Saturday, June 13, 2009

Rich Mullins, sushi, and plastic army men

Henry picked me up, and we chatted briefly about how hot it was outside, and about his getting Teresa addicted to JACK BAUER. Heard a Rich Mullins song on the radio - all I remember is that he died in some accident years ago. Talked to Chrystal at the church when things got less busy with the kids signing in (Amos / Nina / Emily / Gerard / Hannah / Amanda), and she can't make it on Wednesday. That's fine since I know her (good) reasons. Later, Auntie Rebecca commented on my "beautiful" selection of hats, and I chatted briefly with Margaret and Golden. Melia now knows about the Facebook photo with the whole VCEFC posse from last week; yup, there were lots of comments on that one!

Ian sang a lot of the DRAGON KNIGHTS theme song, and wanted his brother to fight - "my power is this number, and yours is this!" Haha. Sean wandered outside of the hall, drawn by the group of girls commenting on the Truth Scripts list, so I kept an eye on him. I answered the questions about who Alan Yu and Helen Lam were, and told them that they knew who Emily Lam was. They noticed Priscilla's name on the list as well. We took Jesse and Meg home first; they live in the same building complex as Dave's parents do! Good times.

I'm craving sushi, but I know I shouldn't give in. I should just get some when I'm at Richmond Centre next, haha.

Leslie's just got their Pokemon Name. I just got my Pokemon Name. It's Squirtle.

Facebook quiz taken from Jane:

Leslie completed the quiz "What Plastic Army Man Are You?" with the result Radio Guy! The most worthless guy on the battlefield. You do nothing. Usually die from friendly fire. Go home.

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Dagger, Dent, Digger, and Duke

Computer restarted overnight... ugh! Called Henry about half an hour ago, who said he'd wanted to make sure that I wasn't going to be there last week. The time for that would have been anytime before Thursday evening, dude! Of course I'll be at Awana in a couple of hours, so he better pick me up this week! Crazy person. :P (I hear he's also getting his sister Teresa addicted to JACK BAUER, hahaha!)

This is from What Not to Name Your Baby by Joe Borgenicht.


Daaron: To encourage one to do something really, really stupid... like jumping off the roof to see if one can fly.

Dagger: A long, sharp knife most often used to stab people after they trustingly turn their backs to you.

Dajuan: Spanish pronunciation of "the one," as in "Yes, Officer... that's Dajuan who stole my purse."

Dakota: Twin states separated by an imaginary line. Also, daytime television star who, after unknowingly marrying his sister, drove off a cliff (tried to get a job in feature films), and then returned after plastic surgery to exact revenge on his stepfather.

Dalton: Pseudoclassy. Dalton's brothers and sisters will be Bentley, Tremayne, and Ashlee.

Darmarcius: Located west of the fens and south of the mountains, this area is swampy and host to malarial mosquitos.

Damien: A head-spinning child of the devil. Also, a priest who administered to lepers. Exceptions to the rule: if your last name is Thorn, Omentwo, or Finalconflict.

Dandrey: A flaky scalp condition often treated with medicated shampoo.

Daniel / Dan: Just call him the ad-lib boy. "Dan, Dan the (fill in the blank) man..."

D'ante: Creator of fiery infernos.

Darth: Treacherous father. Child's heavy breathing will make him an outcast and a perfect recruit for cults or other, lesser-known evil empires.

David: A stoic boy with an unusually large hand who enjoys just standing around without any clothes on. The little guy who is always ready to take on the big guys.

Dax: A strong industrial cleanser able to get out the toughest biohazard stains.

DeAaron: What one must do when the temperature inside reaches ungodly heights: put DeAaron. Also, what one must be sure to do before descending under the watery depths in a submarine.

De-Arse: British. One's rear end.

DeeWayne: The love child of the toughest cowboy who ever lived and the prissy girl from Grease.

Del Roy: Likely to pick up a strange-looking hitchhiker in the Nevada desert, who turns out to be either a reclusive billionaire or a space alien.

DeLawrence: It's de-lightful, it's de-lovely, it's DeLawrence!

De-Lewis: What the Multiple Dystrophy Society will do when they choose a new Labor Day telethon host.

DellBert: Unlike his brother, who found success in technology, DellBert continued his career in animal husbandry on the family farm.

De-Mario: To remove that very special essence of lasagna from a person, car, or house.

Demarkus: To delineate by a boundary. Also, to swear under one's breath, preferably at a teacher or family member.

DeMichael: Why is Michael such a dumbass? Why?

De-Morris: A person strongly opposed to finicky house pets.

Denim Levi: A textile magnate unable to wear comfortable blue garments.

Dent: A folded or flattened surface. This child's oddly-misshapen cranium will be the hit of the junior high school yearbook signing party.

De-Ole: Similar to "ye olde." Often used by grandpas talking about a movie from the past. "I'll show him De-Ole one-two punch."

DeRail: An interrupter. His citizenship marks will never be better than Unsatisfactory.

Derek: Machine consisting of cables and pulleys, used for moving heavy objects.

Derringer: A small, underpowered gun used by cheats and cowards.

Desert: A place where nothing can live but cactuses, bugs, and snakes. Name will often be misspelled and mistaken for its sweeter, postdinner cousin.

Dewight: A happy name adopted when a child can't say his L's.

Dewrangee: To make crazy, insane, or just plain nuts.

Dex: An accessible know-it-all in the West.

Dicy: Unstable and tentative. Also, associated with fuzzy mirror ornaments. May speak in nursery rhymes.

Diego: A fabulous zoo in Southern California. Exception to the rule: if your last name is Riverta, and you want people to wonder if your son is heir to a famous painter.

Digger: Nickname of Jock Ewing's business rival (and Miss Ellie's former love) on the '70s series Dallas. A great name for a dog, cemetery manager, or miner.

Dillinger: Midwestern criminal who was best known to the American public through his pictures on post office Wanted posters. Not a great name for a family in the banking industry.

Dionysus: The Greek god of wine, fertility, and drama. To protect him from the wrath of Zeus' wife, Dionysus was raised as a girly god by his caretakers.

Dirk: A sharp, short Scottish sword. In the same league as Bruce, Lance, and Steve.

D'Loaf: To make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, first take two slices from D'Loaf of bread.

Dock: A place on the bay where you sit and watch the tide roll away. Child will become tired of being asked, "What's up?"

Dominic: Failed the game played with one rectangular piece. Development was quickly halted when Dominic's cousin realized that the game was more fun when played with multiple tiles.

Doni: A wealthy, conceited real estate baron with bad hair... best known for firing employees.

D'Orr: Often confused with "door," as in "Don't let the D'Orr hit you in the arse on your way out."

Dragon: A mythical beast that breathes fire and kills noble knights to steal their loot. Also associated with severe halitosis and long fingernails.

Drakkar: Popular '80s cologne effective in covering the smell of smoke or marijuana.

Dred: Sibling of fear and loathing. Also a rolled, matted hairdo that makes use of cow manure.

Dude: The tragic subject of the Aerosmith song who will have gender identity issues. Will grow up to become a valet parking attendant.

Duffin: Hairdresser affectionately known as Muffin by his significant other, Aquaman.

Duke: A badass gunslinger. Also, a fluffy ruler in the UK. Teachers will find his cocksure swagger, Liberace style of dress, and tendency to call the other children "pilgrim" annoying and distracting.

Dull: Not the sharpest knife in the drawer. A child never invited to parties. An also-ran in the 2000 presidential election, and a spokesperson for a medical problem that men refuse to talk about.

Dylan: A hard-boiled Welsh poet who drank himself to death; a whiny '60s folk singer.

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Wince at sins and floating / sinking poo!

High-scoring words of the night:

WINCEY (144 points) - against Kristin G. [2W, 4W]
VISED (126 points) - against Jeffrey B. [two 3W, hook off CABIN for a plural]
AAH (130 points) - against Elissa K. [5W used twice, 3W, hook off LOB to make BA]
HOURI (108 points) - against Robyn B. [two 3W]
SINSYNE (272 points) - against Jean G. [5W, 4W]
HOMEBREW (1826 points) - against Fe T. [3W, 4W, two 2W]
CROWD (104 points) - against Shawn W. [4W, 2W]
COQUET (100 points) - against Maria N. [5W]
BISTORTS (166 points; 4W, 5L on B), ZONERS (144 points; two 3W) - against Tia D. {both good deficit-erasing words!}
JIGSAW (206 points) - against Sherri K. [5W, 2W, hook off NA to make ANA]
FURNACE (360 points) - against Susan R. [5W, 4W]
SQUARELY (100 points) - against Tony K. [4W, hooks off KI and B to make SKI and BE]

Interesting rack of the night: WAITSJOG (against Sherri K. - read that as "Waits jog")

Talked to Chinese Eric for a bit tonight, and he seems to agree that we should have a get-together with Nathan and white Eric while he's still in town. (I called white Eric to see what was up earlier, and things are all good) Heard the Penguins won the Stanley Cup against Detroit - wonder what Pastor John will have to say about that, hahaha.

Facebook quiz taken from Becky:


Poo nugget for this weekend: Floaters vs. Sinkers - One of the most mystifying characteristics of poo is the tendency of some turds to float and others to sink to the bottom of the bowl. Whether big or small, brown or black, it is impossible to predict whether a poo will be a Floater or a Sinker until it hits the toilet water and settles in. There are two components of stool that cause it to hover on the surface of the toilet water: gas and fat. Most commonly, Floaters are due to the fourth burrito or second helping of chili from the day before. When gas is the culprit, you may also notice your fart frequency increasing above normal levels. If the Floaters last for a day or so, there is no reason to be alarmed.

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Friday, June 12, 2009

Being reunited with my debit card / Steel water bottles for $5!

Note to self: Go to American Grille or L.A. Grill (cheaper) for a meal. Thus will I slay the memory dragons which are still there! He said he'd take me to the former for our anniversary, but never did. Actually, I should also go to Richmond Sushi to slay THAT memory dragon as well... I should get people to go there with me, hahaha.

When I was getting ready to go out, it occurred to me that I couldn't find my debit card anywhere. Then I remembered that I hadn't gotten it back from the cashier this afternoon. I stewed for a while before going out to Save-On again, with good reason. Certainly I had reason to believe that I left the card at the store, even if I didn't have a receipt. Thank goodness Customer Service had the card, because then I'd have had to cancel it.

Then I went to London Drugs to find water bottles and mouthwash. I lucked out and bought two of the stainless steel water bottles on sale: original price was $14, but they were $5 each! Got mouthwash, some strawberry-peach / orange-mango Trident Fruit Squeeze gum (on sale for a dollar each), and some on-sale kiwi-passion fruit lip balm (NOT mango!) - should have bought hand sanitizer too, but maybe on Wednesday if I get together with Chrystal. I'll confirm that tomorrow at Awana, of course. Then I went to the intersection - and WAITED A LONG TIME! I figured that Eric wasn't going to show up around 7:30 (yes, I'm slow :P), so went home instead. Ugh!

Leslie's just got their Redneck Dog Name. I just got my Redneck Dog Name. It's Fire.

Leslie just took the "What color nail polish are you?" quiz and the result is Hot Pink. Your color is HOT PINK! You are flirtatious and sexy when no one is looking.

Leslie just took the "What color lipgloss you look best in" quiz and the result is orange and natural. You don't like to be the center of attention. You like to live your life freestyle and simple. You like to show kindness and blend in.

Facebook quizzes taken from Julie S., Ryan M., and Flora:

Leslie took the What Is Your Theme Song? quiz and the result is All You Need Is Love by the Beatles. This song definitely shows that you are a very caring person, and that you will sacrifice a lot to help someone.

Leslie just took the "I.Q. Test" quiz and the result is You are the next Albert Einstein. You are a genius, but you may be a little bit of a know-it-all, so try to just not be an overachiever.

Leslie took the Discovery Awaits! quiz and the result is Peninsula Native. Your people have lived on or been visiting the Peninsula since you had to arrive by boat and train. In fact, you thought this quiz was so easy, it was lame.

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Cheetah Girls are ripping off the Pussycat Dolls!

Went food shopping just now - in my bid to get rid of certain things, I bought four new on-sale tall cups which were $2 off two. Couldn't find any water bottles, but I know for a fact that London Drugs has them in green / red / blue. (I just called them, haha) Since Eric called to advise me to be at my second-favorite intersection at 5:45, I'll go out earlier (like after I post this entry) and buy one along with mouthwash. I thought I'd bought the mouthwash, but apparently not - I do know I was looking at some! I think I am really losing it, ugh! (I need to ask Andrea for a ride home from Megan's shower, too) Maybe I'll get some noodles, too... I did save $27 and change on what I bought! That included cream of mushroom soup (case sale for $4 off - one dented can is discarded now), on-sale Gold Seal salmon ($2.10 off three cans), kiwi Down Under shampoo / conditioner (no pomegranate since I already have it in body wash), on-sale juicy melon / antibacterial soaps (50¢ off), on-sale bottled water (50¢ off), organic green grapes and blueberry yogurt, some milk, some coffee, and an on-sale green bathtub organizer thing ($2 off) with a frog on it which Harmony might like.

Also got salad, fruits, veggies, Sidekicks, on-sale Motts Fruitsations apple juice (20¢ off), soy milk, off-brand spicy Clamato cocktail, on-sale off-brand chocolate / butterscotch pudding (80¢ off), on-sale iced tea with Mediterranean lemon (50¢ off), off-brand tomato vegetable cocktail, cranberry-black cherry juice, on-sale off-brand whole wheat pasta (penne rigate and rotini; 50¢ off), and strawberry-banana V8 Fusion. I saw something called CHEETAH GIRLS, and my first thought was that they're ripping off the Pussycat Dolls, which weren't that good to begin with! Got home and emailed Quan a lot of wedding pictures which she requested last night via Facebook.

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Airbags and tabloids, oh my!

High-scoring words of the night so far:

AIRBAG (100 points) - against Fe T. (2W, 5W)
FIXES (576 points) - against Fe T. [2W, 4W, two 3W] {different game}
TABLOIDS (475 points) - against Diane R. [two 5W]
OCARINA (1865 points) - against Michelle W. [4W, 3W, two 5W]
YA (196 points) - against Roberta R. [5W used twice, 3W, hooks off BEACH and HARMS to make BEACHY and YA]
FAWNED (100 points) - against Natalie M. [4W, hook off WAILER to make FE and AR]
MAIDEN (151 points) - against Janelle I. [4W, two 2W]
RISKS (208 points) - against Jenny H. [4W used twice, 5W, hook off COIN for a plural]
HAFIZ (195 points) - against Leslie G. [4W, 5L on F, hook off ES to make HES] {a good deficit-erasing word!}
CHILES (2925 points) - against Pat S. [two 5W, two 3W]
VESPIARY (150 points) - against Pasha K. [5W] {a good deficit-erasing word!}

New record: I'm playing 90 Wordscraper games right now, and I finally have a record which does not include a certain perfidious blackguard... WOOHOO! (and yes, I've been haunting HOST TABLE these past couple of weeks in order to GET that record!)

I finally heard the Watchmen song Stereo after a LONG time - YAY! Corey's told me that SOMEONE has been trying to get info from him about me... that isn't going to work!

Leslie's just got their Shakespearean Name. I just got my Shakespearean Name. It's Hermia. (My sister had a school friend named Hermia. Unfortunately, her last name was a gerund!)

Facebook quizzes taken from Hilary, Jane, Becky, Gretchen, and Jamie:

Leslie took the BrainTeaser Challenge quiz and got the result: I scored 100% on the Brainteaser Challenge.

Leslie took the Do You Make A Better Man or Woman? quiz and got the result: You Are 48% Male, 52% Female.

Leslie took the How Lazy Are You? quiz and got the result: 32% Lazy.

Leslie took the What should your name really be? quiz and the result is Vanessa. You're slightly uptight, but are fun to hang around. The hair you look best in is long / mid-sized, black / brown hair.

Leslie took the How marriageable are you? quiz and got the result: 83% Marriageable.

Leslie took the Are you just ONE in a 1 MILLION? quiz and got the result: 1.2% of the world shares your name. (Ha ha ha. Somehow, I really doubt this!)

Leslie took the How Common is your name? quiz and got the result: 12% Common.

Leslie took the What's your Boyfriend / Girlfriend potential? quiz and got the result: My boyfriend / girlfriend potential is 98%.

Leslie took the Which medieval order do you belong to? quiz and the result is Rosicrucian. You belong to a secret society; its main theme is esoteric and mystic stuff. You embrace the hermetic thought, and are part of a brotherhood of sages and alchemists who seek to enlighten the human being and find spiritual relief.

Leslie completed the quiz "Which Hogwarts teacher are You?" with the result Albus Percival Wolfric Brian Dumbledore. You are Dumbledore, Harry's favorite teacher and headmaster at Hogwarts. Clever, wise, powerful, and many other words have been used to describe you. Without you, Voldemort would still be at large. For that, the Wizarding world is in your debt.

Poo nugget for Friday, June 12: D.A.D.S. - Sometimes You Hit The Bottle, Sometimes The Bottle Hits You - D.A.D.S. stands for Day-After-Drinking Stool. After a long night of partying, you may awake the next day with a hangover and an unsettled stomach. The D.A.D.S. often comes in a semisolid state, and sometimes is accompanied by stomach discomfort. The more you drank the night before, the more D.A.D.S. you'll need to eliminate before you start feeling better. Usually, your second D.A.D.S. of the day signifies that your recovery is well underway. (POO OF THE MONTH!)

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Goody-two-shoes Barbie?!

This thing restarted overnight - oh well. Had a weird phone call from Michigan: 1-269-768-2586, anyone?

Facebook quizzes taken from Ryan M. and Veronica:

Leslie completed the quiz "Which Metallica album are you?" with the result ...And Justice for All. You are ...And Justice for All because of your need of justice, your fairness, and your love of nipple slips.

Leslie completed the quiz "How would you do in a fight against Chuck Norris?" with the result You're not Chuck Norris. Only Chuck Norris can pick those answers. Don't kid yourself.

Leslie took the What Barbie Doll are you? quiz and the result is Goody-Two-Shoes Barbie. You are cute, smug, and always right. You are even right that this result is definitely NOT you, this quiz is a waste of time, and you are the most likely to post a response on the quiz page stating that fact. You don't spend too much, don't drink too much, don't swear too much, and are NEVER out of control. Everything is PERFECT, really... except that you constantly make your friends and your men feel inadequate by your critical, goody-two-shoes nature. Lighten up, okay?

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Exulting over rare bumpy tomato pie!

Bingo of the night so far:

INANENESS (57 points) - against Karen W.

High-scoring words of the night so far:

YOWIES (210 points) - against Michelle W. [5W, 4W] {a good deficit-erasing word!}
EXULT (560 points) - against Bev O. [2W, 4W, 5W] {a good deficit-erasing word!}
ORZO (300 points) - against Stacey T. [4W, 5W] {a good deficit-erasing word!}
VUGHS (225 points) - against Jordan N. [two 4W] {a good deficit-erasing word!}
LATELY (234 points; two 3W), STORMY (280 points; 4W, 5W) - against Janice M.
TOMATOEY (118 points) - against Patrick M. [4W]
BUMPIER (144 points) - against Melissa T. [two 3W]
MISACT (208 points) - against Jean G. [two 4W]
SLEEPING (110 points) - against Steve L. [two 2W]
HOMING (170 points) - against Dave L. [5W, 4L on H, hook off ACE to make MACE]

Interesting rack of the night: ARARETIE (against Susan C. - read that as "a rare tie")

Unfriending update: Leah D., Cat Stew Pies, Nick O., and Luna L. all unfriended me recently OR deleted their profiles.

Leslie's just got their Yiddish Name. I just got my Yiddish Name. It's Hindy Hirsch.

Leslie took the Spelling Bee! quiz and got the result: A-

Facebook quizzes taken from David L. and Chris Rogers:

Leslie took the How Attractive are you? quiz and got the result: 77%

Leslie took the PALM READING quiz and got the result: Wealthy and prosperous life. Your hand indicates that you'll have a life free from mundane tasks and dissatisfaction. You will live a rich life and are generously compensated for what you do for a living. Financial worries will not be a big concern for you at any point of your future horizon and you should feel lucky for it!

Poo nugget for Thursday, June 11: Let's Hope There Weren't Candles on His Cake - June 11, 1857 marks the birth date of nineteenth-century French "fartiste" Joseph Pujol. Better known by his stage name "La Pétomane" (or "fart maniac"), Pujol had the remarkable talent of being able to fart at will. His tricks included playing the flute with his anus, and farting to blow out candles stationed several yards away. He also had the ability to recreate animal sounds, and typically opened acts with his own very special rendition of the French national anthem.

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Jon and Harmony rehearse for the big day... courtesy of Myles

I took these from Myles:

Britt and me getting food at the wedding rehearsal... yum, watermelon!

Uncle Joe (Harmony's dad) setting up to film everything:

Auntie Wing Yee (Harmony's mom) at the wedding rehearsal - I like her outfit!

Another shot of Britt at the rehearsal:

Steph needs her coffee...

My sister enables my caffeine addiction:

Yay, I'll be wired all night on caffeine!

Here's a shot of the food my mom and her helpers made for the rehearsal night: I recognize me, Britt, Jeremy, and my mom in the picture.

Various decorations in the fellowship hall:

Another shot of the wedding rehearsal food:

Harmony and Jon's engagement pictures:

Jon starting to diss everyone, especially Dad for being balding:

More decorations:

Meat skewers!

Our brother is getting married in less than two days?!

Ezra the Scripture reader:

Handmade tissue flowers:

Hey, Grandma! Wave to Myles!

Yes, this is normal for Nathan...

Anita rehearsing her bridesmaid role:

Colleen miming flowers:

Holly did NOT have this expression at the actual wedding, trust me:

Nathan, Jeremy, Eric, and the wedding ring:

Complete wedding party on stage at the rehearsal:

We need to be in our positions, people!

Holly, her mom, and Pastor John:

Here's a shot of the rehearsal bouquet:

Holly and Britt:

Nathan being crazy:

Jon at the piano:

Worship team rehearsing:

These girls look SERIOUS!

Luckily, there was plenty of goofing off by Peter and Jon to make up for it:

What happens if we substitute a toonie for the wedding ring?

Peter being crazy:

Myles and Britt:

Unity candles and marriage license:

They wanted Steph to get a nicer pen to sign the license with on the actual day...

Peter being a ham:

Work it with your camera, Pete!

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Shrek tagging meme, from Jennifer L.

Finally, a tagging meme!

This thing just restarted! It's gonna be a hot day if I have to hydrate myself with more than one litre of water before 10:30 AM... o_O

On another note, I have finally found my bus pass! It was in the pages of my book on useless history - now I don't have to pay the $10 replacement fee, and am more mobile! Reminds me of when my bus pass was stuck in my 12-pack of gum last year; my ex pointed it out to me, which was the only thing he was good for at that point, haha. Man, I need to cash the post office refund and pay my Shaw / Telus bills anyhow...

Facebook quiz taken from Kaili:

Leslie completed the quiz "Which Labyrinth Character are You?" with the result You are Hoggle. You are a short-tempered and often grumpy small person. You love to collect plastic and seek the attention of the opposite sex. Your lack of people skills means that you spend your days spraying fairies with bug spray just hoping that someday someone will actually talk to you. (Never seen the movie, but HAHAHAHAHAHA!)

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Disney prince, baseball, ceasing venom, and poo ingredients!

High-scoring words of the night so far:

CEASED (800 points) - against Candyce R. [5W, two 4W]
TELSON (160 points) - against Millie F. [two 4W]
VENOMING (190 points) - against Ruth-Ann W. [4W, 4L on V] {a good deficit-erasing word!}

Leslie took the How good is your Grammar? quiz and got the result: A-

Leslie took the How Common Is Your BIRTHDAY? quiz and got the result: Your Birthday is 6% Common. 6% of the world population have the same birthday as you.

Facebook quizzes taken from Veronica, Jane, Silvester, Jessica Leung, and Gabriel:

Leslie took the How Evil are you? quiz and got the result: 23%

Leslie completed the quiz "Which Madonna song describes you best?" with the result Papa, Don't Preach. You are a strong, diligent person who sticks to their guns. When you have something to say, you say it without compromise. You have strong political beliefs, and are an advocate for all things fair and equal. While you do know how to have a good time, you won't do it at the expense of anyone or anything else!

Leslie completed the quiz "What candy bar are you most like?" with the result Snickers. You are most like a Snickers candy bar. Smooth and sweet on the outside, but sticky and nutty on the inside. On the surface, everyone likes you. You have many casual friends, but few people ever get inside to your nutty goodness. You like to spread gossip.

Leslie completed the quiz "Which baseball team were you born to root for??" with the result Boston Red Sox. You are a member of baseball's most legendary fan base, Red Sox Nation! All your years of pain and suffering finally were made worthwhile by the team's recent championships. You despise the Yankees with all your being - almost as much as you love the Sox. You make your presence known at Fenway and at every other park in the league - Red Sox Nation is everywhere! You live and die Red Sox baseball!

Leslie took the How Dirty is your mind? quiz and got the result: 34% Dirty.

Leslie took the What Canadian Province Should You Live In? quiz and the result is Alberta. Alberta is part mountain, part Prairies. Alberta is for the one who needs to wind down, become less stressed.

Leslie took the Who Is Your Disney Prince? quiz and the result is The Beast. (Prince Adam) Your Prince is a big softy. Behind his rough exterior, there is a tortured heart yearning for love. Sometimes he has quite the temper, but you are that one person who can open up his heart. He will always be there to protect you.

Leslie took the What Major should you study? quiz and got the result: English.

Poo nugget for Wednesday, June 10: Doo You Know? - What's Your Poo Made of? - Ten parts water, one part bacteria (dead and alive), one part indigestible fiber, and one part mixture of fat / protein / dead cells / mucus.

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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Cameron, Chevrolet, Colonel, and Cosby

This is from What Not to Name Your Baby by Joe Borgenicht.


Cache: Money. Also, computer memory used to continually update one's operating system.

Caesar: Salad ordered most often on first dates with a Diet Coke. Also, wearer of wreaths, one who is stabbed in the back.

Caleb: Biblical, yes... but in this day and age, very soap opera-ish. Also, a waxy chocolate substitute.

Cameron: Technology that allows you to capture all of your best memories in photographic form.

Captain: One who commands a starship where no man has gone before. Exceptions to the rule: if your last name is Kirk or Antennille.

Carew: A smaller, less crescent-shaped nut that is not as salty / tasty / popular as its larger, better cousin.

Carlos: Used for maximum effect when juxtaposed with a non-Hispanic surname. (Carlos Bernstein, Carlos McDougal, Carlos Romanoff) Also a good name for a foraging canine.

Carmel: Popular beachfront community generally inhabited by former celebrities. Sweet and chewy substance added to macchiato. As a general rule, it is best to avoid the matching of names and foodstuffs. See also Sugar.

Carson: A child who is popular for no known reason.

Carter: A jovial peanut farmer or cable TV carpenter who measures once and cuts twice.

Caruso: One who is lost at sea.

Carvel: An annoying ice cream maker whose franchises have been pegged to the East Coast.

Casper: A friendly ghost. A homosexual albino.

Cedric: A Celtic chieftain, or an entertainer.

Champion: A winner or a spark plug. Let the kid earn this title himself; otherwise, you open the door to major entitlement issues.

Chanse: An opportunity. A slight possibility, as in "There is a Chanse that your son is gay."

Charger: One who plays football in San Diego. Also, one that clips on to a battery and provides power.

Charles / Chuck: Another name reminiscent of vomit. Not a good name for the banana rhyming song either.

Chase: To run after. In dogs, to blindly spin in circles to get to that pointy thing that keeps showing up in their periphery.

Chevrolet: General Motors vehicle that may be recalled at some point in its life. Exceptions to the rule: If your last name is Citation, Motors, or Cavalier.

Chip-wa: Sound made by martial artist prior to delivering a deadly blow.

Christian: Reserved for gentiles.

Christopher: One who sails the ocean blue. Also, odd boy whose best friends are stuffed bears and tiny pigs.

Chumchum: Sound made when clearing one's throat.

Cleveland: City often mistaken as the capital city of Ohio. See also Columbus. Exception to the rule: if you aspire to raise a cardsharp.

Cody: A meth lab-running, strip-club-at-lunch kind of guy.

Colby: A mild cheddar cheese from the woods of New England.

Cole: A black, organic substance often used as BBQ fuel.

Colin: A cancer-prone part of the body near the rectum made famous by Katie Couric.

Colonel: Crunchy remains of unheated popcorn. Also, leader of a ragtag troupe of former army experts including Mr. T. Exceptions to the rule: if your last name is Blake, Potter, or (last-middle or hyphenated combination) George Peppard.

Columbus: The capital city of Ohio. See also Cleveland. One who DISCOVERED America... right after the Native Americans. Exceptions to the rule: if your last name is Ohio, Day, or Sailedtheoceanblue.

Connor: One who swindles lunch money from the other kids. Also, one who will rise to save the world from the machines.

Cosmo: The big-haired, crazy one from Seinfeld.

Count: Purple-skinned, white-fanged Muppet whose OCD manifests in fanatic numerology that rarely explores numbers past twenty.

Coy: A mutated, large goldfish.

Coyote: One who is unable to trap quick birds for consumption. One with a penchant for pre-Costco warehouse products.

Crispin: Lunatic actor who can kick... high.

Crosby: Long-haired singer of harmonies, generally known for drug abuse.

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Dream of quadruplets, twins, and Dolly from FAMILY CIRCUS

This thing restarted AGAIN!

Interesting rack of the day so far: GAILYDIE (against Kathleen S. - read that as "gaily die")

Typing Upside-Down Letters and Text

I had a dream where the Dolly of Family Circus had all-boy quadruplets (one of whom was named Ian), and two sets of identical twins. She had twelve kids in all (we spent time with them at a house and also by a bus stop), and the last two didn't have real names according to their grandmother. So the grandmother sewed them little shirts with real names on them, and their next-older sisters were actually named Harmony after their aunt! Weird!

Leslie just compared their first name to thousands in the database to see how common their First Name is in the United States. LESLIE is the #143 most common First Name in the United States. Your first name is in the top 3.3% most common. Your First Name Evaluation Result is: Very Common.

Leslie just estimated How Many People With The Name "Leslie Ng" There are in the United States. There are approximately 27,537 people with the last name Ng. This Surname ranks the 1,168th most common in the United States. There are an estimated 14,017 Females with the last name "Ng." It is further estimated that there are about 10 Females with the exact name Leslie Ng.

Leslie's just got their Cat Name. I just got my Cat Name. It's Coco.

Facebook quizzes taken from Jemima and Jane:

Leslie just took the "What kind of otaku are you??" quiz and the result is Casual Otaku. I'll watch it sometimes. I don't mind it at all. I still think it's for little kids, and I'd rather be doing something else. I just don't understand all the fuss about anime and manga.

Leslie just took the "How Much Do You Know About The Twilight Saga?" quiz and the result is Twilight Nerd. You've read all the books more then once. (NOT TRUE! I JUST GUESSED!)

Leslie took the What is your biggest fear? quiz and the result is Acrophobia or Altophobia. (Fear of Heights) Your fear of heights is holding you down. Let go of this fear, and feel yourself float higher and Higher and HIGHER!!! This is a common fear and definitely one of the hardest to overcome, but not to worry, you're not alone. The number of people that face this fear on a daily basis is staggering and could very easily make you as dizzy as a 30-story building!

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Jon and Harmony's wedding in photos courtesy of Vanessa

I took these primarily from Vanessa:

Reading their vows to one another:

Ring malfunction!

Here's a special surprise!

Newly-married groom singing to his bride:

The accompaniment is provided by his groomsmen:

Wedding worship team: Christon, Ivan, Sam, and Chris...

VCEFC photo:

Daniel and David Fellowships photo:

Family photo, with my mother's Hong Kong friends:

Newly-married couple with their flower people Phil and Grace:

Girly shot: Grace, Steph, me, Dianne, Auntie Ena, Cindy, Vanessa, Auntie Catherine! (Winnie, Jon, Harmony, and Uncle Joe are in the background)


Typical sibling rivalry between the groom and his younger sister:

Mom, Jon's being a ham again...

Hey Vanessa, do I have anything in my teeth?

Yummy maple-glazed salmon:

La Fin Du Monde!

Vivian can tie a cherry stem into a knot in ten seconds, apparently:

Joey just ate dessert, but he's still so hungry that he wants to eat Ivan as well!

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