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Archives and records for Scrabble!

List written on May 16, 2008.

Had to go back through 16 pages of archives to do this. I wish I'd done it earlier! At least it solves the question of who's even and who's not, haha. You can see the people whom I play regularly (or who are the victims of the "multiple games" glitch :P), and the others are from Host / Join Table OR the discussion boards. Some of this depresses me! This is as accurate as I can make it, of course! BOLDED PEOPLE ARE MY FACEBOOK / REAL LIFE FRIENDS!

Tile distribution:

English-language editions of Scrabble contain 100 letter tiles, in the following distribution:

* 2 blank tiles (scoring 0 points)
* 1 point: E ×12, A ×9, I ×9, O ×8, N ×6, R ×6, T ×6, L ×4, S ×4, U ×4
* 2 points: D ×4, G ×3
* 3 points: B ×2, C ×2, M ×2, P ×2
* 4 points: F ×2, H ×2, V ×2, W ×2, Y ×2
* 5 points: K ×1
* 8 points: J ×1, X ×1
* 10 points: Q ×1, Z ×1


Abby P. 0-1
Ace X. 0-1 (wish I could have won against someone who used stupid NETSPEAK...)
Alexandra A. 0-1
Alexia D. 1-0 (not rematching against someone who doesn't at least say HI back!)
Alice P. 11-1
Alison C. 0-2 (wall link)
Andrew B. 0-1 [Babb] (not rematching against someone who doesn't at least say HI back!)
Andrew B. 0-1 [Bedpost]
Andrew L. 1-0
Anna H. 0-2
Anne F. 0-5 (sent me message about rats!)
April Z. 0-1 (not rematching against someone who doesn't at least say HI back!)
Audrey O. 1-0
Aviva C. 1-0


Bannaua B. 1-0 (I questioned legitimacy of her name, and she resigned in protest!)
Barb A. 6-10
Barb H. 1-0
Belen R. 0-1
Ben B. 0-1 (tournament game)
Billie E. 1-0 ("suckered / invited" [in]to application)
Brandon B. 1-0 (got a 167-point bingo against him: STARKEST, with TWO 3W scores!)
Brian V. 0-1 (not rematching against someone who doesn't at least say HI back!)
Bronwen K. 0-1
Bronwyn C. 0-1


Carol L. 1-0
Carrie D. 1-1 (dared to nudge me!)
Casey Y. 0-1 [girl]
Cassandra T. 1-0
Cassie R. 1-0
Ceri J. 3-0
Chantal F. 1-0
Chantelle S. 1-0 (forced win)
Chelsea B. 0-1 (not rematching against someone who doesn't at least say HI back!)
Chris N. 0-1 (not rematching against someone who doesn't at least say HI back!)
Chrissie B. 1-0
Christa D. 1-0
Christina H. 1-0
Corey B. 1-0 (not rematching against someone who doesn't at least say HI back!)
Cynthia L. 0-1


Danielle W. 0-1 (not rematching against someone who doesn't at least say HI back!)
Danny M. 2-18
Dave H. 1-1 [Harris]
Dave H. 6-2 [Holmes]
Dean E. 0-1 (not rematching against someone who doesn't at least say HI back!)
Debbie M. 3-9
Dermot R. 1-0 (forced win)


Elisabeth B. 0-1
Elizabeth H. 0-1 (wish I could have won against someone who used stupid NETSPEAK...)
Elizabeth V. 0-1 (had to resign)
Emily N. 5-5 (suspected word generator use)


Fay L. 0-1 (not rematching against someone who doesn't at least say HI back!)
Fiona K. 1-0 (tournament game)
Flora G. 1-10 (friended after playing some games)


Gary R. 0-1 (shouldn't have played against him)
Gayle P. 0-1 (shouldn't have played against her)
George M. 1-0 (friended after playing some games)
Gordon B. 1-1 (I avenged my loss!)
Guy M. 9-5


Heath W. 0-3
Heidi T. 1-1 (found me again on HOST TABLE, so I avenged my loss)
Helen K. 0-1 (not rematching against someone who doesn't at least say HI back!)
Henriette S. 0-1 (tournament game)


Jamie V. 0-1 (not rematching against someone who doesn't at least say HI back!)
Jan W. 0-1 (not rematching against someone who doesn't at least say HI back!)
Jane K. 1-1
Jasmine A. 0-4
Jason Y. 1-2 (friended after playing some games)
Jennifer L. 0-1

Jenny M. 0-1
Jill S. 0-1
Jono M. 0-10 (friended after playing some games)
Jordan M. 0-1 (not rematching against someone who doesn't at least say HI back!)
Josephine S. 7-4 (friended after playing some games)
Julia F. 0-1


Karen P. 0-1 (not rematching against someone who doesn't at least say HI back!)
Karla M. 6-13 (friended after playing some games)
Kate S. 2-1 (felt like I was playing a ghost since I couldn't see her score - possibly due to her HIGH security settings!)
Kathy T. 2-16 (friended after playing some games)
Katie V. 3-6
Kay T. 1-0
Kel E. 1-0
Kelly S. 0-1 (not rematching against someone who doesn't at least say HI back!)
Khoo S. 0-1 {guy} (not rematching against someone who doesn't at least say HI back!)
Kim F. 1-0 (forced win)
Kimberly Y. 1-0
Kirsten P. 2-8
Korey A. 13-8 ("suckered / invited" [in]to application; overall record was GOOD against someone who used stupid NETSPEAK, among other failings!)
Krista L. 0-2


Laura M. 0-1
Laura P. 1-1 (not rematching against someone who doesn't at least say HI back!)
Laurence H. 0-2
Laurie P. 0-1 (not rematching against someone who doesn't at least say HI back!)
Leanne F. 10-3
Linda B. 1-0 (not rematching against someone who doesn't at least say HI back!)
Lynne J. 2-5


Mai N. 0-1
Maria C. 1-1
Marla S. 1-1
Mary Ta.-Le. 0-1
Matt H. 0-7 (friended after playing some games)
Mel G. 1-0 (not rematching against someone who doesn't at least say HI back!)
Melanie K. 0-1 (wall post)
Melissa K. 0-1
Michael J. 0-1 [Jackson]
Michael M. 5-1 [McKinney] (friended after playing some games)
Michael W. 0-2 (was VERY enthusiastic about my HOSTING!!!)
Michele O. 0-1 (not rematching against someone who doesn't at least say HI back!)
Michelle C. 2-15 (first broke 400 points against her!) (friended after playing some games)


Natalie B.-D. 0-2
Nayrice C. 0-1 [girl] (not rematching against someone who doesn't at least say HI back!)
Nicola H. 1-0


Paige H. 0-1 (not rematching against someone who doesn't at least say HI back!)
Pam M. 0-2
Pat K. 14-16 (friended after playing some games)
Paul H. 1-0 (forced win)
Pauline J. 0-1 (shouldn't have played against her)


Rachel W. 3-2
Rachelle A. 1-0
Raymond C. 6-0 ("suckered / invited" [in]to application) (dared to nudge me!)
Rhonda D. 0-1
Ricia V. 0-1 (shouldn't have played against her)
Rita B. 0-1 (not rematching against someone who doesn't at least say HI back!)
Ron C. 0-1
Rose G. 1-0 (not rematching against someone who doesn't at least say HI back!)
Ruth C. 0-1 [Cowling]
Ruth C. 0-1 [Cunningham] (shouldn't have played against her)
Ryan L. 0-2


Sally P. 0-5
Sara H. 1-0 ("suckered / invited" [in]to application)
Sean F. 1-0
Shakira C. 0-1 (not rematching against someone who doesn't at least say HI back!)
Shawn A. 0-1
Shawnda D. 6-0 (friended after playing some games)
Shelagh B. 1-1
Signe C. 0-1
Simon B. 0-2 (one was a tournament game; shouldn't have played against him)
Snooky K. 0-1 [girl] (not rematching against someone who doesn't at least say HI back!)
Stacy H. 1-0 (not rematching against someone who doesn't at least say HI back!)
Steve L. 4-2 ("suckered / invited" [in]to application)
Sue G. 0-1
Susan R. 1-0


Tanya R. 1-0
Tapiwa M. 1-0 [guy]
Tara K. 0-1 (not rematching against someone who doesn't at least say HI back!)
Tim B. 0-1 [Bessey]
Tracey C. 0-4


Vivianne L. 7-0 (accidentally started all seven games against me, haha)


Wendy K. 0-1 (not rematching against someone who doesn't at least say HI back!)
Wendy S. 1-1 (suspected word generator use)
William S. 0-2


Zinta D. 0-1 (played against her when I was staying up for Korey's arrival at 5 AM once... never again!)

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I would have needed to rest A LOT - no forest hiking for me!

Eric called at 8:35, but I was already up. Decided to go to the hiking program since I was awake, although I knew I wouldn't make it all the way. Packed a book, water, Nutella sandwich, Kashi cereal, and yogurt while eating some pasta for my own energy reserves. Eric and I had a random ride to the forest, picking up Cindy on the way. (a sign saying PEE YOUR PANTS, "man dates," pretending to be Dianne's many patients for an exam, and more) Talked to Sheena, Connie, Lesley, Annie, and Christon when we got there about the fireworks / walking / crowds / Dylan - as I thought, I did fall behind. Way behind, really. Connie kept up with me, kindly enough. I could have gone farther, but conserved some strength for the trip back. Stopped right when Tim, Maxine, and their kids Joshua and Keenan came up to us on cool bikes. I saw them when they came back a while later - had some colored Goldfish (available only in the States - I can tell Corey that) while listening to Keenan tell me about a person he saw with THREE dogs! I asked him whether he wanted to have three dogs when he grew up, and he said NO. His older brother Joshua was more enthralled with the people on rollerblades, and Maxine kept pointing out how safe they were! (wrist pads, helmet, elbow pads, AND knee pads!) I should remember to point Steph out to Joshua later, if I see her!

After a while, they left - I can't believe Maxine's niece Lauren is TWELVE now! (she had a competition at Cap College) A bit later, FICUS CHAN came up to me - it's been MORE THAN TWELVE YEARS since I've seen him! We talked for a bit until he had to get back to work at the Seymour Demonstration Forest - the Marr clan, my siblings, his niece Bryony, his sister Tilia being busy with the baby, his sister Mimosa waiting a bit too long to have kids, and more. I should have asked if he had kids, haha. When I told Lesley about this later, she asked whether he had blond hair - no, but I'll always remember the Halloween costume he had one year where he borrowed his mom's clothes and dressed up like a woman! Connie remembered him too, while Annie asked who he was. People wanted to go to Lonsdale Quay later to eat, but Eric / Cindy / I just went home. We had another random ride back, haha. (leaving lights on, plans, Powerpoint, Dianne leaving in late July, opinions, everything being "my fault," baked Old Dutch chips, pecans, gluten-free rice, gelatin-free yogurt, chili sauce on rice, cream of mushroom soup on pasta, and more)

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LSD Dreams Simulator

Corey and I were bantering earlier, and he told me about an interesting video game...

[21:06:24] Flami: learning about martyrs: LSD :P
[21:11:24] Corey: the game?
[21:11:52] Flami: what game?
[21:12:01] Corey: LSD
[21:13:52] Flami: there's a game about that?
[21:15:06] Corey: LSD - Dream Simulator, or something like that. it's a Playstation game
[21:16:59] Flami: have you played it?
[21:17:38] Corey: I don't think so... I have it, though
[21:21:12] Flami: is it about the drug? sounds like it might be...
[21:22:26] Corey: Wikipedia article... it's like you're in a dream
[21:23:02] Corey: here's a playlist of someone playing the entire game :P
[21:25:07] Corey: it only came out in Japan, but I think it's supposed to be all English... or no text, or something like that

Leslie just took the Are You A Negative Person Quiz and is A Little Bit Negative. I am A Little Bit Negative. You are a little bit negative, but it's nothing to be worried about. There is always something once in a while that gets everyone down. Just be careful not to let yourself become too negative.

Facebook quizzes taken from Candace and Jennifer:

Leslie completed the quiz "Which THE HILLS female character are you?" with the result Heidi Montag. You like being in a relationship, even if the guy is a loser. You can be easily manipulated by people who want to control you. You have dumped a great friend for a boyfriend before, and then regretted it later. You have or will be given awesome opportunities in your career, but will give them up for your man. You have little self-confidence and few friends because of it. (That's a TERRIBLE result, man!)

Leslie completed the quiz "Which Leading Lady Are You?" with the result Ingrid Bergman. You are Ingrid Bergman. Dark and mysterious, you are not as dangerous as people make you out to be. You are truly a sweet person, but you can do things that shock people. Very independent, you live for the day only. What will come, will come. People admire your dark beauty and are very taken with you, though they may not know why. You are a strong personality.

Poo nugget for this weekend: Performance-Enhancing Poo ... Just Do It! Sometimes intentional, and triggered by our nerves other times, the Performance-Enhancing Poo is standard both for competitive athletes and for people with high-pressure presentations looming on the horizon. With empty bowels, you can run faster and jump higher. Similarly, the absence of poo in your colon will make your presentation crisper and diminish fears of an unscheduled pit stop or a loud gaseous emission. Although these poos may not have the grandeur of some, their timing is critically important. (POO OF THE MONTH!)

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Friday, May 15, 2009

Antidotes on a trip!

Bingo of the day:

ANTIDOTE (245 points) - against Margaret E.-N. [5W, 3W, hook off THIN to make THINE]

High-scoring words of the day:

ATRIP (180 points) - against Alice P. [4W, 5W]
ANTIDOTE (245 points) - against Margaret E.-N. [5W, 3W, hook off THIN to make THINE]

Interesting rack of the day: GAINWARS (against Rachel Z.)

My hope is that I don't have any more upper chest pain! Yikes. I should walk more, or something. :P

Leslie's just got their Norse God or Goddess Name. I just got my Norse God or Goddess Name. It's Frigg, Goddess of Marriage.

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Poo and pink envelopes in dreams!

What the heck. I dreamed of pooing in a public washroom with all the rest of my friends, after we tried to get a pink envelope for a card which was to go to my mother! Stupid subconscious!

Kate Gosselin's brother says that the marriage is over. I'm not surprised.

Sadly, our efforts to not get too swept up in the Jon & Kate Plus Eight drama (because, after all, it's really about whether the children will be OK) by squeezing our eyes shut and plugging our ears while screaming "la la la" don't seem to be working: Kate Gosselin's brother has now waded into the fray with his thoughts on the reality couple's marriage woes.

In a video interview posted on RadarOnline, Gosselin's brother, Kevin Kreider, and his wife, Jodi, claim that the Gosselins were having problems months before the much-publicized affair rumours surfaced.

"Six months ago, Kate came to Jon and said, 'Hey, it's over,'" Kevin says.

Kevin's wife Jodi then jumps in to add her two cents on her sister-in-law's life, saying, "The show is not reality, and has not been for a long time. This is a train wreck."

While the couple's future remains uncertain (in an interview posted on Wednesday, Kate admitted: "I don't know that we're in the same place any more, that we want the same thing"), the ongoing scandal will likely boost the ratings of Jon & Kate Plus Eight's season premiere, airing May 25 on TLC.

Facebook quizzes taken from Rachel B., Ryan M., Zen, Natalie, Aaron, and Gretchen:

Leslie took the What Classic Photographic Film Are You? quiz and the result is Fujichrome Velvia 50 8x10. Rich, vibrant, positive, expensive, extremely fine-grained, and rare. You love the finer things in life - and settle for nothing but the best. Quality before quantity, you have discriminating taste and a rare appreciation for fine craftsmanship. You KNOW photography, and consider yourself to be an ARTISTE. Whether or not you rake in six figures - your den probably smells of rich mahogany and fine Corinthian Leather. Regardless of your high-falutin airs, we love you for your refined eye and good taste - you are second to none.

Leslie took the What's your geek level? quiz and the result is Drama Queen. Not quite geeky enough yet. Its all about you, and looking the part, naturally. (Not really...)

Leslie completed the quiz "WHAT IS YOUR PURPOSE IN LIFE?" with the result You are a Healer. You have the ability to help those in need. Whether the damage is physical or not, you can be of assistance. You can make things right, thus you should not hesitate to do so. If you are not already a Doctor or an EMT specialist, go take a first aid course as you will most probably need it in your life path.

Leslie completed the quiz "Which Street Fighter II World Warrior are You?" with the result E. Honda. Though others may view you as something of a joke, you are serious business. In fact, the scorn of others is your primary motivator, and you relish opportunities to prove not only your equality, but your superiority. Although horrifically obese, you are quite nimble -- able to project your body like a missile, or slap someone repeatedly so quickly that your hand appears as one blur. You are not the first choice of beginners, but an acquired taste that only more advanced minds appreciate. Resist the temptation to appeal to the masses. Stay true to your traditions, and you will have a small but loyal following.

Leslie completed the quiz "Which Star Trek: The Next Generation Character are you?" with the result Geordi La Forge. You are inventive and resourceful. You love fixing and building things - as a child, you probably took apart small household appliances to try to figure out how they worked. You can be somewhat rebellious, and believe that sometimes rules should be broken for the greater good. When it comes to relationships, you are a little shy. But once you have established trust, you are a warm and dependable friend and companion. (Um, no...)

Leslie just took the "What type of Girl are you?" quiz and the result is Lonely type..... You have probably been heartbroken a few times, and live your life regretting something you did or said in the past. You still aren't afraid to smile, but you're not too sure about yourself. Just remember, things will get better! Don't worry, be happy... :)

You Are Carefree in Life

You are the life of the party. You also are completely uninhibited and honest.

You are happiest when you are inspired and creative. You like to live in the moment.

You are sensitive and considerate. You are always putting other people's needs before your own.

You have found what you want in life and are quite content. You know a lot about yourself.

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Getting pizza delivered is your way of getting even?

I've finished my Visual Bookshelf stuff for now, so that's good. Only took a couple of hours!

These are from my copy of America's Dumbest Dates: Over 500 Tales of Fumbled Flirtations.

Travelin' Music

"Dating is just like shopping for hats. You try on hundreds, but reject most. It takes a while till you find just the right one." - Jenny, age 24.

"She told me she didn't like mustaches. I shaved. She told me she didn't like jewelry. I stopped wearing chains. She told me my hair was too shaggy. I got it cut. She told me I dressed too flashy. I bought new clothes. She told me she didn't like my cat. That was it." - Mel, age 47.

"When I tried to break up with him, Leonard begged me to keep going out with him. "Give it time," he whimpered. "It'll get better." As if our relationship was a virus." - Cindy, age 23.

"I finally told one man, in no uncertain terms, not to call anymore. That night, he came over with a dish of homemade English trifle. He said that I'd told him not to call, but I didn't say not to come over!" - Gena, age 34.

"After I told him I didn't want to see him anymore, he kept leaving messages on my answering machine, pleading with me to call him. Telling me how he felt about me, how I made his life complete, balanced him, how he dreamed about me, wanted to take me here or there, do this or that to my body. He read poetry to my voice mail. Sang love songs. Pleaded, begged, cried. Completely humiliated himself. He kept on that way for two years. Finally, he met somebody else, and now I kind of miss him. I got used to having his messages. I counted on them." - Fran, age 24.

"Peter broke up by innuendo. He was late for dates, called me by the wrong name. Talked about newly released movies he'd seen that I hadn't. I hadn't seen the movies, but I got the picture." - Meg, age 30.

"We were in bed, talking. And the conversation turned controversial. I guess I took the wrong side of the sexual harassment issue, because - before I could say Anita Hill - I was out in the hallway, holding my shoes." - Tim, age 32.

"Carl mentioned that he'd met a girl who looked just like Pamela Anderson. "That's nice," I said. Or something like that. He said no more. I realized that he thought he'd told me something important. Apparently, he thought that meeting someone who looked like Pamela Anderson spoke for itself. What would he want with a regular person anymore?" - Camille, age 23.

"Bottom line, I couldn't get serious about a man with no elastic in his socks." - Lisa, age 36.

"She told me that when she was with me, she was out of control, too attracted. She said it wasn't my fault, but I was bad for her. She couldn't be herself around me, couldn't resist the urge to cling. She said that dating me was like taking a plunge headfirst in a swan dive, knowing there's no water in the pool. Now what am I supposed to think about that?" - Cliff, age 28.

"We had a fight and broke up. He'd left his laundry at my house. The next day, I dumped it on his desk. He called to thank me for doing his wash. Obviously, he didn't care that his underwear had been sitting on his desk for all the world to see. I did get some satisfaction, though, from knowing that he assumed I'd washed it - knowing that, for the next five or six days, he'd be wearing dirty underwear." - Mayebelle, age 33.

"He took me to dinner and asked, by candlelight, if I wanted children. I said, "Yes." He asked me if I wanted to get married. Tears in my eyes, I said, "Yes." He said, "Well, you and I want different things. I don't want to hold you back." I thought he was proposing; he thought he was breaking up with me." - Cathy, age 26.

"At the ballet, Brendan told me that he wanted a ballerina. I wasn't a ballerina. That was pretty much the end of it." - Kimberly, age 22.

"Everett gave a whole speech about how it wasn't me, it was him. I was great. He just wasn't ready to settle down. I was perfect; he was immature. This was our second date. Count 'em: one, two. There was nothing to break up FROM. But apparently, this was his idea of a long-term relationship." - Emma, age 27.

"Gene assured me that I shouldn't worry about him - there was always a fresh supply of younger women, so he'd never run out of partners. But he said he was concerned that I'd have a problem because, as we aged, eligible men would be in shorter and shorter supply. It was his duty, therefore, to give me a chance to catch one before it was too late." - Margaret, age 45.

"Ashleigh listened to Michael Bolton all day, all night. Enough said?" - Wesley, age 29.

"She told me that she was breaking up with me because she thought I was going to break up with her. Basically, she said she was ending it before I did, so I wouldn't. I hadn't thought of ending anything, but she wasn't interested; why would she believe a man who wouldn't even admit he was going to break up with her?" - Bob, age 23.

"Kelly told me she wanted a down-to-earth guy who'd take care of things for her. This image did not suit me. I told her she'd be better off with a contractor." - Gary, age 33.

"I had to dump him before he dumped me. If you see it's going nowhere, it's much better for your head to dump rather than get dumped, assuming you like the guy. And, if you do it right, dumping him might get his attention, turn things around. Of course, if you DON'T like a guy, well, you can afford to let him dump you. You can give him all kinds of trouble and, generously, let him be the one to call it off." - Jade, age 28.

"I put up with the toupee as long as I could. He was always checking mirrors, afraid it would slip, blow, tilt, show. Car windows had to be closed. He wouldn't go near a fan, wouldn't swim, ride in a boat or a convertible, ski, or ride a horse, a carousel, or a Ferris wheel. He wouldn't do anything that might jeopardize his rug. The rug determined his whole life and, eventually, even who he dated. As in: not me." - Gwen, age 47.

"We'd been going out for two years. Gary took me to dinner and told me that he had news: He'd met a great girl. Like, what was I, chopped liver? A few months later, he called from a car phone, asked what was I up to, and said that, well, he had to go, couldn't chat, was in the limo on the way to his wedding. Then, a few days later, he called from his honeymoon. "Char," he said, and he sounded desperate, "I think I've made a terrible mistake." He still calls, asks to see me. I tell him not on a silver platter, that if he comes over, I'll leave. Imagine. He met "a great girl." Indeed." - Charlotte, age 31.

"I'm sixty-seven years old, and George had me sitting by the phone, waiting for it to ring. How undignified. Marriage is one thing; dating's quite another - you have no authority. I had to call it off." - Luella, age 67.

"We'd had an argument at dinner. He told me I was jealous and possessive; I told him he was superficial and immature. Believe me, he couldn't drive fast enough on the way home. The whole way, we didn't say a word. That is, until we hit the deer. The thing shattered the windshield and battered his car before hobbling off into the woods. I told him he was lucky he didn't kill us, and our argument started all over again, even though he had to drive with his head out the window. When we got to my place, I got out as fast as I could. The car was still rolling when I slammed the door." - Sophie, age 30.

"I like to spend time with Bess, but our conversations are often lacking. I have trouble with my hearing, and she has trouble with her memory. So she tells me to remind her of things, but I don't hear what it is I'm supposed to remind her. I ask her to repeat herself, and she can't remember what it was she just said. We get along, though. We have a good time." - Abe, age 85.

"After dating Harry, all I can say is never, and I mean NEVER let anyone take your picture with your clothes off." - Molly, age 26.

"Jeremy is seventy; I'm sixty-six. We're both widowed. We went out and had a spectacular time, but then he didn't call again. I ran into him in the lobby of our building, and he looked exhausted. I was worried about him, and told him so. "Listen," he says, "I got women in the building bringing me food all the time, ringing my bell, asking me to brunch, dinner, lunch, coffee. I use the stairs - I avoid the elevator so I won't bump into them. You're a great lady, but please understand. I don't think I'll be calling you. I don't have the energy." It's a shame what they're putting him through. I feel sorry for him." - Edith, age 66.

"After my husband died, people wanted to fix me up. But I thought, At our age, who's there to go out with - someone who keeps his teeth in a glass? I finally went out with Edwin because I hoped for a nice dinner companion. All evening, he complained about his arthritis, his digestion, his gout. I thought, Who needs another person to take care of? I did all that for my husband, but we had forty years of history. Edwin asked if I'd travel with him. I thought travel would be nice. But do I really want to share a bathroom with this guy? I don't think so; that would give me much more information about him than I'd want." - Ida, age 73.

"Max declared that, if we got married, the percentage of money we each entered with should be our percentage of ownership all the way through. I couldn't see going through life with a calculator in my hands." - Ellie, age 32.

"What I learned from dating Janie is don't - I mean do NOT - get your teeth cleaned by a dental hygienist after you've stopped seeing her." - Jeff, age 34.

"Sue was a blind date. It was a disaster. At the end of the evening, she said, "Look, I don't feel bad that we didn't hit it off. I think it's good to go out with people I don't get along with from time to time. That way, when I'm home alone some Saturday night, I won't feel bad. I'll think, 'At least I'm not out with HIM.'" Truth is, the very next Saturday, I *did* think that. About HER." - Walter, age 33.

"What finally got to me about Norm was bee pollen. He used to carry vitamins with him whenever we went out. He had a ritual of lining up all his bottles and taking his pills, even in restaurants. Even on trips. We went to a country bed-and-breakfast for a weekend, and he forgot his bee pollen. Nothing would do if he couldn't get more, so we spent the whole morning searching for a health-food store that carried it. The nearest was about forty minutes away. By the time he found some and bought it, the day was over, along with the relationship." - Flora, age 44.

"His family wanted us to break up because we have different cultural backgrounds and different religions. They tried to bribe him with a trip to Europe or Hawaii. A new motorcycle. Money. Whatever he wanted. After we finally broke up, I saw him driving a Jag. At least I know what I was worth." - Theresa, age 27.

"Hector thought that somebody had to be the boss, and that the "somebody" had to be him. He forgot that I had veto power." - Lupe, age 25.

"Anytime I opened a kitchen cabinet, Barbara yelled, "What are you taking?!" God help me if I opened the refrigerator. This made me think that maybe she wouldn't be such a great life partner." - Marc, age 31.

"I broke up with Harriet and, suddenly, she's everywhere. The health club, the bar, the deli - every place I hang out. She's invaded my whole life. Taken it over. My friends talk to her, not me." - Moe, age 41.

"He stopped smoking for "us." One night, he lit up and took a big drag on a cigarette. That was his way of telling me it was over." - Amanda, age 26.

"I thought I was nuts about Angela until we got snowed in at her parents' country house for a weekend. We were stranded, in the dark. Sounds romantic. But it's amazing how quickly you can find out how little you have in common with someone. It's amazing how long forty-two hours and twenty-seven minutes can seem. It probably would have taken me six more months to realize how bored I was with her, but it would have seemed shorter." - Rick, age 31.

"Andrew was mad when I told him I didn't want to go out with him again. He said I'd regret it. For the next two weeks, I kept getting pizzas delivered to my door - at all hours. My sisters and I ate half of them, gave some away, froze the rest. I love pizza. I say, if that's your way of getting even, Andrew, knock yourself out." - Francine, age 43.

"I found out James was married. When I confronted him, he asked whether this meant that we couldn't see each other anymore!" - Whitney, age 29.

"When I asked what he did, Nick told me he stole cars. Ha ha, very funny, I thought. Okay, so he doesn't want to talk about work. But we had fun, went out a few more times. Then he suddenly stopped calling. I was hurt, to be dropped without a hint. Then I got a letter from jail." - Arlene, age 33.

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I refuse to believe I am Miley Cyrus!

I just realized that it'll be another hiking / "party at Erik's" day on Saturday, just like the first time I met him - SWEET COINCIDENCE! Good thing I don't have to worry about someone's feelings because of death THIS year!

Facebook quizzes taken from Gabriel, Candy, and Hilary:

Leslie took the What Video Game Console are you? quiz and the result is Nintendo Wii. You're slim, cool, and like to be active. You stick to Mario, Zelda, and DK. You also like sports games. Your friends would be the Playstation 3 and the X-Box 360. Stay away from the PSP because they are jealous of you.

Leslie just took the "What teen pop star are you?" quiz and the result is Miley Cyrus. You are caring, loving, and like to be different. (NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.......)

Leslie completed the quiz "What Should You Get Pierced?" with the result Cartilage. This is sweet and simple. You want a statement without overdoing it, and potentially making a bad impression. You are goal-oriented and care about first impressions. You don't want people to look at you and judge. This is a good step up from the lobe without overdoing it. This piercing is full of possibilities.

Leslie just took the "Which High School Musical 2 character are you?" quiz and the result is Gabriella Montez. You know what's important to you, and you know not to give up on the ones you love, but you sometimes ask too much.

Poo nugget for Friday, May 15: Doo You Know? - Proceeding with Caution - Food moves rapidly through the first twenty feet of small intestine in three to four hours. However, it takes an additional thirty to forty hours to travel the last five feet of the colon!

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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Downtown is very confusing, hence why I never go there!

Went on the bus this morning, and got lost trying to find the place where I had my appointment after I got off at Broadway / Oak. I had to ask someone how to get there, but at least the medical person looked as if they'd know. The doctor gave me ear drops after extracting clots via fine stainless steel instruments, and suggested cotton balls / Vaseline to prevent my ears from getting wet. Then I got lost trying to find the correct bus out of there to get to Granville / Broadway - at least it was nice out, or I would not have been impressed! After deciding against Cactus Club, I went to get sushi instead; I miss the days of Granville Sushi before Awana, hahaha. The dollar store and Chapters didn't have Father's Day cards (but they did have Mother's Day cards?!) - got The Scrabble Word-Building Book: Updated Edition (Saleem Ahmed) instead. [I plan to get Totally Useless History of the World (Ian Crofton) later]

Went into Richmond, and stopped at Big Orange for a blueberry bubble tea - then went to London Drugs and got a Father's Day card, cotton balls, and Vaseline. Got home, and called my mom to at least wish her a happy birthday... I'd listed her as an emergency contact on my form at the doctor's, and wished for a better person to list as I don't need her knowing all my problems! Unfortunately, the office had called her to get me to set up an appointment with the doctor for next week. CRAP DANG IT! Too bad I don't have any people for these purposes! Well, maybe Eric will do... I'll have to ask him on the weekend. For some reason, Jennifer A. added me on Facebook - what the?! She has the same last name as Jason and Nicki A. - her message says that she's Jen Bertram, as she got married and changed her name. GOT IT!

Leslie's just got their Greek Name. I just got my Greek Name. It's Triana Tsamis.

Leslie just took the What Is Your Secret Talent Quiz. My secret talent is: You can name all the Jeopardy champions for the last 5 years in order. (Not really...)

Facebook quizzes taken from Gretchen, Ellen, Steve B., Jennifer J., and Gabriel:

Leslie just took the "Who Is Your Celebrity Match??" quiz and the result is Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter). He's cute and has an edge, but still knows how to have fun. Just your type.

Leslie just took the "What Sexual Fantasy Are You?" quiz and the result is Dominatrix diva. Watch out, boys! You're a strong powerful diva who knows how to bring men to their knees. With stilettos on your feet and whip in hand, you have them begging for mercy. (We know you won't give them any.) Handcuff us or tie us to the bed – we're so ready to be punished.

Leslie completed the quiz "How old a soul are you?" with the result Old Soul. Life's a rich affair of the senses, where emotions are music and the physical world the orchestra. You play as hard as you work, inhaling the rewards of both in a familiar and appreciative way. You know how to take care of yourself - spiritually, mentally and physically, and are not prone to excess except in particular, carefully chosen instances. You appreciate art and music, free to escape in the concepts they birth. Time represents a canvas on which you display your craft, expressing your experience with life in interesting and new ways. You find yourself yearning for the past as a means to escape the hurried and impersonal present, recalling the lifestyle of your earlier times here. You are happy to lead but also know when following is more rewarding, and why. While you can tell the difference between and old soul and a young one, you are still prone to mild impatience when faced with other souls' faults or bad habits. As a result, you sometimes distance yourself and miss out on what otherwise may have been valuable experience. It is those experiences that will draw you back again and again, until you are a very old soul, and ready for the graduation from the school of the physical.

Leslie just took the "What embarrassing illness do you have? ;)" quiz and the result is You have nits. You will need a comb for this... make sure you make no contact with anyone else's hair!

Leslie took the quiz "What Star Trek character are you?" and the result is Spock. You are a logical being who wants things to happen in correct order... a perfectionist of sorts... kind of like a walking encyclopedia. You are very knowledgeable, and sometimes people don't get along with you because you come across as a know-it-all, but they do eventually come around to your logical way of thinking... logically speaking.

Leslie completed the quiz "What type of underwear are you?" with the result 6-PACK OF PANTIES!! You are a 6-PACK OF PANTIES - You live life to the fullest in every aspect. You are as unpredictable as your underwear. You can be studious one day and crazy-wild the next. You are a well-rounded seeker of life - sometimes misunderstood - you are truly eccentric!

Leslie took the Which games Console is for you? quiz and the result is Playstation 3. A good games console that suits me best. The only versions on sale in the UK at the moment are the 40GB's.

You Were Born into the Fire Element

You are an innovative person who values adventure. You believe life is magical.

You are brilliant and expressive. You are naturally creative and artistic.

You have to watch out for your self-destructive streak. You can get depressed and moody.

You are honest to a fault, but people find it to be part of your charm. You are entertaining and charismatic.

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The Most Unpopular Names (Social Security Administration)

This is from What Not to Name Your Baby by Joe Borgenicht.

The argument could be made that there are technically more unpopular names than these, but this is about as bad as it gets. They're listed from most unpopular to most popular, but according to the Social Security Administration, they are the top ten of the bottom 1000 names used.


As these names have been put out to pasture for over a hundred years, you would be wise to consider avoiding them as well.






As these names clearly reflect the idea of an agricultural society shifting an industrialized nation, you would be wise to consider avoiding them as well.






As these names are clearly a reflection of a far too sober society, you would be wise to consider avoiding them as well.






As these names were invented by women in flapper attire and men who drank moonshine, you would be wise to consider avoiding them as well.






As these names were clearly the result of a depressed nation about to go to war, you would be wise to consider avoiding them as well.






As these names were utilized at a time when men were men and sheep were scared, you would be wise to consider avoiding them as well.






As these names were clearly invented by a society completely confused between love and war, you would be wise to consider avoiding them as well.






As these names obviously originated from a nation waking from a ten-year drug-induced coma, you would be wise to consider avoiding them as well.






As these names were likely established by former long-haired hippies made over into cocaine-snorting yuppies with haircuts that made them look like seagulls, you would be wise to consider avoiding them as well.






As these names were greatly influenced by a culture that watched too much television and androgynous purple-suit-wearing musicians, you would be wise to consider avoiding them as well.


Prince (or the child formerly known as Prince)




As these names were utilized by a society who didn't even know how to work a manual voting machine, you would be wise to consider avoiding them as well.





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Swaying the pix of vegetarians

High-scoring words of the night:

PIX (106 points) - against Angela H. [5L on X used twice, hook off PACIFISM to make AX]
SWAY (123 points) - against Leah D. [5W, 2W used twice, hook off UN for a plural]

I have no idea why my LJ Homestar Runner mood pictures aren't showing up. This better rectify itself, or I will NOT be happy!

Poo nugget for Thursday, May 14: Another Benefit of Being Vegetarian - Vegetarians may fart more than meat-eaters, but it appears they do so in a more peaceful manner. The loudness of farts, it appears, is based on the size of the opening through which the gas passes. Apparently, because vegetarians have larger stools, they have looser sphincters, and hence quieter flatulence.

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Delivery confirmation numbers, fruit, tracking, drugs, and more!

Corey says my newest package got there, at least:

[21:00:04] Corey: oh, and your package got here yesterday... it's postmarked on the 7th, so I assume it's the newest one... there's still another one you sent before that, isn't there?
[21:00:48] Corey: I opened it and the first thing was a caramel Aero that was completely melted, and one end was open, so I haven't looked through it yet in case it's a big mess... it's probably not all melty by now..
[21:03:56] Flami: learning about martyrs: yeah, the Turkish Delight is a bit icky in that way
[21:04:05] Flami: and I did send another one before
[21:08:50] Corey: well, no sign of that one... Customs must have been hungry or something......
[22:01:27] Flami: could have been, yeah... or maybe they saw a round box and figured the contents could be confiscated.
[22:01:46] Corey: round?
[22:02:08] Flami: oh sure... haven't you ever heard of a round container?
[22:04:25] Corey: I guess, but it's not a usual shape for mailing things
[22:18:00] Flami: I know... I put it in an envelope.
[22:26:31] Corey: you put a box in an envelope?
[22:27:13] Flami: I put a round container in an envelope
[22:30:04] Corey: well, that's probably fine, but it must have been inspected or something... that must be why it's taking so long
[22:31:33] Flami: maybe
[22:37:06] Corey: I don't think I've ever had anything actually lost in the mail before... do you still have a receipt from mailing it? ours have tracking numbers on them. they won't tell you much since it's not real tracking, but it might show something
[22:52:17] Flami: let's see.... I just found it, and I just found the "Item Number for Delivery Confirmation"
[23:15:59] Corey: there might be a place online to look that up then

Leslie just took the "What is Your Favored Weapon?" quiz and the result is Gun. The fate of your enemies is in your own hands. One pull of the trigger and the perfect aim can make you the winner of a fight.

Facebook quizzes taken from Sabrina, Becky, Kaitlin, Gabriel, and Steve B.:

Leslie completed the quiz "How Canadian Are You?" with the result True Canadian. You are truly Canadian. Pat yourself on the back, and pour yourself a nice cold beer. You deserve it.

Leslie took the quiz What Were You in A Past Life? and the result is Healer. You were the person the town went to for a sickness. You were very good at your profession, and a humanitarian first. Some people felt secure in your capabilities, and others feared what they believed to be magical powers. Although science was not up to date with your abilities, you were able to save many lives. You traveled to your patients, and if they didn't have the money, you kindly took a rain check.

Leslie took the How Perfect Is Your Life? quiz, and has a 63% Perfect life!

Leslie's just got their Teddy Bear Name. I just got my Teddy Bear Name. It's Cozy Baby Bear.

Leslie just took the "What Fruit are You?" quiz and the result is Strawberry! You're a very sweet and caring person. You are the one that people come to for comfort and a shoulder to cry on. Your friends can trust you with anything. You have a bubbly personality! 8)

Leslie just took the "What Is Your Theme Song?" quiz and the result is So What by Pink. You're almost finished knitting arm warmers when you drop a stitch. So what?! You needed a hole for the thumb anyway! You discover that your sock has a hole in it? So what?! That toe has always been a little claustrophobic. You go with the punches and roll with the flow.

Leslie just took the "Which Drug are You?" quiz and the result is LSD. Some people might consider you a bit on the crazy side. You find pleasure in the simple things in life, such as colors and nature. You see things in a different way from most people and you are very content that way.

Leslie completed the quiz "Which Friends Character are you?" with the result Chandler Bing. You are very sarcastic and fun to be with, but you are quite unlucky in love. However, one day you will meet your soulmate. Even though you may be very different, you will love each other forever. Your friends love you, and count on you when they need some help.

Leslie took the What Cartoon Character are you? quiz and the result is Mr. Burns. You are greedy and selfish. Others fear and hate you. You like to wallow in your own crapulance. (SO NOT TRUE!)

Leslie took the What is your Love Language? quiz and the result is Quality Time. You feel most loved when your significant other leaves the computer game or dishes in the sink to come and cuddle on the couch. You don't mind letting someone know that you are there for them when they need you most! You feel most loved when you are in the presence of your special someone. (Seriously, this was a BIG PROBLEM last year! So were the others, of course...)

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Taken from Kaitlin via Facebook note:

All right, here's what you do. Find your initials (first, middle, then last) in the following lists. The words next to them will then form your future black metal band name. So, repost this... with the title "MY NEW FAVORITE BAND IS (insert band name here)." All right? All right.

A - Unholy
B - The True
C - Grim
D - Frostbitten
E - Evil
F - Satanic
G - Infected
H - Anti-Christian
I - Chaotic
J - Hell's
K - Demonic
L - Spell of
M - Black
N - Dark
O - Lucifer's
P - Unholy
Q - Call of the
R - Brutal
S - Gory
T - Bloody
U - Deadly
V - Undead
W - Desecrated
X - Sinful
Y - Hateful
Z - Apocalyptic

A - Black
B - Dark
C - Evil
D - Luciferian
E - Hellbound
F - Sinful
G - Brutal
H - Satanic
I - Gruesome
J - Decrepit
K - Blasphemous
L - Hateful
M - Fiery
N - Soulless
O - Evil
P - Hypocritical
Q - Anti-Christian
R - Insane
S - Bloody
T - Frostbitten
U - Suffocated
V - Glacial
W - Deflowered
X - Unheavenly
Y - Irreverent
Z - Psychotic

A - Horde
B - Demon
C - Blasphemy
D - Sin
E - Angel
F - Devil
G - Soul
H - Christ
I - Sociopath
J - Troll
K - Bludgeoner of Christ
L - Minion
M - Sinner
N - Death
O - Pilgrim
P - Nonbeliever
Q - Cult
R - Goat-worshiper
S - Whore
T - Knight
U - Disease
V - Throne
W - Desecration
X - Celebration
Y - Horror
Z - Blasphemer

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Parmesan is strong, man... / Moist Toilet Paper

\Went to the clinic again since I figured my health was more important than computer time at the library... a bleeding ear is BAD even when blocked by stuff. However, it was after they accepted walk-ins, but they let me in anyway. The doctor did remove blood clots, and set up an appointment for me tomorrow afternoon. I was deterred by the rain from going to the library. Good decision, as Eric called later and wanted to see about my monitor issue. He kindly replaced it for me while making references to a strong cheese smell (my Parmesan Butter rice), and evil cackling. We discussed evil people, Saturday's hiking program, and emails too. I sent one out about conflict, and finally paid my Shaw bill. (my bank has a Facebook page and a Twitter feed?!)

Leslie's just got their Goth Name. I just got my Goth Name. It's Cytheria the Conflicted.

Leslie just took the How Will You Make Your First Million Quiz. I will make my first million by Stealing Britney Spears maternity underwear and selling them on eBay. (EWWWWW!)

Leslie's just got their Celtic Name. I just got my Celtic Name. It's Sine Hammel.

Leslie's just got their Binary Name. I just got my Binary Name. It's 1001100 1100101 1110011 1101100 1101001 1100101 1001110 1100111.

Leslie's just got their Aztec Name. I just got my Aztec Name. It's Tacapantzin.

Leslie just took the How Much Have You Spent On Underwear Quiz. I have spent $570.25 on underwear in my life.

Facebook quizzes taken from Kelly, Gretchen, and Candace:

Leslie took the What badass movie character are you? quiz and the result is Maximus. Maximus Decimus Meridius, commander of the Armies of the North, General of the Felix Legions, loyal servant to the true emperor, Marcus Aurelius. Father to a murdered son, husband to a murdered wife. And you will have your vengeance, in this life or the next. These words alone put you high on the list of badasses.

Leslie completed the quiz "What is your life symbol?" with the result the Phoenix. You are the Phoenix. Sometimes, you let yourself fall down into your ashes, but you always find the strength to come back. Just follow your heart and you will make it to your ultimate goal in life. =3.

Leslie just took the "what tattoo best suits you!" quiz and the result is sweet and innocent. You're kind and caring, and just want little delicate tattoos.

Leslie just took Which Famous People Share A Birthday With You. Born on 17 September are Wade Robson, Mark Brunell, Cassandra "Elvira" Peterson, John Ritter, Ken Kesey, Anne Bancroft, Roddy McDowall, and Frederick Ashton.

Leslie just took Ice Cream Personality Quiz. Leslie loves Ice Cream. Leslie Ng loves flavour Strawberry... below is the analysis. You can be on the quiet side, but that's because you're a dreamer. You have a great imagination that makes you rock at anything creative!

Leslie just took the Birthday Colors quiz. According to the date of birth, everybody has their own birthday color. The suitable birthday colors for Leslie Ng is: Lime. Below is the analysis result: You are calm, but easily stressed out. You get jealous easily, and complain over little things. You cant get stuck into one thing, but you have a capable personality for everyone to trust you and like you.

Leslie just took Color and Your Sexuality Quiz. Leslie just analysed the relation between color and sexuality. Leslie Ng loves color Blue, and below is the analysis: Lovers of blue are wonderful sex partners. They are affectionate and sensitive to their partner's needs. They consider lovemaking a fine art, and their approach is elegant. Men who love blue are like concert pianists, delicately ravaging their partner like they would play a baby grand. Women in the blue category enjoy sex to the fullest. They are exciting partners, but their passion may be compared to a tidal wave rather than fiery aggression. Both women and men enjoy foreplay and the aftermath of lovemaking, as much as the sex act itself. In marriage, a blue person is a wonderful mate -- never seeking outside interests.

Leslie just get their perfect match criteria based on the zodiac. For Leslie Ng who have zodiac Virgo, here are their perfect match criteria: Perfect Partners: Taurus, Capricorn
Nearly Perfect Partners: Cancer, Scorpio
Like-Minded Souls: Virgo
Opposites You're Attracted To: Aries, Aquarius
Learn From Your Differences: Leo, Libra
Not Your Destiny: Gemini, Sagittarius
Astrological Hell: Pisces

Leslie just took the "What Disney Princess are you?" quiz and the result is Belle. Congratulations! You are Belle! Brains and Beauty? Oh yes. You are a girl who can be found in the library, just as much as you could be running around on a hill. You have a wonderful imagination and love telling, hearing, and reading stories. You probably write or do something else creative to have an outlet for your broad imagination. You love reading and understanding things. People usually come to you for help on their problems and you do your best to find out for them. You are very smart and non-comformist; after all, you know enough to make up your own mind and not follow someone else's. You can be a loner if you want, though you love to help people. You're probably not shy, and share your opinion even in tight situations. You are a free-thinker and quite stubborn. You don't judge by looks, but by the heart of a person. This is greatly appreciated, and often makes it so you don't miss out on the truly wonderful people, and are not stuck with jerks.

You Are Not An Exhibitionist

You're happy with who you are, and you don't need other people's affirmations to prove it.

You don't really like excess attention, and you prefer to blend in with the crowd.

You are modest and humble. You don't make a big fuss out of your accomplishments.

You prefer to fly under the radar. The people who matter most will like you no matter what.

Poo nugget for Wednesday, May 13: Some Things Are Better When Wet - Moist toilet paper was first introduced by Kimberly-Clark in the United Kingdom in the 1990s and in the United States in 2001, two countries in which bidets are rare. It is designed to clean better than dry toilet paper after defecation, and may also prove useful for women during menstruation.

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Piercings, poison, Rumo, Guinness, and more!

Library books of the day, partly inspired by a LivingSocial pick: Getting into Guinness: One Man's Longest, Fastest, Highest Journey Inside the World's Most Famous Record Book (Larry Olmsted), Rumo: And His Miraculous Adventures (Walter Moers), Smoke, Mirrors, and Murder: And Other True Cases (Ann Rule's Crime Files) (Ann Rule), Too Late to Say Goodbye: A True Story of Murder and Betrayal (Ann Rule), The Poisonwood Bible (Barbara Kingsolver) [on Andrew's recommendation], and What Not to Name Your Baby (Joe Borgenicht) [reminds me of the bad baby names forum!] ... maybe more later. On another note, my ear should stop bleeding... NOW!

Facebook quizzes taken from Kaitlin and Aaron:

Leslie just took the "What piercing would look good on you" quiz and the result is Cheeks. You have a wild side to you, and you are not scared of pain, so the cheeks would look good on you. (I said that I didn't LIKE pain - as happened earlier today - so I dunno why I got this result!)

Leslie took the Which 80's Wrestler are YOU?!?! quiz and the result is Hulk Hogan. You are the mecca of sports entertainment! The man, the myth, the legend! There is none greater! You have the red and yellow flowing through your veins! Whatcha gonna do, brother?

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Removal for hearing, Food Network, and strange freaks

Too bad the Canucks' season is over now! Chicago outplayed us, but the refs were BAD. Got removal for hearing, at least... then I voted, and now I'm here at the library again. Great... now I have The Farmer in the Dell stuck in my head. Must be from these Dell computers! I'll go listen to cool songs on Youtube to hopefully get it out of there! Speaking of the library computers, it greatly annoys me that I can't play Wordscraper on them. Last year, I was able to play Scrabulous on them!

Facebook quizzes taken from Cat, David L., Candy, and Kaitlin:

Leslie just took the "How Strange Are You?" quiz and the result is Freak. When people see you in the hallway at school, they pray that you won't beat them up. You're scary, tall, and misunderstood. Every psychologist you go to has quit after four minutes in the room with you. When asked, "What do you think of the economy?" you answer, "I kill you." Try this: Next time you're talking to someone annoying, try to resist the urge to rip their head off, put it in a suitcase, and set it on fire. Once you're successful in that, you're on the right track.

Leslie completed the quiz "Which Food Network Personality Are You?" with the result Giada DeLaurentiis. Giada DeLaurentiis! Sexy and smart! You are a true Italian without all the stereotypes. Your light and fresh take on Italian cuisine is a refreshing break from tradition. Parmesano Reggiano is your go-to ingredient. You enjoy entertaining a crowd, and do it with ease.

Leslie took the What animal are you? quiz and the result is Lion. The Leader of the pride, you really know how to control things. You always want to do what's best for everyone, not just yourself.

Leslie just took the "what is your true hair color?" quiz and the result is blonde. You are known as dumb, but you are also very bright. Don't let rumors bring you down! Just because you are blonde does not mean everyone loves you! (Um, no... I am NOT dumb!)

You Are Bitter

You aren't bitter at the world, even though you have a strong personality.

Instead, you are sophisticated and cultured. You appreciate acquired tastes.

You are very powerful. You have the ability to change a room's energy.

While some may find you disagreeable, your points of view are intelligent and interesting.

Poo nugget for Tuesday, May 12: Q & A - Can Hemorrhoids Impede or Affect Poo Evacuation? - Typically, hemorrhoids do not cause direct blockage to the passage of stool. After all, they are nothing more than swollen veins, which, like blood vessels in other parts of the body, are soft and easily compressible. In situations where hemorrhoids become severely inflamed or thrombosed (which is when a clot forms in the hemorrhoid), the passage of stool can become quite painful and thus lead to a conscious desire to refrain from passing stool. In rare cases, patients with extremely large hemorrhoids can experience prolapse of their hemorrhoids outside the anal cavity, thus making the act of having a bowel movement much more difficult.

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Interrogation packages, Kim at the airport, and Chloe not being impressed

Summary of last few episodes: Kim said goodbye to her dad, even though she could save his life with her stem cells. What an ungrateful daughter! Olivia tried to have Hodges killed, but chickens out. Sure enough, Hodges is killed anyway, which goes to show you that the government isn't always inefficient. Tony threatened a poor Muslim guy and set him up to take the fall for a terrorist attack. Jack gets in the Imam's face, but doesn't headbutt him like he did to that guy in New York City over the weekend.

Got home JUST in time to catch 24 yesterday - THAT ROCKS!

This week's episode: Coach Yoast is on the phone with Cara, and they helpfully set up the plot for the rest of the season. Apparently, they've modified the dispersal capability on the canister, and they're putting the blame on Jibraan by using his brother as leverage. I was hoping that Coach Yoast would pull a Dark Helmet (the villain from Spaceballs) and look into the camera and say "Got that?" ... but no dice. Tony continues to show off his evilness and tells Jibraan to take the red line into Washington Center. He doesn't tap Jibraan's forehead condescendingly like he did in the last episode, which is too bad. I really liked that move. Cara puts on another wig as she gets ready to drop off the canister. Who does she think she is? Sydney Bristow from Alias? If so, then she's not showing nearly enough skin. Jack wants to torture Tony's goon a little bit. Maybe Jack felt like the goon was hitting on Brooke Shields or something. Renee seems to be coming around, though, as she tells Jack "Do what you need to do." I knew she'd see things his way! He has a number to call Tony, but that's it. Jack warns him not to say anything else, or else it'll be the last thing he does. Like tell Tony that he's in a "flank-two" position or something.

Chloe and Janis have a tit-for-tat. Janis doesn't know how to trace Tony's location based on the phone number, and Chloe makes Janis feel like she's a complete idiot. Or at least as bad as she was when she was on Saturday Night Live. Jibraan grows a set and removes his earpiece. He tries to tell the Metro cops, but they don't seem to believe him. One of the cops pull him over and we find out that he is in on the conspiracy. "Put the earpiece back in," he tells a shocked and demoralized Jibraan. Turns out, Tony expected it and planted his people in the station, which was a pretty slick move, actually. Olivia is in the park and is waiting for her friend. Aaron calls her and reads her the riot act for slipping away without informing him. Aaron also tells her that Justice is looking into the car bombing. Man, they really work fast, don't they? Martin tells her that he gave the go-ahead. The way he's talking and spelling out the details of their arrangement makes me think that he's recording her. I kept waiting for him to stick out his lapel and say "Could you speak a little more clearly? And please speak directly into my lapel."

Kim is in the airport and her flight has been delayed. Someone's watching her, suspiciously, and she get really nervous. She could be paranoid, but I don't blame her for being scared. After all, she does have plenty of experience at getting kidnapped, doesn't she? At least it wasn't a cougar. Cara drops off the canister, sets the timer to 15 minutes, but rather than give it to Jibraan, she puts it underneath one of the seats outside of his line of sight. Maybe they don't think Jibraan can do the job? Chloe manages to debug Tony's location, and as luck would have it, they're right underneath Jack's nose. He crashes his car into Tony's van, and drags him out of the back. He then locks on a sleeper hold that would make Ted DiBiase proud, and contemptuously tells his backup team to "Get this piece of crap up." Nice. There's a PDA-type device, which, of course, has the details of the entire plan. Of course, it's damaged, which means that Jack has to call Chloe to fix it. Chloe can't reconstruct it, even though she was able to fix Marwan's gadget, but Janis can. Janis' look of satisfaction when she tells Chloe that she knows how to fix it is priceless. These two are going to throw down soon. Or engage in torrid love-making. Either way, it should be interesting.

Jack tells the cop guarding Tony to walk away, and then beats Tony up. He wants to know why Tony betrayed him, and nearly loses it as he threatens to shoot. Tony tells him to shoot, knowing full well that Jack won't do it. I half expected Tony to give out another old CTU code to try and convince Jack that he's still undercover, but it doesn't happen. Thank God. I can only suspend my disbelief for so long. I can believe that African terrorists can drill through solid rock underwater in less than two minutes. I can believe that it takes less time to launch a missile from an underground bunker than it would to bomb Starkwood into oblivion when said bombers are less than 30 seconds away. I can even believe that someone as hot as Renee would hook up with a gigantic weenie like Moss. But Tony being a bad guy, then an undercover agent, then a bad guy again, only to be a government operative all along? I can't buy that. Jack intercepts the signal and talks to Jibraan. Jack tells him to look for it in the train, and he finds something. He opens it and he sees the canister. Jack tells him to take it outside, which doesn't make much sense, does it? I mean, that's where all the people are, right?

Looks like there was a method to Jack's madness. Jack gets the canister from Jibrann, and rushes it into one of the ambulances. He puts it into the isolation area in the ambulance, and it detonates just in the nick of time. That seemed easy. Maybe it wasn't the actual canister? Renee and Jack have a moment. She tells him that she can finally rest, and he grimaces in pain. She looks sad, and then gives him a hug. All together now. "Awww..." Kim continues to feel like somebody's watching her. She turns to a nice-looking couple and asks if the shady-looking guy is still watching her. The guy, who played "Cruz The Evil Mexican Businessman" from The Shield takes a phone call, and it turns out that Jack is the one telling him to watch after her. Meanwhile, back at the crime scene, Jack wants a full "interrogation" package for Tony. I wonder if that guy from CTU is still around. What was his name? Burke or something? I bet he's working for Starkwood as an "Interrogation Expert" or something. Cara tells Coach Yoast the bad news and she assures him that they have another play. She won't let them kill Tony, though, so I guess she really does love him. They pan to Kim in the airport, and I bet her agents are the people that Kim's talking to at the airport. Sure enough, the guy kills Jack's FBI agent in the airport, and it looks like Kim is about to be in trouble again. Maybe she really is better off if Jack is dead.

Aaron confronts Olivia, and he wants to know what she was doing. Olivia turns on the sad puppy-dog eyes and goes through her "woe-is-me" routine. Aaron, being the kind-hearted lug that he is, softens and immediately backs off. Maybe not, as Aaron calls Warden Norton and asks him about his voice-activated recording system. Ethan agrees to meet Aaron in the White House, and I'm sure revenge is going to be a dish best served cold. Janis wants a word of encouragement from Chloe, and Chloe tells her, rather snottily, that she's still not impressed. Don't worry, they still have a chance to kiss and make up. Of course, Cara decides to use Kim as leverage against Jack so that he can free Tony. Jack's going to have to betray his new allies in the government in order to save his family. Yadda, yadda, yadda. Haven't we seen this before? Oh yeah, it's seasons one through three.

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Monday, May 11, 2009

Soulmates, spouses, anger, creatures on the inside, and more!

Leslie's just got their Native American Name. I just got my Native American Name. It's Polikwaptiwa, meaning butterfly sitting on a flower.

Leslie just took the What Were You In A Past Life Quiz. I just took the what were in you a past life quiz and I was Elvis Presley (Impersonator).

Facebook quizzes taken from Gretchen, Ryan, Veronica, Jennifer J., Steve B., Morgana, Jennifer L., Jessica G., and David L.:

Leslie just took the "Who are you in Twilight?" quiz and the result is Isabella Marie Swan-Cullen. You are clumsy, shy, and cute. But you are not very athletic... you also get yourself into a lot of trouble.

Leslie just took the "What type is your soulmate (girls only)?" quiz and the result is The nerd. He's a genius. He may wear glasses and talk a little more intellectually than most guys, but he's kind and thoughtful, and cute in that "nerdy" way.

Leslie just took the "Where will you meet your spouse?" quiz and the result is You already know them. Believe it or not, they're the last person you would ever expect. They may be the quiet one in the corner or the class clown, but enough of that... they'll be yours soon enough.

Leslie just took the "How angry can you get" quiz and the result is Sorta Angry. When you get angry, you just yell.

Leslie just took the "what creature are you inside???" quiz and the result is vampire. You are a very bloodthirsty person. You most likely like violence and love blood, and you adore the moon.

Leslie just took the "What Song are you?" quiz and the result is Just Dance. You love music! You want to dance all the time (Not quite... I never had the body for it. :P)

Leslie just took the "what color best matches your personality?" quiz and the result is red. You're easily angered, and have a fiery personality. You don't like losing, and are very good at persuasion. But you are also a very loving person.

Leslie just took the "What video game character are you?" quiz and the result is Mario. You represent everybody's favorite Italian plumber, always active and fighting for the right of good. WAHHHHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

What Your Birth Date Reveals About You!
Leslie this is what your birth date reveals about you!

17 + 9 + 1976 = 2002
2 + 0 + 0 + 2 = 4
Your Birth Number: 4

4's are sensible and traditional. They like order and routine. They only act when they fully understand what they are expected to do. They like getting their hands dirty and working hard. They are attracted to the outdoors and feel an affinity with nature. They are prepared to wait and can be stubborn and persistent. They should learn to be more flexible and to be nice to themselves.

Leslie just took the "What kind of man tickles your fancy?" quiz and the result is A tall, dark, and handsome hunk. You love a buff, tall, tanned boy toy with dark mysterious eyes. You want someone who can protect you, take control, fight for you, and sweep you off your feet. Your ideal man has a tough exterior, but is truly a softy inside. You want someone who you can party hard with, but still enjoy occasional downtime.

Leslie completed the quiz "Which 80s song describes your life?" with the result With or Without You. You've always just been a "go woth the flow" kind of person.

Leslie took the Which Zodiac Sign Are You Most Compatible With? quiz and the result is Cancer. You are most compatible with CANCER! I'm sure most of your friends are Cancerians! Together, you're going to rock! Cancerians are serious, caring, sensitive people with complex psyches. This is a sign that dislikes taking unneccessary risks. They are able to identify with the situations of others because of the keenness of their imaginations. Their sharp ears and talent for mimicry can sometimes give them success on the stage, though their tendency to be emotional may make them overact. A wounded Cancerian is not an easy person to deal with. Given the opportunity at the right time, people of this sign cope remarkably well with fame, fortune, and responsibility. Money and a sense of security play an important part in the Cancerian scheme of life. Though careful with money, they are kind /generous / thoughtful.

Leslie took the What Country Song are You? quiz and the result is What Do You Think About That? by Montgomery Gentry. You could give 2 damns about what other people say about you. You are who you are, and that's what you love about life. Anyone who tries and change you won't get very far.

Leslie just took the "Which Actor / Actress Would Play Your Part?" quiz and the result is Guy: Russell Crowe. Girl: Reese Witherspoon. You are the kind of person who people can take seriously. You take friendship, family, and romantic relationships very seriously. People know that they can find a true friend in you, and that they can always count on you. They'll always feel your kindness and, of course, your sense of humor.

Leslie took the What is your patronus? quiz and the result is Your Patronus is a Bat. You're an observer, patient and aware of your surroundings. You thirst for knowledge and understanding. Many people misunderstand you. You are intuitive and have the ability to see through illusion – diving straight to the truth of matters. Despite what others may think, you are very nurturing and have strong ties with people close to you. You always strive for the best and nothing else. You are devoted and faithful.

Leslie just took the "Which super hero are you?" quiz and the result is Iron Man. You are Iron Man! A combination of incredible ingenuity, successful business ventures, and an awesome red suit. You fight for the good guys because you know what happens when when powerful weapons land in the wrong hands. Not to mention your killer charm and wits.

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I can finally read about Norrell and Strange!

I'm at the library: I was dubious about going out in the rain at first, but it seems to be a bit sunnier now. I borrowed Anne of Windy Poplars (Lucy Maud Montgomery), Anne's House of Dreams (Lucy Maud Montgomery), Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell: A Novel (Susanna Clarke) [I've wanted to read this ever since it came out in 2004!], The 13 1/2 Lives of Captain Bluebear: being the demibiography of a seagoing bear, with numerous illustrations and excerpts from the "Encyclopaedia of the marvels, life forms, and other phenomena of Zamonia and its environs" by Professor Abdullah Nightling (Walter Moers), Rilla of Ingleside (Lucy Maud Montgomery), and might borrow some more prior to leaving! Found a spare computer (FRANCE), further found that I can't play Wordscraper on it, and then fielded a message from Raymond ABOUT Wordscraper. Seems it's boring and lacks interest for him now, and he thinks it's not the time to play for him - I'll definitely find another Facebook friend to play the game, for sure! It might be a way of saying "I surrender - tired of losing" for him, but I don't really mind.

You Are Rain

You are dark and dramatic. You tend to be a bit over the top.

You have strong emotions, and they can change quickly. You are tempestuous.

You are wild and unpredictable. You tend to overwhelm and surprise people.

While you are aggressive, you are also a homebody. You don't really care for physical activities.

Leslie's just got their Chinese Name. I just got my Chinese Name. It's Xiaozhi Hu.

Leslie just took the Are You A Quiz Addict and is A little Quiz Addict. I am A little Quiz Addict. You are a little bit addicted to quizzes, but in a healthy way; nothing to be worried about. When you start naming your kids after quiz show hosts, then you need to be worried.

Poo nugget for Monday, May 11: Doo You Know? - Stupid Pet Tricks - With a lot of patience and practice, rats can be trained to use a toilet instead of a litter box. There are even reports of cats who have taught themselves. Some cat owners have trained their pets to flush as well, by attaching a toy on a string to the flush handle. This practice can backfire when the cats decide to entertain themselves by flushing the toilet all night long.

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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Computer problems... again! / Pets are NOT substitute KIDS, people!

High-scoring words of the day:

CHICA (292 points) - against Tracey H. [two 5W, hook on LAY to make CLAY, hook on LIED to make AI] {a good deficit-erasing word!}
AIRBORNE (110 points) - against Joyce T. [5W] {a good deficit-erasing word!}
PACIFISM (450 points) - against Angela H. [two 5W]
RAPPERS (192 points) - against Rachel Z. [two 4W]

When I got up on Saturday morning, I found that my monitor had blinked out - or maybe it's the video card, I don't know. So I spent a lot of time reading the ROMANCE book and the Organic Bathroom Reader. Awana was cool... Chrystal said I was SO GENEROUS to give Ian and his brother a lot of chocolate bunnies. Ian said that his brother was at home, playing Nintendo DS for two hours! (they'd just gotten home from L.A. that morning... contrary to what my mom thought: that they'd given up on Awana altogether!)

Church today was cool... Raymond had seen my "Southern Fried chicken and Nut Brown Ale" status message, commented on the Mother concert yesterday ("There was A LOT of weed!"), and said some other stuff I couldn't hear. Gave Melia her actual fork back, and interacted with Joshua, Keenan (biscuits and bubbles!), Nicholas (chips!), Benjamin (GENTLE wind for bubbles!), and baby Cory - so cute! Saw Kelvin's sons Taylor and Elliott, too! Told Jeremy and Jon about a rainbow I could see, and talked to more people: Andrea's engaged to Chuck, and it happened yesterday at Wreck Beach with bonfires! Jen, Jeremy, and I talked about people who think that pets are their substitute kids - UGH! (we also talked about OK Cupid - Jen was surprised that I've been on there for four years!) Eric says he'll check my stuff later in the week - thank goodness I have another RPL number to use, haha. Going out to dinner with Harmony and the folks later, and will resume trips to the library tomorrow till the monitor thing is fixed, I guess.

Leslie's just got their Little Miss Name. I just got my Little Miss Name. It's Little Miss Daredevil.

Leslie's just got their Mr. Men Name. I just got my Mr Men Name. It's Mr. Rude.

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