Saturday, April 23, 2011

Mormons CAN'T be Christian! / The Waffle Test

I saw that Shelley is in Richmond now (at Lunen Road), so I made plans to meet up with her - she says Richmond Centre is okay with her husband Greg (who knows the area), so Sears at 3 it is! (then I can buy detergent) Teunis and I discussed eggs, chewing, sausage, omelettes, milk, popes, detergent, his brother-in-law Jordan being Mormon AND Christian (I don't get it - apparently he celebrates Easter?!), theology, Norse religion, real Christian denominations / Protestants, Catholicism, Anglicans, Judaism, Lutherans, bounties on black people / Irish (unless both were slaves) / Mormons (all could be shot on sight!), and more prior to his heading out to spend all day with Jordan AND Kaili. He says he considers Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses to be (extreme) Christians, but then he himself isn't a Christian either. Hmm... mind is blown. Must reply to Mandy's emails, too!

You Are Selfless

You are appreciative of all of the good things in your life. You count your blessings.

You are affirming and supporting. You accept people where they are, imperfections and all.

You are unselfish, humble, and altruistic. You get great joy from putting others first.

You are warm and welcoming. You will go the extra mile to make someone feel included.

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Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth Day irony / MORE geek gamer talk?! / Names will not put you in danger!

Eric picked me up at his advertised time, and we were off - talked about Sunday, how almost everyone should be blessed by my presence, Thai food with quinoa (which I always mispronounce due to its spelling), sushi, "election dinner," Randal actually replying to my email (the surprise!), and more. When we got to church, I ordered the AWESOME roll and some noodles from SushiHolic before going back to the fellowship hall. Greeted Vania and Quan before figuring out that Christon was sitting in the seat I wanted to be in. Sighing, I went to the back of the hall to eat and read there instead. Harmony was right - the AWESOME roll is pretty good! Said hi to Pastor Tom, and Stanley said that he'd had yogurt and Mountain Dew for breakfast and lunch - interesting! The Good Friday service was okay - involved pieces of paper this year, but I also noticed Mr. Creep - NO! "Nice bit of Earth Day irony," I thought about the papers! Eric wasn't ready to leave when I was, unfortunately - talked to Cindy about teaching (I saw Flora's pictures on Facebook!), to Deb / Wesley / Nathan / Harmony about the hockey games (OH NO!), to the different woman Teresa about her mom supposedly being in the hospital (she won't tell us her mom's name because she doesn't want to put her in danger - OKAY THEN! *backs away from crazy person*), and to Jeff / Anita / Allison / Joanna.

Jeff asked about Steph, Allison cried when Anita briefly left to do something, and baby Joanna waved at me - so cute! (she also pointed at people) Emily says Sam is coming back tomorrow, and talked about the hockey game / Joey too. When Eric was FINALLY ready to leave, I talked to him about my supposed self-deprecating "creative listening" / Mr. Creep / ruination / Darth Maul / Darth Vader / the Lich King / WARCRAFT / complaining about geek gamer talk (which I had to hear MORE of when I got home!) / Jordan / hand sanitizer / EARLY Sunday morning. When I got home, I heard Teunis talking to Jordan about game issues and necromancers, AGAIN. Later, he said he was meeting up with Jordan and Kaili tomorrow for a "summer" thing, and tried educating me about pagan stuff, but didn't really explain it well. Discussed milk, sports commentary, noodles, no gaming because of Easter weekend, hockey as war, soldiers, Odin, Thor, making money from an online game, and more.

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SushiHolic, the Liberals, literature, Radiohead, normal dim sum, chili and cornbread, seasons

Eric said that SushiHolic would probably still be open today, but I decided to check just in case. I called them and they're open, so basically we have no worries about dinner tonight! Also, some Liberal people knocked at my door - GO AWAY! Teunis finally got up while I was in the shower - talked about sickness, being dizzy, not going shopping, literature / sci-fi / fantasy, and more. Found myself in a Radiohead mood, so played that while calling my sister before she goes to Haiti - says Lisa was falling asleep during the hockey game, which was probably best! She also says Dad was normal during dim sum a few days ago, which is good. Jeremy says his parents leave in the early afternoon, so his place should be open for business after that with chili / cornbread - I'll see what Eric has to say about that tonight!

You Are Spring

You can't help but be influenced by the world around you. You are open to change and growth.

You are optimistic and trusting. You expect the best from people and usually get it.

You are autonomous and fulfilled. You know how to make yourself happy.

You are sweet and angelic. You try your best to never harm or hurt others in any way.

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Two goals in 24 seconds?! / 5-0 loss / Research ruined?

Eric picked me up at the advertised time, and we talked about my being "drunk" / the traffic / hand sanitizer ("NOOOO!!!!" hahaha) / Good Friday being tomorrow / the service / SLB / the census. We got to Jeremy's at the same time as Nathan, right about when the puck dropped. Saw Christon and Enoch there already, and said hi to Kevin when he got there after he ate. We had two different kinds of pizza (one from Panago), Jeremy's homebrew, water, sausage, and chips while the Canucks lost 5-0 to the Blackhawks! Discussed the (lack of) defense, the Bruins' Andrew Ference giving the Montreal crowd the finger ("it was stuck in my glove!" YEAH RIGHT), commercials, money laundering at the Lottery Corporation, Luongo allowing four goals on 12 shots and then getting pulled ("Vigneault should have started Schneider!"), the guestbook, the team being replaced by imposters, Easter weekend, the second half of the game going a bit better than the first half, Game 6 being Sunday at 5 in Chicago ("darn you for ruining my research!") / Game 7 here in Vancouver on Tuesday, Nashville moving back to Winnipeg (gotta love the "Phoenix - take care of our guys" and "Our Jets will fly forever!" signs), Pavel Bure going all Russian on us, Trevor Linden, two goals in 24 seconds, no defense, two days of rest, Daniel Sedin maybe needing to be in net, and more.

On the way home, we just discussed Randal / emails / SLB / it being my fault that the Canucks lost / SushiHolic's hours tomorrow (he HAS to have worship practice!) / getting gas. At home, I actually DID find an email from Randal thanking me for the SLB invite, but saying that he doesn't have much of an appetite these days and isn't up to pigging out. I think this will be a regular dinner, but hey - I can live with that. Nathan says that the research / game venue might change, depending on when Jeremy's parents actually leave town for Kamloops on Sunday. (Jeremy wasn't quite sure about this when we left) Guess I'll see about Sunday plans tomorrow night!

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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Shelley's in Richmond?! / MY BATH MAT AND SUCH HAS BEEN FOUND!

Teunis and I discussed the SCA, bards, Asterix, Cacofonix, puns, French immersion, Tintin, wrong numbers on Skype, and more. Marie wanted to add me to Facebook again, so why not? I heard that Shelley is in Richmond this weekend seeing her family - WE SHOULD TOTALLY MEET, IF POSSIBLE! Finally managed to get Eric on the phone at 3, who (after talking to me in Spanish) said he is going to Jeremy's tonight, but doesn't know how to contact him since he'd be at work. I have no idea, either!

Went out to see if I left my bag at the gelato place or London Drugs, but no luck. I re-bought the guestbook since I'll be seeing Jeremy tonight (and I do love him in a platonic way!) and the mini Lindt chocolate bunnies. Read some parody election article in the METRO that Teunis would appreciate, so I also brought that home. Checked my email upon returning home to find that MY STUFF HAD BEEN FOUND - YAY! (probably because it stinks of durian :P) I don't even want to know about the bath mat's condition, but at least (for right now) I don't have to buy it again! Maybe I'll need to buy bleach / vinegar on Tuesday, too. Time to use whiteout and stickers to decorate that guestbook, man!

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Jeremy cheering me up / Frustration / Half-Baked / Pot / Sushi chopsticks

Teunis and I discussed Jeremy's "taking conflicts into consideration" email (which came at the right time - I think he usually makes me laugh, and I needed it then!), dance class, It's Long Gone, grammar, LORD OF THE RINGS, my shower / laundry, Anton LaVey / Hollywood curses / Led Zeppelin / Marilyn Monroe, soup, muffins, and more prior to my going to bed. When he got up, I alerted him to some DR. HORRIBLE update - yes, I know his friends would appreciate it! We also discussed my FAIL, no dance class, money, job applications, Ben & Jerry's Half-Baked (he isn't a B&J virgin anymore!), hydro, technology, Blackberry addiction, jade statues, Mariah Carey's actual number / security, virtual marriages NOT being real, Jazmin smoking, Alicia passing out when she smells even a whiff of pot, omelettes, eggs, driving while high, and other things. Some random person also wanted to add me on FB - I DON'T THINK SO!

You Are Harmonious

You are a natural counselor. You listen well and give out good advice when needed.

You are accommodating and peace-seeking. You do your best to make others happy.

You love to celebrate, but your favorite parties are chill and low-key.

You strive to build close relationships. You are attracted to people of substance.

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Word Facts for Apr. 16-22, 2011

Word origin for the weekend of Apr. 16-17, 2011: nimrod - In the Bible, Nimrod was both a great hunter and a king powerful enough to get the construction of the Tower of Babel going. That project ended badly for Nimrod and for humankind as a whole. Nimrod came to be a metaphorical term for any skilled hunter, but was also used to mean "tyrant." Today, "nimrod" is used to mean a dense, bumpkinish person, the underlying prejudice being that a hunter - a country person, likely - cannot possibly be intelligent.

Word origin for Apr. 18, 2011: habitat - "Habitat" (the place) and "habit" (the custom) share an origin: the sense of the Latin original habitare is "to live in," and (by extension) one's normal way of life, a habitus being something that one does because they know no other way. Animals habitually inhabit a "habitat" because it is in their nature to do so, in other words.

Word origin for Apr. 19, 2011: Mercedes - In 1896, Austrian businessman Emil Jellinek became one of the first distributors of a line of automobiles built by the firm of Gottlieb Daimler, on whose board he later sat. Company engineers named a new car after his daughter, Adriana Jellinek, in 1901. Her nickname was Mercedes, the Spanish word for "mercies." Her father changed his name to Emil Jellinek-Mercedes in 1903.

Word origin for Apr. 20, 2011: kaolin - Also called china clay or paper clay, "kaolin" is a fine clay of hydrous silicate of aluminum, used in manufacturing paper, ceramics, and pharmaceuticals. "Kaolin" takes its name from the Mandarin Chinese kau ling ("high ridge"), after a place where the clay was mined.

Word origin for Apr. 21, 2011: Gibraltar - The British colony of "Gibraltar," in southernmost Spain, takes its name from a long-ago historical moment. IN 711, the Saracen chief Tarik destroyed the army of the Spanish king Roderick. Tarik built a castle on the Rock of Gibraltar, so named for being the Gebel-al-Tarik, which means "Tarik's mountain" in Arabic.

Word origin for Apr. 22, 2011: recycle - It is perhaps ironic that the word "recycle" comes from the language of the petroleum industry, referring to the reuse of industrial coke to process gasoline. The term in that sense dates to the 1920s, and it came to refer to the reuse of any material in an environmentally responsible way only in the 1960s.

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Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I went shopping today, but (like an idiot) I left the bath mat / Jeremy's guestbook / gelato / Easter chocolate on the bus! Yes, at least I had the toilet paper when I got home! I definitely didn't need any help with THAT - and that was when I first noticed it! Note to self: Make sure I have EVERYTHING IN MY HANDS for the duration of the bus ride, no matter how short or long it is! UGH! (I went to Sears and London Drugs after doing some banking - and got my glasses tightened at Iris after their standard disclaimer) At least I didn't lose my wallet like I thought I had - it was at home! Too bad Teunis and transit don't mix, because then I'd have another set of eyes to look out for things like this! I AM DEMENTIA, PERSONIFIED! (or maybe I just feel like that) I've contacted Lost and Found via email, but STILL. Having some ketchup chips now...

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Impending doom and INVADER ZIM / ZOOLANDER / Gay Christians / Smoothies

Teunis and I discussed INVADER ZIM, Brandy doing the robot's voice perfectly, "impending doom" mixes, his family, the past, Frankie Goes To Hollywood's RELAX (and the BBC ban), sourdough pancakes, songs stuck in head, ZOOLANDER (he's never seen it?!), extreme weddings, XKCD, Evanescence, movie themes, RED DWARF, FIGHT CLUB, Weird Al / Lady Gaga, tone, muffins, Vitamin C, cravings, food origins, corn, news, gay Christians, and more. Called Eric to see whether he was going to the hockey game at Jeremy's tomorrow: he'll get back to me, which is totally fine.

You Are a Mixed Berry Smoothie

You are a visionary. You have big ideas for the future.

You are not competitive in the least. There's plenty of room at the top.

You value solitude. Some of your best ideas and creations come out of alone time.

You do not like crowds. You find them to be both overwhelming and draining.

This quiz makes me want to get some bubble tea, which I will probably do very soon. :D

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7-2 loss with bad officiating! / Subway with Eric Ho

On the way to his house, Eric and I discussed weakness / lupus / surgery / next week / Citrus, Nathan, and Jeremy coming as well / drinks / no salt for him (they put it in everything, even cereal!) / numbers / testing. At his place, I said hi to his mom, and then settled in on the couch in the basement: that pool is still cool to me, man! Jeremy arrived soon after with leftover chips and spinach dip from Sunday, then Nathan and Citrus showed up. We talked about health issues, Hint of Lime chips, Pringles chips, the Terracotta Warriors from Chinatown, Coke Zero, two Chicago goals in 17 seconds, reading labels, Roberto Luongo getting pulled after six goals against ("save his Goals Against Average and his self-respect!"), the other playoff series, the "pay the refs to call many Vancouver penalties" conspiracy theory, the calls on phantom penalties ("how is THAT goalie interference?!"), the analysis of pre-emptive misconduct penalties, Bieksa and Stalberg, Citrus' job, the Royal Wedding, my memory, Jon sending Jeremy an empty text message, and diet / exercise / nutritionists.

Also conversed about McDonalds, bandwagon jumpers, jailbait / consent / LOLITA / cousin marriages, "the door with the crack" and other Nathan weird / random innuendo, walking out of the bathroom at the wrong time in the conversation, Ciel / BATTLESTAR GALACTICA / anime, our score / brawl predictions, the BAD officiating, Los Angeles and San Jose getting ten seconds shaved off the first period because they spent too much time discussing it (Jeremy and I noticed that a MINUTE was added on, which must have been a mistype), antennas, Christon being the head chef for Thursday (pizza works!), and more. Later, Eric wanted to know if I wanted Subway, as that's the only good thing he can eat; I just got Veggie Delight while he got Oven-Roasted Chicken. Of course I wanted him back at my place; it works if he pays for the dinner while I provide the water! He talked to Teunis about disabling updates, MSN and Facebook communication, programming, Fort St. John, the guestbook (he knows what to do!), eating, "cool" info, and more. When he left, Teunis and I discussed STARCRAFT / WARCRAFT "Stop touching me!" / WOW / beta testing / gum / frozen yogurt / in-game bugs / 4-20 / quests / Gollum / people actually getting violent on weed / exes / Dan Savage / war and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder / "Easter" dinner on May 2 / Nutella / vanilla / more.

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Noodles defeated me! / Getting high / Mountain king!

When I went out, it took some doing to find Deer Garden, but it's actually in the same plaza as Michigan Noodle Shop. Turns out Twinkle looks like it's closed, so I'm glad Dave and I went there for bubble tea last year, hahaha. Auntie Ying was at the restaurant before I was, which I expected - we talked about the big noodle soup bowls, and the combos reminded me of the ones at Cattle Café, right down to the Korean crystal noodles and tomato / pumpkin soup base! (I got the Tom Yum soup base with beef brisket and enoki mushrooms) We discussed Phil, Melia, Angus, Grace, Sonya, baby Micah, Toddler Sunday School (Jessie / David / Evelyn / Mattias using English / his baby brother Marcus / Ramen / Shira), her being a grandmother (Micah smiles at her!), prayer requests (I just said NO when she asked me if I had any - she doesn't need to know some things!), Angus' mom, Emily's wedding, her friends, Auntie Teresa / Auntie Gloria / Auntie Ena, her sister upsetting her by insinuating that she loved her mother-in-law more than her own mother, and more. Of course, I thanked her for the lunch before we left the restaurant separately!

Got home and discussed gum, Robert Miles' CHILDREN, THE HALL OF THE MOUNTAIN KING, Afroman's BECAUSE I GOT HIGH, Aphex Twin, and various other songs with Teunis. Chinese Eric called to see whether I was home or not, so that was a good time to tell him about the computer issues. I brought up my "system restore" idea with Teunis, who said it might work - lo and behold, it did! He said something about the product key, so I told Eric about that too. When Eric came over at 4, he met Teunis, then talked to him for a bit about piracy and things like that. He also gave me the USB stick with ORPHAN and THE TIME TRAVELLER'S WIFE on it.

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System restores and birch leaves

I had an idea: SYSTEM RESTORE! Not going to try it yet, though.

You Are a Birch Leaf

You are very considerate and thoughtful. The world needs more people like you.

You follow the rules - even if you don't particularly like them.

You are polite and courteous. You always mind your manners.

The emotions of others deeply affect you, and it's easy for you to be moved to laughter or tears.

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Monday, April 18, 2011

Deer Garden, websites as "Internet," Chinese Eric, Auntie Ying, and Andrew in Awana

Teunis made carrots and potatoes for dinner with Chinese sausage, while telling me about his appointment earlier and money. Yeah, that kind of thing is hard, but I figure he knows how to budget! I called Chinese Eric, but his mom said that he wasn't available! When Teunis left MY apartment, Chinese Eric had just called back, so I asked him about the plans for tomorrow. (if I watched the hockey game here, Teunis would probably kill me even though it IS my place and all...) He said that Nate had left him a message on MSN to say that he and Jeremy would be by before the game, so I told him that Jon can't bail on SERVANTS, which is totally understandable! We talked about the nerve-wracking game yesterday; yes, it was intense! He definitely still has my bowl, which we kinda do need around here. Before he said he had to take his medicine, he said he'd be by at 4:30; when I said that it might be cutting time TOO close even if his place is relatively nearby, he said 4:15. At least his mom knows Nathan, so won't hesitate TOO long in letting Jeremy in with him, hahaha!

When Teunis got back, I was going to call Auntie Ying - she said stuff about her sister upsetting her, Deer Garden Restaurant, Alexandra Road, and some other things. I educated her on Google and Translink (plus bus directions!) in turn, haha. "The restaurant has an Internet," she said - so cute! [she meant a website, of course] Actually, I thought she said "beer garden" instead of "deer garden" - of course, beer gardens and Auntie Ying do not mix, haha! Andrew then asked me how to work "Awana" into a volunteer job that deals with kids; GOOD QUESTION! (religion might be too much - teamwork and respect might not be, though!) Then Teunis and I discussed fish (bladder) soup, storage, books, organization, walking in the park, his musical instruments, Google Alerts, Swedish fish, Hotmail, a Dutch saying using cat poop as an idiom, weird news, yesterday's shiitake mushroom beer, Windows apparently not being genuine, product keys, and more.

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Bizarre talk show topics / Alan P. / Modern chairs

Got up and discussed talk shows' bizarre topics / Neil Patrick Harris with Teunis before he left. When he got back, we discussed soup / fish balls before I went out to get the 50% off Third-Pounder at McDonalds. Upon returning home again, I discovered that he was talking about gaming stuff with someone on Skype, AND that my copy of Windows isn't genuine. I need to disable these things for now, man! Alan P. had also sent me a message saying that he hasn't received a reply from Jon, insinuating that Jon wasn't responsible. TRUST ME, HE IS! He's just busy, and probably doesn't want to see what Alan wants anyway. Not my problem! I also note that Steph added Mom to FB - OOPS!

You Are Reliable

You are good at both understanding and following the rules. No matter what they are, you'll find a way to win!

You value security and certainty. You try to avoid taking risks.

You get satisfaction by giving to others. It feels good to be needed.

You consult others before acting. Consensus is important to you.

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3-2 playoff win! / Pi to two million places

When Eric picked me up, he wished me a good morning and wondered about my energy drink. Hey, sometimes I need one, and I don't wish to put it in the church fridge for later just in case! Discussed gas prices (138.7?), possibly staying out all day, Mr. Creep (I am not just going to accept him!), my being "drunk," the Royal Wedding, baby Emma, Darkwing Duck, SCREAM 4, my sister, election work, and more. When we got to church, the only other ESC person in the sanctuary was Mr. Creep, so I hung around the foyer until others got there. (said hi to Sandi and Alexis, too) I found the bulletins, so took some for me / Jonathan / Joanna; I refused to give one to Mr. Creep, of course. After I exchanged greetings with Brian and Daniel, Christon sat on the far end of my pew, which is fine - Nathan W. said hi a bit later, and his mom guided a friend there too. Two eleven-year-olds don't take up THAT much space, so that was also fine.

I talked to Pastor Tom about my Canucks jersey, which reminds him of his Kings days since THE SKATE is the first logo he remembers. During the sermon, I had to cringe again at his pronunciation of "Joseph" - good thing we're finished with Genesis! Afterwards, I said hi to Uncle Stephen before leaving the sanctuary to look for Grandma - Mom said she had stuff for me and Jon, so I took it. I went to the fellowship hall and added my Munchies to the snack table; Amanda Lee thanked me by name, which is pretty good. I said hi to Grace, and let Phil know that two more people were coming to breakfast next week; I've already reserved my $10 payment to cover me and Teunis! (when I told him about this later - since he HAS been under stress - he thanked me) Talked to Dianne and Karen I. about baby Marcus; I can't believe he and baby Micah are six months old now! Baby Marcus liked stuffing his hands into his mouth, which doesn't surprise me! Went upstairs and said hi to Jeff / Anita / Allison / baby Joanna - Allison liked Watermania, and was telling me about the waterslides and waves. Sounds like fun! I also saw Frances with her boys Micah and Isaac - she asked about Steph, so I'll pass that on.

Saw Alexis, Ramen, Shira, a happy Mattias, Anastasia, Esther, Ada, her friend Sophia, David, Evelyn, and Ashley at Toddler Sunday School... I wished Calla a happy birthday, and then so did her mom, making that Labor Day joke which Ron did a while back. I was busy playing with Lego, blocks, cars, and other toys (Mattias does love cars!) when Jon hailed me from the door. Figuring that the kids were fine, I talked to him and Harmony for a few minutes about Steph after giving them the stuff from Mom; they said that they'd had a really busy week, and Harmony was in fact going home to sleep for a bit before Nathan's Heritage Research thing. Ramen wrote his name for me, and drew his family as royal people; hahaha, I remember when I used to draw goat royalty as a kid!

After that, I went downstairs to loiter for a bit while Eric was on Nathan's laptop and we discussed lunch options. As we were loitering anyway, I decided to talk to Grandma - she wanted me to have tea with her, but I said that White Kid / Bearded Man / our friends were going to watch TV, having forgotten how to say "hockey" in Chinese! (I refuse to call Nathan "Fat Kid," even if it's not as pejorative in Chinese as it sounds in English) Then I talked to Dianne about Steph - I didn't care that my dad came up behind me since I can talk about whatever I want! She wanted to know if I could help my parents through that - maybe after I give them some time! When Margaret came up, Dianne told her to avoid secondhand smoke. We finally got going and ate at this ramen place near the Cactus Club on Cambie / Broadway - we discussed Mr. Creep (ugh), SLB, Isabel's two-year Europe trip, Nathan's research, couchsurfing, hostels, Jon and Harmony going to Amsterdam (weed jokes galore!), psychiatry, hypnosis, noodles, the Sun Run, Chinese Eric's planned hockey hangout, how Nate met Ciel, the Downtown Eastside "code" of respect (not bothering the kids at school), and more.

Dianne / Kevin / Wes left for home, while I went with Eric / Jon / Randal / Nathan / Christon / Isabel to Jeremy's place to watch the hockey game. Harmony / Raymond / Connie / Vicky showed up later for Nate's research project. We had an interesting discussion about Communist China, patriotic songs, our parents and the values they imparted to us, our families (never knew that Raymond had half-Filipino or half-Venezuelan cousins), movie clips, family drama, stuff I haven't thought about in years, lessons of various sorts, relatives, and other things. The hockey game was SO INTENSE, especially when Chicago scored first! We had honey mustard / BBQ / honey garlic chicken wings, a few different kinds of beer and cheese (thanks to Nate), black bean dip, spinach dip, chips, pumpkin pudding with whipped cream (or honey in Eric's case), and raw veggies while discussing hits / Raffi Torres / Afroman's I GOT HIGH / Ryan's friends coming to grab the rest of his stuff / the post being a goalie's best friend, power plays, our reactions to various plays / CHARLIE THE UNICORN / Youtube / other things. I noticed Jeremy's reading material in the bathroom: Uncle John's Bathroom Reader Plunges into History Again! He says someone was going to throw it away downstairs - hey, you DO find cool things in such piles!

We won the game 3-2, which was VERY GOOD! Later, Eric drove me home: we discussed my hair, the usual subjects, French (frogs / horses), and other stuff. At home, I told Teunis that Roberto Luongo was the KING - since he doesn't follow hockey, he took that to mean that Vancouver won. We discussed mushroom soup, drugs, Hundred Mile House, some bike which suddenly appeared (says he got it from Jordan), tomorrow's plans, 50% off the Third-Pounder burgers from McDonalds (gotta get them tomorrow), radio shows, my sister, babies, science fiction (FLOWERS FROM ALGERNON?!), and more. Interesting day, to be sure! I had the thought that I should get Jeremy a guestbook since he'll have people over! (should have had the thought years ago, honestly!)

Vis Chris W.: Pi to two million digits.

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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Chinese Eric, Maxine / dramatic entrance for baby Emma / Peanut butter

Chinese Eric buzzed me on MSN to ask if I could make it to his place for Game 4, since he's arranging that with Nate and Jon - I think I'll verify that with them tomorrow at some point, haha. Maxine says that her baby girl Emma was born last night; apparently, it's short for "Emmanuel," meaning "God is with us." Maybe they didn't want to go for Emmanuela... Tim delivered the baby in the car in their garage - so dramatic! Steph says that a good SLB time could be May 2-6 anytime, so I'll schedule that with Nate via FB, hahaha.

You Are Chunky Peanut Butter

You think there are many true paths in this life. You don't expect anyone else to follow yours.

You are a very visual person. You don't judge a book by its cover, but you definitely notice the cover!

You are shy at first, but talkative with people you know extremely well. You open up over time.

You are always keenly aware of your environment. You notice every sight, sound, and smell.

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