Saturday, October 01, 2005

"My main problem is that I have no friends since I only shower once a month! Clean my uniform?"

Sam picked me up shortly after 3, and we talked about what we'd done last night: while my group had been doing Bible Study, his small group had gone bowling... out of seven people, only four bowled! When we got to the church, we saw the remains of the garage sale and teased the guys. Awana was all right: the kids LOVED it when Vanessa brought up Spongebob Squarepants during storytime! Jason and Amos had to put the electric pencil sharpener in the freezer when it overheated because they sharpened too many pencil crayons / pencils at a time! They discovered a broken jack-in-the-box, and wanted to keep it since it would still amuse the little kids. I overruled them since the head would pop out of the box whenever you put the box down anywhere with any force, so I threw it in the kitchen garbage can which was almost overflowing with flower stems and cuttings. The brothers found that pretty funny: I think I'll like working with them, haha.

There was a debriefing session after Awana: we don't have any club meetings for the next two weeks because of Thanksgiving / the annual Leaders Conference in South Delta. We all had to fill out a volunteer information form for the church Child Protection Committee that was due yesterday, so nobody could leave until it was done. A few people echoed my main problem: we have no friends that we could ask to be character references! It was either that, or we forgot to ask people about it till now. Good thing I had Billie's phone number, so I called her... I'll ask Helen tomorrow at church, even though we were really supposed to obtain permission beforehand. I returned some way overdue books to the church library, and gave the two Anitas their birthday cards and books. Later, Melia was teasing Sam because he almost never washes his uniform: the neckline DID look pretty grungy, eep. (they joked that he only showered once a month, if he was lucky!) She told me that my sister's name for Febreeze was "Febarf," and told Sam that she'd wash it for him... Sam wanted her to spray it with a lemony girly scent. Emily thought that wouldn't help him at all, but Sam said that girls would come up to him and ask why he smelled like a girl, thus starting conversation... sure, dude! *laugh*

On the way to pick up Sam's mom from work, I entertained Sam with various Sean stories while he told me what he'd heard of various tough baptismal / membership interviews with Uncle Hansel. I'm not surprised that the girls ended up crying after those, because I saw my sister do that when she had hers a while ago! Definitely a good day, though!

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.... aiya. That would be scary! o_O

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Shiny Blogthings... yay!

I got a ride from Sam.. he's coming by at 3! So I better leave now... laters!

More quizzes, as per the usual these days. :P

Your Sexy Halloween Costume Is
Daisy Mae

Your Head Turning Halloween Costume Is
Lady In Waiting

Your Funny Costume Is
Kissing Booth

Your Delia's Bedroom Is

Your iPod Is
iPod Mini Silver

Your Inner Lip Color Is
Spanish Red

Your Sexy Boots Are
Paul Green Nada

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Leaving the Grammar Police / a bunch of quizzes on vices, casino games, poker, my arch-nemesis, dark secrets, and more!

Yeah, I was / am kinda bored... only 90 more minutes till I can call Sam! :D
(and yeah, that rhymed... so what? :P)

I left this Grammar Police community just now... the new mod (Patrick AKA Iampunha) and I have this history of differing views and clashing every so often. Why would I want that drama in my life, where he bugs me about "hidden agendas" in my simple comments without guile? (although I guess he *could* still get me on IM, which is what he just did because I "accidentally" revealed his birthday of Oct. 4 to everyone, hahaha) Yup, he's the one I had that email exchange with recently. Ah well, now I understand what Stephen said to me a while back: I was only meant to be in that place for a season, haha. (although it was probably longer than *a* season, but whatever!)

In preparation for moving, I should offload some of the heavier things and stuff that isn't technically mine... the church garage sale would have been good for that, actually. Too bad I missed most of the hype for it, haha. I'll give Prophet (Frank E. Peretti) and Questions Non-Christians Ask (Barry Wood) back to the church library, because they're SERIOUSLY overdue. (as in "I was supposed to return them for my brother in September 2004" kind of overdue... sorry, Jon! *blush* ) Then I'll give Nathan's Classical Chinese Literature (John Minford, Joseph S. M. Lau) back to him when I've gone through a bit more of it. Michael's Da Vinci Code (Dan Brown) should be okay, since it's a paperback... we still have no idea how he got it in that edition! I might as well give some books away to my friends, too. :D

Your primary vice is sleeping

You enjoy the relaxed feeling you get while sleeping, and you like to sleep for as many hours per day as possible.

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Erm... guilty as charged... *blush*


Your lucky game is poker. You have luck with the cards, and the skill to play them well. You are able to bluff and get away with it in all aspects of your life.

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You are 30% high roller!

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You are a full house

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"Bl-bl-bl-bl" could be GWAR or Jar-Jar Binks!

Eric called me at 7 to ask if I needed a ride to Fellowship, so I asked whether he got the message I'd left on his cell a while before that... his battery had apparently died, so it was a good thing he called! On the way to church, we listened to the pre-season hockey game and discussed what had happened this week in a bit more detail... online talking can't compare to the real thing, heh. ;)

When we got to church late, we had just sat down when our group split off from everyone else.. but I *did* see Christon, which was a pleasant surprise! Hopefully, I see him on Sunday so I can wish him a happy birthday before he goes back to Edmonton for a couple more months of co-op. Just before Bible Study started, I gave Helen a birthday card for Lauren, and two bags of stuff for herself and her soon-to-be-born baby: baby card, birthday card for November, a pretty binder, a photo album, a Bathroom Reader, various baby frames, and a purse. Since I'll probably be moving pretty soon, I might as well downsize and get rid of this stuff so I don't have to move it... but she did appreciate it. Hey, she said I was so sweet for doing that... :D

Our Bible Study group got sidetracked onto the topics of cleaning the toilet / toilet brushes, and turning your underwear inside out to wear again... ewww! I think Andy and I are okay with each other now after what happened a few weeks ago, and that's good.. his brand of humor can certainly be interesting! After we finished, the new girl Teresa asked some oddball questions of us: whether we were married, single, going out, etc. (I told Eric about it later, and he remembers when Maisie asked the two of us whether we were going out!) Erin, Phil, Eric, and Jeremy discussed electronic gadgets and SLB pictures... Nathan was at the hockey game, and will be at the film festival tomorrow: four films in one day, oh my!

Helen opened her presents from me, and hugged me in thanks: the book was a good gift since the pressure from the baby is too much sometimes, and makes her go to the bathroom a LOT. :P It's too bad that I can't make her baby shower, but it's all good... we can celebrate later, perhaps! I told Helen and Frances (as well as my group) the news of this past week: they'd seen it on the news, actually! After a while of discussing gadgets / the church garage sale tomorrow / pictures / where we should go eat (Milestones / iCafé [a Hong Kong-style café near Daimasu] / Cactus Club / Earls), we went outside... man, it was COLD! My sister's group had gone out in smaller groups, and had just returned to the church when we went outside. She called it good timing, but then didn't want to eat with us... luckily, Sam could give her a very quick ride home because he had to hold off on going to the bathroom! (Lesley had locked up the church by then) I quickly asked him whether he could give me a ride tomorrow to Awana, and he said that he should be back in town by 2:30-ish... I'll definitely be giving him a call then!

At the iCafé, I entertained Jeremy with my brother's Pho stories while everyone else discussed hockey / baseball / Michelle Wie and golf. Eric asked if he could borrow some money from me: of course! A few of us also talked about Derek's new San Diego job which starts at the end of October: they're sponsoring him for his visa, which is a good thing! I discussed books with Randal and Connie, and Jeremy told me that he'd had rice and seaweed to eat today. He also told the table in general that even his non-first floor place wouldn't be a deterrent to burglars if they wanted to scale the walls of the apartment building! Jeremy personally doesn't have anything worth stealing (a five-year-old 19-inch monitor?), but his roommate Darryl has a bunch of music equipment!

On the way home, Eric made a "bl-bl-bl" sound effect which reminded me of a GWAR song... I'm not sure which one, but I'll let him know once I figure it out! He thought it should remind me of Jar-Jar Binks.. to me, that would be "mee-sa Jar-Jar Been-ska!" That reminded me of what Mark said once: Jar-Jar Binks should be tortured for 15 minutes at a time during the slow parts of those movies, haha. (luckily, we went home via Granville, so I know just where that BP is for Sunday if I'm going to that party thing, haha... not on Broadway / Granville, but a few blocks from it!) Now I'm telling Corey about yin-yang or the mixing of the milks... milk tea and milk coffee isn't THAT bad, despite what he thinks! Let's just say he thinks they should never be mixed together. :P

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Friday, September 30, 2005

Essential things, and a black man raised to believe he was white

I finally got certain things today! :D I'll have to call certain people to see what happens with the moving situation and everything else, as I have a feeling I'll get an eviction notice this coming week... and with these management people, I don't think I'll get my damage deposit back either! Ah well, I'll see what happens... I have to finally mail stuff to Dave and Catherine too. (I was going to do it this week, but there was too much stramash!)

So after that, I finally went shopping. Among other things, I got raspberry / blueberry sherbet; a baby card for Helen; a generic congratulations card for J-Mak that will have to do for his baptism card (hey, I have one here for Justin in case he ever gets baptized.. he was going to a few years ago, but didn't); a farewell card for Derek; and a birthday card for Jasmine... even though she and NetDave didn't get me a card for my birthday, I can get one for hers! (no, it's not to make her feel bad *wink* ) I *finally* got A Breath of Snow and Ashes by Diana Gabaldon! I'm going to be reading this one VERY soon, haha. Both my book list and my music list have been updated in the past 24 hours... go look! :D

If I go to Fellowship tonight, I'll certainly tell my friends all about things! My Swedish friend Henrik messaged me yesterday to say that he basically didn't have any concrete plans for this weekend, since he's arriving in Vancouver tomorrow evening at around 8. I told him that maybe Sunday would be better.. but if he still doesn't know what's going on, then I don't know that we WILL meet. Ack. Jasmine has a birthday party planned at BP (took her long enough to plan it since she first vaguely mentioned doing something on Monday, haha :P ) near Broadway / Granville for Sunday night at 6... I *might* go, who knows. We'll see, haha.

A black man was raised to believe he was white... his mother's an idiot!

You Are Balanced - Realist - Empowered

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You have a good deal of power, but you also know the pecking order.
You realize that working the system does get you further.
You know who to defer to and who to control.
When it comes to the game of life, you play things flawlessly.

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Blues name, animal personality, pimp name, the type of drunk I am

Okay, here's how it works. Take the first three letters of your name (screen, real, first, last, whatever) and figure out each letter's corresponding number in the alphabet.

Next, take your 3 numbers and match them respectively to the following 3 lists. The first list is of various physical conditions, the second is a list of body parts, and the third is a list of the first 26 US presidents. (John Quincy Adams and Garfield's second trip to the Oval Office have been omitted in the interest of variety.)

A-1 B-2 C-3 D-4 E-5 F-6 G-7 H-8 I-9 J-10 K-11 L-12 M-13 N-14 O-15 P-16 Q-17 R-18 S-19 T-20 U-21 V-22 W-23 X-24 Y-25 Z-26

1. bald.........................1. scalp.........................1. Washington
2. white.......................2. head ..........................2. Adams
3. black.......................3. hair............................3. Jefferson
4. yellow.....................4. ears............................4. Madison
5. blind.......................5. skin.............................5. Monroe
6. cross......................6. eyes............................6. Jackson
7. no..........................7. brow............................7. Van Buren
8. split........................8. nose............................8. Harrison
9. broken....................9. mouth..........................9. Tyler
10. dirty....................10. lip..............................10. Polk
11. pretty.................11. tooth..........................11. Taylor
12. hoppin'................12. tongue........................12. Fillmore
13. screamin'.............13. chin............................13. Pierce
14. fat.......................14. neck...........................14. Buchanan
15. skinny..................15. foot............................15. Lincoln
16. hollow..................16. arm............................16. Johnson
17. solid.................... 17. hand...........................17. Grant
18. skippin'.................18. thumb.........................18. Hayes
19. angry.................19. finger............................19. Garfield
20. shrivel...................20. toe.............................20. Arthur
21. dizzy.....................21. belly...........................21. Cleveland
22. drunk....................22. hip..............................22. Harrison
23. sleepin'..................23. ass.............................23. McKinley
24. lazy.......................24. leg..............................24. Roosevelt
25. crazy.....................25. knee...........................25. Taft
26. dead......................26. ankle..........................26. Wilson

First: Hoppin' Skin Garfield.
Middle: Black Nose Tyler.
Last: Doesn't work... only two letters. :P
Screen name, using "Flami": Cross Tongue Washington.

Your Animal Personality

Your Power Animal: Eagle

Animal You Were in a Past Life: Whale

You are active, a challenger, and optimistic.
Hard-working, you are always working towards a set goal.

Your Pimp Name Is...

Scandalous Bling

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You are usually the one crying in the corner at a party, because someone spilt a little beer on you. You are also very affectionate with friends and crushes when you are drunk.

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Thursday, September 29, 2005

My sister with a bunch of hockey players (plus the ColorQuiz)

After waiting a zillion hours for Photobucket to work properly, I can finally present you with this post!

My sister met Sami Salo, Brendan Morrison, and Todd Bertuzzi earlier today while they were out for Raise A Reader Day. She promptly sent us a bunch of pictures, too.

Sister with Sami Salo:

Image hosted by

Sister with Brendan Morrison:

Image hosted by

Sister with Todd Bertuzzi:

Image hosted by

Here's a picture she had with Trevor Linden and Mattias Ohlund when she and her friend Melissa bumped into them in February 2004 in Denver:

Image hosted by

I took the new version of the ColorQuiz test, too! :D

ColorQuiz.comLeslie took the free personality test!

"Alert and keenly observant. Is seeking fresh avenu..."

Click here to read the rest of the results.

Erk. That might be true.... o_O

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Problem resolution, getting Candy's package, more Evites, telling Eric, track lists, hockey players

I finally have a resolution to this week's problems that doesn't involve me going downtown! Yay! Of course, my lesson IS learned too. ;)

I also got Candy's package with six burned CDs and a birthday card! I'm surprised that the parcel made its way over here in like three days, considering it took eight weeks last time! Of course, it all smells like cigarette smoke (since Candy and her husband both smoke), but it gives me more bubble wrap to play with. :D

Finally, the email exchange between me and Patrick is over! He brought up certain past incidents which I am now over, and used those as proof that I'm a bigot. Uh, right. All I wrote in a comment box originally was "I hate it when girls write about their fiancées and when guys write about their fiancés... unless they're gay or lesbian." Seriously, that doesn't need comment chainage and six or eight emails besides. I never really liked him past summer 2003, anyhow. :P (I used Corey's advice in the very last email: go do stuff to a chicken, indeed!)

Speaking of email, my sister's work participated in Raise A Reader Day. She emailed us to say that she met Sami Salo, Brendan Morrison, and Todd Bertuzzi! Steph took pictures with each of them. :) They were very friendly, and Mo was the friendliest. Man, she meets a lot of hockey players...

Earlier, I told Eric M. about what's happened this week, since he reminded me that I needed to change my MSN name. ("Is your birthday still making you feel older? Your next one will make you feel much older!") Yes, I need a place to live: Mike thinks that I may need to move out by November 1 to avoid the rush when everyone here is looking for a place. So I guess he'll give me a copy of rental suites so I can start calling them... soon. Eric's guess is that the new management will (continue to?) renovate the other buildings and then get around to giving mine eviction notices when they're done... could very well be. I don't think the management will pay for a month of everyone's rent and their moving costs, as Eric says they have to do by law if they kick everyone out with less than two months' notice! As he says, there's no point in staying if you know you're going to get kicked out eventually.

[12:08:55] Diven - Canucks pick 10th: your birthday still making you feel older?
[12:08:56] Eric: your next one will make you feel much older
[12:09:08] Flami: Birthdays make you feel older!: yeah, I know... I was about to change the name.
[12:11:07] Eric: you need a place to live?
[12:12:51] Eric: ??
[12:15:48] Flami: needs a place to live, STAT!: well, considering everyone around here is getting evicted, yes..
[12:16:11] Me: that's why I wasn't at church on Sunday... the tenants were holding a meeting about what to do..
[12:16:52] Eric: why were they getting evicted?
[12:17:09] Eric: there are laws against that unless they aren't paying their rent.
[12:18:27] Eric: what was discussed at the meeting?
[12:19:12] Eric: ??
[12:20:38] Me: getting two people to take care of each building's communications and such... the new management not being upfront about things... local politicians... stuff like that...
[12:21:03] Me: oh, and the management wants to renovate the buildings and then hike up rent 50% after they evict people...
[12:22:31] Eric: ah... they can evict people for renovation purposes but they need to give 2 months notice I believe and then need to pay for one month rent and moving costs.
[12:23:09] Eric: actually I'm not sure about the 2 month.
[12:24:21] Me: well, they gave a bunch of people the 2 months' notice (not me / most of my building, yet)... but I don't know if they plan to pay for everyone's rent / moving costs..
[12:29:56] Eric: they will probably renovate buildings one at a time.
[12:30:13] Eric: yours is probably not right away.
[12:30:54] Me: no, probably not... but two buildings got their eviction notices last week... so mine's probably going to be getting theirs en masse in a week or so..
[12:34:45] Eric: We'll my guess is they renovate the other two building while continuing to collect rent from yours then once they have finished the other they will evict you.
[12:35:33] Me: yeah, that might happen... but my worker thinks I should move out by Nov. 1 or so ANYHOW... to avoid the rush
[12:35:57] Eric: yeah probably.
[12:36:22] Eric: no point staying there if you are going to get kicked out at some point.
[12:37:29] Eric: they don't need to pay your rent if they give you 2 month notice.
[12:37:55] Eric: I think they need to pay your rent if they want to kick you out with under 2 month notice.
[12:41:34] Eric: no wait I'm wrong: Landlord's use of property requires 2 month's notice with a 15-day dispute period. Landlords are required to pay the equivalent of 1 month’s rent to the tenant on or before the effective date of the end of tenancy.
[12:43:46] Eric: so if you wait for them to give you an eviction notice they are required to give you 1 month rent.
[12:44:51] Eric: if they don't give you an eviction notice by friday or saturday, then they can't evict you until dec 31. As they are required to give you two full month notice.
[12:45:07] Me: Ah, okay. Yeah, makes sense.
[12:50:06] Eric: they could try to muscle their way around the laws though. but if they are trying to mass evict people it will be hard because I can't see the arbitrator ignoring many cases with the same landlord
[12:50:12] Eric: I'm sure if you had a meeting about it someone in your building knows all this stuff.
[12:50:52] Me: yeah... the first I kinda heard about it was when Nate and Jeremy dropped me off after SLB night...
[12:51:20] Me: there was a notce on the door that said something about a meeting on the first floor of another building... and to come if we wanted to FIGHT!
[13:01:24] Diven - Canucks pick 10th: and you were looking for a brawl weren't u
[13:01:26] Diven - Canucks pick 10th: lol..
[13:01:29] Diven - Canucks pick 10th: going for lunch ttyl
[13:10:17] Flami: needs a place to live, STAT!: heh, later

Here's what is on the CDs Candy sent me:

Edgy Mix, Alternative Mix, Interesting Mix, CSI Mix, Trapt Mix, Fear Factory's DIGIMORTAL

Edgy Mix

1. King Black Acid, Wake Up #37 (5:37)
2. Lamb of God, Laid To Rest (3:49)
3. Gravity Kills, One Thing (3:47)
4. A Perfect Circle, Gravity (5:07)
5. Voivod, Gas Mask Revival (4:09)
6. Prodigy, Voodoo People (4:08)
7. Low / Tomandandy, Half-Light (6:46)
8. Lamb of God, Break You (3:36)
9. Lamb of God, Haunted (5:04)
10. Judas Priest: Rock Hard, Ride Free (5:35)
11. A Perfect Circle, The Outsider (4:03)
12. Gravity Kills, Down [Lords of Acid power remix] (4:29)
13. Lords of Acid, Rolling Under (5:26)
14. Lamb of God, Confessional (4:01)
15. Prodigy, Smack My B*tch Up (5:42)
16. Tomandandy, European Vacation (3:58)
17. Lamb of God, 11th Hour (3:42)

Alternative Mix

1. Porno for Pyros, Tahitian Moon (3:47)
2. Dead Celebrity Status, Five Deadly Fingers (4:20)
3. Necro, I Need Drugs (4:37)
4. Burn the Priest, Resurrection #9 (5:15)
5. Dave Navarro, Everything (4:31)
6. Vertical Horizon, Everything You Want (4:17)
7. Dave Navarro, Hungry (3:33)
8. King Black Acid, Into The Sun (4:31)
9. Jane's Addiction, Mountain Song (4:01)
10. Burn the Priest, Lies of Autumn (4:48)
11. Dead Celebrity Status, Room To Breathe (3:31)
12. Vertical Horizon, Echo (4:06)
13. Jane's Addiction, Stop (4:14)
14. Vertical Horizon, We Are (4:01)
15. Dave Navarro, Rexall (3:58)
16. Dead Celebrity Status, While I Was Asleep (4:33)
17. Nine Inch Nails, Only (6:29)
18. A Perfect Circle, Weak and Powerless (3:12)

Interesting Mix

1. Burnitude, Are You With Me (3:39)
2. Bright White Lights, Le Collision (4:09)
3. Xenith, Amanda (4:15)
4. Wasteland, Warrior's Speech (7:05)
5. Lion's Share, Shotgun Messiah (4:18)
6. Bright White Lights, Ignition (2:28)
7. Witch Leavings, Spelling Doom (4:21)
8. Burnitude, A Million To One (3:26)
9. Nemesis, Upadek (Downfall) (6:33)
10. Xenith, EMF (Your Ticket Away) (8:34)
11. Wasteland, Last Words (4:22)
12. Bright White Lights, Orange Smoke (4:31)
13. Nemesis, The Beast of Hurry (7:25)
14. Xenith, The Failed (4:08)
15. Burnitude, Bleed MOFO Die (3:02)
16. Lion's Share, Believe (5:58)

(This is what Candy has to say: "The Nemesis songs are new. These all came off CNET, who showcases new bands and new music by established artists. You won't get any research because I tried also, but I like the music. I told you I was weird...... :D")


1. Drowning Pool, Let The Bodies Hit The Floor (3:24)
2. The Strike Boys, Cocaine Is A Sin (3:00)
3. The Wallflowers, Everybody Out of the Water (3:42)
4. Martina Topley Bird, Need One (3:50)
5. Stone Roses, Love Spreads (5:45)
6. Ian Brown, Set My Baby Free (4:25)
7. Audioslave, Cochise (3:47)
8. Skinner Rat, Traitor's Kiss (4:56)
9. New Order, Crystal (4:20)
10. The Doves, Caught By The River (5:55)
11. Grand Theft Audio, We Luv You (3:23)
12. Black Rebel Motocycle Club, Rifles (5:30)
13. Vast, Free (3:13)
14. Curve, Hell Above Water (4:04)
15. Crystal Method / Filter, Trip Like I Do (4:28)
16. Nine Inch Nails, Closer (6:22)

Trapt Mix

1. Headstrong (4:45)
2. Break Me Out (4:31)
3. The Game (5:05)
4. Stories (3:55)
5. I Will Get What Is Mine (4:39)
6. Still Frame (4:35)
7. These Walls (4:14)
8. Can This Be (4:02)
9. Echo (4:36)
10. Enigma (4:43)
11. Hollow Man (5:15)
12. I'll Stay (3:48)
13. Lie Awake (3:00)
14. Made of Glass (3:33)
15. New Beginning (4:12)
16. Patience (3:33)
17. Perfect Dream (3:26)
18. Perfect Dream 2 (3:26) [no, I don't know why I have the same song twice... I don't THINK it's a remix!]
19. When All Is Said and Done (4:17)

Fear Factory's Digimortal

1. What Will Become (3:23)
2. Damaged (3:02)
3. Digimortal (3:02)
4. No One (3:36)
5. Linchpin (3:25)
6. Invisible Wounds (Dark Bodies) (3:54)
7. Acres of Skin (3:55)
8. Back The Fuck Up (3:09)
9. Byte Block (5:20)
10. Hurt Conveyor (3:40)
11. (Memory Imprints) Never End (6:50)
12. Dead Man Walking (3:16)
13. Strain vs. Resistance (3:25)
14. Repentance (2:40)
15. Full Metal Contact (2:30)

I have my suspicions that something may be wrong with this CD, unless the songs are SUPPOSED to go in and out. Hmm... oh wait, never mind. It's the dual media player thing again with Winamp and Windows Media Player. Phew!

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Chat rooms and Derek's going-away party

I was just in a chat room with Corey and Alyson... good times. :D Too bad a certain someone couldn't make it there when I invited him.. I know he'd have fun with it, but then again perhaps not. I hope Corey and I didn't scare Alyson off with our links and such! o_O

Here's the conversation for posterity:

Session Start (AlenaBrolxFlami:mrptptptchat741): Thu Sep 29 00:02:09 2005
[00:02:11] mrptptpt: hi!!!!!!
[00:02:32] AlenaBrolxFlami: ha, I knew it.
[00:02:46] mrptptpt: what did you know?
[00:02:53] AlenaBrolxFlami: I knew you sent it.
[00:03:23] mrptptpt: this one... this isn't the first one you got though.... I didn't send that :P I just sent this after you told me about it the first time
[00:03:54] AlenaBrolxFlami: okay... which "first one" are we talking about? I got 3, all presumably from you :P
[00:04:12] mrptptpt: you said you got one right after I sent that link to you
[00:04:16] mrptptpt: I didn't do that
[00:04:49] AlenaBrolxFlami: no, I didn't GET one... I accidentally opened up the dialogue to invite you to a chat room :P
[00:05:21] mrptptpt: oh
[00:05:51] mrptptpt: then yes, I sent the ones that were sended by a sender who sent them and said: "hey, 'sended' is bad grammar, you fuckwad"... and then they all had sex and fell asleep
[00:07:13] mrptptpt: so are you inviting people here? you said you were going to see who else was bored :P the only other AIM person I've got is my friend Sean who has been idle for like 29 hours
[00:10:00] AlenaBrolxFlami: ... what are you talking about?!
[00:10:22] mrptptpt: [01:04] AlenaBrolxFlami: probably a bit extraneous if it's just the two of us... let's see who else is bored.
[00:10:39] mrptptpt: that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[00:10:40] mrptptpt: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[00:10:42] mrptptpt: !
[00:10:45] AlenaBrolxFlami: no, no.
[00:10:49] AlenaBrolxFlami: I'm not talking about that!
[00:11:02] AlenaBrolxFlami: [00:05:51] mrptptpt: then yes, I sent the ones that were sended by a sender who sent them and said: "hey, 'sended' is bad grammar, you fuckwad"... and then they all had sex and fell asleep
[00:11:07] mrptptpt: the send / fuckwad / sex stuff?
[00:11:10] mrptptpt: uh, I don't know
[00:11:12] mrptptpt: you explain it to me
[00:11:15] AlenaBrolxFlami: what was THAT all about?
[00:11:33] mrptptpt: oh, that was me saying that I sent the invites
[00:13:19] AlenaBrolxFlami: Haha. Okay.
[00:13:37] AlenaBrolxFlami: John's not in a chatty mood, and Farrah's swamped with junk work.
[00:16:07] AlenaBrolxFlami: Mr. Two-Names is falling asleep.
[00:16:47] AlenaBrolxFlami: So we'll see what happens with Alyson.
[00:17:22] AlenaBrolxFlami: Maybe it'll work better if you do it? Asterisk665
[00:17:59] mrptptpt: uh... she'll accept a chat request from someone she doesn't know? :P
[00:18:47] AlenaBrolxFlami: She says she will...
[00:19:07] mrptptpt: er.. actually, I can't find the invite button!
[00:19:18] mrptptpt: never mind!
[00:19:20] mrptptpt: found it :P
[00:19:56] AlenaBrolxFlami: .... okay then..
[00:20:07] mrptptpt: [01:23] *** Asterisk665 has been invited to the group chat.
[00:20:08] *** Asterisk665 has joined the chat.
[00:20:20] Asterisk665: Ciao.
[00:20:26] mrptptpt: hola
[00:21:07] AlenaBrolxFlami: See? I told you.
[00:21:20] AlenaBrolxFlami: Alyson, meet Corey. Corey, meet Alyson.
[00:22:07] mrptptpt: well, aren't you bossy? ordering everyone around like that
[00:22:58] Asterisk665: weeeeee
[00:23:13] AlenaBrolxFlami: I am not bossy, and you know it :P
[00:23:42] AlenaBrolxFlami: So what's up with you, Alyson?
[00:23:58] Asterisk665: Well...uh...
[00:24:12] Asterisk665: Nothing. Absolutely nothing.
[00:24:27] Asterisk665: Exciting, no?
[00:24:33] mrptptpt: well, can you at least do some neat tricks?
[00:26:10] Asterisk665: I can do this thing with my thumb, but that's no good in a chat room...
[00:27:03] AlenaBrolxFlami: yeah...
[00:27:05] AlenaBrolxFlami: oh, lovely.
[00:27:11] Asterisk665: ?
[00:27:31] AlenaBrolxFlami: I just got an email from that person again... who is accusing me of being a homophobe. plus some other stuff. yay, not.
[00:28:20] mrptptpt: you could just not talk to whoever that is and put them on ignore lists or whatever....
[00:28:55] AlenaBrolxFlami: haha, I probably will... he thinks that people having to think of me is painful... uh... yeah, whatever.
[00:29:46] Asterisk665: That's... interesting...
[00:29:53] Asterisk665: Uh...
[00:30:11] Asterisk665: WTF was that last bit?
[00:30:19] AlenaBrolxFlami: what last bit?
[00:32:08] mrptptpt: I usually have pain when I think about you too... and I think that's the last bit...
[00:32:30] AlenaBrolxFlami: ... thanks, Corey... love you too :P
[00:32:50] mrptptpt: anytime
[00:32:55] Asterisk665: Yeah, that bit...
[00:33:33] Asterisk665: Bah. NM.
[00:35:35] Asterisk665: Ah, the joys of a quiet chat room at 3:30 in the morning.
[00:37:03] AlenaBrolxFlami: yeah... he said, "most people don't have to think about you, which causes them pain."
[00:37:06] mrptptpt: I avoid the journal sites whenever I can help it, so I'm not very filled in on the latest drama, so I can't contribute to the latest person being mean or whatever talks all that much :P
[00:37:34] AlenaBrolxFlami: ha, I've just been reading a drama-tastic thread in a grammar community, of all places.
[00:37:42] AlenaBrolxFlami: and no, it didn't involve me.
[00:38:18] mrptptpt: a grammar community? that sounds exciting
[00:39:13] mrptptpt: you should go talk about ninjas or robots or zombies, or heavy metal bands. you can even fix everyone's grammar if you really want to
[00:40:51] AlenaBrolxFlami: hahaha, yeah... maybe after this email, I'll be done with that? who knows. that's what I said about that randomquestions thing about six or seven times before finally "leaving" the community..
[00:41:59] Asterisk665: Uck. RQ.
[00:42:29] mrptptpt: did you forget an F? :P
[00:43:02] AlenaBrolxFlami: hahaha, I don't think she did...
[00:43:10] AlenaBrolxFlami: You were in RQ, Alyson?
[00:43:53] Asterisk665: Briefly.
[00:44:06] AlenaBrolxFlami: When was that?
[00:45:08] Asterisk665: Oh, several months ago.
[00:46:11] AlenaBrolxFlami: It used to be better... but it really went down the crapper MONTHS ago.
[00:46:35] AlenaBrolxFlami: I always said I'd leave it... but never took much action on that till I got threatened with banning. :P
[00:47:33] mrptptpt: isn't that the one you said you WERE banned from?
[00:49:51] AlenaBrolxFlami: Oh, I was briefly banned from there for like two or three hours...
[00:50:42] AlenaBrolxFlami: then they unbanned me... and then some time later, I was checking my friends list and saw one of the mods threaten to ban me :P
[00:52:06] Asterisk665: I've only been banned from one community. I'm kinda sad about that. :(
[00:52:44] AlenaBrolxFlami: Which one was that?
[00:52:51] mrptptpt: I was banned from Something Awful like three years ago for making prank calls with an online TTY service :P
[00:53:16] AlenaBrolxFlami: hahaha, that sounds like what you'd do, all right..
[00:53:34] Asterisk665: coral_springs
[00:53:45] AlenaBrolxFlami: what happened?
[00:56:23] Asterisk665: One of the mods went crazy, developed multiple personality disorder or something, and then disabled the other two mods' mod status and went on a banning spree.
[00:57:27] Asterisk665: Anyone who so much as slightly disagreed with him on anything was gone, and he was subsequently dubbed "Mein Führer" by several members, who got pissed and went on to form a separate Coral Springs community.
[00:57:48] AlenaBrolxFlami: ... yikes. That is a bit crazy.
[00:58:07] AlenaBrolxFlami: Ooh, I have a picture to link you to, but maybe later.
[00:58:45] mrptptpt: Lemon Party?
[00:58:49] AlenaBrolxFlami: NO!
[00:59:10] AlenaBrolxFlami: and it's nothing to do with your normal fare either. :P
[01:00:02] Asterisk665: Hehe
[01:01:00] AlenaBrolxFlami: he links me to stuff like Goatse, Tubgirl, the aforementioned Lemon Party, the Pain series of pics, and porn-type things with... astonishing regularity...
[01:01:20] mrptptpt: I've never linked you to the Pain pictures! I won't look at those myself :P
[01:01:30] AlenaBrolxFlami: oh, and he once tried to link me to a picture of someone getting fisted... (I say "try" because I never clicked on the link)
[01:01:48] AlenaBrolxFlami: Uh-huh. I'd dig up the link, but my Trillian doesn't go back that far. :P
[01:01:50] Asterisk665: Pain pics...I've never seen these.
[01:01:56] AlenaBrolxFlami: You don't want to.
[01:01:56] Asterisk665: Link?
[01:02:03] AlenaBrolxFlami: Oh.
[01:02:04] Asterisk665: YES, I DO.
[01:02:06] mrptptpt: well, that's your own fault for making a big deal about stupid things like that :P it's funny watching you freak out
[01:02:07] AlenaBrolxFlami: Maybe you do.
[01:02:39] AlenaBrolxFlami: Oh well, I've gotten you back at least once. ;)
[01:02:41] mrptptpt: uh.. the Pain pictures are collages of dead bodies and diseased body parts... and various other horrible things
[01:02:46] mrptptpt: you have?
[01:03:07] Asterisk665: Oh, sweet.
[01:03:35] Asterisk665: Now I have to see.
[01:04:23] Asterisk665: <--- one sick little bitch.
[01:05:02] AlenaBrolxFlami: yes.. that time when YOU asked ME about stuff.
[01:05:09] AlenaBrolxFlami: I even have the conversation here..
[01:05:49] mrptptpt: well.. do a google image search for pain.jpg, pain2.jpg, etc... up to 4-5 at least
[01:05:57] AlenaBrolxFlami: remember the time you wanted me to go to Website?
[01:06:19] AlenaBrolxFlami: and then I said it redirected me to something else?
[01:06:38] mrptptpt: vaguely.... I don't know what that was all about anymore, though
[01:06:49] AlenaBrolxFlami: then I protested because you had this penchant for sending me gross links to click on?
[01:07:03] AlenaBrolxFlami: mrptptpt: you've sent me some gross ones :P
AlenaBrolxFlami: like? :P
mrptptpt: some guy's horribly mutilated crotch? :P
[01:07:19] mrptptpt: oh, yeah... you did send that
[01:09:26] AlenaBrolxFlami: see? told you... then the next night, I went through a buncha links.. and then even you complained :P
[01:12:22] Asterisk665: *shakes fist at Google*
[01:13:22] *** mrptptpt has left the chat.
[01:14:12] *** mrptptpt has joined the chat.
[01:14:19] AlenaBrolxFlami: Google's not working?
[01:14:33] AlenaBrolxFlami: Ooh, then I have a link here you MIGHT like...
[01:14:59] AlenaBrolxFlami: (this is the one he tried getting me to click on that time..)
[01:15:53] AlenaBrolxFlami: oh, here's another one which he said was pretty gross :P if you're into it.. (I think you'd have to scroll down a bit..)
[01:21:03] *** Asterisk665 has left the chat.
[01:24:32] AlenaBrolxFlami: and I think this chat has become pointless. so see you back in the normal window.
Session Close (mrptptptchat741): Thu Sep 29 01:24:41 2005

I got an email saying that changes had been made to Derek's going-away party. It's still at Erin's on the 15th at 6... but the number of replies were amazing!

* Philip C. (The Organizer)
* josephy
yep I'll be there!
* conster19
* Michelle T.
i'm sorta scared to go to this thing's looking a bit too wild!
* danielt (+ 1 guest)
WHAT?????? MOVING????? OCTOBER????? SAN DIEGO...ohh...San of nice weather and good living...I get it....right...moving for "the job"..... =)
* info
D is on the bbt diet. I suggest we each bring one in a different flavour. I'll bring Lychee with milk, ice & pearls.
* jjanzen
Great idea Nate. I'll bring the fresh raw dog.
* Alan Q.
Yes I can come, but not for dinner. Not because I don't want to join you during the meal or pay the $10, but I have a different priority of reservation on the 16th of October
* Dylan L.
This will give me a perfect excuse to ditch work. Nathan you bring the red, I'll bring a white or dessert wine
* derekkl
I think it would be a good thing if I attend! Thanks guys.
* kgee (+ 1 guest)
Thank you for the invite Philip! Ivan and I will attend. We'll miss Derek.
* lily l (+ 1 guest)
Lee and I will be there!
* Erin C.
I guess I'll stay home that night... haha ;) What do you guys want to do?? Phil C. wants to play xbox........ Girls, help!
* Philip Y.
wine and camels? that's the combination i've been dying for!
FOR SURE I'LL COME. Camel sushi Nath??
* eric_m
Should be able to make it provide I'm allowed to ride of one of the 10 camels nates bringing.
* Nathan T.
So far so good. I'll bring 10 camels and a bottle of wine.
* Andrea T.
* Leslie
Sure... anything I need to bring? Hey Jeremy, it's too bad my brother isn't here to provide durian.. oh wait. You can do that!
* dianne_f
yes..what do i bring?
* lesleychung
I'll be there, but have to be late as I have another engagement to attend.

Camels, wine, bubble tea, X-Box, sushi, durian, and RAW DOG! Sounds like the makings of a madcap night to me! Yes, my friends and I are hilariously weird at times... but we definitely love it like that! :D

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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

These are some sexy quizzes....

1. What makes a penis attractive or unattractive to you? (now those of you who are straight men, you do watch porn, I take it, so what sort of penises do you like in your porn?) Foreskin is gross. Other than that, I'm good.
2. Has sex gotten better or worse as you've aged? Can't answer that one.
3. What's something that sexually turns you on that you've never done? I actually don't know.
4. Which particular parts of your body do you like or dislike? I like my boobs and ass, but hate my stomach.
5. What’s your favorite kind of foreplay? Making out.
6. Do you like any form of ass-play during sex or foreplay? I don't LOVE it, but I'd try it once at least for the right person.
7. What makes a pussy attractive or unattractive to you? I don't swing that way, so don't have an opinion.
8. How do you feel about threesomes? Not for me, I don't think!
9. What kind of sex turns you off? Any weird fetish, extreme BDSM, torture, water play, etc.
10. What age range do you prefer your sex partner(s) to be in? My own!
11. What do you want more of in bed? Cuddling and kissing - and exploration!
12. What's your biggest turn-on in bed? Boob play, and perhaps oral?

You are 18% fuckable!

Take this quiz at

You are 20% Bisexual

You are not bisexual. You are very set in your ways and never, never think about changing teams. You know what you like and stick with it, although you probably would take it as a compliment if someone from the other team tried to pick you up.

Take this quiz at


You are shy at first, and because of that, it is hard for you to find lots of random sex partners. You are very intelligent and very into sex.

You will only have sex with clean people, because you are afraid of getting an STD. You are also very kinky and imaginative in the sack. Your partners always have a hard time keeping up with you.

Sex matches: Taurus, Capricorn, Scorpio

Take this quiz at

You are most turned on by Peach

She was the obvious hottie in Nintendo world, causing Mario and Luigi to constantly risk their lives to save her. She is everything you could ever want in a two-dimensional character: pretty, a princess, and totally helpless.

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You are 30% stoner

You are the occasional stoner. When it is offered at a party, you'll have some, but otherwise, you don't partake very often. You are super easygoing, and you are always looking for a good time.

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Your hottest bedroom accessory is your lighting

You have an eye for lighting your bedroom perfectly - whether it is with 100 candles, or some funky lights. You are a master at making your room irresistible to all the hotties you bring there.

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You are 44% easy

You are not very easy. You like to at least date someone before sleeping with them. For you, sex is about more than just the pleasure, although you do get a lot of pleasure from it.

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Your sexual experience is like a lemon car

You don't really have that much... yet. But when you start going... look out, world.

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Age is your number one turn off

You like your sex partners young and firm. But watch out, because one day you may turn into a seedy old man or a cougar.

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You are incredibly seductive and can tempt any hottie. Try using strawberries, and other sweet fruits as part of your seduction. Throw in a blindfold for extra pleasure.

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You should have sex outdoors

You are the romantic type and enjoy being spontaneous. You are not that into having other people watch though, so make sure that there is no one else around before getting busy.

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You should make love during an earthquake

The gyrations will only add to your already stellar performance. Plus it saves you the money you would spend on those magic fingers in the motel.

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You should make love to soul

You like to groove, slow and steady. Throw on the James Brown and let the atmosphere envelop your lovemaking.

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You have a 66% chance of getting laid

You have a high chance of getting laid this weekend. You know what to say to hotties to get them in the sack, and you are able to hedge your bets at the bar. If you don't get laid this weekend, you'll probably get a few numbers so that you will be able to next weekend.

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You will get laid online

You will most likely get laid online. You enjoy the kinkiness (and convenience) of meeting someone online. Plus you don't have to deal with the bar scene and are able to get what you want, when you want it.

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You are an indulgent hook-up

You like pleasure and not just physical pleasure. You like to try to cram every pleasure that you can think of into your hook-up to have the best experience. It may be a little one-sided, but your partner will never forget you as a lover!

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A parrot

A parrot represents your sexual appetite. Well... you don't have a sexual appetite. You are too busy with other things to think too much about sex.

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Your sex life mostly resembles Beer. You are easygoing about sex and to you, it's about having fun more than showing your love for another. You aren't very choosy about partners as long as you're going to get some.

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Take the quiz:

You like it when other people are afraid of you. You like the thought of having massive power over someone, especially sexually. You are probably a sex fiend of some sorts and have some weird fucking fetishes. You were either raped when you were little, very confused by sex, or turned down a lot in high school. Whatever it was, something in your head makes you hate the opposite sex. You feel the need that if someone says no to have sex with you, they have to pay for it. Also the thought of someone begging you to stop and get off makes you want to fuck them harder... you strange fuck, you... stay away from the neighbor's children, please...

Quizzes by -- the World's Biggest Yearbook!

All of the possible quiz results for this quiz:

* CANNIBAL (You scored 1)
* RAPIST (You scored 3)
* NECROPHILIAC (You scored 2)

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You have a Shy Pussy
Your pussy's never seen daylight - let alone a guy. Start slowly by having a geeky guy suck you off. Before long, you'll let everyone fuck it.

Quizzes by -- the World's Biggest Yearbook!

All of the possible quiz results for this quiz:

* You have a Tight Pussy (You scored 0)
* You have a Shy Pussy (You scored 4)
* You have a Wet Pussy (You scored 0)
* You have a Hairy Pussy (You scored 3)
* You have a Lesbian Pussy (You scored 0)
* You have an Angry Pussy (You scored 1)

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