Saturday, February 15, 2003

"Otay" is NOT a word, people!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAVIN.. I wonder what has happened to you.. it was fun at school with you. Have a good one! :)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, EL ELVIS ROJO! It's been fun getting to know you, and I hope you have an awesome day! :)

My current annoyance is the use of the word "otay" .. like, what the heck is that? Where did it come from? I believe it's supposed to signify "okay," but it's annoying to me. Why not just use the word "okay"? I can understand if it's regional usage, but it really doesn't appear to be. Dunno what's with that, really.. but it just bugs me for some strange reason. (whether the people that use this word are irritating in and of themselves is another matter altogether, hehehehe :P) Eh.. maybe I'll ask the person that uses it on me all the time later on..

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Weird dreams

It's too bad I won't be able to make it to Awana.. I just don't want the kids to catch what I've got, whether I'm getting over it or not. On that note, why is it that dreams you have while under the influence of cough syrup and other medicines are so damn weird sometimes? For instance, my dreams this week have involved people that I've not thought about in years (people in my year at school, people above me at school, etc.), bizarre happenings (stealing jewels from royalty and getting away scot-free), and odd situations. ("yeah, let's all work at the school we went to as kids, then go to a restaurant together to eat Chinese food and some McDonalds..") Do those sound like coherent dreams to you? At least I'm not seeing shifting shapes and sinister shadows in the dreams.. THAT would be so creepy..

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Friday, February 14, 2003

Valentine's Day rant

LJ equivalent on 2/14/04.

Valentine's Day.. the day of love.. or is it? I've thought for some time now that all the media hype and such is WAY over the top. Look, while I think that it's good for couples to celebrate their love.. do we really need one "Hallmark holiday" to do it? Honestly, do you think that showing your loved one this love / affection you bear for them on only one day of the year is going to cut it? With most people I know, it definitely wouldn't! Hell, if you did that.. you'd be justifiably out on the market, I'd think.

Seeing people engaging in public displays of affection is one thing, but honestly.. when it happens almost right in front of your face (as happened to me on the bus the other day), you gotta wonder. Not that it's nauseating (well, okay.. on some deep-seated level, it could be), but speaking from the perspective of a SINGLE PERSON (and likely to remain that way for the foreseeable future).. it just makes me wish for what I don't have! (and I already do far too much of that on a regular basis) I don't mind people holding hands in front of me (goodness knows, my friends do that often), but kissing in front of me? Er.. thankfully, my friends don't do that at all. (weddings are a reasonable exception) But do I really have to be exposed to strangers doing it (no, not THAT) in front of me? Yick. There are some things which I should not have to see.. and that is one of them.

Then again, I have no idea what's up with mushy pet names that apparently make no sense. (thought of this after reading what Spoz had to say) I mean, "huggy bear" I can see.. but "smoopy poopy"? Pet names in general remind me of the conversation Spoz and I were having last year at this exact time: said he and some friends saw a mushy love announcement in the paper from "Subwoofer," so they thought it had something to do with his band. Then after looking on ICQ for the nickname (and having it inexplicably overflow with entries), someone brought up the possibility that it COULD be a very odd pet name. I'd have to agree that's in an odd pet name: "His pet name for me is a kind of speaker! Isn't that just SO romantic?" Um, no.

And yes.. I could drink the day away too (like SOME people I know), but I'm sick. (so I don't think that would be a great idea) I'm already staying in tonight (and perhaps tomorrow?).. maybe some of the cough medicine I finally bought today will fog my head up nicely. ;) Might not stop my ranting, though.. so beware! Cough medicine and alcoholic drinks together are probably not a very good combination, anyways!

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Memphis Blues Singles Night Out... I sound like a sexy frog!

For those of you wondering where I'd got to last night (as I was clearly not online), I was having a hilarious time out with my friends (Citrus, Jon, Justin L., Nathan, Danielle, and Kevin) at the Memphis Blues Singles Night Out. The $60 Elvis platter (with ALL kinds of meat on it) was barely enough food for the seven of us; Danielle wished she'd brought her camera and hair clip (her hair smelled like ribs for the rest of the night); we made fun of Edmonton / Calgary / Alberta in general; we had a hilarious discussion about grease, spitting, licking, and other related things (no, not what you're thinking of); and the guys did "the final act" after we'd finished. Combining BBQ sauce, beans, potato, salad, coleslaw, hot sauce, and green Tabasco sauce.. oh my!

After dinner, we went to hang out a bit at Nathan's house.. then went to see Shanghai Knights. (I originally wanted to go home and watch ER, but when I realized that this would be an episode where Sally Field makes a recurring appearance as a gibbering loon, I decided not to) We got our tickets an hour and a half early, so we just wandered round the mall. Some stores were still open, like a Chinese video / DVD shop, and this awesome glow-in-the-dark store. (they had a giant lumi ball on sale for about $2500, originally $6200.. time passed so fast in there; we were only in there for six minutes, but it seemed like longer) Yes, Nathan remembered my thing about escalators, so that was cool. (stairs and stuff instead, man)

Quite a fun night out.. I sounded like a croaky frog most of the night, though. Today, I sound like some sexy siren with a deep, husky voice. (as a couple of people have found out already.. and what's with that sexy impression thing when you're sick?) I'm not going out tonight, but what next tomorrow? Will I sound like a combination of the two? (a sexy frog.. yay!) Who knows.

Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY, NAI-CHIU! It's been great serving with you in Awana, and I hope you have a great day! :)

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Thursday, February 13, 2003

Nick's weird questions, and Spoz's answer to it

some dude (Nick) just sent me a link to a webpage where he'd created a quiz about himself.. after looking at the quiz for about two seconds, I thought: "dude.. you DO realize that I can't answer most of the questions (I do want to, honestly) because I've never met you in real life, right?" Sample unanswerable questions: How nice are my eyes? How nice is my hair? How is my overall physical attractiveness? Do I have a nice voice? Do you want to kiss me?

Um, how am I supposed to answer those questions?

Edit: Hahaha, I can't believe Spoz sent me an email about this post. It's titled "a random observation about your blog"... this should be good! :D

"well.. you've made dozens of your comments on my blog.. thought I'd take revenge ;)

noticed an old entry.. from wot he's asking.. all I can say, if this quiz wuz to you.. and you alone.. this dude has some insane wacky overt crush on ya..

either that.. or he thinks you do.. and is poking fun at it.. either way, this ain't a normal guy thing to do.. so, well.. he's nuts ;)

just thought I'd give you some perspective on this.. (seriously, does he have brain issues?)

L8rzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ;) "

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Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Leatherface? Haha, I should ask Corey about that sometime!

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Weird things that make me happy

Posted in LJ / GJ on September 12, 2006.

WEIRD THINGS THAT MAKE ME HAPPY, part 1 (of many, I am quite sure.. hehehehe)

-- the sun shining on my friends' hair just the right way and lighting it up (I remember sitting next to my friend Eric in the car once when he was sleeping.. the summer sun just struck his hair just so, and I was definitely amazed by his simple beauty; it's up to the reader to determine if I had a crush on Eric at the time :P)

-- the word "cheers".. it's such a cool thing when used in the following ways: "cheers, mate" / "cheers for the support" / "cheers, lass" (especially the last one; one of my newer friends [Mike Collis] uses it in his emails to me... it reminds me of the Outlander series, which is always a good thing)

-- my friends looking particularly handsome / beautiful at a wedding (I remember thinking my friend Brian looked like a Botticelli angel at a wedding a couple of years ago.. as if I would know what one looked like! .. and no, I did not have a crush on him at all.. just random thoughts)

-- hearing the kids at church call me by name (very weird to be happy about), and asking me for help

-- very funny things that nobody else would find hysterical (my brother always seems to think that I am on crack [not true] if I laugh hysterically.. while my sister thinks it's proof that I'm alive in the computer room)

more later.. time to sleep! :)

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Wednesday, February 12, 2003


called a bunch of delinquents who hadn't responded to my brother's email about the Memphis Blues Singles Night Out.. turns out my brother's supposition of "I assume no response to my email means you're not going" was correct.. everyone I called had classes or some other reason why they couldn't make it... looks like it'll only be a few of us tomorrow!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JESSICA! Hopefully, you're not too freaked out by my remembering your birthday NOW.. though I can imagine you were when you first showed up at Fellowship after these many years! Definitely wishing you a great day, and it's been great to renew our friendship! :)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KRISTIAN & RYAN.. yes, I remember French classes with Kristian.. and meeting Ryan too. Hope you have a great day, wherever you are! :)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SARAH! I remember those classes with you in school.. hope you have a great one, wherever you are! :)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, STEVE M. It was fun when my brother would have you and the guys around in the house to jam and such.. I hope you have a good one today! :)

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Buying aspirin, checking out Kempy's blog

bought a whole bunch of extra-strength aspirin just now.. should take care of me for a long time yet.. :)

after quite some time (it seems to me), I am finally going to do something new and check out Kempy's blog.. dunno why I waited so long to do it.. but I will.. so be very afraid! ;)

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Tuesday, February 11, 2003

New meme icon / The return of Quizopolis

I have a new icon!

Bored... Must Do Meme!

Replacement for the craptastic literal quiz "icon." Found it on a Google search for "memes icons" - the second time around provided me with more luck since I stuck with the web search instead of the images search. It also helps that the guy in there (Ewan McGregor) happens to be kinda cute. ;)

Here is the return of the Quizopolis stuff... I can't believe I forgot about this site till now! o_O

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Eaten food that fell on the floor?Ew, no.
Been caught cheating?No.
Been caught naked?Almost...
Flashed someone?Yes. (sister and I do this as a joke)
Gone out without underwear on?No.
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Swallowed bath water?EWWW, no.
Peed in the pool?No.
Thrown up in public?Yes.
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Memphis Blues Singles Night Out, the concept

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, EDDIE! It's been great knowing you, and I hope you have a great day! :) No more (eateries devoted to) soya sauce chicken foot Slurpees though, eh? ;) (either sticking a soya sauce chicken foot into the Slurpee, or getting it to actually taste like soya sauce chicken foot.. eeeeeewwww...)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GEOFFREY! Hope you're having a good time in Hong Kong.. I occasionally hear about you from Dawn. Have a great day, and God Bless! :)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JORDAN.. it's been great seeing you in Awana and church! Have a fun day! :)

Got an email from my brother about an idea he and Nathan have come up with to celebrate Valentine's: the Memphis Blues singles night out. Heck, we won't (have to) be going to fancy restaurants, buying chocolates, etc. So why not have a great time out together with other single friends at a Southern BBQ joint on Thursday? I think that's a super idea, and at least a few other people we know are onboard with the idea.

However, Yazmine isn't.. she says she would if it was on Friday, but once I informed her that it was on Thursday at around 5, she didn't want to go. Apparently, she's got an "appointment" with her dad to go to a Starbucks and use a coupon that expires on Friday. Um... yay? Since it's on Thursday anyway, she doesn't really feel like relaxing with us after she works. We'll be smiling, laughing, making conversation.. which is stuff she doesn't want to do in a restaurant. I *do* understand her wanting to spend time with her dad, but if what we're doing isn't relaxing.... go figure. When I told my brother, he said: "THAT's not relaxing? What?!?" Don't ask ME.. that's what she said. Oh well... at least *our* group will have fun! ;)

On another note, I think I'm getting sick.. not related to what I posted about yesterday. Maybe I hung around sick people a little too long on the weekend.. I have a slight fever, and a bit of a sore throat. Hope I feel better by Thursday afternoon.. feeling sick and going out to dinner would SO not be good..

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Eating whiteout

contrary to certain opinions that prevailed some years ago.. I DO NOT EAT WHITEOUT.. nope, I don't even drink it.. just because I used it (for its intended purpose, mind you) all the time did NOT mean I consumed it even once.. can you imagine the state of your innards after that? BLEAH!

colored whiteout wasn't that bad, though.. of course, I liked all the pretty colors and everything, but trying to get all the different colors of whiteout just in case I'd have that particular color of paper to write on? mindless enterprise, kiddies.. mindless enterprise.. (though I still might have a black binder and various pieces of paper around with colored whiteout on them from when I was all crazy about the stuff).. now, of course, I can't find it.. where is my nostalgia from ten years ago? (hehehehehe)

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Rising gas prices

We've got rising gas prices here; apparently, it's 82.9¢ a litre. Just heard on the radio that the gas prices can't go over 99¢ a litre unless they change all the mechanisms at every gas pump around here.. maybe that will be one small comfort. Or not, who knows? Probably a good thing I've decided to stay home this week.. it's not like I drive anyways!

I freely admit to not making sense and such.. but hey, it's part of what I do. If you don't like it, then there's really nothing you can do about it. So there. :P


Monday, February 10, 2003


Aspirin will be my savior these few days, I'm guessing.. extra-strength will be a great thing to buy, of course! :) It's a good thing there's a pharmacy right next to my apartment.. I'll combine that with mailing out my sister's birthday card sometime this week, I guess. Parchance tomorrow or sometime when I'm feeling better, and reasonably well enough to go out..

(edited 20 minutes later, for Spoz's benefit :P) As for *why* the aspirin's needed, it's simple: think female TMI / natural biological processes. (or simply think of "redrum," if you like.. but it's not murder; it's the other interpretation!)

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Evil connection gremlins, emoticons, 555 telephone numbers

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SIMON.. I hope you have a good one today! :) It's been good getting to know you.

I am NOT amused, mainly because evil connection gremlins apparently decided to invade my computer this morning. Took me over an hour and 40 minutes (including a longish call to tech support) to get things all resolved... aiya! Of course, I lost all potential time I might have had for hilarious conversation with some people I know. End result: one very unhappy hamsterette. (yes, things are working now, but STILL.....) It's time for some soothing stuff now.. oooh yeah.

The emoticons in MSN Messenger are really varied.. in fact, I often feel the need to use a "thumbs-up" graphic (in a slightly sarcastic way, like one of my friends does) when I'm on AIM or Yahoo. But even though Yahoo's smiley list is varied as well, there IS no icon that will give me what I need. AIM and ICQ are even worse.. they just give you relatively few stock smileys. I just like being sarcastic sometimes.. so is it any wonder I like being on MSN? (hehehehe) Then again, MSN is evil at times.. it always seems to boot me off! Oh well.. naught to be done about it.

Here's something about all those "555" (or KLondike 5) telephone numbers you see in movies: it's the telephone exchange often used for phone numbers in films and TV, because it is reserved by phone companies nationwide for directory assistance. Thus, any phone number starting with 555 can never be the real phone number of a person or company.

Explanation of username: Basically: When I was in Grade 9, I somehow thought I needed a word to describe myself. No, not a word... more like a cool nickname! (or what I thought was cool at the time) Since I wanted it to be at least somewhat meaningful, I thought about what it should be for quite a while, before coming up with Flamster.

F = Friends
L = Laughter
A = And (okay, so I know that generally speaking, connecting words aren't used as part of an acronym unless it's the first word, as in The Sports Network, but I didn't really know that then!)
M = Music

Then I added the suffix "-ster" (as in "Billster") to make the whole thing look better.... there I had it!

Some time later, I was playing Earthbound! and wanted to use this name as a character name, but the game would only accept names with up to five letters. Ergo, Flami! After that, I decided to go with Flamsterette and Flamsterette_X just because I felt like it! (hey.. it was my nickname, right? :D)

So that's the explanation in detail!

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Jesse, Ian, Ken, Kevin, Darren, and Leni!

Here's the Grade 12 stuff which I had to go through!

Wednesday, November 24, 1993.

Dear Leslie,

Yes, I'm writing you back. I managed to read the enormous letter, even with the horrendous writing! I don't think that what happened between you and Jesse was a fight or an argument. He is hiding something from you. What it is, I don't know, but you'll have to ask him for yourself. Jesse may have been told not to discuss or say anything about his friends to you, or he is jealous of you wanting to know about his friend. You should ask him why - there wasn't a fight. About your other friends you described, especially Bill... he's not worth it. (I think I know who he is - he hangs out with Trent) You can make better friends than him.

Anyways... getting back to our main topic (which is Jesse), I've known him for a while. I see him riding home; he lives about two minutes from me. I'll get his address for you if you want me to! He has a younger sister named Michelle - she is pretty. My brother is friends with her - she is nice, I hear.

He used to (or maybe still does) work at Pizza Hut! I'm not sure if he has his license. Do you have yours? I've got mine. Are you coming to the basketball game tonight? I'm going to be there! Well, I've gotta go now; the bell's going to ring! GOOD LUCK, and have fun at lunch in the band room.

Your bud,
Darren B. Shane. (*GENIUS*)

Monday, December 6, 1993

Dear Leslie,

How are you? How was your weekend? Mine was good; thanks for asking! I went to a party at UBC on Friday, and went to a basketball game on Saturday, then for dinner in Vancouver. Sunday... I went for lunch at Arby's with my dad, came home, and did homework. What did you do? Did you go to the mall like you said you were?

So, how is your life with Jesse, Bill, etc.? All you all friends? I hope so! Are you going to the winter concert? I'll be there, singing my ass off! Are you performing in it? Today, I have to go home at lunch, and help take my brother to the hospital in Vancouver. He has two broken arms, and he's getting his casts off today! Are you going to career day on Wednesday? I think I'm going to go... however, I'm not sure how long I'll stay! I have to take my brother somewhere again. I'm not sure where, though!

Well, I've gotta go now. Write back this class! Short letter like this!

Your bud,
Darren B. Shane. ("Genius")

P.S. Write Back.
P.P.S. Thanks for the card.

Here starts the letters from Leni... Sunday, April 10, 1994.

Dear Leslie,

Thank you so much for the Easter card and for writing me the letter - I like getting letters! I hope that you're having a good weekend.

I just got back from church and just finished eating lunch. I have a fair amount of studying that I have to do, but quite honestly, I don't feel like I'm in much of a homework mood. (I guess that I better get myself into that sort of mood pretty soon!)

Yesterday morning, Lisa and I went into Vancouver to look for a grad dress for her. We looked in quite a few bridal stores, but we got a little frustrated because all the dresses were either really expensive, or not a bit like the kind of dress that Lisa wants. She only tried on one dress that looked really! It looked really nice on her, but if she decides to get it, it will have to be ordered in and that might be hard to do in such a short time. I suppose that I shouldn't tell you all of Lisa's news, because that's hers to tell you.

My Friday night was kind of a sad night because we got a phone call saying that a great-aunt of mine had passed away. My dad [Frank] was really upset and he is going to fly out to Alberta on Monday in order to go to her funeral. I hardly knew my great-aunt and so I felt even a little bit guilty that I wasn't as upset about her death as my father was. Even though I didn't know her well, I still really feel for her closest friends and relatives.

On to happier things! (in this letter, I mean) I have so many things that I would like to be doing this afternoon. I would like to be going for a walk - I live right on the dike, and the marsh is so full of birds and colors at this time of year that I would like to be walking along the dike. I would also like to be sewing because I started making a skirt in January, and I haven't had time to work on it since. I have to do some crocheting as well - I'm making an afghan for my friend who is getting married on May 14.

My original plan for this weekend was to help in the kitchen during my church's Ladies' Retreat. I'm not there though, because one of the ladies who was helping to organize the retreat didn't know that I had volunteered to help, so she found someone else to help. I was a little bit annoyed. I really want to become more involved in my church - I'm in the youth choir, but I would like to be able to help out with other things as well. It's kind of awkward right now since my church is in South Delta, and I don't know how to drive yet.

I think that my homework is beckoning me, so I better finish off this note. There are probably a fair number of spelling mistakes and missing words in it, but that seems to be what letters from me are like.

Once again, I hope that this weekend is a better one for you than last weekend was! (I know that it will be Monday when you read this!)

Thinking of you,

Monday, April 18, 1994.

Dear Leslie,

I hope that you've had a nice long weekend! I'm finally writing you the letter that I promised you. :)

I hope that Ken, Kevin, Ian, and all of those guys are friendly to you this week.

An hour from now, I have to go out to church for my choir practice. I'm going to go early so that I can use the church library and attempt to get answers to some questions I have about things that I've been reading recently.

I had a really nice weekend. On Friday, I went to visit my friend Danielle in the hospital, and we went out for breakfast at the White Spot on Robson Street, and then we took the little ferry across to Granville Island. After that, we went back to the hospital (St. Paul's), and met up with another of Danielle's friends. From there, we went back to Granville Island, took the bus to Oakridge shopping centre, and then went to the bridal boutique to try on the dresses for Danielle's wedding. We had a lot of fun. I felt kind of embarrassed because we did a lot of walking, and Danielle (who has a lung disease) had more energy than I did.

I also did some crocheting and sewing this weekend. I finally got around to starting to sew a skirt that I bought fabric for in January - it seems that I've been rather busy during the past few months.

I hope that Kevin doesn't continue to look the other way every time that you pass him. It's very nasty not particularly nice. I just finished my homework a few minutes ago. As normal... this weekend, I left my homework up until the last weekend minute.

I'm sorry that my letters to you aren't as long or as frequent as yours to me. It isn't that I don't I like getting letters from you. I am just a quiet person who is better at listening than talking. Keep writing me! But please don't be angry if my answers are short.

Thank you for being a friend,

Sunday, April 24, 1994.

Dear Leslie,

Hello! I hope that you've had a good weekend, and that your parents don't get too angry about your report card! Since you went to talk to your teacher about the "incomplete" that he gave you, they shouldn't be angry.

It has been such a gorgeous afternoon today! I just came back from walking my dog with my mom. [Hildegaard] The sunset was beautiful. I had another nice weekend. An aunt of mine came over on Saturday. She's a really outgoing and cheerful kind of person, so it was fun having her here. I also finished sewing myself a skirt - I started it in January, but it took me this long to have time to finish it. During the afternoon, I went out and bought my friend Danielle a gift for her bridal shower. I don't like shopping a whole lot, so I was glad when that little excursion was done. Today, I went to church and then spent the afternoon doing homework. I still have a little bit of studying to do.

I really respect what an outgoing kind of person you are. I have to learn to be less afraid of talking to people and getting to know them. I also respect the way in which you are able to overlook the odd unwanted comment made by the people some of the guys that you talk to at school, and still be able to enjoy being with them because of their sense of humor.

I am afraid that this is going to be another short letter. Not because I don't want to write, but rather just because I'm at a loss for more things to say. Sorry! :)

See you soon,

May 1, 1994

Dear Leslie,

Hello! I hope that everything's going well with you!

I just came back from church where our youth choir sang a musical. It's called "We Need Jesus," and we're going to sing in a detention centre next week. I'm looking forward to that.

I've had a very hectic weekend, and I did virtually no homework. (uh oh!) On Friday, my youth choir had a dress rehearsal for the musical. On Saturday, I did a bit of homework and then my mom took me up to Squamish for my friend's surprise bridal shower. (I made so many stupid blunders that I was amazed when she hadn't guessed that her shower was going to be that night!) We got to bed really late and I hardly got any sleep. This afternoon, my friend and her fiancé drove me straight from Squamish to my church, where we did the musical. I'm really sleepy right now.

How long is the jazz band away for? Are you going to be having normal lunch hour band practices with them gone? I guess that you might have fewer people to talk to because they're gone. That was kind of scary what you told me about that girl (I think her name was Cheryl) whose locker was broken into. It's good that she was able to get a new flute and that her insurance covered the stuff that was stolen. But it's still kind of disturbing to know that there are people in our school who steal. I guess I don't have to worry about my locker - I don't know how many people there are who would want old beat-up textbooks!

I think that I've run out of things to say... I am definitely a girl of few words! :)

See you soon,

Wednesday, May 11, 1994

Dear Leslie,

Bonjour! Hello! Hola! (I felt like being cheerful *smile*) Here is your late letter - I'm sorry I forgot on the weekend! It is 10:30 PM, and I still have to write a Spanish composition tonight. I would rather sleep and have sweet dreams.

I am happy this week because my friend Danielle's wedding is going to be on Saturday. It's going to be very elaborate, fancy, big, and emotional too. Right after Danielle and Clayton say their vows to each other, Clayton is going to sing a very beautiful love song to her. It's going to make everyone cry, and probably Clayton too.

I haven't seen you much at lunch this week, but that's because one or the other of us is always busy. Tomorrow, I have another history review class at lunch. The reason I'm having all these review classes is that next Friday (the professional day), I'm doing my History AP exam. I can't say that I'm expecting to do particularly well on it!

Are things going okay between you and your parents right now? Is your dad helping you with the data processing stuff still? I hope that he's being nice and understanding about things.

I like getting notes from you, but I want to be sure that you don't stay up too late or feel like you have to write me during classes. You know how short and infrequent my notes are, so please don't feel compelled to write a lot. :) See you soon! (my happy faces are really kind of funny-looking, aren't they?)

Your friend,

Tuesday, March 17, 1994. (I showed this one to Ken and Kevin)

Dear Leslie,

Hello! I am writing you another late letter - sorry. I'm glad that you got a chance to talk to Ken about the incident last Friday. At least you went away feeling like you now have the matter cleared up. You should have been reassured that he didn't remember it! At least that means it wasn't a big deal to him!

My weekend was a lot of fun. My friend Danielle looked absolutely gorgeous in her wedding dress. Her fiancé (husband now) also looked very handsome. Together, they looked almost like a couple out of a fairy tale like Cinderella. All of Danielle's bridesmaids attendants (that includes me) started to cry when she walked down the aisle on her dad's arm. We had tears streaming down our faces for the rest of the ceremony - that wasn't too good since we didn't have any Kleenex! Danielle and Clayton are now honeymooning on the Oregon coast. It seems a little weird to think of them as Mr. and Mrs. Cawdell - I guess I'll get used to the idea pretty soon.

What you were telling about Jesse (the way in which he indirectly stands up for you) sounded pretty good. It sounds like he's a fairly sensitive and understanding kind of person. I know how nice it is when a person takes your side in that subtle kind of way.

I hope you have a good day tomorrow!

See you,

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Sunday, February 09, 2003

I love David talking to me!

Well, I've had several good things happen to me today.. always cool mojo (hehehe):

1. had several interesting emails from people.. they certainly weren't annoying :P
2. had my favorite kid David talk to me (well, ask me what word "extraordinary" was..)
3. had a few nice IMs with various people
4. talked to a bunch of my friends (and prospects of dinners out are always a good thing!)
5. went home from church earlier than I thought! (escaped lunch with certain people.. woohoo!)

(Sean and Sarah's party, Andrea losing her voice, Vernon letting me know about tomorrow, Dave's grandpa passing away in Hong Kong, emails, "cheers lass" [Mike Collis and his survey], Jen asking me about Blogspot, online convos with Sarah Moore / John B. / Juan de Cuba / Xan [Nick] / Snoopy / Kody [Cruktar] / Tuckerfan / Homebrew / Danielle / Spoz)

Okay, fine.. so these aren't TOO out of the ordinary. However, it is MY list.. so too bad if you don't like it. :P (I know the gremlins won't!)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JOYCE! Hope you have a good one! :)

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Church starts too early in the morning....

about to leave for church here in a minute.. I like church and all, but must it start so early in the morning?!? that's what I wonder every week.. oh well, it's not THAT bad.. unless I've had less than six hours' sleep or something! :D

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