Saturday, May 08, 2004

Dave's so tanned from camp!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CHRIS.. I hope you have a great one today! :) It's been good serving with you in Awana.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, STANLEY.. I hope you have a really good one today! :) From VBS to church, it's been really neat.

Dave looked so tanned from camp.. used sunscreen only once..
he thought that Jon got back next week.. nope, yesterday!
wanted me to tell him to seriously apply for Chestnut.. got in!
also asked people about Tracy's fundraising dinner tonight..
predicted that Alan would be totally out of it on beer later..
I left a message on his cell after Awana in case I forget..
everyone was excited to see Steph last night afterwards..
Anita said that my sister was actually tamed down, maybe..
also told us that Jeff had a long night yesterday / today..
she'll have a worrisome time of it as a cop's wife, I think..
Emily, Cindy, Melia, and Vanessa said she was great..
we teased Eric about gelling his hair for the recording studio..
"there are no cute girls in my band... they're all fat and ugly!"
definitely we'll get him good for that one later.. I'll tease him..
Stanley thought his birthday wouldn't be mentioned, haha!
now I'm home and relaxing till I can do this all again.. eep..

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Friday, May 07, 2004

Talking on the phone to Chris Light

Nezmet (Chris) said he wanted to call me, so I said sure..
even though we don't really know each other, that's all right..
most of the conversation was dead air, but we did talk..
he's three hours ahead of me in Virginia, and wanted it..
music we liked (Radiohead / Rage), his being 17, Andre being 27, plans for getting a hold of friends, not being quite able to hear me (I should talk louder on the phone), nosebleeds, anime..
wasn't too bad at all, and it was an interesting dynamic..
not that we had a whole lot to talk about, but that's okay!

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Ireland trip

picked up Jon at the airport.. good times, good times..
he told us that everything was more expensive in Ireland..
a burger would be about eight euros, which is about $13..
the Irish eat a lot of meat, bacon, potatoes, and such..
there aren't many Chinese people, but there is takeaway..
they stayed in four-star hotels and hostels while there..
Jon got me a book on toilets, of all things.. nice one!
said he drank his first Guinness in some pub with pals..
takes a bit of getting used to, especially the bitter aftertaste..
at least they placed fifth out of 12 choirs in the competition! ;)
we didn't go to Fellowship, which is what I was planning on..
I think Jon's way too tired to see everyone.. later will be fine..

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1000 posts in 24 hours

that was certainly a crazy "1000+ posts in 24 hours" fest..
very glad it's over.. maybe my friends page will be normal..
he says that he'll be online lots late at night this weekend..
we'll see about that, particularly if I'm tired and need sleep..
I'm hyper because Jon will be back, and I'll see everyone..
maybe Eric M. will be back too, who knows? that'll be sweet..
off to see what this weekend will bring me.. sushi tomorrow!
(no steak.. it's too damn expensive, and the craving's satiated)

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Thursday, May 06, 2004

Sustainer thing is a good idea!

right now, I am so bored.. I'm going to bed before 11, even!
no real conversations going on, although the sustainer thing was a good idea..
may as well ask him tomorrow if he knows how to use one..
should I make sure my inbox will be flooding tomorrow?
told Farrah that I'd be off it Friday, but you just never can tell..
perhaps I'll post a few inane questions about stuff, then leave..
not talking to certain people, so they'll just have to deal..

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Caffeinated hyper monkeys on crack

I have no idea what's up with certain people nowadays..
sure, they're busy as caffeinated hyper monkeys on crack..
and I *did* get some of their precious attention earlier..
certainly I don't expect to be the main focus all the time..
but I can't help how I feel about them.. thoughts of other people might come to my mind, hehehe..
who knows, I might well just go back to sleep after this..
kinda tired from being all hyper and such last night.. yay?
good thing I learned something new at 11.. love is good ;)
(yes, this makes no sense.. but do I really even care?!)

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Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Picking Steph up at the airport

just went to the airport to pick Steph up.. that was fun..
talked about Jon and Dave in Toronto next year, cheapness..
death, Melissa, hockey news, Becky, Anita, chicken knees..
going out to Memphis Blues, Nathan, Toronto / Vancouver..
Friday plans involving Jon at the airport, three T-shirts..
yeah, things will be good.. I'll ask her about the hoodie later ;)

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I don't have any blame for it!

got a surprising email, and not surprisingly the blame also..
well, it wouldn't be a problem if you sent it earlier.. sheesh!
going to the airport to see Steph, and eat wonton noodles..
definitely reschedule tomorrow, and do certain other things ;)

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Pot is a general painkiller... got it!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DANIELLE.. I hope you have a really super one today! :) It's been great knowing you.. never mind your issues!

Corey suggested I drink vodka yesterday night.. um, no..
not a good idea with aspirin coursing through my veins..
then he suggested pot as a general pain killer and relaxant..
"it's probably better for you than aspirin, which I don't trust.."
(he does this almost every month without fail.. gotta love it..)
heck, I live in Vancouver.. plenty of it around, but it's pricey..
probably I won't, though.. it'll all go away in a few days..
redrum makes me feel exactly like hell.. kiddies: beware!
now I just have to live with it, and make it all disappear..
Steph's coming back later tonight, so am I going to YVR?
I don't know, as I kinda need to stay close to home now..
suppose we shall see about that kind of thing later.. um, yay?

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Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Krinkle Kut Kettle Chips with salt and ground pepper

I've found a new addiction: Krinkle Kut Kettle Chips, flavored with salt and ground pepper..
tried them on Apr. 16 after Fellowship, and Brian reminded me of the not-so-clean kiddy tables..
haven't contracted any deadly diseases yet, so I'm good to go..
attempted to find horseradish cheese, but got wasabi cheese..
there was no horseradish, and it all was very pricey anyhow..
that's about it for now, kiddies.. end of post.. eep!

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Taking my away message to a higher level...

he's back, so I can take my "away message" to a higher level..
hiding windows while I'm busy with other stuff? it's all good..
woke up early today, at around 8.. it's way too cold out..
proof is that I'm wearing two layers.. save the colorful sweater!
at least, as compared to the long hot summer we expect..
this feels out of order, but I can concentrate on my crap..
it's disjointed and unorganized as all hell breaking loose..
but I did get a 91% homicidal insanity rating.. thanks, Aaron..
I'll talk to everyone later, as my brain is far too fluffy.. eep!

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Monday, May 03, 2004

SURE you want to phone me....

after a couple of hours, he finally showed up on AIM..
"oh, my Lord.. I have missed you, sweetie!" was the buzz..
of course I'll forgive him for not having Internet / sickness..
nothing really to forgive, but if he wanted it so badly.. ;)
he understood my post with no vowels, and why I wrote it..
I wasn't mad at him.. we both missed the other terribly..
brief mushy affection is better than nothing, but not enough..

says he wasn't scared off, and swears he wants to phone me..
he knows how it must have seemed, and actually might've called me, but remembered I wanted him to tell me first..
sickness + Memphis accent + unexpectedness = not the best..
I might have been out, or put on my Call Block defenses..
it makes me want things even more, for some reason..
can't wait for tomorrow or whenever the next talk time is..
(yes, I am indeed pathetic.. hear me roar, blaaaaaahahahaha!)

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Dreams about a huge house party with friends!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BRIAN.. I hope you have a great one today! :) It's been terrific knowing you all these years!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JEN.. I hope you have a superb one today! :) I hope Jon brings back Irish lads / whiskey for ya!

had a great dream about a huge house party with friends..
Brian, Frances, Jen, Jon, Nathan, both Erics, Dave, Eunice, etc.
Joe was absolutely miserable this past week with fever..
the poor guy couldn't even get out of bed to do anything..
thank God he was feeling better yesterday, indeed.. yay!
this will make a nice little entry for Farrah, who asked..
off to do that right now, before I forget about my friends..

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Sunday, May 02, 2004

Teasing Eric about the Tazmanian Devil birthday card

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, EUNICE.. I hope you have a good one today! :) It's been awesome knowing you all these years.

didn't really feel like going to church this morning, but went..
a bunch of my friends weren't around because they're at camp..
saw Clement, which was a surprise.. told him Jon's in Ireland..
should have teased Eric about what he saw me with yesterday..
plenty of time for that on Saturday, if I even remember..
if he wants something like that, I might get it for him..
I'll ask Stanley for his brother's birthday, on his own day ;)
Margaret has a blue guitar, and wants Jon to teach her Irish..
not too bad a day, but it could have been a bit better!

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