Friday, February 08, 2002

The Latin American country I'll visit, how my name will be defined in the dictionary, craziness

Here are some more sexy Quiz Heaven and Facebook quizzes:

What Latin American country will you visit?

Puerto Rico
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How will your name be defined in the dictionary?

[verb] running really fast coz of being scared
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You're allowed on the streets?
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what is your hometown?

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I think this result is funny because I was raised in my family, mmkay? ;)


nothing looks better than
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Uh, I can think of a bunch of things that look better than I do, but whatever...

How desirable are you?

You're gorgeous, start believing it
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I wouldn't use that word to describe myself, but okay...

what is your nickname

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Sounds about right, some days...

Your true love's name begins with the letter
Examples: Warren... Xavier... Ya know, some name that starts with Y =]] ... Zach
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How will you die?

Old age, or of boredom.
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I'm not doing the Ultimate Sexual Fantasy quiz, since it's offensive!

Who are YOU, really?

A sorcerer / sorceress reincarnated for the sole purpose of dominating the world.
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what are you?

Hi. I'm Johnny Cash.
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You really are a rock soldier. Can't really expect you to do better.
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Who is your celebrity guy crush?

Nick Lachey
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What is your catch-phrase?

Throw me a frickin' bone here!
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YAY for Austin Powers and Dr. Evil impersonations!

You are a little bit more sedate. You like to hang out with friends, but you also know how to keep a lid on it when necessary. You could make a few more friends. Take up some hobbies!
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What does your birthday mean?

You should name your child Elvis.
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Somehow, I don't think that'll work... o_O

Well, Congrats... I think? You are Alex from Clockwork Orange. He is not exactly something / someone to be proud of. He does get sent to jail (and gets molested), but he does get to (bang) 2 times. Unfortunately, he gets brainwashed. Haha.
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You are the Wizard!
The mighty wizard weaves his spells in stony silence. He has worked so hard, and will now come to fruition...
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What does your name mean?

You are a fart lard and deserve a chocolate bar.
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HAHAHAHA, that goes well with the "UG" language! :D

What should your first tattoo be?

Garfield and Odie
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What music artist are you?

Alice Cooper
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What would Jesus do (to you)?

Rob a liquor store.
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Somehow, I don't think so!

What group do you belong in?

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what kind of gummi bear are you?

Brunette Bear - you think brunettes "do it better" and you're right. But you will never beat Blonde, for she will have Killer Bear hunt you down.
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what's your quote?

A good essay is 10% inspiration, 15% perspiration, and 75% desperation
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who will you marry?

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Are you a lesbian?

No, you are not. Someday you will have lots of money and everything you could possibly want.
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What is your punch line?

Fifty years ago, that wasn't an electric fence.
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Will you be a monster, loser, or one of many others? Find out here!

Alexander (Alexandria) the Great
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Krazy Genes
Your fellow gang members see you as a crazy Mo'Fo!!! You take life to the fullest. They know that they can count on you to pick the best spots to rape people, and the perfect place to hide bodies and stash drugs. Your dream date is with a crack ho that likes fine dining and traveling around the world.
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What will you be reincarnated as?

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How much of a Sick Fuck are you?

Take your Meds!!
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You should be an actor. You can fake everything down from the sighing to the quaking. You are so good at what you do, you can almost convince yourself that what he is doing is hot... NOT! You've perfected your skill so that you do not hurt your guy's feelings. Now it's time to get down and dirty, and teach him how to satisfy you!
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what best describes you

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Good job! You know almost everything about Harry Potter!
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Not really...

what's your favorite body part?

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How does Andrew best describe you?

You are green... which basically means you will rule the world one day
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What is your boyfriend / girlfriend REALLY like?

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6% The Mystery Man
You love a man so special, he can't even fit into a category... that's why we made this one up just for him. He's spontaneous and always on the go. You never know what he'll be up to next, and that's why he defines "mystic." Keep him close though, because with all that mystery, he's bound to wander off.
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crazy quiz

have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?
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what is your worst fear that you don't know about?

that you will be attacked by giant mutated hamburgers
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You are "you should lock yourself up" crazy!
Congratulations... welcome to the world of the very insane. Many people will want to lock you up somewhere, so fight it as you see fit. I understand.
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where are you most likely to get lost?

in the woods
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how many animals will you have?

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Rum & Coke
You like the effects of hard liquor with the taste that is smooth. You are invited to parties and hang with your friends and be silly when you're buzzed. You like to be the life of the party, and when the night is over... you want to hookup with that special someone. God Bless Rum & Coke!!!
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Valentine's Day Advice
From QuizUniverse to Leslie
"Don't have sex with someone without ensuring they have a pulse first"
What is your Valentine's Day advice? at

Sexy Facebook quizzes taken from Gretchen and Diane:

Leslie took the quiz "What Sex Position are You" and the result is Brazilian Bedlock.

Leslie took the quiz "what type of sex are you?" and the result is sweet love.

Leslie took the quiz "How Good of A Kisser Are You??" and the result is Drop dead amazing!!!

Leslie took the quiz "What kind of kiss are you?" and the result is Passionate Kiss.

Leslie took the quiz "What kind of sex position are you?" and the result is Reverse Cowgirl or Cowgirl position.

Leslie just took the How Sexy Are You Quiz. I am 55% Sexy. I am Very Sexy. I know what I want and how I want it. With an outlook like mine, I am definitely enjoying life.

Leslie took the quiz "What Swear Word Are You?" and the result is Shit. Not a lot goes on, and you're quite quiet and get on with what you do, but you have your days where you could just go mental at someone.

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Wednesday, February 06, 2002

Famous serial killers, what my gravestone will say, whether I'm ugly, and more!

Which Famous Serial Killer are you?

Charles Manson
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no flowers here!
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You are a little ugly but not as ugly as you think you are
You are not that ugly, but some may think you are.
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You are Kakashi!!
Like Kakashi, you are calm and collected, but you can win a fight with a flick of your hand. Something about you can creep people out, whether it be your eyes or something else. Or maybe this is completely wrong. Go take the quiz again...
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You are flip-flops
You are very down to earth, and everyone loves to hang out with you because you are so mellow. Everyone can count on you for being so cool, calm, and collected.
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Whoa... two quizzes in a row say I'm cool, calm, and collected. I guess this is true for me when I think about it!

Yea, it's Craig!!!
So you got Craig, which means you may like drugs. You are also slightly insane, but that's okay... people like you anyways. They also love your guitar. Too bad your girlfriend dumped you because of your drug use. But you're still hot!!!!
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You like them fun and crazy
Your Degrassi guy is Spinner! YAY! Spinner is totally fun and a real sweetie. Spinner likes a good time and knows how to have one! Although he can tend to get caught up in things and perhaps get someone shot, but that was a one time thing.
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You are a doorknob
You are boring. Your friends look for you when they have nothing to do. You like to chill, but maybe just a little too much. You need to start running more. Everyone likes to chill with a player like you.
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you are a winter... you are cold and mature, but you are very emotional and people care a lot for you.
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What's your boyfriend's / girlfriend's pet name?

sugar lips
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You are Raspberry Socom. You don't really enjoy spamming, but you want to follow your friend Pineapple Socom, so you do it to make him happy. You are either a terrible procrastinator or have Asperger's.
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A Computer
You are a funny one! People come to you to make them laugh, and you help people forget their problems just with a joke. Comedians have nothing on you, since they aren't as funny as you. You are also a very interesting person... just when someone thinks they know you , you change. But that isn't always bad, right?
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What is your SuperStar Name?

Misty Helves
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Which Friends Character are You

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What will your valentine say?

You must be a hell of a thief because you stole my heart from across the room.
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You are a true Mike! You are a jerk!
You absorb misery and make it happiness. You dwell on Wolves and the thought that you are a werewolf / vampire. You are adaptable to fit in with all cliques, but get pissed off very badly when people are ignorant to you.

Go out and bite some shins!
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How will you fall prey to MY System? (Assuming I take over)

My drones will nibble your ankles FOREVER!
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you are like Chelsea
Chelsea is hard to describe. Funny and amazing!!
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Jessica Simpson
you are Jessica Simpson
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What's Your Switchfoot Nickname?

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how will you die????????

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what will you go to jail for??

You will go to jail for licking a pole on a cold day. You will go to jail for saying hi to the mailman. You will go to jail for kicking the soda machine.
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You're bi-curious to straight
You are bi-curious, but you really would rather be with a boy because you don't really feel comfortable with a girl, and you think it's kinda wrong.
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strike, spare, and gutter... the bowling alley has it all ♥
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Well, I also SUCK at bowling... so that's not the kind of party I want!

What would your toll-free telephone number be?

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You're Spongebob from Spongebob Squarepants!
Oh barnacles, are you gay! You live in the sea and are best friends with a starfish named Patrick! Who is really your lover, only you're not out yet, so people can't know. In all reality... everyone knows and has known for years, so give it up!
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Are you cute

Take this quiz at

You Are Triple H
You are most like the DX version of Triple H. You like to cause trouble and blow stuff up.
Take this quiz at

Hey, I guess you're not a douchebag!
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You are a good girl, but can have your naughty moments at times. Keep up the good work!!!!!!
What can I say, babe... but keep living your life! You're perfect, so please stay that way!!!!!!!!!!!!
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What WoW Class are you?

You are a Hunter. You can have a pet that helps you fight, and you're able to use a bow.
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what is up with that?

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What will your last words be?

You dare me to drink poison? Okay! Here goes nothing!
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You're goth........ the dark mysterious member of the rocker group. You don't take much shit, either.
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You are the WOLF!
Your are the majestic and mighty wolf, who would much rather go find food and try to bring it back to your pack, rather than starving.
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What animal are you?

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which animal are you today

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HELL no, you don't really love them
you are a total player
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Are you an Abercrombie hottie or a Hollister angel with a dark side

you are as sexy as it gets
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your love's name

Take this quiz at

What personality are you?

Driver, dominant, and a leader - your personality is a natural leader, and is good in leading people.
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what kind of vagina do you have?

very hairy.
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what will your job be at the police station?

the guy who stores the guns.
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how sexy are you?

sexiest beast ever!!!!!
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