Saturday, July 21, 2007

Ramones and GWAR / Level 6 white diamond! / Dreams of SS kids

Eric and I were discussing the Ramones' Warthog and GWAR's Maggots on the way to church yesterday, too - good times! He said something about being a young warthog, and wondered what I'd do were I one. So I answered that I'd dance around to the Ramones song of the same name, even if I couldn't. Then he mentioned something about the rain falling like buckets outside, so I said it was like the maggots were falling like rain. After expressing incredulity at this statement, he asked what I was talking about - let's just say that my explanation of GWAR did NOT impress him, haha.

In the past few days, I've gotten two white diamonds in two separate Bookworm games. I know just who to blame for my not recording them on here in anything approaching a timely fashion. In one game, I made the word POUT using three yellow tiles on the first three letters of the word. That resulted in a white diamond on an H, which I used in the word RAH. In the other game, I got a Level 6 white diamond! I managed to use three gold tiles in the last three letters of the word CAKE, which resulted in a white diamond on a D, so I used it on the word DIT.

I had a weird dream last night. Somehow, my brother and I were charged with taking care of little Rachel from my Sunday School class. She was dressed in a dark magenta outfit, and wanted to hide her toys everywhere in the basement room. We let her do that for a while, then wanted her to clean up. Our mom came in and started in on us for not helping her with making dinner for Grandma. Well, we're busy taking care of a KID here... hello?! She was clearly upset, and started picking some dill for dinner from a plant that was high up on the wall ledge. No, we didn't help her since we were busy playing with Rachel, haha.

The location switched to a pretty cool ship with incredible suction toilets. (I was on one, and it seemed as if I'd get sucked into it!) I recall talking with John about whether he and his wife Ada wanted to try for another child. He said that since autistic Sean was six years old (he's really four) and seemed to be better integrated into society, the doctors had given them the go-ahead. Sean's brother Ian (whom I also taught in Sunday School) was around with his brother, and seemed clingy to his mother, even to the point of clutching her uncomfortably around the waist. I gently told him to let go, but he wouldn't. Then I talked to Eric and Korey simultaneously via MSN about some book with 418 questions and answers on the church and beer. I have NO idea what that dream meant! Maybe I'm unwilling to let go of clingy things / people which I should just leave better off alone, I don't know. Interesting subconscious dump, anyway...

What will you invent?
You will invent ... the Titanic II - More Unsinkable
'What will you invent?' at

Let me guess - this version comes with a more deadly casualty rate caused by hitting icebergs in the middle of nowhere, right? Haha. (note: I am NOT laughing at that tragedy!)

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Three-week-old dessert?!

I just found some Boston Pizza dessert in the fridge that's three weeks old... thanks, visiting Korey! I'm eating it to be thrifty since it WAS in a covered container. Maple Blondie and Chocolate Explosion, here we come! I just hope my stomach doesn't hate me for it tomorrow.... I still have the iced tea from that time, but it's in a can and won't be THAT bad!

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Friday, July 20, 2007

Serves you right to get killed with your own knife!

Eric called me at 6:15 to say that he meant to call me earlier, but it had been busy at work - he'd pick me up in 15 minutes since he was leading worship, which was enough time for me to have a quick dinner. Once he got here and called me "Miss Never Answer The Phone," he asked what I'd been up to this week. Told him about Wednesday's outing with the parents, so he figured that the rest of the week had been relaxing. Pretty much! He asked if I talked to Korey much this week, so I told him that I did that every day. The he figured that I distracted Korey from other things - maybe, I wouldn't know! He got a phone call from David Sum, who's back in town temporarily, so we discussed breakfast places for tomorrow. We bemoaned the bad traffic and idiots who drive in the rain! Then we noticed some discrepancies in gas prices: why pay 108.6 when the station across the street is selling it for 104.9?

At church, he gave me money for pork and rice at Pho. I headed over there and saw Jen and Karen, so I updated them on my week. We discussed "spiritual friendship," awakening, ages, friendship time / anniversaries, how God brings people together to bond (sitting across from each other at last year's combined barbecue AND my birthday party!), meeting Jen through Nathan, being at church for a LONG time, creative writing courses, Pussycat Dolls singers (Korey would know about firings, not me!), pop music as chilling from intellectual challenges, who Korey was since Jen has never met him before, ideas for Fellowship programs, carrot soup, and taking stuff out. One of the waitresses recognized me and said that it had been "long time no see"... yeah, I hadn't seen her in a bit! When I got back to the basement, Stanley gave me a high-five and said that he'd done a lot of swimming this week at Killarney. I saw Citrus and Cordia, and looked at the July birthday cake and the mango jelly cups. (no idea what "konjac" is!) Asked Cordia how she was enjoying that morbid deaths book - she loved the story about a guy who got killed when his knife ricocheted off the tire of someone in front of him whom he was mad at! Stanley clapped when he heard that story, haha. Citrus just teased me by saying I spent too much time at Chapters, and they knew ALL about my Bathroom Reader fetish. Right.... *rolls eyes and laughs*

Raymond wondered what Bathroom Readers were, so I should really pack one to let him borrow next week! (I did attempt to tell him what they were, of course) He said he's reading a good book on leadership, and will have the last Harry Potter book delivered by Costco even though he hasn't read the previous six! (yay for new hobbies!) I have no idea whether the newest Harry Potter movie is better than the book it's based on, though. He'd planned to go to a barbecue for the kids at his church, but might cancel it because of the rain. I plan a lo-fi weekend myself! Signed the July birthday cards for Dianne, Connie, and Frances - I encountered trouble with the pen Karen gave me for signing purposes. Asked Eric what was wrong with it, but he said it was just me - THANKS. What looked like the pen lid was really the end of the pen, and the pen lid looked like the writing end... Kevin encountered the same problem later on, so I helped him with it. (SO CONFUSING!)

While we were having the pretty good cake and refreshments, Jen wondered where Jeremy was - I don't know! Eric said that he'd gone back to Kelowna, so no wonder that the night was less amusing without his humor! Talked to Dylan for a bit, whose mom is facing mortality issues. The "different woman" Teresa joined us, so we talked to her: of course she asked everyone their first and last names! We're used to it by now, haha. Talked to Sheena and Karen about PMS, breaking out, bloating, fashion, and other girly things. I didn't know Connie liked bananas and was a snob about them! Later, Chuck heard it when Andrea and I giggled over Korey, and said that he KNEW those giggles. You do indeed, but we're not talking about you! Later, Eric went upstairs to look for Nathan, who'd left already. Then Steph told me that she was sleeping over at Vanessa's, then spending money while shopping tomorrow - I do NOT get worked up over being the last in the family to know something! Nice impression you're giving Danielle and Vanessa there, dude!

We wondered who was blocking us in the parking lot; it turned out to be Melia and Angus, who waved at us on the way to their car. On the way home, Eric and I stopped for gas. We then talked about wind, being cold / damp because of his jacket (I touched his hands and they weren't FREEZING - they did have SOME heat!), the slightly-open windows, Mr. Freeze the super-villain, Poopsmith and Homestar Runner, calling his dad, voice recognition not really working after a bit, poop, Chinese words for poop, farting (yeah, we're really mature :P), overkill on worship songs (FAMOUS ONE and THE STAND), repeating what he just said about Sunday's worship set, and childhood / childbirth agony. He wondered if there was something I wasn't telling him, but I'd misheard "childbirth" as "childhood," haha. I asked what I should change my MSN name to: his original suggestion was too long for my personal taste, so "baby hamsters!" it is!

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SOME people...

So he was going to guess the same thing I told him, only replace my being practical with my being crazy?! Haha, I think HE is the crazy one here, and he knows it. I wonder why all my messages seem to be undeliverable today... that problem better be rectified by the time I get home tonight! Yay for seeing friends, even if an hour earlier than usual! (must have quick dinner)

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Thursday, July 19, 2007

I have a magic touch in my dreams...

I was thoroughly exhausted last night, and laid in bed thinking about things which would make me feel better. Imagine my surprise when that translated into a GOOD dream! My subconscious rocks for now! It involved Michelle, random kids, raspberry ice cream, blueberry pies, Citrus and Danielle getting engaged, tending to Mike K. and Korey as they lay on the floor during a basketball game (Mike said I had a magic touch), and spending time with Eric and Jeremy while we watched everything go on. Ah, that made me feel much better!

Hey, there's a dinner with Erin's family at the townhouse on August 5! That will definitely be good! Maybe we'll add to the pile of embarrassing stories we have on her, haha.

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

"You can't stay alone with him, or else you'll have sex!"

Spent the day with my parents going to a farm in Langley that's known for its strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, and fruit in general - they also have corn pizza, which was something quirky to try. The drive to Langley reminded me of people I knew there, and rides to Trinity for Summer Conference. After we went to the fruit farm in extremely rainy weather, we went to a turkey farm to get some stuff, then to Blessings Bookstore. (not the one in Coquitlam where Sanne used to work) Quite a drive from Richmond, but I guess my mom thought it was a worthy use of my dad's off day. On the way, they advised / asked me about Korey: "You shouldn't spend time alone! What does he do? Where's his family? He can join us for a family lunch on the Sunday if he has time before his ride takes him back! He's staying with YOU?! Ohhhh... he's going to meet you on Sunday morning from where he is! PHEW! What are you doing on the Saturday? We could have an international family! Is his mom black, or is it his dad? What does Eric think? Why is he so special? Are you sure he's interested in church? Wear this new clothing if you go on a date!" Haha, I expected this!

Spent 90 minutes stuck in traffic, so we decided to go to Yaohan for dinner. Had lamb noodles and hot and sour soup. The noodles were pretty good since they were homemade to order - very chewy! Finding a working womens' washroom proved to be a matter of taking the elevator upstairs to those facilities - had my parents wondering if I'd gotten lost or done a 3-1, haha. The mall reminded me of the time I was there with Josh, and the time I was there with Andrea after Wes and Esther's wedding. Got some blueberries, smoked turkey, a blueberry tart, and dumplings to take home. Upon looking at my money situation, I have enough to make sure Dad's birthday is covered. The rest of the stuff shall wait till next week, then.

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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I will be here for Grandma's homecoming!

This morning, I missed someone's "hi" message. I'm not too worried about that, since he'll call me later on tonight. I must keep the dialogue flowing (unlike last night), because this is a good thing - people who grow on me are generally worth it in the end! Earlier, I called my sister to see if she got the money that I owed her - she had, so that is a debt paid and over with! She says the Mexico missions trip is July 27 to August 5, and Jon is also still away in Toronto when Grandma gets back on July 30. No two-week trips to Kamloops for me since I'll be the only grandchild in town, haha. As for next week's holiday that the lards are taking somewhere, I might be with Steph for a while. We'll see what my plans are on Tuesday to Thursday! Sister says she'll get me a calling card, and Mom thinks I should join the SUN promotion for $3.95 - meh, I'll figure it out later!

My mom pronounced Korey's name as "Ko-tee" (one small step away from Kotex :P), so I guess it's a bit better than something which sounds similar to CHLOE! Also told my sister about how Mom pronounced "reminiscing" a couple weeks ago: "ram-sizing" brings quite different images to the mind, let's just say! Mom thinks that K and I shouldn't stay in the same place until we're married... this came out of a discussion we had about how he was coming here on July 28. I know that Vernon and Sarah did that on the odd occasion, but then both sets of parents were away! Well, it won't be TOO bad - we have plans for that time which include meeting Chinese Eric and his girl!

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"We're all hooked up for now!"

I used MSN as a paging system again tonight, and called out Chinese Eric. He responded, so I told him about the "boyfriend" news. His reaction: "Wow! Now all three of us [Jon, me, him] are hooked up! Congratulations! HUG!" We quickly made plans to have a possible double date when Korey gets here - maybe the Rose Garden Café. Yay for trust circles, haha.

Wonder why I push people away when what I really want is to let them in. Guess I'll have to work on that! Damn conditioning!

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Monday, July 16, 2007

Dreaming of dragon bracelet-rings!

Dreamed that Eric H. was in a wheelchair, and that he took me to an observatory in the middle of a coliseum. Becky was there, and she took me up to see the planets and the Moon. We were busily discussing all our latest news when the scene changed to a little jewelry store in Broadmoor Mall. Seems I was choosing (promise) rings from a selection in a display case, and I found one very vivid dragon bracelet-ring. The green, yellow, and other colors were so bright that I had to get this one! It even had raised bumps on the surface! Then I had to choose good names from multiple sticker rolls, and avoid bad names while traversing ladders in a game. Weird dream - not sure WHAT triggered it. Maybe it was Christon buying dragon beard candy for his mom at the Night Market, or I don't know what! At least my subconscious can clear that stuff out, haha.

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Relationships are probably a lot of work!

Told Karen Choo my good news. She was positively excited for me: "He's SO COOL and MESMERIZING! GORGEOUS singing voice!" Hahaha, it's good that she can also give me advice on various things - she warns me that it'll be work, and I believe it! We also talked about the touching video sermon, other couples, friendship, accidents / disability / injury, and emotional stuff. Glad to have a friend like her!

Then I got on the phone and talked to K about a bunch of stuff. Let's just say that it was an interesting conversation since we learned a lot about each other. Venting is certainly a good thing! ;)

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Sunday, July 15, 2007

"Hey, we accidentally donated your laptop to the church!"

I made Jon sign Nathan and Cordia's cards in the car on the way to church, even if he was too sleepy to do the rest of the July / August pile. It wouldn't do to give Cordia's card and present (FINAL EXITS) weeks apart, after all. Gave Mom $50 to give to Steph since I still owe her the money for Phil and Grace's wedding gift: "Phil and Grace" is NOT "Karen Grace"... not that I would know if Karen Grace and Ryan are planning to get married, anyhow! Once we got to church, I hailed Cordia - she loved that book, and was reading bits out of it to Mike and someone else afterwards. Gave Nathan his birthday card, then sat down by Randal - making sure to keep a decorous distance away, haha. Dallas sat down next to me, so I edged closer to him... then Jeremy sat next to him - good times talking about essays, bugs in rooms, Night Market, Grouse Grind, etc. Said hi to Brian, Danielle, Wesley, and others too. Jeremy could see the frisson of amusement that went through me at some point during the sermon, so we shared a glance and chuckle over it. Always good for the humor! Jeremy and I also laughed at the same time when Auntie Rebecca actually miked the computer for a video about a disabled person who was able to feel whole again when his dad ran marathons and such with him. (the sound people couldn't get the computer's sound to work)

Talked to Randal for a bit after service: he did get my email about the Engrish shirt, and I assume he knows I wasn't mad at him on Friday because I had to yell to make myself heard over 50 others in the basement. Saw Tony outside, who said that he has a new job as an overnight security guard: sounds way better than Wal-Mart! No books after 6 since you have to look professional, but absolutely no sleeping! Homework is fine for an interim, though. Said hi to a bunch of the babies and their parents: Lily, Lee, Hannah L., Tim, Maxine, Joshua, Keenan, and others had to move out of the way when a car needed the handicapped spot. Advised Joshua not to eat a dandelion he'd picked, and his mom Maxine said that he put everything in his mouth these days - I'm not surprised! Everyone greeted Mike, Emily, Chrystal, and their cousins - talked to Cindy about the Grouse Grind, too. Went inside earlier than usual to attend to the toddler Sunday School - those kids made me hungry with conversation about blueberries, pizza, stinky / spicy chips, apples, bananas, candy, crackers, and other foodstuffs. Good thing it was time for lunch when I got outta there! Told Natalie, Nathan, Hannah W., Julie, and Priscilla that I'd bring them a bunch of chocolate-covered raisins next week - they loved the idea! So do I - I can't eat these ALL myself! (What possessed me to buy $20 worth of them?! Not sure, but they're not Glosette - luckily for Natalie, they're not peanuts!)

Asked Jon what he was doing for lunch - takeout Pho it was, with Jeremy and Dallas in tow! He went back to the church to do something, then came back to the restaurant wondering if we'd placed his order yet. I was sitting at the computer table, and said no - Jeremy had told me that Jon had ordered already when I asked. "So why does he think I gave him $10?" Don't ask ME! (had just enough money for mine) We ordered our food and got out of there late, but it was okay because Wesley had experienced video tech difficulties. Jon eventually donated Steph's laptop to the cause, which happened to work. He joked to Jeremy and Chris that he could tell Steph that he accidentally donated Steph's laptop to the church - that would so not go over well! At one point, Jeremy and I were eating our respective Pho meals simultaneously, and bemoaning the lack of creativity in ordering lemongrass chicken for the umpteenth time! Wesley went to Haiti and did some work in an orphanage there - lots of babies, as Jeremy said! Shared my purple "Dimetapp" Wrigley's Fruit gum with Chris and Jeremy: it's not something you see every day!

Talked briefly to Wesley later - at least he's in Calgary, so it's not too far away from home! Eric wanted to know if I needed a ride home, so I told my parents about it. We talked about how this whole thing with Korey started, with his giving me advice and such. He brought up conflicting stories about stat holidays, PINKY AND THE BRAIN, REN AND STIMPY, repetitive lines ("Take over the world!"), my being a troublemaker (am not!), friendship, taking off his jacket, etc. When I got home, I called my sister to tell her the news: she thought it was the Hat-Wearing Man! Haha, I don't think so! (there was a time when I wished it so, but not now!) Then she brought up another concern: "Korey?! Doesn't he have a girlfriend?" "Since when?" "Ever since I added him on Facebook like two months ago!" "... Eric probably would have told me last night if that were the case, but thanks... I'll have to talk to him about that!" Thankfully, I worked stuff out with Korey soon afterwards - Steph thought that was a GOOD THING since shady people are DANGEROUS! (he did it on purpose, apparently!) No, I'm not saying Korey is shady or dangerous, despite Eric's joke last night at the Night Market!

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Panties on Hoops is the name of a future band around here!

I can't sleep - this is ridiculous. Granted, it's not as bad as the time a couple weeks ago where I kept waking up every half hour to an hour and simply couldn't sleep. But still, you'd think I'd be tired out after all the walking I did at the mall and the Night Market! Crazy stuff!

The Night Market was pretty fun yesterday: Jon, Nathan, Eric, Christon, Jeremy, and I spent 2.5 hours there mostly looking at DVDs and food. There was a stand which had 7 DVDs on sale for $20, so we spent a lot of time picking out movies and looking at them: Jet Li, Jackie Chan, Stephen Chow, Wong Kar-Wai, RUSH HOUR 1 and 2, LETHAL WEAPON 4, DRUNKEN MASTER, DUMPLINGS, THE EYE, etc. Panties on Hoops would make an interesting band name, inspired by one particular stand there. Jeremy said that he was inspired to make his own soap, based on a conversation he had with someone at the farmer's market where he bought a bar for $7. Guess it's worth it if it doesn't dry out your skin and has no preservatives or other bad stuff included. We were trying to come up with the most unlikely item we could buy over there - magic bras were a strong contender for that, and so were busts and nipple warmers! Jeremy wanted some sugarcane juice, so Jon called Nathan to tell him where we were: "SUGARCANE JUICE!" was repeated at least five times during that conversation, haha. Jon and I both had a sip of it using Jeremy's straw - he didn't mind, of course. We noticed the absurd price spread at that stand: $3.50 with ice, and $6 without! I'd rather have it WITH the ice! There were a few people in farmer attire going through the market who called Jeremy a Communist and said he ought to get a job! We were wondering what was up with that, until Jon figured that it was probably his "Work Less Party" button - better to have white trash in character than bad karaoke! (we didn't really get that either - just a show with people modeling wedding / prom / bridesmaid dresses for at least half an hour!)

I told Eric that K and I had decided to try dating, and he half-joked that I was dating a dangerous person. Hahaha, I'm sure he's not really THAT dangerous! (or I'd hope so, at the very least!) He said that we lived in two different cities: so do Jon and Harmony, as did Phil and Grace! Guess long-distance relationships do work out sometimes, despite my cynical view on them a while back! Nate misread a sign that said "NAIL POLISH" as "EVIL POLLS" - I'm guessing the very bright lights didn't help! Jon mooched some money from me, so he better remember to pay me back $20 today. Had one each of Christon's and Nathan's Chinese snacks, one of Jon's octopus balls, and two of my own beef and chicken skewers after they'd been discounted to one dollar each at 11. "One dollar! One dollar!" Nathan saved us most of the walk back to our cars by agreeing to drive illegally - this made someone in the lane next to us at a stoplight look into our car and hold up six fingers inquiringly. Nate then confirmed it, and the guy gave us a thumbs-up. I was the only one wearing a seatbelt (besides Nathan) - the guys were so squished in the back that seatbelts would have been inconvenient! Poor Jeremy was folded over, and I almost forgot that Nate's car is a two-door car! (I'd have to get out in order for anyone in the backseat to exit)

Then I got home, talking to Jon on the way about K and timezones. He also called Nathan after midnight to sing him a BAD rendition of the birthday song, haha. Later, K called me and we talked about a bunch of stuff. Ah, now I understand what Harmony was saying at Christmas about how it was worth it to stay up till 3-4 AM her time in order to talk to Jon! I think my parents and sister have since impressed upon him that he needs to call her earlier during the week since she does have to work the next day, though! Good thing, since she has enough problems with her sleep as it is!

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