yes, since it's not derivative like most of the other ones on the Internet that I've encountered!

223. Was it the longest one that you have ever completed?: No. I've completed a 5172-question one before. (but not all in one sitting... that would take entirely too long, haha!)

224. Do you like filling these surveys out?: Yup! :D

225. What do you want to do now that you are done with this?: Wish I wasn't going anywhere!

226. Any last words?: "Help! I'm decomposing!"

227. That's nice, but we're still not done: SWEET!

228. How many people did you send this to?: Whoever sees this, I guess!

229. How many of those people do you think will send it back to you?: Whoever's bored.

230. Who is most likely to send it back?: No idea... whoever wants to.

231. Who is least likely to send it back?: Everyone else.

232. Do you care if anyone sends it back?: Not really, but it would be pretty sweet.

233. Do you like the person who sent this to you?: Sure, she understands me!

234. Okay, what's the time now?: 6:43 PM.

235. So, how long did it take you to finish this?: Two hours and ten minutes. (shut up... I was MULTITASKING!)

236. Was it a waste of your time?: Nope! It was pretty cool.

Okay, that's the end.

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Coming to you live from Regina!

Vanessa and Vivian were at the airport already once Jon and I had checked in after Eric dropped us off, and we were amused at Viv getting a massage from a special chair. We discussed the P-word, kid stories, pushing people into stalls, packing habits, water, and more. The flight was okay, until I heard it was -25. After a certain temperature, I guess it doesn't matter, but it WAS cold! Steph picked us up from Regina airport as promised (Vivian says Montreal airport is like a warehouse, so even worse), and we did bundle up since it is cold. It was -40 with the windchill, which is the coldest Steph's ever experienced. We get to hear her sing tomorrow morning (Vivian asked about it), and Citrus will join us for dinner and stuff as well. Gave Vivian her birthday card, and she was pleasantly surprised.

Steph mentioned developing a liking for 80s rock since that's what they play in the gym: Metallica, Mötley Crüe, and AC/DC? SWEET workout music! Mom wanted to go to the mall since Sears was having some sale, so they went... I got her fur hat, which is cute. She tried offering us some Tony Roma's chicken, but Jon and I had just eaten some muffins from home. Took some pictures, checked in, and we're good to go for dinner in a while. Breakfast is good, and we'll go to chapel tomorrow too. Then I guess we'll see what happens... no Moose Jaw, since the weather's kinda miserable. Not snowing, but it's still cold. Eh well, should be okay.

In her emails, Mom had referred to the luggage on the townhouse's third floor as being "on display" - not really. Then she referred to a certain brewery as a "brewster" - NICE!

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Mail is NOT a cold, Grandma!

Did some late birthday cards along with Christmas cards, and went out early after I called Eric to let him know that he didn't need to pick me up - he was staying home anyhow. Traffic was really bad, but apparently it was Oval Opening Day, which Jon and I didn't know about. I went with Grandma to Yaohan while Jon taught at Tom Lee, because she wanted to buy oranges and skim milk for her stay at a family friend's house. She also ended up buying me Pocky, plus some butter biscuits. (I made her wait while I bought a calling card with Jon's money at HARMONY Video!) Afterwards, we battled the heavy rain into Vancouver. We heard that the LOW in Regina was supposed to be -27 degrees... what the heck did I sign up for?!

Jon had to stop by the post office, but Grandma thought that he either wanted to buy stuff or go to the washroom! Hahahaha! Then we tried translating: that didn't go so well, since she was then under the impression that he had a cold and wanted to buy medicine for it! "Why didn't you buy it at Yaohan instead of 7-11?!" Eventually, we managed to get through to her that he was mailing stuff, heh. Went for dinner, and discussed Elaine and Matt's wedding reception at the old Honbo restaurant, now called Prince. Had some coffee after dropping Grandma off - yes, I like caffeine.

Jon said "my mom" instead of "Mom" twice tonight to ME, and also did something not very safe that number of times. But things were all right - phew! Went to church, where I gave away some of the cards. The missions sharing was fine - a guy with no arms or legs, creative Mongolia, hospice chaplain, and translation mixups were cool. Everyone thought we had flown out already, heh. Vivian and Karen said to bundle up - oh yeah. Long underwear, a LOT of clothing / socks, toques, mittens, and scarves will all be part of my apparel when I leave! Talked to Chris, Christon, Jeremy (amusing himself with offering envelopes), Vanessa, Cindy, Margaret, Natalie, Auntie Brenda, Auntie Eva, Auntie Catherine, Auntie Anna, and a bunch of others: the trip, ginger snacks (I had enough Japanese pickled ginger at dinner!), cards, appreciation, and more.

I discovered I'd somehow forgotten photo ID (which I need to get onto the plane - I could have FORGOTTEN totally not on purpose!) and some cash I had, so after an unscheduled stop at Dragon Ball (mango-banana), it was back to my place. Better to do it at night than tomorrow when we're trying to get things done before leaving - thank goodness Eric is giving us a ride to the airport! While I was there, I took some aspirin and called Henry to remind him that I wouldn't need a ride tomorrow. He wondered if Regina was in Manitoba - I don't think Manitoba comes into the equation at all. Guess we'll both have to check if we have Awana the following week before Christmas!

Two mishearings of the night...

1. Me, explaining to Jon why he shouldn't use me as his portable drum set: "I have padded pockets!"
Jon: "... you're a pedophile with chocolate?!"
Me: "... um, yeah.. I think that's worse than any creative hearing I've come up with in Eric's presence. I should tell him about this!"

2. Jon, mock-singing: "You have a big pretty booty..."
Me: "You are disturbing..."
Jon: "That's something, coming from YOU!"
Me: "You didn't say PRETTY BOOBIES, did you...?"
Jon: "Um, no...."

One interesting lyric: We will rape and pillage a village of our choice...

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Friday, December 12, 2008

2008 Year-End Survey: Fashion Concept, Achievement, New People

Year-End Survey: Fashion Concept, Achievement, New People

1. What did you do in 2008 that you'd never done before? Kissed someone at New Year's, fed a cat (actually two cats), let three dogs out into a yard, slept in a stranger's bed (NOT IN THAT WAY - PERVERTS!), friended virtual strangers on Facebook (just for the blood games), dealt with a person who (probably) has Borderline Personality Disorder, went to Phil and Grace's, and played ROCK BAND / GUITAR HERO.

2. Did you keep your New Year's resolutions, and will you make more for next year? I resolved to be a better girlfriend - in my opinion, I *did* keep it! As for next year, I might make more. Haven't decided yet.

3. Did anyone close to you give birth? Winnie, Lily, Helen K., and Karen I.

4. Did anyone close to you die? Not that I know of.

5. What countries did you visit? None. I lead a boring life! :P

6. What would you like to have in 2009 that you lacked in 2008? An honest loyal SPECIAL PERSON.

7. What dates from 2008 will remain etched upon your memory, and why?

Jan. 8 (had a last hangout with Eric H. before he left for Hong Kong)
Jan. 12 (Frances' baby shower, memorable because I saw Elaine back from Hawaii!)
Jan. 26 (celebrated the 25th anniversary of Missions Fest, then went to Steam Works afterwards)
Feb. 2 (hung out with Eric and Korey at Sui Sha Ya)
Feb. 10 (first Sunday Dinner at Phil and Grace's - memorable because of Jeremy's "knowing you more" joke!)
Feb. 14 (went out with Jon, Steph, Dallas, Jeremy, and Nathan to Long's Noodle House... we tipped them $27!)
Feb. 17 (Melia's bridal shower, and then watching a Darfur documentary at Nate's with a bunch of people including Dilys / Joey / Emily / Sam / Ivan / Christon / Jeremy)
Feb. 29 (wasted my prerogative to propose to the guy for once, according to some obscure tradition - I should have joked around with someone else!)
March 22 (was liberated from Chilliwack, and thus started 4.5 months of hell :P)
March 25 (Sunrise Service - Jon observed that Korey looked REALLY out of it, but staying up all night while creating drama will do that to you! :P)
April 12 (met Eric's Victoria friends Ryan and Alison, plus their toddler Jeremy - Alison had baby Nathan in June)
April 26 (convinced Raymond to join the Scrabulous group, haha)
May 1 (went to Twinkle - not Tinkle! :P - with Jon and Dallas)
May 4 (birthday party at Jen's - memorable for a discussion about smegma :P)
May 8 (met Krista for the first time as we went to Tri-Ty with Teunis; YAY!)
May 20 (was briefly locked out of the townhouse... I still have no idea why K didn't just take a cab over there and get the key from me if he wanted it so badly, AND he left me to take the bus back later when it was full DARK outside too!)
May 30 (Jeremy called my place for the first time!)
June 8 (had a girls-only dinner at Chrystal and Emily's house to say farewell to my sister)
June 15 (had a random port night at Jeremy's with the guys - Jon H. liked my "Spiderette" nickname for Jon and Harmony's future daughter)
June 22 (hung out with Jon, Harmony, Jeremy, and Eric at the jazz festival)
June 28 (Angus and Melia's wedding)
July 1 (the Canada Day BBQ - too bad Raymond sustained an injury!)
July 6 (was drunk, live on the Internet via webcam.... thanks, Korey and Steve...)
July 19 (hiking outing at Lynn Valley, then going to a BBQ at Erik's - met Vanessa H., Robin, his girlfriend Jen, and others)
July 27 (had a raspberry duck dinner at Jeremy's)
Aug. 3 (saw THE DARK KNIGHT with Eric and Korey - it was funny that we bumped into Jon, Harmony, and Holly while there!)
Aug. 4 (the BC Day mead Sunday dinner, AKA "the date Korey was FINALLY outta here!")
Aug. 11 (the church grad banquet with good times, and K's surgery)
Aug. 24 (last summer Sunday Dinner at Christon's - we watched ZOOLANDER!)
Aug. 27-28 (Billie slept over, and my mom thought she was a gang member without a family!)
Aug. 28 (looked around for apartments with David's help)
Aug. 31 (went to the Taiwanese Cultural Festival, then to the Richmond Night Market - MAGIC BRA, anyone?)
Sept. 6 (had TURDUCKEN at Jeremy's while celebrating Jon H.'s birthday)
Sept. 14 (the date I finally broke up with K for good; very soon after, I went to a Sunday Dinner at Jer's, and Nathan was surprised I was there!)
Sept. 17 (celebrating my birthday with friends at Boston Pizza - dang Brown's Social House!)
Sept. 27 (hung out at Citrus' place, finally - we all said farewell to him, too)
Sept. 30 (got my first DRAW in Wordscraper)
Oct. 1 (cooked a lot of food for Jeremy since he was injured)
Oct. 9 (started the BLOOD GAMES)
Oct. 12 (had our first official service in the new church building, then I watched BARTON FINK at Nathan's before the seafood banquet!)
Oct. 13 (last phone call EVER to Korey - WOOHOO!)
Oct. 21 (found out that someone STOLE from me!)
Oct. 29 (Teunis and Krista came over - we discovered what turned out to be fermented PEE... EWWWWW!)
Oct. 30 (Andrea and I hung out at Superstore and Paesano's)
Nov. 9 (Jon made cheesecake with beer)
Nov. 12 (celebrated Vanessa, Emily C., and Melia's birthdays at Angus and Melia's condo)
Nov. 23 (celebrated Jon's birthday at Jeremy's - he did NOT escape the Magic Bra!)
Nov. 30 (watched IRON MAN at Erik's)
Dec. 12 (went to Regina with family, Vanessa, and Vivian S.)
Dec. 18 (Steph back!)

8. What was your biggest achievement of the year? Getting out of that relationship before I ended up DEAD or seriously injured!

9. What was your biggest failure? Like last year, trusting the wrong person.

10. Did you suffer illness or injury? Not really... unless you count the massive cough I had in October, or the time I was PUSHED TO THE FLOOR in July!

11. What was the best thing you bought? That webcam, probably because I still have it. Not like I've used it much since September!

12. Whose behavior merited celebration? Eric H., Eric M., Karen C., Mandy, and Andrea.

13. Whose behavior made you appalled and depressed? Korey's, mainly!

14. Where did most of your money go? Food, friends, and Korey, (he's a recurring theme...)

15. What did you get really, really, really excited about? Korey's coming to town for VISITS (hey, it was a long-distance relationship...), the wedding of the year, and my brother's engagement!

16. What song will always remind you of 2008? Rihanna's Umbrella - only because it was the ex's FAVORITE song! Bleh. :P

17. Compared to this time last year, you are:
i. happier or sadder? Happier.
ii. thinner or fatter? The same, despite any comments K made to the contrary!
iii. richer or poorer? Poorer, definitely. But working on saving money! (I think)

18. What do you wish you'd done more of? Being strong, and not letting people push me around.

19. What do you wish you'd done less of? Letting people borrow money.

20. How will you be spending Christmas / Hanukah? The CSC Christmas Celebration, and opening presents. I don't know if there's anything else going on that day!

21. What was the most embarrassing thing that happened to you in 2008? Slipping and falling a ZILLION times on the ice and snow in Regina!

22. Did you fall in love in 2008? No.

23. How many one-night stands? Zero.

24. What was your favorite TV program? Didn't really have one.

25. Do you hate anyone now that you didn't hate this time last year? Yes.

26. What was the best book you read? Either The Brothers K or The Time Traveler's Wife.

27. What was your greatest musical discovery? Not sure.

28. What did you want and get? New friends!

29. What did you want and not get? True loyalty and understanding from someone to call MINE.

30. What was your favorite film of this year? Pan's Labyrinth - very interesting storyline!

31. What did you do on your birthday, and how old were you? Turned 32, welcomed Billie into my place, found out that various people couldn't make it, and went to Boston Pizza (WAS supposed to be Brown's Social House) with Billie / Eric M. / Danielle / Teunis / Krista / Vanessa x2 / Nathan / Jen / Christon / Vivian S. / Jon / Jasmine.

32. What one thing would have made your year immeasurably more satisfying? Having true communion ad connection with someone.

33. How would you describe your personal fashion concept in 2008? SHINY BLING! :P

34. What kept you sane? Both Erics, reading, and phone calls to certain supportive people.

35. Which celebrity / public figure did you fancy the most? Did anyone with a sexy accent and nice eyes make the news this year? ;) [same answer every year!]

36. What political issue stirred you the most? Not really any at all....

37. Who did you miss? Vivian L., Steph, Citrus, K (when things were good in the relationship...), and definitely Eric H.

38. Who was the best new person you met? Only one person? Hmm. Then I declare Krista to be the honored winner!

39. Tell us a valuable life lesson you learned in 2008: If someone says he isn't trying to control / manipulate you, yet his behavior pongs to high heaven... he most likely IS. Get the hell out while you still have some dignity!

40. Quote a song lyric that sums up your year: FIGHTER!

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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Grandma and her "NO GOOD" signal crack us up!

Genkobar added me to Facebook - sweet. Now I finally know his real name, but I ain't telling you people ANYTHING! Antonio Roco also added me for the blood games, but I'm not responding to THAT one!

At dinner, Jon and I were trying to convince Grandma that something (probably drinking Sierra Nevada wheat ale) was good. We gave her the thumbs-up signal... so she gave us a signal which consisted of just hooking her pinky out. Since we had no idea what that meant, we had to ask her. "That means NO GOOD!" I like that way of thinking: if a thumbs-up means VERY GOOD, then the opposite of that MUST be NO GOOD! *laughs*

Then we were trying to figure out what "clams" in Chinese was. Jon said he'd look it up, and then told Grandma to come over there. We saw images of clams, but she insisted they weren't the right ones - maybe surf clams? So Jon pulled those up on Google Image Search, and she insisted they weren't hoisin. Okay, whatever you say!

Jon left to go watch movies at Nathan's - since I refuse to call Nathan "Fat Kid," I told Grandma that he was at Jeremy's when she asked where he was. Then she wondered what they were doing - I temporarily forgot the Chinese word for "movie," so substituted "TV" instead. Good enough, but then she wondered why they couldn't just watch it at the townhouse. "Are they watching bad TV? His girlfriend wouldn't like it... are they also having beer?!" Hahahaha!

I've discovered that redrum has made its unwelcome appearance... UGH!

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2008 Checkbox Survey

In 2008, I have...

[X] broken a promise
[] made a new best friend
[] fallen in love
[X] fallen out of love
[] been in over 2 relationships
[X] lied
[] gone behind my parents' back
[X] cried over a broken heart
[X] disappointed someone close
[X] pretended to be happy
[] kissed in the rain
[] kissed on a first date
[] slept under the stars
[] kept your New Year's resolution
[] forgot your New Year's resolution
[X] met someone who changed your life
[] met one of your idols
[X] changed your outlook on life
[X] sat home all day doing nothing
[X] pretended to be sick
[] left the country
[] almost died
[X] given up something important to you
[X] lost something expensive
[X] learned something new about yourself
[X] tried something you normally wouldn't try, and liked it
[X] made a change in your life
[X] found out who your true friends were
[X] met great people
[X] stayed up till sunrise
[X] pigged out over the summer
[X] met someone from Live Journal in person (Hey Robin, does it count if you didn't know they had an LJ when you met them?) [Robin and Krista... and Erik too, I guess?]
[X] cried over the silliest thing
[X] partied more than 5 times (not those kinds of parties!)
[X] was never home on weekends
[] gotten into a car accident
[X] found a person I never thought I'd become really good friends with
[X] had friends who were drifting away from me
[] had someone close to me die
[X] had a high cell phone bill
[] wasted most of my money on food
[] had a fist fight
[] gone to the beach
[] seen a celebrity
[X] gotten sick
[] liked more than 5 people at the same time (... thank goodness, no!)
[X] had a wasted night
[X] became closer to a lot of people

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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Finally mailing some Christmas cards and doing things with money

New Hampshire hit me again on the scammer front! In other news, I finally got off my butt and hied it down to the mall... got laundry money from the bank. No, that does NOT say "laundered money."

I mailed cards / postcards to Samara (mystic_notions), Billie (sianparis), Y, John (snooooopy), Farrah (lilaznffairy421), Janina (mrshannibal), Jennifer (tehgreenfairy), Charlotte (charshark), Sara (sarasaurusrex), Angie (auralily), Shi (mypetconcubine), Julie (julie709), Mandy (a_phoenixdragon), Katya (katzk), Matt (jarethshair), and Candy. Then I saw these brandy-filled beans, which I couldn't resist... JUST LIKE LAST YEAR! Unlike last year, the brandy in these things are 16% alcohol as opposed to 13% - yay! They seemed a better deal ($5 for 400g as opposed to $10 for 200g) than the ones filled with Grand Marnier or Kahlua, hahaha. Also had a blueberry BBT at Big Orange since I needed the caffeine! Had some violin music running through my head too. I have no idea where that came from since I haven't listened to any classical pieces in a LONG time!

Went home about an hour later, which was cool - I didn't spend any more time than I had to at the mall, which is either a testament to my relative willpower, or a sign that this upcoming trip is making me economize more than usual. Got home, and found a curious bubblewrap envelope - it contained a Christmas card, praline Flake bar, Rowntree's Pick and Mix fruit pastilles / fruit gums / Tooty Frooties, Cadbury Crunchie bar, Barratt Natural Refreshers (fruity flavor fizzy sweets) from Matt (jarethshair) - VERY COOL!

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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Mmm, Abercrombie outfits...

High-scoring word of the night so far:

EXPANDER (100 points) - against Michael M. [5W]

Steffan M. added me for the blood games, and this temperamental beast just restarted on me! Ugh!

what zodiac sign should you marry by yourxfantasy
first name
favorite color

What random Anchorman quote are you? by ggwat
your quote:"Jazz flute is for little fairy boys"

What Cute Logo Do You Represent? by babyangel4u203
Favorite Color
Your Logo

"Breaking hearts never looked so cool" is a bit on the blinky side... o_O

Naruto: who is your teammate? by Hikaru Z
choice of weapon

Your life in the world of Naruto! by Kairos
What is your name?
Which is your favorite character?
Chouji smell bad.
Gaara wants your pink shoes!
Hinata says..."......." *stares at you*
Ino two could become best friends.
Iruka...asks you out on a date.
Itachi...can't even look at you without running away and screaming in fear.
Jiraiya...wants to spend his future with you.
Kakashi...likes your style. angry with you since you painted his puppets pink.
Kiba...believes you're a dog.
Naruto...falls in love with you and spends his whole life stalking you.
Neji...wish you would jump down a cliff so he could get some peace in his life.
Orochimaru...totally loves your body. *Orochimaru grins evilly* (RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!)
Rock Lee...grins and gives you the 'nice guy' pose.
Sakura...loves you.
Sasuke...wants to kidnap you and then marry you.
Shikamaru...could consider you as his wife one day in the future... ONE day.
Shino...think you're okay, but doesn't really like you.
Temari...ignores you.
Tenten...doesn't like you.
Tsunade...kicked you out from Konoha when you stole her sake.
Which one of these did you love?Chouji
But who did you marry?Rock Lee
Who did you cheat with during your marriage?Shino
Your relationship lasted how many years?57
And finally... Who ended up killing you?Naruto

Hellsings Sleepover Madness! by BlackDragon25
Fave drink:
Pajamas are:
You ended up drunk with:Jan Valentine
and started singing:Ashlee Simpson's Lala,
how drunk you were:
Alucard:threw up in the bathroom after eating too much cookie dough
Intergra:fell asleep on the TV
Walter:broke his monocle breakdancing
Alexander:started tap-dancing
Luke and Jan:prank-called the president

Your ideal shoes by blondebabe06
Shoe Size
Favorite color
Your ideal shoes

Cool shoes!

your avatars by darkangel-jo

1. "I'm not nobody's fool" (stupid double negative!)
6. "If I gave you everything, would you still want more?"

Abercrombie outfit (guys) by drumminkid1992
whats your name
whats your favorite time of the year
what is your age

I couldn't resist taking it. The shoes look a bit blah, but the rest kinda would work on a good guy. ;)

Abercrombie & Fitch Outfit!! Girls only by neonangel

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Dream of death and kisses in the arcade / Sensual Blogthings

High-scoring words of the day so far:

DEIGN (160 points) - against George M. [4W, two 2W]
PHALLIST (114 points) - against Michael M. [4W]
SABRA (280 points) - against Steve L. [4W, 5W]

I had a weird dream which started out in a house with a white tile floor. My friends and I were just chilling, until a mage appeared and said that we were to die. However, this method of death would actually involve something fun! We were quite dubious, but he told us to hear him out. Apparently, we wouldn't feel a thing (uh-huh...), and would be transported to a world where we had to lie flat on our backs during this transition. We would not be allowed to touch anything in this vast world, including the black stumps with orange flames on top of them. (no, this was not exactly Hell)

So then we were dead, and whisked to this world just as he had foretold it. We were kinda able to see the orange-and-black color scheme, but were happy that we didn't have to suffer people's yelling any longer! I was sent to an arcade, where I played a colorful video game where I had to grab cherries while evading these THWOMP-like characters (like the MARIO games) who were really fat with red clothing. Andrew C. saw me there - he looked great with his guitar and gelled hair. He had to pull me in for a couple of stolen kisses, heh - that was interesting. I woke up when we were gathering to ask what would happen next. No idea why I had the dream!

I just had a weird phone call from Michigan, too: 1-231-732-2783, anyone? (and one from Kamloops: 1-250-374-5215)

You Look Like an Aries

It's likely that you have a lean and strong body.

Your facial features are uniquely beautiful, and you may have a scar or beauty mark.

You have good posture, and you carry yourself with an air of confidence.

You have a strong, steady gaze. Your eyes are often issuing a challenge.

Like most Aries people, you're probably very energetic and enjoy it when someone challenges you.

You expect the best from people, and you believe in them. You are willing to take a risk on someone.

Meh... not so much, no...

You Should Juggle

You've got the talent to go far in life, but you don't really like to take risks.

You'd rather practice your well-honed skills than put your life in danger.

You are agile and coordinated. You can work magic with your hands.

You truly mesmerize people. You don't have to resort to cheap tricks and gimmicks.

Hahaha... sure, WHATEVER this says...

Your Sensuality Score is: 50%

You are quite sensual, but you don't go overboard.

You can appreciate a good piece of music (or pie) better than most people.

While you love to treat your senses, you're not greedy.

You enjoy any sensual experience that comes your way, but you are not a slave to your senses.

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Monday, December 08, 2008

Eric's missing out on a lot of things, man! / Dream of no Sean

Had a good conversation with Chinese Eric last night; he's missing EVERYTHING in Hong Kong, man! (weddings, travel news, Jon and Harmony, Nate's grad, engagement news, Alan and Tracy being HAPPY in each others' company, Citrus' news, the new church building FINALLY coming together...) We briefly discussed how people could seem one way online, and then completely different in real life. "Yeah, the hard part is over now that you're here! [six months later] How did I get myself into this pain and suffering?! You're not the person I thought I knew / loved! I'm outta here!" Yep, I definitely could relate! (Also got a Seattle Christmas card from Brandy (foreverintheend), a holiday_wishes person... YAY! I should go out and mail my own stuff, and it's a good thing that Samara commented on my post the other day!)

Random thought: I would NOT have been happy if I'd decided to marry him.

Went to sleep earlier, or tried to. Had a weird dream where my friends and I were on this pleasure boat cruise. We knew that K was out to get us, so we went to the drink selection mini-fridge with milk. Coincidentally, we also saw his stuff in a pile next to ours. Someone suggested taking it while we packed... good idea! Yellow notebook, red notebook, blue tabs of some sort, papers... it all went into our stuff. We also deliberately excluded him from games we were playing - and eventually managed to kill him with a single shot to the heart. Before he died, he made us exclude little Sean from a game we were playing with tallies and sheep. William and Sarah were MOST unhappy about this, but there was nothing we could do. I think that's why we killed him eventually - the world could not suffer such evil and live, heh. The person doing the tallying was most confused - "where's Sean?!"

I woke up when someone was either mowing the lawn (in THIS weather?!) or revving their motorcycle. No idea why I had the dream, though! Still sleepy, but I need to get up and do some stuff anyhow...

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Sunday, December 07, 2008

Apparently, I'll be a layered ninja icicle! / BleachedCoho

Eric and Jon picked me up this morning, whereupon I went into a rant about next weekend. Not my best moment, but better them than my parents or random church people, mainly my parents' friends! Then we discussed the "exploitation" that happened last night - at least Jon got some amusement out of that! We were a bit late for service (saw Stella with baby Noah - a year old now!), so had to sit near the front. Noticed John and Ada in service; cool, even if I didn't get a chance to talk to them OR Raymond. Christon took Eric's bulletin - it turned out that he needed it later for Communion purposes, but I shared mine with him instead. Phil incorporated some childbirth references in his sermon, but I can guarantee that Grace will slap him if he ever said something like "it's only a very short time out of the duration of the entire pregnancy!" when she's in labor, haha. Had another rant about the usage of the word "grow" in the context of "Let's grow our patience!" *rage*

Talked to Karen and Jen in the fellowship hall about the church color, wood, a good use for the outer court, the lack of coffee places within reasonable walking distance, Tim Hortons, seeing everyone through the glass, and more. Went up to Dylan and asked him for cold weather tips: Calla says that temperature in Regina wouldn't faze her anymore after being in -50 weather for a time! DRESS IN LAYERS / BE A NINJA / SCARVES FOR DRY COLD, they all said... Richie didn't know why I was asking, heh. (we let him know, don't worry!) I told them that Jon had suggested strapping me to the roof of the car so I could prepare for the windy weather - um, no thanks! John, Jonathan, Margaret, Golden, Andrew, and other people loved the Christmas-themed Rice Krispie squares that Andrea brought to share. Discussed my trip with Chuck / Jeff (with baby Allison, also now one year old) / Mike / various other people. (I enjoyed Vanessa's imitation of Uncle Daniel: "Don't tell Christina [his wife]... ssh! I'm sneaking some chips!") Andrea and Chuck are going on Saturday too, and they'll miss the coffee / desserts night on the 19th!

Discussed things with Jen - it's a bit less painful for me, but still. It's a shock when you assume someone else is a good person, and they're really not! Good thing we both have trips coming up to distract us! We joined Christon, Jeremy, Jon, and Karen in critiquing various aspects of the church building, which Jen could invite her mom to now that it actually looks more complete! Jokes were made about distilling alcohol, casks of Scotch (Jeremy doesn't have any more Glenlivet!), green space in the outer court (so not like the depiction we were given months ago!), kids and balls (near the BRAND NEW windows?!), the concrete ledges, seals, and more. Jen's moving, and her mom and dad and friends are helping her with that - no movers except for the big stuff! Saw Auntie Karen - Trudy's in Hong Kong now?! Oh man, I never knew that! But then, it's been years since we knew each other!

Went to Sunday School, and we've changed rooms - the room's much bigger, which is definitely a plus. Last week's room was really small! When I finished with that, Eric was going up the stairs to collect me - sure, I'll go home early with him! Why not? Spares certain other people a rant which I already did! Ranted about that, Netspeak (I should never have talked to someone in the first place), BATMAN references, and other things on the way home. I'll become a human icicle, and not because I'm an icicle first - wonder what garbage people have been spewing... (also talked to Adam about his exams, and to Isabel about wasting time in sleep)

Hey, I finally got a COHO! Sweet! Had to cut the conversation short because of the Netspeak he was using - BLEH! (it's been cleaned up and edited!)

[14:29:16] BleachedCoho: Hey.
[14:29:28] AlenaBrolxFlami: Hey, I finally get a COHO! SWEET.
[14:29:37] BleachedCoho: who's this?
[14:30:01] AlenaBrolxFlami: I'm a random person that these bots connected you with. Are you on LJ?
[14:30:20] BleachedCoho: LJ?
[14:31:14] BleachedCoho: yo... what's good?
[14:32:42] AlenaBrolxFlami: I suggest you look at that to answer some of the questions you may have.
[14:35:36] BleachedCoho: that link's not comin' through..
[14:35:57] AlenaBrolxFlami: ah crap... must be a filter.
[14:36:59] AlenaBrolxFlami: go to l i v e
[14:37:06] AlenaBrolxFlami: j o u r
[14:37:10] AlenaBrolxFlami: n a l
[14:37:18] AlenaBrolxFlami: . c o m
[14:37:22] AlenaBrolxFlami: and look for
[14:37:23] BleachedCoho: all right.. got it through...
[14:37:35] AlenaBrolxFlami: t h e
[14:37:41] AlenaBrolxFlami: m i s s i n g
[14:37:44] AlenaBrolxFlami: h a t
[14:37:51] AlenaBrolxFlami: look for it in the info box
[14:39:47] BleachedCoho: all right... I just read it... sounds like the way you found me, though..
[14:41:43] AlenaBrolxFlami: I didn't "find" you - if anything, you messaged me first.
[14:41:54] BleachedCoho: ???
[14:42:33] BleachedCoho: naw... you're buggin'.... you messaged me first, yo...
[14:44:14] AlenaBrolxFlami: [14:29:16] BleachedCoho: Hey.
[14:29:28] AlenaBrolxFlami: Hey, I finally get a COHO! SWEET.
[14:44:38] BleachedCoho: huh?
[14:45:13] AlenaBrolxFlami: you messaged me first with "Hey." - although this does make it seem like the other person did it first.
[14:48:19] BleachedCoho: WHAT?.... you're the one who said "hey"..
[14:50:28] AlenaBrolxFlami: not from my end
[14:51:08] BleachedCoho: where are you from?
[14:52:42] AlenaBrolxFlami: Canada
[14:54:31] BleachedCoho: New York City..

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