Saturday, June 19, 2004

Movie night at Citrus' place!

the Awana award ceremonies went as usual.. cute kids!
Anita even made us little fridge magnets as a reward..
it went along with our pins and Pilgrims gift certs..
I'll eventually have enough to get an item free if I amass enough of them! (this one makes two so far)
Dave and I went to pick up Vivian and Karen afterwards..
we all went to movie night at Citrus'.. much fun was had..
talked about Super Smash Brothers, TV shows, life, pizza..
Brian, Amy, Sean, Jon, Steph, Dave, Vivian, Karen, Citrus, Cordia, Danielle, Christon, Justin, Nathan, and me..
watched the DVDs of Mystic River and This is Spinal Tap..
a dark one to start off with, then a comedic one to end..
first time ever at Citrus' house in the boonies.. yay!

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Friday, June 18, 2004

Andy thinks I'm a "Corona Girl," hahaha!

tonight wasn't too bad at all, even if Eric wasn't there..
he has a wedding tomorrow in Victoria that he's attending..
talked to Helen about the all-girls thing.. my place!
Andy called me a "Corona girl" because of my cap..
I don't mind at all, since he is a good friend of mine..
caught up a little with other friends of mine, as well..
didn't go out to eat because I felt like going home..
Cindy and Becky are now at the townhouse for a sleepover..
we're also attempting to locate / kill ants here..
shouldn't be too bad around here for the next few days!

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Do I have cheap pens?!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KAREN.. I hope you have a super one today! :) It's been great knowing you all these years!

things haven't been happening for me today, oddly enough..
I'm all caught up on blog reading, and I'm playing..
but what I want to know is whether my pens are cheap..
they seemingly run out of ink in just a couple days!
blasted pens.. maybe it's the 24° heat outside..
perhaps things will happen later on, I have no clue!

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Friday Five on objects

1. What is the creepiest everyday object you know?

Creepiest? Um.. how about that utensil you use to pick up pasta noodles from the bowl after you drain it? There was always something about that thing that creeped me out... not sure why, maybe because it had multiple holes on it! Don't ask me why a cheese grater / meat tenderizer don't creep me out then.. I don't know, it's all in my brain!

2. What's the most useful everyday item?

My pens and paper, of course! :D

3. What's the most useless everyday item?

For me, it would have to be those little notebooks you see in dollar stores.. the piddly teeny things are so small and don't have enough space for me to write in. I prefer more normal-sized ones, thanks!

4. If the power was out for 24 hours, what would you do?

Whine and moan that I couldn't use the computer / TV, hahaha. :P

Seriously, I'd probably make sure my food was safe.. then catch up on a lot of sleep. (or read by candlelight / make a bunch of phone calls to people)

5. If you had to have one item you use everyday surgically attached to you, what would it be, and why?

Don't know.. perhaps my pens, since I do use them a lot to write with! ;)

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Thursday, June 17, 2004

7-11 and memories

things are all right now.. no longer feeling like crap..
went to the 7-11 with Jon today.. brought back memories..
finally reconnected with Yazmine and had a good talk..
might meet next week, depending on our energy levels..
now, I'm talking to Corey.. it's all good temporarily!

Note: Planning my date with my LJ lover Memegen, by Falconrath.

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Wednesday, June 16, 2004

KQ's response telling me why gum's illegal in Singapore

This is what KQ had to say in response to this post about Terrence and gum in Singapore.

This is what I know regarding the ban of gum in Singapore, as told to the E. Literature class by my once-idol, Mr. Steven Sim.

In the early nineties (1992, to be specific), we had our transport system going really fine for us. We had the SMRT (Singapore Mass Rapid Transit, trains, as you might have occasionally read me usually refer to them as) working really well, and everything was on a smooth ride. Back then, we were also allowed to chew our gums. One not so fine day, some smart asshole decided to stuff his chewed gum against one of the many automatic doors of one SMRT, and as expected, the door jammed and the SMRT workers had to gather at the specific station it was stuck at, in order to figure out what was holding the doors back. It took a mightily long time because a) there were many doors, and b) the workers had no fucking clue what could have happened! Technical problem? Didn't seem so. So what could be the problem? Eventually they found the damn culprit, the gum, but not the accomplice who stuffed it there, since the passengers were evacuated. We did / do not have cameras on the trains, so they had no idea who could have done such a wise-ass deed. By the time the problem was found and solved, hours had passed, which meant that the subsequent trains were also late, and therefore, the entire bloody transit system went crashing down for the entire day.

For a thriving country (or one that was trying to pretend to be one), this incident was definitely not very encouraging. So there went gums, over the Causeway, out of Singapore.

Of course, there is also the reason that people tended to discard their chewed property wherever they went, so we would find gum stuck to the bottom sides of tables, or on buttons in elevators. So the argument that chewing gums should be banned for the sake of cleanliness (especially in the early 90's when we had abundant Clean-And-Green campaigns going on) worked fine too.

I also told this to the Americans Brent and Jamie, both of whom also could not figure out why the government decided to ban gums in Singapore. It was funny, because at the Abschiedessen (the farewell dinner we had at the Sports Centre), Brent and Jamie told me that their lecturer (the one they disliked quite a bit) announced that chewing gums are available in Singapore again, and that it was some stupid idea to ban them in the first place. They had shaken their heads in unison at their lecturer's ignorance, because she was obviously oblivious towards the real reason behind the ban. I thought it was hilarious.

And the boys, when they first heard about the ban, could not understand how we live without gum. As a Singapore who lived through the no-ban and then the ban, and now, discriminatory-ban, I must say that I don't give a shit about gum anymore. It was good while it lasted, but on my trips over to Johor (just once), Bali, Perth, and then Germany, I had little wish to bring back any gum with me. The boys were suggesting that I should buy a whole load and bring them back, but I don't really miss gum all that much. I bought but one pack of it over in Muenster, and I bought it because I would not like stinky breath when talking to Markus. That was the one mere reason to get gum. I ate the last one from the pack on the flight back to Singapore from Bangkok. I know of Singaporeans who buy loads when they cross the Causeway, but I am sure there are a million and one better things to buy from Johor Bahru than gums.

So that is my long take on chewing gums. And now that some are available in Singapore, I can't get them anyway because a) I don't smoke, and b) I am saving my money for Markus.

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Hurting people isn't good

feeling all kinds of crappy right about now..
let's just say I don't like hurting people overmuch..
tripping up isn't good, but being upfront could be..
guess we'll see what the future holds, if anything..
please shoot me if you can.. I'm going to take a break!

Note: LJ Slander.

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Main sources of sanity

Corey told me that he was horribly sick earlier today..
he was feeling better after eating / drinking stuff..
but said he was going to go lie down later anyhow..
I certainly hope he feels better soon.. he's one of my main sources of sanity, and we're good like that ;)
might miss him more than I miss other people, hahahaha!

making new friends is always a good thing for me, I think..
I've had three in the past few days.. it's refreshing!
Jake already rocks in my books for some weird reason, Chris always has, and Daisy's also all right.. yay!
true friendships take work, I believe.. be a nice trip..
I know I appreciate my friends (both old and new) who don't make a great emotional deal out of things ;)

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Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Not talking to certain people!

another lo-fi day.. not talking to a certain someone..
we had a discussion and such, but I think a break's good..
I'm not THAT upset or angry about the whole thing..
focusing on new friends and other people is nice..
that'll get my headspace more easily acclimated to it!

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Monday, June 14, 2004

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HA. I do like food, but the choices weren't exactly varied on this one... so there! I think I'll have some vegetable noodles for dinner, actually.

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Nerf bat with instructions / Crying icons worth $50? / Random obits

it's been a pretty lo-fi day, all things considered..
had a discussion with someone about friendships.. I think it went all right, though I guess you can never tell..
talked to Spoz for a little while.. amusement rules!
he jokingly called me an idiot, and told me to think before I corrected his mistakes..
otherwise, he'd mail me a nerf bat with instructions..
nice way of indirectly slapping me around with one! ;)
also said to try not to blow up anything while he was out..
HAHAHAHA.. of course I'll try that and probably succeed..

definitely needed this discussion for the fun factor..
the other one was a bit stramash-y, but also needed..
my headspace is okay now.. Corey will make it better! ;)
Spoz and Corey are ALWAYS good for my brain.. waaaaahey!
nobody's asked about the new MSN name's meaning yet..
"[crying icon] <----- are these little animated icons REALLY worth $50? :P "
maybe later on.. Dave might make a comment, after all..

Obits here!

The site's cool.. totally random stuff, and you get something different every time you press the "Make Obit" button! (don't press Enter)

This was something I was ultimately satisfied with:

"We regret to announce the unpleasant passing of Flami Brolx, who on the 4th of January of this year was meticulously completely consumed by a large rabid squirrel. This unfortunate incident occurred in the forest behind an outhouse. The deceased was reported to have shouted "Did you hear something?" just before expiring. Flami Brolx is survived by several houseplants. Funeral services will be held the 2nd of next month."

Disclaimer: No, I'm not making fun of death myself.

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Sunday, June 13, 2004

We'll make Eric psycho with a lot of rice! / How to make "me"

spent plenty of time with Eric today, which is great..
he tried to affectionately crush me with Jon's knapsack..
somehow, I don't think that's going to work.. although I did put an arm around his neck when he tried it!
(all about the affectionate love here, people.. yahoo!)
Jon joked about making him psycho / over the edge by having him eat a lot of rice when he can't have any..
I also talked to Jen, Dave, Dawn, Citrus, Danielle, Sabrina, Sheena, Alan, Denise, and others:
sleep, fines for being late to Sunday School, yesterday, our plans, updates, where people were, etc.
currently, I'm talking to Corey about certain issues..
it's always good times with him, as well.. the listening and humor rocks the house!
yes, I might keep the "stir-fry" MSN name up for now..
it's not about anyone I've mentioned in this blog entry ;)

How to make a Flami

3 parts anger

1 part brilliance

5 parts energy
Layer ingredients in a shot glass. Add a little cocktail umbrella and a dash of curiosity

Here's another version:

How to make a Flami Brolx

3 parts jealousy

3 parts arrogance

5 parts instinct
Combine in a tall glass half filled with crushed ice. Top it off with a sprinkle of fitness and enjoy!

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