Saturday, November 10, 2007

Sanitizing nursery toys isn't permanent!

Lesson learned at least a month ago, and reinforced this morning on our way out: DO NOT KEEP THE MILK IF IT STARTS TO FERMENT IN THE FRIDGE! Eric said that the chocolate milk looked like apple juice - believe me, I knew that full well. It wasn't like that BEFORE, and I swear the fridge used to work better previously too! Why the heck does milk go bad in my fridge now? It didn't do this before - and no, it's not gone bad past an expiry date or anything. I wish it would STOP! I used to be able to keep it in there just fine, now it seems like it goes bad long before I use it or it expires. Lame! Talia says I should get a thermometer to test it, and Corey says I should adjust the settings and just move out because of the crappy management. Maybe I should ask my friends about it later on, heh.

Eric and I talked about self-discipline and health on the way to church: you certainly shouldn't stay up late when you're sick or just recovering! We'd gone to bed in fairly short order after going home last night, which is a good thing. He was trying to get people to PASS him, but that met with little success. I noticed that the gas prices were six cents higher than they were yesterday night, so it's a good thing he went to get gas last night after Fellowship! Got to church to find the Benjamin kids praying, so we went through the sanctuary to get to the basement. There were a lot of cars around, so we had to park on Garden again - the choir has their practice then, of course. Oh well, walking there isn't so bad - I insisted that his banana peel had to be thrown in the garbage even if Jeremy wouldn't like the car smelling like it! Eric was calling me the Banana Peel Holder, and took it from me before I went to wash my hands - yay for not assaulting his olfactory nerves with Purell like I did last night, haha!

Went downstairs to find most of our group there already - Chuck called Jeremy, only to find out that he'd forgotten. (this after I'd talked to him about it yesterday just before he left, but it's the long weekend so he's given a pass!) When Jeremy DID get there, I laughed when I asked cheerfully if he'd forgotten - he knows I don't mean it maliciously! He'd better find new people SOON for his store! Chuck and Andrea went to a dollar store to get a bucket and some cleaning cloth things which actually smelled like mothballs. There were sandwiches in the kitchen, but we were mainly concerned with Jeremy's Oxy-San solution - that turned blue after a while since we were using these bed liners in some box to dry toys and sanitize stuffed animals! The first batch had a layer of dust on it, and definitely wouldn't sanitize anything - too many microbes, Jeremy said. Chuck said that he was working near where I lived now - hey, it's right across the street from the emergency room so he should drop by sometime! (although he's delivering babies)

Dylan and Calla (along with everyone else) found the high chair liners quite disgusting and smelly - Cindy said that not many people used those, in her experience. However, she did see a kid climbing up the wall to shelves - NOT GOOD. There were boxes, crayons, paper, games, tools, broken toys (including a piano and cracked things), and other things that should not be in the nursery - Maxine says it's used as storage! We got soapy solution in a big bin, and tried cleaning stuff. (Eric: "If you touch my shoe with your latex glove in an attempt to untie it, it'll become dirty!" Mine developed a hole afterwards, and was definitely yellow / grimy!) At some point, I saw my sister in the kitchen - I waved to her, and she had to blow me a kiss while showing me her BC Lions Slurpee cup... she couldn't resist getting it! Chuck thought it was amusing that she called me by a family nickname (diminutive), and later tried calling me that himself - I don't think that'll fly, even if you ARE a goofball! Haha. Cindy said she was glad I was there since some of the toys obviously belonged in the toddler room - I put stuff back there a few times, once interrupting Margaret's Bible Study group. (later, I interrupted a bored Louisa / Priscilla / Hannah)

Jeremy and Chuck experienced their own kind of nostalgia with the toys, particularly the "pop-pop" car with balls in front of it. (the kids can sit on it and go around the room) Apparently, Jeremy's mom had just seen him whiz down the stairs with one of them when he was small - yikes! The toys kinda looked better when we were done, but we knew it was a stopgap measure at best - we were worried about water getting inside certain things, which results in mold if not cleaned properly! I had 3/4 of an orange while we decided where to go for lunch - thank goodness I aired concerns with Eric, and I'll owe him instead. We went to Commercial Drive (Cindy having given me her sandwiches - "dinner," said Eric) and looked around, finally settling on Mekong Exotic Vietnamese Food. Stormin' Norman's (wild meat!) has been replaced by a Vera's Burger Shack - at least I was there ONCE! Saw J.J. Bean's, Café Deux Soleils, and other places - so many memories! Discussed shady Pho, tandoori, smelling like sizzling plates (SHOWER!), oils, Vanessa's birthday dinner, saving money (I discussed this with Grace yesterday, too!), car powered by farts, crazy engineers, spicy stuff, Coke Zero, methane, athletic villages, Melia and Emily's birthdays, Eric still being sick, Korey getting mixed up with Jeremy in Andrea's mind, Committee duty, and more. Good times! I definitely need to find my notebook and such, too!

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Dream of sneaking around in elevators with drugs!

$644,558 - wow, what a donation! Yay, Children's Hospital! Haha. :D

Steph called me at 9, and I wasn't in the mood to wake up at ALL. Went back to sleep (sorta), and then Eric called at 9:45. He asked if I were awake and dressed, and got this response: "Awake, barely; dressed, NO!" Said he'd be here soon, so of course now I'm dressed and wondering where he is! (I did eat something) I had an interesting dream about being some blonde-haired skinny girl named Kristi who was a drug addict. Apparently, I felt the need to sneak around in elevators on a cruise ship to get money in big brown envelopes from a secret room with an accomplice. Pink Floyd was playing in the background when we got caught while going on a kitchen run. There were cups around for the heroin, and we were made to sit in brown overstuffed chairs - people were tying us up with orange / yellow / blue ropes when Steph called to wake me up. So strange! As usual, I have no idea why I had the dream... oh, here's Eric knocking at my door. Says the front door was open, so there was no need to call. I can understand that - off I go to sanitize baby toys!

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Friday, November 09, 2007

Gravy-infused burgers for everyone!

Yay! I'm home on a Friday night before 10:40 - thank goodness Jon decided to go with Sam and Ivan for bubble tea at either Bubble World or Bubble Boy. Dragon Ball is CLOSED from Nov. 6 to Nov. 29! Eric picked me up, and we talked about his antenna / the Colorado hockey game / Brad Isbister's acquisition in the off-season / gas prices. It was 106.9 at one place, yet was 103.9 almost everywhere else. Hmm! As usual, we bemoaned the traffic making us later than we should have been. Says he was sick on Tuesday, but couldn't really rest all week! He might not have gone to Fellowship were it not for the fact that he had to do stuff for the AGM. (if our meeting had been on Tuesday, he'd have skipped it no matter what was happening!)

Got to church and talked to Mark (who was giving people the last slice of Uncle Fatih's pizza - NOT "Uncle Faith's!" :P), Nathan (restringing his guitar), Steph, Grace (who really wants me to hang out at her place), Raymond (who STILL can't find Terry), Randal (it's FUN to throw stuff at him on Facebook!), Emily, Chrystal, Mike, Ivan (our pizza's NOT FOR YOU!), Danielle, Vanessa ("the face of the fellowship!"), Christon, and others. Vivian and Karen were back from their Mexican cruise - apparently, the washroom situation left a lot to be desired, and there were fire trucks at the airport! Oh my. The AGM went all right, with eight Panago pizzas being consumed along with candy and fruit. Jeremy said that they should have a mega-pizza with both meat lovers and veggie lovers stuff on it - "the veggie lovers has no meat, and the meat lovers has no veggies! what's up with THAT?!" Then Randal said something about infusing a hamburger patty with gravy much like how they get the caramel into the Caramilk bars... very interesting and amusing food ideas, haha! Discussed cilantro being quite good, pizza dips, budgets, group activities involving everyone (bowling, I'd go to - ski trips, NO!), mentoring, Robert's Rules of Order, motions, objectives, grapes, hot water, etc. Andrea said I was quite matchy - yeah, the brown hat complemented my brown-and-white sweater, all right!

Frances told Steph about flying while pregnant, her trip, Elaine, and remembering my previous Committee duties. Yeah, those were interesting times - at least Lily lives in Richmond so she could drive me home most of the time after meetings! With me, Eric, and Pastor John living in Richmond, there's NO EXCUSE for Dylan not to come over here for meetings - HAHAHAHA! Talked to some more people (Lesley running / Steph training / Jeremy's bad week at work!), while looking for Jon. He eventually went with the other Richmond car so the three of us could get home earlier. At some point, Vanessa and Steph were mourning the absence of 24: first, the San Diego wildfires postpone production; then, the writers' strike puts everything on hold including LOST! (as Nathan pointed out after checking the hockey score on his laptop) We cheered a 2-1 overtime win in which Henrik Sedin scored both goals, but it was all a blur after THAT news! The girls were scaring someone whom I assumed to be a newcomer to Resonate, so I told Steph to apologize - she did. (I could see this girl drawing back into herself and probably wishing she were in the library!)

Talked about the nursery plans tomorrow to sanitize the toys, the Kebab and Curry restaurant (no K!), Korey, Grandma's old-cultural ways around presents and love / affection, getting gas, emails, rain, and more. I'll stay out with my siblings before Vanessa's dinner on Sunday, and Eric said that I was helping Anita by cleaning the baby toys even if I couldn't make it to her shower! Made plans with Eric to call me before he left, although my sister said she'd call at 9 - yay for using my phone as an alarm! Nobody else had better call, or I'll KILL THEM! (no, not literally) That reminds me: we also discussed Good Friday and the 20 death threats, haha. Must sleep now to ensure I get enough - it takes me a while to fall asleep these days!

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Dream of New Year's Eve with whips and smoking?!

I had an interesting dream which involved Sam and Benedict driving me and Uncle Joel around after a meeting on New Year's Eve. We talked about meetings, off-ramps, roads, friends, and the Internet. Saw Tim, Maxine, John, Olivia, and Sophia standing at a corner waiting for someone to come pick them up so they could go to Anita's wedding. Eventually, we all went to the place where it was being held, and quickly went to the washrooms to do our hair. Then Lillian W. and Harvey F. came to the church, and we were all surprised to see them. Thinking they were too sweet and fake, we went to the restaurant, where everything had been laid out in correct formation on the tables. Sam, Benedict, and I saw some guy driving around outside looking for a place to have a cigarette. He decided to park near a white real estate sign to light his cigarette, which we thought was fine. Then he did it again! Oh well.

There was a crowd forming by the TV near an escalator, but I declined to check things out in favor of seeing what my brother was up to. He was driving a Japanese girl around, and asked her to go into the local sub shop and buy stuff. She tripped over a speed bump with the subs and drinks in hand - yikes! After we cleaned her up and assured her that things were fine, Steph called to tell us "GET OVER HERE NOW!" Accordingly, we did - they were showing the celebrations around the world as midnight hit. Clocks, fireworks, and revelry were all very apparent! Then the TV shorted out and came back on with a CNN logo over cubicles and desks. Steph commented that she had been watching these NYE things for a long time, and the Toronto feed had been down the last two years also. Then the picture changed to a half-naked guy lying down on a table, submitting to a brutal whipping from a huge bouncer-like dude. We were given to understand that this was an Easter allegory, and we winced at the whip blows inflicted on "Jesus." The dream ended when Citrus (in his blue and white jacket) wanted to get a better view, but made sure that I could see. No clue why I had this dream! (maybe the wedding hell stories played a part...)

Edit at 6:25 - Eric called a few minutes ago from work to say that he was coming to pick me up. I misheard that as "I can't pick you up" ... AIYA. He's still a bit sniffly, poor guy. Oh well, at least there'll be pizza tonight!

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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Dream of sedating cats / Yay for Randal's orange notebook!

I had an interesting dream that involved sedating fat orange-and-white cats, some of which escaped from their confines. Then I saw Vivian and her family eating some Chinese takeout, and they invited me to take some home. There was chicken, rice, curry, Chinese energy drinks, and various meats. After I ate that, I went to see rainbows at the aquarium. Very odd...

I'm going to have to start a new addresses book for holiday_wishes, since I can't find the one from last year. Thank goodness Randal gave me one for my birthday! :D (orange Kukuxumusu... a blue-caped person fleeing from blue bats - SO CUTE!)

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Wednesday, November 07, 2007


It's amazing that he loves me so much, even though I know I'm not the most beautiful person in the world. :D

I saw Lip Smackers recently, and wondered if I should get it. Maybe I should get flavored lip gloss instead? I really don't know.

Not much of a post, to be sure... but I write a lot as it is. :P

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Dream of floating heads and murder! / Tech Tales

Eating melted ice cream is NOT nice, especially when it comes from the darn store. UGH.

I had a weird dream which involved Stanley shooting 16 people in the head, after first leading them to an isolated wood forest. There was a girl accomplice with him, who made things even more evil than they were. A girl with long curly dark hair moved, moaned in pain, and asked why she was the chosen one from the Corpse Bride. Stanley had no answer except to shoot her again. Then his head was disconnected from his body, and it floated around until it went into an elevator. The floating head and the girl accomplice went into the mall, where the general bookstore had been renamed "Goldo Books" and changed into a kiddy bookstore. An employee was telling the kids why they shouldn't tell her certain things except in note form, because then others would find out. What a weird dream - no idea why I had it!

Also went out today, but just for a short walk. Got back to discover I'd missed a call from K - oh no! We didn't talk last night, but that was okay: he'd gotten home late, and it had probably been a long day for him. I understand these things, and I wasn't up to talking much either. Oh well, I'll call him back to let him know that I missed it. (like he doesn't already know, but anyway...) Then I'll get into Etiquette Hell and Tech Tales! :D

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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Grasshopper soup = YUMMY! (NOT)

Note: LJ Gift List / LJ Holidays (Part 1) / LJ Party of the Year / LJ Karaoke Style / LJ Halloween Party blogquizzes. (by Bella, Jess, and Kim)

I'm kinda bored, so here are some quizzes to pass the time...

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Yummy! Except not really... :P

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Monday, November 05, 2007


My old email account spam is weird. "Interpose up to tonsils" / penis enlargement / eHarmony messages supposedly sent in 2038, laptop deals supposedly sent in 1963... aiya. There's even one for a colon cleanse - who in their right mind wants to think about THAT all the time?! I even get emails from people with similar email addresses to mine! Someone supposedly has a 12-inch penis... yeah, there are some things I don't want to know about! As for Gmail, my email gets timestamped an hour later than it should be. Maybe it's Daylight Savings Time ending, but still. I do not get it.

Then again, maybe it's a good thing I checked the old account. Pastor Edward apparently still has that address for me while inviting me to a Thursday night dinner in appreciation for Pastor John. (and this email was sent a month ago!) Whoops. Not sure why I'd be invited to such a thing, since I definitely don't see myself as part of the church leadership (toddlers / Awana, yes; congregation committees and such, NO!), but the thought was nice. Uncle Stephen sent me an email that was probably meant for Lesley, heh. Experiencing God in many aspects of ministry - yeah, I don't think I was in on whatever discussion THAT was!

On another note: There are way too many gang shootings around here! Also, I'm not ready for Youtube Canada, haha. David Beckham is in town, too!

Fixed the Gmail timestamp thing. AIYA.

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"Bring your own dishes if you want to have dinner at my place!"

I finished the last post just in time for soup, which was really NOT THIN and had KICK to it. As Isabel said, the cinnamon was a good addition, but there may have been a bit much by the end! Ray was in his room on the phone with his girlfriend, so missed out on the acorn squash stuffed with rice and sausage - Tony had added sausage oil to the rice! (he'd done a LOT of chopping for the yam fries, too) We discussed church stuff, the turducken story where Jon and Ray had a bunch of people over and tried to cook it (Jeremy came home from Kelowna and mentioned that the oven was 100 degrees OFF!), Vanessa, Christon, Committee, beer (chocolate porter), yam fries, spaghetti squash, recipes, Stanley being a trouper, our respective ages, Sam and his brother / growing up fast (kinda like Jeremy and his brother), Regent, friends, and more. Someone asked where Eric was, so Jon told him that he was sleepy. Thank goodness Tony doesn't work overnight on Saturdays now, since he HATED being really tired for service - Eric's been working long hours too. We accidentally finished the acorn squash (8 sides for 10 people), so Ray had to make do with soup / spaghetti sauce / cheap aioli / apple pie. At least we rehashed the "Julie S." factor in doing the dishes! ("Where's the sponge?! Right in front of me? OH!") Tony said that he could have dinner at his place for us - we just had to bring everything (cutlery / rugs / dishes / chairs) ourselves! Haha, then he changed his mind on the cutlery and plates!

At one point, John told Ray to cut his nails - the response he got was "Am I going out with you? Are you my mother? NO!" Haha, reminds me of things that used to happen in the past! Stanley poured some Sprite in his soup, and Tony assured me that the apple pie was going to look way worse than the shifted version as presented because I'd been traveling with it in my knapsack all day. Isabel and Stanley said the chocolate beer tasted good, and Jon warned Isabel not to be at another gathering where it was served - THE CHOCOLATE WILL GET HER HOOKED! Discussed Regent booksales, 150-year-old Bibles, philosophy, comedy, FAMILY GUY, FUTURAMA, BC CHRISTIAN NEWS, THE SIMPSONS, David Letterman, Al Gore, ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT, THE OFFICE, THE DAILY SHOW, THE COLBERT REPORT, Barack Obama, Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton (?), Isabel as "Isabella," the "diet Coke and Mentos" Youtube video, dead presidents, Lewis Black, cleanliness, and more. Quite a good time out! On the way home, I thought the green light of a traffic signal ahead of us was moving up and down, a building was some barbed wire between streetlights (this from 100 feet away), and was generally hyper. My brother said this only underscored his earlier point about how his "drunken" state was better than my sober state! AIYA - I'd told Christon that I could just feel the LOVE, heh.

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Sunday, November 04, 2007

"We're going to strip in the kitchen - hahaha!"

I decided to leave my phone on to function as a quasi-alarm this morning, since I knew my family would call me. My brother professed to be shocked when I answered the phone on the second or third ring, haha. Went to church late and got there at around 10, sitting with John and Sharon. That was a different experience than my usual, although I did get to exchange a bit of banter with Mike and Emily behind me - I'd noticed the smell of food from the kitchen around Communion time, but Mike only noticed after the service. ("I TOLD YOU, MIKE! AIYA.") The installation for Pastor John was important, and we managed to pack everything in! After service, I told Jeremy that I had a pie in my backpack - when I took it out later, it definitely had shifted to one side and looked a bit the worse for wear! Oh well. We all watched Alice park her car in the one remaining handicapped spot, while the guys discussed squash / yams / Nathan's new winter hat from Winners with EARFLAPS! Isabel said she'd go to the dinner, while Julie wanted to come just to witness a squash explosion. Someone brought up magic mushrooms and yam fries - Jon thought that would be an interesting combo. Tony said that he had his Saturday nights free now, which is excellent! Said hi to Denise, who's back for a week - SO GOOD to see her!

Went to Sunday School, where the kids were better behaved than last week. They kept bringing up poo, however - boys and their potty humor! *rolleyes* The lunch was pretty crowded - I sat with Daniel, Michelle, Eric, Randal, Chrystal, Steph, Vanessa, and some others. As is often brought up at these events, the basement is a definite fire hazard with a LOT of people crammed into the downstairs! Daniel said he'd die first even if he was kinda close to the exit, heh. Michelle said that the Communion "juice" (usually Welch's grape juice) this morning tasted like childrens' Dimetapp, while Citrus said that it was the leftover cherry pop from Friday night, but it had been unopened! Why were we NOT surprised.... haha. Randal and I were the only ones at our table who seemed to LIKE it, yay! Eric said he'd pass on the dinner! Joey, Ivan, Sam, and some others were making a HUGE tower of Styrofoam cups at their table next to us, and of course Citrus had to knock it over!

Lesley had a great joke which translated well in Chinese: A new pastor had gone to visit someone at a house. After knocking on the door for some time because it was obvious someone was home, he left a piece of paper shoved under the door which read "Revelation 3:20." The following Sunday, he noticed the same paper shoved into the collection plate for offering - the back of it now read "Genesis 3:10." Revelation 3:20 reads "Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with him, and he with me." Genesis 3:10 reads "He answered, "I heard you in the garden, and I was afraid because I was naked; so I hid." Hahaha, it was a joke we had heard rarely, if ever!

We were also talking about how Danielle was trying to disassociate Citrus from citrus fruit and orange colors, since his personality is way more than just those two facets! Steph had a great bag from the States - it fit her laptop and a bunch of other things too! Reminds me of the one from Bentley's, haha. Pastor John had a slideshow of his own to show us his family: some slides went by REALLY quickly, but it was funny! (Red Wings vs. Leafs rivalry - oh no!) After lunch, I talked to a bunch of people. Mike took a squash from Jon, and pretended to be pregnant just to bug Anita. She said that the baby was more like a basketball than a squash, and Jon bugged her by asking if she'd like a few more pounds to add to her load! Haha, good times. Tony said he'd go to Metrotown to walk around, and expressed interest in coming to a future Richmond-based Sunday dinner. (he later said that he could host a dinner, too!) Stanley had really spiky hair which went every which way today - so cool. :D

Went to J.J. Bean coffee shop after talking to Vanessa before she jaywalked across the street to her car. Read the latest GEORGIA STRAIGHT while sitting on a comfortable barstool: Nardwuar the Human Serviette had a great CiTR story about how a DJ was supposed to put on carol ship music at 8, but had heard 9 instead. When 8 PM came around, the carol ships started their broadcast, and heard cursing and muttering about the Christmas tape instead! HAHAHA. Read SAVAGE LOVE, and decided not to look at the CITY SINGLES with rather revealing poses! Caught up on movies (Romanian abortions) / health (removing tattoos because you regret it), news, and more while listening to stuff like the Spice Girls, Sugar Ray, Savage Garden (which Justin used to call "Savage Crap"), the Backstreet Boys ("Hey, Kate... your old lovers have a new album out!"), and Sheryl Crow. ("a change will do you good," indeed...)

Got to Jeremy's (meeting Fred on the way in) and peeled a LOT of yams, read the BC CHRISTIAN NEWS (Korn) / World Vision Gift Catalogue (sheep, goats, pigs, medicine, school supplies, and more!), empathized about crying when peeling onions ("redefine your manhood, Jer!"), talked about garlic (Gilroy festival, medicine, rubbing on bald head), and had fun. Said hi to Ray, who was writing a paper. It got so hot in the kitchen that the guys had to take off their jackets! (singing Nelly, of course - IT'S GETTING HOT IN HERE... LET'S TAKE OFF ALL OUR CLOTHES!) Tony came later, and Isabel / Stanley / Nathan / John H. / Christon have come by as well. Jeremy used a mortar and pestle, which reminded me of a post Spoz made about utterly destroying a CD by torture. GOOD TIMES, haha. Talked about sausage, acorn / butternut / spaghetti squash, olive oil, rice, smoke alarms, how Tony's dad liked it in Vancouver and wants to retire here, passage interpretation, music, and more - Radiohead's new album is pretty cool.

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You're right - I need a jar opener!

Talked on and off to Korey last night, and got a cool message from Andrew, who wondered if the time change were last night or today - of course I told him the right information. He said that Awana had been hectic with lots of work - then went off to do a ton of math homework. Always awesome talking to that kid, and I know I'll see him today! :D (I used the word "facetious" on Korey, and told him that it was one of the only words in English with all the letters in alphabetical order! He knew it was a big word, and thought I needed to calm down since I was laughing like crazy - hey, I LIKE BEING CRAZY SOMETIMES! :P)

Corey thinks I need a jar opener like the one his dad made: "It's a wedge-shaped thing with a ruler blade! You put the jar in the wedge area, move it back to the point of the wedges till it's tight, and turn! It's pretty simple, and almost always works with ease - we get tons of use out of that thing, even though I'm the one that everyone asks to open stuff! Get someone with woodworking skills to do it from a picture: I'm thinking it'll be pretty easy. But it does scratch the side of lids, so don't open your favorite jar that you want to save forever and ever. You COULD get a saw / power tools / metal thing from a ruler and do it yourself, but since opening the computer is scary, I'm not sure how well you'll do on things that actually can remove limbs!" Haha, good point!

He also told me about Arch Enemy's lead singer (Comcast On Demand videos have GWAR, too! o_O ), whose voice is insane: she did strain her voice before she had special training. She looks like a normal hot blonde girl, yet sounds like a growling male death metal singer. That effect can be CRAZY, man! He also told me: "I'll sell you my ravioli / Alfredo sauce recipe for $250,000 if you aren't going to come over here and eat dinner with me!" I wish I could, dude... Colorado would be cool, man! After I said something about pie and tackling things, he made jokes about bait and tackle... oh my! o_O

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