Saturday, February 22, 2003


surprisingly enough, I got one message.. and that was a reply to what I'd typed in to someone just before leaving.. guess that's better than a zillion randoms! :) (and re-receiving messages that I got last Sunday morning does not count.. sorry, Spoz!)

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Ambient curiosity

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SHIRLEY! Hope you have a good one today! :)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, IVAN.. hope you have a fun time today! ;)

For the past week, my MSN name and Yahoo status message have been a reflection of the fact that I miss my brother. (they're both something to the effect of, "I miss Jon..") It's definitely a good thing he comes back tomorrow night! :) (my sister saw an early edition of that great MSN name, and thought that I should make up a new one.. mwahahahaha :P) In that vein, I'm still amused by what Spoz asked me last night: "so.. who's Jon?"

HAHAHAHAHAHA.. it's not the question itself that's so amusing. He took about five days to ask it, though.. now THAT was hilarious! Sure, I understand that it takes that long for his latent / ambient curiosity to bug him, but it really made me laugh like a loon nonetheless. Cheers to you, dude.. you know who you are! ;)

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Friday, February 21, 2003

Seeming oddly distracted online

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, NICK! I remember when I used to deliver papers to your house.. very entertaining stuff. Hope you have a good one today with your family and friends! :)

For those who think I seem oddly distracted online.. it's because I have all this other stuff to keep up with, and various other offline pursuits. I still have not got around to reading more than the first sixty pages or so of the first LOTR book (I got the trilogy for my birthday back in September), and I have other personal projects to do... plus MANY books to read. Speaking of books, I haven't really borrowed a book from the library in at least a couple of months.. that is definitely SO not like me! Be patient, as I'll probably get back to you eventually! (and if not.. that means I got seriously side-tracked, am not here, or don't want to talk to you.. so just SUCK IT UP! :P hehehehe.. yes, I'm evil)

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Computer bollocks and having fun

Well.. after all the bollocks my computer decided to perform just when I got home, I'm now here to update this thing. :) At the bookstore, I bought two books. One was for my brother (Journey Through the Past: The Stories Behind the Classic Songs of Neil Young.. Neil Young being one of his favorite artists), and the other was for myself. (The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Universe: The Trilogy of Four by Douglas Adams.. I decided that I may as well see just what all the hype's about.. heh heh)

The outing went well, I'd think: we managed to talk about a bunch of things, and got along well. It was nice seeing him again, even if he DID decide to hide in the shadows from me for laughs. (at least he let me know where he was after that) The movie itself was pretty good.. I had almost no idea of what would happen (although I do vaguely remember seeing a preview for it a few months ago), but it was certainly very well done.

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Thursday, February 20, 2003

Coughing loon

This morning, I sound more like a coughing loon.. woohoo! (not) I have no idea what I'm going to do tonight if this keeps up, as it probably will. Eh well.. it can't be *that* bad, right? Guess I'll see what happens.. if it goes badly in my estimation, at least I'll have seen the movie! (let's hope)

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Wednesday, February 19, 2003

Going out with Larry

Just had a phone call from Mudd, who wants me to go see Chicago with him tomorrow. Met this dude through the SDMB last summer, and we've kept in touch through the occasional phone call and email since then. He called me last week (incidentally, when I was recovering from Memphis Blues Singles Night Out and feeling like warmed-over crap) and asked if we could set something up. My reaction was something like, "Eh.. why not.. probably when I'm feeling better.." and I guess tonight was the time. Last time we wanted to do something, it didn't quite pan out.. this time, it will. So if any of you have seen Chicago, don't say ANYTHING about it!

Oh, and for you curious people out there.. this is a friendly outing, and not anything else. :P

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Headspace poem

my current headspace can be explained thusly:

my brain has gone down the drain
has anyone seen where it went?
maybe it's gone to Spain on the train
or declared itself Duchess of Kent..

boredom and projects do not mix
am I doing all this just for kicks?
I don't mean the cereal, ya freaks!
just something to fill up the weeks..

Okay, crap poem.. and I certainly can't do any better than that. :P


10-game undefeated streaks and multiples

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PJ! You do SO much for the church, James.. the youth ministry has a new energy about it with you and Sanne around.. yes, we'll get you a Slurpee. Have an awesome one! :)

Well, I just heard that the Vancouver Canucks kept another 10-game-undefeated streak alive against the Detroit Red Wings at the Joe Louis Arena last night by scoring in OT to win the game 4-3. (for overseas readers, this is ice hockey) The team set a 10-games-undefeated streak earlier in the season for a club record.

Oh, and I will shortly change the list of websites to the right.. it just has to reflect a site I go to quite often for information on twins, triplets, quadruplets, etc. There are more out there, of course.. but this is the one I go to the most. (so to a certain person out there.. THIS TOPIC LIVES!! mwahahahahaha.. :P)

Yes, I do miss my brother.. knowing he's doing what he wants to do in terms of missions work helps. But hey.. he'll be back on Sunday.. that way, I know I can talk to him if I want to. So for now, I'm listening to CDs that he and I have in common. (Creed, the Doors, Radiohead, the Police, Creedence Clearwater Revival, the Clash, Rufus Wainwright, etc.) Hmm.. maybe I should borrow one of his many Neil Young albums when he gets back, hahaha.

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Barely any message board posts... 1890?

yet another day gone by where I've made (barely) any posts to the SDMB and the UB.. the UB is on this 1890s kick, and while it's a good fun idea.. I do wonder whether I should make posts that contain 1890s content. If so, then I'm majorly screwed.. I don't know very much at all about it. Even if I really didn't have to (and goodness knows I probably don't have to), I perhaps still wouldn't have posted much over there lately. (not because I don't like it -- I definitely do -- but I've been sick, and it seems that there are way too many things to keep up with some days; both in real life and online) But you'll see me over there soon enough.. mwahahahaha. (same goes for the SDMB, HA!)

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Tuesday, February 18, 2003

World's oldest mother of twins

And I just heard that the world's oldest mother of twins is living in Britain.. she was 58 when she gave birth to her twins with the help of donated embryos.. Unfortunately, her partner died of a heart attack recently. Now she has to learn to cope alone.. this is what she had to tell the Sunday Mirror: "I feel a terrible mixture of grief, despair, and joy. It is hard to imagine a future without him, and I sometimes wonder how I will carry on. But when I look at the babies and realize how much I love them, I know I have to."

Before I forget: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CHRISTOPHER! I've always liked seeing you at church.. you're SO cute! Have fun! :)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SCOTTICHER! You've been nothing but warm / caring / loving towards me and SO many others, Cheri. Definitely you deserve a special day, and I hope you get it. :)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BRAD.. I hope you have a good one today! :) It's been great getting to know you.

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Toronto trips? Hey, Wilson!

I was talking to my sister yesterday, and she said that Wilson (our second cousin) said that I should go to Toronto when my parents do so in late April / early May. Might be a nice idea, but Mum is terminally afraid of people breaking into the house if someone (me) isn't there to housesit it. I myself would like to go to Toronto: it's been far too long since I've seen Wilson and Anna (his sister).. I remember seeing Anna's daughter Brigitte a couple years ago at our cousin Yvonne's wedding.. cute! (trying to keep track of family relations past first cousins makes my head swim.. so does anybody know what kinship Brigitte and her brother Ethan -- who I've never seen -- would be to me?)

However, Mum is very afraid that people will break into the house! Apparently, the people across the street have been broken into three times in the past year or something, and there are always kids going around their neighborhood on Saturday nights (or other times) knocking on doors for laughs. We even had the police come to the door a couple Saturdays ago to warn us about it. So does anyone know why (besides terminal lack of finances) I would cave in to my mum's opinion that I should housesit? It would be a good trip for me.. I don't care what she thinks, anyhow. :P

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Monday, February 17, 2003

Being born without a brain / immune system

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JASON.. hope you have a good one! :) (it was fun when Steph would bring you around the house)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, WILFRED! I've wondered what happened to you.. but hope you have a good one! :)

whilst trying to catch up on the backlog of newspapers over at this apartment today.. I read that there was a three-month-old baby in Calgary born without an immune system.. apparently, this condition has never before been seen in Canada, and doctors are hoping an experimental procedure that's believed to have been performed only 15 times in North America will give him a chance at life; I'd very much hope so.. the kid's name is Denim Fry.. that's an oddly evocative name.. it puts me in mind of blue jeans and French fries..

kinda reminds me of those babies born without a brain..
but that condition's always fatal..
how can you live without a brain? yikes..

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Sunday, February 16, 2003

Crazy ICQ experiment


I just got home from being at my brother's house; for laughs, I've decided to leave my ICQ running. Let's see how many messages I will get while away.. nobody else will be on the computer since my brother's in Mexico. Probably not too many at all, but we shall see.. last weekend, Spoz thought I was on the computer when I had in fact gone to church. :) I'll report results whenever I'm over there next.. probably next Saturday night or something like that.

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Sleeping in and missing church because I was sick

Well, I slept in and missed church today.. I guess my body needs the sleep. Hopefully this week, I will feel better. (I really don't want this to drag on into next weekend!) Just a post to assure some of you people that I'm still here. :)

Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, STEPHANIE! That's right.. my sister's 20 now.. no longer a teen! :P

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Long-distance phone calls

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LESLEY! Yes, our names have always been confused.. and I can remember when I didn't like you because you had virtually the same name as me. But now I can say that it's a pleasure to know you. Hope you have a good one! :)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JOSH.. it's been a blast getting to know you, and I hope you have a good one! :)

The Schoeborn quads (Katie, Kent, Kristin, and Kyle) were born on this day in 2001.. so I hope they have a fun day today, too! :)

Very interesting night in terms of long-distance calling.. talked to my sister on the phone from Toronto (today's her 20th birthday), and also fielded a call (for my parents) from a family friend in Hong Kong. Quite a surprise to hear Auntie Betty on the phone.. "hold on a minute.. doesn't she live in Hong Kong now?" Nice to chat with her for a bit, though.

In other news, my brother has gone to Mexico and is probably on the plane now with his friends and everything. I know I definitely sound like a saphead, but I really miss him already. He'll be back in a week, though. :)

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